Stupid is as stupid does

The British government unveiled its new immigration policy today, and as we’ve come to expect from this government it’s petty, cruel, restrictive and nasty. EU citizens will in the future have to earn over £30,000 a year in order to apply for residency in the UK. What the government didn’t say was that UK citizens who wish to reside in the EU will doubtless be subject to similar restrictions in future. Meanwhile all those UK citizens who reside in EU countries have been left in limbo.

Theresa May is obsessed with immigration. She is pandering to the nasty xenophobes who infest the comments sections of the press. Just yesterday there was a story in the Herald about a businessman in Scotland who is originally from Bangladesh. He has been refused permanent right to remain in the UK despite having lived here legally for 15 years and owning a successful business employing five people, people who now seem set to lose their jobs. The comments below the article from the usual British nationalist trolls were nasty, petty, and small minded. Empathy is a foreign quality to them. Compassion is a curse to them. These are the nasty little people that Theresa May has in mind when she frames her immigration policy. This is British nationalism in action. It’s not pretty. It’s not dignified. And yet it’s Scottish independence supporters who get castigated in that same press.

Later today the real opposition, which isn’t the Labour party, is attempting to bring forward a no confidence motion in the government. Labour will probably abstain. This is the first time in decades that a government has been subject to a no confidence motion, yet it’s lost in the shouting, the infantile behaviour, and the insult to the intelligence of the public which passes for parliamentary debate.

But none of this gets properly aired in parliament or the press. Instead of holding the government to account, instead we get a pantomime. And that’s quite literally what we witnessed today during Prime Minister’s Questions. It was a childish and stupid display of crowing and question avoiding of the sort we’ve come to expect from a government which has absolutely no intention of explaining itself, never mind being held to account by the Opposition.

Jeremy Corbyn reacted to this infantile display by muttering something. Now the news is dominated by the allegation that Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May a stupid woman. Because apparently a perceived personal slur against Theresa May is the most important thing that’s happening just now.  To the allegations that Jeremy Corbyn is anti-semitic, we now have the allegation that he’s sexist.

It does need to be said that the phrase “stupid woman” is sexist in a way that “stupid man” is not. For centuries, millennia even, men have controlled and dominated women by belittling them and insisting that women were intellectually inferior to men. The trope of supposed female stupidity is one of the pillars of the patriarchy. That’s why in our current era mansplaining is a thing but womansplaining is not.

However Jeremy Corbyn insists that he didn’t mutter “stupid woman” after Theresa May’s display of childish stupidity which was accompanied by the jeering support of her braying backbench donkeys. He claims that what he said was “stupid people”.

It’s true that those two words can be difficult to distinguish when all you have to go on is lip reading. The words woman and people both consist of a series of labial consonants followed by a vowel and ending with a alveolar consonant. To pronounce both words you make two movements causing closure or partial closure of the lips followed by a tongue gesture towards the gum ridge, also known as the alveolar ridge.

When a person is muttering, as Corbyn was, lip movements are not always fully and clearly articulated. Not clearly articulating is kind of the definition of mumbling. Without any audio it’s impossible to tell which word he actually muttered during the exchange, and I’ve played the sequence over several times. It does look to me as though he did in fact say “stupid woman”, but I’m not a lipreader. He could just as easily have said “stupid weapons”, “stupid wombles”, or “stupid bampots”, all of which also consist of the sequence labial-labial-alveolar. Naturally the Conservatives are going to select the option that allows them to feel most outraged, and which conveniently distracts from their actual stupidity.

What looks bad is that right after the event Jeremy scuttled out of the chamber and didn’t make a formal statement to clarify his remark. If he’d got up immediately and stated that he’d actually said “stupid people” he could have killed off the matter. Instead the Tories are going to town on it, Corbyn looks evasive, and the government has got off the hook for its woeful performance on Brexit and its nasty immigration plans. It’s yet another own goal from the Labour leader. The greatest asset this woeful and pathetically inadequate government possesses is that it’s confronted by an equally woeful and pathetically inadequate official opposition.

Those same Conservatives who are now in full on harrumphage are the very same Tories who routinely cast racist and patronising slurs at Scottish MPs. It was just the other day that the SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford was told to “go home” by a Conservative MP. It was only a couple of weeks ago that another Conservative told Scotland’s representatives to consider suicide as a response to being ignored by the British government. That’s not worthy of such outrage however. Jocks are supposed to know their place. The point is that the Conservatives are by no means innocent wallflowers when it comes to insulting behaviour.  They’re certainly not innocent when it comes to pandering to racists and bigots in how they frame government policy.  You can judge for yourself which is worse.

However we’re now in a place where stupid people behaving stupidly believe it’s a greater insult to be called stupid than it’s insulting to everyone else for them to be dangerously and selfishly stupid. They’re wrecking all our futures, running roughshod over what passes for a British constitution, playing Brexit chicken in an effort to sideline parliament. But that’s nothing compared to a mumbled personal insult, if that’s indeed what it was. If that’s not proof all by itself of just how stupid the Tory party is, and more to the point just how stupid they think the rest of us are, I’m not really sure what is.

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33 comments on “Stupid is as stupid does

  1. Any chance of turning “Go home to Skye!” into a motion before the House to send all Scottish MPs home? Who knows, the Westminster regime might just buy it – after all, it would give them a majority of 10 over all the other parties combined, and without the need to pander to Fragrant Arlene and her Jolly Dinosaur-Deniers.

    • Marconatrix says:

      A nice wee dod of Blue Skye thinking there EJF … 🙂
      … and who knows, the Tories might just take the hint and see it as their least worst option … and surely it’s entirely consistent with their opposition to unions of every description, is it not??

  2. […] Wee Ginger Dug Stupid is as stupid does The British government unveiled its new immigration policy today, and as we’ve come […]

  3. J Galt says:

    I’ve called her worse – not to her face mind you!

  4. Macart says:

    Stupidgate aside, the sum total of today’s business in Westminster was the alienation and disenfranchisement of a massive demographic within the UK and the betrayal of expats living within the EU. Oh, and we discovered that Ohhhhhh Jeremy Corbyn isn’t really capable of walking on water after all.

    Who knew?

    It’d make you weep. This is what Westminster parliament is reduced to. The populations of these islands are hanging off a cliff edge and the two (supposedly) most senior placed politicians in the land are having a playground spat.


    • Well, Sam, it does seem ‘stupid’.
      Over a million Brits living working and retired within Europe have been thrown to the wolves today.
      Any hopeful applying to work anywhere in the EU will not be able to jump May’s ugly stupid WM manufactured ‘queue’, in other words will not have the incredible rights they have now to work, travel, but property, or settle in another European country because Nigel Farage doesn’t like hearing foreigners cackling away in their mother tongue on a Clapham Omnibus.
      And that’s the status under May’s hopelessly facile Withdrawal Agreement.
      Pensioners in Spain may have their properties confiscated, Spain has form on this, and they will no longer have health care under a reciprocal agreement, and the UK will cease awarding them annual increments to their State Pension, and Private Pension Providers in the uK will cease to have passported right sand access to EU27 customers and markets.
      When the Brexit music stops, any e Pat living in Spain will not be allowed to move freely from one European country to the next, and may need a visa to holiday elsewhere on the continent.
      UK workers in Europe will be hung out to dry.
      Today’s Immigration Farce will be the last straw for many.
      I anticipate a EU Brain Drain of Leon Uris’ Exodus proportion in January/February next year as EU workers head out of Broken Britain and back to the security and prosperity of the EU.
      What is it going to take for Paul Sweeney to get off his knees and fight for Scotland, and Scotland only?
      Corbyn is the alarmingly stupid old curmudgeon whom we all described during Corbynmania.
      It’s coming any day soon now.
      And by god, and aren’t we ready for the fight this time.

  5. Donald anderson says:

    I watched it. Quite clearly he said stupid woman. Dozy basiurt.

    • Anne Martin says:

      I’m sorry, but I watched it too and it’s evident to me that he said people, not woman. Either way, it’s a lot of fuss about nothing.

    • Interpolar says:

      How about an inclusive, factual and equal-opportunities approach.

      The Tories are a bunch of stupid people led by a stupid woman; Labour, Corbyn down the way, are scarcely better for indulging them.

  6. Scott Weir says:

    If Labour have any sense they should join the SNP, Lib Dems, Greens, Pluid Cymry and some NI MPs and force through a vote of no confidence in the government tonight.

    As for Jeremy Corbyn calling May a stupid women, I don’t see much wrong with that but hopefully Ian Blackford will not need to call Jeremy a stupid man when sitting on his hands for the vote. Mind you Labour will not do what the SNP do so I don’t put it past them.

  7. Something that has puzzled this house for a while now is what happened to the vote which found the government to be in contempt of Parliament ? Yes, I know, they had to produce the legal opinion in it’s entirety instead of Brian Blessed reading a few choice segments off a post-it note, but where is the punishment for being In Contempt ?

    Has anyone lost their job ? Being demoted ? Fined ? Had to pay full price for Absinthe in the commons bar ? No ? So what was the point ?

    Seems name-calling is fine, unless Corbyn is doing it then it’s The Worst Thing Ever, Even Worse Than Brexit, but being found in contempt ? Nah, on yer way son…..and woman

  8. deelsdugs says:

    Nebulous too…

  9. In a TV interview as she left 10 Downing Street, Nicola said that the Tories immigration white paper was ‘economic vandalism’. She added that in her discussions with Theresa May, May was ‘nebulous’. That, raised a laugh.
    From a Scots point of view, the HOC today again showed up both the Tory and Labour parties for the incompetents that they are. The original rant of May’s against Corbyn, was a scripted pantomime tirade, aimed at her backbenchers, to get laughs at Corbyn’s expense. This was very inappropriate for the watching millions, who are more worried about their jobs, food and medicine supplies, than the she-devil scoring political points. But that’s the UK just now, the so called leaders, fighting like rats in a sack, as the Brexit ship heads for the rocks.
    Corbyn as usual, just showed he’s not up to the job.

  10. deelsdugs says:

    We three, certainly not kings of orient are (Viking longboats may well be making a comeback) had a wee jaunt to the festive market in Edinburgh today – by the way, what is going on with Scotrail for goodness sake? On the way, the train broke down at Haymarket, so we got out and walked. Then, on the homebound journey, delayed because the conductor couldnae be found – the announcements are hilarious, only I’m glad I don’t have to commute to work, and…the kiddy-on Santa grotto in the midst of Princess St Gardens with the sideshows, had a fabby wee train that didnae break down and wasnae overheated…choo choo… anyhow, my daughter turned and said to me, ‘is this going to be the last year of the market because of the Brexit mess’…who knows…many people milling about their day out – accents from Newcastle, W. Midlands, all over, stalls with staff from everywhere, delighted to be asked where we were from at the tartan stall – Auchterarder, just up the road, oh aye, Hungary too…

  11. Daisy Walker says:

    Brilliant tweet from NS today – about not having much in common with TM, but in the spirit of Xmas, she’s brought her a gift, a bottle of misty Isle Gin from Ian Blackford’s home patch.


  12. susan says:

    The comments btl on the bbcs report on the FMs meeting the PM are just as scurrilous. Easy to see the Tories are planning on blaming the SNP if her shitty deal doesn’t pass.

  13. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Corbyn is unable to even try a shot at an open goal, they will have to replace him.
    May is possibly now mad, she will have to be replaced.

    The problem is replace these failures with who?

    Hugh Gaffney for Corbyn, Rees Mogg for May. Well we all need a laugh.

  14. M boyd says:

    Just googled where is Sturgeon: southern Russia, Ukraine or North America…go figure.

  15. Welsh Sion says:

    You can’t keep me away too long – but I thought you might like to see this. Proof (not that it’s necessary) that we have decent politicians in the SNP:

    • Siôn, sometimes I have this weird feeling – oops, there it is again – that the only way we Scots can bring sanity and justice to our land would be to dump Westminster and become – whisper it – independent!

      What Osborne did to our WASPI women was just sickening, in among all the other sickening things that the vile Tory regime has done. Funny how the regime always seems to have a magic money tree for things that it wants – such as doing up the Palace of Westminster, London’s Thames Tideway megasewer, rewiring Buck House for Her Maj – but never for things that it doesn’t, such as making life a little easier for anyone poor, weak or vulnerable, particularly if they are people who tend not to vote Tory.

      After Corbyn’s refusal to even try to bring down the Government, I call a plague on both their houses.

  16. Clive Scott says:

    For heaven’s sake she is a woman and she really really is fantastically stupid so what is all the fuss about?

  17. Saor Alba says:

    You were correct WGD. Labour did abstain.
    I wonder how you knew that?

  18. Saor Alba says:

    Well, they blocked it.

  19. Macart says:

    No. Neither party covered itself in glory today. Not the Conservatives and not Labour. They both blinked and let people know exactly what they stood for and exactly what they consider important. It wasn’t the interests of the people.

    I think this tweet captures the essence of Westminster politics in a nutshell.


    Nail squarely hammered on head really.

    It’s what they’ve always been, but you CAN have the last word.

    • What a disgusting farce. People squawking about Corbyn muttering “stupid woman” or “stupid people” – who cares? Either way, it was a perfectly justified remark, and no more than the truth. This contemptuous, contemptible regime playing panto while the UK faces economic disaster as a result of their own stupidity and incompetence is worse than Nero fiddling while Rome burned – because Rome was only one city, and the Tories are having a gleeful bonfire of the rights, livelihoods and prosperity of everyone in the UK – except for themselves and the political and economic cabal to which they belong.

      • Yesterday we witnessed the Fall Of The English Empire at the Palace of Westminster.
        Bercow allowed 40 minutes plus change for Points of Order over a muttered inaudible aside by Caesar Minimus Corbynnus deemed by lip readers the nation wide to be a misogynist slur against all women except rape victims and woof woof SNP dusky maidens.
        It was alarming to watch, but watch I did.
        A motley crew of lesser known Blue and Red Tits rose to trill the Party line; Even Liar Carmichael, yes, he’s still there coining it in, urged the Speaker to refer the matter to the Parliamentary Standards Committee, which is the ultimate insult to us all by this bloated corrupt evil little
        Establishment Talking Shop.
        15 million Brits are living in poverty, of whom 230,000 children live Up Here, yet these fools, these idiots, these self serving charlatans, ‘run down the clock’ to 2 weeks Party Time, debating NOTHING.
        The Big Enders versus the Little Enders.
        Gulliver’s Travels were more anchored in sanity that this House of Fools and Crooks.

        While our citizens die or suffer Third World Deprivation.

        These are the Marie Antoinette Days.

        These are the days of thunder and revolution.
        By Mid January everybody will know.

        The Political classes at WM are on the verge of destroying England an Wales for a buck, and a Yankee buck at that.

        For a’ that, an’ a’ that.

        • cubby says:

          Carmichael and standards committee. These Britnats have solid brassnecks. They must hand out free tins of brasso to the Britnats at the entrance to the Palace of Westminster.

  20. Dave tewart says:

    Westmonster is no longer fit for purpose.
    We pay these fools to direct the Union to our requirements.
    They can’t even provide enough seats for the mps to sit on when sitting, the sound system is a joke, have you seen the small loudspeakers in the seat rails? They take over 20 minutes to vote by going to the toilet via the Lobby.
    Then we have Mr Cleverly , MP, who can see sounds, must be a requirement along with the Brasso, the ability to see the cartoon bubble of words in the mayhem that passes for grown up intelligent discussion. Oh forgot they were in Panto mood as directed by the panto dame to be , the Maybot.
    Can anybody donate their old fridges to the englandland health service minister at westmonster, they need the Dunkirk spirit, and quick.
    The great news from the world bank is that India will surpass the great Empire in terms of GDP, making India the SIxth largest economy in the World, the Empire is demoted to the also rans. Their Empire is dead but the establishment are in denial, made up stats rule the day, all from the book of thatcher, Running a country for DUmmies. First spit out the dummy.
    Gold plated pensions for 5 years contract by way of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, easily changed to suit the requirements dictated by the polls.
    Oh, and Concorde is being brought back into service to bring in the maybot’s insulin, she being a very important piece of the long running panto that is westmonster, just hope a drone doesn’t get in the way, what drone could be seen in the dark.I’ve experienced a near miss near Prestwick, the only reason I know it was a drone and not a bird is that birds drive away from the aircraft virtually every time, and they’re clever they don’t fly at night as you can’t see where they’re going., all over in a couple of seconds and thankful it didn’t hit.

  21. wm says:

    She is a women and she is stupid, not that corbyn much brighter. It is not like being called a stupid B is it.

  22. Robert Graham says:

    Just tuned into FMQs , yeh I know Panto Season in full swing ,

    A plea to Nicola stop , please stop giving long detailed answers to questions from the performing clowns that inhabit opposition benches, they ain’t listening so treat them like our MPS are treated at Westmonster are treated .

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