The shape of futures past

There’s a very peculiar trope which has developed amongst opponents of independence of late. It was seen in an article in the Daily Mail, or to give it its proper title the Daily [spit] Mail, by one Stephen Daisley. It was seen on Tuesday of this week in an article in the Herald by Andrew McKie. That trope is whatiffery. They compare the real universe in which we are actually living with an entirely imaginary universe in which Scotland voted for independence in 2014 in order to say that things are either not so bad just now, or would have been far worse in their Mirror Universe of sub-Star Trek fictioneering.

Just imagine all the horrors that would have happened if Scotland had voted Yes in 2014, they write. The arse would have fallen out of the oil price, and England would have been forced by the EU to put up barbed wire all the way from Gretna to Berwick. We’d all have been living in hovels and fighting for the last remaining stockpiles of Pot Noodle. Aren’t we so lucky to have voted No eh, where we’re living in a UK where the government is making contingency plans to stockpile Pot Noodles and medicines and to deal with the massive disruption that will be caused because they’re creating a hard border with the EU.

The problem with this conceit is that we are actually living in a universe in which Scotland voted No in 2014, and the political mess and possible economic disaster which we are facing are a direct consequence of that No vote. They are trying to distract us with imaginary horrors which didn’t happen when we’re far too worried about the horrors that may be on the horizon. Horrors which are a consequence of what really did happen. Horrors which are happening because Scotland voted No.

It is a sign of just how desperate British nationalism has become that it now has to resort to imaginary arguments against independence. The truth is that no one knows what would have happened in Scotland if the country had voted to become independent again back in 2014, because it didn’t actually happen. A Scotland that voted for independence in 2014 is and shall always remain entirely hypothetical. The imaginary developments of a fervent supporter of independence dreaming of the Scottish paradise that would have welcomed us if we’d voted Yes in 2014 are equally as valid in this context as the doomscape imagined by British nationalists. Funnily enough, that sort of article doesn’t make it into the pages of the Scottish press, but it’s equally fictional and equally accurate as any of the dystopian futures past that opponents of independence pen, and which they get published in the anti-independence press which dominates the Scottish media landscape.

There is a qualitative difference between the backwards looking projections of catastrophe in the Mirror Universe of British nationalists and forecasts of doom to come. That difference is that the scenarios of the whatifferies didn’t really happen. They are set in a past that did not take place. We can state with 100% confidence that they are as imaginary as those alternate histories in which Britain lost WW2 and was occupied by the Nazis, or there was an invasion of alien lizards which took over the government. Oh wait. That last one really did happen. Back in the real world, this one we’re all living in right here and right now, these fervent imaginations are not anything that we need to worry about in our real lives.

On the other hand warnings of future problems deal with matters which by definition have not yet happened. Like Schrodinger’s Cat they remain potentialities no matter how outlandish or ridiculous they are, which is why the likes of Gordie Broon is so fond of them. However as far as the British nationalist Mirror Universe of a dystopian Scotland which voted Yes in 2014 is concerned, the cat is not only most definitely dead, it has been skinned so that Boris Johnson can use it as a hat and what is left of its corpse has been flattened and squashed by the Brexit bus.

What is it about British nationalists. Sometimes you just feel like sighing and telling them in an exasperated tone that a pissed off teenager would aspire to, “Look. You won. Get over it.” They need to own their victory in 2014, and that means that they need to take responsibility for everything that has happened ever since. They can’t escape this reality or their responsibilities by resorting to imaginary scenarios in which something else entirely happened, because that something else didn’t happen. We didn’t vote Yes in 2014. It is quite incredible that British nationalist journalists need to be reminded of that fact.

The truth is that Scotland was promised security and stability. It was promised EU membership. It was promised safety and peace of mind. Those were the key offers of the Better Together campaign in 2014 which were promoted by those same commentators who are now resorting to fantasy scenarios. Yet a Scotland that’s not actually been involved in a world war has never been less secure, less stable. It has never had less safety or peace of mind. And it’s all the fault of that British government and British establishment that told us that we could only have those things if we trusted in them.

All the problems, all the issues, all the difficulties, all the uncertainties, all the fear and worry that Scotland is currently experiencing don’t go away just because British nationalist journalists dream up a fantasy in which something else entirely happened. They’re happening because Scotland voted No in 2014. Proponents of that No vote need to own up to that, to own it, and to deal with it.

Opponents of independence like to try and scare us with stories of what might have happened if we’d voted Yes in 2014 because they have no answers to the British nationalist shambles which Scotland currently finds itself in. Those of us who support Scottish independence have an escape route from the mess that British nationalism has created. Where’s theirs? We’re not served by musings about the shape of futures past. It’s the future before us which concerns us.

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64 comments on “The shape of futures past

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  2. Cubby says:

    Excellent article. Don’t know the herald journalist Mckie but I am well aware of Daisley and he is nearly as big a Bampot as Ross Thomson. He writes and tweets a lot of tripe that anyone other than the most rabid Britnat can see is a load of nonsense.

    We have thousands of children going hungry and/or using foodbanks in Scotland after decades of hundreds of billions of Scottish (not U.K. – as the media likes to describe it) oil revenues going straight to Westminster. This is the type of reality that Bampot Daisley needs to own.

    Time for a change – long overdue time for a change. Independence may not be a utopia but we will have a far better country than at present – that is guaranteed because we will keep our own resources and not have the Britnats send them down to London never to be seen again. We will also have a government that has the interests of Scotland at heart.

    • Hear hear, Cubby.
      Paul is on the money.
      These hack whores will write any old toss for their Brit Nat Elite paymasters.
      The nonsense will increase as we gear up for Indyref 2 which is inevitable and imminent.
      Even MacWhirter is caught up in this ‘demand for Indyref 2 is diminishing’ rubbish.
      Now that the Weekly Herald Britland has merged with the Sunday version, which has abandoned any pretence of being pro Independence now, Ian Mac and his pro Indy leaning colleagues will be looking over their shoulders as KMPG or some such consultancy is brought in to ‘downsize’ the Herald staff.
      They’ll all be dragging themselves back from their Tuscan Villas and Provence gites in a couple of weeks. Then it will be Full Metal Jacket. SNP Shite.

      I look to Ireland, Belgium, Holland as I imagine what it would have been like Up Here after 4 years of Independence.
      They’re still standing.
      Post Independence and the Re-Unification of Ireland, England and Wales are gonna need a helluva lot of Homeland Security border guards to keep us Eurogoths out, or more realistically, keep ay least half the population of EngWaland in.

      • Robert Hastings says:

        Please oh please do get it right – calling the Netherlands Holland is akin to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland being referred to as England.

        • Oops, you are spot on, Robert.
          I watched ‘I was Monty’s Double’ the other day.
          John Mills being terribly Stiff Upper Lip and a slavering sexist lurcher to boot, whitewashing Montgomery’s terrible war record.
          A line from this jingo jangle:
          “When the history of England is written…’. Not Britain, not the UK, but England.

          The Cruel Sea, the Dam Busters, 633 Squadron, Mrs Miniver, The Bridge on the River Kwai ,Reach For the Sky, Dunkirk :-

          England’s World War, with a prepubescent token Jock matelot played by Gordon Jackson ‘Och Aye the Noo-ing’ every now and again.
          There is no excuse for my clumsy ignorance, Robert.

          • angusskye says:

            “Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Hitler,
            If you think old England’s done?”

            Still playing every night on a rerun channel in front of you.

            • indeed, angus.
              Dad’s Army is a wee cosy Home Counties romp too.
              My father and my uncles all served.
              Yet it was keeping the Home Counties’ Fires burning.

              • Robert Hastings says:

                Thanks Jack. Did not mean to be overly pedantic but this particular regular usage of Holland does irritate me and we should be on the lookout to rectify it.

                • IMHO, Robert, we can’t be ‘overly’ pedantic.
                  My bug bears are the misuse or omission of the apostrophe, and using the past participle of the verb without the auxiliary.
                  ‘Its’ instead of ‘it’s’ as an abbreviation of ‘it is’, or ‘It’s’ instead of the possessive pronoun, ‘its’, or the plural of the noun with an inexplicable apostrophe inserted before the ‘s’, as in ‘word’s’, ‘I done’,’ I seen’, and so on.
                  Paul has absolute standards on here, ahem.
                  You meet a better class of pedant in the Dug’s kennel..
                  Keep on truckin’, sir.

    • Well said, Cubby! “We will also have a government that has the interests of Scotland at heart.” Haste the day!

  3. Andy Anderson says:

    They are still trying to talk shite to us. That’s it.

  4. […] via The shape of futures past […]

  5. Robert Harrison says:

    They lost Scotland the moment they got that win and welched on everything they promised now it’s coming back to bite them they trying to distract us with fantasy what ifs shows how low they have sunk and how pathetic the British have become since 2014

  6. Someone needs to protect us from the UK government. They are out for our blood now. Everything we do or have, must fail. Scotland must be seen to fail. The lies about Scotland and the failures of our Public Services and the SNP Government are a daily diet in the English Mass media as well as the Scottish. Not only the Tories, but British Labour support and maintain these lies.
    Theresa May will return from her holidays soon. Last time she returned from holiday, her Svengali husband, war monger, weapons manufacturer Phillip, filled her head with the glories and advantages of going for a snap General election. By the way, how did that go?
    This time, it must be the same. This is her way out. With the total incompetent Corbyn’s luster gone from last year, she has an excellent chance of a good majority in the House of Commons, according to the polls. Then, she can dump the DUP and command her Party. First thing she would do then, would be to shutdown Holyrood. Who is going to stand up for the Scottish Parliament apart from the SNP? Any English voices? You’re having a laugh.
    Someone got a more positive scenario?

    • EnglishScot says:

      My voice for a start! what you say in generalising English voices is on a par with Jack’s observation above in ‘England’s world war and Jock Materlot och aye the noo-ing …sorry to say!

  7. Macart says:

    They lied. They lied then and they’re lying now.

    They sold Scotland’s population a false bill of goods and expect that there should be no consequences for their actions. They expect that those they persuaded of their argument are never allowed to be angry that they were deceived. They fully expect those folk should never be allowed to change their minds and hold those responsible to account.

    They… expect.

    Sometimes they also demand, subtly intimidate and/or nakedly threaten, but mainly they expect. Probably goes with that huge sense of entitlement they carry around.

    They’re wrong and they’re about to find out how wrong you can be. People don’t appreciate being lied to. People don’t appreciate having their world view and emotions manipulated for someone else’s personal gain. People, that’s your actual human beings, certainly don’t appreciate having their inalienable rights endangered, livelihoods removed, citizenship questioned and their lives torn apart.

    The UK we’re still a part of today. The UK we’re seeing unfold before our eyes? Living with that in the short term is a consequence of voting no in 2014. That choice CAN be changed.

    Human nature being what it is? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some rightfully pissed off people out there have changed their minds on a few things by this point.

    Not surprised at all.

    • Not only do they lie to us, Sam. They lie to themselves.
      All summer long the English Dead Tree Scrolls have been engaged in summer candy floss ‘debate’ over the Chequers’ souffle.
      They work on the premise that Dominic Raab will return triumphant, that the EU will fold and ditch the Four Freedoms, Free Trade, customs Union, Freedom of Movement, and the jurisdiction of the ECJ, overpowered by the sheer Imperial will of England, the one time conqueror of a third of the globe.
      England will get ot cherry pick; not.
      The Guardian, Telegraph, the Times, the Express, have analysed who in WM would be for it, and who’d be agin it, this farcical untenable horse/camel solution from the Darling duds of May.
      The Hard liner Brexiteers will vote it down, the Remoaners will endorse it, and the Red Tories will abstain.
      The English/Welsh inhabit the Twilight Zone and persistently deny reality.

      The Chequers Proposals will be chucked out by the EU 27, and No Deal will be the fit of pique option sold to Merrie England by May and Co.,because Johnny Furriner would not listen to reason.
      England has gone mad.

      • Macart says:

        Timely Jack. See my comment below.

      • EnglishScot says:

        I inhabit my own zone hehe! but I’m sure many voters in England and Wales are in the Twilight Zone resisting reality Jack!

      • EnglishScot says:

        My reply below was meant for you there Jack…sorry Macart!

      • EnglishScot says:

        Sorry Jack …bit like your Holland for Netherlands again here – when I think you really mean to say UK …. twice above?

        • No, EnglishScot, I mean ‘England’, with a little dab’ll do it of Wales in its coat tails.
          You may recall that the Scottish Government’s EU proposals to stay within the CU and Single Market were chucked in David Davis’ bin in January 2017.
          This is England’s divorce. We voted Remain..

          Mundell doesn’t even get to make the tea in the Cabinet.

          You lot are not gonna let me forget the ‘Holland’ gaffe, are you?
          Why? Dutch Uncle ? Going Dutch to split a bill? Dutch courage?

          • EnglishScot says:

            Agree with all you say Jack only I am passionate about the Scottish Parliment not being dismantled by those ‘Mad talking Double Dutchy’ns down there!! And I DO use my ‘voice’ as much as I can to warn people that this will be on the cards!! Just sayin…
            A lot of us Englishy’ns are not in reality denial Jack, that is why I am here!
            My point is that we don’t want to be, or be seen to be being ‘anti ‘The English’.

            • EnglishScot, some of my best friends speak English,
              ‘The English’ is our collective noun Up Here for the 650 or so MPs who represent constituencies Down There.
              The Darling Duds of May think that the Brexit negotiations are like a Dutch Auction. Set the price of Brexit at an impossibly high level, then reduce it until the EU 27 eventually buy it.
              Davis opened with an unrealistic bid, the’ cake and eat it’ version of Leave, Free Trade, Customs Union, but no ECJ rules or Freedom of Movement.
              If the Hardliner No Deal zealots have their way, England will be like the Flying Dutchman, doomed to sail the seas peddling what trinkets they still make until Judgement Day.
              Sorry, I don’t want to come across as your Dutch Uncle on this act of mass hysteria.

              • EnglishScot says:

                Not at all Jack,I am in agreement and it all needs to be said! Thanks, sorry I did’nt realise about the collective noun.
                But anyway, how many beans make five? Four when you’re selling, and six when you’re buying.
                They come to the table thinking they are all still ‘full of beans’ ………

  8. T C POTTER says:

    Absolutely one of your greatest articles Paul,and there’s been a serious load of competition.
    You manage to put your pen right bang on the gist of what’s going on and where we’re at.
    Thanks a million.Keep up the good work.
    Not long now.

    • EnglishScot says:

      I’ll second that!
      First time on here! So huge
      thanks from me too – 100 per cent been with the dug from the start! and dogs usually scare me….

      • EnglishScot, keep it coming. Your contributions are invaluable.
        I have many English relatives, friends and ex colleagues who are as frustrated and restive about the Alt Right Wing coup ‘d’état unfolding Down There in London Town.
        BBC Scotland took the time and expense to film Jezza and Dick Leonard wandering together around a fountain somewhere on there own, in matching Princess Di electric blue serge suits and red ties, kept well away from the rampaging hordes of Scot Nats and wee wummin who might demand to know where their next meal is coming from.
        They stopped short of holding hands and laughing gleefully into each other’s eyes.
        No interviews. No talk of Trident, No Deal, bombing Yemen, Ireland, or the Power Grab.
        Corbyn is at the Book Festival today.
        £300 a night suite of rooms in Edinburgh for the Firebrand socialist?
        Perhaps Paul Hutcheon Investigations journo of the Herald Britland can ‘investigate’?
        4 days holiday, paid for by the Branch Office donations of the Deluded.
        We need you, and tens of thousands more to maintain our sense that millions in England feel as wee do: we are being sucked out of Europe to become the 51st State of Trump’s USA.

        • EnglishScot says:

          Thank you so much Jack, so heartening for you to say! Feel like I really have a voice now! This is the first time I have contributed to a blog online – as it always felt too scarry!
          You are right, all those English voices and also all those who come to live here and are in sympathy with Scotlands concerns, we all need to talk out, again – thanks for encouraging me …….now get to work on those English friends too!!!
          I keep up with things thanks to the Dug, but how you describe the Jezza visit – feels to me like solid veneer and hollow inside…no talk of nuffin! pitiful!
          Btw do you mean more wee wummin like the one pushing the buggy who happened upon Milliband during the Bus visit to Scotland ? Chasing him down the street for answers as he scurried away!

  9. Macart says:

    A Q.E.D. moment:


    “On the first day of the first press conference I came before you as a negotiator, I said Brexit will have numerous consequences – human, social consequences, economic, financial, technical, legal – and I said that many people had underestimated those consequences.” M. Barnier

    • Andy Anderson says:

      I negotiated the huge number of adverts but managed eventually to read this Sam. If I was the EU I would be annoyed also, angry in fact. The UK Government is acting atrociously and are an embarrassment to us and to themselves.

      • Macart says:

        Yeah, that site’s a pain for archiving. Means a direct link and bloody pop ups galore. Mind you, for a mainstream it’s reasonably informative.

    • I seriously doubt the sanity of our English cousins, Sam.
      May harps on about already having made ‘concessions’ to the EU 27.
      England and Wales voted Leave; just leave.
      It was always going to be No Deal because the EU27 has a framework, the Four Freedoms that are immutable.
      England and Wales will be chewing of 6 month old New Zealand lamb and Kentucky Fried chlorine.
      Scotland will opt to Remain within the EU as an Independent nation.
      Once Independent, I’m sure that there will be a Leave Right Wing Party campaigning on ‘taking back control’ from the European Union in the first truly Scottish GE in 311 years.
      I wish them luck with that one.

      Corbyn is wandering about Scotland in a dwam, looking every bit the frail old out of touch codger he surely is.
      He’s my age for god’s sake.
      Cable is 75.
      England, no country for old men.
      It’s bubbling up nicely, guys.
      There may even be a snap GE in late September.

      • chicmac says:

        “He’s my age for god’s sake.”

        Aye, but you make more sense than he does.

        • The ‘headlines’ today are that Corbyn is meeting with the asylum seekers who were facing eviction 4 weeks ago.
          Why? So that the Record and herald snappers can plaster his face on the front page of their dead Tree Scrolls tomorrow.
          Corbyn the champion of the downtrodden arrives 4 weeks late.
          What a farce of a so called ‘leader’ of the Red Tories this man has turned out to be.
          Six times he was asked (because the interviewer was told that he would only be ‘allowed’ to ask the Blessed Corbyn one question) if leaving the EU would damage the UK.
          Six times ‘he refused to answer’.
          He is what he appears to be: a tired old Militant Red warhorse who hates Europe with a passion.
          He has as much chance of being PM as I have of being announced as the next Bond.
          I’ll accept, but only if Danny Boyle gets to direct.
          At least 150 of Corbyn’s MPs are unreconstructed Tony Blair New Labour Cool Britannia neoliberal new conservatives who still have the blood of innocent Iraqi citizens on their hands.
          They’d shove him in front of the Brexit bus in a whisper.
          May, Corbyn, and Cable.
          The Zimmer Government.
          God help England and Wales. They have no out ball.

          • robert harrison says:

            Don’t even think an imaginary Christian diety can save the southerners from there own idiocy now.

            • I think that it was Brendan Behan who declared himself ‘a daylight atheist’, Robert.
              The Big Bang theory requires the same ‘leap of faith’ as the Man in the Sky as Chief Architect hypothesis does.
              I watched a ‘smart’ Jewish Brooklyn ‘comedy’ t’other night, and ‘Christ’ and ‘Jesus’ was invoked as expressions of frustration and anger several times by the Yiddish protagonists.

              It is an expression of speech on my part, not a plea for divine intervention.

              But I totally ‘get’ those who see their belief system, be it religious or science based, as guiding their lives, as long as their particular credo doesn’t encourage or actively inflict harm on infidels.

              The Yes Movement is a multi cultural conglomeration of like minded souls (sic) with one overarching aim: Self Determination for this nation, this country, Scotland.

              The Singularity of the Big Bang hypothesis ,that all matter sprang violently into existence out of ‘nothingness’, and the theory that this massive glug of matter made from nothing is still expanding into some undefined ‘nothingness’ beyond our Universe, is as challenging as the belief that a Supreme Being declaring:’Let There Be Light’ was the driving force behind Life, The Universe, Everything.

              We are of one mind on the question: should Scotland be an Independent nation? Yes.

              On Independence day feel free to thank your God or the stars or you lucky rabbit’s foot.

  10. Macart says:

    Big enough. Rich enough. Smart enough.

    YES we can. 🙂

    • I can’t wait for Project Fear 2, Sam.
      How we will laugh.
      As a first step, every pensioner in Scotland should be given a written assurance that their pension will be safe in an Independent Scotland, and indeed Pension rates in the EU 27 should make it clear that in Free Scotland pensioners will receive a Living pension, on a par with our EU Partners, not the poverty pittance Austerity London doles out.
      I anticipate a tidal wave of economic migrants fleeing England and Wales heading North into Independent Scotland with free access to Europe to work, travel, and settle without English Homeland Security clearance and letters of transit.
      I’d imagine the car giants will head North with their theodolites and measuring tapes too.
      Scotland will still be in Europe. Come on Up, there’s plenty of room.
      Scottish Enterprise should be knocking on German, Indian, French, Korean industrialists doors right now, bearing shortbread, whisky, steaks, salmon and lots of prime industrial development land within the EU 28.
      England and Wales are going to be very dark places to live, literally, if Mundell’s and Davidson’s threats to their fellow citizens are to be believed and EngWaland refuse to trade with us, and we switch of the lights on them.
      Get the low fat rice pudding and pop corn out.
      It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

    • chicmac says:

      “Big enough. Rich enough. Smart enough.”

      Aye, but are we ruthless enough?

      • Chicmac, we’ll be Ruth-less when we take back our country and Mum 2B Davidson is blamed by her Blue Tory bosses for losing their Fat Northern Colony.

      • Macart says:

        Working on that Chic. 😉

      • Cubby says:

        Tell the pensioners that their UK pension is one of the worse in the world- that Turkey and the Russians get a higher pension and promise that the pension will be immediately increased in an independent Scotland.

  11. Macart says:

    THIS is worth getting out there.


  12. Macart says:

    Oh Jeez! This has to be embarrassing for both Ms Marles and the BBC. 🙄

    Worth a read. 🙂

    • I’m sure Toodle Oo The Noo Taylor will arrange a remedial Communications Skills SNP BAD course for her.
      For those old enough to remember, not since Gordon Honeycombe and Reginald Bosinquet have we witness a presenter have a ‘break down’ live on air.

      • Macart says:

        Jings, that’s going back a bit. 😀

        But yes, Ms Marles came over quite clearly as unhinged and the interviewee (Mr Hepburn) as calm and professional. Mind you, she was trying to make something out of a manufactured and rehashed scandal. When you don’t have proof, the SOP is to rattle and force an interviewee into an error. (shrugs)

        • They’ll all be back fresh from their break soon.
          Remember Gordon Brewer and the shed load of new powers Holyrood was going to get returned come Brexit.
          The 26 areas ‘power grabbed’ by WM was described as a fuss over ‘labelling’ by the same man.
          ‘Yes but’, ‘don’t you think’, ‘hang on a minute’, ‘so what you are saying’ ‘do you agree that’ will be getting overused by Gordon Glenn Brian Jackie Andrew Gary at BBC PQ.

          I’m sure that Toodle Oo The Noo uses the Glenn Campbell ‘Leaders’ debate and Brewer’s ganging up on NS, aided and abetted by Murphy the Irn Man, Ruth Davidson, and the inanely giggling Rennie , as case studies on how to shout down democracy and truth.

  13. deelsdugs says:

    And that ‘trusssstttttt in meeee’ always reverberates and makes ye boak…

  14. Macart says:

    Oh, here we go.


    • GERS..hahahahahahaha

      Cue Wullie Rennie crawling out from the thickets to scream that Scotland is too poor.

      • This from Wiki:-

        “However, methodology was still an issue – in May 2014 Merryn Somerset Webb in the Financial Times sought input to GERS credibility from James Ferguson of The MacroStrategy Partnership. Ferguson referred to the notes to the GERS numbers which say that, save for a few local revenues, “separate identification of most other revenues for Scotland is not possible. GERS, therefore, uses a number of different methodologies to apportion tax revenues to Scotland. In doing so, there are often theoretical and practical challenges in determining an appropriate share to allocate to Scotland. In certain cases, a variety of alternative methodologies could be applied each leading to different estimates.”

        It is, said Ferguson, a “pretty blatant case of starting with the answer and working out the more granular line-by-line ‘estimates’ backwards.” Webb added, “No economic figures are entirely accurate but this is different: the basic revenue numbers are more or less guesswork, to which is added an so far entirely un-negotiated share of UK oil revenues. So there you go. I’m giving you one less thing to think about: you can now happily ignore all the financial arguments for a separate Scotland on the basis that no one knows what they actually are”.
        In other words it is pure fiction based on ‘guesstimates’ supplied by ONS, OBR, HMRC, and DWP.
        They start with the answer.
        Provide the Scottish Government statisticians with figures which will always show Scotland as ‘too poor’.
        I genuinely don’t know why the Scottish Government bother with this annual farce.
        We are paying for sewers in London FFS; and HS2 and a third runway and Trident, and and and .
        I see that the BBC English news declared that the Scottish Government is spending more than it earns. NO IT IS NOT.
        Yet more lies from the impartial BBC.

        Imagine if I took your credit card, Sam, and run up humungous debt installing plumbing in my house, and you were expected to meet the repayments.
        None of Asda’a, or Tesco’s or M&S’ revenue and taxes raised in Scotland is taken into account in this ONS Guesstimate.
        It is rubbish in propaganda out.

        • Macart says:

          Beyond comical and the poor souls think it’s something to celebrate yearly. An incomplete snapshot of Scotland’s finances under devolution. Bless. 🙂

          At some point they’ll realise that’s mibbies not a good look. (shrugs)

          Their choice.

          • This tweet from Professor Two Jobs Adam WATP Tomkins today:-

            “Put this another way. Any independent Scotland would have a net fiscal deficit of £13.4 billion. That’s £13.4 billion of cuts to public services or tax increases that an independent Scotlamd (his) would have to undertake. No thanks. Not now. Not ever.

            2:20 am – 22 Aug 2018
            In the middle of the night this man demonstrates that he is either a fucking idiot, or thinks that the rest of us are.
            ‘Cuts to public services’ from a man whose Party’s Austerity cuts have killed 120,000 UK citizens since 2010.
            Fuck right off, prof.
            I can’t imagine how a pro Independence student would fare in this buffoon’s class.

  15. Andy Anderson says:

    Oh my God!! Rreading your news and what I find myself I think I need to head off to a dark room with a woman and a bottle of whisky. One with no internet, no news and no Brexit. Ideally no windows either.

    • Andy, as oftne happens, your comments sparked a train of thought in me long buried’ but as apt today as it was then.

      The last stanza of ‘Tell me lies about Viet Nam’.

      “You put your bombers in, you put your conscience out,
      You take the human being and you twist it all about
      So scrub my skin with women
      Chain my tongue with whisky
      Stuff my nose with garlic
      Coat my eyes with butter
      Fill my ears with silver
      Stick my legs in plaster
      Tell me lies, tell me lies about Aghanistan.
      Tell me lies about Israel.
      Tell me lies about Congo.
      Tell me, tell me lies Mr Bush.
      Tell me lies Mr B-B-Blair, Brown, Blair-Brown.
      Tell me lies about Vietnam.”
      These days, She Who Makes It All Worth while may not take to the notion of boarding up the bedroom windows and lying in bed guzzling the Water of Life all day long, methinks.

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