The banquet of consequences

Boris Johnson visited Northern Ireland on Monday to meet with the parties elected to Stormont after last week’s elections which saw a historic victory for Sinn Fein. For the first time since the British carved Northern Ireland out of Ireland with borders drawn in such a way as to guarantee a Unionist majority, an Irish nationalist party has become the largest party in Stormont. It’s a seismic shift in Northern Irish politics and one which, as you might expect, the DUP is not taking at all well. The DUP and the other Unionist parties fought the recent elections asking the people of Northern Ireland to give them a mandate to overturn the Northern Irish protocol which was the basis of Johnson’s Brexit deal with the EU.

The protocol attempted to solve the contradiction created by the Conservatives’ ideologically driven insistence that Brexit meant that the UK must exit the European Single Market and Customs Union, and the Good Friday Agreement underpinning peace in the troubled six counties, a key component of which is the guarantee that there must be no checks or controls of any kind along the border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the island. The DUP had been enthusiastic proponents of Brexit, believing that it would sink the Good Friday Agreement cement Northern Ireland’s place in a UK which was firmly outside the EU, and make the reunification of Ireland a distant and unlikely prospect.

Instead Brexit has proven to be the undoing of the DUP. Hitherto the party’s intransigence and its unwillingness to embrace the principle of compromise had always been its greatest strength, but they made the fatal mistake of taking the lying Conservatives at their word, and now the DUP find that not only have they lost their prized place as the largest party in Stormont to Sinn Fein, but there are customs checks and controls between Northern Ireland and Britain, and a reunification referendum is now a more likely prospect than it has ever been. It has been a catastrophic miscalculation on the part of the DUP, who are now sitting down to a banquet of consequences which they themselves brought about. No wonder they are currently in the midst of a full on strop. Can you hear that sound? It’s the world’s tiniest violin giving a rendition of the Sash, only it turns out it’s not a sash, it’s the petard that the DUP are hoist by.

Northern Ireland uses the same electoral system for Stormont that Scotland uses in council elections. It is a strictly proportional voting system. By a substantial margin voters gave a clear and unarguable majority to parties which support the protocol. Under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, the First Minister must come from the largest party in Stormont and the Deputy First Minister from the second largest party, However having lost the election the DUP has now refused to participate in government, even refusing to allow a speaker to be elected, meaning that no business can take place at Stormont, in effect holding the Northern Irish Assembly to ransom in order that they can still impose their will on an electorate which had the audacity to reject them at the ballot box.  Unionism was never democratic, it was majoritarian, but now it’s no longer in the majority its anti-democratic nature is exposed. There is a lesson there for Scotland too.

The protocol works for and is supported by Northern Ireland. It’s the English Tories and their sectarian British supremacist friends in the DUP who have a problem with Northern Ireland showing the rest of the UK what a folly Brexit is.

So now, in order to get itself out of a mess which it itself created, because of its lies and duplicity and by pandering to the DUP and teaching it that its intransigence would be rewarded, the British Government is threatening to renege on the Protocol. This means that Johnson is now prepared to rip up an international treaty and risk a trade war with the EU precisely when households are facing soaring energy, food and housing costs, and the worst cost of living crisis in decades. All those countries around the world which “global Britain” seeks to sign post-Brexit trade deals with will now know that no deal which the British Government signs up to will be honoured and that the UK will trash it the second that Johnson feels that it is no longer in his own interests.

Johnson admitted that he negotiated and signed up to the protocol, but he had hoped that the EU wouldn’t adhere to the terms of the deal that he himself had negotiated and then sold to the British public as having got Brexit done, proclaiming that it was a fantastic deal. But now the Prime law breaker is insisting that the current mess isn’t his fault, it’s all the fault of that EU for imagining that when Johnson agreed to a deal that was hammered out after a lengthy process of negotiation, he actually meant a word of it.

It’s outrageous, but entirely in character for the Conservatives that government ministers are now pretending that they had no idea of the chaos Johnson’s “oven ready” deal would cause. Their own Brexit impact assessment said that the deal would mean checks, increased costs to businesses and an increase in the price of high street goods, and that it entailed those checks on commercial traffic between Northern Ireland and Britain which Johnson promised the DUP were never going to happen. But it seems that they were far too busy having boozy lockdown busting parties to read it.

DUP MP Ian Paisley Jr. even claimed that Johnson privately said before the 2019 election that he would “tear up” the Protocol. He told BBC Newsnight before the December 2019 election : “Boris Johnson did tell me personally… after agreeing to the protocol, he would sign up to changing that protocol and indeed tearing it up.” So much for “oven ready.”

Johnson lied to the DUP, he lied to the EU, and he lied to the public, and now he too is sitting down to a banquet of consequences. The global Britain that Scotland was promised it could be a part of in 2014 has been exposed as a rogue state which trashes international treaties which it itself negotiated, stabs its friends and allies in the back, and has not the slightest care for how its recklessness affects its citizens who are already struggling to make ends meet. This is what happens with a Westminster system which prevents politicians from being held to account, you get governed by charlatans who blame everyone else for their own sins.

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53 comments on “The banquet of consequences

  1. barpe says:

    Well said.
    One of the best summaries of the NI situation and the the DUP position.
    Suck it up, Bojo, your oven ready looks like it’s burning!!

  2. jfngw says:

    Spotted John Redwood regarding the protocol on Newsnight with a rant that many in the 1930’s would have been proud of, a continuous stream of drivel. Finished off by inferring the presenter was anti-British for even questioning his statements. This is where we are as part of the UK, people who you easily mistake for fascists at the heart of government.

    Of topic but I spotted a tweet referring to the proposed transmission cost increases being proposed by 2026. Reminded me when Trump said he would build a wall and make Mexico pay, we have ‘we will build renewables and makes the Scots pay to transport it to us’, the difference is they actually do make us pay or it.

  3. James Mills says:

    The Conservatives have just revealed a change of logo for their Party Conference –
    it’s a photo of Pinocchio or Boris Johnson as he is usually known !

  4. Capella says:

    I can see how they’re fixed. Putting a border down the Irish Sea breaks the Union Treaty. Putting a border down the Irish border breaks the Good Friday Agreement. The US Senate will never agree a trade deal if the British Government breaks the GFA (the US Senate is stuffed with Irish senators). So border in the Irish Sea it has to be.

    I expect they thought they could bully Scotland, Wales and NI into compliance, bully the EU into concessions or bully Ireland into leaving the EU. Good luck!

  5. beth says:

    an excellent summary, really helped me fill in some of the blanks

  6. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Great piece yet again Paul.

    Sammy Wilson apparently said on Channel Four news that the DUP did NOT lose the election in NI…….as.they came………….SECOND…….wow that’s got a familiar ring to it ….sounds like Tory speak in Scotland in bygone days when the Baroness led them……

    Peter Geoghegan tweeted :

    “Listening to radio in Britain you’d *never* know that manufacturing jobs in N Ireland growing four times faster than the UK average.

    Or that NI traders are broadly v positive about it”

    Of course we all remember when Ian Paisley Jnr said “The future is orange” when Theresa May handed over the bribe money of one billion to them in return for their support in a ‘unofficial’ coalition to support the Tory government on Brexit thus seeing them, the DUP, blatantly ignoring the NI people’s vote in choosing to remain in the EU in the 2016 EU referendum…..

    Also not forgetting the Dark Money, Brexit and the DUP…not forgetting a certain Scottish Tory involved in this saga too…..and others too I am sure….

    Also remember pictures of Sammy Wilson and Ian Paisley at HOC restaurant with Aaron Banks and Andy Wigmore all dining together……very cosy…too cosy…every picture tells a cosy story….too cosy indeed.

    The DUP , Tory party….follow the money…’s dark very dark…with a tinge of orange.

    However if you want answers or even questions asked on ANYTHING connected to Brexit then you will NOT find it on the news where you are or indeed on any TV news channel in their UK…….apparently ‘Global’ is the latest kid on the block for excuses as to why we are all in such a mess…..Covid is so yesterday as an excuse and Ukraine is still touted as a reason too but less so and it’s also used in a Global context as the reason for the (Tory) cost of living crisis everywhere in the world ……it seems that the wonders of Brexit is NOT aiding their UK in easing the burden of cost of living via energy increases and food costs…..and it is now also NOT and was NOT ever going to resolve what is happening in NI ……..because like Scotland and Wales…..the political Brexiteers who campaigned for Brexit never considered NI at all in their plans or indeed the consequences of the shared border should Brexit win and they actually just do not care … Brexit was and is the biggest con to ever be implemented by con men under the guise of a so called UK government….. purely to benefit the many sharks aka disaster capitalists that will feed off the profits once the TRUE cost of Brexit is exposed….the little man once again will be the loser………and with many a Tory politician profiteering too….hence the many lobbying scandals we have seen via Tory MP’s…..some dodgy companies in America are chomping at the bit to feed off the NHS’s (planned) demise should things go as planned….or as promised by Brexiteers.

    The DUP …….mugged off by the Tories… as idiots…..well if the cap fits as they say.

    NI like Scotland and Wales …and let’s be honest a lot of English people too are mere political fodder for the Tories and their accomplices, the DUP, all made to suffer the consequences of a corrupt UK government aided by others and they will continue to do so until we get some honesty from a current MSM that is blatantly NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE………..because the media are complicit too in misreporting and not reporting news where any of us are…….thus much of the public think it’s a case of no news is good news………….Brexit is Omerta ….pass it on.

    The DUP and the Tories are welcome to each other…..cheeks of the same you know what….

    The Union under Unionists is in operation…..together with their royal family ……..Brexit Jubilee.

  7. Dr Jim says:

    The government of England can *say* whatever it wants but what actually happens may be entirely different, then the Government of England will either hail their success or condemn the intransigence of the EU and those who won the election and those voters who voted in the *wrong* way, while at the same time placing their usual reporting restrictions on the news media to only show what the England government want to be seen

    As usual Englands government treats people like animals they can *train* into submission with a stick and a smile

  8. Dr Jim says:

    Todays BBC Scotland news reports all and everything the government in England is carrying out as though whatever they do is the correct and proper thing for *our* government to be doing because well after all they are the *real* government of *our country*, then they move on to our actual Scottish government and report on them as though they were Valdimir Putins unwelcome regime we’re all forced to tolerate until the right people remove them

    This is not mistaken or misguided reporting by the BBC, this is engineered and designed anti SNP

  9. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, pretty much sums it up.
    The wheels on that particular 350M/week Brexit bus fell off 6 years ago, now the wheels have fallen off Sammy Wilson’s bus after the latest elections, almost blowing blood vessels.
    – Despite DUP only reporting in the UK media (mafia), England’s public in particular are now suddenly confronted by an alternate history as written by the people of NI, rather than the version preferred by The 4th Viscount Rothermere and his lackeys.

    I’m clear in my own mind the bigotry on which the DUP etc and Tories relied upon has waned – It will assuredly take generations for it to fade from it’s hotspots to casual racism, but the London gambit to leverage NI in this Brexit game has already fallen apart at the seams. They needed DUP domination to continue, and let’s be under no illusions that the people affected actually mattered, they were to join the “let the bodies pile high in the street”, Etonian diplomacy at it’s best.

    Broadly speaking the majority of NI are in favour of the NIP on back of the GFA – Yet it really shows the complete disconnect in England when the Prime Charlatan’s speech writers talk of “Tayto” exports – They really are as clueless as their client who spouted this rubbish.

    NI has moved on from the arseholes who have made their lives a misery, Scotland same, Wales same, the only question left is when England will, if the 4th Viscount Rothermere permits, naturally…

  10. Irene Danks says:

    I literally laughed out loud at your “world’s smallest violin playing the Sash”. Well said Paul, well said.

  11. A fine summary of the Great British brexit mess.

    The UK’s demise is rapidly accelerating now. The unionists in N. Ireland can feel their time is up, so they are going to get ever bolder as long as England gives in to British terrorists, which is exactly what is happening. If they win on the protocol, expect further demands.

    It was the UK refusing to give in to British terrorists that led to the GFA. They didn’t want Irish people in the province having equality and a say in governance; hence the DUP campaigning against the GFA.

    Any attempt to remove the protocol will only accelerate the end of the UK. 58.3% voted for it in an election that basically became a referendum on it. If England takes that off them, they’ll simply start supporting reunification. Alliance will start to feel the pressure to at least back a border poll, even if they stay neutral on how to vote. The Brits running around proudly bombing people can only expediate this. You can’t stop the electorate getting what they want as long as you keep letting them vote. They’ll just keep voting for what they desire and you either have to give in or start overturning elections and putting boots on the ground to violently supress the kickback from that.

    The only possible end to the current UK constitutional crisis is Scottish indy and Irish reunification. The world knows it, hence Sturgeon smiling with Nancy Pelosi while Biden intervenes in NI. If the protocol is messed with, expect support for reunification to go into majority.

    Similar is going to happen in Scotland. While the actions of the UK government might appeal to hardcore brexiters, economic sanctions while the Brits blow up people is hardly what Better Together needs when polls are at 50/50 going into iref2. Then we have lizzie’s reign coming to an end while Westminster becomes a cesspit of corruption, criminality and dictatorial rule.

    We are watching an alignment of the planets. All coming to a head.

    I have said many times that the SNP can’t campaign their way to indy. They are a product of rising support for indy, not the other way around. And rising support for indy is driven mainly by factors external to Scotland that nobody in Scotland can control, be that Thatcherism or Brexit. Hence the desire for indy; it offers a means to control / influence such things.

  12. grizebard says:

    O/T As if Brexit + NI + Partygate wasn’t a thorny enough situation for the Tories, now one of their MPs has just been arrested by the Met for alleged sexual offences. The person involved isn’t yet mentioned.

  13. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson as usual smirks all the way through being interviewed by Channel 4 news as the lies pour out non stop on the issues surrounding the NI protocol, the position of the EU and what he’s going to do to sort it all out.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “…Prime Minister, you must be furious with whoever signed up to a deal this bad ?” 🤣

      • Dr Jim says:

        So the DUP and the Tories who made the agreement with the EU and signed up to it are correct when they say the will not honour the deal, and the EU and Sinn Fein are wrong when they say they want to honour the agreement

        It’s so difficult to work out who the liars are (if you’re a brain dead zombie)

        Boris Johnson is a combination of Trump Putin and Cujo the cuddly dog, till he got rabies

      • davetewart says:

        The smirk says ‘I’ve got a script on that subject’, there’s nothing you can get me on there.
        The journalists ask too many questions in each statement that allows him to use a script.
        They need to ask off script but then they don’t get to ask any more.The mogg hasn’t been on the LBC programme of J. O’Brien since he took mogg to task on brexit in 2006, he has been on with ferrari who gives them all an easy time.

      • Melvin says:

        Oh that was comedy gold,, what a great question. Look at the clown almost laughing at the question, he knows it was a great gotcha…..lolz

  14. James says:

    As always today was as much about the internal disharmony of the Conservative Party as it was anything else. Truss has gone from the briefing that she was going to be introducing legislation that would ‘rip up’ the protocol to saying that legislation could be introduced in the ‘upcoming weeks’ which everyone knows is politician speak for don’t hold your breath on it happening any time soon – if at all. With Sunak out of any future leadership contest, there are votes up for grabs and this was all designed to stop her from getting them.

  15. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    A TORY MP has been arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault offences…going back years….told by Tory party to keep away from parliament but NOT suspended by them…as yet.

    Police said will not name him as need to protect witnesses……

    Crime …….brought to you….all citizens of the UK ….by the Tory party aka UK Government….

    Is there NOTHING they, as a political party, will not breach…….

    All rules including the rule of law is for them, it seems , as rules to break while we mere mortals must stick to all of the rules or ELSE……

    BBC may mention this on their online pages as a headline ‘MP arrested for sexual offences’…you may need to read text of story to determine WHICH political party MP is an MP for…..they reserve party name in their headlines for any story that is linked to any scandal (contrived or real) ONLY for those politicians either previously or currently linked to the SNP……other parties are spared this…..for reasons….

    Personally I have now lost count as to how many Tory politicians been involved in sex scandals and that’s only THIS year alone ( previous years have recorded quite a few too)…….but let’s not forget some Tory voters and supporters of the Union here in Scotland place them on a pedestal ….makes you wonder just how low IS their standards if they see Tory HQ politicians as ones who should rule over us…..I mean how much evidence do they need…..kinda makes them a tad cultish (yes that’s an ‘L’ in the word but could be replaced)……

    Sex scandals, corruption, incompetence, lies , cronyism, drugs at WM…….is the Mafia in charge at WM……..I mean they have the power to apply Omerta on Brexit upon the MSM… just wondering….Don Johnson ( no not the American Actor Ha Ha but Don as in Corleone…Mamma Mia).

    BBC Scotland will need to cook up another #SNPBAD scandal pronto…word is they are working on it as I type this comment…..

    This is all NOT normal or decent…….victims everywhere it seems of all kinds…..

    We really do need to make it all stop …..we now how we just need to persuade more to form the same conclusions as we have…….I do wonder how much proof do they, other undecided Scots, need ?

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      BBC obviously have a hotline to NMRN:

      Headline: Conservative MP arrested on suspicion of rape

      Published 2 hours ago

      An unnamed Conservative MP has been arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault.

      The Metropolitan Police confirmed a man was in custody over allegations dating back to between 2002 and 2009.

      The Conservative Party said he had been asked by the chief whip not to attend Parliament while an investigation is ongoing.

      The man also faces allegations of an abuse of position of trust and misconduct in a public office.


      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        And here’s another update – about another Tory:


        Another Conservative MP, David Warburton, who represents Somerton and Frome, has had the whip suspended while under investigation for sexual harassment by the House of Commons’ Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme.


        • grizebard says:

          “has had the whip suspended” – even the terminology of that strange place is suspect…

          • Not-My-Real-Name says:

            Makes you think what with all of these sex scandals they should never have had the WHIP in the first place……..

            Also another shocking story…. it was reported last year the former Tory MP Andrew Griffiths r*ped his wife when she was asleep and subjected her to coercive control…..

            AND Wakefield Tory MP Imran Ahmad Khan was found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage boy at a party….the teenager said he had TOLD the Tory party about this but said he wasn’t “taken very seriously” when he made the allegation about this MP to the Conservative Party press office…..Conservative MP Crispin Blunt was criticised for his “disgraceful” comments on Khan’s conviction when he described it as a “dreadful miscarriage of justice” and “nothing short of an international scandal”…..which he, Blunt, then withdrew his scandalous comments on this and apologised….

            Plus Tory MP Rob Roberts who has now been readmitted to the Conservative party, despite having been found to have sexually harassed a member of staff…….

            The now Convicted of sexual assault ex Tory MP Charlie Elphicke had his suspension lifted to vote in the Theresa May’s Vote of confidence vote in HOC…then he was resuspended post vote…

            Tories defend the indefensible to justify the unjustifiable……time and time again…..

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        That must be a first then WS…..Lol

        Perhaps their next headline should be….Breaking : ‘BBC online dares to mention party name of a Unionist MP in sexual assault scandal’…..Breaking…..a long long tradition ….

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          @ WS

          Arrested MP now been named online via Alex Tiffen twitter a/c…I will not mention his name as not my blog and thus not sure it is right to do so….

          However if it is this guy then I can totally see tis sort of thing he would do…though I thought his obsession was more Flags ……he’s an uber Brexiteer Tory….

          See already, via some in the media, it is ALL MP’s being tarred with the same brush….need to change the culture some are saying….code of conduct needs revisited also they say……Is it the HOC bars some ask……yet high percentage of all sexual scandals have been from but ONE political party… to me seems as if THAT party needs to get it’s own house in order before discussions and changes needed via the other house that they attend as representatives for their constituencies…..perhaps consider who leads them and how he leads to understand why and how this indecent behaviour is becoming so constant and seemingly established as a norm among SOME MP’s in his party…..

          Liz Truss said on SKY news this morning she does not know who the MP is who has been arrested…..she is a Govt. minister as in the Foreign Secretary….now that IS a lie……why lie ?…all she had to say was yes I do know but cannot name him as per ruling from 2016 where MP’s not to be named who are under investigation….she body swerved the question ‘should the whip be removed from him’…..

          In April this year it was reported three Cabinet ministers are being investigated for sexual misconduct………that’s cabinet ministers appointed by Boris Johnson…..say no more.

          • Not-My-Real-Name says:

            Also Ben Habib ex Brexit party MEP said on Talk TV today about Tory MP arrested….he put it down to “what we are seeing is 12 years of the Conservative party …em …you know there’s a kind of confidence that builds up of being in power for a long time and 12 years…I’m searching for the right word…12 years of getting DULL and dull for being in power that long….they’ve lost it slightly haven’t they”

            So according to Ben Habib when things get dull some Tory MP’s commit sexual assault….now that is some take by Ben…who BTW although a former Brexit Party MEP is actually a TORY.

            I don’t know about anyone else on here but if I was a man and things got dull at MY work I would then NOT resort to sexually assaulting a female to alleviate the dullness….this may be the worst take on this incident so far BUT the way things are in their UK just now….well I am sure someone else …like say Darren Grimes for example could top it… the way of an excuse not an actual excuse kinda way.

            God give me strength and please free me and my fellow citizens from this Hellhole of a NON Union…..and rid me and others from the moronic opinions of sleaze balls and con men/women being given a public platform on both rogue TV channels and via the MSM……

  16. Pogmothon says:

    Sorry for GOT so soon, but I had to get this out to all of you before it gets buried by more tory p
    slease and scandal.

    It has been reported on the 16th of may on the bbc and the ‘uk defence journal’ that Rosyth has been awarded a £30 million, 10 year contract to service the 2 vanity projects which are HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. Thereby protecting 300 jobs.

    Let us be accurate, they were not built at Rosyth. The jigsaw pieces were assembled at Rosyth.
    They were floated and fitted out to the extent that they became a viable sea going vessel. (like an empty super tanker)
    Then moved to A N Other base for “final fit out”.
    Do they carry any of their designated prime cargo yet ???

    Unless the intention is to dismantle the Forth Bridge, and one or both of the road bridges only one of these vessels will ever attempt to enter Rosyth in the future.
    As a direct result of this, ‘successful or failed’ attempt a voyage report will be generated and submitted to the Navy which will form the basis of a report to the MoD which will justify the transfer of this contract to A N Other base for future maintenance, service work.

    The reason for this is simply that the boats are too big to make the voyage in the restricted/controlled navigable waters from the Isle of May to Rosyth in a simple efficient manner.
    Their displacement has change significantly as a result of the ‘final fit out’ (crew alone adds in the region of 400 tonnes (200kg per person x 2000 crew = 400 tonnes)). Plus all the other equipment and systems added.
    The primary cargo and all munitions would require to be de-shipped (off loaded) prior to this voyage.
    Ballast water, fresh water, and fuel would require very specific and careful management (more so than under normal operating conditions)
    A shipping (de masting) of the upper masts would be required.
    And at the point of transit beneath the bridges she would move from sea water to fresh water with associated load line and stability changes.

    All of the above would at least double the non-operational time of the docking.

    Remember when they came out, lightship. They still required to wait for very specific tidal conditions to pass under the bridges.

    So in actuality I suggest that this contract, which has been awarded.
    Is in fact another one similar to the 20 thousand frigates.
    And in the end as soon as the referendum comes round, Rosyth will get the same as the Clyde got f**k all.
    Other than the threat of “no military contracts for foreign countries, so can kiss goodbye to 300 jobs”. Will be the MSM and bitter together cry.

  17. Melvin says:

    Scotland grow a pair and adopt that age old song of the end of empire…..Brits out, Brit’s out, Brit’s out..

  18. Alex Clark says:

    Nicola Sturgeon being interviewed today by Associated Press in Wahington describes Johnson as “shameful” in how he is behaving over the NI protocol.

  19. grizebard says:

    There are many salient ponts in Paul’s article, but for me there are two obvious takeaways:

    + NI has been an anti-democratic fix ever since its misbegotten beginning. Shamelessly explicit for a very long time, then post-GFA somewhat obscured behind a thin facade of engineered quasi-democracy, only to become obvious again now that the Unionists have to take second place after the people’s verdict. Majoritarian fake democrats indeed. But somehow, by both UKGov and the British media alike, these ultra-entitled retrogrades are continually tolerated like spoilt children. Ironically though, what the DUP persistently fail to realise that, although they share with the Tories a need to cling together, they do so for very different motives. For the DUP it’s the desperate hope of ongoing privilege and subsidy for their dead-end trajectory, whereas for the current Clown Circus it’s their increasingly desperate need to maintain England’s standing in the world. (Which is also a dead end trajectory, so maybe not so different after all!)

    + The second is that Boris Johnston has prospered thus far in life by ruthlessly exploiting a succession of willing enablers, ducking and diving, shrugging off responsibility for a series of faux pas entirely of his own making, simply by wielding his deadly charm. He clearly thought he could do the same with the European Union over Brexit, not least as it impacted on Ireland. If he thought about the latter at all, it was only to assume that like everything that went before, he could promise anything to anyone and somehow he could always manoevre matters so that “with one bound he was free”. And so far at least, despite the Bullingdon Boy entitlement and the ever increasing stink of sleaze, that has worked with a tired and backward-looking England. But if he thinks he can somehow wangle his way past the EU, a collective founded on deep principle, he will soon enough find that his former path of roses has finally turned into a calvary of thorns.

    The only trouble is, we here in Scotland who never wished it will find ourselves on it with him anyway, unless enough of us soon enough break out of our own self-imposed dependency culture and see this clapped-out and inherently exploitatative Union for the historical “dead man walking” that it truly is. We owe it to everyone, on both sides of the border, to finally put it to rest.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Great comment grizebard…..last paragraph spells it out……lifeboat or sinking ship really that’s the choice.

    • Ditto, grizebard,
      Free in ’23,

      Donaldson demands the impossible, the unspoken threat of what is laughingly described as a ‘loyalist’ backlash if England doesn’t do as he demands.

      Tonight, and over the coming days, the DUP’s Angry Brigade will fuse their psychotic hatred of all things ‘irish’ with their triumphal mob mentality supporting ‘The Queen’s eleven’ as they invade Johnny Furrinerland.
      I have witnessed Shankhill Road many times on Ranjurs and Sellick days.
      The constant is the threat of violent retaliation if they don’t get their way.
      Well, it won’t work this time.
      Democracy has beaten them.

      On the events about to unfold over the next few days; don’t say I didn’t warn you.
      Violence and mob rule. The final piece in the Oligarchy’s Back to Dickensian jig saw puzzle.
      Lock you doors, citizens.

  20. Oh man Sturgeon’s visit to the USA isn’t going down well with Brit nats and fake indy supporters. It’s glorious to see the frothing at the mouth reactions.

  21. davetewart says:

    Surprised it is not written in Latin for the transmission to Ireland.
    The paisley boy has just complained in westmonster that plants being transported have to use their Latin Names, just like the rest of the world does

    Fake reporting by ommission..

  22. Capella says:

    Nicola affirms the SNP plan to have a referendum in 2023.

    Nicola Sturgeon tells US media of plan to hold Scottish independence referendum in 2023

    NICOLA Sturgeon has told a US media outlet that it is still the Scottish Government’s plan to hold a referendum on independence in 2023.

    Speaking to the Associated Press, Scotland’s First Minister said the SNP were elected on a “very firm mandate to offer the people of Scotland” another vote on leaving the Union.

    In a sit-down interview during her US tour, Sturgeon said Scotland’s independence movement was an “internationalist project” – not about “turning away from the world”.

    She said the Scottish Government is working on plans for the next referendum, with the FM adding that her administration must take into account how the world has changed since 2014 detailing a prospectus for the next indyref.

  23. Capella says:

    Meanwhile, in East Renfrewshire the Labour Party continues its low level skirmishing against democracy. Anyone here from East Renfrewshire?

    East Renfrewshire council: SNP locked out by Labour amid independents deal

    LABOUR is set to run East Renfrewshire as a minority administration with the support of two independent councillors.
    The council had been controlled by a coalition of SNP, Labour and independent councillor Danny Devlin going into the election, where the SNP became the largest party, returning six councillors.
    However, Labour, which has five councillors, is planning to work with Danny Devlin and David Macdonald, the two independents, in a minority administration. New Labour councillor Owen O’Donnell, representing Newton Mearns North and Neilston, would be the council leader.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Capella…Dr Jim warned in a comment prior to council elections the so called ‘Independent’ candidates supposed independence…..he concluded some voters may end up having ‘buyer’s remorse’

      Seems so in this case…hence why I personally would be reluctant to give an ‘unknown’ independent my vote……unknown in the sense of their constitutional position…..or even their cosiness with certain mainstream existing political parties….

      Some of these guys get in under the radar…..perhaps some of them are more aligned to certain political mainstream parties than their supposed ‘independent’ candidacy suggests…..fake advertising to aid their election…..

      • Look on the bright side, NMRN.
        A ‘Socialist’ Council will build council hflats overshadowing the wee sandstone bungalows in Newton Mearns, levelling up the balance of private and affordable housing in that twee wee ‘burb.

      • grizebard says:

        Without any specific local knowledge, I’ve always taken as a “rule of thumb” that so-called “independents” are closet Tories.

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Well not to cast aspersions on reasons why someone enters politics as an ‘Independent’ candidate (but I will)…..but when they get elected as an independent and then decide to form (collude) as part of a coalition with a mainstream party it kinda seems strange that they chose NOT to stand for them in the first place…as I assume that as an independent they must feel that the party they have chosen to form part of a coalition with are, in their opinion, the best ones to control that council (being flippant here)……..

          Of course as Dr Jim has stated previously on this …as an independent they are free from restrictions/rules imposed as part of a political party but that cut’s no ice …..but I kinda agree that a lot of so called independents are either rejects from the tory party or closet Tories….who clearly know how toxic the Tories in Scotland are….. thus as I said before they hope to get in ‘under the radar’… an ‘Independent’ candidate….in name only that is….their deeds when elected show their true political allegiance…….and independent is then a oxymoron as reflected by their actions……

          Tip for voters next time…..look at the independents elected in your area and see who they agree to form part of a coalition with, who they vote with etc…..if you are against their choice(s) then DO NOT VOTE THEM IN NEXT TIME….fool me once etc etc

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