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  1. Eddie Mullen says:

    This is the second time I’ve watched this from Mhairi and I’m even more impressed. A powerful, articulate, reasoned argument. As you say, “‘Nuff said.”


  2. bringiton says:

    Nice to hear talk about the value of independence for a change.
    Very refreshing.

  3. James Mills says:

    Wonderful speech !

    I particularly liked her reversal of the Unionist arguments about why would Scotland want to leave the Union : If Scotland was already Independent what are the arguments the Union could make to persuade us to join !
    Losing control of our Parliament to one miles away with an inbuilt majority against us ; losing control of our money and being handed ‘pocket money’ like kids ; losing control of our borders ; having Nukes dumped on us without our consent .

    Welldone , Mhairi !

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, I particularly liked that nifty re-framing also. It needs to be put like that to people come the actual referendum as well. “Exactly which powers would you like to give away, then…? “

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      I was thinking exactly the same.

      When I heard that, a picture came into my mind of a downtrodden woman, sitting on the end of a bed, looking in despair at a picture of her much younger self as a bride.

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  5. yesindyref2 says:

    Not including MP or MSP blogs – of the many pro-indy blogs, can anyone think of one run by a woman?

  6. P Harvey says:

    Tell it like it is !

  7. Wonderful! This young woman never ceases to amaze me – she is worth her weight in gold to this movement.

  8. Petra says:

    One of the best ever speeches from Mhairi Black, imo, especially in light of Westminster lifting the cap on its nuclear arsenal by 40% to 260 warheads. If you want rid of them, like ME, vote SNP x2 in May.

    ‘Mhairi Black MP slams Trident renewal.’



    As 9 countries worldwide (France, United States, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and presumably Israel) have nuclear weapons, including Scotlandshire, ”non-nuclear armed states” relate to around 191 countries in the World. Are we Scots willing to continue being party to this?

    ‘Boris Johnson ‘violating international law’ with plan to build more nuclear weapons.’

    ..”The review also says the UK reserves the right to withdraw assurances that it will not use nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear armed state “if the future threat of weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical and biological capabilities, or emerging technologies that could have a comparable impact, makes it necessary”.”..


  9. Janice Gale says:

    Brilliant speech from a young person with more insight and intelligence than could be shared amongst the Tories. A resounding YES.

  10. Richard says:

    You Scots have a crucial second voice with well-trained brains.
    While they certainly have flaws or weaknesses, Mhairi and Nicola are credible, and appear consistent, honest, and hopeful.
    Appreciate your chance and take advantage of it.
    I wish you to enjoy your future independence!
    I hope to be able to travel (preferably on foot) the “Republic of Scotland” or the “Scottish Confederation” (up to you to create the Constitution which suits you).

    • Geordie says:

      The People’s Republic of Jockistan (©Al Murray Pub Landlord) is my personal favourite.

  11. gullaneno4 says:

    Superb summary of where we are right now.

  12. Capella says:

    Cold War Steve

  13. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    A little ditty courtesy of the ‘Parody Boris Johnson’ Twitter account on Boris Johnson :

    At Eton I used to play rugger
    At Oxford I learned how to punt
    Some say I’m a bit of a bugger
    But most people think I’m a ……………..fool

  14. Alex Clark says:

    It’s hard to argue against anything she said in that video, but they will no doubt try and they will lose the arguement.

  15. Golfnut says:

    It’s propaganda of course, this fleg nonsense supposedly to highlight the mythical union dividend. It’s a lie, Two days after Scotland signed over the contents of our Treasury, 13 wagon loads of gold and silver headed south, Scotland in return became responsible for 25% of England’s debt. We’ve been paying through the nose ever since. Not one brick has been laid, not one free prescription, not one drop of oil extracted, not one bridge built and not one penny has come from the English taxpayer to pay for any of it. It’s our own money, even UK gov buildings recently built were paid for by us. The reality that Scotland is a net contributor to the union, like Scotland’s oil wealth, hidden by lies and misinformation.
    Now the reptiles are asset stripping England.

  16. A C Bruce says:

    Is Alex Salmond standing at the Holyrood election? Anyone know? The bitter bloggers mentioning something exciting for independence today which seems to be different to the “surprise” they were writing about a few weeks ago which apparently turned out to be Davis at Westminster.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Is that all that was about? I did see that Jogon was beside himself with excitement with the usual “I know something but I’m not telling yet” line. Never seemed to materialise.

      • A C Bruce says:

        Alex Salmond making announcement at 2pm today. Standing for Holyrood??

        • yesindyref2 says:

          He’s going to say:

          “Glory be, and praise the SNP, I’ve seen the light. Apologies to everyone for my inappropriate behaviour, I’m off back to Strichen to sort out my head and put on a few bets. SNP 1 & 2. Nicola for FM!”

          • A C Bruce says:

            I think it would be fun if he stood against DRoss.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              If he somehow managed to get back to Holyrood I don’t think anyone would want to work with him or sit near him – remember Dugdale after the I’m a nonentity get me out of here?

            • yesindyref2 says:

              I think it would be better if he took some time out. Whatever side people are on, surely most would agree it has been a stressful few years for him. Get his head together, maybe some counselling, then reinvent himself – some charity or other, use his name and previous reputation for that, and rehabilitate himself that way as a force for good. Dugdale managed it with the John Smith centre.

              (replying to your earlier one so as not to imbed too far and make it unreadable!)

              • A C Bruce says:

                He’s had time out. I would quite like to see him end his political career in Holyrood as he is more interested in independence than some others I can think of who prefer to feather their own nest.

                I don’t know him and I’m not a member of SNP but he was really very switched on and clever in politics, although people loathed or liked him.

              • Eilidh says:

                I don’t see how him standing even as an Independent would help the Indy cause it would just cause more division and give the Bathistan seer something to crow about

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          AC Bruce, Someone on WOS posted in response to this announcement by WOS :

          “Are you two getting married..(and if you ban me for that I’ll come for your rats!).

          Sometimes levity offers respite in all of the madness…..made me laugh anyway.

    • Doug Porteous says:

      According to the BBC Alex has started a new party for the Scottish elections Alba.

  17. Hamish100 says:

    They have nothing left but to hang onto but others peoples coattails.

    We have however our dream to come true of an Independent Nation within the United Nations.

    This is in our power as individuals working together.

    We work for Independence by getting SNP elected or you aid and abet the britnats.

  18. Malcolm H says:

    Jamie Jauncey Part 3

  19. Dr Jim says:

    I read an interesting article that explained the last time the SNP got an overall majority was because people voted so heavily SNP 1X2 that 16 extra list seats were gained which made that majority possible, so when the polling experts tell you it’s true and the SNP are telling you it’s true those who are telling you different are not being truthful

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, the alt-indy strategy is predicated upon there being a weak-majority SNP that can win FPTP constituencies but nothing more. It’s essentially negative and defensive, and potentially self-defeating if it saps morale and diverts enough votes without achieving any additional wins to compensate. And misses the very point you’re making (and I’ve said before), that a resurgent SNP can pick up list seats as well as constituency ones, if only voters believe it’s worth giving them that list vote as well, and don’t make the mistake that the pollsters seem to encourage in their questioning, that the “second vote” {ugh!} is somehow a second preference to be offered to some other party instead.

    • Statgeek says:

      There’s also the fact that Lab polled almost 32% as the second party, while the Tories polled 12%.

      The SNP were 45% / 44% for constituency and list, and basically picked up list seats where Lab/Con were strongest in the constituency votes.

      45% / 45% seems to be the beginning of the tipping point for an OM. If you look at Lab’s polling in the four election including 2011:

      1999 – 38.8%
      2003 – 34.6%
      2007 – 32.1% (SNP on 32.9%)
      2011 – 31.7%

      I’ll settle for 50% / 40% (I get the impression that combined total of 90% is generally a safe place for an OM), and hopefully a few extra Greens can squeeze out a few Lab/Con list seats too. The less there are of them, the funnier their ‘Leadership Merry-go-round’, will be. 😀

  20. andyfromdunning says:

    Very Good video. I will be copying the URL to people on my mail list soon. Braw!!

  21. Alex Clark says:

    Alex Salmond is launching a new party. Live link to his press conference on Youtube.

    • grizebard says:

      So he’s chosen the “David Owen” route to ending his politcal career. He’ll soon find out to his regret that most people in Scotland don’t do ego-driven personality politics. And certinly not for a “Marmite” figure like him.

    • Alex Clark says:

      It’s also now live on the BBC news channel where he is answering questions.

  22. Alex Clark says:

    Alex Salmond has just said vote SNP or another Independence supporting party in the constituency vote. He will only be standing on the list.

    • grizebard says:

      “…or another independence-supporting party”, eh? Graceless. The old divide-and-conquer.

      “He will only be standing” – so it’s a dog-and-pony show. Ego unlimited.

  23. yesindyref2 says:

    What a sad and embarrassing end. An early April’s Fool.

  24. bringiton says:

    So much for retirement from politics.
    Perhaps a friend of ours was right saying that Alex thought Nicola Sturgeon was just going to keep the seat warm for him.
    Medvedev and Putin comes to mind.

  25. Eilidh says:

    Yep the ego has landed.He will take some votes from the Snp and he knows it. Sadly he does not understand humility. BBC news App says Chris McEleny involved with Alba party too and he is one moron I can’t stand

  26. grizebard says:

    Four others standing, possibly. If McEleny is one, who else? Sillars, McNeil, even MacAskill, maybe? The old male fogies’ party..?

  27. Alex Clark says:

    He is offering an olive branch and has just said he wishes the SNP well (in the election). Despite my doubts he has moved on, I will too.

    • grizebard says:

      Hmmm, that’s what experienced politicians say when they’re competing for attention with, and thus aiming to pinch votes from, others. Just on the list, of course (whence a majority SNP must come).

    • astytaylor says:

      It’s a broad church. It’s a big country.

      • John Muir says:


        The SNP has little to lose to Alba in the election. 3 list seats in South of Scotland and 1 in the Highands. Everywhere else, the SNP has zero list seats. While the 3 Brit parties rely on them all as their lifeline. Rich pickings!

        I watched the press conference. Salmond did a fine job. His ego is gigantic, but he’s as committed to independence as ever. Things just got much more lively!

  28. Alex Clark says:

    Seriously this will cause panic in No 10’s “Union Unit” and the cabinet. The Britnat media already frothing at the mouth as they ask their biased and negative questions about Independence.

    Like Grizebard though, I think it will all come down to the candidates they put forward, I too have no time for Chris McEleny who has been a very divisive figure within the SNP in my view.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I suspect there is more behind this than mere ego (aside perhaps recovering part of his once formidable reputation), his political antennae are still finely tuned, and could seriously damage the List vote disruptors by harvesting the “fell out with SNP” brigade.

      The Salmond stitch-up (he provided the ammunition admittedly) was a London creation to split the Indy vote, the news that AS has targeted what they created will put the cat among their already incontinent pigeons…
      I suspect Sarah Smith will be moving on from chewing wasps to spitting tarantulas in her next epistle from Pacifier Quay…

  29. grizebard says:

    Well, who was it the other day doubting that James Kelly was hoping for a showing from Salmond? No longer any doubt about it, he’s done a 180-degree turnaround – as some of us anticipated – and fallen for the new-old Saviour “hook and line”, if not quite “sinker” yet.

    • Legerwood says:

      He stated months ago, and has repeated it since, that he would vote for any party led by AS. What are these people on.

      This development is a gift to the Unionist parties.

    • Alex Montrose says:

      Yip, Kelly has gone from, ” you can’t game the system ” and deleting all my vote SNP 1 Green 2 in the NE posts to, THE ALEX SALMOND SHOW is here, and I’m the the No1 cheerleader.

  30. It is a sad ending…

  31. Ken says:

    Is Alex Salmond standing? YES.
    A list vote to vote. Brilliant. Where?

  32. Statgeek says:

    The burning question is, will those who up to now have been bad talking the SNP ‘lend’ their vote to them in the constituency vote?

    If not, how do they expect SNP voters to reciprocate in List votes???

    Play fair.

    • Statgeek says:

      To highlight what I mean, a couple of comments from elsewhere:

      “SNP 1
      ALBA 2”


      “NO VOTES SNP, on May 6th.

      Plenty votes ALBA.”

      So we shall see.

  33. Alex Clark says:

    Those calling for “NO VOTES SNP” are clearly NOT Independence supporters and never have been. Unionist trolls of which there are many, the UK cannot afford to lose Scotland and they know it.

  34. Ken says:

    Alba is only going to be list votes. It just means another credible Indy Party to hoover up the list votes. Hope Alex is standing. What a bonus.

    • Statgeek says:

      It’s going to get really sticky if the SNP, Greens, Alba and ISP stand in a single region. What will the average Indy supporting, non-political geek choose?

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        “What will the average Indy supporting, non-political geek choose?”

        That’d be me!

        So SNP 1. Then? See, here’s the thing – He’s standing in the NE, apparently. Does that mean he’s standing against DRoss?

        SNP 2? Green 2? Or do I really have to vote for someone I’m unconvinced would be standing if he really gave a tinker’s about Indy?

        What a choice – DRoss or somebody whose lack of answers for ordinary folk contributed to me voting No in 2014. (Thanks to sites like this, Talking-up Scotland, BfS etc I know better now).

    • grizebard says:

      Your endorsement says it all, just not in the way you intend.

  35. Ken says:

    SNP/ALBA More Indy votes. Candidates.

  36. Ken says:

    YES, YES, YES. United, The band is getting back together.

    • grizebard says:


      Read the runes, just for once. This isn’t unity, it’s division. Splitterism on top of splitterism. People only get one list vote each, FGS.

      • heilan' loon says:

        And that is all they need, now if the folk that spat the dummy out before saying no going to vote SNP does as Alex asks and votes SNP, and in return those who support Nicola does the same, each can hold their noses for the good of the indy cause, and get shot of the unionist MSPs like Murdo, Rhoa, Ed Mountain whoever he is etc, then call a referendum, if naw, call a new Scots Election both parties standing for independence on a majority of indy MSPs being elected, does that not sound like a wish we could all stand behind regardless of party politics

  37. SNP 1 & 2..
    Perhaps his ‘pal’ David Davis will come North to join the campaign trail?
    He has been prevented from promoting independence for 3 years..but will do so for 7 weeks?
    What stopped him?
    Oh, yes, now I remember.
    The old chancer is trying to get on to the Merry Go Round again.
    SNP 1 and 2 ‘sends the message’ to England…

    • Mark Russell says:

      It demonstrates maturity beyond your ken, Mr Collatin. You’ve made your position quite clear – and your prejudices. They really don’t apply. If anyone could be excused fo being bitter, it might be Mr Salmond, considering his recent journey.

      But his intent is quite clear – to secure a majority for Scottish independence. He has not criticised the SNP of Ms Sturgeon – rather the reverse. You may continue down your particular rabbit hole, but others may prefer the clear fresh air of pastures new.

      Isn’t it time to rest the old arguments?

      Ms Cherry and others may join this new party as candidates. It would be something else if Mr Campbell and Mr Kavanagh did likewise. That would be a miracle – given the recent relationship – but that’s sometimes what it takes.

      As Aristotle observed:

      “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

      We shall see. Whether it makes any difference to our present plight, or whether it is simply a distraction – as is everything else in the media and politics; who knows?

      However, it it certainly not unwelcome.

      • grizebard says:

        Salmond+Kavanagh+SoB??? {raucous laugh} This kind of delusional “kumbaya” just gets better and better. Paul can speak for himself, of course, but I wonder what you’re on. You have truly strayed far from ground level, punting something like that. (I honestly don’t know why you even bother.)

        • Mark says:

          Not for your benefit. Sometimes, you just have to accept that others are beyond redemption.

          Good luck though. I’m sure Jack will lend a hand.

  38. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    In the May Scottish election is it easier to list (no pun intended) the parties , both Unionist and Independent, who are NOT standing than the ones who actually are ?

    Is that Dolphin , that in a by election in an English seat , won more votes than Nigel Farage also standing in the Scottish election in May…….if so what is his porpoise…sorry meant purpose.

    Will there also be a Scottish version of Lord Buckethead…no not George Galloway….but a Scottish cousin of the one who stood against Theresa May….a Laird McBuckethead perhaps.

    Also, just in case they have a wee look in here , can I ask Willie Rennie and DRoss to stop the never ending leaflets I keep getting posted through my letter box from them……..the prime reason being pulp fiction is not read in my house……….

    • Where’s the money coming from?
      Of course, now that we are in a campaign proper, they can’ spend dark English money any more.
      Looking forward to the Dead Tree Scrolls repeating the whole Saga the Sex Pest trial and retribution again this week, next to a Bodies in The Loch Bible John reprise piece.
      BBC Jockland will air Kirsty’s feature too.
      What an old fool.
      There will be plenty of old footage of Sturgeon and Salmond together..that’s for sure.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “Is that Dolphin , that in a by election in an English seat , won more votes than Nigel Farage also standing in the Scottish election in May……” – Not at all, the Tory Mk2 Party realised it was simply easier to support swap an even larger species by pirating Ballantyne for the “Scotch” election and sending the Baronless south to play Gods, both legends in her own lunchtime…

      As to the DRoss problem Janey explained it best, note proximity to the Toilet… Methinks Forres Gump has loose bowels…

  39. Eilidh says:

    Weirdly BBC News app at 2.15 mentioned Chris McEleny plus 2 women’s names I didn’t recognise as Alba candidates as well AS. No sign of names on the News App now. Do you think the Beeb were lying again. I think this Alba party will just be another wee diddy party that will split the Indy vote which in the end will damage possibility of Indy. I doubt the rest of the new Indy parties will be happy re Alba party. I wonder if he will have a certain blogger as his media spokesperson. I will be voting Snp 1 and 2 as planned

    • What Salmond is attempting to do is get enough second preference votes nationwide to let him and him alone to slip under the wire and get back in to Edinburgh. The other 3 candidates are cannon fodder, expected to fall on the MSM grenade to ensure that the Great Groper gets in front of his adoring public, on the telly, at Holyurood, in the Dead Tree Scrolls
      As I type, Salmond and his team are looking over the headlines and grinning ear to ear.
      Let’s hope for his sake that the Hacks don’t have a couple of juicy harrassment ‘sleepers’ to splurge all over the place in the coming weeks.
      He is a tired old man who should be taken to one side, and advised, enough is enough.
      SNP 1 and 2, millions of times is the message to send south.

  40. Dr Jim says:

    A week ago he was an embarrassment, now he’s just making me sick, what’s next for this clown, the dame in pantomime? big brother and a saucer of milk with George Galloway?
    The press will have some fun with this to help build him up then they’ll destroy him as he rightly deserves, and going by some of the comments on this website so far some have already fallen for exactly what Salmond has in mind and what he had in mind last time in 2014 when he threw Scotland’s Independence in the bin to Alistair Darling for the promise of a future role in Westminster where he thinks he belongs, they shafted him then and they’ll do it again, but worse than that Salmond is about to shaft Scotland again

    • JoMax says:

      I thought I read somewhere yesterday that he was going to sue the Scottish Govt and get the Police to chase down the source of leaks. What a shambles, but then not being a political animal my psyche is obviously not in tune with all this posturing and manoeuvering.

  41. Pogmothon says:

    Commented this on the wrong post.
    That’s what you get for trying to catch up too many post at the same time
    Have also removed all the cusses to avoid moderation (I hope).


    Wee Ech you Effing **#**.

    It is said that the Scots can make entire sentences with just one cuss word.

    But there are not enough cuss words in all the languages on the planet to verbally frame how I feel about you right now.

    You definable need to scuttle awa ti the HoL wi the rape clause.

    Cause I honestly I wish you no harm but I would prefer you as far away from me as possible and I believe you’ve had your last peaceful nights sleep in Scotland, fur there isny a bidy that’ll no curse you fi noo til the kye come hame.

    Folk will have tae clear their throats before giving an opinion on you for generations to come.

    I have no idea who convinced you this was a good idea.

    But you have definitely joined their ranks now.

    The “Parcel o’ Rogues in this Nation” that is.

  42. snp 1 is the only choice. the problem for afi and isp, was never the arithmetic, tactical voting is a no brainer, no, the problem is convincing the voters to back these new unknown parties. alex’s Alba party also has the profile to do this.

    • grizebard says:

      We’ll see. No doubt it will get full-on media attention as a very convenient excuse to suck the oxygen of publicity from the SNP, splitterism on steroids, but personally I believe it’s a vain hiding to nothing, an overblown ego gone rogue, hubris personified.

  43. i campaigned for yes supporters to tactically vote from 2015 onwards. slowly but surely i have won this argument.

    feeling vindicated today

    even james kelly from scots go pop. now supports snp1 alba2

  44. This man has no place in Scottish Politics. Who is bankrolling this very expensive folly?

  45. J Galt says:

    If Sturgeon makes a conciliatory noise or gesture, even a small one and even if she doesn’t really mean it, then I’ll change my mind and it’ll be SNP1, ALBA 2.

    Over to you Nicola.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, there’s the splitterism already being exploited in true divide-and-conquer fashion by one of our week-kent usual suspects. “Change his mind”? {pshaw}

      I rest my case.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Why the hell should Nicola Sturgeon make conciliatory signals towards Alex Salmond she never got drunk and jumped on any men then never apologised for doing it

  46. jfngw says:

    Those that have spent two years trying to bring down the SNP and its leadership now telling me I need to see the bigger picture and get behind their new party. Rearrange the following for my answer kcfu fof.

    SNP 1 & 2, you know it makes sense.

  47. J Galt says:

    Youse have moaned your heids aff about Sturgeon Haters, can the Salmond Haters just gie it a rest?

    • Pogmothon says:

      Up to this point I would have cut him a great deal of slack.
      But even if his new party stays on the list only route.
      In one stroke he can possibly have robbed us of a majority.
      And the weight of votes that you know the wastemonster will argue about.
      I sincerely hope I am wrong, but all I can see is ripping votes away from the SNP.
      The tow-rags in the ‘union unit’ could not have planned this any better. as has been also commented up stream it will also likely rob us of what little positive air time we will get.
      And the unionists get to promote SNP splits again to the populous.

    • Dr Jim says:

      So where are all these Salmond party voters coming from, are they new people from Tory Labour and Lib Dem? of course they’re not, the Salmond party must take votes from the SNP and that’s the plan, an open contest between Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond, Bollox Johnson must be rubbing his hands and loving this, and when the Blagger from Both is loving it you know damn well it’s detrimental to Scotland

      Tomorrows headlines should tell you all you need to know about this, the ego has landed and is trying to shit on Nicola Sturgeon’s head because it’s a male eagle and they’re better than female eagles, vote for Salmond and shit all over Scotland while giving the opposition parties even more ammunition to fire at the SNP

      I’m not a Salmond hater I just hate anyone who’s attempting to bring an end to Scottish Independence and Salmond falls right into that category along with every Unionist who’s colluding with him

  48. @fjnwg i have spent the last 6 years trying to convince everyone to vote tactically on the list, i have never tried to “bring down” the snp, nicola or alex

    vote snp1 alba2

  49. Alec Lomax says:

    Alba Party – this year’s RISE (with apologies to ISP and AFI)

  50. grizebard says:

    Hmmm, now that Strategy #1 has crashed-and-burned, and the other alt-indy pop-ups are going nowhere, it’s over to Strategy #2b, and the reserve team have now sprung into action. With another opening conveniently being opened for them by the very same person. See a pattern here, anyone…?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Agreed grizebeard there’s nothing but damage here being done by a former damaged politician that will end with even more damage to Scotland

      They can squeal *not guilty* verdicts till they’re blue in the face but politics is about public perception and the public have judged Salmond and the female part of that public have found him as guilty as sin, and when the time is right and suits the media they’ll be finding him the same with bells on once they’ve built him up before they take him down

  51. Joanna Cherry has defected to Alex Salmond’s new Alba Party to contest a seat in the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections, they have their first MP

    • Eilidh says:

      Strange she was stepping back from her work as an Mp couple days ago because of medical issues so now she is allegedly joining and campaigning for another party. If true she will have zilch credibility

      • actually, im not sure this story is true i doubt alex would encourage snp mps to defect. seems counter productive

      • A C Bruce says:

        From Joanna Cherry about 10 minutes ago on Twitter:

        “Yesterday I said I was taking some time out for health reasons. Any speculation to the contrary is incorrect. I intend to return to work as the SNP MP for Edinburgh South West when I am able. Thanks for all the good wishes.”

  52. Alex Clark says:

    I’d much rather that Alex Salmond had never done this, but he has and that’s the reality of the situation.

    We will need to account for that in the coming weeks. I can’t see the ISP and the AFI parties even standing now. It would be pointless for them to do so and could only dilute the vote from those that would never give their 2nd vote to the SNP under any circumstance.

    The important thing for me is to see Alex Salmond positively encouraging at every opportunity a vote for the SNP in the constituencies. He is going ahead with this and we will need to get used to it between now and the election. I see no point at all in SNP supporters attacking this new party as that allows the narrative of division within the SNP to be repeated ad nauseam by the media and that is exactly what they will now focus on.

    The media argument undoubtably will be that Salmond has done this to harm the SNP chances of a majority but he can thwart that argument by coming out totally in support for the SNP candidates in the constituencies. Let’s see if he does. As I said at the start of this post I’d rather he had never done this, he has, so we need to live with it.

    I’ll be watching now to see how things pan out before the election, by the way, at it’s peak today his viewers on Youtube never had more than 1500 watching. So who knows, it might all fizzle out but I doubt it, the Union will try to turn this to their advantage using the media and everything else they’ve got, we must not let them or allow them to set the narrative and have all of us all at each others throats. That’s their specialty as we all know.

    • he already has endorsed snp1

      • Alex Clark says:

        I watched all of it and I know that, 1500 other people watched it too which is a piddling amount. I want to see him say it live on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and in every single interview he does.

      • Golfnut says:

        He could do nothing but endorse SNP 1 to stand any kind of chance of getting the second vote.

      • Eilidh says:

        That was big of him. It is unlikely Snp will win on constituency vote alone so he will split the vote and no doubt Tories etc will win seats because of this. As I said earlier this is an ego trip for him

    • grizebard says:

      It didn’t take the other alt-indy pop-ups very long before the “support the SNP” message morphed into “don’t vote for them”, so we’ll see. It’s almost in the nature of politics, since they’re essentially competing for the same votes, if only on the list for now. Given the circumstances, no love lost already from the start.

      Somehow I suspect the Alba-ites will appeal mostly to well-entrenched ultras rather than the “softies”, so they are probably playing a zero-sum game even if the SNP isn’t. But it’s only the yet-to-be-converted who ultimately can win us the referendum, and besides, it won’t be the Alba-ites who will make the referendum happen. In the worst possible case, they might even manage to scupper it in May. Who will cheer then?

  53. Golfnut says:

    My guess is that the SNP anticipated the next move by AS which I think is part of the rational for a coalition government with the Greens. Can’t say I’m not angry with the man particularly with the spectacular failure of the other pop up party’s and I don’t think AS joining either would have improved their chances. He’ll get the airtime, no doubt about that, but even with such backing In not sure he will do much better than the others. The polls will be doctored, no doubt about that, but AS has screwed himself royally.

  54. Jonathan Marshall says:

    Perfectly happy with Alba on the list… My hard working Highland MSP will receive my Contituancy vote and now I have a fully Independance focused party to vote for on the List instead of wasting my vote on the Greens as I felt forced to do given certain candidates selected on the list by the SNP. My priority is for as few Blue Tories Red Tories and Yellow Tories to be elected as possible…this ensures it… as in most regions the list votes for Independance is wasted. As for those on here who accuse others of distracting from the cause… Well I post under my real name as I have nothing to hide and no hidden agenda. For every Scottish citizen especially every young person I wish to see an independent Scotland with greater equality and greater opportunity than is possible at present.

    • Golfnut says:

      Last time, 2016 the SNP lost majority control of the Parliament because many voters stayed at home, it was majority gained by people voting SNP 1&2, but in 2016 you voted SNP 1 and green 2, why?

      • Legerwood says:

        And they are likely to stay at home this time too. Not good.

      • Jonathan Marshall says:

        in 2016 both votes went SNP I haven’t voted Green ever… But at this election I would vote for them tactically as they support Independance and I will not support the SNP list candidates as I disagree with the agenda and views that some of them are pushing… One in particular is a rank opportunist who will go anywhere to any constituency to get elected…. I’m not voting for that. When I was 18 tactical voting kept the Tories out of Moray to the benefit of SNP as many like minded voters felt the same… I want to see every last hinderence to Independence…. That manifests itself in the form of red Tory Blue Tory yellow Tory and any other MSP who doesn’t put Independance first and foremost voted out… In Alba I vote for like minded people I can live with that.

  55. im surprised wgd hasnt said anything yet?

  56. yesindyref2 says:

    Alba’s theme song:

    Now I’m a union man
    Amazed at what I am
    I say what I think, that the SNP stinks
    Yes I’m a union man

    When we meet in the local hall
    I’ll be voting with them all
    With a hell of a shout, it’s “Out eejits, out!”
    And the rise of the Indy’s fall

    Oh, you don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    Til the day I die
    Til the day I die

  57. A C Bruce says:

    I’m minded to vote SNP1 and giving my list vote to Alba. We have to seriously consider the million or so SNP list votes that go to waste. Alex Salmond has a high enough profile for any party he leads to hoover up at least a good percentage of those wasted votes making a greater number of independence MSPs in Holyrood (maybe even a supermajority as he hopes). I don’t vote for the Greens and AFI or ISP don’t have a high enough profile to garner many of the list votes. I think Alba could do well.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The last time the SNP won a majority was when more folk gave both votes to the SNP and that created 16 extra list seats and Alex Salmond knows it

      He’s a disingenuous liar with his super majority crap, both votes SNP was his original idea on how to win, all of a sudden it’s now something else? don’t make me laugh
      As for doing well how many women are going to vote for this man now, they didn’t like him pre 2014 they like him a hell of a lot less now

      He still refuses to accept his originally admitted bad behaviour and clings on to the not guilty verdict as some sort of vindication

      • Golfnut says:

        That was my comment to Johnathan Marshall upthread, now claiming in 2016 he voted SNP 1 ,greens 2 claiming it was wasted vote. The question is why, the previous election proved that SNP 1&2 was not a wasted vote.
        I’m beginning to smell rats.

        • Jonathan Marshall says:

          Not claiming was an SNP member at the time… Check with your handlers they will confirm it.

          • Golfnut says:

            Classic, laddie, classic.

            • Jonathan Marshall says:

              Well my whole family votes for Independance SNP 1and 2 before it was a slogan same as many others on here I suspect….campaigned for it in 2014 don’t hide behind a an online moniker Paul knows exactly who I am from my work email address… Maybe some of the hidden politicos on here should remember that when trying to denigrate others views. I respect everyone’s views even when I disagree with them.

              • Golfnut says:

                The question was clear enough, why did you vote SNP 1 and green 2 instead of SNP 1&2 (as you now state is your normal practice) if you believe it was a wasted vote. 2011 proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how essential voting SNP 1&2 was, it was Alex Salmond who coined the phrase for God’s sake. Golfnut has been my moniker for nigh on 8 yrs, Paul definitely knows who I am as well as a good number of people on here and I might WOS.

      • Doon Valley Lass says:

        Well I won’t be voting for him but its not because of his bad behaviour as you put it. The man was found not guilty by people who had sight of the evidence. Time to let it go

  58. Capella says:

    I wouldn’t vote for Alex Salmond now if he paid me. He will be pilloried with “sleaze” for the next six weeks. It appears he believes his own, and his fan club’s assessment of his character and popularity.

    Embarrassing performance.

    Both votes SNP for me.

    • Dr Jim says:

      All he needs is to drink some Trump bleach , get found not guilty and he believes his own bad behaviour has been cleaned and washed away, now he treats Scottish women voters as though they’re goldfish with no memory that it ever happened

      I hope when they talk to Nicola Sturgeon about this she just says “Who*?

      I said a couple of months ago he wouldn’t stop but to go this far? what’s in it for him because it’s nothing to do with Independence, and probably the opposite

      House of Lords is it? Cameron shafted him last time, is it Johnson’s turn

  59. Doon Valley Lass says:

    Now I am a big fan of Alex Salmond but I think it is a mistake.the reason Johnsonget his majority was because UKIP decided to bow our and their voters went to the conservatives.
    It seems to me that Alex may split the SNP vote when the independence cause needs both votes SNP

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