Indy Pet Dance

Let’s celebrate Pets for Yes with Indy Pet Dance!  Send the dug a photie of your Pet for Yes and I’ll add it to this page.  You can’t add pics in the comments unfortunately, so email your photo to the Dug at weegingerdug[at]

You can now also upload a photie of your favourite Yes supporting pet to


Jumble: Rosa Alba Macdonald’s ardent indy dug. But not allowed to vote on account of being a convicted butter thief.










Fergie in Glasgow’s Canadian Husky. We suspect this one may be a ringer.











Abi thinks about trains and moving to Scotland.













Rosie the Hamster says Indy Pet Dance and a Yes vote is even better than a hamster ball.









Dapple’s waiting patiently for an independent Scotland.










Llamas for Yes – self-determination from the Andes to the Scottish Borders










Caraid wants an independent Scotland, and a doggy chew.  But not necessarily in that order.










Sam the dignified Labrador for Yes










Darcy here. I’m the biggest labradoodle in Edinburgh.  I always wear my saltire with pride.  They say toffs are for NO and ill-educated dogs are for YES, well, I cock a leg at that. I’ve been to posh doggie school and my people have 5 degrees between the two of them.

Darcy for Yes











Moss loves his Yes ball









Holly the Collie heads to the hills with a Yes.











Even the dugs in the park are talking about voting yes








Eilean and Mac get wet for indy








Zac the puppy wants to grow up to be an independent Scottish dug








Jack the economy sized rescued dug thinks independence is a great deal








Jack the Labrador has his own Twitter account at












Zebedee the kitten bounces everywhere for indy – thanks to Hood for the Wings emblem










Bracken’s looking to the future

Created with Nokia Smart Cam











Abbie puts her best paw forward for independence












Jack and Tia convene the first meeting of Golden Retrievers for Independence











Teddie the Pomeranian from Orkney looks forward to equality for small lady dogs in an independent Scotland










Molly and Winkie are keen members of Collies for Independence








Sonny and Beano are not Westminster’s poodles









Buzby is expecting two cat treats to celebrate a Yes vote










Chloe wants more cuddles in an independent Scotland

chloe the cat









Tommy is a founding member of Budgies for Independence, and is an enthusiastic user of social media who tweets every day.















My name is Hannah and I live with Pat & Mike Cruse in Stonehaven. I was on holiday at Ullapool the other week and was allowed in to see ‘Scotland Yet’ at the ‘Yestival’. I gave one bark ‘Yes’ at the end of the show and made most of the audience jump ‘cause they didn’t know I was there. Think they were all pleased at my response to the film though 😊

Hannah Yestival Ullapool









Kayla says: “I’ll vote yes for independence as long as you feed me.”


















Dougal the Italian Spinone is laid back about Yes














11 comments on “Indy Pet Dance

  1. JGedd says:

    Doesn’t Ginger photograph well? What a wise and dignified expression. Of course, he’s for Yes!

  2. rosa alba says:

    OK – how does one send it. Tried linking but comments not html; no attachment. Hmm

  3. Well done Paul ah think pets for Indy will take off.

  4. Eilean says:

    I`ll go along with anything that Jack the economy size rescue dug says! ;-0

  5. scotsgeoff says:

    Thank you for posting the photo of Bracken; my pride and joy.

  6. aitchbee says:

    Molly and Winky are very excited to see their picture on here – thanks for posting it 🙂

  7. Pat Cruse says:

    Hannah is chuffed to bits….so am I :0

  8. Anne says:

    Always glad to see a rescue dog in a good home.

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