18,514 thankyous


A huge thank you from the dug and me to everyone who has contributed to the blog’s annual crowdfunder. The target was £10,000, and with your incredible generosity that target has been left far behind in the rear view mirror.  You didn’t just smash the target, you ground it into dust.

As of 3pm on Thursday 4 July, there has been £12665 donated via PayPal, £4840 via GoFundMe, and £1009 from other sources, making a grand total of an amazing £18,514.

It’s always nerve wracking when you launch a crowdfunder. It’s asking people quite literally to put their money where my mouth is. It’s asking people to put a monetary value on what I do. The fact that so many of you have dug deep in your pockets doesn’t just mean that I’ll be able to keep on full time blogging and doing speaking engagements all over Scotland, it’s also a vindication of my work. It means that despite all the criticisms, the abuse, the attacks that I receive on social media from the British nationalists, there is a large body of people in Scotland who see value in the work of this blog. That’s immensely gratifying, and immensely humbling.

However I don’t just want to thank everyone who has donated. Not everyone can afford to support a blog financially. I’d also like to thank everyone who supports this blog in other ways, by sharing its content on social media, by telling their family and friends about it. If this blog has succeeded in converting just one person to Yes, then it has done its job.

So once again, thank you to everyone who has given the wee dug a pat on the heid. And I’ll make sure that Ginger gets a special treat. We’re in for a rollercoaster ride politically speaking over the coming months, but that ride is going to end with a vote on Scottish independence, and a Yes result in that vote. Thanks to your support, love, and belief in what this blog does, this wee dug is going to be barking every step of the way.

The fundraiser will remain open for the time being. I had originally planned to let it run for a month, but the target has been almost doubled in less than three weeks. There are a number of ways to donate. You can use the PayPal button on this page. you don’t need a Paypal account to use the donate button. If you don’t have a Paypal account, just select “donate with card” after clicking the button.
Donate Button

Alternatively you can make a PayPal payment directly to weegingerbook@yahoo.com, or you can click the following link to GoFundMe where credit and debit card donations are accepted.

If you would prefer to donate by cheque or some other method, please email me at weegingerbook@yahoo.com for details.

Many thanks in advance. Both me and the dug appreciate all the support and love.

26 comments on “18,514 thankyous

  1. Margaret Noakes says:

    Delighted for you.More power to your blogs and dugcasts. You are keeping us sane and motivated to go on marches.When the fear stuff comes we will need you more than ever.Love and hugs to you and the dug.x Maggie.

  2. Anne Martin says:

    That’s great Paul, you’re worth every penny. Keep up the good work. 👏👏👏

  3. Craig Macinnes says:

    Well done Paul and thanks to you, the Dug and of course Callum for a great talk last night in Bo’ness

  4. You and Ginger are worth every penny and more – we have bought your books, your maps, your t-shirts and we donate what we can when we can. However, I reckon you could make even more if you did just one more thing………..let us buy those lovely wee fluffy cuddly Ginger toys 😦

    Yes, I know they were a limited edition to tempt people to subscribe to the National, and I did try to win one in the National’s “Where’s Boris” edition but I didn’t, and though a commiseration email from Calum was very welcome, it jist wisnae The Dug

    C’mon, I’d buy one and I bet loads of other fans would……pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese ?????

    • weegingerdug says:

      I still don’t have one myself actually. The National got 500 of them made for their subscription drive. Originally they thought that they’d have a couple of hundred left over and they were planning to sell them on Roadshow events. However the subscription drive went far better than they were anticipating, and every single one of the toy dugs that they ordered is already spoken for.

      I will speak to them about ordering some more which can be sold. But I can’t guarantee anything.

  5. Sheila McIntosh Rae says:

    Well deserved in reaching your crowdfunder target. Your voice will be invaluable in the turbulent Tory mayhem to come. Saor Alba Gu Brath

  6. deelsdugs says:

    You’re very welcome. And a big thank you too from ma dugs

  7. Bob Lamont says:

    Ooof, very well done indeed and richly deserved for your prodigious efforts, a donation still to come once the pension finally arrives.
    The WGD blog is probably one of the most widely read across Scotland (and Holyrood) but is deeply appreciated far beyond Scotland’s boundaries for the insight it brings where the media deliberately fails and the politicians remain tight lipped.
    Suspect you’re going to become very busy in the coming weeks and months, at least the dug needing a pee to forces timely rests from the watercooled keyboard 😉

  8. Mr John Mclaughlin says:

    Thank you Paul and the Dug.

  9. Alistair Robertson says:

    Congratulations Paul and Ginger – and thanks for everything. Mair power tae yer yaps!

  10. imacg says:

    Get stuck in Paul, the battle is surely hotting up. Just donated.

  11. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Mine still to come Paul! Pension day Monday! Keep up the great work. I’d buy a WGD toy I didn’t win one with the National either ;-(

  12. Macjim says:

    Couldn’t see the wee dug starve… glad to help

  13. bedelsten says:

    So, the Maybot Andy Serkis tribute act was wheeled up north, kitten castors catching on the cobbles and, after checking that it was still square pin up north, plugged in, powered up, random access memory checked and then booted, but not far enough. Unfortunately, the GPS interface was giving erroneous data, so the Maybot’s speech algorithms reverted to the default GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) settings and text destined for the principality of Whales (sic – re trump) was jumbled into the output…

    “The UK and Welsh Governments worked in partnership to support the steel sector, ensuring the sustainability of steel production in South Wales, and keeping the iconic blast furnaces at Port Talbot open.”

    “The engineering innovation in Cardiff, where the world’s first compound semiconductor cluster is pioneering a crucial technology of the future.”

    Further GPS errors … “At the heart of the Belfast Agreement, which enabled the people of Northern Ireland to move beyond that past into a shared future, was a compromise.”

    Then the Pinocchio subroutine made an IRQ (interrupt request) resulting in… “I am confident that whoever succeeds me in 10 Downing Street will make the Union a priority.”

    At which point the lights flickered, the windows blew open and a deep echoey voice did nothing. It might have been a dream. But, tomorrow, the nightmare continues. (no, not the dugcast)

    Meanwhile, metoo for the sentiments expressed above. And, yes, there could be a market for wee cuddly versions of WGD.

  14. A. Bruce says:

    Thank you for everything you do Paul. I don’t know where you get the energy, but keep doing what you’re doing.

  15. grizebard says:

    Bless, Paul. You’re a treasure.

    (Pity the BBC only recognise it by omission.)

  16. Well done Paul, you are very much appreciated and most welcome.

  17. indy2019 says:

    Scotland’s foremost Independence blogger. A ‘must read’ so keep up the great work big chap.

  18. Margaret BARRIE says:

    Well done and congratulations, Paul. Delighted that you’ll be able to keep going. The work you and Callum do is so vital to our Indy progress. You lift spirits when we are down, re-energise us when tiredness takes over and calms us down when anger threatens to overwhelm our sensibilities. You do all these things, for me anyway. Thank you most sincerely.

    Fell for Ginger, when I met him in real life and fell for his cuddly doppelgänger. Would really love to be able to buy one. Thought it was so marketable at first

  19. Macart says:

    You’ve earned the support. 🙂

    You kept folks going when things were looking pretty damn grim.

    An awesome job and an awesome result.

  20. Lynn Fraser says:

    You do a brilliant job Paul. One of my favourite indy voices. Time you were more high profile….Broadcasting Scotland needs a wee ginger dog slot.

    Saor Alba
    Thank you

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