No more business as usual

We’re back to political business as usual after the craziness of the summer break. Which in Scotland’s case means that we’re still subjected to a barrage of stories in the media about how crap the SNP are. So it’s not really that different from the diet we were fed over the summer break when politicians got to go off on holiday, or, in the case of Labour politicians, accuse one another of anti-semitism. Labour really enjoys the summer break, because it means that its political representatives can have a rest from attacking the Tories and instead can concentrate on what they really love, which is attacking other Labour politicians.

We have discovered that Ruth Davidson has her eye on a political career south of the border, from where she can launch her bid for leadership of the bunch of rightwing malcontents who make up the Conservative party. The Conservatives are really impressed by what Ruth has done for Scotland, which consists of bringing up her opposition to another independence referendum at every opportunity because she has no other policies, avoiding questions about Dark Money, looking the other way as a series of Scottish Tories were unmasked as sectarian bigots, homophobes, racists, or social media trolls, appearing on Bake Off and Have I Got News For You, writing a book, dressing up in uniform and becoming a pretendy colonel, and trying to pretend that Ross Thomson is a positive asset for her party, or indeed the human race.

But then, this is the Conservative party we’re talking about here, so the standard for impressive political performances is set pretty low. Compared to the political contributions of David Davis, Boris Johnson, or Jacob Rees Mogg, a 70 year old overweight 60 a day smoker riding a rusted bike rescued from the bottom of a canal would be an impressive performer in the Tour de France. So to be fair, Ruth’s lengthy list of achievements is indeed pretty impressive. She hides from controversy and idiocies where other Tory politicians march straight into them waving a Union fleg.

Ruth’s plan, which has been denied by “sources close to her”, is to be parachuted into the Lords so that she can take a position in the cabinet, and then later to launch her bid for leadership of a rightwing English nationalist party full of gammonesque bigots who just love Scottish lesbians with a history of opposing Brexit, and without the adoring and uncritical Scottish press to protect her. So that’s going to end well. When her unique selling point is “Scotland doesn’t want another referendum,” it’s not going to be easy for her to establish herself as a great political thinker in a country where most people don’t actually give a toss whether there’s another Scottish referendum or not.

Meanwhile Labour in Scotland is flailing around trying to find something to accuse the SNP of being bad at. Their problem in this respect is that Labour is the party of government in the UK’s only other devolved government, at least while the Northern Irish government is suspended. For every area of devolved policy which Labour in Scotland latches on in order to attack the SNP, Labour in Wales is the problem child that Labour in Scotland would prefer not to acknowledge, sitting there covered in snotters and vandalising bus shelters and dogging school while Labour in Scotland complains that the SNP got a marginally lower pass mark in their exams compared to last year. It’s safe to say that Nicola Sturgeon has seen off the challenge to SNP dominance from the new Labour leadership of Richard Wossiname. But then that’s like Lady Gaga seeing off a glam challenge from a polyester wearing tone deaf winner of a karaoke competition in Coatbridge.

So now that the Scottish and British parliaments are back in session, we’re back to the dysfunction and incompetence of the British state and its disastrous Brexit being paraded before us on a daily basis. I’ve never in my lifetime known such a poor British political establishment. They are utterly bereft of ideas, of imagination, of compassion, of competence. Those of us who are already convinced of the need for Scottish independence are only going to become even more convinced over the coming months. Those who are open to the idea are going to become even more open to persuasion. We’ve got a lot of work to do over the coming months.

The recent opinion poll which said that in the event of Brexit there would be a majority for Scottish independence was a great morale boost for the independence campaign. But it doesn’t mean that we’ve already won. It means that we have a good chance, but we can’t take anything for granted. This opinion poll tells us that if we put the work in, then we can win. But we have to put the work in.

The question in the recent poll was framed in a non-standard way and the poll was carried out by a company which has never asked about Scottish independence before. It’s quite likely that a future poll from another polling company will put support for independence in the low to mid 40% range again, and the media will tout that as a reverse. So we must not allow this recent poll to lull the independence movement into a false sense of security. The chances of there being a nailed on majority for independence in the polls before the launch of an official campaign remain slight. Most people don’t live and breath politics. Brexit hasn’t happened yet. Most people won’t engage with the issues until they have a reason to in the form of a date for a referendum. It’s during that campaign that we can work to shift the polling numbers in our favour.

However there is plenty to be getting on with in the meantime. We’re going to win Scottish independence with a well organised, energetic, and enthused grass roots movement. We need to look after our movement, to ensure that we are ready for the campaign ahead. We have forces to marshall, morale to raise, but we’re on the right path, a path that leads to an independent Scotland. There will be surprises along the way. There will be difficult days. There will be struggles. But we are in movement, and a people in movement are a force of nature. We’ve already changed Scotland, and we’re not finished yet. It’s never going to be business as usual again.


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34 comments on “No more business as usual

  1. “It’s never going to be business as usual again.” Not if any of us can help it … and we can!

  2. deelsdugs says:

    Yes, every little bit of positivity helps.
    It’s a strange world…Many folks try to keep away from politics as they seem to think it has nothing to do with them, until it comes to the actual voting, and even then they seem to think that their input won’t change anything, or indeed, that they don’t want change. My 88 year old mother, wears blue to go and vote, reads the Daily Mail – likes the crossword and the sport she says – and doesn’t want any of that tartan, essenpeebaddery or anything to do with politics, bar her right to vote, and most definitely didn’t want anything to do with the EU. Doesn’t like change and the old days were better. Fair enough.
    The very same parent who went ahead with her NHS cochlear implant and has her free prescriptions. So, the difficulty there is getting her to understand that it is all connected, and that independence is the only way forward.

    At least I I have managed to get a friend on the electoral role, and know of quite a few who, since 2014, have changed their No to a Yes.
    So yes, every little bit helps.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Yes every little helps.

      A few weeks ago a friend of mine visited. Indy came up. It was obvious to me that he had given it no thought at all. When pushed he thought Scotland has to small a gene pool to go it alone. After talking about ten countries the same size or smaller than us he just went ‘Em!!’.

      He is now starting to listen. Fingers crossed. I find that unless you meet a ‘blind to fact’ Brit Nat many people are open to gentle persauding.

  3. […] Wee Ginger Dug No more business as usual We’re back to political business as usual after the craziness of the summer break. […]

  4. Macart says:

    Actuuuuaallllly… If any true blue policy gonks are reading this over? Ruthie is a sooper gel. Awesome at photo ops. Looks pure dead smart with that uniform on. Knows how to growl, er, scowl in a state/ly fashion at cameras, interviewers, opposition parties and sich. VERY, VERY, VERY SHOUTY t’boot and is absolutely splendid at totally ignoring questions. Can ride buffalos. Oh, and she can bake… apparently. Knows how to tug forelocks with the best of em. (Does have a thing about imaginary burly men mind, but who in the HoL doesn’t have their wee faults? AM I RIGHT?)

    Also? Works cheap and has absolutely zero ethics that anyone can determine for sure. Perfect for the job of PM.


    Oh, and yes! Yes we are back to ‘Shock/blow/kick/slap to Sturgeon’ season. This is the same media that does so love to preach to people about abuse aimed at women right?

    • I agree, and I think she’d make great, wonderful and super PM. I’m sure she’d run Wangland right into the ground. However, her window of opportunity is closing. Theresa no longer phones, Boris is making his moves. The glow of winning 13 Scottish Tory seats for Theresa is cooling off. Her thirteen Tory MP’S are not listening to her and there is mutiny in their ranks. Not surprisingly, as most of them could be easily certified as psychopaths.
      A Peerage perhaps, could be the way to go. Baroness Davidson of Where the Buffalo Play, might be appropriate. Whatever, she must strike now while her iron is still hot.
      It will be a blow to many Scots to see her go. But we’ll cope. Now, it’s Westminster where her future lies. She’ll fit right in, as she can change any policy to fit any situation.
      2014- The only way for Scotland to stay in the EU is to vote No. Says Ruth
      2018- Looks like a No Deal Brexit catastrophic disaster for Scotland.
      2016- Leaving the EU would be a disaster for Scotland. Says Ruth. (and that was with a deal).
      2018- Looks like a No Deal Brexit catastrophic disaster for Scotland.
      So goodbye Ruth, say hello to Baroness Mone for us all. You have an outstanding Deputy in Mr Carlaw. Although, no one understands or believes a word he says, I’m sure he’ll improve.
      God bless and good luck.

      • robert harrison says:

        Oh can’t wait for fmqs tomorrow to wacth nicola rip the 3 England national party’s to ribbons in Holyrood on another note Ian Blackford really pissed mayhem right off she was fuming at his chequers plan is as dead as a dodo line today at pmqs she didn’t even answer the question in anyway for all watching to see and Blackford verbally wacked her again when he reminded her it was prime ministers questions.

  5. robert harrison says:

    The Conservatives better be thankfull thacthers dead because shed of had the cons shaking in fear of her anger at the stupidity levels they now show and this makes that smeghead Cameron look OK by comparing the two with may in charge bye bye England your finished and your not dragging us Scots with you.

  6. After independence there willl be no Scottish Lords, they will be out of a job.

  7. Brewer tried ‘business as usual, today Paul.
    Angela Haggerty, former editor of Herald Scotland(no don’t laugh) at his side providing running expert commentary on everything from Brexit to biscuits, and Brian Taylor in Holyrood David Porter on the grass in front of WM trudging through the same tired old Brit Nat Propaganda formulaic dross for yet another year of ‘Yes But’, ‘Don’t you think that’, Brewer droopery.
    I only tuned in to catch Rhoda Grant and Jamie Greene at their stultifying best.
    EU Nationals should not be allowed a vote in the country in which they work and pay taxes according to that international socialist Grant, who blames the Bad SNP for the Blue Tory Welfare Cuts.
    Angela Haggerty provided the Greek Chorus for Brewer, moaning and harrumphing on cue to the Brit Nat script.
    Tired jaded overweight gammon men chuntering out the same old Brit Nat dross.
    They even had Professor Sir John Brillo Head Curtice back for the New Season….
    Dusty, tired, dejected, defeated they trundle on, and on, and on.

    • Hector says:

      LOL! Missed this (working), thanks for update…to be continued…

    • robert harrison says:

      Not surprising coming from a member of an English nationalists party just like there London masters in the eu refurendum no eu nationals allowed a say only because here its going to hurt them and they are just making it worse for themselves by being xenophobic and denying some our fellow Scots a vote because they are originally born from a different European nation.

  8. m biyd says:

    Seems to me that the gulf in Scotland is now intractable and partition is unavoidable. The question is where to draw the line: The Forth Clyde boundary seems natural to me. South of the line can remain British the north Scottish. This may seem a bizarre solution but we have to accept that most European countries have been subject to territorial or population transfers over the centuries and there seems no reason why Britain should be immune particularly given the situation of Ireland as an example in these lands.

  9. darthtimon says:

    Reblogged this on Coalition of the Brave and commented:
    Brexit continues to underpin much of British politics and society right now.

  10. Robert Graham says:

    If as suspected Pimpernel Ruth has a escape plan along the same lines as another failed Tory MP who was parachuted into the lords , The way these Tories manage to bypass the normal route to being elected is a total travesty, they are abusing the electoral system ,

    Much in the same way as most of the Tory MSPs slither into Holyrood never having actually been elected by a system that’s surprise surprise is Reserved.

    They know the recent Tory party gains were a fluke, this Tory party in Scotland have reached their peak and they know it ,that’s why these brass necked bunch are so loud they are total frauds being protected by the media ,how long this fiction can continue is anyone’s guess,

    Once people waken up they are lost to the Union for ever, the ones who perpetuate this fiction know this that’s why we get the daily dose of Unionist propaganda, But it hasn’t worked and that must trouble them .

  11. diabloandco says:

    She hasn’t a hope in hell of the top job as she is Scottish and embarrassingly would not be able to vote or influence many areas – those EVEL areas brought in by the Running man Dave Cameron.

    I shan’t miss her if she takes the ermine , she can pontificate, shriek and squawk in the HoL for as long as Scotland remains a part of the UK , after that they’ll all be forcibly removed as unwanted aliens .

    P.S How pregnant is she? It must be me but it seems a looong time since we heard the news.

  12. Macart says:

    Mmmm. I see the poop is about to hit the wossiname over Mr Barnier’s ‘dead in the water statement’. Apparently Mr Raab is to toddle off to the EU for some emergency talks. Huhn!

    What’s to talk about? The Chequers deal was dead before it left Chequers. It never could coincide with the EU’s core principles. Indeed it threatened them.

    I know it’s a bit repetitive but… The UK is leaving the EU. The EU owes the UK precisely the square root of hee haw. The UK decided it didn’t like the club rules. Fair enough. The campaign (whether Brexiteers like it or not) made it quite clear that immigration and indeed race were cornerstone issues. That it has quite demonstrably led to an alarming rise in racially motivated hate crime over the past two years is not coincidental. Not quite the message of diplomacy and close, close, super personal, special (deeply special) relations with near neighbours being set there.

    Well? Fine! You don’t like the rules and you don’t like the company. Leave by all means, but you don’t get to decide how the club gets run from then on. You don’t get to retain the advantages of membership from the outside. You also really do have to accept that it was your decision.

    This IS embarrassing for the UK on the world stage. It IS going to end in appalling hardship for the populations of these islands. This hardship WILL last decades and the stigma of how the decision was reached probably even longer.

    No reasonable human being likes to be rejected. No reasonable human being likes to be told they are lesser because… reasons.

    Just a thought.

  13. Macart says:

    *Slaps forehead*


      • Macart says:

        Yeah, but they’re taking back control Jack. *slaps forehead again and again, aaaaand again!*

        A control and a sovereignty they’d never lost. If anyone in the UK wants to know what losing legislative control actually looks like? Then look no further than a Scottish parliament and people that are being taken to court by a Westminster government over the continuity bill. That has to ask for an S30 to hold a mutually agreeable referendum. That is told how much of a budget it is allowed on a yearly basis. That has competences on loan from the mother of parliaments and that has no control over broadcasting within its own borders. Oh, and is constantly told by its erstwhile partner just how uniquely shite it is at everything.

        Two things. 1. I don’t recall the parliament of the UK asking anyone’s permission to commit political and economic self harm 2. No one from the continental EU EVER called me a porridge wog and told me to fuck off back to my own country.

  14. Partition; the standard Anglo-American problem to every solution.
    Good for arms sales…


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