When crying wolf is the fault of the wolf

The SNP is bad. It’s very bad, terribly bad, badly bad. Scarcely a day goes by without the Unionist media telling Scotland just how badly bad bad the bad SNP is. Everything about them is bad, everything the Scottish government does is bad. Scotland is full of stupid cultists who insist on supporting the SNP out of badness, because they’re bad, and stupid, and culty. And it’s all the fault of the SNP for being bad, and controlling the populace with bad mind control rays and neurolinguistic programming that penetrates the thickest tin foil hat fashioned from a handy cut out and keep guide in a Jenny Hjul column in the Scotsman.

On Saturday we had peak SNPbad. Magnus Gardham of the Herald wrote an article complaining that saying SNPbad was bad, that it has become a means for the SNP to dodge all criticism. Only he neglected to mention why SNPbad ever became a meme in the first place. That would mean he’d have to look at his own behaviour and that of his Unionist media chums, and that would never do. It’s only cybernats who merit criticism, when you criticise anyone else it’s bullying and abuse.

With a media which is, with the exception of one Sunday and one daily newspaper, entirely Unionist, the message that the bad SNP is bad bad dominates the press agenda. SNPBad is the agenda, and the only agenda, because the only press outlets which aren’t Unionist are of course badly bad, and cultishly tin foil hattish too. They’re not at all like the worldly wise Unionists. Not like the Unionists with their outward looking tolerance and lack of bias and willingness to see all sides of an argument, oh no. It’s that unbiased neutrality that allows them to publish stories about how terrible it is that the Forth Bridge was closed even though the Unionist parties were the ones opposing a new bridge, about how Scotland’s NHS is so rubbish even though it’s better than England’s, and about how it’s scandalous that Nicola Sturgeon has a posh coffee making machine. And on and on and on in an unending torrent of stale mince based crapulosity.

When you live next door to a sewage plant, your nose eventually gives up and no longer smells the crap. You can walk out into your garden and the only odour you’ll detect is the sweet smell of the flower on a thistle. That’s what’s happened in Scotland with our Unionist media and their constant deluge of SNPcrap. We no longer smell it. We’ve given up caring. Scotland no longer pays any heed to those who fancy themselves as opinion makers, because what ordinary Scots learned during the independence referendum was that we are perfectly capable of forming our own opinions and we need the opinion formers of the Unionist press like we need bog roll made from sandpaper.

The three ply sandpaper isn’t best pleased by the discovery that it’s being left on the shelf by the news shoppers. It clearly isn’t the fault of their product, which comes with the seal of approval of the British establishment. Purveyors of sandpaper based lavatorial cleansing products get awarded knighthoods and OBEs and are granted interviews with really important politicians – you know, the ones who don’t live in Scotland. This is clearly a testament to the utility and product worthiness of an arse scraped raw. So the fact that this award winning product is being rejected by the punters can only be because they have been seduced by an alien cult which tells them stupid idiocies like they can wipe their behinds with something soft. The very idea.

The Unionist media doesn’t understand why its message has lost traction and continues to lose traction. It prefers to console itself with the familiar nostrums that it’s all because the SNP is bad. This makes the Scottish Unionist media the only media on the planet which reports the story of the boy who cried wolf as being all the fault of the wolf.

When it’s not the fault of the SNP bad wolf, it’s the fault of the evil cybernat. It’s the fault of everyone but the Unionist media. The Unionist media is professional, they fancy that they are able to distinguish between the BMW of the Scotsman and the rickety bicycle of a cybernat blog. It’s just a shame for them then that when the professionals of the Scottish Unionist media see a shiny powerful motor, the rest of us see a canoe up shit creek without a paddle. The only direction it’s headed in is downwards as fewer and fewer of us buy newspapers, as fewer read their commentary, as trust in them is flushed away like the only use left for the Daily Record.

The term cybernat is Unionist shorthand for anyone who supports independence and who has access to the Internet. It’s a term which attempts to diminish, discredit and disgrace ordinary Scots who are interested in politics, the very people who would in the normal course of events be most interested in reading the opinions of a columnist in a newspaper who writes about politics. The very people who are most likely to read a newspaper column by the likes of Magnus Gardham. Every time they use the term, they’re destroying their own career. Now what was once the strength of the Unionist media has become its weakness.

Scotland deserves better. Scotland deserves a media that actually reflects the breadth and variety of opinions in this country. We deserve more than a constant litany of SNPbad and independence mad. The half of this country that supports independence demands that our views and opinions are treated with the same respect that the Unionist media demands for itself. For too long the Unionist parties and their followers in the media have had it all their own way, for too long they’ve been able to ignore and marginalise the voices that say – things don’t have to be this way, things can be different, things can be better.

They can’t do that any more, there are too many of us. Our voices are too numerous to be silent, our tongues will not be held. It’s going to be a very happy new year. Just not for the Unionist establishment.

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49 comments on “When crying wolf is the fault of the wolf

  1. bearinorkney says:

    Throw out the Izal Toilet paper of Unionism. Use the new soft, silky, absorbent Independence toilet paper.

    Izal disappeared from the toilets of all but a few holdouts. Choose comfort and a non chapped sphincter.

    A good analogy.

  2. mogabee says:

    I would much rather choose optimism than the “professional trolling” of the media towards it’s long forgotten readership!

    Oh, and SNPBAAAD …Off with it’s head! 😀

  3. jimnarlene says:

    I’m proud to be a “cybernat”.

    All the best for 2016 Paul, and the wee dug.

  4. Itchybiscuit says:


    Can you rearrange the words to find a clue to the state of the Yoon media? ;o)

  5. WRH2 says:

    Have a Happy New Year when it arrives Paul and I look forward to more from your keyboard in the New Year.

  6. pwest9 says:

    You are messing with the establishment and they don’t like it. Sorry to say this but Corbyn is suffering the same bile on a daily basis. As a Scot in England I don’t see the shit that goes on there but it certainly goes on here. Incidentally I think Labour in Scotland is a dead duck and their complete end is nigh. Cheers for another excellent post.

    • Helena says:


      It’s interesting what you say about England. When I mention the way the media went all out to demonise Alex Salmond, especially in the lead up to the Indy ref, my friends and family in England think it was deserved and don’t see the connection with the media attacks on Corbyn South of the border.
      They say they did not ‘get’ (via the media) the constant scaremongering and lies that we did, trouble is, I am not sure they even believe me when I tell them just how bad it was, which is worrying really.

  7. Steve Asaneilean says:

    “Because I’m bad, I’m bad come on
    You know I’m bad, I’m bad come on, you know
    You know I’m bad, I’m bad come on, you know
    And the whole world has to
    Answer right now
    Just to tell you once again
    Who’s bad”

  8. Albawoman says:

    Spot on as ever WGD. Thank you.

    Reading Common Weal, A Book of Ideas. Fantasise about the Herald running objective pieces on the ideas and directions contained within.

    I know, I know, it must be all that brandy in the Christmas puddings.

  9. SNP BAD?

    Naw…….SNP BADASS!

  10. Still Positive. says:

    Having bought the Herald for more than 30 years I cancelled my subscription last week and read my last copy today. What annoyed me was they didn’t even ask why I cancelled – probably knew the answer. My reason is that there is nothing worth reading now that Ian Bell is gone. Haven’t read Gardham or Torrance for years. Won’t miss them.

    Well said Paul and a Guid New Year when it comes.

    • Steve Asaneilean says:

      And this is one of MSM’s fundamental problems – they never bother to speak to us, let alone ask why we think what we think or believe what we believe.

      In short they never try to understand.

      It’s just easier for them to paint us as pariahs, call us bad and try to grind us down.

      But it’s not working.

      It’s a familiar story the world over for anyone who dares challenge the Established Order.

    • robert graham says:

      re -a johnstone out for the day ? , just when you thought it was safe another arse shits on yer doorstep , feck off yah tosser

  11. Helena says:

    Well said and very apt. I noticed piles and piles of unsold unionist rags today in our local shops. What a waste of paper, and trees!

    The rain might have put a few off, but really, the rubbish these rags print is getting ridiculous and people have better things to do with their time. These rags in Scotland at least, are on their way out.

  12. Alex Johnson says:

    It’s not the SNP that are bad…. It’s Salmond, he deserves plenty of flak. Do some research into his background and you will find out its charisma that has got him where he is now not achievements. Funny no one questions him on his wonderful ‘Arc of Prosperity’ BS that he proposed years ago. His connections through RBs, HBOS, Goodwin etc. All his money making schemes he was trying to introduce at RBS which were bogus but would get him promotion and bonuses. Check out his real credentials …. He is in fact full of wind. The SNP could do themselves a big favour and get rid of him, Swinney and that idiot Hosie. We deserve better than those mentioned. Let’s not be so naive that all our politicians are whiter than white… There are some clowns in our government just as much as there are down South. It is sad that you are not allowed to question our MSPs or show dissent without being classed as a supporter of Cameron, or abuse being hurled at. I am all for Independence but some of our current SNP are not up to the job and the cracks are showing. Get it sorted quick and all will be well.

    • Stux05 says:

      Alex Salmond is a outstanding politician of our time. He created the strategy to get the SNP into a position of strength that the unionists fear. The Scandinavian arc of prosperity exists and should be what an independent Scotland aspires to. Thankfully there are a great many of us who do not swallow the AS bad propaganda; just another version of SNP bad.

    • Stux05 says:

      Alex Salmond is the outstanding politician of our time. He created the strategy to get the SNP into a position of strength that the unionists fear. The Scandinavian arc of prosperity exists and should be what an independent Scotland aspires to. Thankfully there are a great many of us who do not swallow the AS bad propaganda; just another version of SNP bad.

    • Sooz says:

      Ditch John Swinney and Stewart Hosie? Ditch Alex Salmond? Eh??

      Let’s leave the factioning and party backstabbing to the opposition, shall we? They do it so much better AND they manage to damage themselves in the process.

    • Dan Vevers says:

      With the greatest of respect, Alex, the other Alex (Salmond) deserves a massive chunk of the credit for the fact we even had an independence referendum, and pretty much all of it for turning the SNP from an infighting irrelevance to a disciplined party of government. I say that as neither a particular fan, nor an SNP member.

      • Jan Cowan says:

        I agree totally, Dan. Alex Salmond successfully steered Scotland towards independence. Nicola will take us over the line. We’re extremely fortunate to have them – plus all our other excellent SNP politicians.

        Now, get ready for the 9th!!

    • robert graham says:

      posting at 1am is never a good idea as your drivel shows go to bed yah halfwit

    • Saor Alba says:

      I rather think it is you who are full of wind Alex.
      Your remarks are not worthy of further comment.

    • J Galt says:

      Oh for God’s Sake Alex – yes Eck may have a wee touch of a Tartan Del Boy about him but there’s a basic decency and honesty there – compare him to garbage like Foulkes or Rifkind for instance or the real creepy bastards such as Baron Reid of Cardowan for f**ks sake!

  13. doreenmilne says:

    Excellent and made me smile. Hope some ‘unionists’ read this although I doubt they will/would. You’re preaching to the converted, bro. How we change things is the next (incredibly) important step. Happy Christmas to you and yours, Paul.

  14. douglasclark says:

    Once upon a time, columnists were opinion formers. Nowadays, we read them for laughs.

  15. stuartx says:

    Alex Salmond is the outstanding politician of our time. He created the strategy to get the SNP into a position of strength that the unionists fear. The Scandinavian arc of prosperity exists and should be what an independent Scotland aspires to. Thankfully there are a great many of us who do not swallow the AS bad propaganda; just another version of SNP bad.

  16. macart763M says:

    Well said Paul.

    I read that piece of misrepresentative, disingenuous pish by Marcus Gardham and the only emotion that emerged was anger.

    Mr Gardham’s frankly appalling attempt at deflection and projection was as childish as it was insulting and predictably just what we’ve come to expect from the UK press. It also quite simply confirms, what is now the reality of politics in Scotland. Once again, it was everybody’s fault but that of the press and their chain tuggers. THEY have created a monster, a narrative, an omnishambles, so clearly its time to offload responsibility and rewrite history.


    The press are no longer fulfilling the traditional role the press anymore, they’re acting as the official opposition to Scotland’s government and we’d better not forget it. In the absence of effective political opposition the media have taken it upon themselves not to hold to account, not to report, but to oppose in the name of.

    They’ve long since given up the pretence of objectivity and the polarized propaganda machine is out there for all to see. They’re fighting for their existence, not yet realising that in their actions to date they’ve sealed their own fate in the eyes of the wider public. The more they act as the mouthpiece of their party and parliament of choice, the more obvious it becomes that the welfare of their readerships and the wider public are NOT their chief concern.

    The ONLY thing that matters to the UK media is the welfare of the UK media and the institutions to which they are joined at the hip.

    Democracy, public engagement, independent thought and freedom of choice is like quicksand for the current UK media. The more they thrash and fight against the public, the faster they will sink. Right now, they’re doing a fair amount of thrashing and lashing out and after such an insulting piece of guff like Mr Gardam’s? Well, let’s just say I’m not in the mood to throw our media a rope.

    • Thepnr says:

      I fully understand your reaction to that dross by Gardam being one of anger. Mine used to be the very same, now I just laugh, seriously I literally laughed when I read that article.

      The main political commentators in the “Scottish” press are mainly now an embarrassment, they deserve to be laughed at.

      • macart763M says:

        Ayup, they don’t even have the basic honesty to admit their responsibility in creating the very thing they’re whining about.

        If folks have tuned out from the press and the opposition parties, who is TRULY to blame? The title of this post is bang on the money Thepnr. One day, people being people, the SNP probably will screw up badly and instead of having a constructive press or opposition we could rely upon to hold a government to account and/or offer solutions, we have the rolling, constantly dishonest omnishambles which are our current institutions.

        They have become an embarrassment and their own worst enemy. How and ever, in their stupid, bloody minded selfishness, they’ve removed a critical level of scrutiny which is intended to protect the public. The sheer scale of the carelessness and self interest involved in their strategy takes the breath away and THAT is what makes them unfit for purpose.

        They simply don’t give a damn.

    • Saor Alba says:

      I’m more in the mood to put my foot on their heads, macart – and push them further into the quicksand.

  17. Guga says:

    I read an article in the National as follows:

    “A dip in the number of people dancing is the SNP’s fault, claims Tory

    TORY MSP Jackson Carlaw was hopping from foot to foot yesterday over a major scandal – after the number of dancers in Scotland fell.”

    I thought the National had their dates wrong and that they thought it was April 1st. After all, no one in their right mind could have thought that the Tories were now blaming the SNP for the apparent fall in the number of people dancing in Scotland. However, it seems to be the case that the Tories have now really lost the plot with their (and the Red Tories) attempts to blame everything and anything on the SNP.

    The Tories (Red and Blue) and their Unionist controlled media don’t seem to realize that more and more Scots see them as a total joke and that they are a bunch of lying, crooked charlatans. The Unionist media cannot blame the Internet for the rapidly falling circulation of their distorted, lying rags, as there are fewer and fewer Scots buying their garbage (which is not even fit for use as bog roll). Some of their publications are so bad, notably the Hootsmon, that fewer people are even reading the Internet version (other than the Quislings that populate their comments sections).

    It is only a matter of time till we regain our independence and the Unionist scourge is swept into the sewers from whence it came.

    Saor Alba.

  18. BampotsUtd.wordpress.com says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  19. David Agnew says:

    Their dilemma is that they have found themselves in the role of opposition to the SNP. Scottish labour are politically senile. The Tories are on some kind of a high – smoking their own bullshit I suspect. The lib dems? They’re kind of hoping people will forget they exist.

    It isn’t the medias job to be a political opposition party. They’re meant to hold all parties to account. They are meant to be the peoples voice. But that’s long since past.

    In Scotland the media (with I think a couple of notable exceptions) have become qualm peddlers and purveyors of pish. They are unthinking, uncritical mouthpieces for political parties who got their balls kicked last May. Partly because of the way the media behaved. “With friends like these who needs enemies?” – should be the adage all unionist parties should live by. Their friends in the press have done them no favours in the last 5 years. Now with the parties reeling from the kicking they took, its the medias turn. Oh and they are howling. Howling like a punk who repeatedly gets kicked in the gonads by the people they are trying to intimidate.

    SNPBAD became a meme to challenge every single article of pish and cringe peddling that came out of these organs. It is the daily hate. The daily smear. The Daily Sneer. And it is relentless.
    So relentless we have started to tune them out. So they insult us with the same venom they reserve for the SNP. This has led to the odd spectacle of watching those idiotic lame brains in Scottish labour latch on to this like its a life belt.

    It is the thin broth that will sustain them in these dark times. But its a pish broth made from the shadow of a pigeon who starved to death. And its killing them. Not all at once to be sure, but it is killing them off very slowly nonetheless.

    And all the proud Britnat media can do is howl. Its a fate they richly deserve.

  20. Sooz says:

    It’s going to be a bumpy ride from now until May and the opposition will try every single crooked plan they can think of. They’ll insert doubters, splitters and crazymakers into the mix to try and weaken and divide us.

    Gardham blundering into the SNP-Bad fog is just a mega-bleat about a political mood in Scotland that he can’t control. If he can’t insult the SNP he’ll insult its supporters instead. If he can’t land a blow on alternative media he’ll try to bend the unionist chatter three ways til Sunday but still manage to score an own goal.

    Scotland has woken up from the deep coma it’s been in during Labour’s roost and he can’t handle it.

  21. Davy says:

    Traditionial media in Scotland is basicly dead in Scotland, if they did not have horse racing and fitba in the main newspapers most people would not touch them.

    As for the broadcast media and its effect, you just had to watch “BBC’s question time” a few months back when labours Kezia Dugdale was on, and she went off on a typical rant about the SNP government and it being SNPBAD for everything and when she had finished, their was no cheering or hand-clapping as she expected.

    Instead their was an echoing silence of embarresment, yet the BBC had been shouting her worth for months, no effect !!!

    The referendum woke the people of Scotland, the result of the referendum and the actual facts about what we had been offered before the result and what was given, has proven to many people to be the last straw. Promises broken or denied, the media continuely bleating SNPBAD til your ears bleed, but never with any real proven facts on it.

    The only people who listen to trad-media are those without access to a computer or who chose to believe their shite to suit their own political agenda, the rest of Scotland simply grew up.

    For a journalist to complain against “SNPBAD” when he is one main people actually doing that ! beggers belief, and simply shows the media in Scotland is mostly substandard cheap chickenshit, not worthy even to be bull or horseshit.

  22. Proud Cybernat says:

    Brilliant WGD.

    Scottish Corporate Unionist Media (SCUM). As Molly Weir once said: “Flush and the SCUM is gone.” Or was it ‘Flash’?

    Anyway, this SNP-BAD meme has backfired on the S.C.U.M. and the war-is-great sabernats spectacularly.

    Fewer and fewer listen to them anymore because fewer and fewer trust what they say. Even this guy doesn’t believe their crap:


    Keep up the guid work, WGD.

  23. Dan Huil says:

    Arrogant BritNat journalists are in the huff because they see their influence waning. A fall in newpaper circulation in conjuction with an increase in internet sites/viewing means that unionists can no longer expect people to believe every BritNat lie that’s printed. Likewise the desperation of the Britnat bbc as it sees its influence waning because people in Scotland are sick of all the SNP- bad and Scotland-too-wee stories which fill the BritNat airways.

    BritNat journalists have only themselves to blame – but they will continue to blame everyone else.

  24. Saor Alba says:

    I wish you and Ginger a happy and prosperous new year, Paul, and my wish also goes out to all of the regular excellent positive contributors to this blog.

  25. J Galt says:

    Who the F**K is Graham Magnum……. sorry Magnus Gardham?

    Paul I only know about the erse because you (and Wings and Bella) hold yur noses to wade through the shite!

    Keep up the good work pal – somebody has tae dae it!

  26. I feel sorry for those who still pay for Yoon media.

    Just kidding!

  27. arthur thomson says:

    Thank you as always Paul.

    I think we should never underestimate the value of talking among ourselves. The SNPbad response is a really good example of what comes out of it. By talking to each other on the Dug, Wings, Bella etc we clarify our own thoughts and ideas and learn not only from Paul,Stu etc but also from each other. Daily we become more informed and more able to articulate.

    So many times have I attended training courses where people said that they learned at least as much from the discussion groups as from the main input. That is what we are benefiting from.

    And it really must stick in the craw of the Yoons to see us enjoying our enlightenment and our obvious camaraderie.

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