The unwitting midwives of independence

Do you know your place yet Scottish people? The media and the Tories would like you to believe that the Scottish government was slapped down by the UK Supreme Court this week. The Court struck down important parts of the Scottish Government’s EU Continuity Bill, passed with the support of all parties except the Tories, so that’s youse telt, Jocks.

Only it’s not quite as simple as that. Despite the best efforts of Adam IT’S THE LAW Tomkins and the massed ranks of apologists for the British state in the social and traditional media to claim otherwise, the court ruled that the Continuity Bill had indeed been within the competence of Holyrood. That is until the UK Government retrospectively changed the rules to ensure that it wouldn’t be. Between the time of Holyrood’s Continuity Bill being referred to the court and the judgement, Theresa May’s government passed its own bill, and that included a provision that Holyrood could not alter the European Withdrawal Act. Remember that promise that Westminster wouldn’t ever do anything to alter the powers of Holyrood without the consent of the Scottish Parliament? That’s worth as much as a ticket for a night of comedy, anecdotes, and entertainment with James Kelly MSP or an appearance on Mastermind by Ross Thomson.

What has happened is a bit like deciding to buy a new car, but your evil fairy godmother Theresa tells you that you can’t afford it. You press ahead anyway because you know you have the money in the bank, but your evil fairy godmother casts an evil spell which empties your bank account and deprives you of your own money. Then she crows at you that you can’t afford the car and she was very clear about how right she was all along. Not only that, but she tells you that you had no legal right to a car in the first place.

There’s that precioussssss union for you. We’re being told that we are better together with thieves who steal power from the people of Scotland in order to force Scotland into the Brexit that Scotland never wanted. What the Supreme Court ruling makes absolutely clear is that contrary to the protestations of David Mundell Who Hasn’t Resigned Yet Westminster has indeed used Brexit as an excuse to grab back powers from Holyrood. Westminster has indeed been using Brexit to give it cover as it undermines the devolution settlement. Westminster has indeed been citing the need to respect the result of the EU referendum to traduce the result of not one but two Scottish referendums.

All this is bad enough. All this is proof positive of the bad faith of the British Government and the contempt in which it holds the people of Scotland. However what’s even worse is that this same Supreme Court ruling found that Westminster was perfectly within its power to do so. Yet again we see that the United Kingdom, this so-called most perfect union of nations, no zero constitutional checks and balances, no legal protections, no effective means, of protecting Scotland from the baneful effects of an exceptionalist English nationalism. We’re not in a union. The Tories, the soi-disant champions of unionism, have destroyed any pretence otherwise. In a real union, the largest partner doesn’t possess an effective veto over the wishes of the smaller partners.

Don’t you dare imagine that you can get above your lowly station, Scotland. If you try you’ll be slapped down, and you’ll be told you never had the right to do things that you previously had the right to do. And the ProudScotsBut think this is an embarrassment. Well they’re not wrong there. It is indeed an embarrassment, just not the one they think it is. It’s an embarrassment that Westminster is so pathetically welded to its power that it will undermine, destroy, and diminish the devolution settlement to ensure that nothing can stand in the way of its English nationalism wrapped up in a Union fleg. It’s an embarrassment that the ProudScotsBut are happy to see their own freedoms, their own rights, their own protections, destroyed in order to score a point against Thatessempee. “That’s one in the eye for Nippy!” they crow as they’re led blindly off the Brexit cliff.

The Conservatives can’t be trusted with devolution. They are venal, dishonest, and fundamentally immoral in their dealings with the people of Scotland. Nothing that they say, nothing that they promise, can be relied upon. The second that they decide that it serves the interests of their party better to shaft Scotland, that’s exactly what they’ll do. And their supporters will claim this is getting one over the SNP and not a political attack on Scotland as a whole. They rejoice in the subjugation of Scotland while telling us how proud they are to be Scottish. If Scotland’s freedom of movement is to be restricted, they want us to beleive that it’s only for our own good. We’re not really a grown up nation, you see.

They project their inadequacies and inferiority complex on to the rest of us, and tell us that they’re being realistic. Because the defining characteristic of those who suffer from the Cringe is to make the rest of us suffer.

This destruction of the devolution settlement and traducing of the will of the Scottish people is all in pursuit of a Brexit deal that entails cherries, an ever renewing cake, and a sense of entitlement that even Ruth Davidson would blush at. Well maybe not. That would involve the possession of a sense of shame, even a rudimentary one. There’s not much evidence for that amongst the Conservative contingent in Holyrood. They’re MSPs in a Parliament which they’re doing their best to undermine, diminish, and reduce in power and influence. Apparently that’s standing up for Scotland and getting the best deal for us within their imaginary Union. Well who knew.

The Tories have destroyed the post-war settlement which was the biggest argument for Scotland remaining a part of the UK. Now they’re embarking on the destruction of the devolution settlement, and the destruction of the UK itself. They say that those who love you are those who hurt you the most, that was never more true than it is for the Scottish Conservatives and their precious so-called union. The Conservatives will be the unwitting midwives of Scottish independence.

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45 comments on “The unwitting midwives of independence

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  3. My hate the Tories meter, is already at 10. So unless I do a Spinal Tap, I can’t hate them any more. However, that little Tory lickspittle Ken Mackintosh, who enabled the Tories to legislate against us, while the dispute on the Continuity Bill was in Court, is the one.
    He needs to be investigated. Where, did he attain his fallacious legal advice? Who or what is the source of this legal advice, that he was so keen to grab and declare in Holyrood. Because of his intervention, the Continuity Bill was stalled in Holyrood, giving time for the English Government to screw us Royally. This little weasel even betrayed his own Labour Party, never mind the Parliament, the Scottish Government and the Scottish people.
    We need to know how many pieces of silver he has taken? Is it a knighthood a peerage? Why not, TheresaMay is throwing them around like confetti, as she tries to force her toxic Withdrawal Agreement through Westminster. This Judas, will require a prison cell in an Independent Scotland. Yes of course he’ll have a trial first. Then, he’ll go straight to the pokey. 😎

    • Liz g says:

      That’s no strictly accurate Malcolm
      Westminster have the right to look at any and all legislation from Hoolyrood.
      They always have had,they wrote it into the rules for Holyrood.
      If they are happy with it the Queen can then sign it.
      If not they ask their Supreme Court to see if it’s legal.

      They called us daft for sayin that gave them a chance to wreck anything that Westminster didn’t want Holyrood to do.
      They said that they never had,and never would, do such a thing and we shouldn’t concern ourselves aboot it.

      Well they could and they did….

      But it has very little to do with the current Presiding Officer, these rules have always been there.
      He may indeed be a “House Scot” of the worst kind but this is not his doing.

      • Without the little weasel’s intervention, the Continuity Bill would have passed into law. It didn’t, because of him. You’re not denying that fact are you? You’re not denying, that the legal advice he attained was bogus and he was wrong in passing on this fallacious advice as a ruling to Parliament? The Supreme Court ruling said he was wrong. I really don’t see the point your trying to make.

        • Liz g says:

          Apologies for getting your name wrong Marlon…
          I’m making 2 points
          1. It doesn’t matter what the PO dose or doesn’t do the Bill would have been delayed before getting Royal Assent because that’s the protocol. He didn’t cause the Bill to be delayed
          This is not a one off delay… EVERY Holyrood Bill has to wait for Royal Assent till Westminster checks that it has no problem with it , and that’s the real issue

          • With all respect, I don’t know why you are defending this traitorous Presiding Officer. The Supreme Court said he and his legal advice were wrong. You can talk about process all you like, it doesn’t change the facts. I’m done with this now. You’re not going to change the facts and I’m not going to change your opinion. Goodbye and good luck.

  4. fairliered says:

    Thank you Paul. My feelings, but expressed better than I could ever have. Sometime soon, the ordinary, non political Scots (not the Proudscotbuts, but they are irredemable) will realise they have been lied to, and will be angry, very angry. Then we will be independent.

    • Andy says:

      The problem here is that the non-political Scots just don’t see it, because they just don’t look. They don’t do politics and they only get snippets from the likes of the BBC and the papers. The truth just goes way over their heads because it is buried under propaganda from the British Nationalist media.

      None of these so-called journalists would know where to look for the real story either. They just pass on press releases handed to them by the British parties. I still haven’t worked out whether that is ignorance, laziness, stupidity, or just looking for a knighthood/damehood. Bastards the lot of them.

  5. Macart says:

    Y’know, I’ve tried. I’ve really, REALLY tried, but I’m only human. When someone shows you nothing but contempt. Directs insult upon insult toward everything you hold dear. Puts you, your family, your friends and your community in harms way for the sake of personal/political advantage. Acts toward those in their care with ignorance, arrogance and a total lack of empathy. How is any reasonable human being supposed to react to that kind of treatment?

    Neither the Conservatives, nor their on again/off again chooms in Labour, are friends of the population. Any population. What they’ve both done to their own, to those in their care, those who trusted them? Should never be forgotten. (The forgiveness bit is up to the individual, but memory should be collective.)

    What they’ve done to the very concepts of trust, community and yes… unity, is beyond appalling. They didn’t do it for us. They did it for party. They did it for power. They did it because they could, but most most hurtful of all? They did it for themselves and they did it with our help. The gawd awful and punitive legislation, the harm they used the public’s vote to undersign should shame all of society.

    Westminster, those parties which support its horrendous system and their practice of politics are beyond the pale and have been for way too long.

    We put this right. We clean our house and we clean our politics up, because those… bastirts … certainly won’t do it themselves. We make Scotland a country fit for human beings with conscience and empathy. Our government WILL reflect the will and the needs of the people and we CAN make that a reality.

    Believe it.

  6. susan says:

    Great post Paul. I’m truly disgusted at the underhandedness of Westminster. I try not to hate because it’s destructive, but I truly hate the UK, all it stands for and all who stand for it.

  7. Marconatrix says:

    If it’s not too OT, here’s a very illuminating analysis of what might be called The English Identity Neurosis. A sort of post-imperial hangover, complete with all the usual morning-after symptoms of depression, feeling sorry for yourself and naturally blaming someone/something else for your sorry condition.
    So enjoy :

    • Robert Harrison says:

      That’s the English all over that’s how they been raised in England like they can do no wrong ever makes me sick.

  8. Tol says:

    “British Government and the contempt in which it holds the people of Scotland….Westminster was perfectly within its power to do so”

    Sadly this was always foreseeable.

    If SNP and YES don’t move now it is tantamount to accepting Westminster overwriting the Act of Union. Once you allow that – put a fork in yourselves….Scotland is done.

  9. Lovely piece, Paul.
    I am in no fit state to reply tonight because I’ve been out with the Rat Pack.
    Tomorrow is another day.
    The Union is dead.
    And so to bed.

    • They’ll ‘take back control’ of Health, Education, and Local Governments within months of Brexit, Paul.
      Holyrood was declared dead this week.
      They might as well send an expeditionary force North, close all Scottish Government Buildings, and clap the ring leaders, like Sturgeon and that Awful Cherry woman in irons.
      Spain did it, and no body batted an eyelid.
      Tomkins, Carlaw, Leonard, Findlay, Rennie, Rumbles have done their job.
      Outlaw The EssEnnPee and drive its membership into hiding in caves in the Old Kilpatrick Hill.
      I joke not.
      Now that they have grabbed back 24 devolved areas, there will be no stopping them.
      I can no longer be in the room with a ProudScotBut spouting Unionist lies and insults; it’s that bad.

  10. deelsdugs says:

    And here we have today… the possibility of another EU ref…., surprise surprise…
    well, in that case, so can Scotland without any contempt and derision from the nasty sleekit party.

  11. Andy Anderson says:

    I want a Brexit deal to happen as it helps our cause. I know that this is an awful wish as it means job losses and economic strife. If we end up with another EU ref next year the result may still be leave.

    Our country, the UK that is, is split 50:50 on Brexit just as we are split 50:50 on independence. Looks like we are moving as a Yes movement past the 50% now. Brexit will help us in increasing our win.

    • Clive Scott says:

      Would it not be better for our cause if there was no Brexit deal thus no transition period thus utter chaos come 29th March? 17 mile tail backs and genuine shortages of this that and the other would surely bring down Westminster within a few weeks during which time Nicola can announce Indyref2 and get on with organising it with or without agreement from London.

  12. Robert Harrison says:

    This proves what I been saying on the national website all along its an England dictatorship always has been always will be time we left screw the southerners our government tryed to be reasonable and diplomatic but they didn’t want to know they believe they could do it alone as it was easy peasy lemon sqeaushy yet so many cons quit and went to the back bench the deal is garbage the eus saying that’s your lot we are treated like shite all the time they change the law so the supreme Court will rule there way instead and we supposed to just sit back and let this happen no ffs frist minister call the refurendum so we can end these fake scots who let’s be honest are nothing but England supremacist doormats.

  13. achmony says:

    ‘Enough is enough. The Tories have tried to deliver Brexit and have failed – it is time to replace Tory chaos with a solution that will protect jobs, living standards and Scotland’s place in Europe’.
    (Nicola Sturgeon on 11th December 2018).

    Well Nicola, how about some positive action NOW?

  14. Westminster is s–t scared of losing the oil money because the bottom will drop out of the pound STERLING.

  15. fillofficer says:

    what gets me is…
    the britnats in holyrood are turkeys voting for christmas
    they think they are being smart but…
    after brexit, holyrood will probably be closed
    they will all be out of a job

  16. diabloandco says:

    God! I’m depressed!

    • Macart says:

      Nervy stuff these days, but stay strong kiddo. We’ll get there. 🙂

      • diabloandco says:

        I’m trying Sam but it ain’t easy!

        I read the Ambassador’s speech – it didn’t cheer me up . How come the sane and the sensible experts are never the ones given airtime or press reported in detail? No need to answer, sadly.

  17. bringiton says:

    We now have a fundamental problem with democracy in Scotland.
    Come the next Scottish elections,no political party can now publish a manifesto with confidence that
    it will not be overruled by the government of the day in Westminster,whether it is competent or not.
    The purpose of Holyrood,as far as Westminster is concerned,is to enact legislation passed by Westminster and nothing more.
    Crystal clear now why their “Scottish” office is being expanded.
    We are back to pre devolution days,thanks to British Labour.

  18. Dave tewart says:

    Well worth the time to read Ivan Rogers on Brexit.
    When a prime minister assumes the mantle of infalability we should all be worried.
    The parliament of england have ditched their own propaganda they used in the Scottish Referendum, leaving your biggest trading partner etc.
    This mornings attack on Blair just hammers home the delusion ramblings of the maybot.
    The cliff edge is very close as she runs down the clock, she will be comfortable in her old age, many of us will rue the day we didn’t take to the liferaft in 2016.
    Their union is bust and they are leaving the worldwide player that the EU has become.
    I recommend we all save this document.
    thanks for the info Macart, don’t agree with all of it but he certainly has nailed the short time future of negotiations for me.

  19. Macart says:

    This is a great wee read.

  20. Thomas Valentine says:

    Begin to look like there is no political way forward for Scotland. What does that leave?
    A fur yin can nae thole it an byde.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Aye there is Thomas, we will get a vote which will get us our freedom but first we need to convince a few more of those Scots who ignore politics to listen. The fact that 57% said they would support independence if a no deal Brexit shows more are listening than before.

      I suspect London will fight hard to stop us but we will still prevail. Nothing is possible though without at least 60% voting Yes so that if things do get tougher then our Government can say a clear majority is for it.

      • Andy, 52% was enough for England to become ‘great’ again and ‘take back control’, principally of Scotland, by the looks of it.
        The English Establishment, and by that I mean both The Blue Tory Elite and Corbyn’s grubby little Marxist gang, have completely lost it.
        Earlier in the Brexit debacle I referred to England as The Tribe That Lost Its Head, taken from a novel by Neville Shute, I think, but can’t confirm unless I came out of this post and Googled it.
        The State of London recalls Derek Jacobi in the excellent ‘I’ Claudius’ adaptation of Robert Graves’ account of the reign of Caligula, the nut job who famously appointed his favourite horse Incitatus to the Senate and declared himself a god.
        I fully expect Empress May to appoint Larry the No 10 cat as her deputy Prime MInister; it couldn’t be as useless as David Lidington, or could it?
        Nearly 600 English MP’s and 800 £300 a day plus exes Lairds and Lairdesses are frozen in the headlines, looking for a Saviour to be born this day in Bedlam.
        Little factions have surfaced, and mill around in the Palace of Westminster stopping to be interviewd by Mar, Neil, Laura, or Ant without Dec.
        They definitely don’t want May’s Deal. They definitely don’t want No Deal.
        They definitely don’t want Canada or Norway Plus Plus. They definitely don’t want a People’s Vote. They Definitely don’t want a UK GE. They definitely don’t want to rescind Article 50 and call the whole thing off.
        Madness and chaos reign.
        And that suits the Suits in charge of the wealth of the Elite, by whom I mean Rees Mogg, Boris and Michael, and the Windsor clan.
        Democracy has nothing to do with it.
        May is intent on reaching the Christmas break without having to appear before WM and explaining herself.
        Corbyn has no intention of becoming PM.
        He couldn’t do the job for a start.
        Keir Starmer and his acolytes are still peddling Red Tory Brexit fantasy.
        FYI the EU will not accept anything other than full membership. or hoot toot, you’re oot.
        Red Tory front benchers appear on countless TV programmes peddling the fantasy that if they get the reins, the EU27 (soon to be 28 again when Scotland segues seamlessly into Europe post Independence) will not accept ‘some sort of’ Customs Union, some sort of Free Trade Agreement, but allow England (because we are really talking about ‘England’ now, not the extinguished ‘UK’) to stop Freedom of Movement, and not subject to ECJ laws and regulations.
        It is pure fantasy, which not even one dutiful Establishment hack has challenged or pooh poohed.
        It is an England wide Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
        NS has played the Long Game.
        As atrue democrat and Leader of our country Scotland, she is acutely aware that she represents all the People of Scotland, Remainers, Leavers, those who voted No in ’14, those who voted Yes, those who earn their living fishing, felling trees, nursing our sick, caring for our elderly, teaching our children, keeping us safe and secure.
        From as early as December 2016, to reflect the 62% Remain vote Up Here the Scottish Government has produced detailed proposals on Scotland’s future role within Europe, which were quite literally binned by David Davis and subsequent Brexit duffers.
        Independence is now literally the only option we have, or become a ‘vassal state’ (Boris Johnson) a ‘rule taker’ as a colony of England, rather than a ‘rule maker’ at the Big EU Table.
        There is now no alternative.
        I refuse to be cast out of Europe by a cabal of English zealots.

      • Andy Anderson says:

        The 60% I mention is a figure to achieve from the vote and not what we need to see in the opinion polls before we start.

        Jack I agree Brexit was a 51.9% Leave and they went with it but look at the Remainers being not happy as majority for Leave not high enough to carry people with it. We need to show our people and the wider World that we have agreement I’m order to garner support.

  21. Andy Anderson says:

    News today Monday, Stock exchange reports U.K. Gov. to spend £2bn as No Deal looms.

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