Labour and devo max: Flogging a dead distraction

Labour MSP Alex Rowley has called for “home rule” to be considered as part of the ongoing debate around a second independence referendum. The MSP said that “all options” should be on the table as part of the ongoing debate around a second independence referendum, and that devo max should be included alongside yes and no options.

It’s progress of sorts that a representative from the Labour party is prepared to put his head above the parapet and challenge the Conservative enabling British nationalism which dominates in Labour’s Scottish branch office management and is at least acknowledging that a referendum needs to be had. Rowley thinks that including the option of devo-max in a multi-option referendum would allow Labour to differentiate itself from the Conservatives in the referendum campaign and would allow the party to participate in the constitutional debate in a way distinct from the Conservatives. Rowley conceded that it was difficult to see how Scotland’s constitutional debate could be resolved without another referendum.

To an outside observer it seems that Rowley’s proposal is aimed more at extricating the Labour party from between the independence rock and the Tory British nationalist hard place to which Anas Sarwar’s hard line and uncompromising unionism has confined it. Many in the party fear that Labour in Scotland could not survive being seen as allies of the Conservatives in a Better Together Mk 2. The experience of appearing on the same platform as the Tories in Better Together destroyed Labour’s previous electoral dominance in Scotland and saw it lose almost all its Westminster MPs. Labour has struggled to find a space for itself in Scotland’s post referendum political landscape, which is dominated by the constitutional issue and in which, whether you support or oppose it, you have to take the idea of Scottish independence seriously. The prospect of another referendum where Labour shares a platform with Johnson, Gove, Rees-Mogg and the Anglo-British nationalist Brextremists could consign Labour in Scotland to an oblivion from which there would be no escape.

Even Anas Sarwar has been trying to backtrack on his absolute rejection of Scotland’s democratic right to determine its own future, telling the BBC on Sunday that he is not opposed in principle to another independence referendum, explaining that he and his party stood during last year’s Holyrood election on a platform of opposition to another referendum during the term of this Parliament. Aye, so and you did, Anas, that’s just lovely, and that would be the election in which your party came third would it not. So let’s just file you under “sore loser who willnae take a telling.” The questions of whether to have another referendum and the timescale on which it would be held were decided by the electorate during that election.

Labour sees the offer of devo-max on the indyref ballot as its get out of jail free card for the next referendum, but for Scotland it would be a trap. There are several problems with the idea, problems which are insurmountable. First of all there is the problem of definition. What exactly is meant by the phrase “home rule” or devo max”? The Labour party’s idea of what it means is likely to be very different from the understanding of its meaning held by an independence supporter such as myself, and both those understandings are going to be different yet again from what a Conservative government at Westminster believes it to mean.

Even if a definition could be settled upon which all parties agreed on, we would still face the problem that if devo-max did indeed come out of the referendum as the preferred option of the Scottish electorate, we would have to rely on a Conservative government at Westminster which seeks to roll back the existing devolution settlement to implement this “neo devo max.” Good luck with that one. Or are we to be expected to hope that voters in England will vote for a Labour government to introduce devo max for us.

The essential problem here is that whereas independence is a decision for the people of Scotland alone to make, such a far reaching change to the devolution settlement requires a fundamental and permanent cession of powers from Westminter, and that will require the approval and consent of the English electorate. There is no evidence that there is sufficient support in England for such a radical set of constitutional changes.

More immediately,what guarantees would Scotland have that the proposal would not be eviscerated by the anti-independence parties following the defeat of independence in the referendum? We saw what happened to the Vow in the years following 2014. It turned out that the promise that no Westminster government would ever make changes to the devolution settlement without the express consent of the people of Scotland and their parliament was not worth the newsprint it was printed on. So how can we be certain that devo max would not go the exact same way. We can’t, is the short answer. If there is one thing that we can trust this Conservative government to do it is to lie, lie and lie again.

Even in the unlikely event that this devo max was implemented in full, how can Scotland be sure that it will not be undone by some future Westminster government? It is a fundamental tenet of Britain’s unwritten constitution that no government can bind the hands of a future parliament. The doctrine that “Parliament can do anything except bind its successor” is the official ideology of the British constitution. This means that even if devo max was agreed upon and fully implemented, there can be no guarantee that some future British Government will not decide to rip it up.

We saw this with the devolution settlement. The Sewel Convention which states that he UK Parliament “would not normally legislate with regard to devolved matters, except with the agreement of the devolved bodies in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.” was written into the Scotland Act following the 2014 referendum but the UK Supreme Court later ruled that it had no force in law as it violates the doctrine that that “Parliament can do anything except bind its successor.” The Conservative Government has since made a number of unilateral changes to the devolution settlement, all of which have allowed Westminster to by pass Holyrood and intervene directly in matters which are supposed to be devolved. The Conservatives have not bothered with even the pretence of seeking a democratic mandate from the people of Scotland to do so. If Scotland has learned anything frombeing stabbed in the back after 2014 it is that backstabbers are only powerful when your back is turned. Now we see the British nationalists for what they are. Remember, a mistake is an accident, lying and cheating are deliberate choices. Scotland cannot afford to let the British nationalists do it again.

Promises of devo max are a distraction, and a dead distraction at that. The time for Labour to flesh out a detailed and credible proposaol for devo max was during the 2014 campaign and to implement it afterwards. But after the No victory that year Labour was too busy trying to water down the promises made in Gordon Brown’s vow. The devo max ship has sailed, hit the iceberg of Gordon Brown’s duplicity, and now rests rusting at the bottom of an ocean of British nationalist lies and broken promises.

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40 comments on “Labour and devo max: Flogging a dead distraction

  1. grizebard says:

    Having a “devo max” option in IR2 (whatever that is supposed to mean) might temporarily assist Labour’s perennial differentiation problem, but that’s about all. Think on, what would happen if a majority voted for the option in a ScotGov-promoted constitutional referendum, while UKGov remains in the hands of English Nationalists who hate devolution with a passion? Oh right, it would be “guaranteed” by Federal Brood once again. And never mind the “fine print” he chortled about last time.

    SuperVow Mk.2. It’s an abomination whose only purpose is to attempt to cover Labour’s Unionism with a fig leaf.

    • Alan D says:

      I think the chances of a 2023 Westminster election are too high to ignore entirely. It’s easy to forget that Labour hasn’t actually had a chance to deliver upon the Vow(however disgraceful was their contribution to the Smith Commission), simply because they haven’t been in government since 2010.

      There are so many possible permutations, including the possibility of it being called for November so the UK-wide campaigning drowns IndyRef2 and they can release a bunch of polls saying Labour will be in government. Or they could actually hand over to a Labour PM in May who then delivers a new Scotland Act which will only bind that parliament’s hands for the remainder of its term and does nothing to stop future governments(including the very one which passes it) from overwriting it after another snap election.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Hi Alan, you said “It’s easy to forget that Labour hasn’t actually had a chance to deliver upon the Vow(however disgraceful was their contribution to the Smith Commission)simply because they haven’t been in government since 2010. ”

        I would suggest that The Smith commission WAS their chance to deliver on The Vow as say a first step to their sincerity on The Vow but not a Vow just a last ditch attempt to avert YES winning the vote…..instead they chose to suppress further powers being devolved to keep REAL power with whoever was THE big Daddy government in their UK….

        You are right there are different permutations but the touted Labour will be next UK government is an old chestnut they spout and is most certainly NOT a definite…..indeed tis a tool they use to con Scotland with to suppress continued and further support for independence….the reality is that under Keir Starmer a labour government will be but ANOTHER version of the Tory party with a strong Blairite input in policy and indeed in disrespecting and ignoring Scotland in order to favour England’s needs FIRST and FOREMOST….

        Polls can be produced to influence opinion as opposed to reflecting it and currently the media in Scotland is desperately trying to falsely influence opinion in Scotland in promoting Sarwar as the NEW champion, thus an alternate solution for Scotland, for the Union…… as opposed to TRULY reflecting REAL opinion where we actually currently have the SNP, together with the Green party, as the government in power in Scotland…..which WE voted for and in 2021 Sarwar’s Labour was in THIRD place in Holyrood elections…..

        So many alternatives …..but really the only alternative we have is independence.

        Anyway have a nice day


      • Robert Oliphant says:

        There’s a lot in there to “discuss”!

        First, whilst not ruling out a 2023 GE,
        can’t see it unless the Tories have finally ditched BoJo,
        have an electable replacement(?),
        and have a decent lead in the polls?

        Unless all that happens,
        chances of a May GE zero I would think?

        Sorry, in any case Scotland doesn’t feature high enough in their minds for them to actually call a GE just to try to derail IndyRef2,

        If anything, it might just backfire on them should they pull that stunt,
        as far as Scotland is concerned there is only one issue,
        Yes or No,
        likelihood of a decisive Yes vote followed by a crushing 50+ SNP seats on 50+% of the vote,
        high I would suggest?!

        As for Labour since 2014,
        no they haven’t been in government but have they actually done or said anything in the intervening years to first acknowledge that the Vow wasn’t delivered?
        Or, even a grudging acceptance from either Starmer or Sarwar that we actually have a legitimate mandate to hold IndyRef2 as circumstances have changed just a little bit?

        No all we get is Federal/DevoMax Broonterventions,
        that neither Labour HQ or Scottish voters treat with any credibility whatsoever!

      • grizebard says:

        You’re right, there is still a chance of a “spoiler” UKGE in 2023, but with the Tories suffering likely election losses, not nearly as high as it was previously. The results of the upcoming English by-elections this week might help focus minds wonderfully.

        But a spoiler UKGE won’t likely benefit Labour in Scotland anyway, and a minority Labour regime in London which – as Starmer claims – point blank refuses to do any kind of deal with Scotland’s elected MPs, won’t have its own troubles to seek, whatever the bluster for public consumption being offered at the moment.

        The independence constitutional issue is not going away, nor is the Scottish Government, and the English parties are all going to have to deal with the issue whether they like it or not.

  2. John Lowe says:

    The Yoonyinists Parties have no right to decide on the Referendum question they are not registered in Scotland. We the Sovereign People of Scotland are the only people who can decide what the question is.

    • grizebard says:

      Absolutely. And that is what will happen.

      Rowley and his pal Broon can at least see the difficulty looming for Sarwar’s inflexible collaborationist position, but have neither the gumption nor the influence to steer the “Scottish” Labour leadership away from its long slow-mo suicide pact with history.

      Meanwhile, Starmer down south keeps insisting that in the event of a “hung” WM after the next UKGE, he most definitely wouldn’t enter into any arrangement with the SNP in order to attain power. And any consequent failure “would be the fault of the SNP”. English exceptionalism runs deep and wide.

      We’re not second-class citizens, and we can’t afford to leave our future in the hands of people who think and behave like this.

  3. stewartb says:

    Labour’s – and Gordon Brown’s – federalist construction still remains, despite the passage of so many years, ill-defined both in constitutional substance and also, crucially as to the process of how to gain English establishment and English electoral support to implement such a thing. The Westminster establishment can’t even sort out the House of Lords or the electoral system for selecting MPs!

    And what might emerge as a process towards ‘devomaxmax’ or ‘federalism’ falls way short of ‘home rule’ as envisaged by Jo Grimond, the former Liberal leader and MP for Orkney and Shetland (1950-83) in his 1983 book ‘A Personal Manifesto’:

    ‘Once we accept that the Scots and the Welsh are nations, then we must accord them parliaments WHICH HAVE ALL THE NORMAL POWERS OF GOVERNMENT, except for those THAT THEY DELEGATE to the United Kingdom government or the EEC.’ (my emphasis)

    So Scotland will have a choice – it’s either the status quo (plus or perhaps more likely, minus Westminster-decided tweaks) or dissolve the Union. We have come too far; we know too much about how the Westminster establishment operates; we have so little reason to trust Anglo-British nationalist politicians – it must be an end to the Union.

    And once the Union is dissolved, practical matters of statecraft may well lead to new, mutually beneficial collaborations but between equal independent nation-states across these islands cf. the Nordic Council.

    • jfngw says:

      I can’t see the mindset in Westminster changing, they don’t want collaboration, they want dominance and obedience. They always have, be it under parliament or royalty.

      If Brexit has demonstrated one thing England will not accept any limitation of their ‘sovereignty’. Of course it’s nonsense as there is no 100% sovereign country once you enter into agreements with other countries. The important consideration, to me anyway, is a country gets the government it voted for 100% of the time (in my lifetime Scotland has been ruled by a Westminster government it voted for less than 50% of the time).

      Also I can’t see how joining the EU could even be possible under DevoMax. The NI situation highlights the minefield of being stuck between Westminster and the EU would be. There would need to be a border and if the choice is between a hard border or having Westminster have any say in Scotland’s affairs, then a hard border is the better choice.

  4. Alex Clark says:

    Labour was so concerned about a Devo Max question on the ballot paper in 2014 that they fought tooth and nail for a single question only. They were totally against the devo max option when they believed that No would win but now the tables have turned they want the devo max question to be asked!

    Here’s Mags Curran insisting that the referendum question is a simple Yes or No to Independence.

  5. Alex Clark says:

    Here’s the Liberal MP Jo Swinson and Tory Michael Moore all calling for a single Yes/No vote to a referendum question.

    They appear to be changing their tune with the prospect of losing.

    • keaton says:

      Despite being a member of a Tory government, and having the physical appearance of a Tory, Michael Moore was officially a Liberal Democrat.

      • Alex Clark says:

        I stand corrected, I’d always thought he was Tory.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          @keaton said “officially”…
          Officially Moore’s colleague Jo Swinson did not strangle vowels and was totally oppoesed toe soinging froem thee Toery hymmn sheoeet in favour of austerity. Unofficially and officially both were dumped…

  6. Dr Jim says:

    We could change our name to Devoland, women would be Divas and men Divos, but it’s more likely we’d be called Divots for being just that stupid

  7. Statgeek says:

    Indy max, pls. Soon as possible pls.

    Line drawn. Your move, UK Labour.

  8. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    If this sounds as if, to some , this is a desperate tactic by Labour….well it’s not just a case of it sounds as if tis INDEED a desperate tactic… it’s because it IS a desperate tactic which as you say Paul is a way to present Labour as distinctive in the next campaign for independence from the Tory party.

    I and others remember the last referendum…..where Unionist parties supposedly ‘focused’ all of their energy on keeping Scotland within their (non) Union and presented a fanciful notion that by voting NO we, Scotland, would be in a prime and enviable position, within their UK , where we had a leading role in their (non) Union and with supposed more powers AS APPROVED AND AGREED BY THEM thus would enjoy more autonomy and control within our parliament at Holyrood.

    That bubble within that fanciful notion was well and truly BURST on the morning of 19 September 2014 when David Cameron confirmed that all of his supposed focus and energy that he had supposedly directed only upon Scotland was now ended and that his main focus was to be England and the well hidden and never spoken of during Indy ref campaign …EVEL…….one has to question at what point was EVEL conceived and what was the REAL message to Scotland in deciding to announce it in the early morning the day after the referendum ……. very much a clear message of ‘You’ll have had your vote Scotland, we won, so now it’s back to what IS and always WAS our REAL priority and MAIN focus in OUR UK and now where we can prioritise and focus YET AGAIN upon England and IT’S needs and dominance within OUR UK that WE control so get back in your box’.

    Talking of Labour…..I am surely NOT the only one on here who can recall Labour Mayors in England like say Andy Burnham who equates HIS City Manchester in England with Scotland a country ,where he makes this comparison and thus states he seeks SAME and MORE ‘DEVOLVED’ powers not comparable to those that Scotland was GIVEN (that word again) by HIS UK BUT he seeks POWERS in EXCESS of any Scotland GETS from HIS benevolent UK….sure Andy also thinks his city, Manchester, should also have MORE money than Scotland from UK Government too……not so much the the Barnett formula but the Manchester formula for Andy…..

    Andy tweeted on 17 May 2020

    “Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland benefit hugely from the Barnett Formula. This means that, if the Government spends money in England (ie London), they get an automatic top-up. This is why I have called for a Barnett Formula for the English regions”.

    THAT is a nutshell is the problem Labour as a UK party has and will ALWAYS have (though not unique to Labour party)…..while their Scottish (INO) branch office seeks alternate ways to APPEASE Scots with accepting second best through say ‘Home Rule’ then they are at odds with those Labour politicians in England who argue THEIR parts, cities and towns, of THEIR UK should ALSO see equivalent ( or MORE) funding and powers……where to them a city in England is comparable with a country like Scotland in their UK…..that is why their UK does NOT work because those politicians from ALL parties who represent cities in England do not recognise Scotland, Wales and NI as separate countries BUT only see them as REGIONS within their UK thus they cannot accept any exceptional conditions to be GRANTED (another word they use) to Scotland WITHOUT the SAME being rightly entitled to be awarded (they prefer that word used in context to England) to English cities outwith LONDON.

    Alex Rowley, in HIS suggestion, is conceding that the inevitable WILL happen as in a Scottish independence referendum happening at some point … like the self imposed Guru Gordon Brown he sees the necessity to offer an alternate option to keep (trap) Scotland in HIS (non) Union…….with an option that some commentators above have noted that Labour was NOT willing to have as an option in Indy Ref in 2014….desperate times call for desperate measures……why I am sure we may even see and hear Margaret Curran promote this alternate option NOW to avoid us choosing Hope over Hate ( Indy over Her UK) because you can always rely on minds being changed dependent on how desperate the circumstances are for them and their (non) Union…….as in it is on the ropes…..very much thanks to ALL politician supportive of that so called (non) Union.

    Nope…… Yes or No suits me fine…as it suited their side in 2014 as options…..THEY do NOT get to move the goalposts to TRY and avoid their (non) Union ending……especially as they know within our choice we also have another very REAL option …Vote YES to Indy to have a chance to rejoin the EU….or by voting NO we have to stay in a Brexit UK…..first choice gives us a chance to prosper…second choice means we are then well and truly rubber ducked ……

    Independence ONLY nothing else…..too little too late and way too desperate for them to suggest false alternatives…..

  9. Melvin says:

    I am sure they will bring out all the labour and Tories greatest hits, over the next year. However we have Paul he never repeats the same song, he has a new one for us every time he puts pen to paper. We need you Paul keep up the great work for Scotland.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Indeed Melvin . Currently I am rereading ‘The collected yaps of WGD volume 2 that takes you right up to 19 September 2014….and invaluable source of what might for some have been forgotten re all promises and assertions made by Unionists and Unionist politicians…..the last paragraph in the book for the date 19 September 2014 was both prophetic and motivating was this:

      ” The tide goes out. The tide will return. Stand on the shore undaunted and unafraid, building for the future, and waiting the tide’s return. The high tide will come again. But we have work to do”.

      Perhaps buy a copy for a friend who as yet is unpersuaded to vote for independence.

  10. JP58 says:

    One straight question for Alex Rowley – would Labour’s Devi Max option allow Scotland to rejoin if EU as an individual country?
    If Yes I might then look at proposals
    If No it is another ruse from a bemused and befuddled Labour Party in Scotland.

    • barpe says:

      Yes, that’s the trouble, by inventing wooly terms like ‘Home Rule’ or DevoMax, with no clearly defined parameters, they are fooling us, just as Broon’s Vow did last time.
      Only full independence will do, IMHO.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Sorry but your “with no clearly defined parameters, they are fooling us” is missing “attempted” and “again” and “think we’re think as mince” references…

        • JP58 says:

          My comment was rhetorical. Labour have no interest in giving Scottish Parliament as much power as deciding whether to rejoin EU etc.
          It would be a good question to ask them to show how shallow their Devo Max plans are.

  11. Dr Jim says:

    I believe the original notion of this con was in 1977 from Labour MP Tam Dalyell and never strayed far from the consciousness of Scottish politicians thereafter as a tool to either extend the Labour fiefdom or in the case of Alex Salmond when he proposed it, as a way of possibly creeping independence ever nearer, of course we can’t know what any single individual is or was thinking at any one time in history but if David Cameron hadn’t taken Devo Max off the table it’s more than heavily likely that the Devo Max option would have won in the 2014 referendum possibly removing any notion of full Independence for another 300 years and we wouldn’t be having the chance we’re about to have now

    Of course a huge amount has happened since 2014 and much of it probably best not to dwell on as there’s sod all we can do about what’s been, but we certainly know now that since Brexit no formula no style, no method of Devo Max can possibly ever be an option for Scotland, to leave any kind of authority in the hands of England would be a catastrophe

    England lies and they’ll lie to keep us

  12. Capella says:

    I believe promising Devo Max is a ploy to split the vote three ways then say, “See! there is no majority for independence”, after which it will be quietly returned to the vault forever.

    We must not allow our referendum to be hijacked by these conmen.

  13. Alex Rowley is a Nobody.
    We have alternatives. (From Latin ‘alter’ ‘other) meaning a choice of two..although it has come to mean ‘other choices’.
    Our alternatives?
    Continue as slaves in a conquered colony of Mighty England, or take our country back. There is no third option.
    The tube is out of the toothpaste.
    We should offer Relocation Grants to the Brit Jocks who would flee their native land and settle in England.
    There can only be two options. Freedom or slavery. It’s as stark as that now.

  14. grizebard says:

    The Smith Commission was indeed the last saloon for Devo Max. Labour’s contribution was the most “Devo Min” of all the Unionist parties by quite a long way, despite all the high-minded assurances from Preacher Broon before the vote went in.

    Since then we have the English Nationalists in power in London and it’s not so much “Devo Min” as an increasing lurch towards “Devo Nil”. With Starmer stuck on the sidelines, unwilling to lift a finger to outbid them with anything serious for us. He depends solely on English votes, so for us he just can’t be bothered, for all the empty words that London Labour’s latest puppet in Scotland might care to utter in a media spotlight switched back from the abject failure that is DRoss.

  15. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I see there is a lot of talk on Twitter about a story the Times newspaper pulled in respect to Boris Johnson’s wife ,when he tried to hire his then ‘bit on the side’, as his chief of staff when he was Foreign Secretary…….with her expected to be on a salary of at least £100,000 a year.

    On a BBC newspaper review Rachel Shabi mentioned it (both the story and fact it was pulled from the paper)…they were reviewing ANOTHER story in the Times newspaper….and the BBC presenter Joanna Gosling shut her down….some suggest that perhaps she had a producer ‘screaming’ in her ear……she, Gosling, certainly LOOKED and SOUNDED very flustered…..see the BBC, just like the Tories, expect us all to just ‘Move On’ when any scandal or story that reflects badly on Johnson or Tories is doing the rounds of Social media… as for the FM and the SNP well that is a totally different ball game….indeed the SNP are deemed FAIR game as far as the BBC and t’other channels are concerned….more a ‘Bring It On’ attitude adopted by the BBC and t’others on the SNP…..indeed tis often they themselves who instigate the #SNPBAD…..via rumours sourced from some critics (Unionists), some experts (Unionists) and opposition parties (Unionists)…to plant seeds of doubt….and the old saying often abused as an excuse to cast blame where there is none i.e. ‘There is no smoke without fire’

    BBC applies Omerta on behalf of the Tories on ‘sensitive’ subjects…..while all and any claims, insinuations, tittle tattle, observations, opinions, speculations and accusations sourced from Unionist opposition political parties and their supporters are a major part of the BBC in Scotland’s news programmes……God forbid they , the BBC, should be passed all of these scraps of information aka misinformation and NOT see fit to investigate the accuracy and truth of it all BEFORE broadcasting it on their news programme….as if…cause they will never help the (non) Union win by doing THAT will they…and that’s THEIR JOB is it not…in ALL news wherever you are but especially IN Scotland…..

    The only good thing from this (and other examples) is that now so many more are seeing what we all saw a long time ago with the BBC….that they are NOT a trustworthy source of news…AND there is too much Tory involvement/influence in the TOP jobs within their organisation that prevents them (intentionally) from being impartial and true in what they CHOOSE to give emphasis to ,play down, omit and thus ultimately decide to broadcast to the so called ‘Nation’…as NEWS…..let’s hope the many who now appear enlightened regarding the BBC and how they really work ..will see how duplicitous and one sided they are come Indy Ref 2 ( as in Indy ref 1) …….we ALL remember Nick ‘he didn’t answer’ Robinson do we not….

    BTW read on twitter someone say about Neil Oliver as to how appropriate his initials when read as initials are NO….Ha Ha

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed, thank goodness Neil Oliver isn’t Scottish but from some other mythical place, perhaps near Brig o Doon where folk are either Skaw tish or Scawdish

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Lol…..and Bwitish first and foremost…or entirely…another mythical place.

        Pays the bills does it not Dr Jim…like t’other ;celebrities’… in tis a case of ‘ I belong to whoever pays me and with that as a HUGE consideration I pledge my allegiance and adopt the nationality THEY say I must be….while renouncing my Scaw tishness origin’.

  16. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Simon Calder ,UK travel journalist, was on BBC Good Morning Scotland where he highlighted that Flight chaos is down to Brexit with Scotland disproportionately affected apparently EasyJet’s owner indicated this as reason ….not fallout from Covid or Ukraine conflict or Global problem as is often stated as reasons for all things bad in UK just now…. but BREXIT……I suspect that this will not LEAD BBC Reporting Scotland tonight….as people who work there who decide what to report on :

    a) Do not mention the ‘B’ word as hopes people think all is going well with it…..nothing to see here.
    b) Never mention anything the UK government has and is doing that negatively impacts Scotland.
    c) Prefer only to present the Scottish government to be seen as grievance mongers and incompetents who always blame the UK government for all that is negatively impacting us all.
    d) Might impact support for the Union and increase support for independence.

    I guess Simon Calder will now be referred to by some as a Nasty Nationalist…..cause your not allowed to state facts and truth especially ones that reflect badly upon the UK government and their failed policy (another one)…i.e. Brexit.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Airports in England have cut down flight slots from Scottish airports to England in order to facilitate more slots from England onwards for the people in that country

      A fairly clear case of * better themselves * and sod Scotland

  17. Dr Jim says:

    So the Prime Pinocchio is resting at home following a minor operation on his nose this morning… for eh, sinus problems, the PM claims the problems stem from when he had Co eh, Co vid ?

    Is that how you say it?

  18. Bob Lamont says:

    I’m sorry to have to disagree with you Paul even if your analysis is entirely sound and convincing, Rowley is doing this to save his own arse by reserving a seat at the table of what survives the Labour Party’s humiliation in 2023, as the resigned Baron Sarwar impresses his dad with bling and Dross insists on the coos showing deference on arrival at his Palace/Milking parlour.

    None of this is about Scotland, it is about the politics of everywhere else concerning Scotland.

    PS – The Federalism Fairy died at birth, “look at the small print” was merely it’s epitaph.

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