The Tories stare into the abyss

So that’s Ruth Davidson off to ermine bedecked pastures new. The great renaissance of the Scottish Tories that her many media hypesters claimed that she heralded has proven to be ephemeral. She leaves behind a Conservative party that according to the most recent poll is in serious danger of losing a slew of seats at the Scottish election in May and slipping into third place behind the Labour party. This is because whereas Ruth was able to present a veneer of modernity and when she became leader headed a pro-EU party which promised to strengthen and deepen the devolution settlement, the Conservatives are now the party of Brexit and an aggressive and uncompromising English nationalism which seeks to use the Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for and doesn’t support in order to undermine and hollow out the devolution that Scotland did vote for and does support. While there was always little of substance to Ruth, she did at least give good PR, was comfortable in front of the cameras, and was always ready with a quip or a cheeky photo op. On the other hand when her successor Douglas Ross appears before the cameras he always manages to give the unfortunate and uncomfortable impression that someone has rammed a broom handle up his arse.

To make matters much worse, Douglas and his colleagues have nothing positive to offer the voters of Scotland in this election. Telling voters that you are going to ignore what they vote for and then impose your policies on them anyway is not an attractive look for a political party which claims to be democratic, but that’s exactly where the Conservatives are in this election. They threw everything into their attempt to unseat Nicola Sturgeon, which was the only strategy that they had for this election. Not only did they fail, they were also exposed as shoddy and shameful political opportunists, preaching hypocritically about standards of government in Scotland while turning a blind eye to the rampant corruption, breaches of the ministerial code, lethal incompetence, lies, and deceit, which characterise the behaviour of their colleagues in Westminster.

The problems for the Scottish Conservatives are compounded by the fact that the Scottish elections of 2016 were something of a high point for them and they won many seats on the slimmest of margins. Many of those seats can be lost to them if their share of the vote slips back by even a couple of percentage points. In 2016 Brexit hadn’t happened and most of us in Scotland didn’t expect it was going to happen There was no realistic prospect of another independence referendum for possibly another decade to come, and so in that election there was not the same urgency as there is now for independence supporters to turn out and vote for a pro-independence party. In 2016 I didn’t vote for my local SNP candidate in the constituency vote (although I did vote SNP on the list) because of his opposition to equal marriage and his support for the teaching of creationism in schools. In this election if I still lived in his constituency I’d have no hesitation in voting for him. Ensuring that we have a strong pro-independence majority in the next Scottish parliament is the over-riding priority. We may not get another chance.

There is a small but vocal minority who claim that they support independence but that they are not going to support Scotland’s largest pro-independence party in this election because of what they claim is corruption or because of the party’s support for certain policies which they dislike but which don’t directly have anything to do with independence. No doubt they are under the influence of a particular individual who has set out to burn down the entire independence movement because it refuses to accept his own estimation of himself as an infallible genius who can do no wrong, some of them are even claiming that they don’t want independence until the leadership of the SNP has been cleared out and replaced with one more to their liking. Usually these comments are prefaced with an assertion to the effect that the individual concerned has been a member of the SNP since 1314 and went leafleting in Bannockburn with King Robert the Bruce.

Although they are loud and vocal on social media, such people seem to have a very limited impact in the real world. An opinion poll for panelbase which was published today shows that the SNP remains on course to win a majority in May and the Greens look set to make substantial gains. The Tories are staring into the abyss and could well fall into third place behind Labour. The real priority of anyone who supports independence is to help make sure that happens. It’s certainly the focus of this blog and will continue to be so

However even if we do accept the premise that the SNP leadership is fundamentally corrupt – which I don’t – this is an argument which fails even on its own logic. What these people are essentially saying is that they want to consign Scotland to the rule of a corrupt government in Westminster which the people of Scotland cannot vote out of office because they cannot countenance the prospect of a corrupt government in Holyrood which the people of Scotland can vote out of office. After all, the entire point of independence is to ensure that the people of Scotland get the governments we vote for. If you don’t like what the SNP are doing, you’ll have a remedy for it in an independent Scotland.

Yet what makes this argument even less logical is that if we do not elect a pro-independence majority in May and press ahead with a successful referendum, that corrupt government in Westminster is very likely to take steps to ensure that there will never again be another independence vote and that Scotland will remain in perpetuity under the thumb of whoever wins a plurality of the vote in England under the undemocratic first past the post system to which Westminster is wedded. To be brutally frank about it, it saying that you are an independence supporter who no longer wants independence because you dislike the leadership of the SNP is not so much a political strategy as it is an exercise in spitting out the dummy.

Talking of spitting out the dummy, I have been informed that Stuart Campbell has published a blog piece today attacking me and everyone else who he feels has done him wrong, telling his dwindling band of supporters to stop supporting us. I have not read the piece and have no intention of doing so, yet I have noticed that three people have cancelled monthly automatic donations to this blog, however three new people have started them, and in addition there was a not insignificant one-off donation from someone saying she was grateful to see that I was standing up to Campbell. His influence is clearly not what he thinks it is.

Normally I would not have bothered to mention any of this, I prefer to rise above the petulant attacks and carry on regardless. The only reason I mention this is because others are also finding themselves the objects of Campbell’s ire. The estimable iScot magazine is also on his hit list. It’s a high quality glossy magazine which is well worth a read whether you support independence or not. So let Stuart Campbell know that you will not allow him to burn down the entire independence movement in a fit of pique and take out a subscription today.  He does not own this movement and we will not be beholden to him.  You can subscribe to iScot at the following link.


Update: 7.45pm  There have now been nine new monthly donations set up and a considerable number of one off donations including one for a substantial sum.  If Stuart Campbell is reading this, perhaps this tells you that the true extent of your influence is very far from what you think it is, sitting as you do in your little bubble of acolytes.  You are a busted flush.  You told people to stop supporting this blog, the opposite has happened.  Tomorrow please write another of your bile filled hate articles  attacking me, I’m sure it will only increase support for this blog even more.

This is your reminder that the purpose of this blog is to promote Scottish independence. If the comment you want to make will not assist with that goal then don’t post it. If you want to mouth off about how much you dislike the SNP leadership ,or about some other issue not directly related to Scottish independence – there are other forums where you can do that. You’re not welcome to do it here.

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96 comments on “The Tories stare into the abyss

  1. Gavin Lafferty says:

    “When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back”. Except I am sure when the Tories stare into the abyss it’s the abyss that experiences existential horror.

  2. Bob Lamont says:

    “What these people are essentially saying is that they want to consign Scotland to the rule of a corrupt government in Westminster which the people of Scotland cannot vote out of office because they cannot countenance the prospect of a corrupt government in Holyrood which the people of Scotland can vote out of office”
    You missed out the Kiwi “immoral” which appears to be the more recent attack line (John Swinney spotted in seamless tights and stilettoes perhaps ?) but nevertheless well said indeed.
    Overdue subscription in the works, fair play Paul.

  3. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    I will be voting SNP 1&2 despite my misgivings but I fear a pro-independence majority won’t be enough. It’s essential that we get an SNP majority in May.

    The SNP need to deliver a referendum, as I don’t think this movement is capable of holding together for much longer. There’s far too much infighting and both sides are as bad as each other.

    • astytaylor says:

      “i don’t think this movement is capable of holding together for much longer”.
      With all due respect Guybrush Threepwood, what bloody rubbish.
      There is an absolute hunger for a better future.
      As sure as the crocuses bloom every Spring.
      See ya soon.

    • grizebard says:

      What “both sides” do you mean? On one side is the SNP and on the other side is… SoB(?) Oh, and his wee band of dodgy online followers, many of whom these days are barely-disguised BritNats and none of whom are standing for election anyway…

    • Alex Clark says:

      So you will be voting SNP 1 & 2 now will you? Aye Right.
      You have a very short memory, I don’t. Do you remember saying this a month ago all on the same thread?

      “I won’t be voting. Independence can wait until the SNP drop the student politics.”

      What would Alex do?

      “There are too many characters within the SNP that I dislike (I also oppose many of their polices). I do not want to see them anywhere near devolved power (let alone having the full powers of a sovereign state).”

      What would Alex do?

      “No, I’d rather wait until all of the parasites and entryists within the SNP are gone then focus on independence.”

      What would Alex do?

      “What’s wrong with living in Bath? I don’t live in Scotland either. Are you implying that only those who live in Scotland can be independence supporters?

      What would Alex do?

      You don’t live in Scotland, you said do yourself. You’re a toasted bacon roll.

      • Stephen McKenzie says:

        Alex Clark: Well all things considered, your summary statement seems very fair..

      • Guybrush Threepwood says:

        If you weren’t such a simpleton then I wouldn’t have to repeat that I’m currently in Scotland (stuck here due to the pandemic) and will be returning overseas as soon as borders reopen and I get my visa situation sorted. I’m certainly not alone in this situation. The pandemic has caused a lot individuals to be separated from loved ones overseas.

        In the meantime – I will vote SNP 1&2 despite my MANY misgivings (some of which you clearly remember from your rather weird and disturbing stalking).

  4. astytaylor says:

    Holy bejeezuz, i find a clean slate on the comments page! (But, being the slow typist i am, that won’t be the case by the end of this ditty).
    Having met you in person a couple of times (and wee Ginger, at Corpach, a few years back), and read your blog for years, i have no qualms about supporting your writings with a few donation now and then, as i can best afford.
    Your integrity and intellect are admirable, and the rapier wit fantastic. And through your blog, i had the great pleasure to meet Jack Collatin for a pub lunch a couple years back, and we’ll hopefully do it again this year, as circumstance allows.
    This is my go to site for Scottish news. (as apart from your splendid essays, Paul, other commentators post links, much appreciated).
    Canada is a fine country, but Scotland is home.
    I grew up in Moray, and it pains me to see D. Ross there as the MP.
    Anyway, keep on keeping on. Sharing this to friends,
    (and, my gut feeling is; it’s happening. Nearly everyone i know in Scotland is ready for this. My generation (much the same as yours, i’m near 60…) had Thatcher in our young days, through to the current criminals in Westminster, who are even worse.
    I left the so-called “United Kingdom” in 2002, as i was scunnered of Blair/Bush, the Iraq War, and felt the UK was going down the toilet (and it has big time). So, i left for a “better life”, as people do, when they choose to migrate, and become an immigrant in some other country.
    However, Scotland is magnetic and it pulls ye back.
    And maybe that’s illogical, and emotional, and whatnot, but, listen to the heart, (and the mind will follow?). I don’t know, but i’ll see you down the road.
    Heading back later this year, inshallah. Take care, and more power to your pen. All the best.

  5. Jim says:

    Here’s the result from James Kelly.
    60.5% pro independence parties at Hollyrood.
    The Tories in freefall.

  6. andyfromdunning says:

    Good one Paul.

    I have a neighbour I really like who is a Tory voter. He is not a die hard idiot so has been listening to me having a go undermining his belief system in a gentle way. He is disgusted at every person in the U.K. Cabinet. He likes the name DRoss.

    Tories are not all bad as individuals. Converted three so far to Yes with my neighbour being on the list soon.

    • Yes indeed- I know some good people like that too- not necessarily tory voters but very very cautious about Independence-. They have been observing the behaviour of the Tories -particularly Ruth Davidson– and maybe changing their minds.

  7. Dr Mike Ramsay says:

    I’ve toyed with leaving the SNP in recent months, chose to stay and will be leafleting for them locally and giving both votes. This blog maps much of my own thinking…the primacy of key to the door of self-determination and we can do with the interior what we will once inside. Donation on way, tapadh leat Paul

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  9. Sandra Hunter says:

    Ditto your comments Paul. Take care yourself and hubby.

  10. Alex Clark says:

    The poll you refer to I think was the one commissioned by D C Thomson and published in the Courier and also the Press and Journal.

    According to Prof. Curtice the breakdown in terms of seats in this poll if the figures were replicated on 6th May would be as follows:

    Professor Curtice added: “There really is a close race for second place.
    “If you take the numbers and put them through the Scottish Parliament calculator it’s SNP on 67 seats, Labour 24, Conservatives 22, Scottish Greens 11, Lib Dems five.
    “This just puts the SNP slightly on the side of an overall majority but it’s obviously all still pretty tight.

  11. Ken says:

    The vote is secret. So anyone can vote YES.

    The HoL on the take. Just an absolute disgrace.

  12. Alasdair Smith says:

    Thankfully we have the wee ginger dug to restore some sense and get the independence movement back on track. Great article. Have stopped reading wings. Shame as he did some brilliant work in the past but I am really not sure what his agenda is anymore.

  13. Capella says:

    The VONC was a disaster for the Tories. Anas Sarwar at least did the sensible thing and distanced himself from them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Labour vote increases this time though not by much. There is no prospect of a Labour government for years. They have no hope – unless they support independence.

    Still coasting on the scenes from the parliament on Tuesday and the serried rows of glum Tory faces having to endure a total roasting from John Swinney and Patrick Harvie. Oh dear – how that must have stung.

    Anyone who fails to support the SNP as the only party able to deliver independence is either a unionist or an idiot.

    • “…Anyone who fails to support the SNP as the only party able to deliver independence is either a unionist or an idiot.”

      That’s pretty much my take, Unionist or they’ve been taken in by the Unionist claptrap. If the latter, they may as well be Unionists if they’re doing their dirty work.

      I’m increasingly inclined to think the “I’ll be holding my nose” mob include a number of Unionists too. Why mention it (usually prominently), other than to sow the seeds of doubt amongst the waverers?

  14. Bill Bryce says:

    Ive visited the WoS site today for the first time in over a year and am utterly dismayed by the comments posted by so called supporters of Independence.
    Unbelievably there are claims that WGD and others must stop attacking the Tories because its an ineffective and old fashioned tactic, whereas the real job needing to be done is to unseat Nicola Sturgeon.
    Or St. Nikla as they disparagingly refer to her.
    It seems anyone who believes in the FMs’course to Independence is indeed a member of “the cult” and only Campbell and his acolytes are the “true” voice of Scotland.
    Its now very apparent why unionist zoomers constantly reference Campbell and his lynch mob.
    They must be automatically drawn to the gutter level vitriol spewed at this site and others by the newly self proclaimed Messiah of Scotland and his enabling lapdogs who were sent to lead us.

    From his house in England.

    If you have the audacity to be a member of the SNP then there’s a special place in Hell assigned to you (probably sitting beside Thatcher) for all of time and a plague be bestowed upon your kin.

    To see so called Independence supporters castigating, and refusing to vote for, the only party that can deliver that Independence, merely because an egotistical blogger has a bug up his arse about who’s the most popular on t’internet, is as shocking as it is predictable.
    From the Jaws of victory etc…
    You just know they’ll actually celebrate if the SNP majority isn’t reached in May.
    They think that would vindicate their own anti SNP sentiments, based on their incomprehensible hatred of Nicola Sturgeon, and open some unhitherto mentioned alternative route to Independence.
    To be moulded in their own image of course.
    What that plan is I have no idea but more worryingly it’s clear that neither do they.
    They’re just very, very sure that they don’t like this one.
    I truly despair at the vindictive pettiness and full on fukkin ignorance of my fellow Scots sometimes.
    And this is one of those times.

    • grizebard says:

      I suggest it’s best not to spread that poison, not here nor anywhere else. Judging by the odd spill-over,I find it hard to believe that very many of the posters on Wingnuts are genuine supporters of independence now. A dwindling band of bilious knaves and fools.

      If the SoB had any real guts, he would stand for election and face the judgement of the people just like the SNP people he decries. But he evidently fears the certain ignominy of defeat.

      • Bill Bryce says:

        Call it as I see it grizebard.

        One man’s “poison” is another man’s insightful comment. Then again maybe I’m just sick of pussyfooting around some peoples’ sensibilities in the forlorn hope that being nice will attract the odd No voter.
        Sensible and well laid out argument will bring soft Nos to the table.
        That shouldn’t give the likes of the WoS faithful a free pass to say as they wish without expecting it to be questioned or commented on.
        The references to Paul on that site are nothing short of appalling and vitriolic.
        The tragedy is I actually recognise some of the posters as one time genuine supporters of Independence.
        God only knows what’s been going on over there this past year but whatever it is… Its very ugly.

        • grizebard says:

          I know. For the many of us here who used to enjoy frequenting & contributing, it is indeed a sorry state of affairs. It gives us no pleasure whatever to recognise that it has become a negative asset for indy, and it’s especially a shame that (as you say) it has sucked some good people down its rabbit-hole.

  15. Malcolm H says:

    “To make matters much worse, Douglas and his colleagues have nothing positive to offer the voters of Scotland in this election.” Exactly this.

  16. grizebard says:

    I happened to stumble on Reporting Jockland just now, and it’s that other woebegone Campbell and his political cronies bemoaning the SG for being so dreadfully mean as to ignore all the other front line workers who didn’t get the pay rise that the UKGov isn’t giving anybody anyway. Not so much “glass half empty” as “I’ve lost my glass and whit are ye daeing aboot it…”

  17. Molly's Mum says:

    I have left the SNP but I am voting SNP1 because we have a good candidate and I think she is genuinely worth my vote.

    There are a lot of things concerning me about the SNP and I respect anyone who feels strongly enough to say they cannot vote for them at all. I felt the same about Labour when John Smith died, and I saw Blair and his cronies riding over the horizon on their Third Way which was essentially toryism by another name

    What I find very difficult to fathom is the argument of those who say they are going to vote for a Unionist party because “That will show the SNP”

    Show them what ? That people are happy to let Johnson and Starmer, for they are the same beast, trash Scotland whilst screeching that it is the will of the Scottish people ?

    I am not excited about this election, I wish I was, but I can’t imagine waking up and finding out we have a Unionist FM and thinking people are celebrating that fact.

    I think there are things within the SNP that need addressed but I don’t want to be ruled by the enemy for the next five years while this is done. I am voting SNP 1 and that’s my decision, whatever anyone else wants to do is upto them

    • Petra says:

      Well said Molly’s Mum. As Dr Mike Ramsay says upthread, ”This blog maps much of my own thinking…the primacy of key to the door of self-determination and we can do with the interior what we will once inside.”

      And for those who say that they don’t like Nicola Sturgeon, so what? Nicola Sturgeon can move onto pastures new whenever it comes up her humph, leaders come and leaders go, and we’ll all be left sitting in a pile of manure of our own making if we don’t vote SNP x 2 in May.


      What’s Kenny MacAskill getting up to now?

  18. Sandwood says:

    Wings clipped, the Dodo’s demise is heralded by squawking carrion doon the Craw Road.

    A fitting tribute to a once magnificent creature.

  19. Bob Agassi says:

    I’ve gave a wee donation Paul, I will also donate to the SNP. I will donate more when I get paid, it’s strange to think I used to donate to Stu but I felt it was money well spent at the time with his rapier take down of the yoons and the wee blue book. Thank fuck I haven’t visited his hate fest for well over a year now but wish I could get my money back under the Trades Description act.

  20. James Mills says:

    One must have some sympathy for the Sage of Bath for it is clear ” Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad ! ”

  21. Jinty M, says:

    Thanks Paul
    Had lost sight of your blog.It is a breath of fresh air from all the Argy bargy going on elsewhere. As for WOS him and his followers have lost the plot.Monthly donation now set up
    Stay safe

  22. A C Bruce says:

    I looked in on WoS after Alex Salmond announced his intention of bringing a case against the Permanent Secretary. Lo and behold they were getting a bit over excited about the prospect of something coming out in this new case which might undermine Nicola Sturgeon’s position, should she be returned on May 6 (and presuming she will be FM).

    They were salivating at the possibility. The hatred is palpable.

    A large dollop of misogyny there, I think. They can’t conceive of a woman being in a powerful position.

    I enjoyed the article. Thanks.

    • grizebard says:

      If they don’t agree with Nicola Sturgeon, or anyone else for that matter, they should stand against them in May and submit themselves to the will of the people, not fester away and scheme how they can somehow undermine and harm those who have done and have been elected. These anti-democratic miscreants are addicted to their own toxic exceptionalism but are miserable cowards who know fine that they don’t have any significant support, not within the SNP and even less among the general public at large.

  23. Alex Clark says:

    The Tories have totally lost it now, Boris Johnson will be campaigning in Scotland next month.

    “He won’t hide, and nor should he, say the Scottish Tories.” I hope he brings loads of flegs LOL

  24. yesindyref2 says:

    Blog boys
    Blog boys
    Blog boys
    Blog boys

    Blog, blog, boys, boys
    The blog boys are calling
    On their way back from the fire
    In August moon’s surrender to
    A dust cloud on the rise

    Blog boys fallen far from glory
    Reckless and so hungered
    On the razors edge you trail
    Because there’s murder by the roadside
    In a sore afraid new world
    They tried to break us
    Looks like they’ll try again

    Blog boys (blog boys) never lose it
    Blog boys (blog boys) never chose this way
    Blog boys (blog boys) never close your eyes
    Blog boys always shine

    In fairness to the Rev, he did give a lot of people a hand up. A link for a crowdfunder 50% with one day to go, up to 100% or more within hours. I saw that often. It does take two to go to war – blog wars.

    Mmm, maybe another blog I’m banned from …

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Incidentally, the reason for “Rev” is supposed to be that he was into RPGs – Role Playing Games – which wouldn’t be surprising for a games reviewer. If for instance it was DnD – Dungeons and Dragons – he might have been a cleric who, depending on the organiser or Dungeon Master as he or she was known, would have powers of healing, conversion, warrior frenzy, empowering a band of warriors with invincibility for a time.

      Such things were usually accompanied by food nibbles and drinks, errrr, apparently.

      • James Mills says:

        Well , if he was a ”healer” then he must have been the Witch Doctor kind .

        I can just visualise him dancing about naked in his basement in Bath , face painted , rattling his bones and calling curses down on Nicola Sturgeon and all those idolaters who support her .

  25. Petra says:

    Paul:- ”The estimable iScot magazine is also on his hit list.”

    The editor, Ken McDonald, has posted on WoS to make ”corrections” in relation to what Campbell has said about him and the magazine. It’s always good to hear the other side of the story 😉.

    ”Ken McDonald says:

    25 March, 2021 at 4:21 pm

    For the avoidance of any doubt may I be allowed to correct some comments made about iScot Magazine?

    The Rev took issue with an article published in the magazine some months ago and clearly indicated to me that he wasn’t happy with it.

    He was offered a right of reply which he refused.

    He further intimated his displeasure at the article by publishing a post detailing his ‘betrayal’.

    It was some days later that we noticed that the link to iScot Magazine on the WoS had been removed.

    We reluctantly drew the conclusion that Stuart wanted no further association with us and stopped sending out our free of charge ‘comp’ copies

    At no point in time did Stuart or his Father have a subscription with us.

    And at no-repeat, no point in time have we gone out our way to publicly bad mouth, undermine or show any malice whatsoever to Stuart Campbell or this website.”

    • Alex Clark says:

      It’s not that well known but Ken McDonald of iScot was the first to get the Wee Blue Books out on the street. He used £3000 of his own money to print off 10,000 copies and they were being handed out days before the official version of the 300,000 from WoS.

      Both books look the same but Ken’s have a stapled spine and the WoS books have a glued spine.

  26. Capella says:

    It is very sad the demise of Stuart Campbell as a voice worth hearing. I blame the medication. But we have to move on and hope he can rejoin us in time.

    Re flegs – I don’t think the recent ordinance specified what size the Butchers Apron had to be. So perhaps a postage stamp stuck atop a massive Saltire will suffice? 😂

    • James Mills says:

      That depends on the purpose of said Fleg .
      If a unionist like Jackie Baillie wants to wrap herself in one then the economy of a small country , with numerous workers working in 12 hour shifts will be required and the vehicle transporting said Fleg will require an escort along the lines of those which regularly deliver Nukes to Jackie’s constituency . Or was that Jackie’s lunch being delivered by Uber ?

  27. Alba Laddie says:

    I see that the wider media in Engerlund are in a state of confusion over the new Tory leader in the Northern colony, referring to him as “Douglas Murray”.

    I laughed when I heard that, almost as much as when STV did a vox pop in Glasgow, and were showing members of the public a photograph of the then new Tory leader Jackson Carlaw, and asking people if they recognised him.

    They showed it to an older woman, and in a pure-dead-brilliant broad Glasgow accent she replied:

    “Is it that comedian Jim Davidson, aye?”

  28. Dr Jim says:

    Voting’s simple, there’s only one politic, pro Scotland or anti Scotland, so if you vote against the SNP there’s no other explanation in that you’re anti Scotland because the other political parties are not Scottish nor are they pro Scotland, not one of the three English parties wanted devolution, they were forced into it, they saw it as a step towards Scotland having its own identity and now if the Tories get their way they’d remove that now that they’re back to being a mini Empire

    Who are the demographic that vote against Scotland, well we’ve got the racists and the sectarian bigots, we know about them because we’ve always had them and they’re not very likely to change their views, we’ve got the majority of English folk because well they don’t see Scotland as a stand alone country they see it as a possession or extension of their mother country England and may feel Scotland being Independent diminishes their standing within it, and that’s sort of understandable even though it’s not really true, but there’s no legislating for the way people feel about what they feel

    So the general argument always used becomes ££££ because that’s the easiest red herring to stand behind when attempting to force the wrong perspective on WHY a country should be Independent, it’s used to sew doubt, uncertainty, confusion, worry, pick an adjective there are tons of them but they all amount to the same thing and they’re wrong

    If one country can become Independent then so can another, but in the case of Scotland’s argument we’ve seen over sixty countries since the war become Independent of the British Empire, and none, not one of those countries wishes to be returned to the control of England once they gained their freedom

    And that’s the WHY

    England is an Independent country and they can’t deny it, they control every lever of power in the same way as every other Independent country across the world but they would deny Scotland that same right, the question of WHY then becomes easily answered, ££££, or are they just power crazed individuals? graspers of territory for no other reason than just to own land that they insist costs them ££££? well we know it’s not that because if we cost them ££££ they rent us out like they do with the Chagos islands and other places, but they don’t, so WHY?

    Scotland is worth ££££ to them without renting it out as an American runway and resettlement area for Yanks in training

    Scotland is worth lots and lots and lots of Moolah ££££ $$$$ in lots and lots of denominations, they’re drilling more oil holes aren’t they and laying a cable from our renewable energy sources to “take power down to the people” say the National grid, which is in England where the people are
    because in Scotland only the vermin live here

    • grizebard says:

      There’s no ignoring the money (in its various forms) of course, but I have the notion that what grips them greatest is their self-regard. (Their humour, for example, is all about the fear of embarrassment.) Don’t under-rate it.

      For a country that has lately made a fetish of “going it alone”, it’s faintly absurd that the English ruling classes still feel a desperate need to hug us tight as their comfort blanket. (Ordinary people rather less, and for different reasons getting lesser, though.)

      • Alex Clark says:

        I don’t see it as being about money or Scotland’s resources. They would manage just fine, maybe not as well as before but fine all the same.

        It’s all about their standing in the eyes of the rest of the world, their prestige, their power, their seat at the big tables like the G7 and the security council.

        All that is undermined when the Great in Britain is diminished without Scotland as a part of the Union. They fear the humiliation that will come with a loss of status, hence the need now to fly the flag everywhere, increase their nuclear arsenal and spend billions more on defence at the expense of the NHS pay rise.

        This lot are living in the past where they still believe that the UK is a great world power when it is nothing of the sort as it’s power has been diminishing for decades. Without Scotland then England must stand alone, that’s what they fear and I doubt it’s much to do with money but status.

        • Petra says:

          Probably money combined with status and with the hassle of relocating Trident and their severe lack of clean water.

    • Petra says:


  29. Petra says:

    ‘SNP launch bid to force Douglas Ross out of his Westminster seat.’


    ‘Ruth Davidson’s ‘litany of failures’ exposed as she leaves for House of Lords.’

  30. Mbiyd says:

    Relationship Scotland is about to reopen in April.

    It seems to me that it might be useful for various bloggers to clear the air?

    Diviseness has crept into the cause over the last two years I think we are all agreed.

    I dont know who the culprit is but whoever the servant is we know definitely who their master is: Cui Bono?.

  31. Petra says:

    From ”if Scotland were a state” to ”when Scotland is a state.”



    ‘The Dunlop Review into UK Government Union capability.’

    • I’m off to bed, Petra.
      Now we know why Baroness Rape Clause has been elevated.
      She will be dropped right in to the UK Cabinet as ‘Secretary of State for
      Intergovernmental and Constitutional Affairs’,
      I have speed read the Summary.
      This is the dissolution of the Scotland Wales and NI Governments.
      Hence all the flag waving and Butcher’s Apron slapped on all our produce.

      May is our Final Conflict with our oppressors.
      Roll on our Independence Day.

      • Golfnut says:

        Any government with a finger on the political pulse would be reappraising that particular plan, abject failure by buffalo gal to topple Nicola ( make no mistake ) she was the lead on this, makes any elevation to unelected power over Scotland of Davidson a gift to the SNP.

      • Alex Clark says:

        You might just be right on the button there Jack.

  32. First time commenting …. I’ve come to the conclusion the Pretendy Rev and his cult were genuine supporters of Indy in the dim and distant. However, they envisaged an IndyScotland where things would operate as per AS’s Scotland i.e. matters would be “sorted” for mates/old boys. They did not envisage an IndyScotland where racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny would not be tolerated. When you at his cohort, they are mainly pale, stale males who would touch-up women to prove they were not a *poof* in their heyday …. circa 1970. They simply cannot thole the rest of us have moved on in both our thinking and actions. It is against progress, particularly progress being made by a female leader, which they rail. They are now, I believe, genuinely more comfortable with the UK set-up where *men* still rule the roost and where women, homosexual, foreign, transgender, disabled people just remain in their boxes and keep quiet. I feel their support for ISP underlines my conclusion, because whatever ISP is, it is not Pro-Indy. Their promo videos filled me with horror. Their view appears to be that IndyScotland will be *white* country, where bikini-clad women are entirely representative of Scotland’s population residing in a country where violence against political opponents is acceptable if not expected.

    • JoMax says:

      I know of one ‘pro-indy’ blog which is not WoS, where I have seen Nicola Sturgeon referred to as an ‘odious’ woman and a ‘witch’ by the same poster. I’m tempted to ask what the male equivalent of an ‘odious witch’ is. ‘Repugnant warlock’ doesn’t have the same ring to it, neither does ‘vile wizard’ and no man would ever use these ridiculous phrases anyway, but ‘odious witch’ screams hatred of women.

      • Legerwood says:

        If you think that is bad then you should see what they call her in the below the line comments in the Herald.

    • Petra says:

      Welcome Carly and thanks for your take on it all.

    • Alan Howard Baxter says:

      Excellent Post.

  33. malkymcblain says:

    Oh Ms Black you are a star!

  34. P Harvey says:

    She is a star!

  35. Dr Jim says:

    So the Blagger from Bloth insists that the FM controls the horizontal and the vertical and all the law and all the judiciary and uncle Tom Cobley and all and that’s why Craig Murray is facing the pokey, but if that were all true and she had it in for Alex Salmond wouldn’t he be facing the pokey too if she’s so all consumingly powerfully evil

    Because you can’t have it both ways, you can’t say the courts found Salmond not guilty at the same time as insisting the FM controls the courts and that’s why they found Craig Murray guilty, if the FM is as evil and powerful as the Blagger says she is, she’s pretty inconsistent in the levels of her evilness is she not

    All this selective lying the fake Blagger does to serve his agenda surely by now must be becoming obvious even to the most deluded of followers of the woman hating fake rev, there must be a crowd funder coming soon from this guy just before the powers that be remove him from the Internet for good so that he can blame the FM in advance of controlling the entire world

    Wouldn’t it be a nice thought though if Nicola Sturgeon were really that powerful, we could win Independence at a canter then she could use these magical powers to make Scotland into a positive nirvana of happiness and wealth

    Of course it would be the wrong kind of happiness and wealth so we don’t want to be voting for any of that then, much better to vote Union party and keep Bollox Johnson and his Nasty party owning Scotland

  36. James Mills says:

    I assume that ”The Man Who Would be King ”who lives in Bath is still friendly with Alex Salmond .

    If this is the case and Alex Salmond claims not to hold Nicola Sturgeon responsible for the ”conspiracy ” against him , then it would be a conciliatory gesture by him to contact his Bath friend and ask him to cease and desist his increasingly inflammatory attacks on her .

    This would show the Indy movement that Mr Salmond was not beyond the pale and had NOT turned to the Dark Side .

    However , it may be that The Rev is beyond reasoning with and has assumed the bunker mentality that another little jumped up toerag adopted in his final days and will not listen to anyone other than the wee Dalek voice in his head saying ”EXTERMINATE ! EXTERMINATE !

    Worth a try though , Alex !

  37. Capella says:

    Prof Robertson’s article, linked to above by Petra, is one of the clearest most concise arguments for independence I’ve read in a long time. Phantom Power could turn it into a great video.

  38. Capella says:

    “They left because of what the Brits had been doing.”
    President Joe Biden.

  39. Iain says:

    Thanks for directing me to the iScot magazine site. I’ve just subscribed and can’t believe what a bargain it is. That’s this weekend’s reading sorted.

  40. Alec Lomax says:

    Puir wee Stuart. It would take a heart of stone not to have a good laugh.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Talking of laughing, the Herald reports that Pamela Nash has been snubbed in her bid to become Labour MP candidate for the Airdrie and Shotts constituency.

      • Iain says:

        I’m surprised. It doesn’t usually bother the Labour Party to have overt Conservatives trying to make a career for themselves under the Labour name.

  41. richard mackinnon says:

    “The Tories stare into the abyss”
    The Tories probably will loose seats on May 5th but I dont think it will bother them that much. Individually it will be a blow. Being a MSP is a good job. A nice wee earner as they say. Find yourself a canny constituency secretary and you have made it.
    But as a party, collectively will the Scottish Conservatives fret over coming in third? I dont think so.
    They have never felt comfortable being part of ‘Scotland’s Parliament’. They fundamentally dont believe in it. They look out of place because they are and there is nobody more aware of that fact than Scottish conservatives.

    • Alba Laddie says:

      That just about nails it for me, Richard. This is another point of attack for SNP strategists – the Tories never wanted devolution in the first place, and neither did Blair, and no amount of revisionism from the unionist parties cuts it with me either. That’s the wider message the SNP need to get out there.

      • richard mackinnon says:

        You are right to point out that devolution came about for duplicitous reasons. Devolution was invented by Labour as a means of suppressing Scottish nationalism. That is a very important fact that Scotland’s politicians, parties and their supporters need to be reminded of.
        Devolution was not an idea formulated with good intentions. Devolution is not a better way to govern. That is not why we have a devolved parliament at Holyrood. Holyrood exists because back in the 1970s and 80s the British Labour Party felt threatened by the rise of Scottish nationalism and thought that a devolved assembly (that is what Labour called it. They were afraid to call it a ‘parliament’ in case us Scots got ideas above our station) would satisfy Scottish aspirations and in doing so ‘kill of nationalism for ever’. (As we know now, it had the opposite result than intended, but that is not my point here. I want to concentrate on ‘devolution’ and its associated problems).
        The main problem that comes with setting up a new devolved parliament where none existed before, is this: what are the new parliaments powers and responsibilities? and where do these new powers come from? from above? from below? Up until the ‘reconvening’ of the Scottish parliament in 1999, Scotland had been governed effectively from Westminster, through the Scottish Office and our local councils for 300 years. Now a third tier had to be accommodated.
        Is our present ‘devolution settlement’ a more effective means of governance than the ‘direct rule’ we had before 1999? I am not convinced.
        Had we voted Yes in 2014 Scotland would now be an independent state and Holyrood would have all the responsibilities that go with it. But we didnt. And the consequence of that is, in my opinion, Holyrood’s role is unclear. Ill defined. A possible explanation for all the daft legislation that has come out of Holyrood recently.
        Now I know what you are going to say here, Alba; you are going to say, ‘that is why we need to have another referendum’, and vote Yes’. But I am afraid to tell you, I dont think there is going to be another referendum. I think we are stuck with Holyrood in its present embarrassing state. And that depresses me.

  42. Gregory R Nunn says:

    Like wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a while you begin to realise that the pig enjoys it.
    What I look forward to, if I live long enough, is a political climate totally void of brexit or independence, with just a bunch of regular bickering over roads, schools, ball teams, and the price of groceries.
    You know, life.
    Independence first, foremost, and above all.
    Then we toss the rascals out and find a new bunch to moan about.

  43. Pogmothon says:


    Wee Ech you Effing twat.

    It is said that the Scots can make entire sentences with just one cuss word.

    But there are not enough cuss words in all the languages on the planet to verbally frame how I feel about you right now.

    You definable need to scuttle awa ti the HoL wi the rape clause.

    Cause I honestly believe you’ve had your last peaceful nights sleep in Scotland.

    Folk will have tae clear their throats before giving an opinion on you for generations to come.

    I have no idea who convinced you this was a good idea.

    But you have definitely joined their ranks now.

    The “Parcel o’ Rogues”. That is

  44. Paris Rose says:

    Actually Mr Salmond has just made sure snp secure more votes. You should really be thanking him.

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