Saving Scotland from the Tory bad chaps

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson attracts scandal and sleaze like dog mess on the pavement on a hot summer day attracts flies. It is simply part and parcel of the nature of the beast. You could no more expect Johnson to act with probity and to maintain the standards traditionally expected of the head of a democratic government than you could expect the ugly and nasty dog mess to emit the fragrant scent of lavender and to arrange itself into an attractive picture of a landscape. The difference is that the dog mess will be washed away by the next heavy rain, whereas we are stuck with the stench of Johnson’s corruption.

However what is even more alarming than the eagerness of Johnson and his incompetent cronies to use high public office as a means to create lucrative business opportunities for themselves and their associates, is the way in which they are determined to neuter and render impotent the already inadequate means offered by the institutions of the British state for holding the powerful to account.

The unwritten constitution of the UK was always a recipe for the powerful and the British establishment to be able to do as it pleased, unfettered by the explicit constraints of a written constitution, that’s why they like it so much. Under such a system the only thing preventing a descent into overt anti-democratic authoritarianism is the self-restraint and sense of decency and propriety of those in charge. Traditionally, apologists for the British state liked to pat themselves on the back about how the UK was a shining example of the highest standards of democratic government, a lesson to the world about how a democratic government and society should conduct itself. During the 2014 Scottish independence referendum campaign, some opponents of independence went so far as to claim that it was only the good offices of the Westminster Parliament which stood between Scotland and a dystopian totalitarian barbarism.

However in the absence of a written constitution spelling out the limits of their powers, with no explicit delineation of the respective powers and responsibilities of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, and with ample opportunities for the exercise of undemocratic and unaccountable patronage in the form of appointments to the Lords and the corrupt honours system, the only thing distinguishing a British Prime Minister from a dictator is his or her own sense of decency and and their appreciation of limits and moderation in the exercise of the immense power granted to them by the unwritten British constitution. Scholars of the British constitution referred to this as the “good chap” theory of government.

What the Johnson regime has revealed is just how fragile democracy in the UK really is. When the highest office in the land is occupied by an individual who is patently not a “good chap”, and who has no respect for the customary practices and restraints which have constrained the exercise of the theoretically limitless powers of a British Prime Minister, there is absolutely nothing in the British constitution to prevent a descent into anti-democratic authoritarianism.

By no stretch of the imagination could Johnson and the rest of his government of chancers and charlatans be described as “good chaps”. We have seen how they routinely behave as though the rules and regulations which they enforce upon the rest of us do not apply to them. When evidence of their rule breaking and hypocrisy comes to light they shamelessly insist that no rules were broken, even when, as is the case with Johnson’s lockdown busting Downing Street parties, there is video evidence and we can all see them breaking the rules with our own eyes. Instead they gaslight us, lie to us, and insult our intelligence by not even bothering to come up with a remotely plausible excuse.

Their sleaze and corruption has become brazen, as the Conservatives are emboldened by the knowledge that they will not be held to account by an English media more interested in trivial gossip about members of the royal family and the affairs of so-called celebrities whose talentless fame rests upon an appearance in the mental chewing gum of a reality TV show. Meanwhile they get a free pass from an overwhelmingly anti-independence Scottish media which is so terrified of reporting anything that might boost support for independence that it prefers to concentrate on ferry timetables rather than defending democracy in the UK and standing up for Scotland and the devolution settlement within this so-called Union that they insist is in our best interests.

These are the same Conservatives who are restricting the voting franchise, openly targeting groups such as the poor, ethnic minorities, and younger voters who are less likely to vote Conservative. They are introducing draconian restrictions on the right of protest in England and Wales, and increasing the stop and search powers of the police in England, a measure which is disproportionately used to target members of ethnic minorities. After the Colston statue case, where a jury refused to convict a group of people accused of toppling the Bristol statue of the slave trader Edward Colston, Conservative MPs howled in outrage, leading the government to take the unprecendented step of referring the case to the appeal courts, in the process undermining the right to trial by jury and the rule of law. The Tories have shown that they care far more about the “rights” of statues of slavers, colonialist thieves, imperialist looters and those who murdered and abused in the name of Empire than they do about those who lost their lives in the appalling and entirely avoidable Grenfell tragedy, and the rights of the many thousands who continue to live in unsafe housing.

Meanwhile, despite the promises that Brexit was to unleash a bonanza of opportunities and cheaper prices, exports to the EU have fallen off a cliff and we are faced with soaring food and energy bills, just as the effects of the loss of the £20 per week uplift in Universal credit and the rise in National Insurance start to be felt and businesses are reeling under the onslaught of the rise in covid infections caused by the omicron variant.

But the response of the Tories is to seek refuge in jingoism, to demand that we must have more union flags, more God Save the Queen, and more royal events, while they continue to fetishise and politicise WW2 while picking unnecessary fights with EU states. It’s a pathetic and inadequate substitute for the UK’s loss of influence and relevance, but it’s all they’ve got.

Scottish independence has now become a necessity, an imperative. It’s the only way to save us from the flag waving jingoistic authoritarian and deeply corrupt failed democracy that the UK has become at the hands of the “bad chaps” of the Conservative party.

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120 comments on “Saving Scotland from the Tory bad chaps

  1. Dr Jim says:

    Much of the worry on high in England is not so much Scotland becoming Independent, but Scotland becoming Independent successfully, because although Englands government has for years convinced many of their population that the only civilised place on earth is England there are just as many who’ve noticed that it’s not and even though the government of England has managed very well to keep secret by ignoring them how well next door Ireland has done without the burden of England weighing them down it’d be a much more difficult con trick to pull off in regard to Scotland, post Independence Scotland doing well can’t really be concealed from the English voter in the same way other foreign countries successes have been, there are only so many Wellington Bombers Spitfires and Union flags available to England to blot out truth along with the sky

    Post Independence Scotland will become very noticable indeed when the world keeps arriving on our doorstep to invest and spend their money here in what will no doubt be the largest small country in Europe and that makes the people who run England shake to their very core with the terror of their population seeing that with their very own eyes contrary to the David Copperfield style stories they’ve been told about Scotland all their lives

    Imagine the horror of that realisation

    • grizebard says:

      The fear of Scotland doing well is not a new thing. Despite the fables about “broad shoulders” and “solidarity” being frequently trotted out with deliberate intent to keep an unaware public suitably passive, there have been many instances in both the distant and recent past when the English Government has deliberately acted against Scotland’s interests simply in order to prevent us from getting “too above our station”, and thereby effectively challenging England’s hegemony over us. One recent example being the decision to allocate two carbon capture schemes exclusively to England despite there being a scheme in the NE ready and waiting for some time, stifled by London antagonism.

      It’s high time that more people woke up to the reality that we have foolishly left our vital interests in the hands of a “frenemy” who never ceases to demean and diminish us while simultaneously ruthlessly exploiting the very natural resources that would virtually guarantee us a successful and secure future in an age of high energy needs.

      • Old Pete says:

        Totally agree, never really understood why so many Scots stopped us regaining our Independence in 2014. How daft they were, hopefully enough will be turned away from the dark side in the coming referendum.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Daft maybe, but now looking for revenge after being conned and all that has befallen since 2014 ? You betcha…

      • grizebard says:

        It’s an irony really, but you might think that for a believer, a successful Union would be an obvious win-win, a whole that was greater than the sum of its parts.

        But it’s not. And rarely has been. (The NHS being about the only lingering example.) At best, English governments of the past, of all political persuasions, have largely been “absentee landlords”, mostly ignoring us except whenever their own interests have intruded. Devolution was the apogee of that approach: park all the knotty local problems onto natives who could take the blame, and reserve all the important stuff to the “real players” in London. Hence Tony Blair’s notorious “glorified parish council” remark. Except that in the hands (minority or majority) of the SNP, the “parish council” turned out to be embarrassingly effective, and soon enough this morphed into an important issue of its very own. Oops.

        Now that UKGov in the hands of an unapologetic and unscrupulous English Nationalist, it increasingly wants and intends to claw back the situation. There is no win-win. There is no “solidarity”. And the people who are in most reality-denial are the Unionists themselves, who in their abject deference just can’t bring themselves to admit that their precious policy-blighted Union is on auto-destruct.

        Meanwhile, the rest of us are increasingly noticing…

      • scottish skier says:

        I am inherently a unionist, hence support being in the EU or at least the EEA. I do believe that working together benefits all. But that needs to be on an equal basis as it is in the EU, otherwise it will be damaging for the smaller countries as they will have ‘muscular unionism’ used against them.

        I would be more than happy for Scotland to be in union with England in the EU/EEA as equals, so I do support being in union with England. England seems to be against that though, with nationalists in charge.

        Also, for me to support being in a union, members must be free to leave, and left alone to decide that themselves, in line with UN principles of self-determination. The EU did exactly that with Brexit, in total contrast to the UK, which does nothing but interfere in Scottish politics and try to declare voting illegal etc. It seems Scotland is now like Hong Kong is in China?

        The reality is that Scottish indy supporters are unionists and UK unionists parochial, isolationist nationalists; at least they are if they support Scotland remaining in a brexited UK. I mean is any UK party actually fighting to rejoin the EU/EEA or are they all brexiters now? So, like it or not, if you are voting for any UK party, you are a brexit voter.

        As things stand, the SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru, Sinn Fein and the SDLP are the most unionist of all parties in the UK. It’s weird that they are called nationalists when they support union with over 30 countries. Certainly calling parties in NI that support pulling down Berlin, sorry Belfast walls and wave anti-sectarian flags ‘sectarian nationalists’ shows you the height of UK doublethink.

        But what really creeps me out the most is not when I’m told ‘But Scots and English people are quite alike in may ways’, which I don’t remotely dispute, but ‘Your (French) wife and her family are not like us’; that sends shivers down my spine. This is ultimately the reason given for the UK; that my French family are somehow not like Scots while the English are. Sorry, but that is blood and soil talk, because culturally, European nations are all very similar.

        • Well said, SS.

          The UK never was a ‘Union’.
          England/Britain considers Scotland, Wales, and the North of Ireland as ‘territories’, dominions’, principalities’, ‘regions’, rather like Gibraltar, IoM the Falklands, and the remaining dregs of Empire to which they still cling stubbornly.
          I have very little in common politically at least, with many Scots citizens; it would be a queer old Scotland if we all collected beer mats as a hobby, and loved to let it all hang out at the Friday night ceilidh.

          Some of my best friends, and relatives, and ex colleagues, are ‘English’, by birth or by absorption.

          I shall go to my grave not understanding what they see so passionate and nerve wracking about the game of cricket.
          The thought of slurping down the mind bogglingly, stomach churning dish of Jellied eels washed down with the strange beer ‘cocktail’ of perfectly good Guinness blended into the regional brands of bitter, a ‘Mickey Mouse’, or alternatively, more sinisterly, a ‘Black and Tan’, separates your English from the global herd, IMHO.

          We homo erectus are 99% chimpanzee, no matter where we saw the light of day.
          Even Dumbarton supporters.( Observed by a Bankie.)

          We voted 62% to remain in the European Union.
          Remain we shall.

        • scottish skier says:

          Aye Jack. I concluded the same at an early age and have, since I could first vote, only used my vote for parties that were from my country and supported its equal status with other nations.

          On another note, I see my comment above is, predictably, being taken comically out of context elsewhere. That does not hurt me, just those taking my comments out of context. Obviously.

          All I can conclude is that I must be doing something very right to garner such attention! Clearly touching some British nerves!

          • Prepare to blush, SS.
            Your contributions are stellar.

            The old Music Hall Joke:- ‘My wife doesn’t understand me: she’s French!’ applies to you.

            With me it’s the same. My wife doesn’t understand me either. She’s from Belfast. Boom boom.

            When I slip into the Glesca vernacular, especially when we gather for a Scotland game, The Light Of My Life admits that she is a Stranger in a Strange Land, among Swift’s Houyhnhnms, the talking horses, and their deformed human like subjects the Yahoos.
            If memory serves, Swift was making light of the harsh sounding Germanic dialects.

            We rightly resist getting dragged into false ‘anti-English’ flurries with the ever watchful Brit Jocks, on here, on the telly and radio, and in the Blahs.

            I’m prompted to rummage through my bookpiles and look out Billy Liar, This Sporting Life, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Room At The Top, and the Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner.
            It is time that I re-read the Angry Young Men and their ‘kitchen sink’ protests.
            In my teens, I had everything in common with the lives of these young English rebels.

            Nothing has changed…we just got older.
            Keep on keeping on,SS.
            A plus, mon brave.

          • scottish skier says:


            Aye, too true. I have more in common with many English…. French… Irish people than I do many Scots. That goes beyond Europe of course, as folks across the world are all the same in most ways. I have more in common with my liberal Iranian colleagues than I do e.g. Murdo Fraser..

            But what I do have in common with all residents of Scotland is that we are all residents of Scotland. Where we might differ is that I believe Scotland’s people should choose their own government as is the norm the world over.

  2. Bob Lamont says:

    An excellent synopsis, your summary “Scottish independence has now become a necessity, an imperative” precise and to the point.

    I fervently believe Scots have finally realised the personalisation of government via the media is a fabrication to be manipulated, be it Sturgeon or Johnson who is replaced, aside a few brief airs of “new broom”, the leviathan moves on regardless on the same course.

    The blue/red whale of England’s favour is not the choice for Scots, our courses have been diverging for some considerable time, and no matter how often Jonah RN-failed Bowie insists we are going the wrong way, it’s our way…

  3. scottish skier says:

    Aye, said in your usual enjoyable flair Paul.

    The level of corruption is commensurate with the how close we are to the final collapse of the British state. The closer we are getting to the end, the more mired in sleaze and incompetence things are getting. It’s both cause and effect. We really are living in the last days of Rome.

    Anyway, here’s the price of the union next year, in addition to Scotland’s energy resources being plundered to subsidise England’s coffers and buy Tory votes:

    Sunak’s tax hikes and soaring inflation to deliver £1,660 pay cut for UK workers

    An average earner on £30,000 will see take-home pay slashed by £1,660 thanks to soaring bills and tax rises

    Unlike some, I don’t trust ‘Tory contacts’ nor the word of hard right brexiter Dominic Cummings, but it’s more than him providing the evidence for this latest revelation:

    Boris Johnson faces probe over lockdown party in No 10 garden

    BORIS Johnson is under investigation over accusations he personally attended a drinks party in the garden of No 10 during the first lockdown.

    Downing Street did not immediately deny a report in the Sunday Times claiming the Prime Minister was at the rule-breaking event with wife Carrie in May 2020.

    The newspaper cited three sources stating Johnson’s principal private secretary, Martin Reynolds, emailed officials with an invite adding “BYOB”, meaning bring your own bottle, or booze.

    Talk about partying while Rome burns!

  4. Hamish100 says:

    Talking of sleaze. The metropolitan police will not accept this as evidence as it happened in the past!!
    How folk like dame Cressida dick QPM,ppp, css, buroo can look at people and talk of professionalism, credibility and the rest I will leave to the express, Mail and the other rags to fabricate.

  5. bringiton says:

    What we are seeing in England is happening in other parts of the world where right wing authoritarian administrations are doing much the same sort of thing.
    The neoliberal ideology of self over community,aka greed is good,has been the claim of the political right that there is no alternative.
    In the case of England there does not appear to be any alternative at present with a so called Labour party following meekly along with Tory policies.
    If we can demonstrate to Scots that there is a viable alternative then independence will certainly follow as the only viable alternative to the insanity we are currently seeing south of our border.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s not only the neoliberal agenda per se, which is bad enough, but also that when it’s tested in practice it inevitably fails, then all sorts of populist “othering” and anti-democratic idealogical tricks are then deployed to distract people from the failure. Thus a decade of austerity in the UK in effect bred the non-solution that is Brexit. And that in turn is causing what now follows.

      Sadly, it’s the same people who will pay for all these mistakes. While Brillo and chums will continue unaffected to enjoy their villa refuges in the sun.

      At least though we have an escape hatch from bourachUK, and as Paul says, using it is indeed becoming imperative. Increasingly imperative.

  6. dakk says:

    Aye Paul.

    Just not sure which Tory chaps are the baddest.

    The transparent blue yins or the cynical stand-by rid/yella wans.

  7. Pete Smith says:

    That’s a belter Paul. I love the passion – where the fuck are the young folk who should be up in arms at these daily outrages? All the best in ’22 Pete

  8. Hamish100 says:

    Weird how some wish a balanced 6 party system.
    Why? Let’s have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etcetera.
    Life doesn’t work that way nor does the party system.
    Even more difficult when a party polls 2%. Hardly balance is it. People will vote as they choose. Those on 2% May increase their vote or May go down. Any bets?

    • Dr Jim says:

      These people also seem to accept that the three English registered Unionist parties are Scottish when they’re not and that their own party could quite easily be named “the poisonous abuse party” and nobody would notice the difference seeing their campaign strategy is to wear face masks of offensive people and hand out carrots to passers by while shoving hate banners in their faces and screaming abuse at them for not liking who they like

      Aye they’re onto a winner for sure

    • John Muir says:

      I gave Alba a shot in Holyrood 2021. Still respect MacAskill for taking on London and Washington over Megrahi, and so voted for him on the Lothian list. The Alba vote was of course pitiful, and I won’t make that mistake again.

      Ranked STV voting is another matter however. I can vote for no hopers and still transfer once they’re sunk. I’ll look up my ward’s various pro-Indy candidates to see what they’ve been up to. I’d like to vote Green, Alba and SNP but I must also filter out the true numpties!

      • So, you’re on here pitching for ALBA, John.
        MacAkill stood on an SNP ticket. He jumped ship, betaying the electorate.
        He should have resigned the seat, stood in a byelection under the AlBA flag, and would probably have got what he deserved, a lost deposit.
        There is no such party as the @ALBA’ Party. It is just Salmond and a bunch of sad old political has beens, bloggers, and their \old |AGe Pals in the Jock Media, having one last hurrah.
        I doubt that 18 year old sven remeber who MacAskill was, is, or unlikely to be, come the next plebiscite of any form.
        Their goal is to destroy the Independence Movement…
        You may as well not put your big toe on the bedroom carpet on polling day if you intend voting for the Bogus Alba.
        Stay in bed, and dream of Salmond returning in glory as FM…the man nearly destoyed the Independence Movement…

        • John Muir says:

          Read my post, Jack. I said the result was pitiful and I won’t be voting for Abla in a national election again for the foreseeable future. I don’t like wasting my ballot. I’ve voted in every Holyrood election, and every single time my vote got someone elected: Greens, all the way back to 1999. Getting tossed in the bin was a wake up call for me: beyond the internet Alba is nothing. Almost nobody voted for them, even if I did.

          As for council elections, I’m used to voting for failed candidates and my ballot moving to next preferences. I’ll make my choice when the candidates are named and I can make an informed decision about each one of them, as I always do.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Steady on Jack, he said nothing of the kind, but was honest enough to admit it turned into a bad decision.

          • By my Ypographical terrors, you can guess my level of rage at the mere mention of Macaskill’s name.
            He stood on an SNP ticket. Then had his Road to Salmond-mask-us conversion, but instead of doing the decent thing and standing down, he betrayed the good people who voted for him, and attacks the Party who trounced him and the ALBA gang at the ballot box.
            Some would call him a coward and an opportunist; some may, but I couldn’t possibly comment.
            He is not representing the people; he is trousering a wage and expenses undr false pretences, just like 4 Jobs The Linesman Dross.

            John’ is an ALBA man; of that there is no doubt.

            No amount of faux mea culpa on here can alter that.

            All this ‘I’ll vote for the candidate I think will best serve the public’, clothed in the sackcloth and ashes of being ‘honest enough to admit’, hogwash, cuts no ice with this battle scarred old vet.
            It is stating the obvious that we will all vote for the candidate who we think is the best candidate.
            It is a given.
            But John will be voting Alba…..and wanted us all to know that.

            • John Muir says:

              I said I won’t, and I won’t. I’m not peeing my ballot down the drain again next Holyrood election. This dug learned his lesson!

              • David Wilson says:

                Give John a break. He said he is not voting Alba again, and why should he? Alba got 1.7% in the Holyrood elections and are now down to 0.6% in recent opinion polls (see Ballot Box Scotland). There have been 9 local authority bye-elections since last May in which 101,000 Scots were entitled to vote. Alba’s total vote was a big round 0. There is a bye-election coming up for a ward in Mackaskill’s constituency. Will Alba be taking its “message to” the Scottish people by standing a candidate? I doubt it.

                They don’t fight elections which, I suspect, is for three reasons. 1) They know they will get a derisory vote which will disprove their vainglorious claim of thousands of members. 2) Tramping the streets delivering leaflets and chapping doors sounds too much like hard work. 3) They will have to speak to real members of the Scottish electorate.

                They are at best an irrelevance and at worst a liability.

      • scottish skier says:

        My dad did the same (was interested in the ‘supermajority’ idea and in a region which the SNP were absolutely sure to take every constituency), but now shares similar sentiments.

  9. Capella says:

    The NI Protocol is in danger of being overthrown again. This time by Liz Truss. The border in the Irish sea breaks the Treaty of Union and disadvantages Scottish farmers and exporters. But a border in Ireland breaks the GFA and the US Senate will not tolerate that, not with Joe “I’m Irish” Biden as President.
    What to do?

    There is a lot hinging on the Protocol, and it has split the political conversation in Northern Ireland right down the middle. Unionists, like the DUP, have backed Truss’s comments, and want the protocol scrapped in its entirety.

    This is because the agreement has created a de-facto trade border in the Irish sea, which unionists feel is impacting their identity, separating them from the rest of the UK.

    from The National

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I’d already commented on that article a NI poll on NIP had 80% in favour of it’s full implementation, so it’s far from “split down the middle” as the media insist on conveying.

    • scottish skier says:

      Pro-protocol, pro-EU parties won majorities in the 2017 NI elections and 2019 UKGE.

      Pro-partition parties have lost their majority. Demographics and a changing world has finally caught up with them, just as is happening in Scotland for the British unionists.

      The pro-EU Alliance party now hold the balance of power and they are neutral on a border poll / reunification.

      The coming NI parliament election is going to see the unionists take another hit with the pro-unity, anti-sectarian Sinn Fein likely the largest party, ergo should provide the FM. Aye, an Irish anti-partition Northern Irish FM. You can feel the ground moving beneath your feet, both in Remain voting Scotland and NI.

      This is why the pro-partition NI parties are threatening to break the GFA and try to collapse Stormont. The people are speaking democratically just like they did across Ireland in 1921 when the pro-partition parties didn’t want to listen either. The British only like democracy when it votes the way they want.

      But the world, including the EU, USA and UN won’t stand for it. There can be no hard border on the Emerald Island, particularly as all the NI border constituencies are overwhelmingly anti-partition. As I noted in the past, the border separates Irish from Irish, not British from Irish. No way the world will see Ireland ‘re-partitioned’ by any obvious hardening of this. So the protocol and new border down the Irish Sea are going nowhere.

  10. Capella says:

    The Tories are still revolting and putting us all in danger while they carry on their internecine war against reality.

    BORIS Johnson has been warned by a Tory rebel ringleader he faces a massive revolt from his own MPs if he does not end all coronavirus restrictions this month.

    from The National

  11. Bruce MacDougall says:

    Independence is imperative, as you say. I do wish there was more sense of urgency though, as it doesn’t make sense to give your opponent’s almost two years to find ways to stop you, and further damage the Scottish economy.

    • Capella says:

      They’ve been finding ways of stopping us for 300 years. Another two years makes no difference to that. What is imperative is that the Scottish people waken up and demand their right to self determination. That is happening and YES may now be in a stable majority.

      But we are up against the massed ranks of the British state and its media. That’s why this blog and others like it are so important in informing people about the daily war of attrition being waged on behalf of the Union.

  12. Dr Jim says:

    I listened to BBCs Glen Campbell this morning getting his negative statement in about there being no chance of a referendum because “Nicola Sturgeon is being met with a wall of indifference by the UK government so it’s impossible to see what she can do about that”

    That statement alone should be enough for every right thinking human being in Scotland to stand up and be counted over the treatment Englands government dishes out to the rest of us, the rabid Unionists in Scotland might be cheering over statements like that but should also remember their votes don’t count in England just as those of us who support Independence don’t count, and their rights as Scots don’t count in exactly the same way as ours either

    Unionists in Scotland are thought of no better because they support the Union with England, they’re just as disposable as we are if only they but realised it, perhaps Unionists in Scotland are under the impression that exceptions will be made for them if England does what it wants to do with Scotland

    England doesn’t make exceptions except for themselves, and always to the detriment of everybody else

  13. Dr Jim says:

    We’ve had 10 days self isolation cut to 7 days now Baron Boris appears set to cut it to 5 days to appease his party, any advance on 5 days? how about quarter of an hour just enough for a cup of tea then out you go to infect the world

    Did Baron Boris consult the experts? yes he did and they told him don’t do it, but what do they know eh

  14. Pogmothon says:

    Reply for Jack Collatin @ January 10, 2022 at 11:17 am

    I read John Muir input much the same way you did.

    And my views on Macaskill’s are also much the same, that’s why I previously asked about how to recall/sack an MP.

    I also have no doubt “John will be voting Alba…..and wanted us all to know that”.

    I see his mea culpa, an I’ll no make that mistake again.
    As the thin edge of long chapter of increasingly alba good, SNP bad lectures.
    Culminating in confirmation just before the vote the he will be voting for alba and all of you must really do the same if your right thinking.

    Well unfortunately for John it’s no a mirror he’s practising his conversational conversion skills in front of, it’s a windy an I see you.
    An like Jack I will call out any “I’m affy sorry let’s have a nice reasonable worm tongue conversation, when ever I see/hear it.
    I really hope that the best you can do John is convert a couple of tories or maybe a labour voter to alba. now that I would be happy to see and hear.

    • grizebard says:

      Let’s just say that John is on a journey. He has thankfully realised that the “supermajority” idea just isn’t a flier, and that our warnings about the false notion have been proven correct by subsequent events. It was a snake oil non-remedy which did nothing to enhance the reputation of its promoters.

      But this is politics, and we wouldn’t criticise anyone for putting Green first on an STV ballot, would be? It’s a free choice, and allows one’s concerns about secondary issues to be registered. Just sad that Alba’s behaviour (especially in the form of its renegade MPs and its more vocal supporters) has not lived up to its promise to “back up” the SNP, and has far too often resorted to attacking it instead. Especially the First Minister, and in highly vituperative terms. That helps no-one but the opponents of independence.

      There is a danger even with STV, though. If enough pro-indy voters spread too many different first preferences around, the candidate likely to eventually accrue them all might get eliminated before being able to do so. With the SNP in clear pole position, it’s a largely theoretical risk in most places, thankfully, but splits are rarely beneficial. Above all, they can stymie the crucial final swell of support that we all need to see before being ready to carry a referendum. Which is the name of the game, after all. Fancy tricks to try to “game the system” don’t work in a straight yes-no referendum.

      For me, what will be interesting is what proportion of first preferences for Alba in May don’t eventually end up with the SNP. That I think will reveal what, if anything, is really going on here.

      • John Muir says:


        Last May, I gladly voted SNP in Edinburgh West and Alba on the Lothian list. No grumbling about a heavy heart from me on voting SNP to unseat Cole Hamilton. (Just a shame it didnae work!) I’m sure I wrote about it here on WGD at the time, too.

        Re:STV elections. Last time out I voted for every Indy party. Scottish Libertarians too! In truth, I’m no libertarian at all. That small state trickle down trendy Tory ideology of theirs is bollocks. But every Indy candidate gets a preference from me. Literally. Always have voted that way in STV elections, for donkeys years.

        • John Muir says:

          Edit: Unless they’re a numpty.

          I’m very willing to skip past Alba entirely if their candidate in my ward is a dick.

        • grizebard says:

          I suppose to give all your preferences a fling, you would have to start from the one you thought the least likely to win and work your way up. But then if everyone did that, the “least likely” would win! {heh, heh} That’s the fatal flaw in trying to game STV – it could only work if everyone knew everyone else’s preferences in advance! (Fat chance.)

          So all anyone can do in the privacy of the election booth is choose their preferences in order of perceived personal merit, and let the collective dice roll how they will. In a way thus with STV it’s pointless to publicly advocate any particular sequence of choices, because it’s so very personal. The best one can do is simply warn people not to feel obliged to select absolutely every candidate, regardless of merit or position on the indy question.

      • What irks me is the assumption from some that just because a party backs indy, all indy supporters should vote for it, and if they don’t ‘well indy is maybe not their priority!’.

        I’ve seen such comments bandied around, and all I will say is such an approach will not win votes.

        I have personally never told anyone how to vote, and don’t like to be blackmailed as per the above.

        In all my time, I have only ever told people why I vote the way I do and left it up to them to decide whether they liked my arguments or not.

        Anyway, if I started a new indy party tomorrow, should everyone vote for me just because I am pro-indy, or would they just ‘help the unionists’ by not doing so? That’s what the above amounts too. It’s very presumptuous and getting into unionist party type arrogance, so nobody should be doing it.

        In the council elections, I shall only vote for pro-indy parties / candidates because I am Scottish, not British. I will rank these in order of preference based on council manifestos, past performance, my trust in them etc. If they just say ‘vote for me because I am pro indy’ and/or just try a blackmail approach, then they’re unlikely to be getting my vote.

        • grizebard says:

          I don’t see where you suddenly get this “blackmail” notion from – where is the possible coercion? There is none! (Or if there really were, it would be illegal.) Due proportion, please.

          As for the rest of it, as in the past we’ll inevitably get a bunch of fringe offerings for the local elections, old or new, and the sifting of the metaphorical “wheat from the chaff” is just what we will all have to do. So you’re saying nothing new here. Let’s move on.

        • scottish skier says:

          Ok, I should have put ‘blackmail’ in inverted commas, or prefixed it by ’emotional’ which is what ‘You should vote for us as we are pro-indy, and if you don’t you are just helping unionists / you are not prioritising indy’ is.

          I have read comments to such effect on sites supporting some minor indy parties, and I was eluding to that.

          Votes are earned, not an automatic right.

          • Welsh_Siôn says:

            Pedant’s corner.

            “I was *alluding to that”, surely?

            (No, I’m not calling you Shirley!)

          • scottish skier says:

            Och lol, that’s predictive text / autocorrect and not properly proof reading for you. 🙂

            Although the thing about proof reading your own text is that you often can’t see your own mistakes as your brain tends to read what it believes it wrote. As you probably know!


            • Welsh_Siôn says:

              Happy for you to include me in that hashtag, SS!

              Don’t forget I earn part of my living by jumping on things like that – and being paid for it. And that in three languages.

              )At least yours wasn’t as (in)glorious as Capella’s recently – which I’m always going to savour. Along with others from my professional work. 🙂

              • Capella says:

                I nearly missed out the “o” in count in a post below. But I had you sitting on my shoulder tut tutting and caught it in time. 😡

                • Welsh_Siôn says:

                  Ha ha ha ha …. Just don’t try referencing Jeremy Hunt without my say-so, too!

                  Naughtie, naughtie 😉

  15. jfngw says:

    I beginning to think Andrew Bowie must be some relative of David as he seems to use the same technique for his outpouring the singer used for his lyrics. Just write some random lines of thought on a piece of paper, cut them out, throw them on the table and randomly select them in the hope they make some sense.

    The Tories are declaring the pandemic over (don’t think they have informed the virus or the WHO yet though). They will then begin to trumpet it as the greatest success in the world, ably assisted by their media courtiers. In a few years the disaster will be celebrated as if it was Britain outperforming the worlds response, a modern day Dunkirk. The, by then I suspect, over 200,000 dead will just be grist to their mill, the one thing Brit Nats revel in is the sacrifice of others to prove how great they are.

    Hopefully we will no longer be part of this macabre Britishness (I use the word British in the context it will be applied not by how I view it).

    • Capella says:

      The BBC have managed to find another week where the Scottish case rates appear to be higher than England’s.

      The latest Scottish government Covid report shows average daily cases in Scotland (2,824 per one million population in the week to 6 January) was higher than in England (2,615 per one million) which has fewer Covid restrictions.

      So Prof Leitch has to spell out that the restrictions are still necessary to contain infection. Imagine public health officials having to counter misinformation from the “public service broadcaster” in a deadly pandemic.

      They think it’s good that UK deaths are 150,000 making it 7th highest in the world. Fewer deaths than in the USA, India, Mexico, Russia, Brazil and Peru. But apart from Peru, these countries have far higher populations so their death rates will be lower.

      Scotland is going to produce separate figures for lateral flow test infections now that people are no longer required to take a PCR test if positive. Could a drop in infection rates be due to the fact they only count PCR test results which are no longer necessary?

  16. Och lol. And just when Starmer thought he was out in front.

    Corbyn gears up to create his own political party following Starmer inertia

    Ex Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is gearing up to create his own political party, according to inside reports.

    Building on his Peace & Justice Project Charity, Corbyn is working on running in the next election, according to reports from The Telegraph.

    He is reportedly planning a tour of the country to meet voters and campaign on his favourite political issues, including worker’s rights. He is also in talks to write a book.

    Boris will be pleased. Having said that, the Tories don’t seem very united either!

  17. Well, this will help the acute labour shortage.

    Steep rise in EU nationals refused entry into UK as Brexit controls tighten with Romanians making up half of those stopped at border

    The number of EU nationals who have been prevented from entering the UK has risen by a third, according to new data shared with City A.M. this morning…

    …Romanian nationals account for the overwhelming majority of EU nationals turned away (56 per cent of the total number), followed by Bulgarians (10 per cent) and Polish nationals (7 per cent)…

    The numbers suggest that EU nationals from Eastern European countries may be being scrutinised by border officials more closely than other EU nationalities when attempting to enter the UK, according to Chetal Patel, partner at Bates Wells.

    “In the eyes of the law, all EU nationals should be treated equally. The fact that Romanians and other Eastern European nationalities continue to be disproportionately impacted, does indicate that some profiling may be taking place,” she added.

    “Being subjected to intense questioning can be a distressing experience. Many of the people who have been stopped are likely to have been trying to visit the UK for legitimate reasons, such as visiting friends or family. These latest figures don’t help the UK’s international reputation.”

    The hostile environment for foreign citizens policy is getting even more hostile. No wonder the UK is suffering from mass emigration of skilled key workers.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Frankly surprised at Romanians turning up since the UK was on the Red list for flights, then read the article which was largely based on data for the last quarter of 2021 with vague reference to “hostile policy” into 2022.
      I agree current UK immigration policy was always a nonsense, and is ultimately self defeating, but I suggest leave them to it, this is their time for mourning what they’ve done.

  18. Bob Lamont says:

    OT- An old buddie on an Irish Forum proposed this jokingly as England’s next national anthem, then blow me I started recognising faces beyond the “stars”…..
    Will leave it here for those who may enjoy music, but also out of curiosity how many guests are recognised…

  19. Capella says:

    Andy Murray to Nigel Farage LOL

  20. scottish skier says:

    Cannae be long now before Bozo falls and is replaced by someone less competent / more corrupt.

    BBC totally gunning for him, which means the establishment is sharpening the knives.

    ‘100-plus’ invited to Downing Street garden lockdown drinks

    More than 100 people were invited to a “bring-your-own-booze” drinks event in the Downing Street garden during the first lockdown, it has been reported.

    Witnesses have told the BBC the PM and his wife attended the gathering on 20 May 2020, alleged to have involved around 30 people.

    Not far off the population of Aberdeen dead across the UK and Bozo was partying away as the ‘bodies piled high’.

    But the replacement will be worse. Liz Truss is getting a lot of air time. And on down the plughole the UK goes.

    • The Next One will be white, male, not fat, and simmering nicely in the background.
      He will not have left his wife recently, won’t have got caught on camera with his tongue down the throat of his mistress, won’t have been on a £36,000 seven day holiday in an exclusive hotel resort in Crete while the Yanks and the hapless Brits fled Afghanistan, won’t be a Filthy Rich entitled Posh Boy, and won’t be a Remoaning Furriner Lover.
      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Stephen Barclay…
      Like the grey lifeless John Major before him, Barclay will rise without trace, as the Middle Of The Road compromise between Sunak and the incredibly dumb Truss…
      Johnson will be out before Easter..

  21. Pogmothon says:

    OT a bit
    Can anyone tell me at what point the EBC is likely to report on the petition to have Tony (wmd) Blair stripped of the knighthood which a few minutes ago stood at almost 1,100,000 signatures.
    Can you imagine the clamour if a similar % of the Scottish population petitioned against Wee Eck.
    (He’s the only ex-leader we have.)

  22. yesindyref2 says:

    So, looking at the 2nd last opinion poll, of 1107 people by Ipsos Mori which had YES at 50% and NO at 42%, the composition of the voters for YES was 8% of Conservative voters, 10% of Labour, 14% of LibDem, and 85% of SNP. Alba would presumably have been around 90% as the SNP attracts people who vote for them, but don’t support Indy – same as before in 2011. Green are omitted for easiness, probably included in the constituency VI table.

    Put roughly in figures for the electorate taking into account the reverse VI for the parties, you get out of 3.6 million who might vote in Indy Ref 2:

    Con – 43,000
    Lab – 59.000
    LibD – 23,000
    SNP – 1,400,000
    (Alba – 90% of 45,000 from Holyrood List = 40,000)

    and just as importantly for the don’t knows:

    Con – 10,000
    Lab – 53,000
    LibD – 23,000
    SNP – 92,000

    That gives a grand total of 1,743,000 votes for YES – YES WIns!!!

    Now, can you imagine what happens if those Con / Lab / LibD / Alba voters – 251,000 of them – visit this blog and get attacked by rabid duggers telling them to piss off? It’s a loss for Indy, by 1,492,000 YES to 1,708,000 to NO.

    The rabies have it, the rabies have it.

    • John Muir says:

      The thought of 43k Tory Yessers takes some getting your head around! They’re quiet, whoever they are.

      Also the sheer number of don’t knows who vote SNP! Now, I do know a few of those. A lot of them are the very No/Remainers we most need to switch. There’s a lot of folk who find it easier to vote for the SNP than to support Independence. They’re curious, but not sold yet, even now.

      • Right,lads, we get it…Bore us to death with tedious stats and Alba..
        Back to the Salmond Blogs now, and leave the rest of us in tragic ignorance ….

        • Dr Jim says:

          We have to be patient with them while they tell us we’re wrong before they get round to insisting Alba are for real and they’re pure dead brilliant so they are because a blogger made up a story out of his very own head then called it a fact so it must be true

          I’ve no doubt whatsoever that some folk in Alba think they’re in an Independence supporting political party or think that what they’re told is real, but it’s not and like you I do wish they’d take it elsewhere and bin it where it belongs

          Tiresome and tedious bores

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Who let the dogs out?
            Who, who, who who?

            Pavlov better check his kennels.

            • I find it difficult to salivate over the thought of which Alba loser I should pick in the May Council election when I join in a discussion forum on the best independence site West of the Pecos.
              The deliberate insertion of mindless stats and pitchforking references to the miserably failed Alba Salmond vanity project on here, are designed to bore any visitor, new, or seasoned patron.

              There, you’ve had your wee incursion on here.
              The SNP Missing Indy funds and GRA and kids sex questionaires and Sturgeon is an MI5 Tory Plant sites must be missing your input.
              On here, grown ups speaking.
              ‘Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant’.
              Today, I know when I’m being pissed on.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              Jack, you don’t read very well, you understand little of what you read, you don’t remember anything you read even in the same thread or same post, you confuse posters with other posters, and to fill in the gaps which is somewhere around 98%, you invent an alternate reality which unfortunately is quite unpleasant, possibly resembling your white mist rage.

              Hope this helps.

              • ..and a good morning to you too, YesIndyref2.
                To go all biblical in response:-
                “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5

                Or to go all Freudian, some more qualified than I might interpret your 3.43 am outpourings as classic signs of projection defence mechanism.
                Blame the victim.
                The tactic of the bully.
                Some would argue that it is yourself whom you describe above, that you hate what you see, therefore transfer the negative vibes to me, with whom you are annoyed for stirring up your profoundly suppressed negative personality traits.

                Hope this helps.
                See my receptionist on the way out and make an appointment for the same time next year.
                Meanwhile read Freud, Jung, Klein, Allport, among many others, and perhaps take Hermann Rorschach’s ink blot test.

                For balance, I too have a massive plank in my eye, blurring my external vision of the world.

                • wm says:

                  Jack, keep the heid there is people on this blog trying to annoy you, they widnae make a patch for your a**s trust me.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Well, some in the Conservatives probably realise they’ll never become the Government at Holyrood without Indepdendence. They won’t unless they break away from the UK party. But as Wings found out to his disgust, Scotland isn’t anywhere near as Socialist as people presume.

        Con and Alba have an advantage SNP (and Green now) supporters don’t. Many of them hate Sturgeon and the SNP, and from that point of view they can reach the parts that ordinary Indy supporters can’t. You can see that on MSM forums where Alba are active. In fact anyone who doesn’t fall down and idolatise Sturgeon and the SNP can get on well with those some of us are trying to convert.

        But the SNP faithful CAN reach those 92,000 don’t knows – and those SNP voters who are currently NO. We all have our parts to play, though some seem to be more interested in trying to gum people in a vain attempt to spread rabies than actually win Indy Ref 2.

      • scottish skier says:

        But as Wings found out to his disgust, Scotland isn’t anywhere near as Socialist as people presume

        Actually, I got the opposite impression. Wings went down a very Daily Mail esque sensationalist right-wing conservative dog whistling route in it’s latter days in the hope of appealing to social conservatism in indy voters. The ultimate goal of this was, without much doubt, to split the movement and topple the FM / hurt the SNP ahead of key elections. The site even went as far as advocating a vote for unionists as voting day approached in a last desperate through of the dice.

        It was a gigantic flop as yes supporters are not conservative enough, much to Wing’s disgust. Too centre to left and liberal as rule (hence the yellow colour of the SNP = international colour of liberalism).

        Of course Scotland does have plenty of Tories, most identify as British before Scottish (or not Scottish at all) and they vote Tory / Lib Dem (Wings was lib dem). Wings appealed very strongly to these in the end, but they were pro-union anyway.

        • Alec Lomax says:

          Campbell is probably still is Lib Dem. The question is it Charles Kennedy Lib Dem or the pro austerity Lib Dems of Danny Alexander and Jo Swinton?

    • scottish skier says:

      We’ve been over this before, but I guess it’s always worth doing a reminder.

      While it tends to pay to be polite as a rule, nobody will vote for or against independence because they don’t like someone who BTL comments on the internet.

      I get dog’s abuse from some Alba voters / members, but the main reason I decided not to vote for Alba is the party’s lack of respect for democracy (all elected reps are, for now, ‘not the government Scots voted for’ I understand) and their leader’s attempts to threaten iref2 by falsely accusing the FM of multiple ministerial code breaches ahead of the key 2021 election.

      I’m sure most voters are similar in this respect. Indepdnecence is decided on rather more important matters.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        It costs nothing to be nice SS, and as the saying doesn’t go:

        You attract more bees with honey“.

        The poster who was treated with such disrespect and unbelievable misrepresentation by tag and then his faithful sidekick, tig, didn’t write any of the stuff he was accused of. But he did provide a link to 2 years ago, when this blog had quite a few regular posters you never see these days.

        Same thing happened to Wings – and that was before the host turned funny – and before it started going GRA crazy and I was blocked for saying “Wake me up when we get back to Independence”. That was a different tig and tag team, one of which has re-emerged on a conspiracy blog as extremely anti-Sturgeon – a complete reversal. It was of course the blogger who banned heed, a sad loss to humour and Indy. And another who posted some great links in spite of constant pain.

        Life’s too short for constant abuse for just expressing an opinion. And as far as that goes, 2022 is off to a bad start with examples from both Alba and SNP, amongst others.

      • ‘It costs nothing to be nice SS.’

        Och aye, it does, as I alluded to 😉 above. And folk should take care on jumping on posts before reading them through.

        However, I’m sure e.g. John Muir is a big boy and can handle a bit ae a blogheid rammy!

        I got hounded off another couple of ‘pro-indy’ blogs for asking too many questions about conspiracy theories and total reversals of position (on AMS voting) etc, and it didn’t turn me unionist!

        The thing about all this is that there isn’t any split in the indy camp. The unionist attempt to use Alba for that flopped big style. The SNP + Green vote went up in the election so net, it lost nothing in any split. If anything, Alba actually took some unionist votes net. 🙂

        I do know quite a few nice folks that gave Alba a punt because they’re pro-indy and the SNP did look dead set to take every constituency in their own region. They tend to be people who are not into the online cybernat scene so oblivious to the associated Alba-SNP activist spats. They’re certainly not Salmond worshipers either.

  23. Capella says:

    Really looking forward to the Platinum Jubilee this year – I cant say how much I’m looking forward to it.
    Here’s a clip of he Royale Family to get you into the mood.

  24. Capella says:

    ‘Nuclear obsession’: Tory bill to let firms charge customers to build plants and that include us.

    The SNP Scottish Government has made it clear that it is committed to opposing new nuclear power plants and prioritising renewable and low carbon sources of energy, with Scotland producing nearly all of its electricity from renewable sources.

    SNP energy spokesperson Alan Brown MP said: “Scotland has made it clear time and again that we do not want nuclear power stations – yet we will foot the bill for them anyway as the Tory government hammer on with their nuclear obsession.

  25. Capella says:

    Hamish MacPherson continues his series in The National on the Scottish regiments. This week it’s the Gordon Highlanders, now rebranded 4SCOTS the 4th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

    My father was one of the 51st Gordon Highlanders who were abandoned at St Valery in June 1940 while the rest of the British army were evacuated from Dunkirk. The survivors spent 5 years as POWs in Poland. Every once in a while the British state makes an effort to remember although the rebranding should help to bury their history.

    • grizebard says:

      The 51st (Highland) Division, of course, of which the Gordons were a part. As in WW1, in which my uncle served (and died) in both.

      The French at least have never forgotten. On ceremonial occasions at St.Valery, they fly a Saltire as well as a Tricolore and a Union Rag.

    • UncleBob says:

      My great Uncle was also one of the 51st Gordon Highlanders who were abandoned at St Valery in 1940. He never made it home from the Polish Prisoner of war camp. He is still remembered by my father and me. Why. oh, why do we not know more about these people. Only the families carry their stories with them.

      • grizebard says:

        Well, just to get the facts straight, the infantry order of battle of the 51st (Highland) Division in 1940 was as follows:

        Division: Major General V.M. Fortune, CB, DSO (CO)
        Lt Col H Swinburn (GSO1)

        152nd Brigade: Brigadier H.W.V. Stewart, DSO
        > 2nd Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders
        > 4th Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders
        > 4th Bn. The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders

        153rd Brigade: Brigadier G.T. Burnet, MC
        > 4th Bn. The Black Watch
        > 1st Bn. The Gordon Highlanders
        > 5th Bn. The Gordon Highlanders

        154th Brigade: Brigadier A.CL. Stanley-Clarke, DSO
        > 1st Bn. The Black Watch
        > 7th Bn. The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
        > 8th Bn. The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

        plus of course a whole lot more besides.
        1st Gordons were regulars, 5th were territorials.

        See, eg.

        Lots of interest there.

      • Capella says:

        I have a little box full of my father’s mementos from that time. Photos, newspaper cuttings and letters he saved to keep the memory alive. The older I get the sadder it is that they were left abandoned and the great British elite wanted to forget them and focus on their triumphs – if you could call Dunkirk a triumph.

        General Fortune got his coat wet as he tried to get on a boat to save himself, my father said. Their last order was “Every man for himself”.

  26. Golfnut says:

    Worth saving for future use, Business for Scotland Oil and gas profits. Not mentioned in the article, Norway’s revenue from the oil and gas sector £19 billion in 2019, uk zero. Question, rhetorical only, where did the uk revenue go?

  27. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Michael Fabricant on BBC News channel trying desperately to justify and excuse the latest party incident …..the garden apparently , where party was held is, according to him, just an extension of the office.

    The BBC used Baroness Davidson’s intervention in this as if she is a moral crusader….where as we all know her intervention is a damage limitation exercise on behalf of the Scottish (in name only) Tories to try and save the Scottish (in name only) Tories from the fall out …the SAME Baroness Davidson who embraced Boris Johnson’s Brexit that she was supposedly so vehemntly opposed to throughout EU Referendum campaign….and the SAME Baroness Davidson who holds the current title that she now has because of Boris Johnson the leader of HER party….and the same Baroness Davidson, who now , in the HOL, is not at risk of losing her underserved position as another unelected bureaucrat in voicing a political opinion that is used by her to try and give both credibility and support to her Scottish ( in name only) colleagues … distance them, the Scottish (in name only) Tories from HQ’s many corrupt practices and wrong decisions that impact us in Scotland …………what pray is her opinion on Lady Mone on the latest incidents that Lady Mone is alleged to be guilty of……or is that an area she prefers to NOT voice an opinion on………same as all of the other corrupt practices on PPE contracts awarded to Tory donors, honours for cash corruption, ministerial codes broken etc…….I think we Scots will take no lessons on morals from either the Baroness or the BBC thank you.

    So everyone thinks, apart from those loyal to him, that Boris Johnson should resign over partygate….and then what ?……….someone new takes over and we are all supposed to just move on….move on and forget all of the other corrupt practices, bad decisions and incompetence the Tories have committed during this pandemic and indeed throughout their term as the supposed UK Govt…. also the badly conceived Brexit policy that has, as we expected, failed to deliver the promises that were made during the EU Referendum campaign….as in the same Brexit that Boris Johnson AND many of his Tory colleagues campaigned for and have defended…..and yet now seem reluctant to mention…….as one cannot highlight failure.

    New leader….clean slate…….how ?

    All Tories were and are complicit in more than just parties during Covid restrictions….they have all supported, defended and voted for his bills/policies throughout his leadership but somehow the public are expected to disregard this fact and thus should accept that Boris will be their new sacrificial lamb to appease the public’s appetite for justice to be seen (but not really) …… we are then supposed to assume that all is well as yet ANOTHER leader of their party will what ?..

    Just continue to take us all down the same destructive path as Boris Johnson has………..the problem is not just Boris Johnson…the problem is the whole Tory party, the weak supposed official opposition whose leader sends out members of his shadow cabinet to berate Boris Johnson as he himself, Starmer, does not want to be associated with any negativity on either the Brexit policy or the Covid policy linked with the Tories…as Starmer fears it will impact him via the public’s perception………

    Tis more than illegal parties during Covid restrictions that the Tories should be held to account for……but THAT is what the media are currently distracting our attention with…….the other corrupt and incompetent practices (too many to mention) are too hot to handle for both them and the Tories obvs……..

    A media circus indeed…….with the usual suspects, like Baroness Davidson, given a media platform to save both their own branch office and their HQ party’s skins……..we are not all daft…..we know when we are being played …..and their doing it deliberately too….and indeed it is a constant.

  28. jfngw says:

    Doesn’t look good for the Met Police, they seemed not able to detect lockdown law breaking even when they had officers in the building a party was being held in. Mind you with the record of the leader (Carressa Dick is it) it seems they can find and kill innocent people much easier. London does seem to be a centre of corruption from the highest echelons down.

    BBC immediately roll out Boris Johnson’s Dame (is it a pantomime Dame), Ruth Davidson, as if she has some form of integrity, a quick check would dispel this illusion, but it’s the BBC and she is a Tory so no check required.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Boris Johnson’s Dame (is it a pantomime Dame), Ruth Davidson

      Oh yes, she is!
      Oh no, she isn’t!
      Oh yes, she is!
      [Cont. on p.92 or until the people of Scotland get tired of it and her – whichever comes sooner]

      She’s becoming a regular now – almost as if she’d never left the Beeb.

      Time for a new nickname, perhaps: She’s just made a Ruthtervention. (Or more likely, ‘an Untruthtervention’.)

      • grizebard says:

        A “Ruthtervention” – brilliant! And your closing summary equally so.

        England’s once-darling “Saviour of Scotland” shunted off to the Great House of the (Ermine) People to silence her over BoJo, now frantic just to rescue the tattered reputation of her own party.

  29. Hamish100 says:

    BBC look after their own.

  30. Dr Jim says:

    Remember when the Baroness promised to resign if we were dragged out of the EU, remember when she promised to resign if Boris Johnson ever became Prime Minister, remember when she had zero respect for Boris Johnson then loved him like a brother, remember when she disagreed with everything Boris Johnson stood for then said and did everything he ordered her to say and do, remember when she was packing it all in to become a full time Mommy and didn’t

    Remember when Ruth Davidson was a human being and not a sycophantic lying wee Tory wash rag? Nope neither can I

    • grizebard says:

      What I remember very clearly is how Ruth Davidson, while heading up the “Scottish” Tories, was heavily promoted and protected from all awkward questions by BBC Jockland.

      (As also was PM BoJo by the BBC in England, until the leaks began.)

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        It’s almost as if this Ruth Davidson , now a Baroness, and the former leader of the Tory party in Scotland, is to be perceived as if somehow in a different Tory party from the political party we all associate her as being part of i.e. the party known as the Tories aka the Conservative and Unionists party ……….a UK party.

        The same Ruth Davidson seen canvassing for , attending their conferences and who told us the Tory MP’s elected in Scotland, when she was their leader, would work for Scotland while at WM under the umbrella of….the UK Tory party…….BTW they didn’t and neither has she.

        Why is Ruth Davidson given prominence as opposed to DRoss on this matter….DRoss who I believe is supposedly the current branch office manager in Scotland…….are they once again promoting THE LIE that she is popular and trusted by Scots……..but not to the extent that she was ever voted in as FM in Scotland though, via her party gaining a majority , at Holyrood ….a convenient omission regularly NOT highlighted by the media….which basically explains what many know to be true as in her so called popularity being but a media construct …….

        What are the chances that she will be on BBC Reporting Scotland tonight….for them and her to present the lie that she is a ‘different’ kind of Tory…….though what the difference is between her and the current Tories who are HER colleagues ……Well I for one fail to see it….. as her words and actions throughout her political CAREER , as a Tory politician, and as part of a UK wide party , has failed to separate her from the rest of the Tories and their policies in the UK…..but I am just a daft pleb … of many it would seem as far as the Tories are concerned….and of course the media too……

        • grizebard says:

          “Why is Ruth Davidson given prominence as opposed to DRoss on this matter”?

          I think you and we all know the answer to that one. {grin} The Baroness is still perceived in England as an {ahem} “clunking fist” whereas DRoss is an ineffectual nobody. And from her background, she knows how to work the media and she has her connections…

          … so yes, a mention on RepScot is very likely, but rather more problematic on the Forres Gimp’s home turf than down south, perhaps…

          • Bob Lamont says:

            “Why is Ruth Davidson given prominence as opposed to DRoss on this matter”?
            That’s her new role, deflection…

          • Not-My-Real-Name says:

            Also problematic in her being publicly platformed by UK (English) media ….in that with her being ‘perceived’ , promoted and platformed in England as a so called “clunking fist” well it is of no consequence and no bearing to those of us, who in elections in Scotland, vote as voters in Scottish elections and UK wide ones to elect actual politicians to represent us……….she is now out of the loop….. as in being one of the many unelected bureaucrats , who as such, still think while unelected by us they can still tell us, the voters ,and indeed those WE elect what we, and our elected MP’s, should do……….

            Her elevation to the HOL was a truly fitting ‘end game’ for her, post her abandoning Scottish politics, where as a MSP, her earning potential was being challenged and restricted when she sought to gain financially via an outside source on top of her MSP salary……

            Thus when she saw the potential of ‘outside financial earnings’ as a member of the HOL’s were not as restrictive as her previous position …..she then did what most washed up Unionist politicians do….retire to the ultimate gravy train aka the HOL’s……so her and those other members of the upper chamber’s potential to feed from both within and outwith the HOL’s was for her , and all of those other members, a financial enticement too good to resist………how many outside financial interests does she hold now?

            I remember a time when Boris Johnson too was lauded by them all….as in a lot of Tories and some media so untRUTH will have her day of reckoning too I am sure…..karma seems to visit everyone with a previous history of badness at some point…..we on here have seen many come and go, rise and fall…..

            Min you the ultimate karma of course being that karma that will be visited upon THEIR Union and it’s final destruction …..destroyed by THEM not by us but by THEM …..where Karma is then not seen as the bitch but as the defeater. ( Ruth knows about the word defeater… was what happened to her party in Scottish elections…. as in the SNP did defeat ‘er at Holyrood many a time while she was leader of her party)

            Karma….a delicious and fitting end to the Union……..maybe then life will not be seen as it seems now, by so many here in Scotland while still in this non Union, i.e. as a bitch …..#Karma Ha Ha Ha

        • Baroness Rape Clause?
          Obviously makng a pitch for a job in PM Stephen Barclay’s Cabinet.
          Where’s B-Lister ‘Union’ Jack hiding?

          • grizebard says:

            Who’s he? {laugh}

            • Welsh_Siôn says:

              Where’s B-Lister ‘Union’ Jack hiding?

              In a fridge with DRoss and Simon Hart, last I heard …

              (It’s a big fridge. But they’re not social distancing.)

  31. jfngw says:

    Didn’t think Vileda made wigs, but I’ve just seen Michael Fabricant (have I spelt that correctly) on TV and it seems I’m mistaken.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Resident pedant and proof reader replies:

      You have indeed spelt ‘Michael Fabricant’ correctly. However, there is an alternative spelling whereby the ‘a’ in the final syllable can be replaced by a ‘u’ … 🙂

      Happy to help.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Think Neil Oliver at 71… Oddly reminds me of Dougal from ” Le Manège enchanté”, re-scripted for the UQ’s “the Magic Roundabout”, later to become the design philosophy behind Spaghetti Junction…

  32. yesindyref2 says:

    Someone posted about smoke alarms for this stupid new way over the top over-reacting regulation with fuel and energy and food prices way up, covid and Brexit, all we need right now is to spend money we don’t have on alarms which some people weren’t even able to get. But we might find insurance companies taking any excuse not to pay up and we lose everything – as if.

    This just arrived and I went running after the driver because the package was so small.. Yes, there are 3 smoke and 1 heat they’re very compact. Inc delivery and 4 self-adhesive pads, £155. Yet to fit and test them.

    • Fitted our alarms/detectors just before Christmas.
      Of course Sarwar Dross and Coal-Scuttle will be exhorting their members to meet the new Fire Safety Regulations.
      Or perhaps not.
      That would require them to behave as members of the Scottish Parliament.
      They will be in three part Better Together harmony blaming ‘Sturgeon’ for not getting the message across/Too expensive/extend the deadline/SNP Green omnishambles whinge at the end of February.

    • jfngw says:

      Another badly regulated sector, these wireless systems are propriety and you can’t mix and match when you are unable purchase matching units. I have a heat alarm, carbon monoxide plus a hub all for Fireangel, the smoke alarms have been on back order since early October and it looks unlikely they will arrive any time soon. To meet the Feb deadline I would need to scrap the three units I’ve already purchased.

      Worse is if you need to replace a unit in the future and the manufacturer has replaced the product the new unit has a high chance of being incompatible with the older ones requiring all of them to be replaced. The batteries are supposed to last 10 years but I’m a bit sceptical whether this will be achieved.

      This I’m afraid has been a poor piece of regulation, good intentions but not enough research into the products available and their lack of inter-compatibility.

      • grizebard says:

        I do agree. The SG could have usefully assisted by setting open standards and ensuring suitable packages with its imprimatur were readily available, which would have been a win-win all round. Instead it’s “everyone for themselves”, manufacturers, suppliers and customers alike.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Yes, I thought it was you. I checked out the Fireangels too, but the safelincs is cheaper. Reviews are good, supposedly it will be easy. I’m lucky in one way, the old alarms were screwed in to old paster and came out, and I haven’t had time to do a plaster job strong enough to take screws, so at least I’m not chucking away new non-interlinked ones. Might put a lick of paint on before sticking on the pads. Can always paint around it later!

        If it’s this one you’re after, screwfix seem to have them. £49.99 though, so not cheap.

        • jfngw says:

          Been round all the online suppliers, none actually have any in stock when you try to order them. Even the manufacturer site is predicting February at the earliest but it is only provisional. There are some on Amazon from unknown (to me) sellers but they are asking between £80 – £90 per unit (suspect they purchased them in the hope they could make a killing).

          I picked the Fireangel because it had good reviews on various sites. I did see the safelinc ones but went for the ones I thought were better known, wrong choice in the end it seems.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Strewth, they ain’t cheap, but I don’t think the timing of introduction was deliberate all the same..
      For sealed battery read “we’ve hidden what we used”… They will be replaceable for a fiver for a handy lad with a soldering iron… But I’m curious if they’re internet connection dependant, fallback LAN or standalone ?

      My curiosity is as a hobbyist seeing RF become the default commercial solution of late.
      I’ve had radio nodes running here on 2AA cells for up to 2 years, sending all sorts back to a monitoring system running since 2017, rock solid bar battery changes.
      These devices get cheaper and smaller every year, so much so I finally bought and installed a shedload of Sonoff switches and relays for here and it all went like clockwork, and it’s not a promo. Because I’ve connected them to a secondary router on a UPS and they fallback on LAN, I don’t need “the cloud”, hence my curiosity how these operate ?
      Amazed how cheap it’s all become, my bill was way less than your 4 new toys, I couldn’t even make them for the price now, changed days indeed.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        They delayed it a year because of Covid but it’s still on. Labour did ask for another delay but the ScotGov refused. They say there’ll be no problem if they’re a bit late (deadline end of this month). Tell that to vulture insurance company claim assessors.

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