Happy anniversary Mum & Dad


This is a different kind of blog post.  It’s my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary today.  Martha and Tommy Mosson got married on this day in St Maria Goretti’s church in Cranhill in the East End of Glasgow in 1960.  All these years later they’re still very happy together.  Well, as happy as a grumpy auld git like my dad is capable of being.

Originally the family had planned a big celebration for their diamond wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately the pandemic has put paid to that.  We can’t even have a small gathering of close family in the back garden of my parents’ place because there are far more than six of us.

So instead I’d like readers of this blog to wish them all the best and congratulations on their 60th wedding anniversary.

My mum is a huge supporter of independence and has been for years.  My dad is not to so sure.  Being a typical West of Scotland man of his generation, he won’t listen to anything I have to say on the subject – because I’m just his daft boy.  But he will listen to other people.  So as well as wishing them well on their anniversary, I’d also like readers to say how they’d persuade an older relative to support Scottish independence.

The oldest age cohort is now the only one in Scotland where a majority of people still oppose independence.  It’s crucial that we formulate arguments and points which can get through to older people and to help them change their minds.  So what would you say to an older relative that might help to persuade them that Scotland’s future is as an independent nation?  If we manage to get a good selection of comments, this blog post could become a valuable resource for anyone seeking to persuade an older relative of their own to make the journey from no to yes.

In case you’re wondering why my parents’ surname is Mosson and mine is Kavanagh, almost 30 years ago my (now deceased) husband Andy and I had a humanist wedding ceremony which at the time was not legally recognised.  However I did take his surname legally, which together with doing powers of attorney for one another was all that we were legally able to do at the time.  Although Andy passed away in 2014, I’ve kept his surname as it keeps a wee bit of him alive with me.

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94 comments on “Happy anniversary Mum & Dad

  1. Rod says:

    Happy Anniversary Martha and Tommy.
    I hope you are very proud of Paul – he is an inspiration to many of us.

  2. geraldine o connor says:

    How lovely! 💕💕Massive congratulations to your mum and dad. 60 years of wedded bliss is nothing but amazing.

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  3. Tommy your daft wee laddie is an absolute star. And a fair chunk of that, probably more than Paul’s prepared to admit, will be down to you and Martha. Have a great day; glasses raised from afar.

  4. Marion Scott says:

    Happy anniversary to Mr and Mrs Mosson and many more to come. That’s a lovely picture of the happy couple with the iconic flag waver in the background. That wee girl waves her flag in many of our homes. Very best wishes to your Mum and Dad.

  5. CATHY LINNEY says:

    Happy 60th to both of you and I hope you can soon have that albeit belated celebration! My sis and husband will have their 60th next year….the lesson he has learned is to say ” Yes dear!” so I reckon Mr Mosson it is time for you to follow your wife’s lead and say ” Yes dear”….you know it’s the right thing to do!!

  6. Beautiful post and an excellent question regarding independence discussions. In the US, I find that a lot of fixed opinions are due to fear, and that is so unconscious that it is hard to address in discussion. You might consider mankind’s deep seated aversion to being double-crossed. The post Brexit political re-organization is slyly limiting Scotland’s political powers. Most older folk do not like to be tricked.

  7. urapps says:

    Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Mosson!
    Mrs Mosson were you a child bride? 😉
    Mr Mosson Independence is the only way we will get decent pensions!

  8. Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Mossan
    I hope you have a lovely day and a rosy future
    Lastly , well done to you, it’s not an easy thing staying together sixty years , love gets you there.

    To my elders ( and I’m 64 ) I always say to them that I respect their view of the U.K. I also say to them that the days of togetherness across the U.K. have gone , the war brought it to the fore but that was seventy five years ago ,without that togetherness we would never have had the NHS or council houses or free schools and nurseries council buses British rail and much more.
    However I point out that most of that has gone ,council houses will never be built again British rail will never return to what it was nor will the council buses.

    I say to them that it is fact that in the last 55 years Scotland has not voted for a Conservative government but we constantly get one.
    The Labour Party mirrors the Conservative party now.
    Scottish independence is recognised by our young people as logical as normal and what the future holds.
    I say to my elders, you have had most of your life , you gave us those great things I mention
    the NHS , British rail , council buses , council houses ,
    It’s your duty now to pass on responsibility for the future to the young generation
    They want Scottish independence
    Help them achieve it
    Show that solidarity your elders showed you in the thirty years after the war started
    xx good luck mr and Mrs Mossan
    Lovely photo
    Like the photo on the back wall too ,I guess you put it there Mrs Mossan

  9. Janice Gale says:

    Dear Tommy, firstly congratulations yo you and your long suffering wife on 60 years of marriage if as your son says you have the same disposition that my dad had! If like him you mean we’ll and know best and won’t listen to any view other than your own then there’s not much to say. But if you’re open to listening to an English 70 year old woman who can’t wait to come to Scotland, be Scottish and get a Scottish passport then here’s a couple of things for you to ponder. This Tory government at Westminster don’t care at all about you, your wife or me. They cancel all legislation that protects us from oligarchs, multi millionaires, and rich corporations, and boost legislation that makes them and their cronies richer, gives them opportunities to make more personal wealth, and grab power to do it more thoroughly. They will take your Scottish assets, all of them including your renewables industry, what’s left to exploit of your offshore oil, you natural resources and will exploit your health service so you (yes you) will have to pay to receive services you thought you had already paid for all your working life. Dear Tommy, I take the liberty of talking frankly to you because I feel like I know you, dependable, steady, strong, reliable, hard working and fair? To put it bluntly you are just the kind of people this government will crush with heavy taxation and lack of necessities. They just don’t care and I’m ashamed of them enough to move from idyllic Charmouth, Dorset and become Scottish in Oban. I will not put up with their lying and stealing any more and I hope you think about this before it’s too late as I want to live in a free Scotland. All the best, and wishing you a long and happy life. Jan x

  10. Statgeek says:


    “So what would you say to an older relative that might help to persuade them that Scotland’s future is as an independent nation?”

    1. Who should govern Scots? People living in Scotland, elected by Scots, or people living in another part of the UK, elected by the South of England? Look at Northern Ireland. Had all the UK ministers had to go home to Belfast every night, things would have been very different.

    2. In 2015, Scotland elected 56 SNP MPs. This was largely ignored by Westminster in the sense that it amounted to any positive changes in Scotland from Westminster. Easier if I sum it up in a pic.

    Take any / all of that.

  11. Alex Clark says:

    Martha and Tommy congratulations on your 60th anniversary, it’s obvious that your son Paul is very proud of you and that’s why he’s put your “coupons” right up there on today’s blog.
    So don’t be surprised if somebody recognises you in the supermarket and says “Eh know your face, your that wee ginger dugs mum and dad” 🙂

    He’s quite famous, your son, in Independence circles that is, but I’m sure you knew that already, we’re as proud of him as he is of you because of what he does for the Independence cause. Not just his writings but all the travel to the four corners of Scotland to inspire people in their support of Independence.

    All I can say to your Dad Tommy is that I think in his heart he already knows that Independence is the right thing now, things have changed a lot and not all for the better.

    I might have more to say on that later as I usually do 🙂 but for now have a great day, make the most of the nice weather we’re getting for the next couple of days. It’s a shame you couldn’t have all the family around for today but I hope you’ll get the chance in the near future to celebrate properly.

  12. grizebard says:

    Happy anniversary, Paul’s Ma and Pa. May you have many more happy and healthy years together.

    In so long a time together, through all the inevitable ups and downs, you’ll have learned a healthy degree of mutual respect, which is the vital ingredient that makes any relationship stable and strong. Looking at the relationship between the constituent parts of the so-called United Kingdom, though, forced into existence as it was by threat and bribery, and now more than ever based on the same one domineering member selfishly preying on the resources and earnest goodwill of the others while cynically pretending to be the generous provider, it’s becoming clearer by the day that it’s a parasitical relationship that doesn’t deserve to survive. That will naturally be hardest to accept by those who were the most willing to believe in mutuality and who were consequently the most disrespected.

  13. Capella says:

    Happy 60th anniversary Martha and Tommy. Congratulations too on bringing up a bright and inspiring star – Paul. He certainly has kept us all on track through these long wilderness years. But hey – when independence comes, we’ll all celebrate together.

    Independence is normal. We can treasure what’s valuable from the past but build a better future for all generations to come. I only wish my own parents, friends and family were all still here to experience a new beginning in a free Scotland.

    Best wishes to you all and the wee ginger dug.

  14. skintybroko says:

    Congratulations on your Diamond Anniversary Martha and Tommy, such a wonderful milestone in this day and age.

    Paul is a credit to you both and a godsend for those of us who support independence.
    If you can read his posts Tommy and those of his many contributors to the comment on his blog and still not have any doubts about the union, i feel for you as the day is coming sooner than you think when Scotland will be free – hopefully by then you will find that something to celebrate.

    In the meantime enjoy a wee swally and bask in the glow of praise from people you have never heard of and all because of a Son that cares.

  15. Craig Macinnes says:

    Congratulations Martha and Tommy. You should be very proud of the job you did in raising such a kind and considerate son as Paul, who is very dear to a lot of us.

  16. […] Wee Ginger Dug Happy anniversary Mum & Dad This is a different kind of blog post.  It’s my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary […]

  17. Margaret Graham says:

    Wishing a very happy 60th anniversary Paul’s Mum and Dad, you have a son to be very proud of, he has been a great influence on many people in Scotland. All my friends and family support Paul and the need for Scotland to be an independent country that will enable all of us and future generations to live in a safe country with a parliament that cares about us, unlike the UK government who only care for the rich. As it stands the UK has Boris Johnstone who only cares for himself while Scotland has Nicola Sturgeon who cares about us all, the Corona Virus demonstrates that. So every vote for the SNP counts hope you will join us and stay safe.
    Best regards

  18. Loraine Brown says:

    Happy anniversary to you both. I’m sorry you cannot share this day with your family. They are the most important people in the world to us. I’ve been a YES supporter for years and I’m 70 years old, a retired teacher. My family are everything to me and I would not in all conscience want my two little grandsons growing up in a world where present day Westminster morality is seen as normal. Such corruption, lack of integrity, common decency and care for others, blatant lying and cronyism. It’s just not the kind of system I want my wee ones to think is the way the world should work. I genuinely want a higher standard in the place I call home. Nothing and nowhere is perfect but Westminster is a place I want away from. I thought the knot in my chest was anger, and I am furious. But I’ve come to realise it’s actually deep shame. I’m ashamed Britain has fallen so far from grace. My country is Scotland. And I hold it to a higher moral standard. Going forward, it won’t let me down, I’m sure of it.

  19. Albis says:

    Happy Diamond Anniversary, Martha and Tommy. You have an amazing son who talks a great deal of sense!

  20. Futurethink says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to Martha and Tommy, 60 years together is totally impressive, as is the work of your son. My question to Tommy about Independence would be how does he feel about paying American style health care costs if we stay in the Union and our Scottish NHS gets sold to the American corporations who are salivating at the prospect of taking it over? Free health care will be a thing of the past. Not only that but in America the main cause of personal bankruptcies is healthcare costs. If they live much longer they will most likely have to sell their house to pay for treatments as they get older. Funny you don’t hear about that on the BBC innit?

  21. Indy Chas says:

    Congratulations Martha and Tommy.
    Martha, you are obviously the smart one being an indepdence supporter. You know the importance of manageing our own affairs to provide a better future for our younger generations. Tommy, just think for a moment, are you happy to leave our younger generation without a say in their own destiny?

  22. William Duguid says:

    Happy anniversary, Martha and Tommy! Hope you can have a proper celebration before too long, and in the meantime you can take pride in the work Paul is doing. Scotland’s hardest-working and most influential blogger!

  23. andyfromdunning says:

    Happy 60th, a huge time together but I realise it had flown by.

    My wife and I are 70 and early next year will celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary. We both got the independence message in 2013 and have been active in the Yes movement.

    My message to you is that Scotland is as capable of running ourselves just like any other country. We have huge amounts of natural wealth and a good health service. We have also been economically in the green for over 120 years having a positive trading and budget surplus. Ignore the lies from Unionists who lie to you all the time on TV and in the papers.
    Trust us we can do it, we can flourish better on our own.

  24. John Rutherford says:

    Aw.. I wish your Mum & Dad a very special 60th. I would respectfully suggest to your Dad that if we had voted Yes in 2014, we wouldn’t be in this horrible situation. We would have been able to borrow ( just like Westminster) for furlough etc. We’d most likely be in the EU. Our grandchildren would never have to tug their fore locks for crumbs from Englands table? It’s not just preferable to be independent, it’s absolutely essential for our survival. Rgds & congratulations!

  25. Craig P says:

    And here’s me thinking your surname was Dug!

    Independence – just imagine how much it would wind up those Old Etonian Tories? Failing that, I’d talk about how many members at Westminster hold shares in private healthcare companies. (This list of 70 Conservative MPs is a bit out of date but who knows – there may be more now.) They’re going to sell the NHS to American healthcare companies.


  26. Macart says:

    A very happy anniversary to you both. 🙂

    As for why we should push for self government? Basically Paul has that one covered tbf. Though always looking to be better than we are is a good place to start. 😉

  27. Gregory R Nunn says:

    Congratulations and much happiness in these challenging days.
    I offer my opinion on independence, in brief.
    Independence is for me the belief that government should be more local. The farther from a place a government gets, the less it has in common with the people.
    London by itself has nearly twice as many people as Scotland. No doubt, their wants and needs differ from Scotland’s, and they have the votes, the money, and the seat of government to put themselves first.
    Democratic government works best on a small scale, in my opinion.
    I may be biased, but I think the greatest people and ideas in the world come from Scotland.
    Seems like a good place for a free country.
    Best wishes.

  28. Dave Howie says:

    Paul, this one might be a tad difficult to use, but it reminds me of my late son, who was in the SNP while I was still lost in Labour.

    “Dave (not sad)” he said. “Just remember who will be making the decision about your nursing home”.

    Seriously, I have used the “grandchildren” one. Do you want to limit your grandchildren’s future prosperity by stopping them from living, working and living in 26 other European countries?

  29. happy aniversary martha and tommy weel done.
    tommy if we were not tied to this union . you would be like i am and gave a much better pension. had it nit been for brexit by eu laws they would have had to massively increase all pensioners pensions. hence one if the reason they are hell bent on no deal. that aside tommy we may or maynot live to see this but consider the people coming after us
    cheers to you both i am honered to know your son
    best wishes george and sally

  30. diabloandco says:

    A very happy 60th anniversary to you both and a big thank you for giving us your son and teaching him how to think – not what to think.
    Many moons ago he attributed the ‘how to think’ to you his mum and there are so many of us who want an independent Scotland who are very grateful to you.

  31. Happy 60th Anniversary Martha and grumpy Tommy hope you both have a lovely day And the Dug takes you out for a change xx

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  32. Ally says:

    Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Martha and Tommy
    Paul’s blog has been essential daily reading for some time now. His ability to see the wider picture and with his clarity of thought has been of immeasurable help to me. His honesty and compassion towards others is palpable. This has in turn has encouraged a highly informed and respectful comments section.
    How can i persuaded you Tommy to vote for Independence? Well here goes.

    When Thatcher came into power her supporters knew exactly what they were voting for . Conversely her opponents knew why they did not want to vote for her. We lost but had to accept to accept her odious polices which were in the Tory manifesto.
    The Tory’s today are a bunch of liars and have repeatedly moved the goal posts on what people thought they were voting for especially during and since the Brexit Referendum. The political ,social and the race to the bottom for standards and wages is going fast in the complete opposite to what Scotland aspires to be.
    Now is the time to get shot of this lot and hold up our head up with pride .
    Vote for Independence. And of course vote SNP1 SNP2 at the next Holyrood elections

  33. Dr Jim says:

    Many congratulations and life in every breath to you Martha and Tommy

  34. Daisy Walker says:

    Happy anniversary – and many more.

    We can do so much better than Boris. Believe in Scotland, Believe in You.

  35. Legerwood says:

    A very happy anniversary.

    Your son makes the case for Independence in so many ways so if you have any doubts listen to him.

  36. benmadigan says:

    happy 60th anniversary Mr and Mrs Mosson.
    You’ve been together so long that breaking-up is unthinkable.And how would either of you start a new life alone?

    Remember: A fine, long-standing personal relationship is not the same as an unbalanced political partnership.
    Like every other country that gained Independence from the UK, Scotland will manage.
    How well it does will depend on her people, but it will not disappear from world view!
    As it risks doing if it stays on in the Union

  37. deelsdugs says:

    That’s fab! I’m sure every anniversary is appreciated, but none more so after the events of this year. Happy 60 years of life and love together, Paul’s Mum and Dad.

    Paul’s Dad, your son keeps us on an even keel, well-informed, free from the dramas of bbc watching, and, well, think you know, deep down, that the younger generations need to live their lives in an independent Scotland that looks after its own kith, kin and those who choose to make their future here.

    In 2014, I was taking my mum for her nhs appointment for her cochlear implant, to be told she had placed her vote already and could not abide all that tartan stuff and Alex Salmond. ‘Mum, this is this is about your grandchildren’s future’. My dear old dad didn’t make it to 2014, but I know how he would have voted. He was an active SNP member, whereas I was just a quiet, keep out of politics YES. That changed the next day.
    And now my dear old mum has departed the world too. Try as I might, her line of thought was stuck in the tartan theme, cleverly manipulated all those years ago, that are not really so long ago, in the grand scheme of life.

    Have a great time reading all the comments. Treat them like cards with good wishes.

  38. Bob Lamont says:

    What a wonderfully personal post Paul, well done you, and congratulations to both your parents on this milestone in their life together…

  39. Tatu3 says:

    Happy 60th Anniversary to you both. An amazing accomplishment.
    You need look no further than your clever son as to why Scotland should be independent. I am sure he has converted many to Yes over the years. He is a voice of reason in these uncertain times

    “Independence is about one thing and about one thing only. It’s about ensuring that the only sovereign body in Scotland is the people of Scotland. That’s all of us, those of us who were born Scots, and those of us who came to Scotland to live and who choose to become Scots and throw their lot in with Scotland. Independence is about ensuring that the sovereign body of the people of Scotland have a government that is responsible to them and to no one else. It’s about ensuring that the path that Scotland takes, the choices that Scotland makes as a country, are determined by the people of Scotland.”
    (WGD/Paul 2017?)

  40. Welsh Sion says:

    Happy Anniversary, Mr and Mrs Mosson and thank you for bringing up such a fine son into the world. He has many admirers both on here and ‘in real life’ and you can be justifiably be proud of what he has achieved (and will continue to do so.)

    You have reached a significant milestone in your married life together and witnessed many things in that union together. And that’s the rub, you see. Yours is a true union, blessed with love, understanding and respect for each other, the one partner for the other, at all times, ‘in sickness and in health’ and ’till death do you part.’

    You don’t get that in the so-called union between England and Scotland (and, even less so, if I may invoke my wee country, between England and Wales.) Over the centuries, mighty England has abused, disrespected, coerced, taken her partner(s) on illegal ventures against peoples we have had no emnity towards. Like us, many of these people were colonised, belittled and attempts were made to supress and suffocate their traditions, cultures and languages.

    You, Mr Mosson, are a loving partner to your wife and a have fathered a great son in Paul. I ask you to consider how much better the average Scot’s (and Welshie’s) life would be, if we too had such a respectful relationship with our southern/eastern partner and neighbour if we had as good a union as you have with your wife.

    My heartiest best wishes to you all as a family and congratulations again to you both.

  41. Gillian says:

    Happy anniversary! I’ve been reading this blog since 2013 and I’ve never commented! I remember reading Paul’s very honest and at times painful posts and felt so angry on Paul’s behalf about how hard it all was, being a career under a Westminster govt who didn’t care. I wasn’t a hard and fast ‘no’ when I came to this blog but it was part of my ‘journey to yes’ and I’ve been reading it ever since. I feel that we need to keep in mind what the older generation have lived through, what being British means to them. A lot of them will have been Labour voters and so they will share a lot of the same sentiments and I think that’s where our conversations should begin; fairness, honesty, everyone getting a fair start…(even if that’s not what Labour stands for now). So, I don’t know if that helps but I hope you get to celebrate 60 years ago in style and in good health. Cheers!

  42. Grouser says:

    Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Mosson. To stay married for 60 years you must have been honest and caring.
    Mr Mosson, the Westminster government has been neither of these when it comes to Scotland. Let’s start with James Callaghan refusing to establish an oil fund, leaving the way open for Thatcher to use the money to destroy Scottish industry and so it went on with successive governments. Most of these governments were Tory, none of them voted for by the Scottish electorate.

    Scotland has many areas of deprivation. During the years of Labour governments the problems causing deprivation and resulting from it were ignored by Labour. They simply took Scottish votes and ignored Scotland.

    There have been so many simple expositions of how Scotland is a country rich in natural resources and native talent. Why do we keep exporting both of these advantages to benefit people and organisations outwith of Scotland? It is because we cannot make our own decisions about how to develop and use our natural resources.

    We have demonstrably been lied to by successive Westminster governments. The McCrone Report was withheld from Scotland because they knew it would give the Independence cause of huge boost. The Gers figures used by Unionists to justify keeping Scotland in the UK were specifically designed for John Major to show Scotland’s finances in as bad a light as possible.

    We have had most of our lives – I was 12 when you got married, so I am not a youngster. I want an Independent Scotland for the young people of Scotland. We older people have no right to deny them their chance to make a better Scotland than we grew up in. It is selfish of people of the older generations to tie the young to Westminster and its corrupt politicians. I do not want my grandchildren to be ruled by the likes of Rees-Mogg, Gove, Johnson, Patel, and Cummings or their children for that matter. Baroness Davidson will protect her son by selling the future of our grandchildren. They will all do that. That is how they maintain their position.

    Scotland has the wealth in its resources and its people to give our descendents a better life than is facing them now. Let us allow our children and grandchildren to benefit, rather than the children of Rees-Mogg, Davidson, Johnson, et al.

  43. WendyBea says:

    Happy 60th wedding anniversary to you both, that is an incredible achievement, so many people these days just give up when the going gets tough, but you two and the love you have for each other has stood the test of time. Hopefully an independent Scotland won’t be sixty years from now but the love that the people of Scotland have and the courage and commitment to make things better for everyone has been though hard times and trials, it won’t always be plain sailing but our love of Scotland and our commitment to a more fair society will see us through, I am sure that as a married couple of 60 years you can well understand that sort of love and commitment. May you have a wonderful celebration with your family when all this craziness has passed. One more thing, your wee lad is an absolute powerhouse for independence, so many of us rely on his words of wisdom to keep us going through the hard times, I can only imagine how very proud you must be of him, all the best Wendy xx

  44. Evelyn Boyes says:

    Happy 60th Anniversary to Martha and Tommy – obviously a pair of diamonds. May you have many more happy years together. Martha, well done for supporting Independence and Tommy, I am sure you’ll come round to the idea. You can both be very proud of your son – another diamond – and all he has done to promote the Independence cause with a great deal of wisdom and humour (aided and abetted by the Wee Dug.) May you also have a humdinger of a celebration when all the restrictions are lifted. Lets hope it is soon. Continue to take care of each other and your son. All the very best of wishes from Evelyn xx

  45. Hamish100 says:

    Happy Anniversary.

    Tommy how have you survived by not agreeing with your better half? Time to start.

    Generally I would say independence is one of the best gifts we can give to future generations.

  46. wullie says:

    you can all have a get together Just say you are a grouse shooting party

  47. jab64000 says:

    Happy Anniversary to your Mum and Dad. Your dad may be grumpy but I bet he is proud of you really

    Best Regards Jeff Brunton


    • scotiahazel says:

      Congratulations Mr And Mrs Mosson on your 60th anniversary and hope for many more together. What a milestone. I bet there are a lot of stories you could tell from 60 years together.

      You Must be so proud of your son Paul. I have been reading his blogs since the beginning and enjoy them so much. He is such a passionate believer in independence and expresses his beliefs with wisdom and humour.

      I believe strongly that we must influence people to support independence by explaining that it is so important to have the people of Scotland make the decisions for Scotland. Who else would care as much as them? We have so many natural resources and talented people. Time to stop exporting both of them and keep them here to make a Better Scotland for future generations.

  48. Hamish Scott says:

    Happy diamond wedding anniversary to you both, Mr and Mrs Mosson!

  49. AnneDon says:

    Happy Anniversary to Mr And Mrs Mosson!
    PS, if anyone knows how to persuade elderly parents to listen to arguments for independence, I’m all ears!

  50. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    A very Happy Diamond Wedding Anniversary to you both Mr. & Mrs. Mosson. What a beautiful occasion to celebrate! Such a shame you can’t have your party! My Brother and Sister-in-law should have been celebrating their Golden Wedding in August but, like you, they couldn’t have the party they had planned. I wish you both many more happy times together. Mr. Mosson, please think about a YES vote for the children of today. Your son Paul is a bright, shining beacon of hope and to so many of us in the Yes movement, please listen to his message for the sake of all the children in Scotland. Give them hope and help Paul show people the truth in his message. We (I’m 73 soon) have had our time but I will continue to fight for our right to self government in Scotland and pray I see independence before my time is done for my Grand children and their kids!!

  51. Robert Hastings says:

    As I write this I see there have already been 45 responses but I have not had the opportunity to read them all, but I will, and it may be that I am repeating what some others have already said.

    Firstly to Mr and Mrs Mosson congratulations and best wishes on your Diamond Jubilee. You have run a well-run race and hopefully you will have a good few laps still to complete together. You only need to look to Paul to see how successful you have been as parents. I can tell how proud you are of him but I can assure you that you are are not alone in your pride as we who read and enjoy his writings everyday share in this. More than anyone he keeps alive the hope and expectation of our taking our place as a free and independent nation.

    As my wife and I rapidly approach our Diamond Anniversary I can testify what for us, and no doubt for you both, carries us through these many years and that is something which transcends even love – it is care. We care for one another through the good days and the not so good. When we look back to when we first were married and compare the comfort now to the real austerity off the sixties we come to realise how far we have come. And through out all of this what sustained us was our care for one another. We thought of the other before ourselves and would happily do without rather than have the other do without.

    This is beginning to sound like a sermon but I liken a marriage relationship to that between two partners in a union. And to my mind this is where we are now as we approach the disintegration of the U.K. The powers that be, institutions and establishment, of the Government of the U.K. and the dark forces behind them no longer care for Scotland, if they ever did. But it is becoming so brazen now when they no longer seek to disguise their real feelings.

    So it is not a matter of could we be independent, for even the most blinkered Unionist knows that we can like many other small countries, but should we be free from the shackles of this unfair relationship. Like the early days of a marriage there may well be some tough times ahead but you get through this and like a husband and wife the nation will draw together and get closer in meeting any

    When one partner puts themselves ahead of the other, when one partner lies to the other, when one partner steals from the other, when one partner tries to imprison the other and dominate them then it is time to call it a days no matter the potential cost. This is not care it is the very opposite.

    We as Scots care for our way of life and for one another in what could almost be construed as the old fashioned way of community This should be our message for those of our generation – not count the pennies and look for problems (if we had done that we probably would have been put off marriage and look at what we would have missed). No look at the longer picture and care for our grandchildren and what lies ahead for them – ask them what they are looking for in life – the vote for it.

    If you would like to get a feel for what caring means can I commend you read Pauls blog of 5th September 2014 ‘A leaf falls’ one of his most poignant.

    Best wishes

    • weegingerdug says:

      You know I’ve never read that piece, “A leaf falls”. Just after Andy died I wrote it all in one go, published it without rereading it, and have never been able to read it since.

  52. Eleanor says:

    Happy 60th Anniversary to your Mum & Dad! don’t they look well?

  53. Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Mosson! Paul’s courage, cleverness and incisive wit is a powerful antidote to the despair of knowing Boris Johnson and his crew technically have another 4 years to wreak further havoc and misery throughout the UK. I know you must be very proud of him.
    If I was trying to persuade Mr Mosson to vote for independence, I would ask him to give Scotland the right to protect the land and seas around us from further pollution and abuse by London government which since anthrax was sprayed over Gruinard, has treated Scotland as a dumping ground for everything from depleted uranium to cluster bombs and rotting nuclear submarines. I would like the new generations to have that right. Scotland is a beautiful kindly country and needs her own voice. Best wishes, Frances McKie

  54. Mary Russell says:

    Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs Mosson. Hope you have many more to enjoy.

  55. The Scottish Play says:

    Meal do naidheachd! trì fichead bliadhna sona dhut fhèin.

  56. johndotjones@aol.com says:

    Happy Anniversary Mr Mrs Mosson. Your wee laddie is a credit to you both 🌹💐

  57. Allison Graham says:

    Many congratulations Martha & Tommy on Thursday 60th Wedding Anniversary. Diamond Wedding is such an achievement! Your Paul is such a kind, creative and inspiring man. I’m so glad that he’s had found happiness again with Peter after losing Andy. I’m sure you must both be very proud of you son.

    I’m an Eastend lass and was brought up not far from you folks by my Eastend Mammy & Daddy. I do know from friends and neighbours that they we’re fiercely proud of me as they spoke of this to them. Their art of understated praise directly to me, of course, came from their fear of any ‘delusions of grandeur’ setting in 😂

    Tommy, your Paul has and will have a seismic influence on the building, not just of a new Scotland but on the building of confidence of people like me and those I grew up with and our families to dream bigger and not settle for compromise and across from another table. Words are powerful: humour the accelerator of impact!

    The energy and excitement for all of us to be part of this historic opportunity for Scotland to stand up and take out place in the world will show what can be done by individuals, communities and collectively as a nation when we dare to stand on our own two feet’s make our own decisions, mistake and learnings.

    We need to listen to all the folk who live here to understand their concerns and work on solutions together. We need our most life experienced citizens to help shape a better future for all of us. Please bring your knowledge and experience to our collective effort!

    The time for compromise and reacting to the unknown whims of another country’s government are gone: too many folk are harmed by their lack of listening. It’s time for all the people of Scotland to work together to shape a better nation for us all and future generations.

  58. Dave tewart says:

    Congratulations and onward to the next big one.
    Hopefully you both will be living in a normal country for the next one.
    I’ve managed to convert my elder brother, typical West of Scotlander, did his National Service and caught the cringe.
    Now he sees the transfer of funds Southward to pay for the Services hooray Henries, His sons are talented and can do all and better than the current mob.
    Your pension lock is going, negative interest rates, increased taxes, all to pay for grayling and the rest of the friends of doris, salted away from them paying their share.

  59. Republicofscotland says:

    Congrats to your parents, they look a lovely couple, meanwhile the BBC in Scotland backs down on cancelling Sturgeon’s daily Covid-19 briefings. People power prevails.

  60. Movy says:

    I thought I’d already responded, but I think I got side-tracked.
    Just to say many, many congratulations Mr and Mrs Mosson – and please, Mr Mossom, have a wee rethink about indy!!

  61. Millsy says:

    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Mosson . You both look well on the 60 happy years together .
    I myself have had been happily married for 10 years – I won’t mention the other 35 – Boom ! Boom !

    As to the older generation needing persuaded to vote YES , well myself and my good lady are well into that cohort and are ardent Indie supporters .

    The last few years and particularly the last year under Johnson and his ragbag of incompetents have , I believe , been the catalyst for many to turn against this corrupt Union and seek a better way .
    ”British values ” has become one of those terms like n****r and other offensive words which were acceptable in a bygone era but today are beyond the pale, and no decent person who accept them nor use them .
    The sooner we are all out of this unequal marriage – it is NOT a Union now in any sense – the better .

  62. Shaun the sheep says:

    Happy 60th Anniversary to you both. Wishing you all the best. You have a wonderful, inspirational son who cares deeply about those who choose Scotland as their home. If you have any doubts about whether Scotland can be an Independent country read his blogs and the comments here today.

  63. David Brackenbury says:

    A very happy anniversary Mr+Mrs M – and many thanks for inculcating such sound politics into that son of yours. Your part in the path to Scottish independent has not been inconsiderable. X

  64. Alex Clark says:

    Well, this thread makes a happy change, from what for various reasons is often confrontational disagreements among ourselves. I’ve read all the contributions from other posters and they are inspirational, all of them speak for me and share my attitude towards not just Independence but how we live together and how we can make that work with Independence.

    There were a few in fact that brought a wee lump in the throat and I’m certain I’m not the only one who could read all these messages and not share some of that same emotion.

    When it comes to persuading our older folk, those friends and family that we all have, then I won’t be flippant because it is a serious issue. The reason why so many older people feel attached to the UK is I believe a sense of a shared history.

    People such as you Tommy, just like my Dad would have done their National Service in the UK forces and many would have seen service such as in Maylaya (Malaysia now) as my Dad had in the HLI. For many then, they very much felt British as he told me when I was applying for my first passport and wanted to put Scottish on the application, he told me straight that I was British as Scotland was not a state.

    I shrugged and said OK, he was right, Scotland is not a state or at least it is not recognised as a state by any authority. It is, however, a country and Scots are in fact a nation, that is undeniable. All we need to do now so that future generations can fill in “Scottish” in their passport applications is vote to become an Independent country.

    If my Dad was still alive now I am absolutely certain he would vote Yes, like you Tommy we are a product of the Eastend of Glasgow, and in fact, I went to school not far from where you and Martha got married as we lived in Carntyne Road 🙂

    I’m convinced that if you have read these messages today then it will prove impossible for you to remain resistant to what Independence means for Scotland. You will have made the journey, your job now is to join with us and persuade others that might still feel as uncertain as you have been to join us.

    Hope you have had a great day and regardless of how you feel about Independence now I hope you have many more great days. We are the good guys 🙂

  65. Stephen McKenzie says:

    Congratulations to both Martha and Tommy. You should be very proud of Paul, although I believe he was a difficult child :).

    Tommy when you embarked on married life with Martha it was all new and exciting, and the future that you both envisaged would be perhaps not so clear. However you both made it so.

    It will be similar in part for Scotland to return to its normal independent state, it will be unsure and definitely exciting! But the return to being once again a normal independent country will give Scots of all races and creeds the opportunity to build Scotland into a much fairer and caring country for all.

  66. My Everlovin’ and I were talking about our neighbours the other day. We are 3 decades in this wee hoose, but are still newcomers, in my case as an insurgent from Clydebank, just across the border.

    What we realised was that there are 10 couples in our wee ‘village’ off the main drag into the Town Centre, who were childhood sweethearts, ‘going together’ since school, or as young workers/apprentices.

    Most are slightly younger than I (the Light Of My Life is ageless btw) and our next door neighbours celebrated 40 years together last week.

    Most of these lifer sweethearts are in their late fifties through to late sixties, and have brought up families here, and now have tribes of in laws and grand weans.

    It is fair to say that we work well as a community, and have attended various of each other’s weddings christenings and sadly funerals throughout the decades.

    We share values, and are in every sense a community.

    We were not riven in two because of Indyref 1.

    I literally have no idea how my neighbours on either side vote, although I can make an educated guess.

    We are neither a YES hub, nor a true blue God Save the Queen stockade.

    We are Scotland. We are a coat of many colours.

    Congratulations, Martha and Tommy, from the Collatins.

    I have no intention in trying to persuade Tommy to vote Yes.

    He is a man of his own mind, who even questions the lens of the camera which captured this terrific image of them at their dinner table. He appears to be lad who makes his own mind up, not have it made up for him by pamphleteering zealots like us.

    Except of course when it comes to looking after his health.
    Check out the sweetener dispenser. Molly is not going to let him die of sugar poisoning by the look of it.
    So, like our neighbours who have been together for 4 or 5 decades, we send our love to you both.
    You have earned the right to decide for yourself how Scotland progresses into the future.

    If we love each other, look after each other, and refuse to let injustice triumph, we shall endure and survive regardless.

  67. malkymcblain says:

    Congratulations Martha and Tommy. I was a 2 year old in East Kilbride when you married. A son of a mother from Bridgeton and a father from Parkhead so I can claim a wee bit of east end heritage. In 1982 I was given a chance at a new life when an opportunity to immigrate to Australia presented itself. This was in the deepest darkest days of Thatcher. I took that opportunity simply because of the hopelessness I saw in Glasgow and at the time the recent hobbling of the 1979 referendum in which I voted yes but was disenfranchised by the Labour Government of Jim Callaghan. Back then Glasgow was a broken black soot stained and desperate place which has since found under the soot and grime a fine city but which still has desperation in some of its surrounding suburbs. Currently my only live TV connection to the UK is via Sky News which we can watch here in Sydney. It is quite something to see the London city backdrop in the studio when Ian King does his financial and business reporting. I look upon those shining towers and imagine the wealth that created them and where that wealth came from. I look to Norway and see a society that has the highest living standards in the world with enough wealth invested to ensure future generations of Norwegians an equally high living standard. I cry inwardly when I realise that Scotland could have had a similar bright future if our natural wealth had been used in a similar way. I look to the northern city’s of England and see the same uneven wealth distribution and have empathy with them. The difference is that many of those Northern English people voted for Tories whereas the people of Scotland have rejected Tories since before the day you were married and I was a wee wean in ma maws arms in EK. You in Scotland can have empathy with your friends in England but you are lucky you have an independence life boat. The English made their choice when they voted to leave the EU. The Scots have a bright independent future ahead. A future that will give future generations a fair opportunity to shine in the country that you leave for them. It is their future not ours. They want independence and who are we to stand in their way.

    Have as good a celebration and you can under the circumstances on your anniversary and thank you for your talented son and his wee ginger dug.

  68. Macjim says:

    Congratulations on your 60th anniversary!
    Mr Mosson; 60 years ago, you and you dear lady took a step into the unknown when you joined in matrimony.
    Through good and bad, you both have stayed together and seen it through, Paul is testimony too that… now, the next step for you to take is to say Yes! to Scotland becoming an independent nation amongst all other nations… here’s to many more years of happy marriage enjoyed in a free an independent Scotland.

  69. Alba woman says:

    Congratulations…that lovely photo of you both is a powerful image of a strong and enduring bond.

    WGD has brought light and hope into our lives for some years. His determination and excellent writing skills have reflected a person well brought up by decent parents.

    My father, a West of Scotland man born in 1908, liked to call working class children ‘little pieces of gold ‘. His was a mining family although he hated the darkness of the mines and went to work in the local steelworks.

    My dad was delighted with the post war Labour Government. He thought they had stayed true to their promises made during the War.

    Unfortunately and sadly, the Labour Party is no longer a shining light in the darkness of the realities of Toryism. They broke theIr bonds of community during the 2014 Indy Ref. They choose to work with the Tories and support the normalisation of the Orange Order.

    My Dad would have been shocked at this betrayal. He said when Thatcher was elected, ‘The working class will have to batten down the hatches the Tories are back’. He died before he saw the full realities of Thatcherism.

    Boris Johnston has taken us even further back from that despicable version of Toryism espoused by Thatcher. Labour is no longer a powerful guiding light in Scotland…..it has not faced up to its failures.

    I know of the wariness of the older generation …..the fear of the Tories cruelty, threats and deeds.

    But….Young folk want Independence….they will be the ones who will forge ahead developing Scotland. ..Let’s support and go with them for the next chapter of our lives in Scotland

    I believe in ‘ our wee pieces of gold’ from whatever background.

  70. andyfromdunning says:

    Three years ago my Dad died aged 92. For all of his life he was a strong Labour supporter but in his last three years he became an SNP supporter and a believer in our freedom from poor government. His words not mine.

  71. Alasdair Sutherland says:

    Happy 60th Anniversary Martha and Tommy. It is tragic that you cannot celebrate it properly. But there’s still time.
    My parents celebrated their Diamond wedding in 2006 on a Med cruise with us and their grand-daughters. Then we took them on holiday to Zermatt where they climbed the Matterhorn in 1971.
    My Dad sadly died before he could vote YES in 2014. He would have loved the chance.
    My Mum is now 98 and lives in Largs, in her own flat 3 floors up. She has 2 ambitions left, to see my book published and to vote YES again.
    I expect you both will fulfill many more ambitions, including voting YES and celebrating the result.

  72. Katie nicol says:

    Congratulations on 60 years of marriage. Well done! Re the independence thing it’s a bit like having kids and you don’t want them to leave home because you don’t think they will be ok on their own and they always surprise you by doing so well. Well Scotland is that kid and it’s long past the time we left the family home and did our own thing. It won’t be easy and I’m sure we will make lots of mistakes but they will be our mistakes and not someone else’s and we will fix them and be better for it🥂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • P Harvey says:

      A simple but powerful analogy!
      Better or worse, Scotland will flourish and take its rightful place in the family of nations🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  73. Dr Jim says:

    Hard to look back on this day in 2014 without a sad feeling of what might have been, I prefer to look forward with a firm belief in what will be (Nicola Sturgeon)

    Those two sentences should send a clear message to all YES supporters including the tinfoil hat brigade about exactly what she means by that

    • Bob Mack says:

      The tinfoil bag brigade have seen the e mail from Mr Nicola Chief Executive of the SNP to the COO of the SNP
      . Any comment?

      • grizebard says:

        Oh, a wee O/T cloud to rain on our happy parade. (sigh) Are you the self-appointed WoS representative on Earth these days, then…?

  74. Bibbit says:

    Happy Anniversary Paul’s Mammy & Daddy!

    I hope Paul bought you a new frying pan for the one his pal flung into Loch Lomond, many moons ago?

    And talking of which, if Scotland does not become independent, we will be out of the frying pan into the fire.

    Can I just also say that people, of all ages, can change their views? Take my wee maw, a widow. On the 300th anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, she flew, for the day, to Belfast from Glasgow to ‘celebrate’. My sister and I thought she was joking, at first, and we tried to talk her out of it, but she’s as thrawn as hell.

    Last week, she took off her wall, a plate she’d bought in Belfast all those years syne, wi King Billy, forby, on his white horse, took it out the backyard and smashed it to smithereens wi’ a muckle big hammer. She came back in declaring, ‘Christ, that felt great’.

    She’s 86 and ‘staying put, ’til Indy’.

    If ma wee maw can change her tunes, so can we aw.

  75. Alex Clark says:

    Should have been an exclamation mark and not a question mark! 🙂

  76. Isobel Macrae-Wilson says:

    Happiest belated anniversary
    What would I say to either of my folks, should they still be around?
    I would say, my darlings you have three fab grandweans and nine, yeah count em’ great grandweans, unlike us pure-ish Scots, they have Scillian routes (4) and Scandic routes (1) as well as the choochter & hinglish
    They deserve to be able to travel or study in Europe, the English born lot love their Scots birthday notes!!!
    They deserve to be living in a country that can define its own future
    Let us give them that, our days have been lived, let us please give them a future
    Many many good wishes, I can only be glad for you, my. dad had 21 years with his love, Mum had 42 years alone, but she loved him till she left us, and we celebrated wedding anniversarys for him, for them
    Much love Iz xxx

  77. John Vosper says:

    Remind the folk of my generation that the Tories have said they will remove the triple lock on state pensions, so that the value will go down over time, but Nicola has promised to pay the European average which is almost double what our pension is now.
    I am a grumpy old git myself at times but it’s because I want Independence soon.

  78. grizebard says:

    It does seem that people down south are increasingly dividing into two camps, both of which – ironically – work in our favour.

    Firstly, those of a liberal disposition, as Paul says, who regretfully but decently wish us to gain the future for ourselves that they are currently thwarted from having. (But some of whom might eventually begin to regard Scotland as a lifeboat for themselves also.)

    The other group we also recognise quite well, the types who would much prefer to have a pure Brexit all of their own, have heard and rather believe the propaganda directed at us and would be glad to see the back of we “whinging spongers”. (May they continue to labour under that misapprehension until we are well gone!)

    This leaves a remainder who really know little-to-nothing about the matter and don’t care much either way. Possibly will feel somewhat offended when they eventually begin to realise we are “spurning” their “generosity” at treating us as honorary English, but will soon get over it since it matters little to them anyway.

    There’s not many left besides! Just the Brenglish Establishment – across the political spectrum – who are loath to lose the home end of their much-reduced little empire, and fear the consequent loss of self-esteem, but aren’t prepared to lift a little finger to turn the situation around.

    All of England – even that latter lot – is already, I think, beginning to prepare itself for our departure. And the more inevitable it begins to look to them, the more this will turn into a chain reaction.

  79. Derek Rogers says:

    Hi, Martha and Tommy:

    Many congratulations on making it through sixty years together! And hasn’t your wee, daft boy done well, leading the debate on independence!

    In 2014, I found it strange when people argued that a country with the brains that Scotland has, and the reputation for being financially straightforward, would not succeed as an independent state – did they think we were all idle blockheads?

    Then when I read that GERS – the UK’s yearly financial report on Scotland – had been deliberately set up to show that Scotland would fail, my mind was made up for me.

    We can do it.

  80. Molly McC says:

    Martha and Tommy, a belated good wish for many more Happy Anniversaries.

    I was fortunate to meet up with Paul in October 2018 right about the time of the AUOB March in Edinburgh…which I proudly walked in!

    He and I had tea and scones in a restaurant in Glasgow and I was struck by his sincerity and quiet belief in Scotland and her people.

    I have read his Blog since the beginning and as many say on here, he is a sane voice on the way to independence.

    I have a sneaky feeling Tommy, that you are already convinced of an Independent Scotland and just like pulling Pauls leg from time to time! Nothing like a good argument?

    You raised a cracker both of you! Thank you.

    Stay well -stay safe – stay happy

    Best wishes from Calgary,

  81. Ex Pat says:

    Dear Paul’s Mum and Dad,

    A very happy anniversary to you both. Your Paul has been doing great work making fun of the UK government’s lies, disinformation and incredible corrupt incompetence. As you know, this has become remarkably easier with the present shower in power in Westminster.

    Sometimes history works that way – the tide, the wind and even the Gods combine and what was impossible becomes obvious and even comparatively easy. This is the case with Scottish Independence now, with Brexit, Covid and the Brexiteer maniacs in government all aligning to make the movement for Scottish Independence look the most obvious and by far the sanest option for Scotland. Would it be a good idea to seize the moment, before it ends? Probably!

    But back to WeeGingerDug, temporarily.

    In 2014 WeeGingerDug was on fire –

    “And then we had a history bit, and Tom Devine and Niall Fergusson got stuck into one another after Niall said we’d be voting to become like Belarus only with worse weather. Drawing on his great academic stature, his deep understanding of Scottish history, his immense erudition, and an intellect which is galactic in the spacey sense and not the chocolate bar sense – Tam telt Neillie boay tae shut his geggie, stop with the pettit lip and whit would you know anyway ya wee fuckwit self-publicising apologist for colonialists, war mongerers and casino capitalists that’s only ever had the one idea in his entire life. Your cringe is showing. Now fuck off and get back to us when you want to be a grown up ya hysterical puffed up balloon. Or words to that effect. Or it might be that’s what I wanted to tell Neillie and I imagined it all.”

    And lots more – ‘The breakfast revolution’, by WeeGingerDug, 10th September 2014 – WeeGingerDug blog –


    In 2016 the outrage was less and the dug was nearly polite. The horror ! –

    ‘Bring Back the Beast, with added vitriol.’

    ‘Humour is the more effective weapon. Scatological, vitriolic humor even moreso. Rational arguments are ten-a-penny. Or a hundred.’

    ‘Humour reaches the parts that rationality can’t touch. See Monty Python for details.’

    – ‘Bring Back the Beast’, a comment by “Ex Pat” to ‘In the darkness of the storm, we can see the rainbow’, by WeeGingerDug, 4th October 2016, WeeGingerDug blog –


    ‘Savage Indignation’

    By the mysterious hand of fate, last week I was reading a review of Tom Sharpe’s first book, Riotous Assembly – a ferocous, incendiary satire of apartheid South Africa, published in 1971.

    Tom Sharpe had gone from England to South Africa in 1951. He was a social worker driving TB patients from hospital back to the townships to die. They didn’t have to die, but only whites were being given the necessary drugs, so the non-white South Africans were condemned to death.

    He wrote nine plays about South Africa, none of which were produced. Finally, one was put on in England at a small college. The Bureau of State Security (BOSS) noticed and he was jailed by the South Africans and then booted out of the country for sedition in 1961.

    His first book was inspired by Sharpe’s elderly English aunt who had lived there for many years. She complained that the screams of prisoners being tortured in the local police station disturbed her afternoon naps. That, combined with his own experience, led to the extreme ‘savage indignation’ that made Tom Sharpe’s books so successful.

    This suddenly explained to me WeeGingerDug’s outrage, his laugh-out-loud humour and his great effectiveness, and my own desire for ‘added vitriol’. (*1)

    Scottish Independence

    I am sure you have your own views on how to vote and don’t need advice.

    But it may be that by reading the most outraged, or outrageous, writers, you may find yourself unable to support a status quo made utterly ridiculous. And there are very many subjects that a controlled media in the UK makes sure that citizens are never troubled by in the ‘main stream media’ (MSM). Being exposed to them and then watching video clips comparing ‘our brave boys’ delivering aid to the Middle East as stuka pilots, or Monty Python jokes, may help in debunking sacred cows. At least it provides a laugh.

    Plus, it makes WeeGingerDug’s arguments even if occasionally mildly rude look sane, balanced and obvious by comparison. Win-Win ? : )

    Though in my case one commenter was kind enough to say that, ‘the most extreme view appears to be the most accurate’, on Information Clearing House and Noam Chomsky referred to ‘a curious kind of samizdat’.

    But judge for yourself, via the links below. Don’t think of following them all in one go. But they may be interesting in small (or tiny) doses!

    > So as well as wishing them well on their anniversary, I’d also like readers to say how they’d persuade an older relative to support Scottish independence.

    I would have liked to start at the beginning and continue to the end in a single post, to answer Paul’s request, but the job is far too big; it would be a book, which many might not want to read. Hence this. I hope it’s worthwhile.

    A Very Happy Anniversary to you both, again.

    Rest assured that Paul Kavanagh / WeeGingerDug is greatly admired by very many indeed.

    With best wishes – Ex Pat.

    – ‘Married Life’ @ 59:23 on ? : ). – ‘The 39 Steps’, 1935 – Youtube –


    *1 – Riotous Assembly

    ‘Simon Callow reads Riotous Assembly by Tom Sharpe’, 2:18:39 – Youtube –


    ‘Savage Indigation’ in ‘Tom Sharpe remembered’, by Robert McCrum, 6th June 2013 – The Guardian –




    1. First, and last, the entire works of Tom Nairn, Scottish genius and author of The Break-Up of Britain, published 1977.

    Find at New Left Review with papers published in the 1960s, at the London Review of Books and at openDemocracy. Some are behind paywalls but others are public. More can be found via Google Cache and via the Wayback machine, or by looking via Google search for .pdf versions.

    In 2016 there were secondhand copies available of an anthology of Tom Nairn’s most important writing in Old Nations, Auld Enemies, New Times by Tom Nairn, published 2014. Now apparently unavailable. (Until 2021. Will believe it when seen !)

    Or you can buy every book he wrote – find a list via Wikipedia, British Library catalogue and or Amazon – .com and .co.uk.

    COOL TOOL – Tom Nairn results @ RMIT U – Search Results (Author:”nairn”, Status:” Published”) – RMIT Research Repository

    Enter author ‘Nairn’ and go – at –


    2. Why independence and why now, on video – 5 mins – ‘Globalization and Nationalism: The New Deal?’, (*2) 8th November 2008 – Youtube –


    3. START HERE –

    ‘If there is a single writer and thinker who has set the movement for an independent Scotland in the larger picture of a failing ‘Ukania’ and the rising place of civic nationalism within globalisation, it is without doubt, Tom Nairn. Tom is a regular contributor to openDemocracy and has been since it started in 2001.’

    ‘Introducing Tom Nairn, prophet of the break-up of Britain’, by Anthony Barnett, 13th September 2014 – openDemocracy –


    4. “‘The Break-Up of Britain’ explores the archaic, ossified relic that is the British state; undemocratic, anti-modern and that sees itself as ‘the mother of Parliaments’. It is also a book in which the state of England is central to this mindset – its gathering unease at events in Europe and the European project, and in which a reactionary English nationalism is emerging, initially around Enoch Powell (who was obsessed with ‘sovereignty’), but then taken up by Thatcher, and now by Brexiteers.”

    “Brexit has caused many surprises, but it should not have come as a surprise. The UK Government has shown a scale of incompetence unprecedented in recent times. Leavers have had a cavalier disregard with coming up with a feasible plan for leaving, while the Labour Party has been too often posted missing in action without a Brexit policy worthy of the name. And to cap it all, Theresa May and her Tory Government have managed to lose three Brexit parliamentary votes in a single day – including for the first time having a UK Government held in contempt of Parliament.”

    – ‘The Brexit disaster is an existential crisis in the ‘Idea’ of Britain’, by Gerry Hassan, 7th December 2018 – openDemocracy –


    5. FASCINATING – Tom Nairn 1/2 – House of Commons – Scottish Affairs – Minutes of Evidence’ –


    – Tom Nairn 2/2 – House of Commons – Scottish Affairs – Minutes of Evidence


    – Memorandum submitted by Dr Tom Nairn (16 June 1998)



    6. Why is Tom Nairn revered among Scottish Indpendence thinkers and activists?

    ‘Tom Nairn: the world and Scotland too’, by David Hayes, 2nd June 2012 – openDemocracy


    7. REVIEW – Tom Nairn: ‘Painting Nationalism Red’? by Neal Ascherson – Democratic Left Scotland, 27 pp, £4.00, February – LEFT IN SPAIN – THE OCCASIONAL RAMBLINGS OF AN OLD LEFTIE


    8. ‘Scotland and Europe, Iris Murdoch and Antonio Gramsci: an interview with Tom Nairn’, by Scott Hames, 23rd July 2016 – openDemocracy

    From The left against Europe to The break up of Britain, Tom Nairn’s essays have been far-sighted and era-defining for half a century. Here, we publish the first recorded interview on his intellectual history.


    9. Search for Tom Nairn’s work at the London Review of Books –


    10. The Three Dreams of Scottish Nationalism

    This is a fascinating and extraordinary essay on the influence of three dreams; the reformation, Romanticism and now modern Nationalism on Scotish nationalism.

    For its brilliance and power it’s certainly worth reading, though the spleen of the writer aged thirty five in 1968 may be correct; his very mellow 2008 view of the happy prospect for an independent Scotland in a globalized world in the video at 2 above may be far more important today.

    ‘The logical place to begin is with the first tormented vision Scotland was subjected to: the Reformation.’

    ‘The harsh absoluteness of the Scots Theocracy reflected its historical displacement. It was a translation of theology into social relationships without mediation. Much more than an opiate, it provided a positive, partly democratic, intelligible social order that struck deep roots in a population whose historical experience until then had been a concentrated dose of everything worst about mediaeval Europe: dearth, weak central power, rapacious struggles for position, Church corruption, brigandage and wars. The divine, black dream divorced from time was also a form of civilization. As one historian of the Kirk notes:’

    ‘ ‘The Kirk’s Elders and Ministers who supervised the behaviour of every man and woman in the parish . . . were the nearest thing to a police force that most of Scotland knew till the 19th century. It was a force not because of any physical power but because of its prestige, because the people belonged to the Kirk and believed in it, even though they might grumble or tremble when it condemned their faults. . .’footnote1’

    ‘The price the Scots payed, and still pay, for their possession by this dream was a high one. Long since, it turned into a detestable and crippling burden against which every form of creative culture has had to fight for life, from the 18th-century ‘golden age’ to the present day. Yet the very identity of Kirk and people—its ‘national-popular’ character, in Gramsci’s phrase—meant that it, more than anything else, has been preserved in Scotland’s long and stagnant twilight, far less than a nation yet not a province like any other. The denying demons are still alive.’

    The reformation ‘the divine, black dream’ followed by the Edinburgh Enlightenment ‘associated with the names of David Hume and Adam Smith. This was, in effect, an escape from the peculiar destiny of Scotland, onto the plane of abstract reason’.

    Romantacism. ‘The other movement was the same reaction to the Enlightenment as other cultures produced, towards feeling and the particular: Romanticism. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of Romanticism for Scotland. While the Enlightenment was only an episode, Romanticism entered her soul.’

    ‘The now dominant dream of Scotland re-born should perhaps be seen as the third phase in the dream-psychology (which has very often been a dream-pathology) of Scottish history. It is deeply marked by both the great dreams that preceded it. Like them, its most important trait is a vast, impossible dissociation from the realities of history.’

    For the entire article select the ‘Text-only version’ of the Google Cache of ‘The Three Dreams of Scottish Nationalism’, via Google Search –

    – ‘The Three Dreams of Scottish Nationalism’, by Tom Nairn, published New Left Review NLR I/49, May June 1968 –

    Or find it as a chapter in Old Nations, Auld Enemies, New Times, publshed 2014.

    11. *2 – ‘Globalisation and nationalism: the new deal’, by Tom Nairn, 7th March 2008 – openDemocracy –


    12. The UK (Lack of) Integrity Initiative, by Craig Murray –

    “We know for certain that the Integrity Initiative targets Scottish Nationalists, because two of its luminaries, otherwise unconnected to each other, David Leask and Ben Nimmo, collaborated on a massive attack piece in the Herald identifying individual SNP supporters as “Russian Bots”.”

    – ‘Cui Bono? David Leask, Ben Nimmo and the Attack on Ordinary Scottish Nationalists’, by Craig Murray – via –

    – Google Advanced Search for ‘Integrity Initiative’ at Craig Murray blog –


    13. The holes in the UK government’s Skripal story, by Craig Murray – Google Advanced Search for ‘Skripal’ at Craig Murray blog –


    14. Why support Scottish Independence ? –

    ‘not least for its role in destroying the crutch, and fig-leaf, that the UK has been for the US Empire and hastening that peaceful multipolar world.’ –

    a comment by Ex Pat to ‘Perfidious Albion rides again’, by WeeGingerDug, 7th September 2020 – WeeGingerDug blog –


    15. ‘The Devil You Know’

    “When you oppose a state that is prepared to use illegal war, murder, torture-to-death and genocide, it is as well to recognise the fact, lest you find yourself playing tennis against an opponent in a tank with the barrrel pointed at your head.”

    “Yes, they do this to lesser breeds overseas _and_ they are still doing it, in Yemen and in six other countries, today.”

    “If they are murderous fascists there, then they are murderous fascists here.”

    “And you might wonder if those ‘lesser breeds’, which included Northern Ireland not overseas from the UK at all, would suddenly include you, if you demand and look like gaining your rights.”

    a comment by Ex Pat to ‘Creating expectations’, by WeeGingerDug, 10th September 2020 – WeeGingerDug blog –


    16. ‘Hideous British Empire Crimes’ – Kenya, Bahrain

    a comment by Ex Pat to ‘Creating expectations’, by WeeGingerDug, 10th September 2020 – WeeGingerDug blog –


    17. Tony Benn on the US UK ‘Special Relationship’, plus Bahrain

    “What we call the Special Relationship is really a product of the fact that we depend upon the United States in Britain for nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and therefore we are really, to that extent, a subject nation. If we want to hang onto nuclear weapons we have to follow American policy and that causes a lot of frustrations and we call it the Special Relationship and it is really a position of subservience.” – Tony Benn

    See Transcript, comments and Tony Benn links by Ex Pat to ‘Bahrain Opposition Meeting at Frontline Club’, by Craig Murray, 23rd February 2013, Craig Murray blog –


    18. ‘Our brave UK US Empire boys delivering aid to Iraq, ER Somalia, ER Sudan, ER Libya, ER Syria, ER Mali (ER, Shome mistake Shurely? Ed (*) –


    19. The UK’s use of death squads in Iraq, Bahrain, Northern Ireland, and Scotland to come ‘unless the English leopard changes its spots, imo.’ ? –

    – ‘The Face of US UK Evil’, a comment by Ex Pat to ‘Perfidious Albion rides again’, by WeeGingerDug, 7th September 2020 – WeeGingerDug blog –


    • weegingerdug says:

      Ex-pat – I have no problem with you including links in your comments, however if you include more than two links per comment WordPress automatically flags your comment up as spam and I have to retrieve it from the trash folder.

      So if you want your comments to appear immediately and automatically, please try and restrict yourself to two URLs per comment.

      • Ex Pat says:

        Will do. Thank you for the courtesy of allowing me to comment here.

        This comment was a one-off – I assumed a single post would be better for a reader, though requiring moderation, than trying for sequential posts at two links each. Didn’t think of answering your question except by including links to allow someone to follow them and make up their own mind. Oh, well, done now. Onward and upward.

  82. cameronmgb says:

    Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Mosson. I bet that sixty years feels like both ten minutes and eternity.

    My mum’s 82 now. She voted No in 2014, but then, to my surprise, voted Remain in the Brexit referendum, “for my grandchildren” she said. Now, all I do to try to persuade her to Yes is share an occasional outrageous act by Westminster, and to point out from time to time that staying in the British Union makes her Remain vote pointless as independence is now the only way her grandchildren can regain the rights as European citizens that she voted for.

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