Human rights and Tory wrongs

human rights

In an interview over the weekend, Rish! Sunak and his exclamation mark of ambition, tried to make up the ground in the “I’m a total Tory bastard stakes” that he was losing to Liz Truss, whose campaign is assisted by the fact that the only ideology she’s ever had is whatever is going to aid her advancement at any given moment. Bereft as she is of any notable talent or skills other than annexing the credit for other people’s work, Truss has ascended to her current position due to her willingness to do the bidding of whoever holds power, and not speaking out even when that power is wielded by someone as manifestly unfit for the office of Prime Minister as Boris Johnson, a corrupt serial liar who has open contempt for democracy. Truss is what happens when you put into high office one of those British nationalist social media trolls whose response to every outrage against democracy, common decency, the rule of law, or basic honesty of this Conservative Government is a snarky comment about the Arran ferry or Patrick Grady as though that negates the destruction of the few and fragile democratic safeguards afforded by what passes for the British constitution. It’s the politics of nyah nyah nyah.

At the Tory party hustings on Monday, Truss, with her personal mandate of less than 0.2% of the Scottish electorate said that she will not “allow” another independence referendum and branded the Scottish First Minister as an “attention seeker, ” adding, “The best thing to do with Nicola Sturgeon is ignore her.” That’s what the Tories have been doing to Scotland for years, hiding their heads in the sand and hoping their nightmare of Scottish independence will just go away. Just for Truss’s information, the number of days since the SNP last won an election in Scotland is 88, the number of days since the Conservatives last won an election in Scotland is 24,588. But yeah just ignore them Liz, how’s that working out for you?

Truss’s remark sums up why Scotland needs independence. Nicola Sturgeon is Scotland’s First Minister, she has a clear mandate for another independence referendum from the people of Scotland, but Truss thinks the best thing is to ignore all that. That same day Truss’s supporters amongst the Scottish Tories at Holyrood boasted that with Truss as PM, Scotland would be “at the centre of the UK”. Timing is everything in comedy.

This would be the same attention seeking Liz Truss who hired a photographer at taxpayers’ expense in order to build her own brand on a world tour. Truss charged the taxpayer £1,483 to hire a professional photographer for her tour of Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. The public purse also coughed up a further £1,190 for Truss’s “PR-related activities” on the trip. This produced a pic of Truss sitting with a union flag umbrella on a British made bicycle in the pouring rain in front of the Sydney Opera House. Truss also loves to pose for photos when she’s on the phone as though she’s on a terribly important call with a global leader. On Monday she posed in an England football strip with a football and an England flag. Truss’s entire career is an exercise in attention seeking.

Right now the most important ideology aiding the principle free void who is the Foreign Secretary is the one that says she’s not Rishi Sunak. Despite the fact that he was always a supporter of a hard Brexit, it’s Truss who has now become the darling of the batshit crazy Brextremist Anglo-British nationalist wing of the Conservative party, which these days is to say most of it. Truss is reportedly far ahead amongst Conservative party members, who blame Sunak for defenestrating Johnson, a view which Johnson himself is keen to foster. There is no greater victim on this planet than an entitled upper middle class English Conservative who has suffered the loss of his immense privilege. The way in which Johnson protects his grudges is inversely proportional to his lack of care for the truth. Johnson and his supporters are determined that Sunak will be punished for his lack of loyalty, which they have now decided is the most heinous crime possible, although they seemed to have a different view when it was them who were plotting to unseat Theresa May.

Truss is the favoured candidate of Johnson and the European Research Group and the rest of the extreme right of the Conservative party, in no small measure because they believe that Truss will be their puppet. The clear advantage enjoyed by Truss amongst Conservative party members has led one senior Tory after another to publicly back her campaign. Over the weekend she got the support of early favourites Ben Wallace and Tom Tugendhat, and on Monday evening Penny Mordaunt, one of the final three candidates, announced that she too was giving her backing to Liz Truss. A straw poll of Conservative party members in Devon on Monday on Channel 4 news failed to find a single person who preferred Rishi Sunak. Ballot papers started being delivered to party members this week, and habitually they are returned promptly so barring some unforeseen circumstance, it looks as though Truss will become Britain’s next worst Prime Minister ever.

Truss has never displayed any independence of thought or backbone throughout her political career, it would be surprising if she started now. Truss is also hampered by her lack of charisma and showmanship, qualities which a Prime Minister needs in order to be able to sell unpopular policies. Dominic Cummings believes that the real reason Johnson supports the woman Cummings calls the hand grenade for her propensity to leave a trail of destruction in her wake is because he thinks that Truss will be hopelessly out of her depth as Prime Minister, and will be unable to deal with a cost of living crisis which is only expected to worsen next year. Johnson is calculating that Truss will be so inept that the slide in Conservative party fortunes in the polls will become a rout, leading to panicking MPs deciding to get rid of Truss and giving Johnson the opportunity to make a triumphant return. This may or may not be true, but Johnson is certainly cynical enough to think along these lines.

Meanwhile for his part Sunak is trying to prove to Conservative party members that he too can be intolerantly right wing, although given that he was a leading figure in Johnson’s government for two and a half years, we already knew that. In an interview over the weekend Sunak said : “We clearly have a problem with human rights laws in this country which makes it difficult for us to achieve our objectives.” Sunak was talking about how the breaches of human rights caused by the government’s inhumane policy of sending refugees and asylum seekers on a one way trip to Rwanda had been blocked by the courts. The Conservative response to this is not to recognise that a cruel and despicable policy which breaches human rights is a policy that has to be abolished, or at the very least substantially changed, it is to seek to abolish the human rights laws that stand in their way.

If you have to abolish human rights in order to achieve your objectives, the problem does not lie with the human rights, it lies with your objectives, objectives which are by definition cruel and inhumane. This simple logic is however clearly beyond the modern Conservative party.



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46 comments on “Human rights and Tory wrongs

  1. Dr Jim says:

    Ignore human rights, ignore elected representatives of nations, ignore international protocols, ignore the courts, there’s only the use of the military to go and they’ll have completed the set

    Heil Britannia

  2. Hamish100 says:

    Paul excellent piece.
    I am surprised by the sound of silence from the legal hierarchy in Scotland and elsewhere as to the attack on what we presumed were agreed fundamental freedoms after the 2nd World War and entrenched in our laws.
    The worrying thing is that look around the OBN’s surrounding Truss and Sunak. The same ones that sucked up to Johnson.
    The same party who declares they fight for freedom (Ukraine is quids in) but currently denies the Democratic wishes of Scotland.

    With the Tory hustings in Perth this month – guffaw, it would be worth seeing the scotch tories on the rocks scuttling into the building hiding their faces. My contempt. For this right wing junta is absolute. The red wing junta of new labour likewise.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  3. Statgeek says:

    Just read this, and sharing, but guess others did so earlier.

    To be filed under “Proof”, in future debates etc.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      And the takeaway for the BBC response:

      “The BBC said it noted the Ofcom ruling, but is not obliged to broadcast or publicise it.”

  4. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Attention-seekers should be ignored.

  5. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    As much as I welcome and appreciate the support this morning from many across the UK in respect to Liz Truss’s comment on “ignoring Nicola Sturgeon” I would respectfully state it is BECAUSE of the years of ignoring Scotland , via ALL UK parties, that now sees the drive for independence greatly increased and indeed a position still maintained by the likes if us all on here too……Truss was only saying out loud the reality that is and always has been…..but presenting it as if tis based purely on Nicola Sturgeon alone and not as the message that it REALLY is…as in a message to all Scots who seek independence….you will be ignored and not ‘allowed’ to vote on another independence referendum….

    The BritNat non Tory politicians and their compliant media tried to present Boris Johnson as a gift to the SNP….and now along comes Liz Truss, touted as next PM, and proving to be an even bigger liability to their (non) Union…..because they are all the same… matter who leads the Tories…or indeed their mirror image the Labour party ( and Lib Dems)…..they will bury their heads in the sand on the constitution question and deflect by trying to tell the very people, voters, who vote SNP time and time again that the Scottish government are failing Scotland…yet NOT ever comment as to why then do people in Scotland vote them in as their Scottish government constantly AND choose them as MP’s via a majority in Scotland to represent them in WM….that is another Elephant in the room for pro UK politicians and their media ….however it will NOT be explored in depth because that would then destroy their argument that the SNP fail Scotland…..just as no comparison with Scotland is made on public services in England and wales when the position in Scotland shows that we are at times , via the data, managing our public services better…..that is ignored and they only look for contrived stories to squeeze the life out of when they seek to publicly proclaim #SNPBAD….

    It’s the Pro UK politicians and their compliant media’s LIES that will ultimately see the demise of their UK…..because many people in Scotland do not recognise the Scotland THEY are so desperate to present as a reality….we also see the reality of what is happening in England and Wales via Pro UK managed political parties…..and that tends to make people think that they, pro UK Politicians, are playing pot, kettle, black… you cannot stand on the high moral ground to condemn others while you and your party are failing the very people and country who you are supposed to represent (minus Scotland )…..but instead constantly deflect by playing the blame game on whoever is a convenient target….and for Pro UK politicians and their media they have a growing list of targets who they aim to blame……and they very much blame others for THEIR own shortcomings……that I guess is their Pro BRITISH way….

    I was in a supermarket yesterday after lunchtime….and there was still PILES of Daily Records, Sun’s, Daily Mails and other pro UK newspapers…the National was sold out ( I did look and no it was not hidden behind Pro UK papers as those supposed democratic free speech pro UK voters like to do on occasion)……so perhaps for some people the LIES and propaganda is becoming too obvious and too much to stomach…..I suspect that for many more in Scotland the penny is finally dropping…..Liz Truss as PM will ensure it will drop all the way to the bottom to match the support for her and other pro UK parties here in Scotland….about bloody time.

    Thoughts with Andrew Bowie…Rishi supporter…as once again he has seemingly backed the wrong horse…sure he will soon change his allegiance, post announcement of new leader, as a well kent and very much confirmed loyal member of the Scottish (INO) Flip Flop party………..

  6. jfngw says:

    The most amusing thing about Truss and her ignore comment is when you compare her abilities with Nicola Sturgeon’s, Truss who comes across as an empty head with little principles beyond her own self advancement (a sort of drag version of Boris Johnson), a candle in the wind to whoever she believes will advance her position, someone who doesn’t ever have handle on her brief (have you seen some of her interviews and speeches).

    Compare that to how Nicola Sturgeon handles her brief. Is the FM perfect, no, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone’s point of view and meet whatever hobby horse some have decided is the most important. These malcontents are the bread and butter of the Scottish MSM.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      a candle in the wind


      One blow, and she’s out. (After being on your wick for long enough, that is.)

  7. raineach says:

    Truss has already made her first U-turn and she’s not even won the election yet!

  8. Alex Clark says:

    Chris Deerin writing in the New Statesman.

    It’s quite something that a right-winger such as Liam Fox has a better grasp of these issues than Truss, but he does. “Whenever I hear politicians accusing other politicians of being attention seeking, I do tend to raise an eyebrow,” he said. “When it comes to the first minister of Scotland, they have a constitutional position, they have to be treated with respect.”

    There is a feeling that Truss is giddy on her own unexpected success. But the things she says now can be used to hang her later. So stop and think, Liz, and, even if you don’t feel it, show some prime ministerial respect.

    They knew what they had with Johnson as PM and now they are panicking that the description of Truss by Cummings as “the hand grenade” is starting to appear to be all too true. What they fail to get though is that it doesn’t really matter at all who the next PM is as far as support for Independence goes.

    Whoever wins will be unable to prevent support from growing simply because they will carry on in the same vein as Johnson and May have done. They will continue to ignore the Scottish Parliament and the devolution settlement while they trample all over the powers already devolved to Scotland.

    They will try and go even further is my guess because ultimately they want to end the devolution settlement altogether, a policy doomed to failure that can only end with Scotland becoming Independent.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      There is a feeling that Truss is giddy on her own unexpected success


      Dizzy Lizzy, anyone?

    • grizebard says:

      Truss is the very embodiment of democracy by personal advancement without principle. She has moved with the times in Tory-inclined England and is now a confirmed Brexit-enabler. (As indeed also are Starmer and Davey). Her attractiveness to the Rees-Moggs and the Dorries is that they believe she is so pliable and lacking in character that in office she will be their willing puppet. Ersatz Boris Johnson, superficially attractive to the English electorate while fronting ever-more-radical English nationalism.

      Their “solution” to the “Scottish problem” is to increasingly override and negate the little autonomy we have managed to acquire over the years from an always-reluctant London. The small concession of powers emanating from the Smith Commission wasn’t a manifestation of fair play, it was deliberately designed as a “tax trap” to put the SG in the firing line without real ability to manage Scotland’s finances properly. Now they are frustrated that the SG’s astuteness of management has continually thwarted that intention. Democracy in Scotland has become exceeding inconvenient for them, so must be destroyed.

      That is the Union we exist in. A Union whose main proponents have lost all faith in its ability to cohere except by total English domination. A Union whose oft-proclaimed voluntary nature is nothing more than a fading illusion. Run autocratically by a bunch of people who have no more principle or interest except in what might appear next day in the headlines of the (English) Daily Mail.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “Whenever I hear politicians accusing other politicians of being attention seeking, I do tend to raise an eyebrow”, says Liam Fox via Chris Deerin, the latter one of the two authors of disgraceful distortions widely circulated in the media over 84% failure by SG, yet he freely assists accusations of others wrt “attention seeking” ?
      His co-authored piece with Alison Payne on behalf of “Reform Scotland” sought to portray 84% of Scots students disenfranchised as part of their “Scrap the Cap briefing”, a nonsensical analysis a first year journalism student not dare print.
      But Chris Deerin knew a man with one Bol, hence it headline in the Herald thence forced the National to copy.
      “Oh god wee Truss” should be on every Scottish banknote, Chris Deerin will live on the stipend afforded by McConnel until he pays it to someone more convincing, David Bol should find his other one, and Alison Payne should go back to misleading girl guides.
      As for Liz Truss, she’ll “hit the ground” 🙄

      • Alex Clark says:

        When reading his article I was thinking exactly of that so called “report” he co-authored with it’s totally misleading claims about how the chances of young Scots getting into university have changed in the last 15 years.

        Not for him to make a positive headiline out of the fact that 46% more young Scots are being offered places at University today than were in 2006 but using some number twisting to garner a headline of 84% more not being accepted.

        Utter shite is the only fair way to describe such manipulation of the actual facts to suit an SNP bad agenda.

  9. Alex Montrose says:

    I hope Truss is the next PM, at PMQs Ian Blackford and Sir Keir will have a field day, I give her 6 month.

    • John says:

      First ever post.

      I hope for this too Alex. But we need Blackford to stand up in their UK parlriament and denounce it as colonial and to insult them as colonial fascists to their faces in their parliament.

      Meanwhile we need blogs like this to continue with our support.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    Liz Truss at the moment is experiencing the endorphin rush of imagined popularity and fame, like heroin that rush inevitably stops and Liz Truss will come down very hard and fast

    It takes a strong willed and grounded person to ride the dragon of popularity for long and Scotlands FM has experience of this long before Liz Truss was ever heard of by any voter or even her own party

    Truss isn’t nicknamed the human hand grenade because she copes well with responsibility

  11. yesindyref2 says:

    Liz Truss will destroy the Conservatives in Scotland for a generation.

    • grizebard says:

      Another generation? – maybe not. If we (hopefully!) get out long before, that is. Rather like devolution, but even more so, independence could save them from such an ignominious fate. Ironic, no?

      They just need to take a good strong dose of their own medicine, liberate themselves from their increasingly-pathetic dependency culture, and take responsibility for their own actions in their own right. Like it or not, there will always be a demand for such a party in any democracy, so they have little to lose and much to gain.

      Maybe with someone like Truss at the helm of an ever more erratic regime in London, such thoughts will begin to seed, take root and grow, at least among the more forward-thinking among them…?

  12. Hamish100 says:

    I see James Cook ( knows the French Ambassador well I believe) in his analysis of Truss’s comments, doesn’t allow any comments from the public.
    On other sites I can comment on inflation, the lionesses ( positive comments only), Truss backtracking on local sector sorry regional pay and other issues.

    BBC scotchlanders are not willing to hear from the public and this tells us all we need to know. The bbc moves further to the unionist right and are scared of challenge.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, the BBC is in the small what England is in the large, after all. Representative in a way. Does on the quiet what Truss (unwisely, perhaps) proclaims out loud. Isn’t in the least interested in representing what we think. (Because it already knows that well enough, and doesn’t like it in the least.)

  13. How old is Lizz Truss, like 5 or something?

    ‘I’ll just put my fingers in my ears and keep shouting I can’t hear you!’

    The no S30 thing is falling apart and they don’t have a plan beyond that, hence the crazy-assed petulant child stuff we’re now seeing. TBH, it’s not just us; they’re doing the same thing with other countries who don’t give them the toy they want. See EU/Eire on the protocol.

    I see the Scotgov are making a submission to the supreme court, including reminders on the UN right to self-determination for peoples / nations. And self-determine ultimately just means the right to vote for the government you wish. It’s not actually about changing laws, just being able to freely say you wish to change this in the first instance. Hence the focus on a consultative referendum, just like e.g. brexit, 2014, 1997…

    Scotgov 2 steps ahead now of our very nasty neighboring country (government and media at least). Gone is all the pretense of Scotland (and Wales / NI) being a valued and respected partner people in the UK. Nope, we are now English serfs and need to suck it up. They get to self-determine, but not us jock/taff/mick scum. It’s brilliant stuff. I’m loving this! Indy is becoming 100% guaranteed.

    May got out the wrecking ball, Johnson started swinging it, now Truss, Sunak and Starmer are all fighting for who gets a go next.

    TBH, I find it hard to see the SC not saying a consultative referendum is fine as it changes nothing in law. Then the Brenglish will go bananas saying they’ll just ignore it. All hell will break loose while coolly and calmly the Scotgov will just get on with things. Same for the international community, where Brengland has no friends anymore.

    And key will be the SNP/Scotgov saying that a Yes won’t mean indy overnight (in ultimate sovereignty terms yes, but not in practicalities), but, like brexit, will take a few years to thrash out, with time to adjust. So no worries for those who wanted to hold off a wee bit.

    And all the time the cost of living crisis causes Scots to want to take back control of what is out of their control. Just like the economic destricution of thatcher/major led to massive support for devo, It was the financial crisis that catapulted the SNP to their unexpected win in 2011.

    Watch the polls finally slip into baseline yes majority as we move towards 2023 – as things have been heading for the past decade – and Yes becomes the settled will.

  14. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Food for thought for fellow Cekltic anoraks:

    No news to anyone here, but a quick survey on the Commonwealth Games web page for today on the BBC, featuring the ‘home nations’.

    Survey is of headlines on BBC Commonwealth Games leading page, 02 August 2022.

    Stories involving …

    Wales 2
    Scotland: 1
    England: 23

    Number of times the word ‘Wales’, ‘Scotland’ or ‘England’ appears in the title:

    Wales: 2
    Scotland: 0
    England: 16

    Number of times the word ‘win’ feature alongside ‘Wales/Welsh’, ‘Scotland/Scottish’ or ‘England/English’ in the title

    Wales/Welsh: 1
    Scotland/Scottish: 1
    England/English: 12*

    * Includes 1 ‘winning’

    Number of times the word ‘beat’/’beats’ feature alongside ‘Wales/Welsh’, ‘Scotland/Scottish’ or ‘England/English’ in the title

    Wales/Welsh: 0
    Scotland/Scottish: 0
    England/English: 4

    None of the above stats. reflect on individual competitors, e.g. ‘Jarman wins’, as the nationality is not given. However, the photos will often clearly show that the athlete in question is usually English or from England (e.g. the wearing of a St George’s Cross t-shirt). These could be added to the England/English ‘wins’ stats.

  15. Welsh_Siôn says:


    Number of times the word ‘win’ feature alongside ‘Wales/Welsh’, ‘Scotland/Scottish’ or ‘England/English’ in the title

    Wales/Welsh: 1
    Scotland/Scottish: 0
    England/English: 12*

    * Includes 1 ‘winning’

    • Dr Jim says:

      I believe Northern Ireland have 7 bowlers taking part in Englands Birmingham Commonwealth games, now if they’re not British nationalist Northern Irish they’ve even less chance of a mention than anybody on the planet

  16. Dr Jim says:

    There’s to be a rally for English independence in York, well sign me up immediately for that except they maybe haven’t noticed England is already independent having declared there is no union from which any of the other countries can leave

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      @ Dr Jim @ 7.17PM

      What a brilliantly worded comment Dr Jim….also it made me laugh at the irony of it re the rally… as tis so so very true that they ARE independent as they do not recognise that they are in any Union at all….

  17. Alex Clark says:

    Yougov’s latest poll has Tories neck and neck with Labour again. Lab 35% Tory 34%.

  18. Alex Clark says:

    In a separate Youcov poll today of Tory members Truss leads Sunak by what looks like an insurmountable 69% to 31%.

  19. Golfnut says:

    Not sure if this will link.
    LBC O’ Brian commentary on Liz Truss.
    By the way O’ Brian no friend to Scotland.

  20. dakk says:

    Maybe Truss has overstepped the mark.

    GCHQ have called a halt to the Tory leadership contest claiming breach of security.

    Security of the ‘union’ more like.

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