52 and rising

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but you know, [trumpet blast]. Last week in my article for The National I said that no amount of SNPbaddery from the Scottish media was going to dent support for independence, because the reasons for independence are not predicated on the alleged personal behaviour of any SNP politician, no matter how prominent or influential. The desire for independence is not determined by the alleged misbehaviour and failures of Thatessempee. It’s determined by the very real misbehaviour and failures of the British state, which – unlike the alleged personal misdeeds of an individual independence supporting politician – affect everyone.

And so it has come to pass. The opinion poll commissioned by, cue irony, Better for Britain this weekend demonstrates that in the event of Brexit, a majority of voters in Scotland would opt for independence. Should Brexit go ahead, as seems likely, 52% of voters in Scotland would support independence. More worryingly for proponents of SNPbaddery, the poll found that if there was a vote tomorrow, before Brexit has happened, only 50.6% would oppose independence, with 49.4% in favour. Since there is a 3% margin of error in opinion polling, that’s a statistical tie.

It was only this weekend that Ruth Davidson took some time out of her busy and hectic schedule of avoiding questions on Tory dark money to pop up and demand that Nicola Sturgeon rule out any prospect of a second independence referendum. There’s timing eh.

Ruth is demanding that Scotland gets no say on its future as the UK government makes catastrophic decisions that will damage Scotland’s opportunities, jobs, and place in the world. She might be happy to see Scotland have no say, happy because her career depends on it, but the rest of us are not so content to sit in silence amidst the flames of Brexit and the arrogant disdain of British nationalism just so that Ruth Davidson can promote her cheeky cheery facade that hides the nasty sectarian dogwhistling driving the Scottish Conservatives. Despite Ruth, despite her deification as the saviour of a union that is no union at all, just a pathetic excuse for a unitary state in which Scotland is marginalised and ignored, the people of Scotland want a say. She doesn’t speak for us. She only speaks for herself. We will not be marginalised. We will not be ignored.

Even before any official campaign has been launched, even before the Scottish Government has made an announcement about a future indepenence referendum, we have a starting point of half the population supporting independence. That’s where we are without any formal campaign, when those who don’t live and breath politics have yet to engage with the issues. And it’s the independence movement which has the grassroots organisation, the enthusiasm, and the positive case to make. No wonder social media is today filled with the denialist wailing of British nationalists who had fondly imagined that Brexit would kill off independence for good.

It’s especially heartening for the independence movement that the fieldwork for this poll was carried out after the story about Alex Salmond had broken, and while the British nationalist media in Scotland were in full on SNPbaddest mode. With the Alex Salmond story, all their SNPbad Christmasses had come at once, and yet it still hasn’t affected the independence movement or the popular desire for a self-determined Scotland.

Maybe this episode will make our media realise that by continually banging on about SNPbad they’re not damaging the credibility of Scottish independence at all, they’re only damaging their own credibility. But I wouldn’t go holding my breath. It’s all they’ve got left. The last rotted remnants of the fairy stories that passed for a positive case for the union were buried with Brexit. All that remains to British nationalists are threats, smears, scare stories, and the self deluding self serving lie that by being British nationalists they are immune from nationalism entirely. They’re panicking. They are afraid. They lose themselves in wishful thinking and magical beliefs. Maybe, they tell themselves, if they repeat a lie often enough it will become true. Civil war in the SNP! Peak Nat is passed! Brexit will kill off independence for ever! Ruth Davidson is a talented and beloved politician! The Scottish Conservatives won the General Election in Scotland!

They can see that their once impregnable fortress of Britishness is a castle of sand on a beach where the tide is rising ever higher. They can’t fight the sea. And we are a force of nature. How’s that SNP civil war working out for you, British nationalists? The only thing that’s crumbling is the foundations of British rule in Scotland.

If nothing else this poll proves that Scotland’s media bubble dwellers are incredibly good at one thing. It’s just a shame for them that the one thing they are good at is missing the point and consuming themselves in a wee bubble while claiming that the universe out there is bubble shaped too. That will be the wee bubble in which the Herald fancies itself as being “neutral” on the topic of independence. It’s neutral in the same way that werewolves are neutral about silver bullets. That will be the wee bubble in which the BBC claims that Gordie Broons interventions are “rare”. They’re rare in the exact same way that BBC programmes with Great British in the title are rare.

This poll is good news, but what it means is that the independence movement must keep up its efforts. We must continue to organise on a grassroots level. We must continue to march and rally to show a country whose media sidelines and marginalises us that we exist, that we are numerous, that we are vital and energetic, that we know the way to the lifeboats. We need to continue to show that Scotland can’t rely on the British state to save it, but Scotland can save itself.

This poll proves that despite concerted attempts by an overwhelmingly anti-independence media to sideline the independence movement and its supporters, we are winning, we are getting through. And we’re doing it ourselves. The only way for the independence movement is up. We’re 52% and rising.

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79 comments on “52 and rising

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  2. Alba woman says:

    Hurrah….thanks WGD for putting into words our hopes for the future of Scotland…just awaiting the call!

  3. Anne Martin says:

    Thank you so much Paul for once again lifting my flagging spirits. It worried me over the weekend with all the AS stuff that the march in Dunfermline on Saturday was pretty much ignored.

    Why on earth doesn’t Roothie change the record? Why would Nicola give up on independence when it is, and always has been, her political raison d’etre? She’s First Minister, and the SNP is the Scottish government, because indy supporters voted for them. The Unionists hate the fact that the SNP are the only ones that don’t have to answer to London masters and do not change their minds every other week.

    • Tess says:

      The reason Ruth Davidson doesn’t change the record is because she hasn’t got any records left to play.

      • Alasdair Macdonald says:

        The reason Ruth Davidson doesn’t change the record is because the metropolitan media – both left and right – think she is the Queen of Soul, the leader-to-be sitting in her Caledonian fastness, awaiting the call of the people. If anything the precious ‘progressives’ of the New Statesman, The Guardian, Prospect, The Observer are even more pro-Ruth than the Telegraph and Times. I think they actually see her as the leader of this pipe dream of a government of national unity or the new centre party. She sees the streets of London paved with gold.

  4. Robert Harrison says:

    Explains the britnat fat man of the bbc Brian Taylor trying to rubbish the poll today on misreporting Scotland I watched when visiting my mother at lunch time by gum did he ever try to play it down as a baised poll showing your own bais there you anti Scottish plonker mr Taylor then again that’s typical of a conservative supporter as you show them the most leancy in your fmqs interviews unless you get told not to by the bbc board.

    • Och,Robert, my theory is that God ran out of carbon and used self expanding foam to make Toodle Oo The Noo Brian Taylor.
      I know, below the belt.
      But he like the rest of the Hack Pack, Unionists born and bred and brainwashed to a man and woman, Brit Nat subjugated colonial faithful retainers, continue to believe that our march towards Self Determination can be treated just like any other ‘politics’ issue.
      They clumsily describe the SNP as a ‘cult’, an aberration, mass hysteria fuelled by Big Brother/Sister blind adulation on the one hand: on the other, an underground anarchist cell that they let get out of control out to destroy their precious wee privileged status quo.

      They just don’t get it.
      The AUOB processions are ignored.
      We are a coat of many colours from all political persuasions and none.
      If John Swinney declared his undying love for his Morris 1000 and announced that he was off to Colorado to be married to it in a civil ceremony, do they really believe that we Independentistas would throw our hands up in horror, and give up?

      The Independence Movement is not politics in the sense of Left/Right/ Middle.
      It is a Social Movement.
      Certainly we highlight the Injustices visited upon us by successive Westminster Governments.
      But it is not just the political class which loots and plunders Scotland on a daily basis.
      It is not politics we fight, it is piracy, and carpetbaggery.
      It is the Brit Establishment en masse which treat Scotland as a colony to be exploited and held in servitude.
      When Ruth Davidson is the headline in the revamped Sunday Herlad, and it is treated as ‘news’ that for 1000th time she ‘urges’ NS to get on with the day job, and forget Indyref 2, it illustrates my point.
      Davidson is a nothing politician who has done quite literally nothing to better the lives of the citizens of Scotland.
      You don’t agree? Name me one Davidson Initiative.
      Free lollipops for three year olds.
      She is a destroyer.
      She is a nothing.
      Paul. writes that we are where we are, ahead in the polls, despite ‘grubby attempts by the Slivy Toads of Hackdom to blacken the movement through smearing alleged sex complaints against a former leaderon the toilet paper they call the Free Press.
      They are on ther run.
      The Independence Movement is not a political niche. It is me, it you, it is Paul.
      And I don’t even have a clue if you are a leftie, rightie, or Wullie Rennie with the jagged end of a fence paling stuck up your erchie..
      It comin’ yet for a’ that.

      • Robert Harrison says:

        BTW jack I’m an snp member and an independence supporter I want the union dead ASAP

        • ‘persuade Westminster to let us have independence’. Mmm.
          It is not in the gift of Westminster to ‘let us have’ our independence, Robert.
          We, the citizens of Scotland decide.
          If, as we expect, that we vote YES, this time, and England (Westmister) refuse to recognise the democratic will of the people of Scotland, and, presumably shut Holyrood and impose Direct Rule from London, what do suppose would happen?
          The ‘gun boats’ and Army of Occupation are already here down at Faslane.
          We are within the soft breath of a crystal clear Highland morning breeze of Self Determination.
          Nobody can stop us.
          BTW, even I, with my docker’s tongue, got a wee ‘ouch’ at your description of Mum 2B Davidson.
          Just sayin’.

          • Robert Harrison says:

            They haven’t got the bottle thing about English like may is they cowards they do that they definitely finished who would want to trade with them then as there tyranny would be on display for the planet to see and right now they are getting nowhere on that front with any nation they invade Scotland they could make it worse by having the world turn on them and they don’t have the bottle or the man power to start ww3.

          • grumpydubai says:

            Two very good posts, Mr. Collatin

        • weegingerdug says:

          I removed your previous post Robert. There’s no need for the sexist language.

  5. Ealasaid says:

    Was this poll before or after or during the Rees-Mogg tour of Scotland?

  6. Cubby says:

    All we need now is for Boris Johnson to be PM and Mogg to be chancellor and the polls will shoot up to 70% for yes.

  7. Geordie says:

    Aaargh! The hope is almost unbearable…

  8. T C POTTER says:

    Absolutely spot on Paul.Putting into eloquent words our position of exactly where we are at,gives the rest of us a much needed boost.The frightened shitless BritNat structure is crumbling to dust. It’s only one-way traffic away from this corrupt poisonous ‘union’,and it’s heading to Independence.

    Not long now.

    Thank f**k.

  9. Andy Anderson says:

    Very good news indeed showing a steady trend upwards in the polls.

    The same poll showed support for Irish reunification, in Ulster, also over 50%.

    You are correct Paul about the Brit Nat panic. They know they are loosing. Brexit news for a deal is getting worse also. In fighting in Tories now moving to open conflict.

    Freedom is in the wind.

  10. Andy Anderson says:

    Found interesting news today on MSN news. In the cibil service department for leaving the EU over 50% of staff have left. I wonder what they know.

  11. Macart says:

    No. They really don’t see what it is they’re doing wrong.

    And yes. Yes it will, (and quite rightly so), come back to bite them on the wossiname. 🙂

    Tick tock.

  12. Luigi says:

    I would be cautious until there is a clear trend over 50%. It may be yet another manipulative poll to persuade hard NO/leave voters to soften their stance on Brexit, in order to safeguard the precious union. Are the people being prepared for an awful (neither in nor out) deal that May is hoping to come back with?

  13. Derick fae Yell says:

    The poll included 16 and 17 year olds. Not sure about EU citizens.

  14. bringiton says:

    What HM press here in Scotland fear more than anything else is being seen to support a minority view.
    They then become the swivel eyed lunatics supporting a system of governance anachronistic to everyone else in the democratic world.

    • Hot off the new improved Herald Britland Press:-
      Mum2B, and soon 2B Baroness Davidson of Grand Fenwick, urges ‘Sturgeon’ to forget about a second Independence Referendum and just get on with the day job.
      Christos, where would we be we without the Ever Vigilant Stewardship of the Guardians of Truth, Honesty and Decency at Castle Heraldo?
      Somebody actually gets paid to cut and paste this banal rubbish onto column inches.
      They are drowning in their own faeces now.

  15. Welsh Sion says:


    Apologies for it being the BBC.

    Can we get confirmation from the Party?

    “We are many. They are few.”

  16. annraynet says:

    So many great points in your article, Paul, and several comments. Love Jack’s ‘It’s not just politics…We are a Social movement’, how true. And good news picked up by Sion about SNP numbers. We’ll get there, and before too long I hope.
    However, disappointed Paul was not higher up the Speakers’ list at Dunfermline. A lot of people had left before he got a chance to speak. Organizers take note please.

  17. Dan Huil says:

    Keep an eye on the situation in the north of Ireland.

    Keep boycotting the British nationalist media.

  18. diabloandco says:

    That cheered me up Paul – thank you!

  19. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    The Regime is fighting a disorganised rear guard action using the transparent press and broadcasters.

    We are not over the top of the hill yet we must continue to work at folk at home and at work.

    Having said that you can start to smell the fresh air we are getting there the enemy know and their reaction will be increasingly desperate.

    Brace yourself for incoming madness.

  20. grumpydubai says:

    ‘…the way to the lifeboats…’. Like it!

  21. ancientnoise says:

    Good to see you in such good spirits Paul.

  22. Stan Wilson says:

    Re-posted on MeWe platform, as another great piece Paul.

  23. chicmac says:

    Recommend all indynetters consider opening a MeWe account as it looks like Zuckerberg may be taking the Establishment’s shilling.

  24. Petra says:

    52% …. in no small measure thanks to you Paul.

  25. Janet says:

    Beware the British State.

    Long track record. And it ain’t going to like that sort of polling.

    Eyes open.

    Let’s be careful out there.

  26. You know me, I’m always up for a right good laugh.
    BBC Breakfast from Salford this morning announces that Nicola Sturgeon will announce the Scottish Government’s Plans for the coming year which will include a dozen bills covering mental health, the environment and sustainable growth in the Scottish economy.
    Then cam the risible ‘but’.
    ‘The SNP opponents’ dismissed her plans as ‘pie in the sky’, and accused the SNP of running out of ideas.’
    May we have the name of the Better Together Brit Nat Collaborator in the now indistinguishable Yoon Opposition who thinks that tackling mental health, the environment and growing the Scottish economy is pie in the sky, and demonstrates that the Government is running out of ideas.
    Of course this little ‘Yes But’ is from the pen of some we clacker at Pacific Quay, not Leonard or Carwell or Rennie.
    We have a State Broadcaster who just churns out shallow anti Scottish garbage from England now.
    I doubt that there is even a fervent Yoon supporter who could imagine Willie Rennie, Richard Leonard, or, and I have to pull myself up here for fear of collapsing into uncontrollable and probably life threatening spasms of laughter, Ruth Mum 2B, Baroness of Grand Fenwick 2B Davidson, running Scotland?

    That seems to be it for the Brit Nat’s alternative programme for Government Up Here.
    ‘Pie in the sky’, and ‘running out of ideas’.
    Titter ye may, missus.

  27. Macart says:

    Just got reminded of this elsewhere. Damn near burst into tears.

    Still awesome and still never a truer word said.

  28. paul mccormack says:

    Absolutely everything that our very own ‘Myles Na Gopaleen’ Jack Collatin says and some.:-)

    • Spooky, paul.
      I came across ‘The Third Policeman’ when I was in my formative years. It blew my mind, in the hippie parlance of the ‘sixties.
      You are a fine judge, in my humble opinion.
      I still have the battered old copy somewhere in the mountain of pulp in the attic.

      • chicmac says:

        Ditto. The surreal elemental thread that runs through Celtic literature and art serves to bring reality into sharper focus.

        • Agreed. The Third Policeman is ‘Crime and Punishment’ on acid, chicmac.

          • chicmac says:

            I believe his drug of choice was ethanol, which probably did for him at an early age a la Dylan Thomas and many others of the literati.

            Whenever I hear a member of the English elite wondering, with faux curiosity, why the Scots or Irish or Welsh or Belgians or French or Spanish drink so much I am reminded of the joke about how the Queen wonders why everywhere she visits smells of fresh paint.

      • Googled some of Brian O’Nolan’s ( Myles Na Gopaleen) oh so pertinent wisdom, paul.

        “My father…was a man who understood all dogs thoroughly and treated them like human beings.”

        WGD, are you reading this?

        “Some savage faculty for observation told him that most respectable and estimable people usually had a lot of books in their houses.”

        No argument from Yours Truly there. If my house caught fire it would be engulfed in flames in minutes like a loss making Glasgow night club.

        “The majority of the members of the Irish parliament are professional politicians, in the sense that otherwise they would not be given jobs minding mice at a crossroads”.

        Willie Rennie, Mice Crossing Lollipop Man.

        Rennie, Davidson, and Leonard:- three blind mice.

        You get a better class of vile cybernat on WGD without a doubt.

        • chicmac says:

          He was quite keen on anthropomorphism. ‘The Poor Mouth’ is a hilarious tale where pigs are presented as children for tax evasion purposes. Can’t remember whether he wrote it as Miles Na Gopaleen, Brian O’Nolan or Flann O’brien but I think it was the only work he published in Gaelic.

          • JGedd says:

            Just came across these comments on Flann O’ Brien, one of my favourite authors for many years. He was truly one of the greatest of Irish writers with a fantastical – some might say – ‘ Celtic’ imagination. Delighted to find other like-minded admirers on this thread of comments and – The Third Policeman was an early favourite of mine too.

            He was also,as chicmac says, hilariously funny, a writer who could dissolve you into uncontrollable giggles. But he was by some accounts a grumpy old git who would sit sullenly in a corner of the pub drinking all night, before setting off home, finding support on the way by grimly holding onto palings. But when his parents died, he, as the eldest, supported his younger siblings into adulthood. He must have had quite the work ethic, holding down a job as a civil servant and turning out that wonderful literary output, despite the heavy drinking.

            He was brought up to speak only Gaelic by parents who were determined Irish nationalists and he claimed to have taught himself English by reading Dickens, who also had a surreal sense of humour. ( An English influence too, perhaps?)

            I would urge anyone who hasn’t come across his marvellous writing to read him and you could start with the aforementioned The Third Policeman but also the collections from his columns for the Irish Times such as ‘ Further Cuttings from Cruiskeen Lawn’ to get a flavour of his imaginative flights of fancy which can reduce the reader to helpless laughter.

  29. selkie says:

    Beware the exchange of mollycules with your bicycle!

  30. prjohnston says:

    There is still two weapons left in the arsenal of the British state. 1)further accusations of impropriety and 2) division through violence. With the MSM on the side of the British state we need to be ready to negate these attacks.

  31. Robert Graham says:

    A very simple thing supporters of the Union really should address if they are so well regarded in this Union watch any of the National News channels and count how many times Scotland is refered to , every single clip or report on the current events with the EU negotiations refers to England and English MPs , I seem to remember voting in what was essentially their referendum , have all of us here in Jock land disappeared ,we dont exist , we dont figure in their world , Aye better together my arse , this feeling of togetherness is all in the mind , it is a fantasy to keep them quiet and docile .

    • “I’m just going outside and may be away some time.”

      No it’s not Mum 2B Davidson bidding farewell to Carlaw and Co.

      “every single clip or report on the current events with the EU negotiations refers to England and English MPs .”

      Robert, it was ever thus.
      ‘Britain’, or the ‘UK’ is ‘England’, in the eyes of many Southerners.

      I started to watch the 1948 movie ‘Scott of the Antarctic’ the other day.

      All the big stars were in it. John Mills as Robert Falcon Scott.
      The pride of English celluloid manhood,Derek Bond, James Robertson Justice, Kenneth More, Christopher Lee, were all stiff upper lipping like mad it through clenched briar pipes.

      Mills played Scott. When he was discussing Shackleton’s failure to make the South Pole with Wilson the botanist, he remarked that dash it all, it should be an ‘Englishman’ who gets there first.
      Shackleton was from Kildare in Ireland, dash it all.
      Mills future wife, Hayley Bell co-wrote this jingo sodden account of stupidity and failure over sense.

      Britain is England.
      Britain can have England as far as I’m concerned.

      ‘I’m just going outside and may be away sometime’. was of course Captain Oates, who injured his foot, who walked off into the frozen night, sacrificing himself so that his colleagues might make it to safety.
      I stopped watching when Mills declared that ‘an Englishman’ had the God Given right to be first, at everything apparently.
      The Norwegian, Roald Amundsen was first to the South Pole.

      • And don’t forget the one big hero of both the Scott and the Shackleton expeditions, Tom Crean, Irish to the core, (and of whom a new biography by Tim Foley happened to be released just last week). If you’re ever in Anascaul drop in to the South Pole Inn.

        • Indeed, Keith.
          It’s high time I motored down Dingle way. My brother in law’s family live in Dingle Bay.

          What price a ‘Crean of the Antarctic’ movie?

          I vaguely remember Channel 4 (?) docudrama of the Elephant Island episode.
          It centred on Shackleton if memory serves.

          Colin Farrell?

          • Jan Cowan says:

            I don’t suppose Tom Long’s family still have the pub on the Holy Ground in Dingle. Jack, when you go to Dingle please say Hello from me. I spent some very happy months there in my youth…..many moons ago!!

  32. Den Cairns says:

    If it’s polling in the low 50’s it’s probably nearer the 60’s.

  33. Back on topic.
    I see that a haggis firm is draping their product in the butcher’s apron (I make no apology for that) and selling it as British haggis.
    Scottish and welsh produce smothered in red white and blue and billed as the Best of British.
    It recalls the Third Reich and the swastika draped from every building in countries Hitler’s hordes invaded.

    I doubt that roughly 2 million of us will be buying haggis or any Scottish produce draped in the Union Flag.
    Is this haggis maker daft, or being subsidised by Westminster?
    I have no doubt that it is 52% and rising.
    This insult to Scotland and its indigenous produce will keep the Yes trend going in the right direction.
    The marketing guru who thought this Brit nonsense up has just added thousands to the Yes cause.
    well done.
    I refuse to buy produce with the Jack on the packaging now.
    It is a symbol of negative colonialism, Empire 2 jingoism.
    In conclusion, Paul observes:-

    “This poll proves that despite concerted attempts by an overwhelmingly anti-independence media to sideline the independence movement and its supporters, we are winning, we are getting through. And we’re doing it ourselves. The only way for the independence movement is up. We’re 52% and rising.”

    We shall overcome.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Aye keep it simple Jack ,
      eh I was going to say if it’s got a Jack put it back,
      that’s where your name kinda buggers it up Jack ha ha ,ever thought of changing it to Jock Jack , just for the campaign mind, now we’re getting into tongue twisting limerick territory the variations are endless Ha Ha .

    • deelsdugs says:

      The UJ stuffed in yer face thing is really not good. In a large supermarket that threatened to sack folks if they voted Aye in 2014, in North Muirton, Perth has the most vile, bedecked in the UJ, tacky teapots on their shelves. I’m gonna go back and hide them all around the store…I believe there are some in the Dunfermline store too…

  34. Sooz says:

    Still we rise.

    (with apologies to Maya Angelou)

  35. Donald Urquhart says:

    That magnificent pop combo, Sparks, wrote a song about this situation .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weu3KnAhxhU

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