Addressing the democratic deficit

the Vow

Fundamental to democracy are the abilities of the people to choose their government, and then to hold that government to account for the promises and commitments that it made in order to win power. Additionally, democracy cannot function if people are not permitted to change their minds in the light of new information. As a part of the UK, Scotland lacks all those abilities. Events since the independence referendum have brought the democratic deficit that Scotland suffers as a part of the UK very starkly into focus.

There has of course been Brexit and the betrayal of the Vow, and now for the third time in six years we see the Conservative party choosing the next Prime Minister without the slightest input from the wider public , the public over whom the dysfunctional British Constitution will give that Prime Minister almost unlimited power. This blatant assault on democracy has now become normalised as the way in which British Prime Ministers with their presidential powers are chosen. It is noticeable that the British media, fan-boying and fan-girling as it does about individual candidates, no longer bothers to remark just what an insult to democracy the entire process is, all the more so in the UK, which as we have seen with the lamentable term in office of the corrupt serial liar Johnson, lacks any meaningful methods of holding the Prime Minister to account.

From the anti-independence parties we hear the repeated refrain that “the SNP” needs to respect the result of the 2014 referendum as though the SNP is not currently the dominant party in the Scottish Government because the people of Scotland put them there. The SNP have respected the result, Scotland is still a part of the United Kingdom. However what is far more important is that the winners of a democratic vote respect the promises and commitments that they made in order to win it, and that the people have the ability to hold the winning side to account for those promises and commitments. If that is not possible, there can be no meaningful democracy.

What the Labour and Conservative parties are demanding right now is that they do not need to respect the promises and commitments that they made as part of the Better Together campaign and that they and they alone are judge and jury on whether those promises have been kept. They are determined to ensure that the people of Scotland cannot hold them to account.

In effect they are insisting that Scotland handed them a blank cheque in all perpetuity in 2014 and that they alone, not the people of Scotland, will decide whether they have acted in good faith in the years since that vote. They have abrogated to themselves the power to decide when and if they should face the verdict of the people. They bandy about time periods after which they might be prepared to consider ‘allowing’ another referendum, completely ignoring the fact that if the UK is as they claim a voluntary union, this is a decision for the people of Scotland to make, not them. And they certainly do not wish to acknowledge that the people of Scotland already made that decision using the only democratic means available to them, when they chose to elect a Scottish Parliament committed to bringing about another referendum within the term of the current Scottish Parliament.

As a part of the UK Scottish democracy is fatally compromised because Scotland’s MPs at Westminster are a small and permanent minority who can be sidelined and ignored. When, as is currently the case, the ruling party at Westminster has a majority which is greater than the total number of Scottish MPs, Scottish votes can make no difference at all to how votes in the House of Commons go.

Of course the usual retort of opponents of independence, especially outwith Scotland, is that regions or cities within England don’t necessarily get what they vote for either. The difference is that they are not constituent nations within what is always described as a voluntary union of different countries. Scotland is a nation with a long history as an independent state, and a distinct political culture and tradition of its own, a nation moreover whose continued existence as a distinctive polity within the UK was not extinguished by the Treaty of Union but rather was guaranteed by it. If it is relevant to the discussion that London or Yorkshire don’t always get what they vote for either, then the UK is not a union, but is rather the unitary state of Greater England.

Despite that infamous Vow, promising that the powers of Holyrood would be made permanent, the Conservative Government of Theresa May obtained a Supreme Court ruling that the Sewel Convention has no legal standing. Holyrood is entirely at the mercy of Westminster, which can use its non-Scottish majority to change, sideline or even abolish the devolution settlement. The Conservatives are deeply hostile to the Scottish Parliament, and all that is holding them back from an all out assault on the powers of Holyrood is the fear of another independence referendum.

We are also seeing Westminster using that built in Scottish minority position at Westminster in order to overrule the Scottish Parliament, and in effect to ensure that the losers of a Holyrood election are still able to get their way. The last Holyrood election was won by parties supporting a second independence referendum, but the losing parties, who opposed the referendum are relying on Westminster to block the referendum, making a mockery of last year’s Scottish Parliament election.

Given all this the publication of the Scottish Government’s second paper setting out the case for independence is timely indeed. The paper sets out the view that it is for the people of Scotland and no one else to decide how they are governed and to decide whether Scotland should become independent. Rather than rehash all the points raised in the paper, you can read it for yourself by clicking here :  However given the way governance in the UK has been going these past years, and the evident authoritarianism of the Conservatives, it is no exaggeration to say that the future of democracy itself in Scotland can only be secured through independence.

I’ve been blogging a lot this past couple of weeks but I am afraid that it has caught up with me and I’ve hit a brick wall of post-stroke fatigue, so I am going to need a few days to rest and recuperate. I’ll be back after the weekend.


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125 comments on “Addressing the democratic deficit

  1. Hamish100 says:

    Succinctly put.

    Worth putting on poster and electronic boards everywhere- including England.

  2. Capella says:

    Take care Paul and rest up. We certainly have plenty to talk about btl.

    I like the way Nicola Sturgeon rests her case on the democratic principle. We all know that the Westminster government, like imperial governments the world over and since time immemorial, couldn’t care less about democracy. In fact, they regard it as an obstacle to be overcome. Hence the “unwritten constitution” and many arcane conventions which ensure that the Prime Minister can behave like a tyrant and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

    Aristotle pointed out that people would use their democratic power to ensure equal sharing out of the gifts of society. Rulers have a choice, protect democracy and provide a welfare state. Or protect the wealthy and destroy democracy. We can see plainly which option the Tories always choose. That’s why we never choose Tories in Scotland.

  3. Always a great read Paul.

    Only one wee quibble.

    Scotland is a nation with a long history as an independent state, and a distinct political culture and tradition of its own, a nation moreover whose continued existence as a distinctive polity within the UK was not extinguished by the Treaty of Union but rather was guaranteed by it

    Scotland, the land, is not the nation, the nation is the people who collectively agree they are Scots. Countries do not have the right to self-determination, it is a fundamental human right of peoples.

    The existence of Scotland, the country, is a product of that collective identity shared by the land’s inhabitants. If there was no Scotland the land/country, but we had become a mere English region with the same laws, NHS etc, our right to self-determination would still exist if we collectively agreed we were still Scots and not English.

    I know I teaching you to suck eggs! :-), but it’s really important everyone understands this as it’s fundamental to what self-determination means. Yes supporters get caught up in trying to defend the existence of our nation through laws, the NHS, languages, culture when all they need is the census data. It says ‘We are Scots and we are a nation’. Everything else is a product of that, including our footie team.

    Courts can argue about laws of the land, but it is not parliaments nor laws that decide what a nation is nor whether it can exist, but the collective agreement of a people they are one and through that they can self-determine under international law, (re)creating a land for their nation.

    It is not a question of whether Scotland has a right to independence, it is whether the Scots are a people. Of that there is no question, and it’s why we shall have our indepdence if we want it.

    Looking forward to the national identity question from this year’s census.

    • rongorongo says:

      I agree, this is a really important point. Since 900 or so, the people of what is now the country of Scotland, have regarded themselves as a separate nation of that name. Not Alba, Dál Riata, Pictland, Fortiu, Norðreyjar or Northumbria: Scotland. Other parts of the British Isles also managed that critical mass of belief to emerge and stay as nations. Some parts – like Cornwall, lent in that direction but ultimately came to regard themselves as part of a bigger nation. Nations come into being as a result of overwhelming and sustained popular belief amongst those who dwell there. They die if that belief vanishes. Telling people that their belief in themselves as nation is incorrect, is unlikely to work as a force of extinguishment.

  4. bringiton says:

    I see no difference between Scotland sending representatives to the parliament in England or say to the parliament in Berlin or Paris.
    No say in terms of the way the union operates and increasingly,no say in what happens in Scotland… say in fact.
    Those in Scotland who support this position are dancing around not being straight with Scottish voters in that what they really mean is that Scotland as a country/nation does not exist in their view.
    At least Broon was quite open about this,unlike most of the present bunch of Northern Brits who continue to pretend that they have Scotland’s interests at heart when in reality all they do is protect England’s interests and it’s parliament.
    Time we had people who really represent us and not some external agency.

  5. James Mills says:

    No doubt the Unionist lapdogs are hard at it urging Nicola Sturgeon to ” get on with the day job !”and don’t be distracted by Independence .

    However , for months now the Westminster Government has been working 24/7 to keep Boris Johnson in a job – f*ck the economy , f*ck the cost of living crisis , f*ck the energy catastrophe that is dominating most people’s thinking , let’s save the lying b*stard in Downing Street .
    I notice that THEY are not concerned with ”the day job ”.

    Now we have the gruesome sight of the dregs of humanity ( aka the Tory Party ) with the able and complicit support of the UK media filling our TVs , radios and what passes for the newspaper industry with saturation coverage of the most boring event since …the last Tory election of a leader .
    Who gives a f*ck about ”the day job” down Westminster way ? Who is running the country ?
    ( I know , it cannot be as bad as when the Tories ARE doing”the day job ” )

    Why are Government minsters ( God help us ! ) not being asked the same questions that are constantly thrown at Nicola Sturgeon ?

    I suppose it could be worse DRoss might be a candidate … stop laughing at the back !

  6. Jane Russell says:

    Rest! Rest! We need you to keep articulating the arguments in your powerful words. This is only the start of a lang gait and a sair fecht.

  7. grizebard says:

    Paul, just one article from you contains more truth and common good sense than kilometres of columns in the so-called newspapers, and thousands of programme hours in the mainstream media, all filled with fatuous irrelevancies over the current political situation in this UK of which we regrettably are still part. Not a single voice has been raised in public except by yourself and Nicola Sturgeon to observe, for example, that selection of the next Prime Minister lies in the hands of an extreme (in more senses than one) minority of people, largely in England.

    Yet the manifest wish of a considerably greater number of people here in Scotland simply for a proper opportunity to re-think our own future – our own future, not one forced on anyone else – is somehow ignored and even decried by Union-supporting media and politicians alike. Fearful, as they are, of ever being held to account for their near-total betrayal of the promises they cynically made to us back in 2014 and 2016.

    This shameful and increasingly-shameless exercise of double standards is nowhere near constituting a democracy. What the UK has is a shamocracy.

  8. Tam the Bam says:


    Interesting to note that a subject which has caused ‘tumult’ on another blog is TONIGHT the subject surrounding the selection of the next tory pm.
    The gender question has never been peculiar to the Scottish Government.
    Perhaps others will start to realise this.

    • Dr Jim says:

      A tiny minority of an even tinier minority use an argument to create a row within the overwhelming majority that that majority haven’t even noticed because they’re more likely to notice a fly in their house than anyone directly connected with this issue

      Such are the endeavours of the troublemakers in modern life

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Nonetheless Dr Jim…..tories are ‘weaponising’ this subject in their ‘democratic’ selection of their new leader.
        My point being…this argument doesnt just happen in Scotland…..its pretty much universal…do you agree?

        • Dr Jim says:

          The Tories indeed are weaponising it as is Joanna Cherry to the same end, the difference with the Tories is they don’t actually believe any of it nor do they care, it’s just another troublemaking tool to use against any particular current opponent in the hope of whipping up some opposition, but in Tory members world it means virtually nothing and in terms of England Joanna Cherry is as insignificant as the aforementioned fly in your house, and she’s the enemy, so she has no listeners down there whatsoever, she may try to make a fuss in Scotland about it but when her term is up in the SNP it’s very likely we’ll never see or hear from her again
          For all the huge efforts of the folk who engage in this issue the electorate just aren’t listening to it because they don’t want to hear *stuff* that they don’t consider affects them, they know it’s a tiny minority and they won’t ever care about it

  9. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, feet up for a long weekend, it’s been a busy period, no point in overtaxing yourself…

    There is no better example of Scotland’s democratic deficit than the behaviour of the BBC in Scotland, today being fairly typical –
    – Of the 7 lead articles of the Scotland/Politics web-page, only one specifically relates to Scotland’s politics, the other 6 are given over entirely to the travails of the Tories, a minority London based party who have NEVER held a majority in Scotland.
    – Even on that 1 Scottish Politics article, the FM’s press conference on SG’s latest paper on Democracy, Comments are deliberately opened to allow the usual frothing keyboard warriors to impersonate the public criticising the SG – 5,460 comments accumulated in the 9 hours since publication at the time of writing, the vast majority of whom have not a clue what Scots think nor have any intention of finding out, they only exist to drown Scots voices out.
    – Even the first first media question at that press conference was from Glenn Campbell, effectively accusing the FM of not respecting the results of the 2014 Indyref and the 2016 Brexit referendum – What kind of journalism is it, where a majority of the electorate north and south of the border fully understand the stupidity of Glenn’s question, and wholeheartedly agree with the answer from the FM, yet Glenn insists that they’re all wrong ?

    • Tam the Bam says:


    • Dr Jim says:

      When the worshipful worship it’s not easy to explain to them the world is not flat, evolution is real, climate change is happening and their Gods are frauds, it enrages and confuses their ability to function without the support mechanisms of their lifelong beliefs

      Glen Campbell and others of his ilk are such human dinosaurs looking at the sky believing and waiting for those Gods to avert the oncoming destruction of their kind, while the rest of us see the shit coming down and see the sense of seeking shelter from disaster

      The media in Scotland are Englands British Nationalist King Canutes , there’s no appetite, there’s no appetite they cry as the political rain is penetrating their red white and blue umbrellas
      as they scream “burn the Scottish witch”

  10. The Brit Scotia Nostra are sent along to events such as today’s to act on behalf of their Brit politicians pals, to repeat and repeat the guff which the Brits churn out on TV and Radio on a daily basis now.
    Campbell, Hutcheon, and the rabid attack dogs in the pay of the English media ensure that they repeat and repeat the message from England; no matter what the Scottish people vote for, England will not allow it.
    Most of these people are fellow Scots, but are well paid by their English Masters to ram it down our throats; we have no power, if England forbids anything, we must obey.
    WE are a militarily occupied colony of England.
    The Scots hacks have been conditioned from birth to salute their queen and country, and made their way in the world, denying their very birth right, because the money’s tasty.
    As long as they remain good little Brits, they have jobs for life.

    It is incredible that a country’s media is in the hands of Scots who are almost exclusively a Fifth Column, working for another country, contributing to the suppression of their fellow citizens.

    Well, no more Mr and Mrs and Ms Nice Guy..
    We are taking our country back…perhaps these tired old scribblers should reflect on that.
    The future bright; the future’s independent.
    There will be little forgive and forget, that’s for sure.

  11. yesindyref2 says:

    An interesting comment via Aileen McHarg’s twitter

    https:// /McDivergence/status/1546963007019835398 (remove spaces)

    either this is an inaccurate statement from the UKG, or their submission is, as far as I can tell, possibly based on a fictional premise?

    about this:

    A UK Government spokesperson said:

    “However, following the Lord Advocate’s referral of the Scottish Government’s draft Scottish Independence Referendum Bill, the UK Government has today lodged its initial response with the Supreme Court.

    The papers confirm that the Advocate General for Scotland will become a formal party to the case, and ask the Court to consider whether it should accept the Lord Advocate’s referral.“”

    (as an aside, the use of the 3rd party on the UK Gov’s own website is a bit strange, perhaps to cover the clear “error” [1] being made for effect I’d guess)

    This does of course get the quote “out there”, giving the impression to the casual that it is the draft bill being referred, whereas it actually isn’t.

    [1] I’m sure it’s just a mistake by the spokesperson, not a dirty sneaky devious economy of the truth set to influence thought and action by inappropriate use of phraseology and language to give the wrong impression for the UK Government’s usual fell purposes of obstructive anti-democracy – antidisestablishmentundemocraticarianism at its worst.

    There now, now we all know, time for bed said Zebedee.


    • yesindyref2 says:

      Pretty clear by the way that while I think Alba’s protest was a good one, and that Hoyle should have had something to say about the drowning out and heckling by the Tory MPs when the two Alba ones tried to raise a point of order, the SNP could not in this instance support it at this time. It behoves them to behave “properly”, whereas there is no such constraint on Alba who can use that to advantage.

    • Golfnut says:

      dirty sneaky devious economy of the truth set to influence thought and action by inappropriate use of phraseology and language to give the wrong impression for the UK Government’s usual fell purposes of obstructive anti-democracy – antidisestablishmentundemocraticarianism at its worst is how dirty sneaky devious governments work. Especially when your dirty sneaky devious fifth columnist media need feeding material they can throw at the seperatists.

    • Golfnut says:

      Thought you might be interested in this since it concerns the Tempest program, timely perhaps since rumours were beginning to circulate regards UK being able to fund the project. It’s not unusual for the US to start these kind of rumours and the Rafale is beginning to attract their attention.

  12. Welsh_Siôn says:

    It’s not just me making the joint Scotto-Welsh link, y’know …

    Scottish Government points to Wales’ treatment as part of the union to justify case for independence

    15 Jul 2022 6 minute Read

    A new paper launched by the Scottish Government has pointed to Wales’ treatment as part of the union in order to justify the case for independence.

    The paper Renewing democracy through independence points to the way devolution has been eroded in Wales by the UK Government in order to build the case for a second Scottish independence referendum next year.

    The paper launched yesterday by Nicola Sturgeon accused the UK Government of systematically undermining devolution in Wales since the Brexit vote in 2016.



    From Scottish_Nicola

  13. Hamish100 says:

    It’s hard to understand ( from a voters perspective) why scotch labour takes an even harder unionist stance than Labour in Welsh re “home rule”,
    The referent honesty and glee of the English MP on politics Now over sacking labour councillors who did not wish to vote with the tories is a prime example

  14. Hamish100 says:

    This shows how dependent the English government is on food exports from the Eu including Ireland. Figures shown include Scottish food production.
    It demonstrates that England needs us to feed it and as such the idea post independence they would take a huff and not trade with us in efta or Eu is nonsense.

    I mean they even trade with Rwanda in human beings such as their moral decline.

  15. I mean they even trade with Rwanda in human beings such as their moral decline.
    Comment of the month, so far, Hamish100.

    We are taking our country back, no ifs no buts.
    England, and its Fifth Column Up Here, cannot defy the will of the people any more.

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Anyone who doesn’t believe the media are hostile towards the SNP only need to compare their interviewing style towards the workers union leaders, it’s exactly the same
    The media treat everyone who’s not on the side of the UK government as though they are the enemies of the state

  17. yesindyref2 says:

    From the National, a comment by the CND:

    But we’re not daft. We have always known that there would be a demand to “lease” Faslane/Coulport, initially maybe for 10 years, maybe 20. The British establishment’s assumption was, of course, that it would always be able to find pressing reasons for the need to extend the lease until it was accepted as the status quo.

    I doubt very much if that is the British establishment’s assumption. After Independence, Scotland could elect a government that might be 1). conservative and agree to such an extension for ever and a day, or 2). the SNP who let’s say occupy a moderate role, right through to a 3). CND inspired government that wanted it out by midnight on the day their new government actually started work (a few days after the election).

    First government is likely to be 2), But after that it could be anyone – which is a lot of the point of Independence – we choose the form of gvernment we want, democratically.

    The article is this:
    It’s imperative we stay firm on ‘no nuke’ stance after independence

    No, it isn’t. It is imperative we achieve Independence which we won’t if every group tries to enshrine their own single issue policy on the whole movement.

    • Yes, the Scottish government cannot make any assurances around the lease of the base. The electorate will decide if that happens.

      It’s like Ukraine and Minsk-II. People berate the Ukrainian government for ‘not sticking to the agreement’ when what actually happened was the agreement was signed over the heads of the electorate, so they promptly voted it down in the next election as they didn’t agree with it.

      If the SNP agreed to rent out the base for X years against the will of the electorate, the same could happen to them.

  18. Capella says:

    Abbi Garton-Crosbie sets out the political gulf between an ever rightward lurching Tory Party and Scotland

    Indyref2 blueprint sets out ideological chasm between Holyrood and Westminster

    THE new independence prospectus succinctly sets out the ideological chasm between the Scottish and Westminster governments.

    We aren’t due to see the contents of the next white paper until around the time the Scottish Parliament resumes on September 5 – the same day we will find out who the next prime minister is – but the blueprints released so far have given a taster of what to expect.

    The independence campaign is going to be fought on the economy, the border, rejoining the EU, and the possibilities we have as an independent nation.

    This is of course partially covered in the Renewing Democracy paper, but its real goal is to show the damning impact Westminster’s decisions have had on Scotland, and that it did.

    It couldn’t be more timely – as we watch a few hundred thousand Tory party members pick the next Prime Minister, one Scotland did not vote for, and won’t have the opportunity to.

  19. Capella says:

    Unionists disagree with Nicola Sturgeon – shock! From the same old insults department.

    Furious Unionist politicians tell Nicola Sturgeon to ‘give it a rest’ over independence

    Cameron then claimed the FM was using her official residence to “spout SNP propaganda”.

    He added: “Which will only paralyse Scotland with years of bitter division and distraction.

    “The nationalists are typically only interested in standing up for the democratic rights of those who agree with them.

    “Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP need to give it a rest and focus instead on the real priorities of the Scottish public.”

    Wendy Chamberlain, LibDem MP for North Fife, claimed the Scottish Government were spending taxpayer cash on “vanity publishing exercises”.

    The Scottish LibDem depute leader said: “It’s strange to read a document that declares that ‘devolution has been good for Scotland’ and then announces its author’s intention to throw away the benefits of pooling and sharing that we get from being part of the wider UK.

    “Rather than spending taxpayers’ money on a series of vanity publishing exercises, the Scottish Government should be putting every penny to work to help people with the cost-of-living crisis.”

  20. jfngw says:

    A country which does not have the government it voted for is not a democracy in any meaningful way. We are a form of vassal state, we don’t even have the powers of a vassal state as nearly all the functions of state are controlled by another country.

    We have not been colonised, we are being assimilated, the Scottish culture is being replaced by English culture. They don’t need to colonise, they just need their Scottish political courtiers to do the deeds, unfortunately there are many of them.

    • Dr Jim says:

      England has no culture, they just steal stuff from everybody else and call it theirs, like they do with sports people

  21. yesindyref2 says:

    From the Herald:

    “Iain Macwhirter: eating baked beans and cabbage for supper may have created the SNP’s biggest disaster in 35 years”

    Well, quite, open the window please. We’re going to need more pegs.

  22. Hamish100 says:

    Does the Tory party get charged for using Westminster for their internal party election?

    • Golfnut says:

      Vanity projects like the Queens jubilee book are ok though. An informed public not so much.

      • Tatu3 says:

        When my 5 year old grandson (lives in England sadly) was handed his copy of the queen’s jubilee book, my daughter handed it back to the teacher saying the money spent on the books should have been used on school meals, books etc. The teacher was shocked and tried to hand the book back, but my daughter refused to take it. Afterwards several other mums congratulated her and said they wish they’d had the courage to do the same. Very proud of my daughter

        • Alan Howard Baxter says:

          And so you should be Tatu3. Well done to your daughter. Can she come up here and man the barricades with the rest of the dugers? We may need courage like that

  23. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I source most of my information from TRUSTED sources online NEVER the MSM as their so called ‘NEWS’ is something that constantly needs challenged and comes from a perspective distinctly biased towards a Pro Union side…..

    Starmer is so overly desperate to make himself electable to those who support EVEL in his UK while simultanously offering a ‘suck it up and shut up’ alternative to Scotland…. in doing this he is clearly presenting himself as indistinctive to the Tories that he pretends to oppose….as he is blatantly mirroring all that they, Tories, support and seek to uphold…so what actually is it that he, Starmer, is offering Scotland that he assumes an anti Tory Scotland will somehow find appealing ?..

    From where I stand there is NO appealing political qualities that I can associate with the Labour party…..and the branch office ( or did it come from HQ) are now favouring Tory dominance in Councils as opposed to the SNP…while Sarwar is denying any culpability against the reality that is… in English Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh on Politics Live confirmed the FACT that….the Tories will get THEIR , Labour’s, votes over the SNP……but wait there is more read below tweets :

    On Twitter I read these quotes from Pro Indy peeps :

    “According to Keir Starmer, Scotland is a prisoner.
    No referendum ever, no EU return ever, no working with the SNP MPs we send to Westminster.
    However, if the SNP don’t vote for subservience under labour he’ll blame them for the tories getting in.

    That’s quite a deal he’s offered”


    “Keir Starmer, “UK has had slow economic growth under the Tories for 12 years, it’s really terrible”

    Keir Starmer, “Only within the UK has Scotland flourished economically”

    That’s HIS, Starmer’s, logic that somehow he and his ONE MP in Scotland together with the third party at Holyrood headed by the Branch office manager aka the subservient to HQ Anas ‘I suspend Labour councillors for not voting for Tories’ Sarwar all think that the above attitude will somehow appeal to Scottish voters, which they assume (hope and pray), will then see a substantial drop in support for independence and also stop undecided voters from becoming YES voters …..who then all , Labour hope via a majority , will simply decide that Labour’s meagre offerings to Scotland for them as voters tis best option and thus that they, as Scots voters, just decide to stay in the Union and also decide to vote for Labour from hence forth…..PURE FANTASY and they, Labour, KNOW it.

    Nope…they KNOW what they say is nonsense and rubbish but they say it because they NEED to win over those voters in England , who hate the idea of the SNP having ANY input into their UK politics, to win a GE (but we and the SNP want independence NOT a coalition in their UK)…..they are offering Scotland NOTHING but platitudes and condescending slogans to win over those undecided voters in Scotland who as yet are not fully engaged in politics and the truth as is……in 2015 the Labour party in Scotland were decimated in the GE and only held onto ONE MP…but still THEY as a party have NOT respected THAT vote or THE message we , as voters, gave them….but STILL they think or rather assume they can dictate to us….. as if we were a possession OWNED by them, HQ Labour and their UK ……do we just need to laugh when they state the SNP have not respected the outcome of the vote in the 2014 Indy referendum.

    So when will THEY, Labour, respect us and our VOTES and right to democracy…. when in 2015 we denied them OUR vote, for their politicians, in elections via a majority (only one MP was elected via a Tory area in Edinburgh who voted in Ian Murray to STOP the SNP winning the seat)…answer…obviously NEVER……they could have NO MP’s in Sortland and STILL they would think they can tell us what we want and need……as a perceived, by them, colony of England….2015 was a wake up call to Unionist parties when the SNP won 56 out of the 59 seats…but STILL the Unionist parties ignored our votes….THAT IS , AND ALWAYS WILL BE, THE REALITY WITH THEM NOW AND FOREVER…….Scotland and it’s votes do not count in their UK.

    In effect what they are doing in making their many ridiculous assertions is denying Scotland democracy by stating that irrespective of any change of circumstances post 2014 Scotland will always be held to the vote they had in that year, 2014, on independence… infinity and beyond…. and that is why Labour is never going to win back Scotland……we don’t do right wing politics and non democratic parties in Scotland via a majority no matter the source i.e. Tory, labour, Lib Dem, UKIP, Brexit party, Reform party, Reclaim party, any political vehicle via George Galloway party etc etc.

    Independence ONLY…..simples…….

    Great post AGAIN Paul……I may not comment on here much now but still read your blog and some comments via others too……Thank God you are on the YES side…a force to be reckoned with indeed…stay safe and have a nice day ( and weekend).

    • What a woderful sprint around the inside of your head, NMRN>
      I had to stop and catch my breath twice.
      Last week, Labour Lairds abstained while their Tory and Lib Dem mates quashed a bill awarding children of families on UCS in England receiving school meals during the summer.
      Suffer little children to come unto me?
      Little children who come unto Murray and Sarwar suffer, for the good of the cause; the continuing subjugation of Scotland as England’s colony.
      We are ‘way past tipping point now.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Lol…hope you are well Jack.

        I still read ALL of your posts…..fabby.

        Yes I read that Starmer had whipped ( oh Matron) his Lords to ABSTAIN on this….yet Sarwar has the audacity to play #PretendSocialist and accuse the Scottish government of letting down the SAME people who Starmer #PretendOppositionLeader seeks to ensure are NOT being aided by the state……new slogan for Starmer…..Make Poverty work.

        As Boris Johnson is the current ‘Caretaker’ PM so is Starmer the current ‘Caretaker’ #PretendOppositionLeader of the Labour party……what is it that THEY, Labour, stand for again…apart from Vote for us and we will give you same as the previous government…..including their position on Scotland…seems the only ones Better Together are the Unionist parties… as like Pigs in a pen tis hard to distinguish one Pig from another…..though you could argue the Tory ones were FATTER….as they (over) feed of the land (of others aka Scotland).

        As to Lib Dems…Nah…shrugs shoulders….won’t waste my time…..

        Have a nice evening Jack


  24. Dr Jim says:

    More than the economy, more than borders, more than anything anybody could ever dream up in opposition to Scotlands independence, for me Scottish independence is about self respect
    Have those in Scotland who would deny their own country the same rights as every other country in the world no self respect, have they no pride, have they not the courage to face the world join in with it and speak as equals, have they such a low opinion of themselves that they prefer England and the people there to elect representatives to speak for Scotland , have they been so subjugated for so long they have lost any identity with their own land and people, do they not realise what they must look like to people in other lands who have already taken their freedom from the English Imperial Crown, 2014 was a shock to the world that Scotland did not remove ourselves from the UK

    Self respect, that’s what Scottish independence means, self respect

  25. yesindyref2 says:

    Isn’t there any leader election voting today?

    So it isn’t Christmas today after all.

  26. stewartb says:

    It’s proving to a very revealing summer for the Labour leadership:

    (1) categorically against going back into the EU, against the single market, against the customs union, and against freedom of movement;

    (2) categorically opposed to an independence referendum in Scotland – regardless of a democratic mandate;

    (3) lukewarm at best in terms of solidarity with unions taking industrial action;

    (4) exposed on British/English TV by a Labour MP boasting to England’s electorate of the party’s credentials based on the sanctioning of two Edinburgh councillors who opposed Labour’s local deal with Tories; and

    (5) now in an LBC interview with Andrew Marr yesterday(?), Starmer states that electoral reform will NOT be a priority for a Labour government under his leadership. (So no PR in prospect under Labour – again! And federalism for the UK without electoral reform? Really!)

  27. yesindyref2 says:

    From an article elsewhere:

    Suppose the SNP and other Yes parties win more than 50% of the vote at a plebiscite election, but the UK government refuse to acknowledge or accept the mandate for Scotland to become an independent country. They refuse even to negotiate on a possible compromise (most obviously a referendum to confirm or overturn the mandate). What do the SNP do then?

    Well, I think it’s back to the beans and cabbage, and jelly babies are good for digesting extra wind. Plus some whoopee cushions to be used whenever a Tory opens his or her mouth. I wouldn’t suggest they superglue the mace or the speaker’s chair, oh no, definitely not.

    • Golfnut says:

      Article 62 Vienna convention, Geoffrey Cox Attorney General fulmanating in parliament on legal routes out of a Treaty.

      extremely important to remember that there is always a right to terminate a treaty unilaterally if circumstances fundamentally change … no question but that we have a right to exit if those circumstances apply.”

      Just one of the reasons why westminster wants you to believe you don’t exist.

      There’s more but we’ll leave it at that.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Yes, it’s interesting and a guideline, but though ratified by the UK as one of the 30 or 40 states that did so, it unfortunately has no legal affect on treaties before 1969 / 1980.

        Article 4
        Non-retroactivity of the present Convention

        Without prejudice to the application of any rules set forth in the present Convention to which treaties would be subject under international law independently of the Convention, the Convention applies only to treaties which are concluded by States after the entry into force of the present Convention with regard to such States.

        It can still be used as a guideline, as can the Vienna Convention on the Succession of States in respect of State Property, Archives and Debts 9183.

      • Golfnut says:

        Never the less Treaty’s are extant if they are in force, you can’t reference a 300 yr old Treaty as the source of authority and then argue it doesn’t exist.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Absolutely. The UK Gov’s first paper with the infamous Crawford & Boyle remit to argue that the rUK was the Continuing UK, had to try to argue the Treaty did not sound in International Law, and Scotland was extinguished to “prove” that. Which, conversely, shows the importance of that Treaty to us.

          I can only assume that Crawford & Boyle failed to read the Act of Union with England, right at the start where it says:

          Union with England Act 1707
          1707 c. 7

          Act Ratifying and Approving the Treaty of Union of the Two Kingdoms of SCOTLAND and ENGLAND

          Seems to me you can’t have an Act to ratify a Treaty of Union which does not exist.

          • Golfnut says:

            Nail on head.

            • Pogmothon says:

              Here’s another whack wiv the knockometer.
              Is there not some people who continually spout that “no government can tie the hands of it’s successor”.
              So when do we continually discuss whether the government in Holyrood is tied by a decision of it’s predecessor of over 300 years.
              The government we have NOW, was elected by US, to operate in OUR best interests NOW.

  28. Naina Tal says:

    Was going to say OT, but it’s not…. Really. Patrick Gathara in Nairobi is suggesting African countries should be helping Western countries with democracy. A great take on the situation in UKOK. Meant to be kind of humorous but oh dear!

  29. Dr Jim says:

    It appears the Tory candidates for PM have to magnify their credentials and support in England by emphasising their determination to destroy Scotlands peoples choice of elected government

    Every one so far has mentioned Scotlands FM in their pitch to those they hope will support them
    One minute we’re insignificant, the next they must exterminate us, well Boris Johnson did say Scots were vermin

    Oh and just in case there are any unionists reading this he meant all of us are vermin, you weren’t singled out as different, it’s our country they want, not the people in it

  30. davetewart says:

    The worrying thing from the sound bite channel 4 session is that in September one of these five will be made the last Tory pm for a long time, IF starmer comes to his senses.
    The group seem to have no idea of how to solve the cost of living problem THIS YEAR.
    The tug the forelock seems to think mini nuclear power stations will be the solution and we will be exporting them.
    Other than nuclear submarine power plants these devices don’t exist and the new one being built by EDF is delayed by at least another year.

  31. Alex Clark says:

    I’ve just watched that “leaders” debate from Channel 4 that was broadcast earlier tonight and all I can say is Hahahahahahahahaha oh my sides hahahahhaha no no no no no lol lol lol lol 🙂 🙂

  32. Alex Clark says:

    That Channel 4 debate tonight was illuminating in a big way. It showed the Tory party up for what they absolutely are and that is totally clueless. It was embarrassing to watch when you realise that the leaders of the EU, the US, Russia, China, and every other country in the world were watching it too.

    Tugendhat was the only one that scrapes a pass mark but I doubt he could run a local council efficiently never mind government.

    Please let Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak make the final two and leave it up to the blue rinse brigade to decide their leader and next Pe=rime Minister after that debacle. I’m rootin and tootin for Truss LOL

    • Dr Jim says:

      If they elect Sunak they lose the next General election, if they elect Truss they’ll be deafened by the noise of the entire world laughing their heads off and if they elect any of the rest of them the right wing of the Tory party will refuse to work with them lead by Moggy and his crew

    • Capella says:

      Truss would be ideal from our POV. But I doubt even the stupid party would elect the airhead’s airhead. I heard clips on the R4 news. Lols indeed.
      I think if it goes to the members the forces brat will win it.
      However, since when did we have this presidential circus parade? I remember when the leader of the Tory party would quietly emerge after a conclave of the men in dark suits.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Mordaunt is the 100% dead cert if she makes the last two

        • Capella says:

          I agree. She absolutely reeks of dances in the officers’ mess, cream teas and cucumber sandwiches at the cricket match, jumble sales to raise money for refugees and The Archers omnibus on Sunday after church.

          English people love the symbolism – and why shouldn’t they? They have become a caricature of themselves.

          • Golfnut says:

            Mordaunt hasn’t completed any training in the RN so says a Senior Naval Officer who is sick of listening to ‘ this nonsense ‘. So Maud the fraud maybe.

            • Dr Jim says:

              She’s white, she’s more English than the Queen, her name’s *Penny*, if she’s got a bike with a basket on the front she could replace the Queen, she’s not foreign which is extremely important out in the shires, as for the rest who cares if she’s incompetent? England doesn’t or they wouldn’t have voted for all the previous dolts, who cares if she’s a fraud? that’s what England loves until they’re caught then as long as they apologise for being such it’s all good again

              In for a *Penny* she’s Englands dream gal + Scotland will absolutely detest her sneering superior nature win win all around

              Sunak would be good for us too but he’ll lose the first general election he holds, so it would be better if they have a Mordaunt that Scotland sees as someone who can’t lose in England, a new shiny Thatcher Voldemordaunt

      • grizebard says:

        The reason that BoJo stayed as long as he did despite his {ahem} moral turpitude was because Tory MPs knew he was very smart, unlike this hapless shower competing to take his place. So what do they do? They broadcast the delusional ineptitude of these candidates to a public who can’t do a blind thing to stop one of them getting the top job. So now everyone knows!

        This won’t end well.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I doubt Tugendhat will get beyond Monday’s vote, simply put the MP’s don’t want him. The final two will be Sunak v Mordaunt or Sunak v Truss and the right of the party have been pushing for Truss to reach the final two.

      If she does though after tonight’s performance they will surely regret their choice because it is absolutely clear that she is totally out of her depth and has no right even to be in the position she is now,. She will succeed in making Johnson look like he was a more than capable Prime Minister, some achievement LOL.

      That leaves Mordaunt to be the one to beat Sunak, so what, I really couldn’t care, she talked absolute rubbish as well tonight. The whole thing was a total embarrassment and everyone that took part was even worse than the whole.

      What a minter 🙂

      • Legerwood says:

        She, Truss, is indeed out of her depth. This is plain for all to see and thus begs the question: who is behind her pulling the strings? Who wants a tame, biddable patsy in No 10 doing as their master(s) order?

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          ERG, perhaps?

          Note how that ^%$£(_£!!£%*! Braverman has thrown in her lot with her and asked her followers to do the same. Also that Baker, Rees-Mogg and Dorries. I think you’ll find your answer t-somewhere to the Right of Ghenghis Khan.

  33. yesindyref2 says:

    I’m a bit surprised Keir Starmer didn’t get nominated for Tory leader. I think he’d have had a real chance of winning.

  34. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Rishi Sunak will circumvent Holyrood to implement key policies if he becomes prime minister because “we cannot trust the SNP to act in the best interests of the Scottish people”, his most prominent supporter north of the border has said…..that ‘prominent’ being Andrew Bowie…

    So the above proposal and also no second Indy Ref….

    I am wondering if perhaps next they will propose also that we, in Scotland will NOT be allowed to vote in any further elections…I mean in for a penny in for a pound…..why not go the whole hog….they know they want to….and it’s not as if the #PretendyOpposition will oppose it…..indeed Starmer will probably declare that Labour will ‘Make it Work’…..

    • Capella says:

      I too have no wish to vote in any further Westminster elections.
      Consensus at last NMRN !

    • grizebard says:

      While the Tory pretenders are busily strutting their exceptionalism to their rump English electorate, they are surely forgetting, in their determination to become top dog, that here in Scotland we also pick up on this stuff. Not least those who have previously assumed that they were equal citizens in this UK. Now being soundly disabused of their fond imaginings. By these very champions of the Union! An inverted-genius Gerald Ratner self-destruct strategy at work here, except the greasy-pole climbers are too preoccupied with their ambitions to comprehend it yet.

      I just hope somebody somewhere is saving all these inept hostages to fortune for replay during IR2. Just in case anybody missed them on first airing.

      • davetewart says:

        The ex chancer said ‘You have to be honest with the people’.

        This is the man who had difficulties with buying petrol by card.
        This is the man that has allowed the daily standing charge to be raised to pay for the failure of their energy market company

        At present I am paying more in the fixed charge than electricity,
        £15 a month for a network that hasn’t really changed.
        The director of Bulb was being paid his annual salary to help clear up the mess that was made of playing energy trading.

        We are paying gas turbine rates for generation when over 50% of generation is by renewables, wind, hydro, solar and nuclear.

        Around 30% is imported from Europe, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Norway.

        So while they play the raffle they seem to have no policies to deal with the coming winter.

  35. Ken says:

    The Tories will be out of power in 2 years. They already are in Scotland. Sunak will not be deciding anything, even if appointed, especially in Scotland. A lame duck administration. Limping for the door. A complete and utter shambles. They could not do any worse.

    • grizebard says:

      If the Tories are ousted in fairly short order as you suggest (not a given by any means), my immediate reaction is “so what?”. For us, is the available alternative any better? And in a year or two, Buggins’ turn operates again and the Tories are back. And usually for a much longer stint.

      It’s high time we stopped thinking that the answer to our pressing problems comes from our “betters” down south, whoever they are.

  36. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    BTW what is the latest on Michelle Mone PPE Police Fraud investigation and also that Tory MP who was arrested by Police in HOC for sexual assault allegations….I mean let’s not get distracted by this leadership election too much…there is sex scandals and corruption to be addressed via yet again the Tory party…..also Gove’s involvement via emails released via Mone PPE scandal……

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Re: Mone.

      LinkedIN and Google tell me there has been no news since the beginning of June. There are a lot of pissed off people out there with her on LinkedIN.

      Presumably PC Plod is still on the case(s).

      But … could I be a conspiracy theorist for once and suggest that why Gove didn’t take part in the Leadershit [sic.] election was because of his (alleged) involvement with La Mone?

  37. Hamish100 says:

    I see the truth deniers, like trumpists, are on the march.

    The “scotch” Daily Mail reports that ex bbc lawyer and often quoted (Scotsman and other Tory papers) as “ Alistair Bonnington is a former honorary professor at Glasgow University School of Law.” has complained of bbc bias stating it’s pro SNP credentials. Apparently he has also complained to the ombudsman OfCom.
    This tactic is quite deliberate.

    The Mails stirring of the anti-snp anti-independence makes reference ex labour Tom Harris who works for the Governor General of Scottishland. Used to be on bbc radio as. Regular pundit. What a coincidence.

    When such untruths are printed in the MSM you know they are rattled.

    Seems Glasgow Uni has close links with unionists past and present. Are they biased rather neutral?

    I sometimes get emailed from the bbc saying they have removed comments I may have made. Obviously the states 5th brigade are objecting to any innocuous comments which may be considered pro independence, FM or SNP. This happens too regularly to be chance.

    The trumpists / britnat tactics are in the shadows but are there nevertheless.

    The claims that the BBC are biased towards the SNP and independence is so ridiculous that even Liz Truss isn’t fooled.

    Are they just trying to fool their Tory/ BritNat readership base ?

    • Dr Jim says:

      So funny, he said many of the the young journalists appear to have nationalist sympathies

      Sympathisers eh? within the BBC ? Ooh, one wonders if there a government branch of enforcement they can send in to root this kind of thing out, and what would they be called?
      The *S* tate *S* ecurity maybe?

  38. Record buyer’s regret in the latest UK Yougov.

    Brexit: John Curtice says ‘record low’ numbers call leaving EU a good idea

    …Polling by YouGov for The Times found that the majority of people – 53% – said the UK had been wrong to leave the EU. Curtice said this was a “record high”.

    The same poll also found that only around a third (35%) of people thought the UK had been right to leave the EU. A total of 12% of respondents said they did not know….

    Scots subsample = 65% Wrong / 24% Right

    Full series:

    Yet Labour and the Lib Dems are now fully paid up UKIPers!

    • Golfnut says:

      With no English party now committed to rejoining the EU, the English now have no democratic means of reversing brexit.

  39. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    @ WS @ 12.35pm

    Aye fill your boots and be a conspiracy theorist WS… there is so much to conspire about…

    For example……..

    Like who IS she ?….as in the candidate Gove is backing……as in Kemi Badenoch……

    A Gove puppet ….same vibe obvs as a glove puppet…..her mouth opens but tis Gove who puts the words into it…for sure…..he hopes she will be, if successful (LOL), the figurehead PM but in reality HE will be running the show…..for sure.

    BTW Mone’s jewellery range has now been dropped by a large shopping channel LOL…..another busted flush of a sideline aka business venture where she used (abused) her #PretendyLadyTitle via her position as a LIFE Peer …mind you so does George Foulkes’s use and abuse HIS position in HOL….. however he is more a Life Pee’er ( aka Pishy Pants)…..

    Didn’t Cameron make her a #PretendyLady to oversee some business initiative Ha Ha …..laughable with her track record in business…..usual Tory mad (corrupt) position where all kinds of failure (political, business etc) is rewarded with a successful and lucrative outcome for the failed individual (if a Tory)….. as in they are elevated to life peerage in HOL ( however donating to the Tories also works in gaining entry to HOL or indeed being an ex Labour MP who supported the Tories more in HOC than their own party e.g. Ian Austin, John Mann, John Woodcock and mad Kate Hoey)…..

    What a shower…..

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Actually the more I think about it…..why is Gove backing her ?….Kemi Badenoch.

      Something smells with this……….

      Or is he as as intensely disliked by current leadership candidates as he is by sane members of the public thus will back none of them…and Kemi Badenoch is either his stooge or a willing accomplice in endorsing his slithering Snake like tactical manoeuvres ?

      The Snake that is Gove is always on manoeuvre…….

      Meanwhile Scottish (INO) Tory MP’s mostly hedging their bets and as yet not supporting ANY candidate…exception being Andrew ‘Careerist’ Bowie and Lamont ( formerly ministerial aide (bag carrier) to Liz Truss but backing Penny Mordor…)…..the Baroness is on holiday abroad just now…how convenient for her…..

      Is there , I wonder, perhaps a SOS for Scotland up for grabs post leadership election ? … a post soon to be defunct I believe……to be replaced by an Ambassador post under their new country’s name as in BrexitLand …..when in Scotland …..and obvs when we are independent that is…..

  40. Hamish100 says:

    Have most of the tory MP’s in Scotland lost their ability to Twitter, Facebook etc. Who are they voting for?

    • James Mills says:

      Most would like to vote … but they haven’t yet been told by their bosses down South who they have to line up behind !

  41. yesindyref2 says:

    Headline in the National:

    Boris Johnson ‘hosts farewell party instead of working on heatwave emergency’

    Seriously, the National, BoJo is basically history, with little or no mileage for the cause of Indy. In fact it could now have a negative effect. The game in town has moved on with the other Enid’s Infamous 5 setting themselves up for games of Whack-A-Moron.


    • Alan D says:

      It’s worth highlighting if only for the fact that the Tories have left him in the saddle until September. They rewrote the rules for their leadership election, which was needlessly prolonged – they could have already narrowed it down to two candidates back on Wednesday using single transferrable vote – before they started it and they failed to appoint an alternative caretaker PM.

      52 more days. Any damage caused by his malice, incompetence or carelessness is wholly upon them.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Yes, but it’s kicking a man when he’s down, and that’s not a great image for the YES movement.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Another thing about it, by the way, Angela Rayner apparently:

        “Johnson is missing in action” and
        “Johnson leads a zombie government”

        There two assertions are mutually incompatible.

  42. Hamish100 says:

    Interesting take on pro Independence blog sites from J Kelly on SGP.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Indeed, Jings, I just read the article:

      Having a date is working already to get us to refocus our energy for indy rather than against each other, though some are very wary which is fine, but still heeding the clarion call to action. Which brings me to another “risky” link

      This is grassroots, even if from another perspective, and there is some good stuff on their website, even though I disagree with a lot of it. Some I agree with though. I guess many of us know some or even all the names involved with it.

      I lost track of who is doing what, but for a couple of years every so often btl on the National I was pushing a parallel currency option from Day 1 of Indy, with limited “own currency” issuance to keep it safe, and then gradual movement from sterling to the scots pound. I think but may be wrong, that’s one of the options there now.

      Foreign currency reserves no more than £15 billion, not the £50 bn some are insisting is needed. No, it isn’t! Look at the GBP – £156 billion reserves for the BoE, proportionately that’s just £10.5 billion for us.

      Anyways, all any of us can do is have opinions, and respect those of others I guess (not you Bobbin’ Jack, nor Tory leadership morons x 5). That’s enough from me, it’s very quiet tonite. Too quiet …

      • Golfnut says:

        Scotland used the Scots pound as currency for for at least 50 yrs after the union. Sterling in effect was Scotland’s international trading currency. We came into this union with 2 currencies, seems apt we leave with 2 currencies, Sterling and the Scots pound.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I just read it and eh *Aye right ye are*
      And for Campbell *Aye right ye are*

  43. Re the Tory leadership race. It’s said that two weeks ago, Lord Rothermere called Paul Dacre and told him the L.B.J had to go. Result. Within a few days Johnson was, or is in the process of going. So watch the D.M if you can bear it. Whoever the Mail, Telegraph, Times and Express back, will be the next Tory leader.

  44. Hamish100 says:

    BBC radio- Only sunak saved jobs and businesses in Scotland apparently. The OBN Bowie “it’s not the time” . No independence referendum in his view ever. anti FM, anti-SNP .

    I wonder what job he is promised? Sunak is a unionist – not sure if he was referring to his visa for the United States. Patriotism is a funny Alberta Costa …..reminds me a of a patronising priest dictating to his flock on who to vote for- and I’m Presbyterian!!!

    The tories given a free reign from the bbc without question.

    You know the bbc is pro SNP and pro independence of course.

  45. Dr Jim says:

    As every effort is made not to upset the English at their breakfasts, the media in interviewing the prospective candidates for Tory leader is making sure that on Scotland in particular no democracy now or in the future must be ever considered, every candidate is asked the same question *will they ever allow a referendum of Scottish independence?” and the answer for each candidate must be no they will not, and it’s a strange set of circumstances that we have here now in this collection of countries laughingly called the union that the one country of England gives itself permission to dictate all the terms of that so called union

    Each of these prospective English elected politicians all agree that the union is indeed voluntary while maintaining the attitude that they and only they can dissolve or allow to be dissolved said union, the latest candidate and probable winner of this public Tory masturbating contest, whenever it gets to the party members to decide is Penny Mordaunt, and this morning she has gone one step further than her fellow self gratifiers, Penny has decided that on the future of Scotland there shall be no referendums ever on independence because “it’s a settled matter”

    Those unionists in Scotland who think this is just fab and dandy might want to consider that if or when Penny Mordaunt ever did become PM her ambition is to cut back on all public spending by reducing the costs of government, and Oops that would more than likely mean the cost of the Scottish and Welsh parliaments, now you see they won’t touch the Northern Ireland parliament for obvious reasons one of which is they want rid of Northern Ireland anyway so they’ll suffer a tad of inconvenient blowy uppy unrest until it’s gone then it’ll be the problem of Dublin so once again the English taxpayer can rest easy at their breakfasts knowing those folk they never liked anyway will not be bothersome to them in future columns of their daily propaganda newspapers

    As to Scotland and Wales we won’t be a problem to govern just in the same way they did in the past before the EU forced them into dishing out some democracy or they couldn’t have joined that ghastly union in the first place, and thank the lord they’re out of it now and sooo much better off with all their ruling and governing and pooling and keeping

    So unionists in Scotland think they’ll be loving the new future safely ensconced within their little England ruled empire once again until every benefit they receive that they conveniently forget about that they’ve gotten used to living with in Scotland is removed

    No more free education, no more free prescriptions, no more bedroom tax exemption, no more free bus travel, and the list goes on and on and on, but hey, more Orange lodge marches of hate, more worshiping of your football religion and you’ll even get to hate different coloured foreigners in public without much problem anymore because that’s the great British way isn’t it? show em who’s boss show em who are ra peepel

    You’ll be living in poverty but that’ll show em because you’ll still have your pride eh?

  46. Hamish100 says:

    I think that aspect of reality is put to the back of their minds. Even more difficult for the Labour Party in Scotland who is led by Independence for all ( except Scotland) Sarwar who follow his boss Starmer into the Tory corral of Brexit, no workers rights, support big business, no respect.

  47. Ok, I’m throwing my lot in with Liz Truss.

    Liz Truss would ‘undermine the Union’, say Scottish Tories

    THE Scottish Tories have insisted Liz Truss will undermine the Union if she becomes Prime Minister and set back the party’s recovery north of the border.

    And on a different note, young Miss SS is off to play for South of Scotland team in the Tennis county cup being the heart of Brexitland (Essex). She departs armed with Andy Murray style saltire sweatbands and a huge saltire towel.

    There’s no such thing as a Scottish cringe. Just a north British wannabe English one.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      set back the [Tory] party’s recovery north of the border.


      When was that? Did I miss this recovery of something?

  48. Dr Jim says:

    Every day I read The National but sometimes I do despair at much of the coverage they give to England, maybe it’s because they’re journalists educated in journalist mode or something but I do wish like most of the newspapers in England who ignore Scotland altogether that they The National just didn’t mention England at all

    Cut England out of Scottish conversation unless it directly affects us, who cares what they like or don’t like, perhaps talk more about what Scotland likes or doesn’t like, I mean it’s Scotlands National newspaper after all, leave all the English opinionated reporting to the English newspapers in Scotland like The Daily Record, Herald, Scotsman, Express, Daily Mail, Sunday Post and so on

    • Hamish100 says:


      Like their Olympian sports commentator referring to “Brits” all the time. Who wants to be called after some 2nd rate music award.

  49. Capella says:

    Just listened to R4 one o’clock news which devoted itself to the thorny issue of Scottish independence which the new Tory leader will have to deal with. Endless stream of unionists, of course: Jim Gallagher, Fraser Nelson, Andrew Bowie, Nicola Ewan? (don’t know – a university person), a Labour person who was more concerned about people in Manchester and Cornwall being properly represented and Alister Jack touting free ports.
    Keith Brown got a few minutes of pre-recorded interview (so probably edited) with a very narrow question – Why not settle for Home Rule? Gordon Brown is bringing out a report on this very issue.

    James Naughtie was the presenter and he was in Edinburgh where a noisy jazz band conveyed the flavour of Scottish culture and how thriving we are with our festivals, salmon and free ports. Why do they bring out James Naughtie for these ridiculous propaganda programmes?

  50. Hamish100 says:

    Because having a britscot hosting tells England that we are happy with our lot -it’s just that fringe party that keeps agitating, rather than tell the truth ie 50% of us (at least) wish to govern ourselves.

  51. All the prospective English Tory leaders (I include Starmer here) going out of their way to tell Scots that Scottish elections are now cancelled and English parties will win no matter how Scots vote is truly glorious.

    All this will do is put Yes into permanent majority. What then for government by opinion poll?

    • yesindyref2 says:

      This is a truly great headline in the Herald:

      Penny Mordaunt rules out ever agreeing to indyref2 and says question is ‘settled’

      You’ll have had your tea then.

  52. Capella says:

    A blatant example of the democratic deficit – the House of Lords. Johnston plans to stuff it full of Tories – even more Tories..

    Concerns raised over Boris Johnson’s final honours list appointments

    Number 10 has confirmed the Prime Minister will go ahead with awarding gongs before he departs, with speculation recipients could include controversial names such as former culture secretary Nadine Dorries, former Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre and even his own father,Stanley Johnson.

    Yesterday it also emerged a plan to create 39 new Tory-supporting Lords to help push through contentious legislation had been drawn up by an influential political lobby group that advises Johnson.

    The “Project Homer” document drafted by Sir Lynton Crosby’s C|T Group said expanding Tory peers would have meant Johnson could have avoided more than half of the defeats he suffered in the Lords, ITV news reported.

    A Number 10 spokesperson said it was “not a government document and does not represent government policy.”

    The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) has called for an immediate pause on appointments to the Lords and to introduce an elected chamber.

    Meanwhile, the SNP said the only acceptable reform would be to “scrap this ridiculous affront to democracy completely”.

    Apos – won’t archive.

  53. Dr Jim says:

    If the representatives of England keep pursuing this current path of dictatorial fascism they’re on in regards to Scotlands human rights and democratic will, and the FM and Scottish government cannot by that will of the people enforce a democratic resolution politically, then England by their actions will leave the people of Scotland with the choice that England designed and implemented in Ireland to hold on to their possession in that country

    If so, it appears that those English political representatives would prefer an outbreak of violence towards them so they can play their final card of accusation of terrorism that necessitates a British military intervention to put down the rebellion of the bad people in the country next door

    The conjuring and calculating of propaganda invented against Ukraine by Vladimir Putin

    • P Harvey says:

      Fortunately, the rest of the world are aware of Westminster’s track record
      And they would not be able to withstand the worlds economic backlash
      Free in ‘23 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤞

  54. Anon says:

    More donations coming in to tie over. Do not worry. You will be given the best care as possible.

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