The definition of tyranny

Despite the fact that it is clear to everyone that there is no support for Theresa May’s Brexit deal in Parliament, the Prime Minister blindly and stubbornly refuses to countenance any alternatives. We have a Prime Minister who heads a government which has, at every turn, attempted to block the MPs the people have resturned to this supposedly sovereign Parliament from having their say. She has stated that her government will use so-called Henry VIII powers and will make law by fiat. She allowed MPs to express their opinions for just three days then pulled the rug from underneath Parliament and refuses to have a vote because those MPs will give her an answer not to her liking. Her government was found in contempt of Parliament but instead of apologising and seeking reconciliation, she has merely redoubled her efforts to continue along the same path.

Theresa May is immune to criticism, deaf to advice, blind to danger, uncaring that time is running out, hell bent on pursuit of control and power for the sake of power, and bugger the consequences for anyone else. She’s playing chicken with Parliament and with the lives and jobs of everyone in the UK. Everything can be risked, everything can be destroyed, just in order to save the Prime Minister’s reputation. It was noticeable that this icy politician, totally lacking in empathy, warmth, or emotion, only became animated and displayed her emotions when she thought that the EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker had insulted her personally.

This is a Prime Minister who came to power in the wake of a narrow vote to leave the EU and decided that she would ignore that 48% of the population which voted to remain, and pander to the Brexit extremists in her own party. She ignored those who voted to remain, and she has ignored those nations in her preciousssss union which voted to remain. She has instead decided to use Brexit as an excuse to further centralise the UK. She has embarked upon a course of stripping powers from the Scottish Parliament, retrospectively removing rights from the people of Scotland which the people of Scotland had approved in a referendum.

All the while she claims that she’s doing so in order to respect the result of the referendum. A referendum fought on the basis of a lie, a referendum where the winning side cheated and deceived. But none of that appears to matter.

After claiming that the central goal of Brexit was to restore sovereignty to the British Parliament, the Prime Minister is now stalling, using every tactic imaginable, in order to avoid a vote in the Commons. The goal of this appears to be to use up as much time as possible in order to rule out the possibility of a second referendum so that when a vote finally becomes unavoidable MPs will be forced to choose between Theresa May’s inadequate deal or no deal at all. Acting consciously and deliberately in order to restrict the freedom of movement of a supposedly sovereign parliament is the open contempt of democracy.

When a government is found in contempt of parliament and the reaction of the government is simply to shrug its shoulders and no one resigns, we’ve passed from contempt into the open dismissal of democratic norms. Yet that is exactly what happened this month in the UK. It’s not just that no one in the government resigned over this appalling attack on the integrity of parliament, it’s that no one expected anyone would resign. That’s how low our expectations have fallen.

At every turn, at every opportunity, the UK government has acted in the selfish interest of the Conservative party. There are two minority governments in Scotland. The British government and the Scottish government. This week the Scottish government is negotiating with other parties in order to pass its budget. With the exception of the foot stomping Lib Dems it’s a discussion between grown ups. It’s a discussion about give and take. Compare that with the British government, a minority government that has continued to act as though it has an absolute majority and doesn’t need to consult with, never mind offer concessions to, anyone else.

Meanwhile this same British government has elevated cruelty from an unfortunate side effect of policy to the policy itself. There is the infamous “hostile environment” for those who live or who wish to live in the UK but who are not UK citizens. Families are divided. Children only see one of their parents in Skype conversations. People who have lived in the UK for decades fear the knock on the door and deportation to a country where they haven’t lived since childhood.

Deliberate cruelty is a central design feature in the punitive and brutal benefits system. Sanctions are imposed for trivial reasons, leaving claimants without food and dependent on charity. We now live in a country where it is normal that people go hungry and where the biggest growth industry is food banks. You cannot walk down a street in a city centre without encountering young homeless people. Kindess is no longer a virtue in UK government policy, but a weakness. Compassion is no longer a consideration in UK government policy, but a failing. Empathy is no longer an asset in British politics, it’s been replaced by the vitriol of the right wing press.

The UK has become a cold and nasty place, defined by casual cruelty, prioritising scorn and disdain over care and understanding. It’s driven by xenophobia, scarred by hatred, inward looking and fearful, medicating itself with the dream of past glory like a homeless addict in a doorway lost a spice fueled reverie of a better time.

If you check a dictionary you will find that the definition of tyranny is the cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control. It is government by a ruler or small group of people who have unlimited power over the people in their country or state and use it unfairly and cruelly. Unfair votes, breaking rules, the centralisation of power, the avoidance of democratic accountability, cruelty as government policy. Theresa May’s government ticks all the boxes.

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82 comments on “The definition of tyranny

  1. mumsyhugs says:

    I’m in tears Paul – so sad to start with and now with absolute anger and fury. This post has really got to me.

  2. Ian Barr says:

    Superb article Paul. Little did we realise when she identified the Tories as ‘The Nasty Party’ that she was to become the living embodiment of that idea and she has gone on to make her Conservative party even nastier. The woman is a disgrace!

  3. Orri says:

    Her contempt is for far more than the 48%. It’s also for any of the 52% who don’t want what her vision of Brexit is or the reality of it will be. Also those who seeing just how things are panning out and want to change their minds.

    As a side note it’s a bold move by the BBC to serialise Les Miserables when one of the causes was poverty exasperated by a taxation system where the richest weren’t. Somehow seems familiar. You can take your pick as to which regime the deliberate intimidation of the poor and those closest to the edge comes from. The Terror of post revolutionary France perhaps. Then again the uprising in the book ends in failure.

  4. Macart says:

    Well said Paul.

    The UK has become a dark place run by the venal and pandering to the mean spirited and vindictive. There is no care and no duty of care, only the pursuit of power for power’s sake.

    No reasoning, caring human being should to be party to where we are clearly headed. Our votes have been used to underwrite appalling actions in the past, but what we’ve seen emerging in the last few years? You’d truly require a heart of stone not to weep with either sadness or frustrated rage.

    We can be and do better than this. It’s about that time.

  5. Andy says:

    All so true, and done a bit at a time so that the tyranny creeps up on you. The media are just as much to blame as the Tories. They should be shouting from the rooftops about this brazen attack on the democratic norms but they hide it from us by skirting around it, reporting only what they think we need to hear.

    I despise this country, this UK. There was a time when I was proud to be British. Then I left primary school and opened my eyes. Everything I have seen since then has confimed my view that this UK is run for the benefit of a few. They pull the strings and 99% of the population are prepared and moulded into making the “choices” those few wish to see implemented. Where the press should be questioning this, they are instead a part of the problem. Take Brexit as only one example. If I want an accurate picture of what is happening, I read the Irish papers.

    We are living in a nasty little country which still thinks the world owes it a living. It doesn’t, and the sooner the UK realises this the sooner it can become normal. I think there will have to be a revolution before that happens here though.

    Thank God Scotland can escape this madness but we must be very wary lest our independence is hijacked by the very forces we will be escaping.

    • Richard Wickenden says:

      I have never ever been proud to be British. I used to accept being English but that changed after I moved to Scotland in 2005. However, I am now proud of Scotland, my new found home. It is a pity that so many people born in Scotland cannot bring themselves to support Scottish independence.

      • Toni Young says:

        As another English born Scot, I too despair at the short-sightedness of the born Scots who revere the Union. The Cringe is still alive and kicking.

        • robert harrison says:

          Yet your old countrymen still think they are superior to anyone who isn’t English born and bred and that they should shut up and like what little the England government at Westminster hands out to them that’s actions of tryanny that England imposses on us all because they can never be overridden by anyone but other England mps in that house look at the figures
          650 seats total

          England 533
          Scotland 59
          Wales 40
          Northern Ireland 18

          That’s 553 England mps vs 117 of everyone else if you include sinn feign how’s that democracy that’s England dictatorship.

  6. Lizzie55 says:

    I agree with all you say, which makes me wonder why our main Indy party is not doing more to get us out of this hellish mess.

    There are many ways to further and achieve independence but yet we are letting these acts you describe go unchallenged. We are in fact letting much of this happen to us without any fight back. I am loosing patients and faith in the snp making a play for independence …..I am at a complete loss as to why they would be so reticent at this damaging time in our history when there is an open goal.

    I read a way of achieving Indy and by doing so we would achieve our independence and a better society that cares for all its citizens. It has to be asked …why are we not heading for independence in a robust and determined way. This is well worth reading.

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  8. Macart says:

    I take it everyone is keeping an eye on May and Corbyn this afternoon?

    A meaningless vote threat on the PM and a confirmation from the PM on a vote in second week of January. Also? A statement by Ms May that’ll make your eyes water.


    Dear Lord! This pair are stitching up the populations of the UK. UK gov know that as soon as events settle or are firmed up there has to be a consequence. So long as they keep the ball in the air, process and procedure cannot be followed. They’re both hoping to force or fake a fait accompli upon the populace of the UK in general and Scotland in particular. Between them, they’ve pished two and a half years up against a wall and are driving our populations into years of hardship and suffering.

    • It is reported that David Davis had FOUR meetings with the EU lasting an hour each in his two years as Brexit minister, then fucked off when it got too hot.
      Two Years as a Govt minister with car salary, and a juicy bump to his Fial Salary inded linked MP Pension.
      They are quite literally laughing in our faces now. Check Jackson Carlaw at FMQ last week, and a smug self satisfied Davis on Dimbleby’s QT Swan Song.
      The thickness and arrogance of these people are what lead to Revolution and armed overthrow of corrupt regimes.
      London will be first to react as No Deal happens by default.
      £ million EU citizens, and about 1.2 million Brits on the Continent will be thrown to the wolves, because we are governed at WM by the most alarming thick set of Unionist politicians since the 17th Century.
      I can taste the rising fury in the air.
      I hold off booking the first fortnight in July on the Costa Del Sol if I were you.

      • See how raging I am. ‘2 million EU citizens’. Davis’ ‘index linked’ pension.

        • Macart says:

          Heh! Not booking a holiday isn’t a problem. I don’t think I’ve had more than one in the past twenty years. 😀 LOL

          No. No we won’t let them forget and no, they won’t get their wish either. Better than half of Scotland are pretty upset with Tories of all descriptions and their Brexit about now. Certainly half of the UK as a whole will never forgive them for their actions. There will be no coming together or unity in the UK for many generations to come.

          They’ve utterly fractured and divided society across these islands. They’ve starved, deprived, alienated and utterly hacked off major demographics in pursuit of their isolationist, neo liberal project. They’re creating misery and hardship with legislation and doing it willfully.

          The next ballot (of any description) can’t come quick enough.

          • I am reminded of the tale of two merchants in the busy Baghdad market bartering, when one spots Death armed with his sickle making his way to wards them through the crowd.
            One of the merchants spots oncoming Death hurriedly makes his excuses and mounts his horse muttering that he must leave as he has an urgent appointment in Basra and gallops off at pace towards the city gates.
            When the Grim Reaper approaches the abandoned companion he enquires:

            ‘Was that Ali the Spice Dealer I saw leaving in such haste?’
            to which the puzzled merchant replied:
            He had to hurry off to Basra. He has an urgent appointment there.’

            ‘Yes, it is with me.’ purred Death.

            May’s dilemma is a bit like that. She ran off to Europe to avoid the Certain Death of a Meaningful Vote, only to face death by a thousand, well 27 cuts, in Strasburg.

            I have dipped in and out of the news bulletins today.
            They have all gone stark staring bonkers.
            It’s time to grasp the thistle right enough.

  9. Andy Anderson says:

    How true and sad your article is Paul. I only wish more of us realised what is going on.

    They, our government (and Brit Nat parties) are so inept, so lacking in imagination. Just read this short article to see how incompetent they were dealing with Brexit and the EU.

    Then we find out that the stock exchange today announced at 1215 that the UK is increases the Brexit No Deal spend by £2bn. They know that the game they are playing has a serious chance of getting us a No Deal. This would be terrible for the country but good for our cause as 57% have stated a week ago that they will vote Indy is a no deal. Most of the people I know are moving to indy because of Brexit.

    Like all of you I find the UK Parliament a sad joke and the UK Gov even worse.

  10. I really feel like escaping into the woods with my other half and reoccupying an Iron Age hill fort!

    If the darkest hour is the one before dawn it still feels like dawn is four hours off…

    • deelsdugs says:

      The humble, or perhaps I should say the statement of an Iron Age Hill Fort…I have four within easy reach, and a couple of others not so distant, but, the Queen Vic stamp of Scotland being ‘quite a nice place’ for pomp and splendour is evident with the landscaping of pathways, planted with foreign trees and shrubs on the not so high up hill forts. However, cunning, guile and a little background knowledge could aid for rebuilding…darkness would be lit with fires…

  11. Robert Graham says:

    Every single word should be being promoted by the BBC & STV in Scotland ,
    The sound of silence is deafening if ever a broadcast media failed a country its this BBC & STV ,

    Sunday on the BBC what should have been a whole programme dedicated to the shenanigans and antics of liars and double dealing from a discredited Tory government abusing democracy what did we get waffle total guff about a future removal of the council tax ,

    This tax the SNP cant get any of the other lot to agree to remove because this opposition lot including the bloody greens block everything just to be awkward, the SNP could announce a cure for all known diseases and still this lot would object.

    The first word out of our finance ministers mouth should have been never mind the bloody budget what happened in the English Supreme Court was a disgrace & an affront to democracy then lets see how the BBC & Brewer handle that little problem live on Air , how a whole programme went without a mention of this total disgraceful act defies belief .

    If the SNP dont start getting a grip and showing some bottle people will either lose interest and give up or totally lose it and revert to extreme measures because of inaction by the parties management , fed up & pissed off is prominent on every blog site .

  12. Jan Cowan says:

    I’ve always been convinced that May doesn’t want a deal as her husband must be rubbing his hands at the prospect of all those US dollars heading his way. Hence the kicking-of-the-can till time is up.
    But we don’t have to worry quite the same now. Craig Murray has shown us the way forward.

  13. susan says:

    You cut straight to the point Paul. What a dark world we live in.

  14. crabbitgits says:

    I think it’s time the population get off wur arses and got out on the streets; starting in Holyrood and hope it spreads and fast. Shame the worst of winter’s about to take hold and Xmas is near upon us. Blimey, it ain’t stopping the French. But they have yellow vests to our seemingly yellow backs. The problem with this idea is it’s no good coming from the likes of me and the lack of any voice of note has been severely lacking up till now and it will very soon be too late. If there is no movement from the Scottish Government before WM breaks for Xmas we’re all fooked!

    Posted previously on Grousebeaters blog.

  15. Donald Urquhart says:

    What everyone that voted NO in 2014, were effectively saying was that ‘however nasty, however xenophobic, whatever the disrespect of Scotland…. that’s okay. It’s better than deciding our own affairs.

    So here we are, I presume they’re enjoying it – I’m not.

  16. Great, Paul.
    Corbyn was in Scotland for milliseconds again yesterday, unannounced, snuck in the back door, no press, no meeting the public, his only objective to lie to the people of Scotland yet again, and insult our democratic Government, the only functioning Administration on these islands.
    He forgets that about 180 of the MPs sitting behind him who all want his Marxist Leninist Trotskyist Soviet anti Europe head on a platter, voted with the Blue and Yellow Tories to implement £32 billion in cuts to Welfare spending and Public Services (Rennie even boasted about the Austerity cuts and ‘reducing the deficit’ at Holyrood as he wept crocodile tears over funding for teenage mental health|) and ‘efficiency savings’ in the English NHS, and concomitant reduction in the Scottish consequentials.
    Our collective head does not button up the back, Jeremy.
    We kicked 41 Red Tories out of office that summer as we recalled Mags Curran dancing a jig with the Blue and Yellow Better Together Tories in September 2014.
    The reason that there is a two child cap and UCS was introduced in the first place was because you and your Red Tory colleagues worked in collusion with the Blue and Yellow version to rob the poor and reward the JK Rowlings of this Unionist world.
    Readers,I apologise now. Fuck of Corbyn and don’t come back.
    How any young person in Scotland who paid their £3 and voted for this man beats me. How they think that this grizzled old Islington Irk could lead a nation baffles me beyond comprehension.
    We are on the brink of Independence now; of that I am certain.

  17. ArtyHetty says:

    Testing, comment not appeared, reposting.

    Thanks Paul. It’s a terrifying thought that the UK is basically a tyranny, and that’s while still IN the EU, out of it, the future image is just chilling to the core.

    I was doom and gloom last night thinking, crikey, you know what are Hogmanay ( New Year) celebrations going to be like, because the whole of the UK, all four nations, are facing a most terrible, oppressive and backward future, if that makes sense. Basically a one party regime.

    I was trying to imagine the countdown, the cheers, and finding that very difficult. I fear that people will be less cheery or hopeful about the future, which is really really sad. The charity shops are full here in Edinburgh at the mo, more than usual at this time of year, people looking for bargains.
    I hear that the ‘high streets’ are not seeing the usual footfall, certainly in England, and most likely here as well, and what a surprise, not.

    Scotland will not be treated well by the Britnat gov and their sidekick the non opposition party, ie, Labour, post England’s Brexit, to say the absolute least. scary times.

  18. The treaty of union states that all laws of Scotland before the union will remain with Scotland and can not be altered by the newly combined parliaments, this also pertains to English laws. I there assume Henry V111 laws only apply to England.

    • David Sillars says:

      That’s not what the Supreme Court judgement says. Westminster cabinet ministers can change Scots law with no recourse to the Scottish Parliament.

      • crabbitgits says:

        Whatever the ChickenSupreme Court says or English Munsters do, we must ignore it and call their bluff. We need to see the mettle of out politicians and leaders soon. What worries me is that time and faith is running out very fast!

  19. Welsh Sion says:

    I’m not over-keen on Shakespeare – least of all his depiction of fellow Welshies and Scots, but I found this quotation from …. ahem … the Scottish play and put in the mouth of Malcolm before his coronation on the death of Macbeth and his wife rather appropriate. See what you think:

    MALCOLM: What’s more to do,
    Which would be planted newly with the time,
    As calling home our exiled friends abroad
    That fled the snares of watchful tyranny,
    Producing forth the cruel ministers
    Of this dead butcher and his fiend-like queen,
    Who, as ’tis thought, by self and violent hands
    Took off her life; this, and what needful else
    That calls upon us, by the grace of Grace
    We will perform in measure, time, and place.

    William Shakespeare
    Act V, Sc. 8 ll.66-74

    (I had to have a modern translation:

    • The Scottish Play says:

      not bad,… how about, in summary

      ‘This tyrant, whose sole name blisters our tongues, Was once thought honest.’

      • Welsh Sion says:

        I saw that, too, The Scottish Play – but thought it less appropriate, if you’re thinking of May. Was she ever thought honest? (She is an arch-Tory, after all …)

        • Jan Cowan says:

          As long as you remember that Macbeth was not a wicked person and neither was his wife Lady Macbeth. All made up nonsense to please the new king of the UK. ie James VI of Scotland and 1st of UK. Shakespeare had to make sure his head stayed on his shoulders. After all, the king’s mother didn’t fare too well at the hands of her cousin.

          • Welsh Sion says:

            Accepted, indeed, Jan Cowan. Shakespeare was one of the greatest plagiarists who ever lived and was in no way a historian. I also prefaced my initial comment on my dislike of his portrayal of us Welshies (think Fluellen [sic.] in Henry V or Glendower [sic.] in Henry IV Part I, for example) and Scots in his plays.

  20. manandboy says:

    Night has long since fallen in the UK, upon anything within reason.

  21. Noirin says:

    Fab as always paul x

  22. Whitburnsfinest says:

    Argh. If I see or her one more unionist and/or brexiteer politician bleating on about ‘respecting the results of a referendum I’ll remove my own brain with a spoon.

    • Well done steelewires. Graig Murray is spot on. This is why Yessirs who want the SNP to fire the starting gun too early, should have a little more patience. Many of them seem to think we must have the Indyref before Brexit, as the maniacs in Westminster will close down Holyrood immediately afterwards. It would have actually been easier for them to close it down before Brexit. As Catalonia showed us, the EU is very reluctant to involve itself in a member’s internal politics, unless invited.
      However after Brexit, the UK is a third country in trade negotiations with a much larger trading block, the EU. They will have the UK over a barrel. As the UK will be the only country in the world without a single trade deal, there are no words to describe how important these negotiations will be for them. As far as EU leverage is concerned, it doesn’t matter if it’s a No Deal or Theresa May’s ridiculous deal, the EU will call the shots.
      If it’s May’s deal, as there is no solution to the Irish border, the UK will fall into the backstop and there, they will remain. They will have to accept any EU laws. I’ll just say that again, they will have to accept any EU laws. The only way out of the backstop is with the agreement of the EU. There are going to be 27 hungry countries, slavering over the the juicy pickings in the UK. From car factories and fish to services and Gibraltar, anything goes. If they don’t agree to an individual countries demands, then the country can veto them back into the backstop. The UK as a third country would be fair game.
      In this situation, with the SNP fighting Brexit with everything it has and supporting membership of the EU from day 1 of this mess, the SNP have placed us in a great position. The EU needs to show third country UK, no loyalty now. However, after Brexit, how are they going to respond to Scotland? A country, who voted by a large majority to remain in the EU. A country, whose SNP Gov has fought tooth and nail, to keep the whole of the UK in the EU and has always been, supportive of the EU.
      If the EU recognised us as an independent nation, after a referendum of any kind, even without a Section 30, then that’s game set and match.
      A No Deal is virtually the same situation. It is beyond anyone’s compression, outside of the Tory Party and a few right wing nutters, that a No Deal is anything other than a catastrophe for the country. But even if it was the so called No Deal, the UK would still have to make a deal of some sort. So the same criteria applies.
      So, if I’m reading the SNP correctly, they have already had talks in Brussels about these possible outcomes. So all we need to do is, get the popcorn out, relax and enjoy the fall of the toxic, vile, evil, rotten, repulsive , extremely unpleasant, hateful and loathsome UK.

  23. Janet says:

    And what is Brenda doing about it?


    An effective head of state would surely butt in at this point! Another topic for another day, methinks.

  24. Macart says:

    Ayup! Simply awful that the Scottish government don’t just bail us all out of this slow motion train wreck. Why on earth aren’t they doing something… ANYTHING? Can’t they see just how bad this is? Why don’t they do this? Why don’t they do that? Why don’t they do the next thing? FOR FUGSAKE! WHY. DON’T. THEY. JUST. END. THIS. UNION? *screams*

    Every site I’ve been on in the past week. I kid you not.

    Because it’s not their call. It’s ours.

    ALL that we have in Holyrood, is an administration that is willing to act on our instruction, argue your case when they can. Oh, and they’re pretty damn good administrators t’boot. Whereas before? You didn’t. The rest of the mountain they have to climb in terms of political opposition and media, most folks are perfectly aware of. Their biggest hurdle though, is the population of Scotland.

    The people of Scotland are sovereign. What they say goes. If a party is elected to power and seeks a specific mandate, and if that mandate is granted by the people, then that party and government can and must act.

    A specific mandate was sought four years ago and denied by a slim majority of our population. The government was instructed by that slim majority to act within the constraints of devolution. This they have duly done. In the teeth of sustained and mounting opposition on all sides, they did get on with the day job and have governed well.

    In subsequent manifestos they have made it clear that only a significant movement or injury to the constitutional settlement or status quo by one party or events would allow them to revisit that result and seek a further mandate from ALL of the population. Once again they will act on the instruction they are given. But it is ALL about mandate sought, instruction given and instruction carried out.

    YOU are the sovereign power in Scotland, not the state. And only a majority of Scotland’s electorate can instruct the Scottish parliament to end the treaty of union. Popular sovereignty isn’t a serving suggestion. You either believe in the will of the people, or you don’t. You either support the premise that the government is your servant, or you don’t. You either want an administration that believes in your rights and that one in particular, or you don’t.

    Right now they have a triple lock on the mandate to ask that question as and when they deem manifestoed conditions have been met. As yet, we are still EU members.

    They didn’t cause Brexit and they’re not responsible for being a devolved government. That’s on those folk who decided against independence last time out (whatever their reasoning). That’s on Scotland’s electorate.

    If people are scared right now? Good! Because I’m scared too and we all have every reason to be. How and ever, until pre conditions have actually been met and a mandate sought and given…

    You get the picture.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Well put Sam

    • Luigi says:

      Good post, Sam. We certainly have to take the people with us on this journey, and many folk are just not quite ready to step on the Indy bus just yet. The polls back this up IMO. But they are thinking about it – boy are they thinking about it. They are waiting to see, however, what happens with Brexit first. Surely it can’t be as bad as it looks? Hope against hope that it will all turn out fine at the end of the day so they don’t have to make (another) scarey decision.

      In face I would go as far as to say that, even for a short while after the Brexitacopolypse is upon is, it will still take a while for people to understand and accept the harsh reality of an isolated UK. Perhaps, when the bog roll runs out, the penny will finally drop. 🙂

    • Clachangowk says:

      Trouble is we are talking in an echo chamber here. I talked yesterday with a friend, an ex teacher, who has no interest at all in or understanding of politics. He is through and through British but only reason he gives is that he has been British for the last 50 years.

      he has no concept of the up coming brexit disaster. My concern is that there are thousands more like him.

      Only the first effects of a Brexit disaster will get minds to focus and change. That’s the time for the Indy referendum

      • Andy Anderson says:

        You are correct, there are people like your friend. I have two like this. I think a no deal is what it will take for people like him. Luckily I think all of the NO and Remain people are moving to Yes, at least those I personally know.

      • Macart says:

        They don’t see it coming. They’re not prepared and worse. There are those who are aware of it, but don’t believe their Westminster parly will allow harm to come their way. Basically denial.

  25. I endorse every word you say, Paul. But we still have our decent people.
    Sitting on a bus yesterday I became aware of a bit of excitement at the front of the bus. A distressed man was talking to the driver. It turned out he didn’t have the fare. At that a woman sitting at the front got up and paid his fare. This all happened quickly and was over in 30 seconds.

    So, to misquote Burns:
    The people are the gowd for a’ that.

    We’ve got to keep believing we can win against the vile Establishment.

  26. There is a Money Tree after all. Hidden as third item on the BBC English lunchtime bulletin was an item on the last Cabinet Meeting before they all eff off for two weeks’ holiday where they were deciding on how to spend £2 billion to prepare for No Deal Letters to 140,000 companies, plan to recruit more border staff, advise us what to do now that our passports, driving licences, and EU Health Cards will no longer be valid from 30th March 2019.

    Are these people mad?

    It was observed that the 107 who voted against May’s leadership would be happy to exit on No Deal terms, but that this meeting was some sort of ‘bluff’ to sway wavering backbenchers to vote for May’s deal on the 14th January ’19.

    Total and utter chaos following an outrageous 2 1/2 year dereliction of duty by the three WM Brit Nat Parties.

    The EssEnnPee are to lead a debate of No Confidence in TM this afternoon apparently, while Jezza and the Abstainers, one hit wonders from the ‘sixties, attempt the impossible; sit on their hands and wring them in anxiety at the same time.

    There is only one very real and immediate option for Scotland now; an Independence Referendum by early March ’19.

    I note in the comments above that some recount the almost indifferent attitudes of acquaintances and friends, who appear to be in the main Establishment Brit Nat ProudScotsBut.

    I’d argue that these Diehard No’s/Leaves are under the impression that their salaried Pension Proof Public Service jobs will somehow ‘protect’ them from the ravages of any permutation of leaving the biggest trading bloc in the world, the EU.
    They are in for a shock.

    It will take being isolated as a ‘third country’ with concomitant shortages, price rises, and severe restriction of movement to bring these people to the table and consider Scotland Free as their only escape route.

    During the indyref 2 Campaign all will become clearer as Europe slams the door shut on England and the Car Giants close down and move to Poland or Latvia.
    Stock up in food, inhalers, and fit bolts to every window and door, Eurmageddon deniers.
    I genuinely anticipate a mass migration North to Free Scotland when Brexit bites.

  27. JimW says:

    Regardless of whether you are for leave or remain, whether you are a socialist or a capitalist, whether you are a unionist or independence supporter, I cannot see how anyone could imagine that the archaic Westminster set-up is a satisfactory way to run any country. The Tories might exacerbate the problems, but the basic problem is Westminster itself.

  28. Macart says:

    Respect agenda.


    and HERE

    Nicolas Soames apparently. Ethnic intolerance… Westminster writ large. You don’t have to scratch very hard or very far beneath the surface for that ignorant Tory mindset to show itself.

  29. Macart says:

    So you know? RE: Debate in commons: Brexit secretary 3 says: “Because Scots voted No in 2014, we (Scots) voted to leave the EU” (to be confirmed those were the exact words)

    Just wow!

    Now that’s how you alienate and disenfranchise an entire population.

    • Andy Anderson says:


      • Macart says:


        This was in fact paraphrasing, but the context and meaning correct.

        • markrussell20085017 says:

          The debate tabled by the SNP today should be required watching in every Scottish household, if for no other reason than it permits us to see ourselves as others see us. Sobering as it my be. If we have any self respect, then there is only once conclusion. When we do bid farewell to the union with England, one hopes magnanimity can disguise the relief.

          But now it’s just another show
          You leave ’em laughing when you go
          And if you care, don’t let them know
          Don’t give yourself away

          Joni Mitchell

          • Macart says:

            Just read the Hansard report on Ian Blackford’s statements. What he’s outlined should leave no one in any doubt. All I’m going to say is… 🙂 (smiley thing)

            As for the rest of that Commons farce? Yes, it does make for pretty grim viewing. Not for the faint of heart or those suffering blood pressure problems. The ethnic othering and ignorance. The sheer contempt shown by the government benches is breathtaking. Most normal folks would instantly plant such ignorant, patronising creatures on their arse. But then, that’s why we’re not politicians.

    • It’s all bubbling up nicely, Sam.
      I exhorted Corbyn to get out of Scotland the other day, following his stage managed flying visit to insult our Parliament, the Independence Movement, and our collective intelligence in a high security cordon in Edinburgh.

      Our MP’s are working towards the day when they lose their WM jobs, gladly.
      The Brit Nats ProudScotsButters would keep 1 million Scots in poverty to hold on to their petty little lap dog sinecures.
      That’s the difference.

      Churchill’s spawn, a bloated privileged example of the English Ruling Class, only to go by his retorts in The House, he shows that he has nae class at all.
      Do you think Distorting Scotland will give it a mention? Nor I.

  30. bringiton says:

    The British government appears to be announcing martial law (3500 army people on the streets) to be implemented post Brexit and all the English press want to talk about is who is going to replace Jose Mourinho at ManU.
    Maybe it will only be martial law north of the border.
    “National” unity,whether you like it or not.

  31. Tol says:

    I think its time for every YES to find a NO friend and have “the talk”.

    As Westminster gets ever closer to the cliff, their need for distractions to run the clock down become ever more frequent. Both major “BREXIT” parties now appear to be in a full on psy ops mode. They are throwing out every lightweight with ever more bizarre claims to deliberately burn up all oxygen and distract the public debate.

    YES must now stop chasing every stupid rabbit the Brexit parties send out and focus on getting out.

  32. The Scottish Play says:

    Taking a step back from the Hurly-Burly of Brexit…as we are dragged to the cliff edge against our will….. to reflect that IndyRef2 is not ‘about the EU’… it’s about who decides….and what sort of a Country you want to live in…

    Source: BBC News 28th March 2017: (except of course, the bit about about the Scottish Secretary who hasn’t resigned yet).

    MSPs voted by 69 to 59 in favour of seeking permission for a referendum before the UK leaves the EU.
    Ms Sturgeon says the move is needed to allow Scotland to decide what path to follow in the wake of the Brexit vote.But the UK government has already said it will block a referendum until after the Brexit process has been completed.

    Prime Minister Theresa May, who met Ms Sturgeon for talks in Glasgow on Monday, has repeatedly insisted that “now is not the time” for a referendum.

    Her Scottish Secretary, David Mundell (who hasn’t resigned yet), has said that the timescale could include “the Brexit process, the journey of leaving and people being able to understand what the UK’s new relationship with the EU is, so they can make an informed choice if there was ever to be another referendum”.

    Brian Taylor: What might Sturgeon do next?
    Do voters want a second referendum?

    But Ms Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, said her mandate for another vote was now “beyond question”, and warned it would be “democratically indefensible and utterly unsustainable” to attempt to stand in the way.

    She told a debate ahead of the Holyrood vote that she was not seeking confrontation with the UK government, and only wanted “sensible discussions”.
    ‘Right to choose’

    Ms Sturgeon said: “My argument is simply this: when the nature of the change that is made inevitable by Brexit becomes clear, that change should not be imposed upon us, we should have the right to decide the nature of that change.

    “The people of Scotland should have the right to choose between Brexit – possibly a very hard Brexit – or becoming an independent country, able to chart our own course and create a true partnership of equals across these islands.”

    She added: “I hope the UK government will respect the will of this parliament.

  33. Macart says:

    Neatly done.

    Also worth clocking Ian Blackford’s entire statement from Hansard.


    Folks can draw their own conclusions for what it means. 🙂

    • Check out the time here, Sam.
      I’ve just ploughed through (soon it will be spelt ‘plowed’ when England becomes the 51st State, the real outcome of Fox, Rees Mogg, and Johnson) Hansard. My eyes are red raw. Bed.

      Ian Blackford was excellent, and there can be no one in the Brit Nat ProudScotsBut brigade who can accuse the SNP of not trying to save the UK and represent the views of ALL Scots to avert Eurmageddon.

      This from Keir Starmer sums up the madness:

      “Over the summer, the previous Brexit Secretary published 106 technical notices setting out the Government’s case for preparing for no deal. They did not get a huge amount of attention at the time, but it is worth reading and re-reading them, as my team and I have done, and as the Institute for Government has done. Those technical notices make it clear that the Government’s managed no deal would require the creation or expansion of 15 quangos, further legislation in 51 areas, the negotiation of 40 new international agreements with either the EU or other countries and the introduction of 55 new systems and processes. That is the analysis of the 106 technical notices—the Government’s own assessment.

      The case I am making is that the argument that there should or could be no deal on 29 March is completely lacking in any viability whatsoever. The very idea that there could be legislation in 51 areas, 40 new international agreements, 15 new quangos and 55 new systems and processes in the next three months only has to be spelled out. That is not my assessment; it is the Government’s own assessment. It is not credible to pretend that that can be done by 29 March.”

      It’s physically and logistically impossible to introduce any form of Brexit in 100 days.
      They all know that yet spout this monumental piddle yesterday in WM.
      They are spending £2 billion over the next three months to prop up a NO Deal outcome that they know will never happen.

      • Macart says:

        Just been through some of the broadsheets and a quick scan of the twattersphere Jack.

        Gesture politics yer Lab types are calling it… (oh the biblical irony). Labour apparently were and until otherwise notified are, waiting for the exact right moment to pounce all along you know.

        We’re literally a hundred and change days away from Brexit of some form or other, and Labour have waited two and a half years for ‘just the right moment’ to let folks know where they stand and what they’re all about. Uh huh!. Righto.

        They are the official party of opposition in what is essentially a binary system of politics. For all the period since June 2016, they’ve remained as riven and confused as the Tories, yet with less of a sense of purpose or identity than their chooms across the chamber. Who knew that was even possible? Their leader less than honest with or representative of, the bulk of his own membership. Those facts aren’t even up for debate. They’re a matter of very public record.

        The only real opposition to the government benches has come from the third party of parliament on down over this period and that should shame that chamber and the population it supposedly represents. A party by the by, that none of the above even want to see there, mainly because it upsets their hegemony and damages their calm. Can’t have northern oiks who don’t know their place lecturing folk on how to govern the plebs. (tsk)

        But it doesn’t. It doesn’t shame them at all. They’re a bit busy playing for the big chair.

        UK politics isn’t merely broken. It’s seismically fractured. The populations of these islands are facing constitutional crisis. Economic crisis. Societal breakdown and political chaos. All of which has been brought about mainly by Conservative and Labour’s practice of politics. The outcomes of those epically ignorant and arrogant practices almost inevitable some might say.

        And those two (HM’s government and its official opposition), are STILL fucking about with party politics as if sitting in a big chair matters.

        This will not end well for either of them.

        • Steven Gerrard to be appointed caretaker manager at United would see them over the Yuletide finishing line.
          There must be a Gerrard on Short List’ headline somewhere already.
          That’ll provide an ‘oh.look, a squirrel.’ diversion for the Great Unwashed.

          I watched Mike Russell’s excellent speech on Brexit at Holyrood yesterday and the utterly inane responses and hoots of laughter (because it is all so funny to the Tory List Hangers On Up Here) from Tomkins, Fraser and Greene.
          Tomkins blames the SNP for the threat of No Deal, Fraser demanded to know that if the Second EU Ref produced the same result would the SNP respect it, and Greene reminded us all that in September ’14 Scotland voted to stay in the UK.
          This is the depths of crass stupidy and thickness to which Blue Torydom has sunk Up Here.
          Three unelected chancers laughing their fucking heads off.
          Come the Revolution.

  34. Welsh Sion says:

    My last full day of 2018 on this site today, so I send Season’s Greetings to all here and all the best for 2019.

    I offer you this, as, being the self-confessed optimist that I am, we might one day see the Herald, and who knows what other MSM paper(s) turning our way. Anyhow, for now, just enjoy – and if suitably pleased to do so, sing also.

    3. (of 20.)

    Hark! the Herald journos sing

    Hark! the Herald journos sing:
    “Scottish Indy’s just the thing!”
    Joy at home and mercy mild;
    No and Yessers reconciled.
    Joyful let our nation rise;
    Join the triumph of the ‘Ayes’.
    With th’angelic host proclaim:
    “Scotland’s re-born to much acclaim.”
    Hark! the Herald journos sing:
    “Scottish Indy’s just the thing!”

    [With acknowledgements]

    Songs for the New Politics

  35. Macart says:

    Seems Mr Corbyn bottled the VONC. No. 5,647 in a long list of who knew(?) moments. Oh, and don’t get me started on the immigration bullshit they’re spewing right now.

    We can’t let this stand. We can be better than this horror show.

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