No need for a Tory whitewash ‘investigation’: Johnson has to go

I had intended to take a few days off from blogging because we got some terrible news on Sunday evening, just as we were sitting down to dinner one of my husband’s relatives phoned from the USA to tell him that his sister had died suddenly of covid the night before.

Edie was my husband’s only sibling, she was only 50 years of age. She had been admitted to hospital in Connecticut on the preceding Friday but hospitals there are overwhelmed just now and she had been left lying on a trolley in a corridor for several hours. There are far more people in the USA who have refused the vaccine than here, even in states like Connecticut. In America the Republicans have shamelessly and cynically politicised measures to mitigate the pandemic and as a direct result the omicron variant is running rampant amongst the unvaccinated. In some states, especially in Trump supporting districts, less than half the population is vaccinated. Hospitals in some areas are close to breaking point, with exhausted and emotionally and physically drained staff struggling to cope with a flood of covid patients.

Feeling ill, tired, and frustrated, but unable to sleep or rest because of all the noise and clamour of an overly busy hospital rushing past her bed, Edie discharged herself so she could go home and get to her own bed where she hoped to get the sleep she was craving. She still felt very poorly on the Saturday when my husband and I spoke to her on the phone, but she assured us that she was feeling a bit better and we thought that she was on the mend.

Tragically she went to bed on Saturday evening and never woke up again. My mother in law found her dead in bed on Sunday morning. She must have passed away in her sleep sometime during the night. It’s not much of a comfort, but at least she passed away peacefully and didn’t suffer. News of her death came as a terrible and unexpected shock.

We found out later that Edie had only had one vaccination. We don’t know why. She wasn’t anti- vaccine or one of those folk who believed in covid conspiracy theories. She was just too busy living her life to get around to it. She had some other health issues and was a heavy smoker, but had it not been for this cruel virus I have no doubt that this funny, vibrant and caring woman would still be with us.

For all the talk that the omicron variant is less serious, my sister in law’s tragic death is a lesson that it is imperative that you should get both your vaccines and your booster. Wear a face covering, practice social distancing, wash your hands. Make getting your vaccines your priority. It makes no difference what else you might think is important, you won’t be able to do anything about it if you’re dead.

Please, this virus isn’t messing about, it doesn’t care about your “freedom ” to wander about Morrisons without a mask on, it doesn’t care about your beliefs in “positive energies” or “natural healing”. You have every right to your beliefs, but you don’t have the right to risk the lives of immuno-compromised people or people with underlying health conditions because you feel your “right” to wander about the supermarket unencumbered by a piece of cloth across your face is more important than other people’s right to life. That doesn’t make you an edgy champion of freedom, it just makes you a selfish git.

Don’t be so arrogant as to imagine that you know more than doctors, virologists and public health experts because you have “done your own research” which consists of reading posts on a Facebook page. Just get your vaccines,and wear a mask in indoor public spaces. The thing about “doing your own research” is that you need to have a fundamental grounding in the basics of a topic in order to be able to distinguish between the plausible and the batshit crazy. Experts are experts for a reason, because they have studied, because they have the knowledge. Listen to the real experts, the doctors, the immunologists, the virologists, the professors of public health, they are the ones who know what they are talking about, not the Neil Olivers and the conspiracy theorists of social media.

There isn’t going to be a funeral just now, because of covid running rampant and the risks of infection my husband’s family have decided to wait a few months, there will be a private cremation and sometime in late summer they will have a memorial service which I hope to be well enough to attend. We learned today that my mother in law has now tested positive for covid.  She is double vaccinated and is currently only experiencing mild symptoms, but to say that we are worried is an understatement.

Then today we see on the news yet more allegations that Boris Johnson has casually ignored the covid restrictions which his government has imposed on the rest of us by attending a garden party for 100 Downing Street staff at a time when the rest of us were barred from meeting with more than one other person.

Despite repeatedly telling Parliament that he broke no restrictions it seems clear that that is exactly what he did. There is to be an investigation, which just seems like another attempt by this pathetic mattress fire of the vanities to evade accountability, no doubt hoping he can buy time and will in due course be “cleared” by whichever sycophantic pal of his it is that is doing the “investigating” this time. Yet there is really nothing to investigate. Was he at this party or not? You don’t need a lengthy investigation to establish that simple fact. If he was there he was in breach of his own lockdown rules and he lied to Parliament. He doesn’t just need to go, If there is any justice he needs to face a court of law. Johnson has made a mockery of the sacrifices the rest of us have had to endure, and pissed all over the grief of those of us who have lost loved ones to this terrible disease.

Johnson is not responsible for the terrible loss of my sister in law, a loss we are still struggling to comprehend, but the callous indifference and chaotic incompetence of him and his government is responsible for the fact that 150,000 families across the UK are grieving like we are grieving just now. My contempt for this entitled bag of selfish hypocrisy knows no bounds.

But there is no justice in this Tory Britain where there is one law for the rich and powerful and another for the rest of us.

Sleep peacefully Edie, you will never be forgotten.

I have a physiotherapy appointment tomorrow so won’t be blogging. I will be taking the next few days to give my husband the love and support he needs at this dreadful time. I will be back on Monday.

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239 comments on “No need for a Tory whitewash ‘investigation’: Johnson has to go

  1. Chris Wands says:

    Sorry for your dad loss ❤️🙏

    • P Harvey says:

      At times like this words of sympathy are meaningless
      You are right to highlight the hypocrisy of the anti vaccine ‘experts’
      Bawris & his government’s hypocrisy is beyond compare

  2. chris wands says:

    Sorry for

  3. Joyce says:

    Deeply sorry for this huge loss. Wishing. you all strength and courage 🙏🏻❤️

  4. Molly McC says:

    Paul and Peter….I am so sorry for your loss.
    Hopefully it won’t be too many months down the road until you can all get together to celebrate her life.
    Rest and grieve and heal.

  5. Alice says:

    So sorry to hear of Peter’s sisters death ….it’s so hard ….hope your mother in law recovers soon.

    Johnson a total insult to all of us.

  6. Gregory Nunn says:

    So very sorry for the tragic loss.

  7. Janice Gale says:

    ❤️ Please look after yourselves at this very sad time. Love from Ardrishaig.

  8. grizebard says:

    Yes, my American cousin’s elderly mother-in-law caught Covid from her 90+ friend who was visited by an unvaccinated unmasked “freedom-loving” selfish moron. Happily she made it through because she was fully vaccinated, but concerning, unpleasant and entirely avoidable. (Don’t know about her friend.) It’s a wonder that someone somewhere over there hasn’t been sued yet.

    In times of war, many younger people are called up to serve in a situation where their lives are manifestly at risk, and despite the danger they do so for the sake of everyone. Fighting Covid is also a kind of war, and it’s particularly unfortunate that a fair proportion of the same section of society are still hesitating or even refusing to do their duty, where the risk to their own long-term wellbeing and even life by avoidance is way greater than the almost-infinitestimal risk (for normal healthy individuals) of getting fully vaccinated. Even in individual terms it just doesn’t make any sense.

    Meanwhile there’s new (and rightful) clamour over yet another possible aspect of the self-entitled behaviour of Boris Johnston, but almost no media attention paid to the large number of Tory MPs who evidently (increasingly!) believe that all precautions against Covid should effectively be abandoned. Now that is truly the absence of society.

  9. Mairead says:

    So sorry you are suffering right now. Thinking of you an your family X

  10. Macart says:

    Paul and Peter I’m so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. I have no words at this point. Been to too many funerals over the past two years and can both sympathise and empathise.

    On your post – The para beginning with ‘Please’ and ending with ‘selfish git’. Pretty much hits the nail on the head and well said.

    Be well folks.

  11. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Sincere condolences and best wishes to both families at this sad time. May your mother-in-law make a speedy and full recovery.

    Cofion cynnes / Warm greetings.

  12. Hamish100 says:

    So many stories like this and so sad.
    Maybe egotistical tennis players, ex US presidents and U.K. prime ministers would be empathetic but their selfishness knows no bounds.
    The ex Medical officer for Health in Scotland must wonder how she was targeted by the press after leaving Edinburgh for her holiday home, the ex snp MP currently being prosecuted by the Police whereas the Met don’t look back in time for evidence.

    It shows once again that the cautious approach by the FM is the best way, notwithstanding we could have done better still if independent.
    16 people died in the past 24 hours. We get so blasé of the numbers. Think about it. Each week we have a Piper alpha in Scotland and yet we have people promoted by the tories demanding no controls, no masks, no restraint.
    We must take control of our own affairs and I hope as the Independence campaign begins we keep cognisance of people’s loss but recognise that this cause is for our peoples future

  13. jfngw says:

    Whilst you are in mourning along with the other 379 families which we are informed today lost someone, Boris Johnson will be tonight contemplating what fantastic lie he can concoct to justify his behaviour, it will be delivered with a smirk tomorrow. Maybe he will favour the ‘great Bu’s up’ type narrative, it will be as believable as all his other lies, many of which have less credibility than a five year old when caught out.

  14. bringiton says:

    Very sorry to hear your news Paul.
    50 is too young to die.
    This is a war against a dangerous virus which is being hindered,on our side (humans),by freedom loving morons assisting it’s ability to replicate and mutate.
    Keep well.

  15. Capella says:

    What a powerful statement of the rage and grief that so many of us are feeling now. Rage at the callousness of the Boris Johnston Tory government which only cares for contracts and cronies, and grief for the thousands of lives tragically cut off too soon by this plague.

    Human life is very fragile and always has been and we need to take care of each other.

    There will be time for mourning and time for counting the cost. But for now please take time for yourself and Peter and know that we are sending virtual hugs.

  16. Devastating news, Paul.
    I know that all our thoughts are with Peter and you at this time.
    Many thousands have suffered loss over the past 22 months.
    My dear wife could not attend her mother’s funeral in Belfast.
    To a lesser degree, we could not attend two baptisms, and one of our niece’s wedding has been postponed twice already, and is rescheduled for august this year.
    My Everlovin’ and I have been in compulsory or self disciplined ‘lockdown’ since March 2020, venturing forth rarely, for groceries, my lady’s hip operation, performed miraculously by the staff at the Jubilee, where she was taken in at seven in the morning, operated on, and released the same evening at six o’clock, and recovered at home with medical support, and of course TLC from yours truly.
    We have had two Christmas dinners on our own, my son and his wife visiting but socially distancing, masked, outside. Our neighbours have followed the same regime, and even this week, I did the big shop, and all customers in the supermarket wore masks, and observed the protocol.

    The origins of the English word ‘booze’ appear to be Medieval Dutch, ‘busen’, meaning to drink excessively.
    You may recall Dross assuring us all that post Brexit we would still be able to go on a ‘booze cruise’ to Calais, which was untrue, of course, but ‘normalised’ the notion that we were a nation of ‘bozzers with the glazed eye for a bargain over in FrogLand…well, if you lived in the SE of England that is.

    The drip drip revelations of the Johnson Orgies keep coming.
    There can be no doubt that the invite to the May 2020 party was that it was expected to be a right piss up.
    Bring your own booze.
    In several dictionaries into which I dipped, booze is defined as strong liquor, like whisky, vodka, rum, brandy and so on.
    The message could not be clearer.
    Tonight we are gonna get rubber.
    Johnson as Louis XVI, Carrie as Marie Antoinette.
    Downing Street as the Brit Versailles.
    Let them eat brie..

    It is clear that they are out to get him, at long last.
    Baroness Rape Clause is everywhere, shocked and horrified that all this partying was going on. Aye, right.
    Dross was on Distorting Scotland too, his puffy face red with rage (aye,right) demanding Johnson’s head on a pikestaff.
    Dross who declared earlier that the success of the Covid strategy in Scotland was down to the UK’s successful vaccination programme and the people of scotland, not the Holyrood Government, not the hospitals, GP’s, ambulance drivers, care workers, teachers. police, emergency services…It was ‘the UK’s’ vaccination programme spearheaded by his glorious leader Boris J..oh, wait…
    Alister Jack was nowhere to be seen.
    Nor were Bowie, Mundell, Pasta Shapes Duguid, Lamont
    I look forward to picking them out on the packed Government benches tomorrow as they cheer on their Blessed Leader at PMQ.

    Again, Paul, our thoughts are with you and yours at this time.
    Take care of each other.

  17. scotiahazel says:

    Condolences to you and Peter during this very sad time. I hope your mother-in-law makes a speedy recovery Paul.

  18. I am so very sorry for your loss, Paul, and my thoughts are with you both.

  19. Eilidh says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Peter and Paul. I know from what has happened to friends and family that Covid is far more dangerous than many people understand and sadly we have lost too many to this horrible illness whilst others face a difficult recovery from it. As for Bojo and friends behaviour re Downing St parties etc – they really are an entitled bunch of scumbags

  20. poppers4272 says:

    So sorry for you and your husband’s loss and my thoughts are with you both.

  21. Tatu3 says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, and my thoughts are with you and Peter.

  22. Iain says:

    Very sorry to hear you are both having to go through the same as so many other families, only to have your grief trashed by sociopaths.

  23. Hamish100 says:

    I think the false anger from Dame Davidson and Ross as they jointly get together (sponsored by Davidson’s previous employer) is more about the realisation that Unionism in Scotland could be in its partial deaththrows.
    Now we have Call Kaye subliminal promoting Davidson as the next PM.
    Kate Williams -who is she, states she is a tory and “we” ( Celtic nations ) despite more stringent controls are not any better in dealing with it. Not challenged. Maybe coincidence so far 4 English speakers in a row. 3 appear to pro Brexit and anti covid controls.

  24. Rob Grant says:

    Hi Paul. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for your post though about the anti vaccers it puts my own views and feelings about them across very well. Unfortunatly I live with one and though i respect his opinion we agree to differ on this covid matter. Having recovered from covid pneumonia itself I have been very vocal with the doctors since to be allowed any vaccine and will continue to push them for it. In my opinion these anti vaccers dont know how lucky they are to have the opportunity to get some protection. Anyway take care Paul & family.

  25. Sorry to hear your sad news, my condolences to both you and Peter.

  26. Margaret Lear says:

    My heart goes out to you both. And you are spot on in your comments. Take care of each other and hope your mother in law makes a full recovery x

  27. Please accept my condolences Paul. It really brings things home when someone in your own family is affected, and when something like what you describe happens in such an out of the blue way, it really does hit you hard.

    It also, as you describe, highlights how callous the UK government when it talks of ‘bodies piling high’, laughing in the face of those who have lost loved ones, couldn’t visit them in their final hours etc… as No. 10 held (potential) super spreader knees ups. They revolt me.

    Somehow my extended family managed to avoid covid until now (by luck, helped I’m sure by following the rules that Tories are only too happy to ignore). One of my nephews in France has now tested positive, but thankfully seems well.

    Still, covid aside, recent indy headlines give us cause to look forward with optimism.

    Nicola Sturgeon: I’ll do everything in my power to hold indyref2 in 2023

    Indyref2: Nicola Sturgeon is not backtracking on plans, says Dennis Canavan

    I have to say I trust Dennis Canavan – a man of principle ready to put himself to the electorate after ‘defecting’ due to not being selected as a new Labour candidate – much more than I do those who don’t have the gumption to do the same.

  28. Capella says:

    The National highlights a theft of our resources, one among many, which the MSM usually ignores. We have the highest charges in Europe to feed electricity into the grid while producers in the south of England are paid to do this. Time to publicise this blatant theft.

    Transmission charges: Tories accused of ‘Great Scottish Renewables Robbery’
    blockquote>ENERGY generators in Scotland will be forced to pay £465 million in transmission charges by 2026 while those in England and Wales will get a £30m subsidy, new figures reveal.

  29. Capella says:

    “Humza Yousaf: Living with Covid in Scotland does not mean abandoning the vulnerable”

    VULNERABLE people will not be abandoned by the Scottish Government if Scotland tries “living with Covid”, Humza Yousaf has said.

    The Health Secretary insisted the proposed changes to further reduce restrictions and measures introduced to suppress the spread of coronavirus were not “simply throwing caution to the wind”.

  30. dakk says:

    Sorry for your loss Paul.

    Sad times for many with this blight out there and no certain conclusion.

  31. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Sorry for your loss.

  32. Dr Jim says:

    As the media play their games over Baron Boris Johnsons lies or not to lies by whipping up the electorate into as much frenzy as they can in an attempt to convince them that what they think might actually count in all of this it should be remembered that in UK politics what the electorate think about anything is of little consequence, because if it were Baron Boris would’ve been gone five minutes after he was crowned King of Tory Britain

    No, what matters in politics is can his party continue to see him as a winner or not, whether he zips around on a wire with clown shoes on or laughs as he lies in peoples faces is of no importance to the Tory party, all they have to decide is do they win or lose with Baron Boris and that’s it

    We live in the British isles folks where the notion of democracy has never been invented let alone followed, and it couldn’t be because you can’t go around conquering the world and committing the acts of terror and murder that the so called *British* have done for hundreds of years pretending to be in the name of a Monarch one minute then democracy the next if you actually had any consideration for such things as democracy

    The only party the UK government is interested in is their own political party and how it’s perceived as winning the next general election and how they can ensure that that happens, *party? what party? we don’t care about no steenkin party we’re English and born to rule over you people because we designed it that way and that’s how it’ll stay* is what they believe

    They’ll say and do what looks like the acceptable PC behaviour to adopt, sufficient to get away with, then they’ll move on and make sure the next party is slightly more discreet because of the annoyance at being outed by a media who knew it had all happened anyway but saved it all up for the right moment to drip feed it out to an unsuspecting electorate convincing them that they, the media are just now discovering all these terrible things on our behalf and aren’t they outraged for us all

    The media in Britain are every single bit as much to blame as Baron Boris and his chums, but don’t worry they’ll still be here to manipulate you long after he’s gone and the next Prime Minister is installed in number ten Downing street whether Tory or Labour but guess what Scotland and Wales your votes won’t count in that procedure anyway and haven’t for over 60 years

    England decides who will con the Arse out of Scotland and Wales because that’s how democracy is designed in this Benighted Kingdom of England and the rest of us

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      “The only party the UK government is interested in is their own political party”

      Aye same goes for Tories in Scotland…..Adam Tomkins suggesting that Scottish (in name only) Tories should seek to be ‘independent’ aka ‘separatists’ from HQ Tory party is a red herring.

      The same Adam Tomkins , when a MSP, and the same Scottish (in name only) Tories who have supported and defended Tory HQ and very much promoted their actions and policies , including failed Brexit policy for whole UK and also their failed handling of Covid within England, throughout their , HQ’s, term as the UK Gov.,

      Tomkins confirming and proving just how duplicitous the Scottish (in name only) Tories are within Holyrood…..where historically and currently they, the Tories in Scotland, have been cheer leaders for HQ and only now when their position is precarious politically via supposed fall out , via recent exposures, do people like Tomkins seek , via a non starter suggestion , that they distance themselves in order to be absolved from any blame or complicity….when the opposite is and has always been the case.

      Perhaps Tomkins is not as clever , via this suggestion, as he thinks he is being……as if one looks at it logically he is endorsing OUR point that Tory HQ aka UK Government is but one example of what is rotten and dysfunctional within HIS Union of unequals ruled by HIS political party.

      DRoss , Bowie, Lamont, Duguid, Jack, Mundell, all Scottish ( in name only) Tory MSP’s, Tory MP’s Tory councillors, Tories in HOL’s …and indeed one Adam Tomkins….all at some point supported, defended, voted for and applauded Tory HQ policies and bills under the leadership of one Boris Johnson the serial liar and self serving Tory PM…….no kudos or exemption from blame or responsibility should be afforded to any of them ……..their individual previous silence on all of the corruption associated with their party speaks volumes to their supposed current statements condemning their PM………. and that also very much goes for one of the other self serving liars Baroness Davidson who sits pretty, unable to voted out of her current place on the gravy train aka HOL’s, only the sycophants and defenders of the Union believe the credibility and honesty of her recent media outburst…….the rest of us , via our integrity and intelligence, know exactly what SHE is all about……..Never trust a Tory…..especially one the media has constructed as a supposed ‘Good one’…… such thing.

  33. Hamish100 says:

    Came across this involving Sir Ian Wood in 2014 re oil.

    Based on his predictions we have 8 years reserves in oil. Funny that Westminster Labour want a windfall tax. They are like locusts.

    Personally, measured extraction is still necessary for such things as plastics and other commodities which we will continue to need. Westminster just takes as does some knights of the realm.

  34. Capella says:

    This should be the link for PMQs today if anyone wants to watch the Liar in Chief make a full and sincere apology for partying while others died of Covid before he resigns. Aye right.
    Starts at 12 noon.

  35. Old Pete says:

    BoJo surely should be called Teflon man as nothing, nothing seems to force him too go.

    • Capella says:

      An apt title. Teflon is highly toxic. Most of us will have it in our bodies and can’t expel it. Dupont chemical company knew this but – hey – profits are profits. It’s the toxic Tory way.
      Good film on Netflix “Dark Waters” tells the story. Trailer.

  36. jfngw says:

    There is no prospect that Boris Johnson will resign, he never believes he makes any errors, he has no morals so cannot be embarrassed about anything. He will make up some story and think we are fool enough to believe it, if not then he doesn’t care anyway.

    If he was caught rogering one of his staff on the kitchen table he would probably claim he didn’t notice the naked person sprawled across the table and was merely stretching over the table to grab a glass of bubbly when an unfortunate event occurred. Sounds ludicrous but is it any more so than what he normally comes up with (I was at the party but didn’t realise it was a party in my garden).

    • jfngw says:

      Just to add for all those who cancelled their weddings, couldn’t attend funerals, if only you had known these could go ahead at your workplace, as long as you invited the boss.

      • Hamish100 says:

        I did think Starmer missed an open goal as to the work excuse.

        If at work The rules were 2 m distancing, no girlfriend to accompany at work, no alcohol.

        An FOI request for their CoVID health and safety risk assessment should be interesting as that should confirm the numbers of people who should be working in the building at any one time.

    • We have a huge enclosed area with grass and trees next to our office. The site of many a BBQ with colleagues.

      I had no idea 100 of us could all meet up there for a drunken party during full lockdown! We were/are keyworkers too (higher education), and were on a ‘war footing’ trying to keep the place going at the time.

  37. davetewart says:

    The Dugdale defense, He honestly believes it was a work event, BYOB.

  38. wm says:

    Sorry about your sad news Paul, it seems that you and Peter have had more than most recently.

  39. Marybel Tracey says:

    When someone you love and care for dies it is so final. It brings a host of memories and sadness too . Covid has made life so uncertain and the certainty of life becomes less sure.

    One thing I am sure of is the dishonesty of BJ and in truth most conservatives. His arrogance like that of Trump and Novak Djokovic and others too is mind blowing. My hope is someone calls him for the liar he is. Novak gets knocked out in the first round by a young talented bravura. Novak gets his charm from his mother I do declare. If I was his mum I would tell him to be vaccinated follow the rules and be a nicer less arrogant person. As to the other shower of people I don’t like I can only live in hope for rightful justice.

  40. Capella says:

    While we wait for Sue Gray to advise us on the legality or otherwise of Boris Johnston’s parties during lockdown – how difficult can that be? this profile of Sue Gray by Newsnight political editor Chris Cook from 2015 is an eyeopener.

    “The most powerful person you’ve never heard of”

    So Stephen Parkinson, a special adviser at the Home Office, wrote to her for confirmation of the rules. This put Ms Gray in a bind: replying would reveal that either she had wrongly failed to enforce the code against other advisers or she had – in secret – abolished the code. Neither would be helpful to ministers. So she did not answer. On seven occasions.
    As a consequence, Mr Parkinson (and Nick Timothy, then his colleague) refused to campaign and they stuck by the rules. They are now barred from being Tory parliamentary candidates for having failed to do their part for the party. They are paying a price for Ms Gray’s apparent refusal to make a ruling on a core “ethics and propriety” issue.

    Even when a document trail exists, Ms Gray is enthusiastic about keeping it a secret. We know that she advised special advisers on how to destroy email (by “double-deletion”) to thwart FOIA requesters. She did not advise them on the requirements of the code on public record-keeping. We also know, via the Freedom of Information Act, that she kept no log of why, how or when she destroys documents (contrary to that guidance).

  41. I see Dennis Canavan is now under attack elsewhere. Sadly it was only a matter of time.

    This would be the Dennis Canavan who, after being deselected by New Labour for not being Tory enough, defected and stood for election as an independent, winning handsomely; 55.7 percent of the vote, with the biggest majority in Scotland at the time. A man of the people given a huge mandate by his constituents.

    Kenny MacAskill and Neale Hanvey; do you have the same honour as Canavan? If you did, I imagine Alba would be polling notably higher.

    • Dr Jim says:

      If you refuse to join up with the Alba ists then you’re evil and a *Sturgeonite* or some other of the abusive names they love to invent

      From the teachings of the Stuart Campbell school of *how to abuse in politics*

  42. Welsh_Siôn says:

    This one for NMRN.

    Scottish (in Name Only) Tories = SNOT

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Ha Ha brilliant WS……also known as SNOTTERS rhymes with ROTTERS…..additional TERS via SNOTTERS is….. Tories Evil Rotten Scoundrels………if the shoe fits…or in this case the acronym fits….Ha Ha

    • AAD says:

      Otherwise known as Scottish Conservative & Unionist Mps (and MSPs_) – S.C.U.M for short.

  43. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I see the news is now being dominated by the news on the Duke of York where the US Judge has dismissed his lawyers case against the civil trial being pursued……

    Cue for some Tory politician to say we should go to war with USA…Ha Ha…just like Michael Howard said about Spain re Gibraltar…… money would be on Territorial army toy soldier Mark Francois or Michael ‘is it a wig’ Fabricant……perhaps even Desmond ‘swanky’ Swayne….a Dandy as in comic (figure) not as in what he would like us to believe he is… as in the formal definition of the word ‘Dandy’.

    Seems to be the consensus is a financial settlement being offered as the likely outcome….obvs with proviso that the young lady and those associated with her, do not, in the future, release any details of sexual allegations……also I am sure that his, the Duke’s, reason for settlement will be …as it is the Queen’s platinum jubilee year and celebration he, the Duke, will state settled to not cause further distress to his mother at such a time……only sycophants will promote that theory as true.

    Also watch out for political and ordinary royal sycophants efforts to try and distance the Queen from this, the same queen who the morning after the news of this American lady taking the Duke to court, via a civil case, emerged in the UK media….that same Queen showed her support and solidarity with her son by having him accompany her to church…..a strong message indeed….the start of the royal wagons circling around one of their own……where as the REAL victim , the American lady, becomes the accused……etc etc

    The other point obvs is that this news deflects attention away from Boris Johnson’s Partygate BUT it most certainly does not mean, as news, that it is now obsolete as a major scandal that should still be focused upon……indeed for Scotland it reinforces the point that the institution of the monarchy and their support for this (non) Union is as corrupt as the political forces that govern via WM with BTW very much the assent of the monarch….. as in currently…the Queen…………..Andy’s mother.

    Eyes need to opened and wool removed from eyes to see what this Union politically and via royalty represents for citizens and subjects who live in Scotland……where those with social status are not subjected to the same rules and conditions as us mere mortals aka ordinary people…….where one , if a royal, can be excused from criminal charges and when facing civil charges regarding a sexual assault of a young woman via grooming is then given an option to settle financially to be saved from the embarrassment of details being disclosed and also having to potentially commit perjury to save ONE’S own skin and that of the institution you are part of (also ultimately being found GUILTY of accusation…big no no in royal life)………politically those in power are also not expected to suffer the consequences of rules, that they imposed, and that they subsequently broke……to save their own political skin and the institution of the parliament they supposedly serve in as MP’s and indeed as PM……while us mere mortals aka ordinary people must adhere to these same rules or suffer the consequences via fines or jail…………….so who IS the REAL victims here and who are the REAL culprits…well that is for THEM, together with the media, to decide is it not.

    Cue Jeremy Vine show tomorrow…..where those of low IQ will do their best for queen and country ….one could write the script…….as tis a repeat and thus utterly depressing…..but a reality of being part of a so called UK where individuals aka citizens/subjects with nothing…… will do everything it seems to help those seemingly exceptional individuals who have everything…by excusing their behaviour in order to aid and enable those exceptional individuals ….individuals who have everything via power, status and wealth…. to evade and be exempt from the same justice that ordinary citizens must be subjected to…………if you write a script about that scenario it would be , if honest, under the genre of fantasy…..but actually as a reality is is factual……….and it seems in endorsing this exceptionalism for those with status, power and wealth that some of these ordinary citizens/subjects are doing it deliberately too……..just a note to Aliens not ALL humans are moronic subservient brainless sycophants some of us are the opposite …..say this in anticipation of any proposed invasion on assumption by you that Earth Girls (and boys) are Easy…..

    Seems to me the Union and indeed the monarchy are orchestrating their own demise via their own actions and indeed their assumed exceptionalism……….the secret for ordinary citizens/subjects is to wake up and realise the truth behind the myth that exists …..easy if you are more selective on who you believe and what you watch and read……brainwashing does not wash out your brain ,as in cleansing it but it does instead I believe infect it very badly with impure and immoral thoughts.

    Indy 2 please……a no brainer surely….it’ll all come out in the wash.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      I see the Tv Journalists are all promoting DRoss saying Boris Johnson should resign…..thus promoting DRoss, like the Baroness, as somehow exceptional , within the Tory party…where as truth is they are on another damage limitation exercise desperate to avoid and suffer the consequences of the inevitable fall out resulting from THEIR political party i.e. Tories….as in the same political party that they want us, the voters, to vote for in elections, the one THEY support and endorse via their draconian policies and broken manifesto pledges and Brexit promises……

      I believe this is what is called as political posturing Union style……..get with the programme there is a Union to be saved……all Tory hands on deck aided by the sub division as in the media…..forget credibility or sincerity this is not a drill…the Union is at risk peeps…..the Tories in Scotland need to be seen to rebel or we and the Union will suffer the consequences… there no one who will save the Union……..aarrggghhh…..God Save The Queen someone ……Rule Britannia……..Oil or lack of and worthless…..Obi Wan kenobi you’re our only hope…..has anyone got Darth Vader’s Galactic telephone number as I believe Murdo Fraser wants it…….pronto

      WE SEE YOU media and Scottish (in name only) Tories……..the Union (non one) is,it appears, akin to the character Gollum’s “my Precious” ………….ring a ding ding….BUT not my ding a ling ling but THEIR ring a dinga ling dong……see when your up against the Union it can drive you mad…..say drive you mad….it seems I’m already there….that’s their fault so it is.

  44. Scotland Aye says:

    Condolences to you, your husband and extended family.

  45. Quite a treble today. Johnson, Andrew and Djokovic.
    The filthy Rich elite having to bide by the rules of the Common Herd.
    It’s the end of civilisation, I tell you.
    Let’s hope that Lizzie Saxe Coburg held on to the lease on the farm deep in the South African veldt where Lord Lucan spent his wilderness years.
    Andrew can have as many ‘ordinary shooting week ends’ as he likes there.
    Johnson is toast. I look forward to Dross’ letter demanding his resignation.

    Stephen Barclay was on the front bench, heavily masked near the exit.
    B-Lister Jack was the only Jock Tory who turned up, under orders no doubt.
    Apparently it was the Great Tennis Champion’s hired help who made a mistake on his Australian immigration form…
    and Boris thought that it was a staff meeting..
    They are falling like nine pins.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Soon, Jack, soon.

      Scottish Tory leader says Boris Johnson should resign after PM admits attending No 10 lockdown party – live

      In his pooled TV interview Douglas Ross, the Scottish Tory leader, stressed that he was speaking as an individual MP, not on behalf of the entire Scottish party. But he said other MPs shared his concerns. He said:

      This is a position I have taken as an individual MP and MSP. I know speaking to colleagues here in the Scottish parliament and the UK parliament there’s significant unrest and concern about the actions that took place in Downing Street on 20 May 2020.

      Ross said the 20 May gathering clearly was a party.

      The evidence is clear. People were invited to bring their own booze, to enjoy the garden in Downing Street and that is by any definition a party, a gathering that wasn’t allowed and therefore the prime minister broke his own rules.

      Ross also said it was up to the prime minister how quickly he stood down and it was up to other MPs whether they pressed for a motion of no confidence in him. He said:

      I think we have seen across the house some pretty quite galling stories of how people were affected either themselves or their constituents, and I think there’s a strength of feeling across the spectrum that this is a most serious issue.


      And then you have the idiot’s idiot, Simon Hart (the SoS for Western Colonies).

      Welsh Secretary still ‘trusts’ Boris Johnson despite lockdown party allegations

      12 Jan 2022 3 minute Read

      The Westminster-appointed Welsh Secretary has said he still trusts Boris Johnson despite allegations surrounding lockdown rule-breaking party in Downing Street.


  46. Looks like the centrepiece of this year’s great British jubilee celebrations will be the Prince Andrew trial.

    Talk aboot rainin oan yer parade!

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Pedant’s Corner.

      Resident proof reader makes typo alert.

      *reigning on your parade.


      You’re right of course, but I wanted to make the pun in regards of the Monarch … 🙂

  47. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Latest from Sevvy @ the Guardian:

    “Soon after Ross called for Johnson to resign on Wednesday afternoon, MSPs Jackson Carlaw, Ross’s predecessor as Scottish leader, Murdo Fraser, Tess White, Russell Findlay, Liz Smith, Craig Hoy and Douglas Lumsden all publicly supported him.”

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Is that the same Jackson Carlaw who ,when leader of SNOT’S pre COP26, in 2019 I think , stood beside Boris Johnson ,when Johnson was in Scotland , and laughed his head off at Johnson stating that the FM would not be allowed anywhere near COP26…..THAT Jackson Carlaw !

      As in Jackson ‘didnae resign was pushed out ‘ Carlaw as he is formally known….by me that is….Ha Ha.

  48. Welsh_Siôn says:

    There’s been a Truthtervention.

    6m ago

    Ruth Davidson backs call for Johnson’s resignation

    Ruth Davidson, the former Scottish Conservative leader, has said that Douglas Ross, the current one, was right to call for Boris Johnson’s resignation.

    Quelle surprise !

    • James Mills says:

      There’s ungrateful for you ! No sooner does Boris Johnson elevate her to the HoL with her pick of countless sinecures on the strength of her title than she stabs him in the back !

      Oh dear , Truthie ! Have you lost sight of the cynical , lack of ethics that have been your trademark for years ?
      Ooops ! Sorry ! This is Truthie DISPLAYING her lack of ethics .

  49. Marc says:

    Can’t see Johnson going anywhere any time soon. He wont resign and the contenders to replace him won’t want to make their move yet. They will keep him on to be the scapegoat for bad results in the locals in the spring then get rid of him. By the time the leadership contest is over it will be the summer and the recess and by the autumn come inflation will of peaked and GDP will be back above pre-pandemic levels as well as (hopefully) Covid being well on the waine. It will mean that they have a much easier start to their time as PM than if they took over in the next couple of months

  50. I broadly agree on the suggestions that Johnson may hold on for a while yet. He is the ‘British Trump’ in very many ways. I can’t see him having the honour to resign while he can still milk the system, and so will need to be taken out, which aye, is probably not going to happen until he takes the fall for the local elections. The knives are being sharpened, but the stabbing is probably a while away yet.

    As for GDP… a return to pre-pandemic levels just might be possible in Scotland and N. Ireland as these are not undergoing mass emigration, at least for now. Also, in Scotland, high oil and gas prices are going to make GDP look pretty good going forward, while N. Ireland is enjoying the benefits of still being half inside the EU, with it’s economy rapidly ‘exiting the UK’ to become more closely tied with the EU/Ireland. A ‘hard border’ boom due to the new border down the Irish sea.

    However, the basics say that’s impossible for the UK if the pattern of mass emigration – notably of younger skilled workers – continues at the current pace.

    GDP = how much the working population are producing, particularly in a country where natural resource exploitation is a relatively small proportion of production. Significantly reduce the population, particularly the working population, and GDP will almost invariably fall. If the UK has lost e.g. 1% of the population, then GDP is going to be 1% less too based on the same level of production per person. Never in the history of man has net mass emigration coincided with an economic boom. That’s before we add in the mountain of red tape brexit has created.

    UK GDP growth slowed as brexit developed and there was even a contraction in the final quarter of 2019 as the final end of free movement approached. This had not happened since the ‘almost double dip recession’ of 2012. It matched net migration falling to zero then turning to net emigration with the final end of free movement.

    Currently GDP is ~1.5% below pre-pandemic levels, which would agree with the upper estimates of workforce loss. And the workforce is continuing to depart in to the tune of thousands per week based on conservative estimates.

    • Marc says:

      For sure the effects of Brexit are slowing down the UKs recovery. Hence it’s lagging behind other countries in how close it is to reaching post-pandemic levels compared to other countries.

      Of course, the economy is still growing (from being 8.7% behind pre-pandemic levels at the end of Q1 2021 to 1.5% behind pre-pandemic levels at the end of Q3 2021 as you mention).

      Growth is forecast to be between 3.0% and 4.9% in 2022; with post-pandemic levels being exceeded by the end of the second quarter – hence Boris replacement will want to bide his time!

    • I hope so as Scotland is still part of the UK for now. I take economic predictions with pinch of salt given their very low accuracy. Life is too unpredictable!

      All we can be fairly sure of is that if current mass emigration continues, then the UK economy will shrink with it in response. The two have always gone hand in hand since the dawn of time. It’s just not possible to increase GDP while those doing the producing are leaving en masse.

      If the UK government wants to get the economy going again, they need to make the UK an attractive place to live and work like it generally was pre-brexit. This would result in net immigration and economic growth associated with that, so making people better off overall.

      That or they need to get the working population to at least stabilise while redistributing wealth with much higher taxes on the rich. The economy needs to generate new wealth, or it needs to generate the same but redistribute it from those who have excess to give everyone a fairer share, otherwise, we all stay where we are, or get poorer.

      But either way, if folk are getting up leaving in huge numbers, it’s very, very bad news economically, and all the data say that’s what’s underway, and has been since free movement ended. This worries me a lot.

  51. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I’ve just witnessed a lesson on STV of when NOT to have a party political broadcast as the Scottish (in name only) Conservative and Unionist party….as timing is everything…indeed Now is most deffo not the time to promote your party, which as a party , is currently mired in so much ….I mean so very very much controversy…..and very much negative associations to be linked with……

    Throwing money doon the drain springs to mind……though I am sure they themselves will see this just now as a follow up exercise to the damage limitation exercise that they have been trying to force upon us in their collective faux outrage not faux outrage against their leader Boris Johnson.

    Brass neck…..nae shame…..nae chance losers…once again strike the WRONG note at the WRONG time to the WRONG people…………..

    Will yae be havin some Brasso wae yir tea Dross………as yir neck looks like it needs polishing again.

    The political acumen of DRoss and the other SNOT’s does not just appear to be JUST lacking it is non existent ……who advises them ?…………..answers via Viz please.

    BTW if you didnae watch it…just so you know….here’s a summation…. it’s the SNP who are the baddies no the Tories…the SNP have destroyed everything and the Tories will make it all better….vote tory to stop the badness as Tories are the bestest of the bestest …….SNPBAD on steroids………God save the Tories and not the FM who is a devil in disguise or as we like to say a separatist……

    Join the Tory PARTY cause we the Tories want you to be part of our (garden) PARTY…….we like our PARTY us Tories….PARTY PARTY PARTY…….join us and vote for our PARTY…..join the PARTY…….as we, the Tories know all about PARTIES and know how to run a PARTY …so think Tory think PARTY….work for us the Tory PARTY…it’s not like work it’s more like a PARTY etc etc etc to infinity and beyond……..PARTY on….

    • JoMax says:

      This deluge of faux outrage breaking out among ‘Scottish’ Tories is quite amazing for its … what’s the word …. flummery. They must have thought long and hard about what they were going to say, or maybe not. The latter I presume.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Did you know that ‘flummery’ derives from Welsh ‘llymru’ (‘a peasant food made from oatmeal water, sour buttermilk and then boiled’?)

        ‘llymru’ (HLUHM-ree) rhymes with ‘Cymru’ (KUM-ree).


  52. Rosie Ferguson says:

    my deepest and heartfelt condolences to your husband and you at the sad and sudden loss of his sister May she rest in peace.

  53. Dr Jim says:

    While they were telling us how rubbish Scotlands *Nationalist* government are the Tories PPB featured some Tories posing in front of the SNP built Queensferry crossing that the Tories voted against

    Maybe they forgot

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      ” Posing in front of the SNP built Queensferry crossing”

      Probably hoping that some uninformed voters might assume it was a UK Govt initiative using money from the UK Govt (that includes OUR money obvs).

      You know being serious it was an absolute disgrace to have a party political broadcast on this particular day…a day when the media are going to extreme lengths to highlight that DRoss (a Scottish minion compared to English PM according to Michael Gove today) has called for Boris Johnson to resign….as if he, DRoss, has gumption and morals.

      I assume this is the same media who do not know or even care about DRoss being so insensitive and tactical that he chooses to have this PPB transmitted in Scotland tonight of all nights on the back of a apology not an apology from his HQ leader in HOC’s today………how very mercenary and self serving of him………and his HQ leader too.

      Does DRoss not seem to care that the whole point of this disgraceful incident (one of many) is not, via his supposed call for the PM’s resignation to be an end to this matter, but the fact that thousands of people have lost someone close to them who they, because of rules set by his party for England, could NOT be with their loved ones at their time of death or throughout their time in hospital before they died…… and indeed the impact on funerals with only close members of the family able to attend…………also those in Care homes were unable to be visited by loved ones and so felt isolated from their loved ones………..this is NOT a tick the box and get rid of Boris exercise and them move on to the next leader ……..this has impacted people who feel , quite rightly, that they as citizens are not deemed important or worth consideration by their so called UK Govt…….and these people have suffered greatly during this pandemic ….so playing politics via grandstanding and promoting one’s political party via a badly timed and inappropriate PPB will not give comfort or reassurance to many, if any, of these people in their time of grief and tragic loss.

      A PPB by the Scottish ( in name only) Tories tonight shows that the branch office has the same amount of tact, sensitivity and compassion for people who have suffered as HQ does….i.e. NONE.

      For DRoss to try and win votes and tactically exploit his position via the undeserved current media prominence he is receiving via something he , as a Tory, should have done a long long time ago i.e. get his HQ leader to resign ……speaks volumes as to his, DRoss’s, true character and ambitious goals…instead DRoss and his other 5 colleagues have behaved like the obedient Tories that they all are and they have all kept quiet , defended and supported both their leader and HQ hence the mess everything is in……Tory party before country it’s the Tory way…both sides of the border…actually on all sides of the BORDER….when one includes Welsh Tories in Wales too.
      Never vote Tory EVER………….

  54. Hamish100 says:

    I think Scot goes potty is now in no doubt.
    To attack Denis Cannavan and to refer to the FM as a traitor is heading to the gutter- again.

    While we attack the tories the opposite occurs elsewhere. I will vote in May SNP 1 & 2 possibly 3 for the green and maybe 1 other vote for an Independence leaning independent! The rest will get no votes. 5 candidates in my constituency.

  55. JoMax says:

    A Tory MP, Rachael Maclean, on being asked if BJ should resign tried to get away with saying on Politics Live today that this was all the opposition’s doing because they didn’t like having a Conservative Govt. Well, there you go. On the other hand, another Tory lady MP who had the courage to vote with Labour and the other Parties about reducing (or removing) VAT on energy bills to help people struggling with the massive increases about to hit us, has ‘had the whip removed’. She said she was doing it for her constituents, so now she’s been ‘punished’. Well, at least she understands why she was elected. She was the only Tory. The rest, including some of the Scots Tories, voted No, of course. For some reason Ross and Lamont’s names are not recorded.

    • On Newsnight, Wark interviewed Rees Mogg.
      The man is unbelievable.
      He is a cold privileged soulless toff, who declared that Douglas Ross has always been a ‘lightweight figure’, that the Sos in Scotland, Alister Union Jack is a much more important figure.
      Wark let him off the hoook of course, and gave this cold elitist time and space to praise Johnson’s lleadership to the heavens…he got the country through Covid, he let us all have Christmas parties…
      So there you have it; Dross is considered an ‘always been a lightweight by the Eton boys.

      If you have i Player, watch this farce.

      I wonder what the 31 Blue Tory MSPs think about their London Masters now?
      You are ‘lightweights’

      They are going to try and tough this out. They clearly think that this woman Gray will make it all go away.

      • Just checked; the Scotsman, Record, P&J, and Courier all somehow ‘missed’ Rees Mogg’s ‘lightweight’ Dross 31 Tory MSP’s and 5 WM Tory MPs insult on Wark’s Newsnight.
        Rees Mog considered Alister ‘Union’ Jack the only heavyweight Tory Up Here. After all, Jack is the Governor of the English Empire’s Golden Goose Colony, Brown’s ‘North Britain’
        Dross has no alternative but to resign his WM seat now, and force a Byelection up in Gove’s ‘Morayshire’.

        Iain Murray, and Sarwar’s feckless Red Tories take note.

      • I’ve said before that the English nationalist Tories have no respect for their ‘Scottish’ (north British) colleagues. They consider them subservient ‘subsidy junkies’.

        After all, Scottish indy supporters can’t be the latter, only unionists.

        I am wondering what’s going on here though. It all seems a bit coordinated to me. Scottish Tories actually standing up for themselves without London’s permission? Really? I can’t help but feel something is afoot.

        I can’t see Ross and Ruthie doing this unless they are part of a wider British Tory plan to turn on Johnson.

        Ross and Ruthie are ‘British’ Tories*, but Johnson, Mogg, Rab etc are ‘English’. Cameron was British (these backed Remain) and he battled the English Brexiters and lost. They took over and have been causing all sorts of problems for the British Tories / UK unity since. Seems the British faction are looking to try and take back control from the English nationalists. The BBC, establishment etc will back them in this as the English nationalists are the biggest threat to the UK going.

        Will be interesting to watch. The Brits know that trying to declare voting for indy in Scotland illegal will destroy the UK, ensuring a permanent Yes majority. It’s likely them behind the devo max idea, just as they came up with the vow.

        *The British Tories do have some degree of understanding and respect for the union and its multi-national make up. It’s not that they like devolution etc, but they know it was needed to hold the UK together. Major (GFA etc) was British, thatcher more English, so way more damaging.

        Remember, in England, you have people who are ‘English, not British’, ‘More English than British’ ‘Equally English and British, More British than English’ etc, just like Scottish/British here. Of course they often use the term British to mean English, likewise see the union flag as English too. GSTQ is the English anthem…

        The brexiters are English, the remainers British in England (in Scotland, the British were more leave and the Scots Remainers). The likes of Reece Mogg see Scotland as an English possession. That’s different from Cameron who saw Scotland as Scotland and England as England. His ‘EVEL’ was an attempt to pacify the English nats, as was his ‘renegotiation’ with Brussels. His S30 an attempt to do the same for the Scot nats, confident that they’d lose.

  56. Dr Jim says:

    Polling for the Tories in Scotland is at 17% according to Sir Prof Curtice

  57. Capella says:

  58. Welsh_Siôn says:

    And now Prof “It’s the Law” Tomkins wades in against the Really-Smugg:

    “Adam Tomkins


    Douglas Ross is a man of principle. I admired him when he resigned from Boris’ government over the Cummings affair, and I admire him again today. Boris must go and, if he doesn’t, Douglas must take the party in Scotland to a better place, where it can be successful.”


    Evening Standard

    Rees-Mogg ‘wrong’ to call Douglas Ross a lightweight, says former MSP

    Craig Paton 28 mins ago

  59. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Eng and Wal Daily Express vs Scot Daily Express for your attention:

    England and Wales


    • Capella says:

      But will Boris grant Douglas a S30 order? That’s the question. It would be funny if the Scottish (in name only – c NMRN) Tories declare UDI.
      Rees Mogg regards Gauleiter Alister Union Jack as the true voice of Scotland.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Scottish (in name only – c NMRN) Tories


        SNOTTERS, please. Joint copyright NMRN and W_S.

    • jfngw says:

      It wasn’t an apology, it was one of those fake ones (matches the character of him), he apologised for people being upset, not for anything he had done. In fact he doubled down that he thought it was a work event and did nothing wrong.

  60. Welsh_Siôn says:

    And in other news, active Wales and Devolution hater …:

    Tory MP facing suspension for breaking rules over apology for bullying parliamentary staff
    Alan McGuinness, political reporter 53 mins ago

    The history of Japanese tea ceremonies
    David Beckham tells Victoria to ‘come home happier’ in very cheeky note

    Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski is facing a one-day suspension from the Commons after being found to have broken the rules over an apology he gave for bullying parliamentary staff.


  61. Bob Lamont says:

    Pardon my scepticism on this particular DRoss episode, the Tories know they are toast in Scotland and are desperate for public sympathy to stem their demise.

    On the last dip in Tory support, Andrew Bowie resigned on “principle” to much amplification by the BBC in Scotland, dejavu ?
    The Beeb have been bumming up DRoss’s “honour” ad nauseum for the last few days despite being locked in his bunker, I’ve a sneaking suspicion he was rehearsing his lines….

  62. Capella says:

    The finance ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland criticise the current UK funding procedures. See if you can guess which minister represents each administration from their names: Conor Murphy, Kate Forbes and Rebecca Evans 😂

    Covid: Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland unite in cash call
    Kate Forbes says:

    The Scottish Government remains concerned that the additional funding we have received to mitigate the impact of the Omicron variant may be subject to future deductions. Without the ability to borrow, this continuing uncertainty could have a substantial damaging impact on our Covid response and our ability to support public services in Scotland.

    “More fundamentally, the situation highlights once again that it is not tenable for funding only to be triggered by public health decisions in England. A system is required that supports the decisions of each devolved administration and is not beholden to the decisions of one part of the UK.”

    From The National

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Not fair that England decides whether we can spend money say Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland governments

      13 Jan 2022 5 minute Read

      The governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have united to say that it is not fair that it is decisions in England that decide whether they have freedom to spend money on Covid and mitigate the cost of living crisis.

      The finance ministers of all three semi-autonomous governments united to put out a joint statement saying that the UK Government needed to give them more funding flexibility to tackle crises in their own nations.

      In the joint statement, Scotland’s finance minister said that it was “not tenable for funding only to be triggered by public health decisions in England” and that a system as required that was “not beholden to the decisions of one part of the UK”.


  63. Statgeek says:

    Latest YG poll (add .pdf to the end of the link data – don’t want to embed a pdf here):

    Lab 38%
    Con 28%
    Lib 13%
    Grn 7%
    SNP 5%
    Ref 4%
    Oth 5%

    Seats of:

    Lab 328 (+125; Maj. of 6)
    Con 219 (-146)
    SNP 59 (+11)
    Lib 19 (+8)
    PC 5 (+1)
    Grn 1 (-)
    Oth 1 (+1)*
    NI 18

    Scots sub-sample:

    SNP 55% 59 (+11)
    Con 18% 0 (-6)
    Lab 17% 0 (-1)
    Lib 6% 0 (-4)
    Grn 1% 0 (-)
    Ref 1% 0 (-)

    New map –

    YG data – (add .pdf at end)

    • Was just looking at that myself.

      More from the Scots subsample:

      Which of the following do you think would make the best Prime Minister?
      10% Boris Johnson
      42% Keir Starmer
      42% Not Sure
      5% Refused

      How well or badly do you think the government are doing at handling Britain’s exit from the European Union?
      18% Well
      75% Badly

      In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the European Union?
      66% Wrong to leave
      24% Right to leave
      10% Don’t know

      ‘Best PM’ in Scotland is Sir Refused of Not Sure. 🙂

      • Dr Jim says:

        Which party does the first equal favourite *Not Sure* represent

        Of course what’s funny is some folk in Scotland still think they get a say in it

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Is that Tory-free zone I see in both Cymru and Scotland on the map? 😀

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Looks like a half decent snapshot, then, especially as YG always lump Cymru with the English Midlands as a ‘region’.

        However, I guess these results are based on current seats – remember there will be a reduction in the number of seats in Cymru and Scotland come the next GE, and an increase in those in England.

        Caution, please.

  64. Nearly 3 weeks for 3 small letters to come from France

    That’s brexit for you.

    No way they UK can be competitive with such Trump wall delays to the simplest of things.

  65. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Read the last part of this SKY News report and I dare you not to laugh out loud:

    “Tory calls for Mr Johnson to quit were led by the party’s leader in Scotland, Douglas Ross, and backed by his charismatic and popular predecessor, Ruth Davidson.”

    • Statgeek says:

      Mr. Blobby was considered charismatic and popular for 5 mins. I doubt we would have poured over his political points of view. 😉

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, she is popular among English Tories. And the BBC.

      As to laughing out loud, skipping past what Moggy said about DRoss to a personally-affronted Labourite Unionist Kirsty Wark, have a listen to what he said to her and repeated in the HoC this morning in wierdly fulsome praise of the uber-nonentity that is Alister “Union” Jack…

  66. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Personally I care not a fig what lanky pencil JR Mogg thinks of lightweight DRoss,,,,,…indeed like most people on here I already knew that lightweight DRoss was ineffectual and had no power within the English dominated political party that is the Tories….his role was to obey HQ and to play the part of one who would attempt to keep the Jocks onboard with the Union AND undermine ,via constant political attacks, the SNP and FM…aided by a compliant Unionist media.

    I remember the time when there was 13 of the SNOT’s Tories elected in the previous election to 2019 and where they said they had an advantage over the SNP in that THEY as SNOT’s had the ear of various ministers in the UK Govt and thus could influence and enhance things for Scotland…….only the gullible would a) Believe that to be true AND b) Believe they would even try .

    If any journalist who is currently bigging up lightweight DRoss believes he has any real integrity and honour then I suggest they research his voting record in the HOC’s…..when they do they will then establish his TRUE position….and then determine he is NOT the champion of all that is right and good within the Tory party (as if any exists) but that his current position exists because the alternate position i.e. ignoring or defending Boris Johnson would be political suicide for him in Scotland.

    Pretty sick of the media and SNOT’s taking people in Scotland for gullible mugs…..but that is the reality we have now and indeed has always existed……

    I could not care what actions or lack of SNOT’s take… I am always cynical as to their motives and that is based on past ( and current) behaviour……..

    I only want independence for Scotland and thus refuse to play their game of pretend…… I also remember the time when lightweight DRoss supposedly resigned from his unpaid junior position in the UK Govt…….and then by chance Jackson ‘didnae resign was pushed’ Carlaw stood down and lo and behold after meeting with the Baroness at his home lightweight DRoss stood (uncontested) for the leadership of the SNOT’s to become chief SNOTTER… call me cynical but nothing is by chance with the Tories…..everything is calculated …..why ?……… save the Union uber alles.

    This senior Tories slagging lightweight DRoss , the Baroness playing up to the camera and ex Tory MSP Tompkins stating the Tories in Scotland should separate from London all seems a tad convenient considering the sh*tfest currently being played out in HQ………..I mean what IS this Union Unit headed by Gove actually doing to save their Union…….the mind boggles.

    INDYREF no distractions thank you…………

  67. Any Tory voters ‘up in Elgin’ reading this?

    Dougie ya ‘lightweight’, show some backbone.

    Time for indy.

  68. Dr Jim says:

    DRoss does have a degree in cow milking though and cows are big and heavy so y’know on the udder hand

  69. jfngw says:

    This must be putting BBC Scotland News in a quandary, do they back the Scottish Tory or will they be told by their masters to protect Johnson. What is more likely is they will aim their guns at the SNP and try and pretend nothing to see at Westminster, the Tory civil war will not be the lead (it is already no longer the main headline on the Scotland web page).

  70. Golfnut says:

    Oh how true is this.

  71. Dr Jim says:

    Remember the media are doing none of us any favours by reporting this stuff, they’ve known about all of it right from the start and told us nothing until it suited them

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Call me a conspiracy theorist, but don’t you see the timing of Laura the K’s departure as BBC Political Editor, as, shall we say, ‘interesting’?

  72. Capella says:

    Well! Douglas Ross hits the World at One news – not in person of course, but first a quote from Alister Union Jack backing Boris Johnston, then an interview with Adam Tompkins backing up DRoss then an interview with Prof Curtice saying that politics in Scotland are much more sophisticated than people (in England) think and there are Council elections coming up 😱

    I think the Titanic may have hit the iceberg. What does Captain Johnston do?

  73. Hamish100 says:

    Have a drinks party…/////

    sorry go to work who;sending a servant to find a life boat crewed by Alister Jack and Rees Mogg . He will dress as a women so he can get in.

  74. Och lol.

    Boris Johnson ‘can’t be invited’ to Scottish Conservative party conference in March

    BORIS JOHNSON is to be banned from the Scottish Tory conference in March, according to reports.

    The remarkable development comes after a war of words erupted between Conservatives at Westminster and their counterparts in Scotland after Douglas Ross called for Boris Johnson to resign.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      I thought pantomime season was finished……..

      “BORIS JOHNSON is to be banned from the Scottish Tory conference in March”….oh no he isn’t…oh yes he is……he’s (not) behind you…as in YOU DRoss ….Boris and his sidekick Mogg are definitely not behind you…never were SNOT….neither are many t’other Tories at Tory HQ…….

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Didn’t Truthless try to prevent the Ego has Landed from the SNOT Conference, too?

      Scottish Tory leader blocks Boris Johnson from party conference

      This article is more than 2 years old – 3 May 2019

      Ruth Davidson feared his appearance would turn event into a leadership hustings

      Boris Johnson has been blocked by Ruth Davidson from attending the Scottish Conservative party conference in Aberdeen this weekend.

      Scottish Tory sources said a number of potential leadership candidates had been “discouraged” from attending the event, which begins on Friday, amid concerns their appearance could distract from party leader Davidson’s return from maternity leave, insisting the decision was not personal.


  75. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    John McTernan said on GB News that the fact there has been so many changes in leadership of the Tory party at HQ it shows they are in turmoil……..mind you their branch office also have seen quite a few…off …..too.

    The same John McTernan who tried and failed to get one fundilymundily ,the former failed leader of Scottish (in name only) Labour party at Holyrood, to be victorious in the 2015 GE that saw one of the biggest defeats for Labour in Scotland where they lost all but one of their MP’s …..this defeat came after a succession of branch office managers at Holyrood for his party and also since then there has been even more changes of their branch office manager…….no sense of irony obvs….as John would probably state that very fact was different in the context of Scotland…..isn’t it always for Unionists.

    I have lost count of the number of Labour branch office managers trying to perform a miracle as in trying to get their parties to be relevant to voters in Scotland via a majority…..indeed their solution, as a Unionist party, to try and succeed where other Unionist parties have failed is in (falsely) thinking that they only need to replace the branch office manager….and in doing so THIS will be the magic formula to success in elections as opposed to changing their dominant position on upholding the Union and being against independence…. and in doing this they are preventing the democratic right of people in Scotland in being able to have a vote to decide their own future….and also the result for Labour in Scotland is that they constantly failing in all elections within Scotland….but they insist on beating themselves with this stick…..obvs HQ dictate the position they must maintain in Scotland…and the methods…or lack of….but why listen to Labour HQ as they themselves are failing in England to win elections…..the current lead they, Labour, hold in UK Polls I think will NOT be maintained when Tories reinvent themselves via a new leader at HQ…as in a ‘different’ kind of Tory.

    GB News being GB News employing British uber alles employees are of course as clueless and reluctant to challenge other BritNat minded individuals as other MSM TV channels are….and they failed to note, to McTernan, the constant changes in Scottish branch office of leaders……more than likely through lack of interest or awareness….par for the course to never expose hypocrisy in a Union uber alles BritNat….also to be clueless and disinterested in Scottish politics….unless it involves slagging the SNP.

    I also note the prominent ‘liberal’ minded remainers on Twitter e.g. Otto English, James O’Brien etc seem to be highlighting DRoss against Boris Johnson……obviously for them….. all of DRoss’s previous sins and also his support for Brexit (which they, as Remainers, have been vehemntly opposed to) is to be forgiven and forgotten……so sorry who is that they say that are the hypocrites again ?

    O’Brien retweeted a comment made by another lightweight SNOT …one Jamie Greene, with a supposed scathing message to JR Mogg……he did this , O’Brien, because like those Tories he despises he also , to save the Union, needs to promote the fake theory that some Tories are different from others….indeed did these prominent ‘liberal’ minded Remainers not laud Rory Stewart, Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry because of their position against Brexit…..these are the same three Tories who supported and voted for austerity under Cameron and Osbourne….the unspoken rule being of course is if it does not impact them directly, the ‘liberal’ minded Remainers, then forget it….and forgive it.

    Personally it’s hard to identify who are the good guys and the bad guys given their current support and kudos that they seem to be giving DRoss…………based upon all of them being clueless and lacking interest in the details and reality of politics in Scotland……….O’Brien obviously unaware of the Tweet currently doing the rounds on Twitter where in 2019 DRoss pledges his support for Boris as PM and leader of Tory party…….or would O’Brien forgive that too and expect it to be forgotten.

    Frankly I am sick of them all….just want independence and so let them all, Remainers and Leavers, just continue their fighting among themselves……it is after all THEIR business and hopefully soon will not be OUR business come independence. ……….currently THEIR future is more important than ours , or so it seems, so to change that fact we need to LEAVE them and then we can REMAIN in peace and God willing can then rejoin the EU…a real UNION.

  76. Capella says:

    From Marcus Carslaw on Twitter:
    Michael Gove, the head of the ‘union unit’ responding to Douglas Ross demanding the Prime minister resign: “my instant response is he’s in Elgin and the national Tory leader is in London”.

    They really are on a roll now 😂

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Personally… I reckon this ‘internal war’ is an orchestrated manoeuvre to remove Ross (no public cut-through) and re-install The Mooth.
      Watch this space ………

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Aye Capella

      “They really are on a roll now”………and all because DRoss would not ROLL over for Tory HQ as per….indeed as he has done time and time again in the past for HQ…….must be some kind of election coming up in Scotland soon……though it is not really defiance is it…more really the Scottish contingency against the English one……difference being now tis within same Unionist party……the SNOT’s versus HQ ROTTER’s ……suggestion please Welsh Sion for what ROTTER’s could be as an acronym for Tory HQ….Ha Ha

      News but not news….SNOT’s rebel over the bleedin obvious position to take on Covid rule breaking by PM while English people suffered and were subject to the same rules and the keeping of them …rebelled in order to save their collective ass*s in Scotland’s pre up and coming elections in their politically adopted country…aka Scotland…..while HQ in England states why are you SNOT’s not continuing to do as you are told……we are the masters not you…..we are the ROTTER’s….anymore DRoss and you will get your JOTTER’s.

    • Capella says:

      And he’s not to be invited to the SNOT’s conference in March. So I imagine Gove’s persona non grata too. That leaves A. Union Jack to represent the greater realm. They might need to book A.Burnett’s village Hall again.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Aye Capella …..Though Alister Jack IS supporting the PM… kinda leaves him out of the loop too….if SNOT’s sincerity on all of this is to be believed.

        BTW I think we may have been too hard on the lanky pencil J R Mogg…..

        He stated to Kathryn Samson re Senior SNOT lightweight’s Dross’s position on PM :

        ‘If you take the King’s shilling you are beholden to the crown.’…………you don’t say jacob !!!!

        Ooh er bought and paid for from yir English Tory masters coffers…..stand and deliver…LOYALTY to the PARTY…….as in the PARTY people…..SNOT’s must obey that’s what they are PAID to do.

        Wee joke Andrew Bowie…yes he is a wee joke….is apparently awaiting inquiry results on latest partygate thus showing his commitment to……..Andrew Bowie….and Andrew Bowie’s career path…or rather the expected but undeserved , by him , career path………..Andrew wants to be a contender…..he could have been to …..if he didnae look so much like Priti Patel’s dumber twin combined with the same snidey sneer…..shudder.

        Boris J is in isolation….in more ways than Covid contact that is……how convenient…..

        Watch out M15 are about … coincidence NOW is the TIME to solve a Chinese Spy problem apparently…..Russians are on holiday…….Chinese spies under our beds as Russian ones were evicted….for now.

        In the name o the wee man I just cannae take nae mair…..Lies and more lies……fabricate in the state….. of the Union (non)…and some state it is too…………

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Actually disregard the idea we have been too hard on Mogg….

          He said today in HOC ” The honourable thing to do was for those who hold office (DRoss) to support the leader of the party”

          Hold on a moment……….

          What of those in HIS party who generated and voted for a ‘no confidence vote’ in Theresa May when she was leader of the Tory party and the UK PM and some of these same Tories also voted against her Brexit deal ……..rules for some and rules for others…always though rules for those others who are from the lightweight Scottish division…..obvs

  77. Legerwood says:

    A wee diversion: Queen removes all of Andrew from his military roles and patronages and he can no longer use HRH.

    The Establishment not having a good week.

  78. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Anyone know anything of this – picked up on Bella?

    “… now swirling about this chaos is the news that Boris Johnson has just announced a new council – which he will chair – that will bring together devolved leaders across the UK. The move – announced today – is “designed to improve working between the nations.”

    • Capella says:

      It’s in The National WS. I first saw it on twitter and thought it was a parody account. I think we can safely say it’s doomed to failure from the get go.

      • JoMax says:

        From the National’s article ” ….. the Tory Government said the plan would help the four governments work together with the principles of “mutual respect, maintaining trust and positive working”.

        Yes, well, the First Minister of England and his cohorts and their best buddies, Labour and the LibDems, will undoubtedly learn a great deal from the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales about mutual respect, maintaining trust and positive working. But England has a long way to go to catch up I would say.

  79. Jeez, I see elsewhere ‘real indy supporters’ are attacking the SNP for calling for Johnson to resign. Aye, that’s right; ‘indy supporters’ who think the SNP should support Johnson and try to help him stay in power / get his government off the hook.

    Sorry, but this is really a dead giveaway. Come on. I dinnae button up the back.

    • Dr Jim says:

      These so called supporters of, well I’m not entirely sure what they support, seem to think their lack of understanding of politics only takes place within the confines of the internet, and what they think they want or are told what they want is the only thing that matters

      The voters of Scotland are unfortunately for this shower of clowns not as stupid as them and if the SNP did not call for Baron Boris’s resignation voters would naturally arrive at the assumption that the SNP somehow favoured the Tories being in power because it suited them politically rather than doing what’s in the best interests of Scotland

      Once again the Stuart Campbell school of the lack of understanding of politics rears its wee blue head with the Sturgeon must do this or Sturgeon must do that cries of “we have a document” “or “there’s a law that says” “we have hundreds of mandates it’s her it’s her that’s no daein anything”

      We don’t live in a democracy where pieces of paper count as facts, especially when dealing with the English government who make up and enact laws using the force of dictatorship rather than actual constitutional law, we might as well be living in the days of Cavaliers and Roundheads and the so called real supporters of this imaginary style of Independence shockingly poor advice from their leaders counts on exactly this type of stupidity when drip feeding their mob the nonsense that they do

      There are two ways for Scotland to achieve Independence and the Internet Alba squealy mob don’t understand either of them, instead of sending their money to Internet con men who’s sole intention is to live off of it and not give a toss what they have to say to get the fools to give them it so they can write more squealy ranting every other day, they might consider giving some of it to actual political parties who are doing something about Independence for Scotland and not these so called bloggers and 1% fakes who have no means or interest of actually informing or delivering anything other than their own incomes thank you very much

    • Aye. The idea that the SNP should in any way, shape or form help Boris Johnson stay in office is ridiculous. Are they really saying the SNP should e.g. vote with the Bozo Tories in a confidence vote or something? I mean whit? Only a unionist would desire that.

      SNP MPs should only ever vote on a bill by bill basis in the interests of Scotland. Johnson seems determined to try and thwart democracy, so getting him out at least might give Yes an easier ride to iref2. Would folks not prefer a pro-remain ‘British’ Cameron type with a S30 to ‘fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists’ brexiters Boris and co going to the courts?

      Anyone hoping Boris stays in power is hoping for iref2 to be blocked the 2021 Scottish election result to be overturned by that. They want Scotland in the UK to be Hong Kong in China.

      Yes has been rising steadily for over a decade now, driven by deep, fundamental forces. Bozo is a symptom of the UK’s demise, not a cause. 45% backed indy when nobody even dreamed such a pillock would be in charge. Who knows what might replace him, but it can’t really be that much worse. A

      • I somehow managed to use the keyboard to post that before finishing…

        For me, the ‘British’ Tories taking back control would not save the union. It’s way too late for that. But they at least might realise the folly of trying to do a Belarus on Scotland as Johnson and his English nats are tempted by.

      • keaton says:

        Would folks not prefer a pro-remain ‘British’ Cameron type with a S30 to ‘fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists’ brexiters Boris and co going to the courts?

        If that were the choice, you’d have a point. Which potential replacement for BJ do you see offering a S30?

        If, as seems likely, the choice is between an incompetent, lazy PM whom the media have turned against, and a competent, hard-working one with more media support, both of whom will oppose Scottish self determination, surely the former is preferable?

        • grizebard says:

          Actually, I take your point. Whatever the underlying trends, there will be people who hold out against the trend regardless. “Events” can sometimes make concrete what is otherwise too abstract for such people. And sometimes it can be the simplest, apparently most trivial thing that makes a difference, the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”. So having dangerous clowns (plural) in charge in London does have risks for democracy across the whole UK, but dismissive comments by the likes of Rees-Mogg and Gove the Cringing Toady can wake up some of these people in Scotland to a reality that the rest of us saw long ago.

          So it’s not just about BoJo. The arrogant tenor of the current English Nationalist regime as a whole does help the cause of independence, that’s clear. That’s not the same though as saying that our leadership should positively enjoy their presence, or even stop criticising BoJo’s personal misbehaviour and the wider misbehaviour that his mindset is fostering, since their decisions do have a detrimental effect in many ways on the people of Scotland while it remains part of this damned Union.

          • The arrogant tenor of the current English Nationalist regime as a whole does help the cause of independence, that’s clear

            Unfortunately, it’s a little bit more complex / fundamental. Hence why support for Yes fell from a historic high in 2020 back to baseline in 2021 under said ‘English Nationalist regime’. Because it isn’t really about them.

            This is good news as we don’t want people voting for indy then e.g. changing their minds after a few years if they like the new UK PM and don’t fancy who eventually takes over from Sturgeon. 🙂

            One of the reasons brexit is a mess is that it’s not the will of the people, and leave won narrowly on a whim / under false pretenses. It became about internal party politics, soundbites etc and not about a long term fundamental trend finally culminating in a ‘settled will of the people’ sensible decision.

            Baseline Yes in Scotland has been rising steadily and there is a whole history that brought us here stretching back to the post-war period through 3 devo/indy referendums (e.g. progressively giving more support for indy), the demise of the empire etc. When we finally say Yes, the evidence is that it will be for life, not just for Christmas.

            By contrast, I can see England back in the EEA once it loses Britain and finds itself all alone in the world.

        • I’d definitely prefer a Cameron type offering a Section 30.

          Johnson isn’t just lazy and incompetent, he’s a corrupt, English supremist [sic exceptionalist] nut-job who’s happy to see the ‘bodies piled high’ etc.

          The UK has one of the largest covid death rates in the world, and the blame for that lies at No 10. He ‘piled the bodies’ high by choice. If he’d even just locked down a bit sooner etc like ‘parish council (when it comes to covid control) Scotland, there’d be 29,000 less dead in England.

          He’s also utterly ruining the UK – and so Scottish – economy with his hard brexit. I would absolutely welcome a less incompetent UK PM who might be able to somewhat mitigate this. Would you not?

          So given the choice between a slightly more economically / covid etc competent PM still saying no to a section 30 vs Bozo saying no to one, I’d definitely opt for the former. No way I support people losing jobs or dying of covid just because I thought that might win a few more yes votes.

          Support for Scottish indy and Bozo are not linked. He’s just another symptom of the UK’s demise, not the cause of it. He’s the third PM we’ve had in the last decade and he’s had no impact on support for indy. Baseline has steadily climbed at the same rate YoY since 2011.

          Hell, if there’s a Bozo effect, then indy support was erm, down in 2021 on 2022. So how does that work? Hasn’t Bozo increased support for No over the past year?

          No, he’s naff all to do with it.

          There was a pandemic effect, just like there was a financial crisis effect that propelled the SNP to their first majority. This happens when Scots feel things are out of control and indy is perceived as a way to try and take control. When things seem to settle down, the wave retreats, but the sea level is still rising.

          If Douglas Ross was FM, I’d still support indy, wouldn’t you? Hell, if Bozo was FM of Scotland, I’d still back indy. Wouldn’t you?

          It’s not about Blair, Broon, Salmond, Cameron, May… who came and went just as Sturgeon and Bozo will. It’s far more fundamental than that. It’s only unionists that think indy is ‘cos sturgeon’ and ‘cos bozo’. Scots certainly don’t.

          Of course I agree that it’s hardly as if there are a load of better options to Bozo queued up, but anyone wanting him in power shares the blood that’s on his hands and the businesses he’s ruined etc, particularly if a Cameron type option was presented as an alternative.

          And I stick by my word that the ‘British’ Tories understand and appreciate that the way to keep Scotland in the union is to get them to vote for it. The Scots Tories are ‘British’, as were the English remainder like Cameron. Bozo isn’t British, he’s English and sees Scotland as a possession; an extension of England.

          • keaton says:

            So given the choice between a slightly more economically / covid etc competent PM still saying no to a section 30 vs Bozo saying no to one, I’d definitely opt for the former. No way I support people losing jobs or dying of covid just because I thought that might win a few more yes votes.

            That’s very noble, but you’ve rapidly shifted the goalposts from your original suggestion that Yes supporters should advocate getting rid of BJ because he may be replaced by someone more likely to offer a S30. You keep bringing up Cameron, who’s also said he wouldn’t agree to a second referendum. So which of the current contenders could you see doing so?

            • grizebard says:

              Fair point. One could even argue that it would be far better to have an isolationalist exceptionalist English nationalist in London, so that the Czechoslovak-style “velvet divorce” which Mundell always feared could be conveniently arranged with a telephone call and save us all a whole lot of bother! An English PM with such a personality would most likely be best able anyway to shrug off the reputational damage of the rift, just as with Brexit.

              But this focus on personality gets everything the wrong way round anyway. We have to first free ourselves from the mental chains we are perpetually offered by Unionist toady Glen Campbell or even C4’s Alex Thomson, that “BoJo (or whomever) will never grant an S30”. Granted, virtually nobody nowadays will be as willing as Cameron to take a gamble on lengthening odds, but that’s not the point either. Which is to first set up a referendum, force England to challenge it if they dare (and wreck their chances even further if they do), but in any case persuade London that it’s better to reach an agreement over a referendum that’s going to happen anyway than to have one without it then have an independence win place the UK in serious constitutional turmoil, in front of the whole democratic world.

              But of course to set that chain of events in motion first requires that we have a reasonable hope of winning that referendum. (While leaving enough of an uncertainty to tempt a chancer in London. {grin})

          • Anyone who wants Boris Johnson in office is a Boris Johnson supporter. This includes Alex Salmond. They might have different reasons for supporting him staying in office, but they are his supporters all the same. That’s not me.

            I don’t want any Tory PM in office, and I want the SNP to try and take down Boris, then continue in their role as opposition to his replacement… and the replacement of them, attempting take downs as needed… so long as we are stuck here. That’s the job of our SNP MPs, unless of course the Tories actually had a sensible policy that might be worth supporting on occasion… such as re-joining the EEA, although that’s into the realms of fantasy for now.

            I cannot support suggestions that the SNP should not call for Bozo to resign / should advocate him staying in office…. abstain on votes to help him stay in office… oppose a no confidence vote. Only unionists could ever contemplate such a course of action.

            I for one do not want to find myself trying explain to the families of covid victims why the SNP wants to keep the bodies piling high etc by not trying to oust Johnson. Only people who want to see the SNP damaged would think it a good idea for them to try and help bozo stay in office. That much is obvious.

            I didn’t say I wanted Cameron, I said a ‘Cameron (2012) type’, might be preferable, i.e. a British Remain Tory PM that realised the only way to save the union was to let Scots freely decide to stay, which is what he did back in 2012. And it’s irrelevant what he says now as he’s not in office and won’t be. If we must have a Tory PM, I stand by my preference for a Remain Tory PM pushing to open up trade again with the EU… reintroducing free movement. Would you seriously not want that over Bozo? No decent person should want the corrupt racist twit that Bozo is in office. It’s nothing to do with being noble.

            Sure a more moderate Tory PM looks highly unlikely, but I’d be happier with that than the s**tshow we have. I cannot believe anyone that cares about their fellow countryfolk would not want the same.

            I just cannot believe that Salmond apparently wants Bozo in office. If Alba say that on the doorsteps ahead of May they’ll be screwed again. ‘Hi, we are Alba, and we back keeping Boris at the helm’. FHS.


            • grizebard says:

              No, by focussing on personalities like this you entirely miss the point. This is not about anything as unreliable as individual personalities. See my reply upthread to keaton @ 3.24 pm.

            • Maybe we are all misunderstanding each other and I agree it’s not about personalities, as did state myself…

              It’s not about Blair, Broon, Salmond, Cameron, May… who came and went just as Sturgeon and Bozo will.

              I was just responding to suggestions elsewhere that the SNP ‘should try to keep Bozo in office’, including from Alba.

              It would absolutely be damaging to the SNP to do anything that could be seen to be helping Bozo stay in office, and I’d be horrified if they did. There’s not a shred of evidence Bozo is helping the Yes cause in any direct way. It’s like what happened with brexit; Yes fell in response to 2016 even thought Scots didn’t want brexit. Bozo has also apparently got us wanting indy less based on 2020-21 polls too. 🙂

              It’s not about him and whether he’s replaced or not, it won’t change the progress of Yes, which has marched on at the same underlying pace of regardless leader here and down there. It’s driven by other, much greater events and fundamental identity changes in the electorate that these have caused. He’s a symptom not a cause.


              Nobody will vote Yes ‘cos bozo’. As noted, if anything, he’s caused a sizeable swing to No in the past year or so if we are to believe in a ‘bozo effect’, which I guess is maybe behind the sirens wanting to keep him…

              I’m surprised even Salmond appears not to understand this. I’d have thought he’d understand Scotland better given how long he’s been on the indy scene. Some of the stuff he’s come out with recently makes him seem very detached and distant from Scotland (literally).

              Anyway, it’s easy to get into rammies on the interweb because folks misunderstand each other. I hope I’m clear, so I’ll not rattle on.

              I don’t see much options for a less damaging PM than Bozo, but the SNP should absolutely do all they can to take him down. It’s what they were elected to do.

              • grizebard says:

                I see your point. “Keeping BoZo in place” by supportive action of any kind is definitely not a good look, but is anybody really going that far? While the SNP has studiously not involved itself in solely-English affairs, the PM does affect our business as well, and the current one is a serious danger to our good governance and fundamental democracy just as much as anyone, so if the SNP in WM ever got the chance to oust BoJo, I believe they would be perfectly justified in doing so. So we seem to be in agreement about that.

                (Not that I think the SNP will get the chance any time soon, mind you.)

                But this is not necessarily the same as what is best for independence. That’s where any friction may lie. It could just possibly be that the best course for independence is not the best course for the UK as currently constituted. But one has to do the right thing as matters stand, and hope one is understood and respected for that. (Not least by those one is most trying to convert.)

                Even if some others may possibly appear to be, I’m guessing that neither of us are masochists in that regard!

  80. Alison says:

    So very sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you and your husband at such a sad and worrying time. Xx

  81. Hamish100 says:

    Drink at work is never a good thing. I refer to the U.K. government guidance
    I am sure the civil service has a policy on no drinking while at work.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      My guess it will be something like this, Hamish100:

      Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – WORKPLACE ALCOHOL POLICY


      Alcohol in the Workplace

      Alcohol should not be consumed by staff during working hours. Staff are encouraged not
      to drink during breaks as this may impair performance. It is accepted that there will be
      celebratory occasions (e.g. staff departure, Christmas) when staff will wish to drink. This
      policy seeks to ensure that this may happen but only when authorised by the appropriate
      head of department. Such occasions should be organised with respect to time of day, staff
      rotas and sensitivity to the public.

      If alcohol consumption is authorised by a head of department, organisers, or those
      responsible for an event, should ensure that non-alcohol or low alcohol drinks should be
      available, as well as alcoholic ones, and a sensible limit should be placed on the amount of
      alcohol available.

      Source: pdf

  82. Capella says:

    Boris Johnson party: Met Police won’t probe event despite PM admitting he was there – says The National

    The Metropolitan Police said it will only consider whether to launch its own investigation if Gray’s internal probe, “identifies evidence of behaviour that is potentially a criminal offence”.
    That’s despite Boris Johnson apologising for attending..

    Or “confessing” as we say in real life.

  83. Capella says:

    Met Police sued by Good Law Project over No 10 Christmas parties

    following revelations that Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie attended a party to which around 100 people were invited at the height of lockdown, the Met is being sued.

    Good Law Project wrote on Twitter: “The Met seem to be operating a two-tier system, with one rule for those in power and one rule for everyone else. Enough. We’re suing

    • JoMax says:

      And what about a certain Royal who travelled into Scotland with his retinue despite being Covid positive during the height of the lockdown? Maybe the Met are scared stiff that they will be asked to ‘investigate’ the Royals what with everything else going on.

      It’s interesting with regard to BJ that just a month previously he had been in intensive care suffering from Covid and was discharged to ‘rest’. You’d have thought that would have been enough for the man to realise the seriousness of the illness at that time and to behave accordingly and to expect and instruct his staff to do likewise. Of course, maybe it was a ‘welcome back’ party which was ‘not a party at all’. It rather proves the thoughtless, cavalier attitude these types have to everything.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        “And what about a certain Royal who travelled into Scotland with his retinue despite being Covid positive during the height of the lockdown”

        Exactly JoMax and well remembered…I forgot about HIM…..above the law too it appears…..not another one !!!!

        And same one who committed adultery but that’s all forgotten about as now seems tis only ANDREW is the rogue element disgracing the Queen like EVER in the history of royalty !

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      The MET police dropped investigation into Prince Andrew…..The MET police dropped investigation into the Tory MP , unnamed one, against Rape charge in 2020…..The MET police dropped investigation into Leave EU funding…..The MET police drop investigation into allegations on Ghislaine Maxwell And Jeffrey Epstein into claims Virginia Roberts was ‘sex-trafficked into London by both of them……The MET police have decided not to launch a probe into Tory “cash for honours” claims following a complaint from the SNP……..

      A pattern of behaviour………….why ?……what, I wonder, is it that stops them from investigating while they are headed by one DAME Cressida Dick………( the former Police Commissioner is now a ‘Baron’).

      What message are they conveying in NOT investigating those in power compared to the treatment they dish out to ordinary people …… uphold the law is their responsibility BUT with exceptions via ignoring certain individuals who it seems are clearly ABOVE the law ……and what pray do those ‘certain individuals’ exempt from investigation via the MET police have in common…power, Wealth and status……THAT’s so called British standards …..standards allowed in England it appears but NOT acceptable or allowed, via the many accusations and assertions made by Unionist parties ,against the Justice system and Police and the Scottish Govt. in Scotland.

      Think on as to what we in Scotland have to contend with and also our government…..and indeed the former SNP MP Margaret Ferrier who is now to face a trial because of what she allegedly did re Covid….no exemption for her…….irrespective of whether you think she should or should not face criminal proceedings is it not strange that she is not exempted and permitted the same privilege as those ‘others’ who seem untouchable ?…what is the distinction between her and those examples I mention in the first paragraph of my comment……BUT it was right, given the circumstances, that the SNP acted quickly in removing the whip from her when they did as she was alleged to have broken the Covid rules in travelling while allegedly aware she had received word of a positive test for Covid …..but why then is she unique in justice being served up here in Scotland while those others are exempt from the same procedure in England via an English police force i.e. the MET police….I say exempt, but those ‘others’ were/are NOT even worth an investigation ………..

      The SNOT’s are up in arms constantly in Scotland about how lax the Scottish Govt. is in upholding and enforcing the law and how they seem to have a ” soft touch justice system”…..indeed one of the SNOT’s at Holyrood, MSP Russell Findlay, spread a false allegation and stated that people accused of spiking would not be prosecuted by the Scottish police……..

      Accuse others of what YOU and those who are complicit with you (Met Police) are guilty of….and you are doing it deliberately too…..and seem to be getting away with it….time and time again.

      • Golfnut says:

        Not just tory’s though, let’s not forget th e Labour party’s great leader, Starmer as Attorney General in cahoots with special branch and the Met couldn’t find anything to prosecute Saville, friend to the Windsors and Thatcher. They are not above the law, so says the UK SP and the Inner House of the Court of Session, no office, from the crown down are above the law and the Good law project are looking to to take the Met to court though how long that will take is anyone’s guess. What’s infuriating about this whole farce regards the Met, is that they, the Met, new all about it. They can give chapter and verse on who attended, when they arrived and when they left, there’s nothing to investigate, the whole thing is in the Met files for goodness sake.

        I hope this links properly, but it is just one example of the double standards applied in the uk.

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Indeed Golfnut….well highlighted by you….Labour indeed NOT exempt…….or Lib Dems either.

      • Naina Tal says:

        NMRN: As I recall, Metropolitan Police decided not to prosecute Margaret Ferrier. Police Scotland did prosecute.
        Might be of course that the Establishment feared a backlash from “The Jocks” if a Scottish MP was charged in London whilst Dominic Cummings et al got off with offence after offence. Much better to let them sort it out “up there”?
        Or just the Met being even handed? (LMAO)

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          “Might be of course that the Establishment feared a backlash from “The Jocks” if a Scottish MP was charged in London whilst Dominic Cummings et al got off with offence after offence. Much better to let them sort it out “up there”?

          Indeed… on

          • Not-My-Real-Name says:

            Also Naina Tal…..the fact that where the “Metropolitan Police decided not to prosecute” as she travelled TO Glasgow in Scotland is why Scottish police decided to prosecute and not the Met police….but this also dispels the notion presented by SNOT’s that our Justice system and the Police under Scottish Govt. are , what they , the SNOT’s ,say, is a ” ”soft touch justice system”…….

            One assumes then that the SNOT’s feelings about the Justice and MET police force in England are that they adopt ‘selectively’ for the ‘select few’ the most ‘softest of touches in their justice system’……….where what you do in the way of criminal and corrupt activity is only investigated or punished dependant on who you are and what/who you represent re the many criminal , illegal and corrupt actions via the ‘select few’ hence why this so called, but NOT, United country is fast becoming known as a fascist state ruled by right wing fascists……………..via but ONE country controlled by WM via Unionist right wing politicians…….with t’others colluding with them ….t’others of all Unionist colours.


            Let’s also NOT forget the unelected bureaucrats in HOL and their chequered pasts and current.

            Lib Dem Lord David Steel withheld information on Cyril Smith as in did NOTHING when privy to info on Smith’s paedophile activities….via Cyril Smith himself.

            The now Labour peer Mike Watson sentenced to 16 months in prison for drunkenly setting fire to property in a hotel….expelled from Labour party then re-admitted to the Labour Party in July 2012.

            SNOT Baroness Ruth Davidson, in 2018, confirmed the former Tory candidate at the heart of a ‘dark money’ row over Brexit remains a member of her party.

            Cash for Honours via Tory donors rewarded with seat in HOL’s….i.e. Baron Malcolm Offord who also has been appointed as the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Scotland.

            Tory peer Lady/Baroness Michelle Mone links with company PPE Medpro where it emerged that she personally recommended the company to the government through its VIP fast-track lane for firms with political connections. This high priority process was set up in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to bypass the normal competitive tender process for procurement that was considered urgent. It further emerged in January 2022 that Mone recommended PPE Medpro for a government contract five days before the company had been formed….also In December 2021, a wealth manager of Indian heritage accused Mone of sending racist text messages to him after the two were involved in a 2019 yachting incident in Monaco, which resulted in the death of a person. He said that Mone called him “a waste of a man’s white skin” via text. A spokesperson for Mone said she was not racist because “Baroness Mone and her husband have built over 15 schools in Africa in the past three years”; this was followed by a message from her lawyers, who said that Mone could not access her messages and had no “detailed memory of them”. The allegations of racism were referred to the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards, but commissioners did not investigate the matter as Mone’s comments were said in a personal capacity and not in her capacity as a member of the House of Lords.

            SNOT Lord Ian Duncan, failed candidate in GE 2017 ,was formerly an MEP for Tories, was given a peerage and is now Lord Duncan of Springbank by Tories just after failed to be elected as an MP in a GE……..rewarding failure…again.

            Former Brexit supporting Brexit party MEP’s and Labour MP’s awarded peerages from Boris Johnson…….Claire Fox, Kate Hoey, Gisela Stuart…..and NOT forgetting also ‘the enemy club against Jeremy Corbyn’ from Labour who now sit pretty in HOL’s namely John Mann, Ian Austin and John Woodcock…..I may have missed some names on this list ???

            Russian Pal of Boris Johnson ,Evgeny Lebedev, a newspaper proprietor, awarded by Boris Johnson a peerage….how very British of them……friendship for honours ?

            Special mention to Labour’s Baron George Foulkes….no need for expansion on why or what his many flaws are and how, via these flaws, he acts constantly against Scotland and it’s people.

            Obvs there MUST be more to add to this list of shame that sits in HOL’s BUT this is why Scotland MUST get out of this dysfunctional and corrupt non Union that is currently constructed to diminish our country and thus also diminish OUR lives in so many ways……tis the media’s shame in Scotland that they fail , deliberately, to not constantly highlight how wrong all of this but we all know why that is , who they seek to protect, who they seek to attack, why they attack…and frankly why many of us seek information via alternate sources NOT found via the news, as per MSM, where WE are.

            Sorry for length of comment…I am past demented but still willing to keep keeping on against them all……….until Independence happens for Scotland.

            • Capella says:

              Well said NMRN. 🙂

              • Not-My-Real-Name says:


                Also worth noting Capella the SNOT’s think that prison is THE only answer to those who commit all offences in Scotland ….where as to just constantly imprison people it fails to rehabilitate them and thus they are caught in the vicious cycle of committing a crime, being imprisoned, released and then recommitting a crime…so ultimately the SNOT’s solution fails to address the root of the problem both for those who commit crimes and indeed society ………some crimes where serious, e.g. murders, do need , due to the real risks/threat from that individual to the public, a punishment in the way of imprisonment where it is found that they, as individuals , will likely reoffend again and again due to their mental state e.g. Psychopaths.

                Think how in Scotland we have dealt with knife crime via the Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit, the VRU has worked closely with partners in the NHS, education and social work and thus a Public Heath approach has been adopted here in Scotland…. and so it appears to have declined as a crime across Scotland ….not sure if England have also now adopted this as a measure to fight knife crime ????

                On the 4 January 2022 it was recorded that In 2019/20 the crime rate in Scotland was 451 crimes per 10,000 people, one of the lowest crime rates recorded in this provided time period. After peaking at 862 (per 10,000 people) in 2004/05, the crime rate in Scotland has fallen significantly, reaching a low of just 442 in 2016/17 (per 10,000 people).

                As of January 2018 police figures have shown a sharp increase in violent crime and sex offences rates over the last few years in England…..On 12 Nov 2021 it was recorded that there were just under 5.5 million crime offences recorded by the police in in England and Wales in 2020/21, which was the lowest figure recorded since 2016/17. … The trend was reversed after this point with significant yearly increases after 2013/14, leading to a peak of 6.08 million offences by 2019/20.

                Not sure how we are Better Together or Stronger Together really given the different approaches, solutions , results and initiatives we , as separate countries, have adopted but then Better Together and Stronger Together are but SLOGANS not FACTS or indeed a REALITY.

                Have a lovely evening Capella

                • Capella says:

                  Reducing crime rates is bad for business NMRN, especially in England where there are many private companies running jails.Another racket which Tory donors will be exploiting to the max.

  84. Seems there was also a big knees up with dancing etc the night before Phil’s funeral.

    Downing Street partygate worsens after staff had party before Prince Philip’s funeral

    DOWNING Street has refused to deny that its staff held a boozy party late into the night before the Queen sat alone at Prince Philip’s funeral.

    Reports said that two events were held on the same night, that one staffer was sent up the road with an empty suitcase to smuggle more alcohol in, and the merged party got so rowdy that one reveller broke a swing belonging to Wilf – the Prime Minister and Carrier Johnson’s young child.

    There was reportedly music played in the No 10 basement, and occasional dancing as a crowd of around 30 staff partied into the night.

  85. Dr Jim says:

    As if it couldn’t get any worse for Westminster the Labour party have been found to have been employing a Chinese agent inside the House of Commons, apparently an in law of Labour MP Barry Gardener

    It’s all just one big Monty python cartoon

    • I imagine there’s a decent few British agents operating in Holyrood. After all, the ‘British civil service in Scotland’ are fully paid up Whitehall employees.

      The BBC etc like to call it the ‘Scottish Civil Service’ in the same way China says ‘Hong Kong Civil Service’. 🙂

    • Capella says:

      If Scotland had a broadcasting service there would be wall to wall Tartuffe style satire poking fun at the gross antics of Westminster. How we would laugh.
      But we don’t. 😡

  86. grizebard says:

    It looks increasingly that the WM Tories are finding ways to take the heat out of the “Partygate” crisis by stalling and now even by beginning to discount in advance any findings of civil servant Sue Gray, who is hardly likely to say much more about what happened than we all already know. Tory MPs are too invested in BoJo’s leadership and he, the fake repenter, will continue to try to bluster it out as he has always done. Maybe everyone prefers to keep him in place at least until the upcoming local elections, to take any flak from those.

    But as Jonathan Powell said on the radio today, if the Tories do stand by BoJo, they then own everything he has done. And for all the distancing that DRoss and Tory MSPs here have been trying to do, that goes for their councillors in May, and eventually themselves too. And maybe all the other Unionists as well, possibly hopeful of reaping some benefit from Tory discomfiture, but in their way also owning this disrespectful Union too.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Well said and well put grizebard…..

    • I’d venture that further ‘revelations’ in the Sunday Blahs will finish him off, grizebard.
      Truss was doing the rounds todays, ‘shocked’, I tell you.

      They have all been issued with the same ‘line to take’ by No 10. johnson great leader, got Brexit Done, has led the nation successfully through Covid and gave the English Christmas, the economy is bouncing back, and better…All lies and spin of course.
      Until screen shots of Johnson conga-ing through the No 10 kitchen appear in the week end blahs.
      There is no way he can survive ’til May.
      My power company want to double my bill when my fixed term deal ends in February, NI goes up by 1.25% in April, my groceries bill has increased by about a Brexit 1/3rd, and my pension triple lock has been broken…and inflation set to rise by 7% by the Spring, so I am poorer as are tens of millions of others, because htis psycho man child has been allowed to stumble on unchecked by the carpetbaggers who have mad billions in the chaos..
      Johnson will have his CV doing the rounds as I type.
      He’ll not hang around as the Brexshit hits the fan.
      There will be a change of leader, I’m still backing Nowhere Man Stephen Barclay, followed by a GE in April.
      200 to 1 is a good Barclay bet.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        “My power company want to double my bill when my fixed term deal ends in February, NI goes up by 1.25% in April, my groceries bill has increased by about a Brexit 1/3rd, and my pension triple lock has been broken…and inflation set to rise by 7% by the Spring. so I am poorer as are tens of millions of others, because this psycho man child has been allowed to stumble on unchecked by the carpetbaggers who have made billions in the chaos”.

        Indeed Jack………very well said my friend.

        Have a nice evening…stay safe


      • grizebard says:

        There does indeed seem to be someone behind the scenes who really has it in for him. All these carefully-staggered “revelations” keeping the Tories permanently behind the curve. {heh, heh} But one shouldn’t underestimate either the craven cowardice of the Brexiteer MPs who are invested in him. BoJo is their totem. So I’ll still give him at least until May, though I don’t feel too confident that you’re wrong on that either, Jack.

        Anyway, you reckon that whenever it happens, they’ll be looking for a “John Major” style replacement, eh? Very long odds, as you say, and acceptable to the rabid rightwing Brexiteers who now are in the ascendancy? Hmmm. Myself, I only wish it might be Rees-Mogg instead. {grin}

        But if it is someone better-behaved and emollient, and/or if Labour continue to outpace the Tories in England, will it prevent the wished-for indy dam breach here or even cause another round of backsliding by the ever-hesitant…?

        • Barclay took over from Raab as SoS for Exiting the EU until the day England (sic) left the EU.He then took over from Gove as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lncatser. A lawyer, St Anne;s boy, Cambridge educated,not Oxford or Eton. he is in the John Major mould. Ideal Fall Guy, methinks.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Banking on Barclay, eh, Jack? 😉

  87. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Has anyone contacted Ian Murray and all the Tories and Unionist Journalists too who piled onto the FM when she was supposedly abrupt and dismissive in her response to moronic Q from an agenda driven journalist via a supposed Covid question but actually was a insanely stupid pointless Q…..

    Someone should contact them re the involvement of James Slack , the now Deputy editor of The Sun, who has a CBE ( oh God not another one awarded to a bobby dancer) and who formerly was a British political advisor who served as the Downing Street Director of Communications for Prime Minister Boris Johnson as to his involvement in a party for him at No 10..a leaving Do….#PartyGate No ?

    Someone should contact them all …..about… know the media that they all think should be exempt from criticism, treated with respect while they themselves give none….. and they who we apparently should all be beholden to……Ian Murray tweeted a snide comment at the time supporting the media in this instance while berating the FM… very Unionist of him and now , as then, how lacking in astuteness he seems … do all t’others….obvs.

    Are they all part of a club ?…… rhetorical Q obvs

  88. Legerwood says:

    Now another party/leaving do/work event.

    This time the leaving do for the Head of the Covid Task Force. One of their tasks was to draw up the Covid regulations!!!!

    This from the Guardian
    “”Former Covid taskforce head ‘sorry’ for Cabinet office party
    The chief executive of Sheffield City Council, Kate Josephs, has admitted she attended a drinks gathering at the Cabinet Office on 17 December 2020 when she was head of the Covid taskforce.

    “I am truly sorry that I did this,” she said in a statement.

    She said the drinks were held to mark her leaving the civil service, and that she has been cooperating with Sue Gray’s investigation.””

    We are thru the looking glass and heading for the rabbit hole now.

    • She was truly sorry that she got caught.
      I’ve had it up to here with England and its Elite.
      Johnson Djokovic and (now) Mr Andrew Saxe Coberg are part of a filthy rich elite who believe that the rest of us were put on this earth to empty their bins, and bow down to their superior majesties.and be dazzled by the light of their brilliance.
      Scotland has had enough.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      We are also looking multiple deflections for Johnson’s current grief…

    • Capella says:

      BBCs PM at 5pm had some hilarity re-enacting the civil servant’s trip to the off-licence to fill up a suitcase of booze (which actually happened). He threw in some crisps and a can of Coke. It’s like watching a sitcom playing out in real time.

      • Clydebuilt says:

        just before this Radio Scotland reported “Cases” of alcohol. . . .

        pathetic Quay are desperate to get rid of Bojo. . . . . especially after telling Scots how useless Bojo is . . . . over and over again . .

  89. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Not sure if fellow Duggers have picked up on this … it’s also supported by the SNP.

    Plaid Cymru MP tables motion to make it an offence for politicians to deliberately lie following No 10 party revelations

    14 Jan 2022 3 minute Read

    Plaid Cymru’s Westminster leader, Liz Saville Roberts MP, has tabled a parliamentary motion calling for a law to hold politicians to account for lying.

    The Early Day Motion, which has so far gained the support of MPs from the Labour Party, the SNP, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, the SDLP, Alliance, as well as Ms Saville Roberts’ Plaid Cymru colleagues, condemns the organisation of parties at Downing Street during lockdown and condemns the Tory Government for “lack of transparency” and a “reluctance to disclose attendance”.

    Plaid Cymru, working with the think-tank Compassion in Politics, have proposed that a new law be introduced that would make it a criminal offence for politicians to deliberately lie to the public.


    Good on ya, Liz!

    • Dr Jim says:

      Look up the definition of the word politician and it basically means someone who lies for a living

      “A person who acts in a manipulative and devious way typically to gain advancement within an organization”

      They’d have to change the title *politician* to something else

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        And as for “Ambassador” … the prospective new one in the Middle East, Martin Reynolds, springs to mind:

        “… is a person who is sent abroad to lie for his/her country.”

  90. Dr Jim says:

    The Randy old Duke of Pork has his titles stripped from him, oh wait no he doesn’t, for the Randy Duke gets to keep his title as Earl of Inverness, so what’s all that about then? just let him keep a Jocky title because the Jocks don’t count and get no say in the matter? or could it be as one of the defenders of the faith the Royals must keep a toehold in the colony of Jockyland to keep the orange drum banging faithful on side and he gets to accompany his Ma tae the shortbread tin dancing and Arse licking competitions

    Commonwealth and all that

    • grizebard says:

      No, The Duke of Pork is still The Duke of Pork, I believe. It’s just his military ranks (and any ensuing freebie gongs??) and his ever-so-important HRH appellation that’s been withdrawn from His Accusedness. So no diff there.

      As for the rest, you may say that but I couldn’t possibly comment…

  91. I see Bozo & Carrie did an 86 mile round trip jolly to Chequers for a holiday during complete lockdown when all non-essential travel was banned.

    Wished I’d known it was ok to go on holiday at the time.

    Boris & Carrie Johnson went to Chequers during non-essential travel ban

    BORIS Johnson went to stay in his second home in the country during a ban on non-essential travel, the UK Government has admitted.

    Johnson and wife Carrie Johnson used their Chequers pad during March 2020.

    That was before Scotland’s then-Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood was caught out travelling to her second home, a move that cost her the high-profile job.

  92. Welsh_Siôn says:

    My fellow Duggers, please be upstanding for the National Anthem.

  93. Old Pete says:

    We have got to get out of this cesspit of a Union ? Why-o-why are so many Scots still in favour of remaining in this cesspit of a Union ? Are they thick ? Are they stupid ? Why don’t they believe in Scotland and their fellow Scots ? Surely, surely enough of the folk who live in Scotland will get us the freedom we deserve from the stinking United Kingdom ? But then again ?

    • JoMax says:

      We also have to put up with the fact that many prominent Anglo-Scots (those who have moved to England because ‘there’s nothing here for them’ or spend a lot of time there, eg in the HoL) are more English Nationalist than many English folk. They are more than happy to join in the chorus of too wee, too poor and too stupid and to repeat it as often as possible. They must believe it gets them what they want down there and in order to be accepted as one of the gang. It’s one of the saddest things about our country that we seem to produce an awful lot of such folk.

    • grizebard says:

      Because the Union for them is normal, a familiar environment they have grown up immersed in from childhood, and they are comfortably settled in their ways. The media they normally consume reinforce their assumptions, and they are rarely exposed to any alternative view. Whenever they are, they regard it as an unwanted challenge to their long-assumed “normal” way of life, an unwelcome threat to their security and future well-being.

      They may also have become accustomed to being emotionally dependent on their more assertive and experienced “betters” down south, who run near everything, commercially, intellectually and politically. Some of them will have inherent low self-esteem, believing that everything Scottish is inherently parochial and inward-looking, an obstacle to personal advancement. (Probably more besides, but that’s already enough to illustrate.)

      Anything emanating from normally-trusted authority figures that might cause them feelings of distress or embarrassment will not cause resentment or invoke a backlash, instead such conflicted feelings will likely be internally suppressed. Any attempt by anyone to revive such feelings will be painful, and will accordingly be resisted.

      A change may come from some event so shocking that it comprehensively shatters their fond assumptions. (A serious economic loss, for example, or a significant betrayal by some formerly-trusted authority figure.) It may come from a slow accumulation of small disillusionments and dings that finally add up to something that can no longer be ignored. Lacking any such, the challenge is to lead a sufficient number of such people ever so gently to some safe mental place where they can discover not only that they have been living a lie, a self-comforting illusion, but that there is a reasonably-promising way out for them, their own wishes and aspirations, via independence instead. Provide them with alternative authority figures who by dint of good example and steady perseverance can earn their trust. It’s not easy to do, but that’s what it takes, and it inevitably takes time.

      (Of course you can then easily see how contrariwise such people can be kept suppressed.)

  94. Statgeek says:

    Just popped on to the BBC’s Scottish politics page to see what stories are open for comment.


    BBC Welsh Politics – None
    Main Politics – None
    NI Politics – Three; one is a day old and closed; two are 4 days old and closed.

    It seems the plebs ain’t allowed to talk about politics when the UK Gov is getting all the bad news. How convenient.

    • Statgeek says:

      Having said that, the one article open for comments was in the business section, and is full of Brexit good / Boris bad, with a hefty vote weight that’s pro-Brexit and Pro-Boris. Guessing there’s only the blue-rinse brigade and their middle aged sons posting in there as an identifiable group.

  95. Capella says:

    Try to imagine the uproar there would be if Nicola Sturgeon did this.

    “He would come in and say ‘Hello everyone had a hard week? Letting off some steam? Oh great’.

    “The idea that he didn’t know there were drinks is total nonsense. If the PM tells you to ‘let off steam’, he’s basically saying this is fine.”

    The regular parties are said to have often gone on past midnight and were particularly popular from Autumn 2020 to Spring 2021 but the popularity waned as restrictions began to ease.

    So they were particularly popular during lockdown. Hmmmm

  96. Capella says:

    The SNP’s shadow Cabinet Office minister Brendan O’Hara warns that partygate mustn’t be whitewashed, says The National:

    The internal inquiry is being run by veteran civil servant Gray. Simon Case, the cabinet secretary who was initially tasked with leading it, was forced to step down after revelations that parties had been held in his own office.

    The Times reported that Gray has “not uncovered sufficient evidence of criminality” to refer to the case to the police. The Metropolitan Police have repeatedly refused to investigate the lockdown-busting parties on Downing Street, a position for which they are now being sued.

  97. Dr Jim says:

    Of all the crimes Baron Boris has committed since he began Brexit then moved on to Hitleresque levels of dictatorship the one that’s upset the nation of England the most is the poor lonely wee upset looking picture of the Queen. and if the people of Scotland haven’t noticed that the biggest freeloading benefit recipient on the planet is more important to the simpletons of England above all else and Scotland must now extricate itself from this insane Union with the insane country of England then the very much smarter voters of Scotland are not paying attention at all

  98. Golfnut says:

    Excellent article from the ‘ Orkney News ‘

  99. Golfnut says:

    How the brood pups of the establishment are educated, or not.

  100. exile says:

    Grizebard @03.23 – your analysis is excellent, and I agree with all of your post. Thank you.

  101. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I’m no journalist BUT…….has it not occurred to them the obvious reason WHY DRoss had to say what he did on the Johnson No 10 #PartyGate many incidents……the answer is obviously 100% YES….as in we are witnessing yet another Tory operation media smokescreen.

    So as to DRoss’s over reported, by the media, alleged (by them) most noble and virtuous( but really desperate) position where he has (had to) declared that Boris Johnson should resign (was solely because it was the ONLY position he could take in these circumstances).

    The only other alternatives open to him were :

    a) Ignoring it and adopting the latest Tory HQ party line of ‘Wait until Sue Gray’s report is published’
    b) Defending Boris Johnson
    Both of these alternate options would have been political suicide for DRoss…and he and the media know it…..JR Mogg cares not a fig as HQ , and their electability, is more important than the fortune or lack of with the branch office of another country….or colony of England as JR Mogg believes it to be.

    Partygate distracts from the many REAL issues within the Tory party and UK Govt ……issues we on here have listed many times in our many comments re all of the corruption and mismanagement via the UK Govt and individuals within the Tory party…..distraction and deflection and fake DRoss outrage presented by both the media and the Tories themselves ( and Unionist opposition parties too ) all hide these many serious issues , that were themselves , the REAL issues as to why Boris should resign and why the Tories should be held to account……….and no not just Brexit but all that has seemingly followed it and allowed , because of Brexit, the Tories to have free reign to act and behave any way they see fit….but which , in a normal situation, would be deemed a situation where they would be brought down as government.

    Dross – PartyGate…….takes a (fake) stand.( to save himself and other SNOT’s).

    DRoss – Tory corruption, Tory lies, Tory broken promises via Tory manifesto and Brexit……silence. …..(if he IS asked (rare event) then soundbites/spin is delivered through an HQ approved party line to be adopted if faced with any opposition/criticism)…..( to save Party at HQ)

    • Bob Lamont says:


    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Also worth adding that all of my comment above reinforces the reason why independence is imperative and the only viable option for Scotland……because irrespective of WHO currently and indeed WHO is the next UK Govt ….we in Scotland will always be at a disadvantage and will always be seen as secondary via consideration of potential impact/benefits, via the any current/future policies of ALL the Unionist parties that form a UK WM based Govt….

      As far as they are concerned Scotland is there to exploit via it’s resources and also for it’s people to be ignored and their right to democracy to be denied….. and thus we know who, as a country, it is that is really doing most of the pooling and the sharing in this UK via the so called “pooling and sharing” promoted propaganda in the BT campaign endorsed by ALL Unionist politicians pre and post 2014….we also know what we really could have with independence and what we are most definitely NOT getting via being in this (non) Union.

  102. Capella says:

    Lead or step aside – says Tobias Ellwood. “Tobias”
    Things must be grim back at the not-so-leafy constituencies.

    • Bob Lamont says:

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Aye Capella…” Lead or step aside”……….has Boris Johnson , as PM, not had the opportunity, ample time and the position since 2019 , to lead…….bit late now to state that………. and indeed is Tobias Ellwood expecting the public to believe pre these much publicised partygate incidents that Boris Johnson HAS been LEADING ?…….they only thing he has been leading on…. is leading us all down to the depths of despair………and a change of Tory leader would, I wager , NOT change that situation for us all……….Never trust a Tory…Tories gonna Tory etc etc

      This is my (current) leader if you don’t like him I have others ….has the vibe of ‘These are my principles if you don’t like them I have others’.

      • Capella says:

        Entertaining to see them scurrying about like rats on a sinking ship though. I’ve no idea who might take over the tiller but there doesn’t appear to me to be any direction of travel that isn’t bad for the Tories. They are the architects of this shipwreck and unfortunately we are chained to it for now. But we have a lifeboat.

  103. A movement after my own heart.

    These are real independence supporters, without the inverted commas. 🙂

    AUOB defend decision for ‘Sack Boris Johnson’ emergency march

    …The campaign group said that the independence movement should not be seen to be allowing Johnson to remain as Prime Minister simply because he is boosting support for Scottish independence as there is “widespread fury” over the PM’s behaviour.

    The statement read: “The indy movement needs to reflect this anger otherwise we can rightly be accused of wanting to keep Johnson in power, with all the subsequent dangers this involves, simply because it benefits us politically. People will see this for what it is – narrow self-interest.

    We win by keeping doing the right thing. It will mibbie take a little longer, but we will end up with a decision that’s made sensibly, not regretted, and an indy that goes well. The opposite of brexit.

    • grizebard says:

      Indeed. Though some empty if harmless posturing as a handy excuse for a march, I suspect. And I fear one that will attract even more of those retro people chanting “Tories out” in true 1970’s style! {laugh}

      • JoMax says:

        Didn’t those 1970’s people also take to the streets from time to time chanting, “What do we want? We want it now!”

        Maybe it’s the same mindset which demands independence yesterday, except Nicola Sturgeon and folk with brains know it didn’t happen yesterday and for it to happen ‘tomorrow’ needs strategic planning and a steady hand.

      • Marches are a fun day out for the family and I’ve been on a good few. But aye, they won’t change things, although that’s not their purpose. They’re not ‘mass’ protests. As you say, AUOB are just desperate for an excuse for a guid wee march! And why the hell not; it’s been such a crap couple of years with covid, brexit etc…

        Unless we can’t vote freely. Then marches can quickly become mass protests, which can readily topple dictators. If it’s what the population desires and needs must.*

        If England doesn’t want to do democracy, it needs to be prepared for what must be done to hold back the 3.5%. Belarus does this, as does Russia, China, Iran. It’s bloody, brutal and gets you sanctions.

        Which is why it’s better to just let folks vote. Which is what will happen in the end IMO.

        England tried the jackboot approach against my other country of Ireland (and so many others), but ran from a ‘bunch of potato farmers’. The British empire always runs away when the natives stand up for themselves. Bullies are never brave. That’s what you get from Eton graduates.

        #celticspring 😉

        I say this with a wee beer light heartedly, but it’s very much true!


        Nonviolent protests are twice as likely to succeed as armed conflicts – and those engaging a threshold of 3.5% of the population have never failed to bring about change.

  104. Hamish100 says:

    Some of the 70’s folk only wanted labour , who then lied to them over the oil -Tony Benn , comes to mind and the main lie that unionism would protect Scotland…. Linwood no more, ………

  105. Capella says:

    Ghastly portrait of Rees Mogg as a child. His parents have a lot to answer for. I couldn’t watch the whole 5 minutes, will have to return when feeling a little stronger. 😦

  106. jfngw says:

    I see someone has launched operation ‘Save Big Dog’, I think it was the dog itself. This is a beast past its best, leaving its mess everywhere, expecting everyone else to take the blame for this mess, but it still hasn’t been neutered and is up for it at the first whiff of heat.

  107. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    EX Tory MSP Adam Tomkins so called BIG idea is that the Tories in Scotland should separate from London Tories as London controlled Tories are toxic for the SNOT’s.

    Ex Tory MSP Adam Tomkins other position is that Scotland should NOT separate from London control but instead remain part of HIS UK ruled by one of the London controlled Unionist parties with his preference obviously being that it should be the Toxic London controlled Tories.

    And yes it is more than likely to still be the London controlled toxic Tories as tis England that decides who is the UK Govt , via having the majority population, and since 2010, the Tories have ruled , via winning General elections, and thus govern in a parliament based in London , and so it is they, Tories, that have been their, the English people’s, favoured political party to elect as UK Govt in London at WM…..and Brexit must be saved from any potential ” plotting from Remainers” apparently while Scotland , considered as a mere province by them, cannot be allowed to be saved from either Brexit or Tory rule in London.

    BTW IF the above does NOT make sense or seem fair….it’s not meant to….it’s just another damage limitation exercise to protect the SNOT’s from any political fallout and give the false impression that they , the SNOT’s , are to be seen as somehow ‘distinct’ from HQ……this red herring memo has not reached some of the SNOT’s elected at WM yet including the so called SOS for WM, obvs not for Scotland , who in supporting/defending the PM just now one assumes means that he TOO, like their PM, will also not be invited to SNOT’s conference in Scotland…..oh my what political posturing ….and they’re doing it deliberately too…….

    Just another Brit-Ridiculous-Annia day where we in Scotland are being taken for MUGS….again.

    • He was on Geissler’s wee show this morning, as not one Scottish MP or MSP would answer the invite to appear.
      Two Jobs WATP Professor Adam Tomkins got himself contorted into so many twisted knots trying to sell the farce of a Scottish ‘centre right’ party separate from the UK lot, but somehow still attending WM and voting on UK issues….
      He came across as quite deranged…
      Where was the only ‘heavyweight’ Blue Tory in Jockland this morning?
      Hiding under the duvet?
      Baroness Rape Clause?
      Even Iain Murray the Red Tory?
      Or the Tailor’s Dummy Yellow Tory Coal-Scuttle?
      Or Liar Carmichael?
      Surely the ‘opposition’ Jock Yoons would be clamoring to get on the telly to rip the Blue Jock Tories a new erse?

      Is every Jock Brit Yoon hiding in the long grass?
      We must defend ‘the Union’ at any cost?

      Professor Sir John Curtice was in his usual perch, sitting in the hall of his West End flat with the front door and ornate stain glass windows as a backdrop, attempting to wring out a ‘polls showing that the Johnson scandal has not increased the Indy vote’ nonsense to fill the big fat half hour of Nothing that is now a regular feature of Geissler’s Sunday Morning dry toast and water breakfast offering.
      Johnson and his Gang don’t do meeting the people..we are there to serve, especially in the clubs bars and drinking dens of the elite..
      ‘Carrie Johnson, (latest) wife of the Prime Minister’ should be how this lass should be described.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Yes Jack….Adam Tompkins seems to be VERY popular as a guest with the media just now….wonder why but not wonder why that is….at this particular moment.

        What is it about ex Unionist politicians like Ex Tory MSP Adam Tomkins, Ex Labour MP Tom Harris, EX Labour MP Douglas Alexander (was on BBC 2 Newsnight last week), EX Labour PM Gordon Brown, EX Labour PM Tony Blair, EX Labour MSP Neil Findlay (was on Scotland Tonight last week), EX Labour MP Pamela Nash, EX Tory MP Peter Duncan (regular guest on Scotland Tonight) AND not forgetting also the unelected bureaucrats from ALL Unionist political parties in the HOL’s AND political commentators & journalists who represent mostly the Unionist side that the pro Union media find so compelling as guests on debate , political and News programmes via various TV channels ?…….

        One would be forgiven for thinking that ALL countries within the UK were governed by Unionist political parties ……..or rather tis obvious that in doing this… that is their primary motive for reinforcing Unionists voices/opinions on ALL of these programmes…to reinforce the message to those already converted , those still to be converted and deny the opposing message of those who will never be converted to the cause of the …UNION.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        ‘Carrie Johnson, (latest) wife of the Prime Minister’ should be how this lass should be described.

        How about, “Crash and Carrie” for the UK’s First Couple?

        • If, heaven forfend, the Johnsons ever part, will the Sun Headline be ‘Carrie-Out !’ ?
          All yoons are hiding today.
          The unwritten Better Together rule appears to be holding. Don’t attack any Yoon politician because holding Scotland fast as a colony of England is more important to the Jock Collaborators.
          Incidentally, in the past few days, Campbell, Kerr and now Guissler have rubbished ‘Nicola Sturgeon’s’ Christmas lock down lying that it spoiledd Christmas because England didn’t shut down and everybody had a ball, while Scotland’s Covid rate was not the ‘tsunami #sturgeon’ had predicted. Lies and distortion of course.
          Move to England, chaps, if you want Johnson to run your lives.
          Your jobs at the BBC are on a shoogly peg.

  108. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    The chief civil servant in the Department for Education has confirmed there was a party in its London offices on 10 December 2020.

    Susan Acland-Hood told the Public Accounts Committee that then Education Secretary Gavin Williamson instigated the event to thank his staff.

    She said about two dozen people attended in the department’s canteen, where there were drinks and snacks.

    It has now been reported, via the media , that Gavin Williamson is to receive a KNIGHTHOOD.

    No further comment by me is really necessary as the above is yet another episode of a day in Brit-Ridiculous-Annia……….a Knighthood for party planner Williamson, in the midst of the so called PartyGate….surely NOT !!!!

    BTW I do hope someone is keeping a tally , no…..not just of so called PartyGate…but going way back to the Austerity measures via previous Tory PM, Windrush and all other things that followed (and not forgetting Blair and Thatcher too)….we may need to refer to them come next Indy campaign to reinforce out argument of why we are blatantly Better Off as an independent country and NOT as still part of their UK…..which is ruled by incompetent, immoral and corrupt Unionist governments.

  109. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Ands so it continues …

    Now it’s Carrie (and this from the ultra-loyalist Borisograph:

    Carrie Johnson pictured breaking Covid rules hugging friend at West End club

    Edward Malnick 17 hrs ago

    [Photo] Carrie Johnson with her friend, Anna Pinder© Provided by The Telegraph

    Carrie Johnson, the Prime Minister’s wife, was photographed breaking Covid-19 social distancing rules days after the public was warned that it was “critical” to follow the guidance, The Telegraph can disclose.

    Despite Boris Johnson’s warning that “you should keep your distance from anyone you don’t live with”, Mrs Johnson, 33, was pictured embracing a close friend while the pair celebrated the friend’s engagement at a private members’ club in London’s West End.

    The pair seemingly shared a joke as they posed for the camera while sitting next to each other on a sofa on the club’s outdoor roof terrace.

    Mrs Johnson appeared to have her arm around the friend, Anna Pinder, and one of her legs draped over her leg. Ms Pinder’s hands were clasped together in her lap.


  110. Dr Jim says:

    Let’s all have a Tory party in Scotland that’s not the same as the Tory party in England except for when they have general elections then of course they’ll be the same Tory party sort of, unless of course the entirely separate Tory party in Scotland don’t approve of the Tory party leader in England then they’ll not be the same sort of when it’s convenient to be different, yeah it all makes perfect sense

    When you boil it down what the Tory party in Scotland appear to want to be is a version of the DUP but in Scotland, maybe they’ll change their name to make them appear different to maybe something like *Scottish Conservative Unionist Merge* party or *We’re not the same as the English Tories* party, y’see they wouldn’t be able to avoid the word English when referring to the other branch south of the border because they wouldn’t be the UK party anymore they’d just be the English Welsh Tories who are really the main party, but they’re not sometimes eh, when we say they’re not

    They’re going to need very big bits of paper to explain all this to Scotlands voters who aren’t likely to see through any of this at all eh

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