Theresa’s red white and blutack

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Last November, Theresa May sulked up to Scotland to deliver a speech to a small group of extremely bored factory workers in a leather goods warehouse in Bridge of Weir. Tomorrow she’s due to repeat the trick, and is due to appear in a shipping container in a lorry park off the A9 where she’ll address an audience of invited press people. Although if the last time is anything to go by, journalists from The National will not get a press pass.

The purpose of the exercise, we’re told, is to announce a review of devolution. Remember in 2014 when the people of Scotland got a solemn vow from the anti-independence parties that no changes would ever be made to the devolution settlement without the express consent of the Scottish Parliament? Well, guess which legislative body in Scotland hasn’t been consulted or informed about Theresa’s intention to launch a review of devolution. If you require a clue, it’s one which isn’t composed entirely of Scottish Conservatives.

The move comes just as the British government has rejected a Freedom of Information request from the SNP MP Tommy Shepherd for the release of a recent opinion poll commissioned by the the UK Cabinet Office about public attitudes towards Scottish independence. Given that other recent polls have all shown a marked shift in Scottish opinion towards support for independence, and a poll of Conservative party members found that they’d prefer to see Scottish independence than give up on Brexit, it’s pretty certain that the UK government’s own poll made for uncomfortable reading for Theresa May. It’s equally certain that if it had found a drop in support for independence that the Cabinet Office would have leaked it by now.

Of course it’s entirely coincidental that this review has been announced on the same day that John The Only Pollster In Scotland Curtis has told us that a majority of remain voters in heavily remain supporting Scotland now support independence. That’s a coincidence in the exact same way that Conservative tax policies benefit the rich more than the poor.

This review has been launched, much to the annoyance of the Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt leadership campaigns, because Theresa May has belatedly realised that her policy of ignoring Scotland, sidelining the Scottish Government, and driving ahead with an entirely Tory Brexit has only succeeded in antagonising people in Scotland. She knows that all she’s done is to break the Conservative party in Scotland as well as her precious union, and now she’s got Ruth Davidson staring at her like an incontinent puppy that knows that it’s about to become homeless.

Theresa is the careless kid who has smashed her mother’s precious union ornament, and who is now desperately trying to stick it back together with blutack and chewing gum in the hope that her mother won’t see the breaks when she gets home in a few minutes time. Perhaps she can lose it in a wheatfield and no one will notice. It’s too late for that. The people of Scotland have already noticed, and they will return their verdict the next time there’s a public vote. As Theresa May prepares to leave office, she’s reflecting on her legacy, and has realised that perhaps the most important part of it is that she’s set Scotland on the path to independence.

Theresa’s review is going to be led by Andrew Dunlop, who as an advisor in the government of Margaret Thatcher was one of those responsible for the poll tax. So that inspires confidence. We’re told that the review is going to confine itself to looking at UK Government departments, but if you believe that you probably also believe that the poll tax was a good idea. We’re looking at you, Andrew.

Since Theresa May is due to leave office as soon as the winner of the Tory leadership contest is announced, this review isn’t going to be carried out with her as Prime Minister anyway. It will be her successor. Reportedly neither Boris Johnson nor Jeremy Hunt is happy about this obvious attempt to impose Theresa’s will on them. Imposing the will of the Conservative party on Scotland is something that they have no problems with. Both of them have already announced that they have their own plans to deal with the Scottish problem, and in both cases it involves ensuring that UK government departments spend in Scotland on devolved competencies so that they can plaster Union flegs on things.

Who is this review meant to impress? Who is it meant to convince? Sticking a few more union flegs on things in Scotland won’t change anyone’s mind about the fundamental democratic deficit which is driving support for independence. Undermining the Scottish Parliament even further than they have already undermined it won’t convince anyone in Scotland that Scottish political distinctiveness is respected and valued within the UK.

During the very same week that the Conservatives have said that they are boycotting the Scottish Citizens’ Assembly, they announce their unilateral review of devolution. How exactly can the Scottish Tories claim that they respect the people of Scotland when on the one hand that they are happy to participate in the British Government’s unilateral review of devolution, but at the same time say that they’re not going to take part in the Citizens’ Assembly along with the Greens, the SNP, the Labour party, and non-party groups. They are blind to the hypocrisy. The only voices that count for the Tories in giving a view on how the constitutional settlement works for Scotland are voices from Westminster.

Indeed, the Tories imposing themselves on Scotland in a unilateral manner is only going to make the perception of the democratic deficit even stronger, all the more so when we have a Prime Minister who has been elected solely by members of a Conservative party which has minority support in Scotland and whose support is crashing in the polls. Scotland gets what Conservatives vote for is not a convincing argument for the Union.

The truth is that the Conservatives have no idea how to solve their Scottish problem, so are approaching it in the exact same way that they approached Brexit. They are making it all up as they go along, with only their arrogance and entitlement to guide them. It will be their undoing, and their red white and blutack won’t put the union that they smashed back together again.

40 comments on “Theresa’s red white and blutack

  1. Robert Harrison says:

    Heres some more of those said cracks showing in independence polling

    Evening times march 14th 2019
    Yes 86% no 14%

    Progress Scotland march 28th 2019 yes 63% no 37%

    Bloomberg april 23rd 2019 yes 66% no 33%

    Scotland in union april 25th 2019 yes 68% no 32%

    Scotsman april 26th 2019 yes 65% no 35%

    Evening telegraph may 30th 2019 yes 75% no 25%

    Conservative party sacrifice Scotland poll june 18th 2019
    Yes 63% no 37%

    Panelbase june 24th yes 53% no 47%

    Is it any wonder when all these polls by mainly the British nationalists are showing independence in the lead over and over this year they hide the latest ipso mori poll because this is no surprise one little bit to me at all.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Some of those are “voodoo polls” – for example the Telegraph, Scotsman, and Evening Times polls. They are not based on a representative sample of the population, and are self-selecting. Such polls don’t really give a true indication of what the balance of opinion is in the country as a whole. They’re about as accurate as the horoscopes that appear in the same papers.

      • Robert Harrison says:

        The fact its there own side plus they rigg them in there favour and the results are showing us yes in the lead each poll dont tell me youve forgot how much these london lapdogs believe in polls why else would they hide the latest ipso mori poll because it most likey came out with yes in the lead again and they cant take it then theyd feel doubt and with doubt they’d look weak in front of there own.

      • Robert Harrison says:

        See you didnt like what i said paul so you deleted my reply you really do forget the British nationalists believe the polls thats there weakness well one of there many weakness when they was coming out for no the British nationalists couldnt shut up about how no one wanted independence because the polls said so now theyve come out for yes over and over again the British nationalists are hiding the latest ipso mori poll because probably has the same result showing yes in the lead and that makes them look weak and they cant look to be losing as like with many fitba fans in England many of the brit nats will jump on the winning bandwagon rather be in the losing camp they cant help themselves hence why the English conservative government covered up the poll.

        • weegingerdug says:

          No Robert, I hadn’t deleted your reply. I was out this evening and hadn’t authorised it yet. Your comments are being premoderated until such time you can be trusted to stop with the anti-English stuff you come out with.

  2. Mr John Mclaughlin says:

    Another belter Paul, thank you .

  3. Andy Anderson says:

    The trouble is Paul is that most people will not rationalise what is taking place as you have done. Most will simply follow the view that matches their current belief scenario. However I am hopeful that there is a slow move to understand the smoke screen of politics.

    Good article Paul.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Yet when some start feeling they are on the losing side they will jump ship they like a lot of England fitba fans got to always back a winner for example the article by being a female man utd being called a glory seeker that happened because many was when man utd was winning all the cups in the English fitba then when chelsea started winning the epl the glory seekers became chelsea fans theres those among the British nationalists who will do the same once they feel nos truely losing they will jump ship and pretend they always backed independence thats why we should never forget whats been said by the British nationalists thats going to be what wins us independence.

  4. […] Wee Ginger Dug Theresa’s red white and blutack The usual blog article begins after this message while the annual crowdfunder is […]

  5. Welsh Sion says:

    A view from the Western Colony …

    (Not quite as fluent in style as WGD, I suggest. But the message is clear.)

  6. The Tories anthem, baa, baa black sheep have you any money, yes sir, yes sir, three bags of funny, one for the Tories, one for their dames, and one for the DUP that lives across the main.

  7. Bob Lamont says:

    Another great blog, but disagree with your “…much to the annoyance of the Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt leadership campaigns” assertion.
    Both reprobates will undoubtedly have been fully updated before these “election theatrics” commenced, so anything you picked up was intended by the Con-Collective.
    I sincerely hope SG are casting a legal eye over this devolution review crap, as it smells vaguely of fish…

  8. Terry callachan says:

    So a majority of Conservative party members ( across the UK ) and presumably those overseas too , would rather see Scottish independence than give up on brexit.

    I think it’s safe to say that Conservative party members in Scotland do not hold the same view and would NOT rather see Scottish independence than give up on brexit
    because they know that the best way for Scotland to guarantee that it remains in the EU is for Scotland to leave the UK and be independent.

    The Scottish tories have gone quiet , probably wondering how they can move their businesses to England , difficult for some because their businesses involve Scottish resources ,

    How do you move Scottish fishing waters , Scottish oil , Scottish gas, Scottish wind
    Scottish waves , Scottish hills moors mountains and rivers , Scottish universities
    Scottish farms etc etc etc


  9. My money is on her flying into Perth Airport (The Flying School) hold a half hour Press Conference at Scone Castle, with the Tom Gordons, David Cleggs and the Glenn Campbells of the obedient North Brit Nat Propaganda Pack in obedient attendance, while BBC/STV/ Border TV cameras whirr and Supermom Davidson flashes one of her chubbiest cheekiest grins, and Professor Two Jobs We Are The People Follow Follow God Bless Her Royal Majesty It’s The Law!!! Adam Tomkins holds their handbags just off camera.

    What is the point of all this Imperialist Nonsense?
    To rub it in our faces?
    It is going to get very ugly by the end of July.
    Aye Ready.
    Now’s the day, now’s the hour.

    • Dave tewart says:

      Perth isn’t long enough to deal with the normal aircraft she uses, it would have to be the RJ75.
      My money would be on Edinburgh, Aberdeen or unlikey Dundee.
      Most likely Edinburgh and the new office of muddle of the government of Scotland from afar.
      Hence the maybot is programmed to arrive on Thursday evening as the traffic into Edinburgh around the morning peak rush hour would still delay them even IF they try the Russian empty lane methods.
      You are so right, this is just to remind us all that THEY are in charge of this Colony.
      Patience, IT’S coming you can smell their fear.

    • deelsdugs says:

      Well, she’ll be stuck in traffic as it’s the Scottish Game Fair and Perth gets kinda gridlocked…now that would be fun…

  10. JoMac says:

    Politicians in the south and their little helpers in the northern territory obviously attend the same ‘how not to govern’ classes where they learn that if you want to win the hearts and minds of the people ……. just keep on insulting them. And it’s going really well for them, isn’t it? Meanwhile, their northern Lib/Lab buddies keep on cheering, clapping and waving their wee union flags with the great big red cross in the middle. And so the pantomime continues. Trouble is, the rest of the audience started to walk out a long time ago.

  11. Steve says:

    How can every single report I have seen about tessa announcing this devo review FAIL to mention the review of devo carried out by the government’s own select Committee just a few weeks ago? The review made some fairly strong recommendations for change including combining the Scottish Welsh and NI ministers hips under one constitutional affairs job, and forcing all other departments to work with the devolved administrations directly rather than “filtering” stuff through fluffy’s beard… Tessa (and fluffy) obviously didn’t like the recommendations so a tory poodle has now been told to go and do it right! She has never listened. Never. Not once. And is still not listening.

  12. gavin says:

    Excellent as always, Paul.
    Treeza’s “precious, precious onion” meme, would bring a tear tae a gless e’e.
    It certainly does to mine—with laughter. We are in for a rare treat, with a visit from this totally useless Prime Minister (the worst ever) one day, then the Two Stooges the next.
    What will they promise Scots? How much dosh has their money tree left? Boris already did the bridge across the North Channel: perhaps Scotland will get a tunnel to France—watch this space (or the space between their ears).
    Tune in for the next exiting episode on Distorting Scotland, the news where you are (not)
    “Good evening, and we go straight down to London……………………………………………”.

  13. James Doonan says:

    All is needed is one press member to leak TMs destination for the press to get a more interesting story if anyone is still interested in Maybot

  14. Whatever happens will be designed for the shires as further demonstration that the northern border is once again secure against sedition.

  15. John Lamb says:

    I’m always thinking that the tories are ‘up-to-something’. Their devolution review, is I suspect not a real review of how benefitial (or not) devolution has been to Scotland. But how it’s effecting the Tory party’s ability to control the country. Which from their perspective is proving to be a disaster. The Mundell cuckoo is being maneuvered to take control of the nest. The chess pieces are moving on the board.

  16. brianmlucey says:

    Have asked before and ask now. What’s Plan B if/when WM denies a referendum?
    Realistic plans that will see Scotland able to enter into the world as a real nation, not TransDnistra or Northern Cyprus?

    • Stuart McNicoll says:

      You asked that question yesterday on wings, you had a really good answer from Robert Peffers.

      • Cubby says:

        Brianmlucey is always asking that question. He gets answers then ignores them and comes back and asks it again. He either has a short term memory problem or has another problem.

        • brianmlucey says:

          No, I dont. I support the idea of Scottish (any nation) independence. But, living in a state that tried the WM way, for literally decades, and then had to resort to a war, I wonder at times at the naivety and hope of the Scots. Whats Plan B? You dont seem to have one. do you? A plan that is rooted in C21modern european diplomacy not droning about 1707 and all that….

  17. Petra says:

    The problem that the Tories, such as Theresa May, are dealing with is that even the non-political anoraks in Scotland can see what’s going on now and they don’t like it one bit. They were detested before, in the main, however talking to people now I sense a deep hatred for them. You just have to look at footage of Nicola Sturgeon mixing with crowds, in say Glasgow. Can anyone ever imagine such a scene involving Theresa May? If not, why not? That’s what she should be asking herself. Why do her visits entail hiding away behind security fences with an entourage to protect her, unlike Nicola Sturgeon, and being limited to talking guff to a few selected brownnosers?

    Anyway she’s just adding insult to injury now by coming up with such a ”devolution review” plan following announcing previously that the Tories were going to claw powers back / use our resources to strike deals and of course treating the Scots like dirt in general since she got into power. That’s compounded of course by totally ignoring Nicola Sturgeon once again. Chickens coming home to roost time Theresa. A great big thank you to you for reinforcing, to the Scots, the fact that you are a bunch of cruel, callous, ignorant, lying chancers. You’ve helped us no end in achieving our goal of becoming Independent and ending the Union. That’ll be your legacy along with a number of others of course. Too many to mention on here, but they’ll know who they are.

  18. Doug McGregor says:

    he cargo cult that is the Torys in Scotland is getting a visit from Big Mamma Theresa today to bolster their spirits , the chanting of “No Indyref 2 ” has stopped attracting adherents and some serious new JuJu is required to get the manna from heaven down.

    Big Mamma Theresa will promise the cult more Union Jacks than there are sticks to put them on to persuade the pilots that it’s safe to land , new improved tartan track runways of microscopic thickness for landings , dummy air traffic control towers to help them in and most importantly , friendly radio chatter assuring them of our loyalty and faith in them.

    All happening after today , manna from heaven , as usual , all we need to do is believe!

  19. Melvin says:

    Thank you for you Paul for another outstanding article. I hope that soon we can all bask in the joy of Freedom from Westminster

  20. Doug McGregor says:


  21. Doug McGregor says:

    earlier comment not here , any reason?

  22. Archie says:

    Maybe I’ve grown a bit cynical, following revelations that Ruth Davidson had access to ballot boxes prior to the count for Indyref 1, but I don’t think a fair vote on Scottish independence can be held now without supervision by the EU or UN. Westminster/Whitehall will do anything and everything in their power to stop Scotland taking control of its own resources. The polls could, and probably will, show a Yes majority but guess what? Indyref 2 will have a majority for No, and we will scratch our heads wondering about “the silent majority”. We need to get it right this time. The Referendum will also be advisory, just like the EU one, so BoJo (or the other one) will just ignore the result if it goes against him and no-one can stop him. Freedom is seldom won easily.

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