The Tory chancers trashing the rule of law

The British Government has now pretty much abandoned any pretence that the rule of law counts for anything. At least that is, when the rule of law is supposed to apply to the British Government. They are still extremely keen on enforcing laws on everyone else in order to prevent them challenging Conservative diktats, such as their insistence that it doesn’t matter what the people of Scotland have voted for in a democratic election, youse cannae have yer referendum jocks, because IT’S THE LAW!

The front runner in the Conservative Grimoire of incantations for raising the demons of corrupt authoritarianism, Liz Truss, has said that if she becomes Prime Minister, as seems likely, she made it clear that she would not ‘allow’ another independence referendum, note the imperialist attitude there. Truss said : “The Scottish Independence Referendum Bill isn’t legal and it will be invalidated if passed by the Scottish Parliament, adding “Any Scotland independence referendum would need to be authorised by the Westminster Parliament. If I become prime minister, I would not grant that authority.”

The view of the Conservatives, aided and abetted by the Labour party and the Lib Dems is that Scotland had its democracy in 2014, and by voting No the people of Scotland surrendered in all perpetuity any right to hold the British state to account for the promises that were made to secure that No vote. IT’S THE LAW!

However this eagerness to insist on the legal niceties is not so much apparent when it comes to laws which might constrain the Tories indulging themselves in full-frontal bastardy of the sort that we have seen of late with the despicable Rwanda policy which breaks all international norms which ensure the decent and humane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, or the British Government’s decision that international treaties which it itself negotiated and agreed to can be unilaterally torn up the second that they are no longer politically convenient.

Thankfully the legal genius Suella Braverman, who became a QC automatically after Johnson appointed her as the Attorney General, but didn’t actually earn the legal qualification by practicing as a barrister (in England) or advocate (in Scotland) for decades -unlike for example, the SNP’s Joanna Cherry – has come up with the perfect solution to the problem of government lawyers telling government ministers that their Daily Mail appeasing policies are illegal. Braverman has just ordered government lawyers to stop telling members of the government that their plans break the law. Instead lawyers are to give the government their best guess as to how likely it is that a court would overturn a government policy. Suella Braverman feels that if a policy is likely to be unlawful, but she believes there is just a 30% chance a judge could find it lawful, the government should go for it anyway. The new legal policy of this government of shysters is literally to break the law and just hope that a sympathetic judge will still find in the government’s favour.

Suella Braverman sums up the Johnson regime. The worst Prime Minister in history appointed the worst Attorney General in history. Neither has any respect for the law and both of them view the law as a tool to beat their opponents into submission but something which can be ignored, side lined, or circumvented if it threatens them or their interests.

We now, quite literally, not metaphorically or figuratively, literally, have a government of chancers. Let that sink in. Although it probably won’t sink in with much of the Scottish public as the overwhelmingly anti-independence media is far to busy banging on about ferries or the misbehaviour of a councillor to concern itself with the existential threat posed to democracy, decency, and the rule of law throughout the entire UK by the Conservative party. And that, dear readers, is the very definition of parochial.

Not that the UK media is much better, over the past couple of days we’ve had wall to wall coverage of sporting events, more sporting events, the spat over inane trivialities between two attention seeking women whose sole claim to celebrity is that they are married to men whose sole claim to notability is that they are very good at kicking a ball about on an expensively manicured lawn. But the BBC is virtually ignoring Braverman’s attempts to override the rule of law, the private and off the record meetings between an allegedly drunk Boris Johnson and a Russian oligarch with links to the Kremlin, the continuing shitshow that is Brexit, and Johnson’s plans to stuff the House of Lords with pals and cronies who can be counted on to do his bidding. This is what holding power to account looks like in Britain in 2022.

When the history books of the future are written it will be noted that one of the reasons that the UK slid into corrupt authoritarianism was because those who should have been sounding the alarm about the unacceptable behaviour of our political overlords were far too busy with games, sports, and gossip about inconsequential so called celebrities. The UK is a society which has given up on the bread, we just get a wall to wall circus of the absurd.

If ever you wondered how ordinary people with functioning consciences and an understanding of the difference between right and wrong could stand by and watch while 1930s Germany descended into fascism, well now you know. They had a media that was force feeding them sporting matches, nationalist monarchist pageantry, and whatever the equivalent of the Wagatha Christie trial was. That said, there is an important difference between the Conservative party and actual fascists. Actual fascists could make the trains run on time.

In an interview published on Sunday in The National, the actor Brian Cox, who was a prominent advocate for a Yes vote in 2014, said that independence is now more important than it was in 2014 because this Tory government is ‘futility ridden’ The overwhelmingly male pale and stale membership of the Conservative party will choose the winner of an I’m more right wing than you are contest as the next worst Prime Minister that Britain has ever had, a winner who will insist that Scotland has no choice but to suck up whatever indignities or insults to democracy and decency that the Conservatives decide to inflict on us.

Well they’re wrong. One way or another Scotland is going to have its say, whether that’s an actual referendum or a de facto referendum at the next UK General Election. The Tories can either belatedly demonstrate that they respect democracy or they’ll be swept away by the tide of history.

I have been gathering information to contest the ridiculous PIP decision of the DWP. I have got a supporting letter from my physiotherapist, I’ve asked my occupational therapist for a letter too (she is on holiday this week) and I am seeing my GP on Wednesday to ask for his support too. I’ve also got a copy of the official report ruling me medically unfit to drive.


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46 comments on “The Tory chancers trashing the rule of law

  1. Dr Jim says:

    If what’s going on in politics in Britain at the moment were happening in any other country the media would be all over it by reporting an out of control fascist regime creating laws of oppression to control a state illegally by denying voting rights and yelling about United Nations human rights laws and the rest of the world should intervene to enforce democracy

    The only element missing from Westminsters behaviour is the use of the military……for now

  2. lions67 says:

    Nice of her Trussness to make it clear to the world at large her disdain for Scottish democracy! What a moron.

  3. jfngw says:

    I can’t see any Difference between Truss & Johnson (even the hair colour, although Johnson wins on styling), both self seeking individuals who will bend with the wind to get to the top, they have no objective outside self promotion. Look who is pushing Truss, the most right wing group and the dangerously deluded fools like Dorries. The Tories are doing nothing for the reputation of women in politics, Truss & Dorries, two empty vessels and Patel possibly one of the most obnoxious conceited individuals I can remember.

    I have heard people claim we are not colonised but if we are not allowed to make our own choice on governance and our parliament has members who have moved to Scotland to stop the choice and tell us how inferior we would be at running our own country, then what exactly is Scotland, not currently a democracy by any measure.

  4. Ex Pat says:


    What to do when the UK media is wall-to-wall Tory Stupidity, Fecklessness, Corruption and Incredible Incompetence, not to mention outright lies, courtesy of the (Lack of) Integrity Institute and its clones, to the point that cautious types do not believe _a_single_word_ on anything they say?

    ER, Turn it Off pronto and look to substitutes?


    1. ORGANIZE !

    “Join an organization. Work for a cause you believe in. You’ll feel better.” Howard Zinn, paraphrased.

    ‘All the big causes took hundreds of years – democracy, the vote, slavery, women’s rights – generations who struggled, knowing that they would never see the victory, but they worked anyway regardless that , until finally some did!’ – Tony Benn

    But for Independence for Scotland, it’s looking like a slam dunk!

    2. Watch and read Tom Nairn, and Tony Benn scourge of Tory Scum ™.

    Tony Benn with Michael Moore on the NHS

    “Each and every one of us has to be given confidence. If anyone asks me what I hope people will say of me after I have gone, I hope it will be, ‘Tony Benn – he encouraged us.’ I would like that written on my gravestone.”

    – Tony Benn – a noble, noble man.

    Tony Benn wipes the floor with US Empire Nazi ‘Bonkers’ Bolton. Because it’s a pleasure to see Bolton getting metaphorically punched in the face again and again and again. ; )

    – May have to set time manually to 3:58


    Your daily dose of Tom Nairn? Why? You’ll feel a lot better! Look no further ; ) –

    Lots and lots of Tom Nairn links, plus Tony Benn and more, from a comment by Ex Pat to ‘Happy anniversary Mum & Dad,’ Sep17 2020 – weegingerdug blog


    Indepence IS coming –

    “Rise like Lions after slumber “
    In unvanquishable number-
    Shake your chains to earth likedew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you
    Ye are many-they are few.” – Shelley

  5. Capella says:

    Laws are for other people. The Masters of the Universe can not be constrained by mere laws, written on bits of paper. The UK unwritten constitution trumps all that.

    The UK government does not wish to comply with Human Rights and International Law as adopted by the United Nations. That’s for vassals. We, on the other hand, enforce a “Rules Based Order”. We make the rules and change them as circumstances require.

    Democracy? Just on paper.

  6. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Truss just another in a long line of Tories who don’t understand, don’t care and frankly don’t want to know, listen to or debate what we need and want here in Scotland…….like all Tories she and they pander only to the source of their votes that helps them win elections…..currently that is the Brexiteer English nationalists (and BritNats here too in Scotland) who seem to be determined to cut off their nose to spite their face… they fight the fake war on L*fty W*kes, Cult*re W*rs, Canc*l Cult*re etc…..while ignoring the important issues caused by the very party that they, as voters, choose to elect ….

    Unfortunately that also impacts us here in Scotland…..and the consequences are pretty grim for us and THEM….but as we try to fight it they seem determined to embrace it…through ignorance or just because they seek chaos for chaos sake….God knows…as I certainly don’t…

    Mind you Labour have jumped on the same bandwagon …..English Votes for English Parties….

    HQ Labour are currently adopting a fake British First mantra …..though when it comes to sporting achievements they are not slow in showing the nationality they truly identify as…..while trying to deter any such similar praise and recognition being awarded to those from other nations outwith England…….the pecking order MUST be maintained….the media are also very good at showing the pecking order in sporting achievements of different nations in their UK on so called NATIONAL (English) news……pretty much English First uber alles….

    Labour and t’other parties need to understand that you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear …and so called Britain is not great and it is also not THE best …Britain exists via a very unfortunate chain of events that resulted in producing a now very much disunited, incompatible, divergent and at the point of some within it’s geographical boundaries seeking a new national identity…..all BADLY constructed things must come to an end….and ironically tis very much the case of the those who identify as fake British politicians as the REAL culprits who have ensured that to be the case…..

    We have experienced many Tories like Liz Truss and as she adopts a Thatcher tribute act tis perhaps fitting that as the rot set in with Thatcher then so will the (non) Union finally rot away with the very one Tory who is now assumed to be the next Tory PM and who seeks to emulate and identify with everything rotten about Thatcher and her political party…..NO THANKS .

    Hope you are well Paul…..take care…..another great piece by you.


  7. James Mills says:

    It will be ”interesting ” to see Braverman’s ( and Truss and Sunak etc… ) take on the Supreme Court judgement IF it comes out in favour of the Scottish Government .

    Will they strike down their OWN Supreme Court if it does not suit their prejudices ?

    The EU are already lining up to oppose their unilateral re-writing of the N.Ireland Protocol .

    Who in their right mind would entertain a Trade Treaty with such reprehensible characters ?
    Well , we might get one with Putin – he seems to share many of the traits of the current Tory Leadership clowns .

  8. Alex Clark says:

    The Tory’s “Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act” severely restricts members of the public from carrying out peaceful demonstrations and their right to gather in public. Truss eager to get het Thatcherite credentials into the papers has spoken of restricting the right of workers to withdraw their labour, in other words, make it illegal for them to go on strike.

    Then just yesterday Sunak was expressing his displeasure that Human Rights legislation was holding back the Tories from carrying out their policies. No government should be pushing policies that go against Human Rights legislation and yet the Tories are trying to trample all over it sp as they can send people to camps in Africa.

    None of this is hard to believe when you see how the type of person that put them into power behaves. Tory mouthpieces like Iain Dale of lbc believe that the law only applies to little people and Tories like him are free to do what they want, even to the extent of assaulting a pensioner exercising his right to protest.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      How old is this?

      The commentary says he apologises to the Labour Leader, Ed Milliband …

      • Alex Clark says:

        I didn’t realise that this was an old clip from Sep 2013. The person who posted it on twitter yesterday was obviously referring to the fact that when Iain Dale interviewed Mick Lynch of the RMT on lbc about the rail strike and accused him of being “a national disgrace”. I guess this was payback.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        They start to look the same after a while…
        Wait a bit more and you’ll see Starmer and Truss slugging it out for best Thatcher impersonator…

    • Capella says:

      That pensioner and his dog is fit for him though! Well done Stuart Holmes.

  9. Capella says:

    Rishi Sunak has a problem with Human Rights in this country. Which ones?

  10. Why do I need to fund – on pain of fines / jail – a news outlet that wildly celebrates a team from other country – one have zero connection to* – winning a championship?

    As for Truss et al., this is basically a full on racist ‘haggis-bashing’ fest now. It’s gone from ‘Look, now isn’t really the time, so please stop asking!’ from May, to Starmer, Truss and Sunak etc all going out of their way to state that England owns Scotland, Scottish people are English serfs, and don’t have any right to vote for the government they wish, unlike the superior English / British race (who could freely chose brexit in a consultative referendum).

    We are really now the second last stage of the union. The one where British nationalists ensure independence becomes the settled will of the Scottish people without the Yes parties even doing any new campaigning. The final stage is departure.

    Scots previously thought that the Brenglish government were just bluffing on not letting them vote with all the No S30 chat. That it was games of chicken between Holyrood and Westminster, with Sturgeon too cautious so not pushing. Now they can see that nope, the SNP/Greens etc were telling the truth; Britain isn’t a nice democratic country at all, but a very unpleasant imperialistic one that really doesn’t like Scottish people having basic human rights. Ukraine’s battle for free democracy is lauded (because it’s not a Brenglish colony), but Scotland is to be crushed beneath the imperial might of motherland Britain. Scots are now watching England actually trying to annul our 2021 election in court, handing victory to the losers, because it didn’t like the way Scots voted. Trump will be looking on in awe.

    When we vote in iref2, however that happens (referendum or election), Yes will be guaranteed and we will have the Brenglish parties to thank for this.

    Their final choice will be whether to send in the tanks and prepare for a costly and bloody occupation, because if Scots want indepdence, that will become the only way to stop it, and even then only for a matter of time.

    The union has survived because Scots`felt it voluntary. 2014 was won by the unionists because they didn’t try to stop it, reinforcing that feeling of choice. Now the britnats are destroying the think they love by taking the choice away, ensuring Scots will vote yes without question. It’s becoming a civil rights movement now.

    *Other than occasional visits, which have mostly been very pleasant aside from the racist behavior of a few individuals.

  11. grizebard says:

    Hmmm, it seems that Liz Truss, like Glenn Campbell et al, seems to know more about The Law than does the UK Supreme Court, which has yet to decide on the matter of a determination of the popular will over independence. One which has established precedence, at that.

    You have to wonder at what point most people, of whatever political inclination, will wake up to the fact that these agenda pushers are dangerous wannabe autocrats and autocracy enablers.

    (Note that, yer Legal Lordships. You are soon going to have to stand up to this slow-motion coup, because if you don’t you will be betraying your duty to uphold the Real Thing. If government by diktat is allowed to prosper, you will soon enough be surplus to requirements as well.)

  12. Dr Jim says:

    When the moment comes and Scotland demands its freedom to choose, the England establishment are going to flatly deny that right, we all know it, they won’t under any circumstances accept the wishes and will of the Scottish people to have our rights enacted, they’ll call it illegal, they’ll deny it’s legitimacy, they’ll posture puff and threaten to unleash hell upon us, and all this we know before we even get to that position, so we all must prepare for an onslaught from their media

    Even now when Independence is at the very least 50% of the settled desire of the Scottish people the British UK English media still talk about it as though it’s some kind of aberration that will pass in time so they treat it as though it barely exists and what there is should be treated as though it’s not the norm so should be avoided, ignored , denigrated as though only rebellious elements are responsible for it, and those who reject the proposition have the moral right to do so

    Scottish independence is so repugnant, and the consequences of it so terrifying to them they cannot comprehend the finality, the loss, the financial holocaust it would cause to England that they will do anything, literally anything to prevent this from happening

    Everything the UK of England predicts would happen to Scotland in the event of independence is a prediction of their own loss, apart from the financial there’s the geographical loss of air sea and sky access without the permissions and or co operation of the free country of Scotland on the verge of entering into discussions with the EU to regain the membership that was stolen from us by the English UK, our rights to freedom of movement returned to us and all the benefits being members of the EU gave us all, these things strike terror into the heart of every British nationalist, the very thought of having to ask the Scottish government for permissions to move above across and around Scotland deals them such an atomic psychological blow their minds cannot accept or comprehend that they would not be able to just take what they want, when they want and to hell with Scotland

    I don’t believe the UK government will offer any kind of other way out for themselves, no deals, no federalism or any other kind of ism, they are going to go full tonto frenzied mentally irregular

    Those who proclaim this should be much easier than our FM says it will be are just idiots talking fantasising nonsense, in 2014 the UK knew they were going to win even though they were taken by surprise at the strength of opinion and panicked for a moment they soon regained their composure when their media kicked in full time on project destroy Salmond and his band of rebels
    This time because of their mistake in under preparing they will be totally prepared, so this time it will be ten times harder than before, Nicola Sturgeon knows it and in our experience we all know it too, only the extremist element will pretend otherwise and they only do that out of their own self interest in their fantasy of removing the current FM and replacing her with the guy nobody would vote for even if they could do such an insanely daft thing

    Right at this moment in time Scotland can consider ourselves very lucky indeed that we have the right cool calm meticulous FM we’ve ever had for this job because it can’t be done by bluff and bluster, it has to be a planned well worked out political checkmate that the entire world can tune in to observe and our current FM has opened all the viewing channels for them to do just that

  13. Alex Clark says:

    Simply amazing to behold the words of what will likely be the next PM, and to listen to the cheers from the Tory faithful tell you all you need to know about what they think of democracy for Scots.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The full version of the clip is now on Sky news and is boak inducing.

    • grizebard says:

      “Attention seeker”? Well, there’s one to talk. There’s a hell of a lot of projection goin’ on in UKOK right now.

      Including over the post-indy fate of Scotland but really England, as Dr.J rightly observes upthread.

    • Eilidh says:

      That actually should be No Liz you are an attention seeker and so feckin thick you make Bojo and Mr patronisation git Sunak look and sound like Nobel prize winners. Scotland has refused to vote for a Tory majority since before I was born. Liz and her fascist cronies need to realise being obnoxios to the people of Scotland and denying them democracy will not convince any of them to vote Tory or for other unionist parties they merely will convince more people to vote for Independence and we will get that vote one way or another. As for the English electorate the working class element of it will waken up eventually and that’s when the riots will start

    • deelsdugs says:

      Reckon we should just ignore her. She’s got her clip of ‘fame’, pretending she’s got balls, to feed the tory glut of narcissism.
      Boak is indeed stained with green slime…

  14. Drew Anderson says:

    Liz Truss in Exeter tonight, Tory leadership hustings:

    Truss is asked about Scotland and whether there should be another independence referendum. She says: “No, no, no.”

    Truss adds: “The best thing to do with Nicola Sturgeon is to ignore her. She is an attention seeker. That is what she is.”

    – From the Guardian’s live news feed.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s sometimes called “whistling Dixie”. Said more in hope than expectation. Because she’s out of her depth and (like the whole lot of them) hasn’t a clue how to deal with indy except pretend it isn’t happening. But the tide’s comin’ in for a’ that…

      • deelsdugs says:

        And that, is why I think they had all the resignations and then fatty’s bluff resignation and now this shit show, because they did not know how to contend with the FM’s announcement on Indy 2.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      But, not as much attention you will be getting Liz, when many Conservative MP’s realise they will be out of a job with you in charge, come the next General Election.

  15. James Mills says:

    It is staggering the level of arrogance and ignorance that is on display from Truss and Sunak when questioned about Scotland.

    The arrogance we have come to accept as the default position of all Tories when it comes to anything that is outwith Westminster, the MotherF*cker of all Parliaments, and some!

    Their ignorance, however, is on an altogether different scale.

    They talk of Scotland and its people as if WE do not hear what is being said about us and our country.
    They traduce our First Minister as if NO ONE in Scotland had voted for her or her party and so will gladly join in the abuse.
    They ignore the SNP election victories as if they never happened.
    They act as if the Tory election victory in England was replicated in Scotland.
    Their ignorance assumes that no voter in Scotland has ever witnessed the boorish behaviour of English Tory MPs towards their SNP counterparts, which is a simple display of contempt for Scotland and its people.
    They talk of ”The Nation” when talking of the UK but when dealing with purely English matters, thus displaying, again, their complete contempt for the other nations within the UK.
    They talk of ”Levelling up” in The North – but that means places 200 miles south of Scotland. We don’t get a mention.
    Scotland is a PROBLEM that has to be dealt with.

    Yet, Truss and Sunak think that a fleeting visit to Scotland (or Darlington!) and a few honeyed words (lies) about how important Scottish people are to The Nation will sway the voters and turn them blue.

    Well, not really. The truth is that both of these wannabe PMs and Johnson and May and the rest have no concerns for Scotland or its people. They know that we are a lost cause to them… and they don’t give a sh*t! They don’t need us to remain in power.

    However, they ARE sh*tting themselves at the thought of losing Scotland’s assets and will do whatever is necessary to delay that awful day when Scotland goes its own way.
    It never impinges on their consciousness that if they and their predecessors had shown less arrogance and more empathy towards Scotland (and Wales and N.Ireland) and sought to include us in deciding what was best for us then we may not be facing the imminent break up of the UK. IF they had acted as if this WAS a United Kingdom then, perhaps, it would remain so indefinitely.
    However, we are were we are… in the last days of The Empire on which the sun never sets.

  16. jfngw says:

    As someone pointed out recently, it may have been on here or twitter I read it, the Conservative have never won an election in Scotland. The 1955 vote was for the Scottish Unionist and others, in my mind just a Scottish version of the NI Unionist and they are never described as part of the Conservatives.

    I believe we should make this plain we are being governed by a party that has never won an election here in its history. That is the twisted democracy we live in whilst in the UK. Now we have a likely Tory leader who is at least telling the truth, she intends to ignore the votes of Scotland (they always have but tried to keep it under wraps) and intends to impose her policies on us, as she announces this a great cheer is raised in the English audience.

  17. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Liz Truss talking about “attention seeking”… well at least Nicola Sturgeon didn’t get her picture taken sitting next to an apple tree while holding an Apple… wearing clothes like a character from a Chekhov play… not sure who Truss was seeking attention from with THAT picture… perhaps Granny Smith because her style of clothes looked ancient… then we had the From Russia with Love picture where she was wearing a fur hat and a fur coat in Moscow… is this her way of paying tribute to the tory donors… aka the Russian oligarchs… with all of these Russian inspired pictures… Elizaveta Truss…

    Ironic that ‘truss’ as a word means ‘to bind’ yet Liz Truss will be more than likely THE very UK PM who will aid our release from HER UK… I say let her keep doing and saying what she is doing and saying… every little helps… to add MORE peeps onto our side… is her favourite drink Vodka ?

  18. Dr Jim says:

    So who to ignore next we don’t wonder? will it be Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, will it be the elected representative of the people of Northern Ireland Michelle O’Neill
    How about she just ignores all the people in all three countries of Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland no matter their political views, what do we matter to the people in England who may or may not elect this latest incarnation of English fascist dictator, England likes this, they lap it up, get tough with everybody, show them who’s boss, tell the EU the UN NATO the Human rights representatives, tell everybody that the Prime Minister of England is ignoring them all except when they want to suck up to the most powerful country on the planet America represented by Irishman Joe Biden

    Heil Truss ……. followed by millions of little laughing emojis to represent all the people of these islands Liz Truss is going to ignore

  19. UndeadShaun says:

    I watched BBC news’ the papers last night and one of the 2 commenters, a business person who should support the Tories, said of Truss’s plan to cut wages of all public sector workers outside of London.

    If no one has money, then commerce cannot thrive. “This is how revolutions start!”

    The Tories under Truss may actually go too far, unleashing total uncontrollable chaos and Truss may cause everything to fall apart completely, living up to her “human handgrenade” nickname.

    Just like the end of the USSR, the UK may just fall apart under Truss, think poll tax riots, but far worse. Ironic that by emulating her idol, Thatcher, she will go straight to what ended Thatcher.

    If Truss cuts wages outside of London, it will be a “let them eat cake” moment, with serious repercussions.

    • Yup, it’s as stupid an idea as just ‘ignoring’ scots and their increasing desire for, sorry ‘attention seeking’ on idependence.

      UK handcart to hell is really picking up speed now.

      • UndeadShaun says:

        I have noticed a complete contempt for Westminster politicians, even amongst non politically interested aquaintances, i have not discussed independence with them as they were very against previously. But i sense they are likely seeing independence as the only way out of the mess we are currently in. I’m leaving them to come to the lightbulb moment rather than pushing it on them, as I’m sure they are starting to see, like many others in Scotland, that independence is the solution.

        I don’t think the Tories realise what they are unleashing and how much support is increasing for independence, even though the polls don’t reflect the increase yet.

        And Starmer’s pronouncement on Brexit and rail nationalisation, just show that even with Labour, the situation will not improve anytime in the next 5 to 10 years.

        I think when the day comes, we may get a surprise at how big the yes majority is.

      • The gross disrespect of the ‘attention seeker’ comment towards the people of Scotland and their democratic institutions is not going down well here at all.

        Former Tory MSP says Liz Truss has lost her vote after ‘inappropriate’ Nicola Sturgeon dig

        While rabid British naitonalists in Scotland might lap such stuff up, on top of the 50% Yes, we have at least another 25% who are Scottish, but unionist. These are the people massively back devolution (1997 3/4 for Yes), many of them like/respect Sturgeon, and, crucially are ‘not in principle against Scottish indy’ (from polling).

        While the most rabid Britnats are British so are unlikely to ever back indy, Scottish unionist are Scottish and support devo. Attacks on devo are therefore not an attack on indy supporters, but on unionists.

        But the likes of Truss don’t understand Scotland so don’t understand this key difference.

  20. Hamish100 says:

    With 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Independence we have hope and the power to control some of our destiny.

    With 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧Unionism we have more austerity upon austerity, with all our resources stolen to serve the greedy.

  21. Capella says:

    John Swinney’s reply to Liz Truss and her attention seeking sound bites:

    Nicola Sturgeon ‘an attention seeker it’s best to ignore’, Liz Truss claims

    Speaking on the BBC, Deputy First Minister John Swinney said “people in Scotland, whatever their politics, will be horrified by the obnoxious remarks”.
    The SNP MSP went on: “The Unionist campaigners suggest that Scotland should be at the heart of the United Kingdom.
    “How Scotland can be expected to be at the heart of the United Kingdom when the democratically elected leader of our country is – in the view of the person most likely to be the next prime minister of the UK – somebody that should be ignored is completely and utterly unacceptable.
    “So, I think Liz Truss has with one silly, intemperate intervention, fundamentally undermined the argument that she tries to put forward, that Scotland somehow can be fairly and well treated at the heart of the United Kingdom.”
    The comments from the Foreign Secretary came just hours after nine Tory MSPs put their names to a claim that Scotland would be “at the heart of the Union under Truss”.

  22. Capella says:

    The National reports on the cross party Scottish Sovereignty Research Group meeting at the weekend in Dunfermline, “Empowering the Nation”.

    SSRG’s groundbreaking cross-party Scottish independence conference hailed

    SSRG team member David Henry said his two highlights of the weekend was when conference delegate Sally Hughes stood on Sunday and said: “More than anything you put into the collective consciousness of the English people just how much they are robbing us of our assets, our countries assets, it is beyond debate, it becomes a matter of reality, it becomes a very powerful political tool, but it empowers them to sort out these bastards down in Westminster”.

    The second was when Gareth Wardell (aka Grouse Beater) made a surprise appearance on Saturday which electrified the audience.

    The first debate of many over the weekend focused on the potential routes to independence – and established a clear consensus that action needs to be taken urgently in parallel on a number of fronts.

    Many agreed that to be able resolve the economic and social damage being imposed on us by the actions of the Westminster government, Scotland needs to fully exercise our constitutional rights domestically and internationally as a sovereign nation.

  23. mumsyhugs says:

    Been saying this for years – their arrogance will be their downfall! Our snp leader in Moray said he reckoned Truss would be good for our cause 😊

  24. Alex Clark says:

    Alex Massie writing in the Spectator is just one of many Unionist supporting Tories that are quietly seething this morning over the idiocy of attention seeking Liz Truss’s, The fact that the Tory faithful were seen cheering and clapping as she slagged off the elected First Minister of Scotland wounded him a bit more I suspect than he seems to be letting on.

    “Liz Truss’s comments in Exeter last night that Nicola Sturgeon is merely an ‘attention seeker’ who should be ‘ignored’, rather as one might suggest a stroppy child should ideally be neither seen nor heard, were excruciating. Naturally, the SNP are outraged by this but plenty of Unionist Scots are also irked by Truss’s comments. For this was a desperately foolish thing to say.”

    Truss gets my vote for PM, she’s a winner though maybe not in the way she thinks she is 🙂

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