Don’t call us, Jeremy

Jeremy Corbyn is on a four day visit to Scotland in order to turn round the party’s ailing fortunes. He’ll be here for a few days, he’ll have a few meetings, and then he’ll return to London and the visit will be hailed as a huge success, and nothing will actually have changed. This is precisely what happened the last time that Jeremy Corbyn came to Scotland in order to turn around the Labour party’s ailing fortunes in Scotland. On that occasion Jeremy held some public rallies which were attended by fewer people than turn up to meet my dug at independence events. That’s not hyperbole either. It’s a statement of arithmetical fact. When a mongrel dug rescued from a canal side in Spain is mair popular in Scotland than Jeremy Corbyn, that’s a sign that the Labour party in Scotland has fallen very far from the grace it enjoyed in this country throughout the latter half of the 20th century.

The Labour leader is in this country to promise us an industrial renaissance. He’s promising a “jobs first Brexit”, which is a bit like promising a healthy dose of the flu. Quite how he’s going to achieve his promised industrial renaissance while simultaneously supporting Brexit remains to be seen, and probably never will be seen seeing as how he has only the slimmest of chances of becoming the PM. Let’s get real here. You’d be hard pressed to imagine a Conservative government that was any worse. The British government currently consists of the most incomptent, the most inept, the most rampantly selfish and self-serving bunch of talentless Tory hacks who have ever stolen a crust from the mouth of a disabled person, and yet Labour still can’t achieve a commanding majority over them in the opinion polls. That’s like telling us that Jeremy is the Usain Bolt of British politics, and he’s still losing a race against an overweight sixty year old sixty a day smoker who’d broken his leg after he fell down the stairs when he was blootered.

If there was to be any real prospect of a Labour government, Jeremy ought to have a double digit lead in the polls at this point in the electoral cycle, because sitting governments always make up some ground during election campaigns. And the Tories are almost certain to do so in the next Westminster General Election, because when that does happen, it will be because Theresa May’s teetering government has finally tripped over itself like a drunkard on Strictly and the party will be led into the election by a shiny new leader who’s enjoying a honeymoon period with the media. Even, may the gods help us, if it’s Boris Johnson.

Yes yes. Jeremy’s supporters will, accurately, point out that he has been the subject of a concerted campaign of vilification and hatred from a right wing media. Jeremy is the victim of a biased and highly partisan media which despises him. The message of the Jezgasm doesn’t get a fair hearing in the press but his critics are given megaphones. Complaints about him are imagined, or invented, or are magnified and blown up out of all proportion. He’s suffering from the effects of a highly organised hate campaign which is being orchestrated by a British establishment which is terrified of him. His supporters may claim that the accusations of anti-semitism that are levelled against him are unfair and unfounded.

To which we supporters of Scottish independence can only say, welcome to our world. For years now we’ve been accused of being anti-English racists. For years now we’ve been accused of being abusive and vile trolls who infest social media. For years now we’ve struggled to get our message out into a mainstream media that thinks that supporters of Scottish independence are the devil in tartan. This has been our reality for years, and you’ve only just noticed now that it’s happening to you. Actually, you’ve only just noticed that it’s happened to you, you still haven’t noticed that it’s been happening to others. And we have reason to believe that you don’t care.

So forgive us if we’re unsurprised and distinctly underwhelmed and more than a little bit lacking in the tea and sympathy department. We have experienced everything that you’re complaining about, and more, for years longer than you have, yet the SNP has still managed to trounce all its opponents. We took the cause of independence from 28% support to 45% in the face of the most vicious campaign of vilification that the UK has ever seen.  Then we went on to destroy the other parties in elections when the media hysteria was if anything even worse.  We are still riding high in the polls, and the campaign against us has never ceased.  We have proven that you can still win votes in the teeth of a media campaign of vilification. So your problem, Labour, is clearly something else. And that problem is one of your own manufacture.

We’re united. We’re consistent.  We don’t dissemble.  We don’t hide what we want.  We actually oppose the Tories.

Maybe Labour could do a lot better. Maybe if your leader showed the same respect to the campaign for Scottish self-determination as he does to every other campaign for self-determination on the face of this Earth. Maybe if your party actually opposed the Tories in deed as well as word. Maybe if your leadership wasn’t two faced on Brexit, trying to appeal to Remainers but practising Leave. Maybe if Labour representatives spent more time and energy on fighting the Tories and less on fighting one another. Maybe if Labour really opposed Trident. Maybe if Labour in Scotland wasn’t represented by the same tired old faces on the telly, the Jackie Baillies and the James Kellys, banging on about SNPbad just like they’ve done for over a decade. Then maybe we’d believe that Labour had changed.

Jeremy’s visit to Scotland will change nothing. The problems faced by Labour in Scotland are structural and systemic. Labour wants to be the party that’s opposed to independence, when we already have the Conservatives for that. Labour wants to be the party of social justice and social democracy, when we already have the SNP and the Greens for that. Labour’s leadership is trying to appeal to an overwhelmingly anti-Brexit country while it supports Brexit. Labour offers Scotland nothing, but then Scotland has learned that it can expect nothing from Labour. There’s only one way in which the Labour party can enjoy a renaissance which will allow it to yet again become the party of government. That’s in an independent Scotland. Don’t call us, Jeremy. We’ll call you.

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40 comments on “Don’t call us, Jeremy

  1. Irma says:


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  3. markrussell20085017 says:

    Corbyn’s down the craw road – he knows that the media, Blairites and Tories will unite against him in a GE – if one was held any time soon, he would lose by a margin. Particularly if the SNP vote increased. He’s in a cleft stick – the resurgent English nationalism has its home in the Tories and far right parties – and they will always outnumber Labour in England. Labour needs Scottish seats – or a pact with the SNP. The latter would be the sensible option, but politically it would be suicide for Jezza.

    • mogabee says:

      Plus, you can only extend the hand of ‘togetherness’ so many times before reality dawns that Labour are just not interested in any pact with SNP, unless this time it’s different! *sarcasm*

    • Illy says:

      “politically it would be suicide for Jezza.”

      I’m honestly curious how this happened. Surely a Labour/SNP alliance at Westminster is a totally natural “beat the Tories” situation? What happened to make this political suicide rather than making Jeremy a smart politician for forging alliances?

      • SandyW says:

        Forming a political alliance with the SNP cuts ‘Scottish’ Labour adrift and makes them completely irrelevant (well, even more completely irrelevant than they are now). Their pretence at international socialist solidarity (that conveniently stops at the English Channel) will not allow for this.

        Also, the British media would crucify him with pictures of Jeremy in Nicola’s top pocket (see previous election). The UK can never compromise with outside agencies disrupting their total parliamentary sovereignty, whether that’s the EU or Scotland or Ireland.

    • jimnarlene says:

      Labour do not need Scottish seats, they never did, they need a bloody miracle.

    • EnglishScot says:

      resurgent English nationalism? I did’nt know England had woken up to it’s fight for independance with a new Parliment!

  4. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Scotland does not need Labour we are doing better without them, and we are doing it intentionally.

    Scots may have short memories but I think we all remember the damage done by the last Labour administrations in Westminster and Holyrood .

    Can you imagine a Labour government in power now.

    I actually feel ill at the thought.

  5. Macart says:

    That pretty much covers everything. Great post.

    Sure to be some essenpee baddery soundbites which will be parroted by yer msm right enough, TBH? I could care less at this point. Neither are part of the solution, more part of the problem.

  6. Illy says:

    “We actually oppose the Tories”


    True, harsh and deserved.

  7. Alba Laddie says:

    This particular missive is one of your best ever Paul, as it succinctly sums up the view of this ex-Labour voter (who will never vote Labour ever again).

    In fact i’d go as far to say you should send this to dear old Dickie Leonard with instructions to read, inwardly digest and contemplate on its contents, that’s if he can find his arse with both hands first.

    Well done again, Paul.

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  9. Rod MacKay says:


  10. chicmac says:

    I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, Corbyn would have vanished long ago if he were not so useful to the ultra right Tories, even the rampant right within his own party, the Blair/Closet Thatcherites, have come to the realisation of the value his temporary retention brings to the cause of lurching the UK into full blown fascism while potentially retaining Scotland.

  11. Brilliant! Spot on! I was punching the air all the way through reading this piece. “We’re united. We’re consistent. We don’t dissemble. We don’t hide what we want. We actually oppose the Tories.” Ow! Wonderful!

  12. Robert Harrison says:

    Now you see why I’m always made at those lotimes especially those lot south of the border they will swallow that crap about jerk Corbyn big success vist here then that about the facts we been vilified for years that’s wrong it’s decades yeah you got it right how we get get the crap but they don’t care as long it’s not them on the receiving end now it is his supporters (what I really mean is bootlicking bastards with no pride or shame) will play the victim card just like conservative party same crap different person.

  13. Macart says:

    Hmmmmm. Oh deary me. A Q.E.D. moment.

    First HERE

    Now HERE

    Labour in Scotland under Messrs Corbyn and Leonard. A kinder, fluffier, more honest politics. (weary, VERY weary, sigh)

    No, not really. Labour can never and will never change. They are what they are and that’s NOT a good thing. They are every bit as responsible as the Conservatives for the UK we see today. Their practice of politics just as twisted. Just as disingenuous. Just as dishonest.

    And no, I’ll never vote Labour again either.

    • Cubby says:

      Your links are a good example of the fact that Labour just like the BBC just lie , misrepresent and tell only part of the story. Labour gov in Wales also giving Raytheon money. Labour in Scotland just a bunch of lying wasters.

  14. Davy says:

    Labour will not be relevant in Scotland again, until it chooses independence as both a political party and a Nation.

    until then – screw them.

  15. jamescaine709 says:

    When I am Prime Minister i promise, nay I pledge, that, that spaceport the Tories will never build, will be the headquarters of Starfleet Command. The British Royal Star Navy will be built in Govan shipyards and I will have a giant Scottish Saltire painted on the Moon.
    You see I can and will promise you anything because I know my prospects of ever being in a position to implement my promises or even being held to account for reneging on them are vanishingly small.
    Much like Jeremy’s.

    • You have my vote, James.

      Things designed to reduce Scotland to colony status :- Part Two.
      He was at it again this morning. A lad called Dan Walker co-hosts the 3 1/4 hours of English News from BBC TV Breakfast.
      He has got into the habit, quite deliberately of announcing at 3 minutes tot he hour and half hour that they are breaking for News Where You Are, and that the ‘National’ news will follow on the hour and half hour.
      This is the ‘national’ news on BBC Breakfast this ‘warm, humid, sunny’ Tuesday according to the weather lass from Salford.
      It may be warm humid and sunny in London and Essex, but it is drizzle and cold Weather Where We Are in Glasgow.
      England’s NHS Trusts warn that there is ‘radio silence’ from the Government on medical shortages post Brexit. May has promised a Paper by Thursday.
      A piece on the powers of bailiffs in England for five minutes.
      A child is born on a helicopter over Cornwall.
      Crystal Palace v Liverpool sports report, and a Usain Bolt piece of fluff from Sydney where the adopted son of England (well he comes from a Brit colony) is trying his hand at football,

      It is Enghlish ‘national’ news, Mr Walker.
      But you know that.
      In the 3 minutes of News Where We Are Jezza and his legion of snappers and TV crews, plus his Entourage wandered around the Dennis Bus Factory, and will meet potential Red Tory candidates who BBC Scotland announce will oust Bad SNP MP’s in Lanarkshire today.

      BBC Pacific Quay, keepers of the Red Tories Diary.
      I repeat, roll on Independence.

  16. susan says:

    British Labour have nothing to offer Scotland. None of the Britnat parties do. Self determination for the world (except for Scotland).

  17. Andy Anderson says:

    Although most of us oppose the Tories I think that we must make it clear that we mean this nasty Tory government.

    I know that most die hard Tories will never support independence, I know a couple in this category, but some are starting to think about independence.

    I use several Indy blogs to help them garner information on what we are about. A vitriolic attack on all Tories does not help this effort. Maybe we could be clear what version of Conservative you mean where applicable.

    Personally I have never voted Labour as I am middle of the road politically. Always voted SNP even before I saw the Indy light.

    Cornyn is a reincarnation of Michael Foot. Foot had the title of worst PM until Theresa took the baton from him.

    Good post Paul.

    • Cubby says:

      You make a good point Andy. Not everyone who votes for the Tories is a complete nutter – just most of them. Don’t remember Foot ever being Prime Minister. Still think Thatcher was the worst.

    • Illy says:

      Labour are pretty right-wing once you compensate for all the goalpost moving since Thatcher.

  18. Ghillie says:

    Thank you =) Clear, concise and spot on.

    I just want Mr Corbyn and his entourage to go away. Far away.

    They are no use to anybody.

  19. Irene Danks says:

    Oh WELL SAID Paul!!

  20. Kat hamilton says:

    scottish labour will never recover or reverse their decline until they can dismantle the blairites in their ranks, realise for many their part in better together was the final straw, hence their declining fortunes….quit their attacks and grievance politics, ain’t getting them anywhere…and back an Indy Scotland where they might have a future..instead they’ll carry on doing the same thing,hoping for a different result..madness as Einny would say…

  21. Cubby says:

    Labour in Scotland a party of self serving wasters.

    Labour in Scotland just a branch office told what to do by London and the Unions.

    Did nothing for Scotland.

    Just like Brown and the vow, a bunch of empty promises time after time. I only wish that more Labour voters had woken up decades earlier to what Labour is really all about – looking after themselves first and then the party second.

    No party, supposedly of the people, would send so many MPs to the Lords despite promising to abolish it over many decades.

  22. Heather says:

    This is a really good article clearly spelling out the problem with voting Labour in Scotland. So good, in fact, I have donated money to your site as we need more journalism like this which both challenges the established media views and lays things out clearly as they actually are and not made up stories for anti-independence headlines. It’s a shame that no voters and unionists and people who still insist on voting Labour don’t read your blog as I think it would help to change their minds.

    • Anne Martin says:

      That’s one of our biggest problems Heather. Paul’s blogs are excellent, but only us indy people really read them. With MSM and the TV being pretty much 100% anti independence liars how do we get the truth across to the general public?

  23. Referendum1707 says:

    “With MSM and the TV being pretty much 100% anti independence liars how do we get the truth across to the general public?”

    Oh ffs if I had a pound for every time I see that.


    Leaflets, word of mouth, car stickers, window posters, etc etc then more and more leaflets outlining the basic facts supporting the case for Scottish independence, distributed by activists throughout the country.

    Maybe if more people would start actually doing something instead of just moaning about it on blogs and sites read mostly only by existing independence supporters then there might emerge (in fact almost certainly would) a situation far more positive.

    Critique not directed at you Ann, just a general observation that many indy supporters and the SNP itself seem to think that we’ve got lots of time to get this sorted. We don’t.

    One million leaflets (plus a lot of other stuff) for distribution throughout Scotland. You want it to happen? Support this fundraiser –

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