Anglo-British nationalism : greater projection than an iMax screen

One of the most persistent and pernicious claims of opponents of independence is that the desire to see a restoration of Scottish statehood is motivated by nothing more than anti-English racism and a hatred of Scotland’s southern neighbour. It’s a claim which serves a number of purposes, which is why it keeps being made despite a lack of substantive evidence to back it up.

It is noticeable that those who cling most fervently to the belief that the Scottish independence movement is a toxic xenophobic anti-English force which wallows in an unjustified belief in Scottish exceptionalism and a romanticisation of the past are those who themselves adhere to a right wing Brexit supporting Anglo-British nationalism which is characterised by British exceptionalism, an abiding dislike of Europe, immigrants and asylum seekers, nostalgia for empire, worship of the monarchy and the armed service, and the unshakeable belief that their British nationalism is beyond the criticisms levelled at the nationalism of lesser nations because British nationalism is “patriotism” and is not nationalist at all.

This is of course delusional, but a refusal to acknowledge the nationalist character of the right wing Anglo-British nationalism which dominates the Conservative party is a defining characteristic of Anglo-British nationalism. This is why the likes of Douglas Ross was able to deliver a speech to the Scottish Conservative conference bemoaning that “Scotland has been “gripped by the dead hand of nationalism.”

That would be the same Douglas Ross who heads a party which is the leading proponent of an Anglo-British nationalism which has ripped Scotland out of the EU against the will of the majority in Scotland, and which is unilaterally ripping up a treaty with the EU in order to placate the British nationalist sectarian bigots of the DUP. It’s a Conservative Anglo-British nationalism which is imposing vile and despicable laws on Scotland,laws which will see asylum seekers deported to a Central African dictatorship with an appalling human rights record. Yet with an entirely straight face, and without a shred of self-awareness, Ross complained about the “dead hand of nationalism” gripping Scotland. That’s because Ross, like all Anglo-British nationalists, is blind to the nationalist character of his own politics.

In order to maintain this delusion they project all their own sins onto their political opponents. It’s a projection which is so enormous in extent that it would not be surprising if iMax sued them for breach of copyright.

Anglo-British nationalism is so all pervasive in the modern British state that its proponents no longer see the wood for the Platinum jubilee trees. It is regarded as – to use a term beloved of Michael Gove – “common-sensical”, although it is neither common nor sensible. However British nationalism has in modern Britain become the standard by which all other political viewpoints are judged, and being the standard it itself becomes placed beyond question or serious critique. It is simply “normal”. This is why the BBC is deeply critical of Scottish nationalism while it feeds us a diet of nauseatingly sycophantic royalist brain-candy and yet it insists that it is an unbiased and neutral reporter on Scotland’s constitutional debate and not what people who are not Anglo-British nationalists perceive it as being, which is an active participant on the anti-independence side in Scotland’s constitutional debate.

One of the great uses for Anglo-British nationalists of the assertion that Scottish nationalism is a racist campaign motivated by hatred of the English is to dissuade people from engaging with the arguments around Scotland’s constitutional debate. If members of the public can be put off from even looking at the arguments for independence, then opponents of independence don’t have to bother framing counter arguments of their own.

The English-hating slur also means that Anglo-British nationalists do not need to examine the structures and institutions of the British state and how these are failing. It means that they can continue to pretend to themselves that everything in the Anglo-British rose garden is just wonderful and that there is no underlying reason or motivation for Scottish independence that is rooted in a desire to tackle the democratic deficit and lack of political accountability at the heart of the Westminster system because they use the assertion of anti-English racism as a means of denying that any such democratic deficit or lack of political accountability exists.

The claim also serves the invaluable political purpose of allowing Anglo-British nationalist to pose as the victims even as the British government embarks upon an assault on the devolution settlement, an assault for which it does not even have the pretence of a democratic mandate from the people of Scotland.

The reality however, is that modern mainstream Scottish nationalism is strongly civic in character. According to Stephen Reicher, professor of social psychology at St Andrews University, the idea that all types of nationalism carry “the seeds of hatred” is wrong. Professor Reicher believes that it is Anglo-British nationalism which is far more problematic, speaking to The National newspaper he said, “I think there is little doubt there are toxic nationalisms in the UK, but it is more English nationalism than Scottish nationalism that is the problem.”

He added : “I think one needs to give credit – while being cautious, while being very alert to the more negative sides – one has to give credit to the fact that what Scotland has pioneered in the UK is an inclusive, civic nationalism which on the whole is not based in grievance.”

This is in marked contrast to the Anglo-British nationalism of the Conservatives which is founded in the imaginary victimisation of the UK by the EU, and within Scotland by the imaginary victimisation of the English by supporters of Scottish independence.

There are of course anti-English zoomers and bigots in Scotland, but they are a small minority who are scorned and disowned by most supporters of Scottish independence. They have no influence on mainstream Scottish nationalism, no matter how much Conservative MSPs say they do – the same Conservative politicians who deny the racist and sectarian elements who are a far more prominent feature of Anglo-British nationalism in Scotland and whose party panders to the DUP and the worst elements of English exceptionalism.   A British nationalist double standard is very much at play here. The Conservatives and their allies react with fury at being associated with the minority of violent bigots, racists, and xenophobes who are a far more prominent feature of right wing British nationalism, but they are quick to tar all independence supporters with the same brush as a tiny minority of idiots on the pro-independence side.

It is worth pointing out that independence supporters have never gone on a violent rampage on the streets of Scotland’s towns and cities, but right wing British nationalists have done so on more than one occasion.

Professor Reicher went on : “On the whole, I think it is fair to say over the past 20 years Scotland has forged a more inclusive notion of nationalism – what is sometimes called civic nationalism, which says you are Scottish, whatever your background, if you live in Scotland and are committed to Scotland.”

It is not anti-English, or indeed anti-anyone ,simply to want the people of Scotland as defined above to be able to determine Scotland’s fate and the path that this country takes. At base, a belief in Scottish independence is nothing more than the belief that decisions about a country are best taken by those who care enough about it to live in it and choose to make their lives in it.

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57 comments on “Anglo-British nationalism : greater projection than an iMax screen

  1. Duncan Mitchell says:

    One of your best. Thank you for articulating what many of us feel.

  2. Dr Jim says:

    Most of the people in the world are mostly the same, we mostly don’t enjoy bullying, we mostly don’t enjoy being dominated, we mostly don’t enjoy being under the control of others, all these things the world is seeing being done to Ukraine right now in the worst possible way, but we mostly don’t hate all Russians because of it, we mostly all do hate the guy responsible for bringing it about, the mostly hating part that people confuse often deliberately with the Scots hating the English is brought about by the regime the does all the things described in my first two sentences

    Scotland was originally an Independent country and was in essence sold into the Union with England, there was no referendum, no consultation, mostly people didn’t know a thing about it until it was too late so the people of Scotland had no say in the matter and therein lies the ongoing problem, Scotland still has no say in the matter so people mostly hate that, and given that the country of England is responsible for these things we mostly hate that

    Just because England isn’t bombing or shooting Scots at the moment is no reasonable argument for England to strain every sinew against democratic self determination for Scotland so the only argument England can possibly have left to keep Scotland imprisoned in their union is because they enjoy domination and control, and every people in the world mostly hate that, not just Scots

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The Ukraine/Russia analogy in the first paragraph is an extreme (in current circumstances) but apt example, the “mostly don’t hate all Russians because of it, we mostly all do hate the guy responsible for bringing it about” is only missing the role of the media as “enablers” to complete the parallel to the UK.

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      No doubt they do enjoy domination – when it’s easy. Bullies really don’t enjoy it when their victims fight back. But I’ve been wondering recently if, in fact, they do have another reason for keeping us in this state.

      That is, they’re scared of losing the resources. Not (just) they want to grab them and profit, but they can’t stick their fingers in their ears and sing “la la la we can’t hear you” for much longer. England genuinely conflates England/UK/Britain – not from malice or arrogance, but because that’s the language we hear from childhood. And, being the biggest country, it’s sometimes as simple as thinking that the other 3 must, surely feel the same. (Don’t forget, we’re not encouraged to find out anything different!)

      The other evening there was a programme on TV that warned that “the UK is in danger of running out of water by 2050”. Erm… The English public think the whole UK is running out because most of the population are. I think WM is terrified that, if England start to think of the union as 4 separate entities, it won’t take long for them to realise that they’re in a very stick situation and, shortly after, how this happened. If they want to stay in power (and they do, of course) this can’t be allowed.

      I’m also wondering if the johnson going “sorting out the GFA” isn’t because he thinks he’s found a way to weasel himself out of responsibility whilst satisfying all parties. Maybe even including rejoining the Single Market?

      He could:
      1) backtrack on his criminal hard brexit
      2) keep EU and US off his back
      3) blame EU, Ireland, Sinn Fein, US anyone else that takes his fancy for ‘forcing his hand’ if it goes wrong thus
      4) keeping the foamers off his back because it wasn’t his fault the big boys made him do it
      5) spin it as him stepping in personally to heroically save the GFA against all odds. (I know. I did say spin…)

      I do believe I smell fear. Of what and/or whom I’m not 100% sure…

  3. bringiton says:

    British Union good.
    European Union bad.
    This attitude comes from England’s Tories being unable to dominate affairs in the way they do in Britain.
    The very fact that they claim Scottish independence as being anti English,acknowledges that these two entities exist independently.
    As the late great Margo MacDonald used to say…….they are dancing on a pin head in an attempt to justify the indefensible.

  4. P Harvey says:

    I want to replace my roof on my house
    What my next door neighbour decides is entirely their own decision
    But they must never stop me from deciding my own future 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  5. Melvin says:

    This truly one of the best you have written and that says something. Your wordsmith skills are legendary in our country and we are very lucky to have you on our side. There are side’s unfortunately and we are on the balanced and democratic side, not the colonising ,imposing of will and ignoring freedom side. Anglo- British is the perfect term to describe our opponents, I believe Scot’s have in error used the word English, all too often to describe our nemesis’s.It’s because the hate the English it’s that Scot’s have not been given the space to consider their opponents for what they are. The English people are as dedicated to their country and appalled in the same measure as we are. Let’s focus on the real perpetrators of our subversion, the Anglo- British. They will never accept that Scot’s are a nation and that we have a “union” of choice, Scot’s decide if we stay or we leave, it’s our decision and they need to accept it . Refusing to accept our democratic will is acknowledging that there is no democracy for Scotland and if democracy and diplomacy fail, too often the result is violence.

    • Melvin says:

      Sorry errors in typo, meant to say the “error of using the words hate English” it’s simply an error of recognising the best word to describe your nemesis. Hating a people or race is ridiculous, we are just people born into one culture or another. For us Scot’s unfortunately the Anglo British want to remove our nationhood and heritage and deny us our freedoms.

  6. Bob Lamont says:

    An excellent extension of Stephen Reicher’s synopsis.

    As Dr Jim observed upthread, there is a distinction to be drawn between England as a populace and the political elite who govern, and it is the latter who behave almost as if from some fifth country of the UK where “the rules” do not apply, equally willing to decimate the North of England as Scotland, NI or Wales.

    Without a shadow of doubt devolution has been popular in Scotland – Despite the infamous “federalism fairy” tour of 2014 which they blew in production, subsequent events have demonstrated what CAN be done under devolution, yet the 5th country’s response, dismantle devolution…

    Little wonder NI and Wales are now set on similar trajectories to Scotland, attacking devolution which the public support not only makes majority support for IR2 a racing certainty but the end of the UK inevitable…

    Only via England’s dominant media is the status-quo kept on life-support, but it’s only a matter of time before someone finally pulls the plug.

  7. Capella says:

    Is there a treaty or obligation the British Government won’t trash? One sign of fascism is the conviction that you are Lord God Almighty and everyone else must do what they’re told and just get out of your way.

    As Martina Anderson said, “The next treaty you honour will be your first.”

    Northern Ireland protocol: Boris Johnson ramps up threats against EU over crisis

    But amid fears of a looming trade war, he said that if there was no movement on the EU side, the Government will set out its “next steps” in a statement to Parliament “in the coming days”.

    His warning comes amid reports ministers could table emergency legislation as early as this week to override the protocol which requires customs checks on goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

    EU leaders have said such a move would violate Britain’s international treaty obligations under the Withdrawal Agreement signed by Johnson and would lead to retaliatory measures.

  8. Capella says:

    George Kerevan in the National spells out the state we are now in and it’s not pretty.

    The UK has now entered political antechamber to dictatorship

    Consider the recent changes the government made to the remit of the supposedly independent Electoral Commission, which is meant to be the guardian of fair elections. The Cabinet has given itself powers to draw up a new policy document for the commission. If you don’t think that has something to do with blocking another Scottish independence referendum, then you are being naive. The Tories are quietly dismantling or subverting democratic norms in their own interests.

    • Alex Clark says:

      He paints a pretty bleak picture and we are right to be horrified, I can’t see things being allowed to go as far as he believes they could without some kind of political fightback in Scotland.

    • I think Scotland is perfectly capable of producing its own independent electoral commission and the public would be absolutely fine with that if the Tories now control the English/British one. The Scottish parliament is legally responsible for running votes in Scotland, so no issues there.

      You could even ask the UN/EU to send a rapporteur and have them state the UKEC isn’t democratic anymore. Given England is way down the rogue/pariah state route in the eyes of the international community, this shouldn’t be hard.

  9. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve seen the media in Britain spend a full ten minutes reporting on on why folk shouldn’t throw supermarket trollies bikes and other refuse into a canal, they interview witnesses, the dig up a climate expert to explain to us all in their best sciencey sounding voices why the population shouldn’t do such terrible things, the media in Britain spend inordinate amounts of time Mediasplaining all sorts of things to us that any child knows and understands and yet when it comes to issues that are of national importance someone, or a team of people in the media sit down to decide whether as a nation or nations the population are intelligent enough to understand those issues and how should the media present them, or more importantly whether to report on them at all, and therein lies the people insulting power of the British media

    Every day stuff happens that the media don’t tell us about is another day the population are deliberately and systematically denied information
    Partygate was a recent example of the media knowing information yet not reporting it, so who decided the public shouldn’t know and or who ordered them not to, someone made a deliberate decision to withhold news, did they not think we’d understand it? of course not, were they concerned it wasn’t newsworthy enough? lot on your knife they didn’t !

    So for anyone who still thinks the news is the news, I’m afraid it’s only *some* of the news where you are, and it may be out of date, incorrect or just considered to difficult for you to understand,
    one thing you can be sure of though, is that if you throw your old bike into a canal it will get on the news especially if you express some racist hatred in a note tied to the handlebars

    • Capella says:

      Same on R4 news WatO. Long discussion about fast fashion and how to buy stuff properly. Followed by long explanation of how to get changed discreetly after canoeing. Eh?
      Clearly, nothing of any importance has been brought to their attention today.

  10. Alex Clark says:

    Clear evidence that Johnson knew he was lying when he repeatedly said there would be no checks on goods in trade between NI and GB.

    The impact on NI of the “oven-ready deal” was clearly spelled out by the government’s own impact assessment of Johnson’s Brexit deal and yet he continued to lie in order to get the deal through parliament with the support of the DUP.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Not even a case of selective quoting or memory just a complete obliteration of it ever happening,
      It’s the union party go to method when there’s nothing else, deny deny deny, rinse and repeat, the public don’t understand or remember anyway do we, suffering from goldfish brain the way we do

  11. James Mills says:

    The UK Cabinet is rightly appalled that the EU are implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol which was negotiated and signed by Boris Johnson .

    This blatant action by the EU to enforce an International Treaty about which the PM , in all honesty, lied to the people of N.I. regarding its implications in order to get elected shows the duplicity of these Europeans .
    How can you trust an organisation that publicly signs a negotiated treaty with clearly defined checks/controls on N.I. trade and then STICKS TO THE LETTER OF THE LAW ?

    The PM was adamant that signing this treaty , which enshrined in law checks and controls on goods into and out of N.I. , would be ignored by them as much as he intended to when he signed it .
    He is rightly furious that these , supposedly intelligent diplomats , should have ignored the PM’s history of lying , lying and more lying and thought that , when he was signing an International Treaty on behalf of the people of the United Kingdom , that he for once in his life was going to keep his word !
    How naive are these people ?

    And now their naivety has embroiled the N.I. people in this needless argument which has provided those nice guys ( and gals ) in the D.U.P with an excuse to go in the huff and threaten peace in the Province .

    The EU must realise that their thoughtless and misguided honesty in assuming that the UK PM was a trustworthy signatory to a mutually negotiated treaty has put the Good Friday Agreement in N.I. at risk .

    It is not too late for the EU to do the right thing and rip up the N.I. Protocol and admit that Boris Johnson was correct when he lied to the N.I. people about trade barriers , lied to Parliament when he spoke ( on any occasion – take your pick ! ) , and lied to the British people when he claimed to have ” an oven-ready deal ” .

    Time for the EU to do the right thing !

  12. The more England screws with the international community on N. Ireland, the more sympathy there will be from the international community on Scottish independence.

    This is why it has been key for the Scottish government to do everything by the book, and not start acting in a radical, unilateral manner, without the clear backing of the electorate.

    At the same time, if the English Tory government pursues a trade war in an effort to keep itself in power, you can be sure that Scots will vote for independence, and it won’t matter jack s**t what England thinks, as the international community will accept the result.

    That leaves England with the only option of sending in tanks. If it did this, it will face the same outcome as it faced in Ireland, and as Russia is now facing in the Ukraine, ultimately. If you are not wanted, you will eventually be kicked out.

    The (overwhelmingly unionist) majority in N. Ireland wanted English troops on the streets, and look how that turned out. Now imagine the majority didn’t want them there. Aye. And it would have to be English troops as Scots wouldn’t do it. Same for police Scotland. Nope, people from these would defect to the embryonic SRA. This is why the result will be accepted; anything else is unthinkable.

    • Johnson will have metaphorical suitcase full of tenners for the DUP as he boards the Boris Airbus today.
      May gave them £1 billion no questions asked to buy their 10 votes last time. I wonder where that Magic Money Tree cash was spent?
      Johnson only needs £800 million this time around.
      He will announce his bribe as Additional funds to cover the expenses of implementing the protocol, and lie that the EU deal will be revisited and reformed in, oh, can kicking down the road 18 months time, when Donaldson and his Merry Band will come back for additional ‘support’.

      To Johnson and his greedy wee cabal, everybody has their price.

  13. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I think a lot of Anti independence sources punt the line that the desire for independence is driven purely by Scots being anti English in a weak attempt to try and trivialise and diminish the REAL argument for independence.

    It is only promoted as a supposed fact, by Unionist politicians and media, that is is only ever but a ‘one way street’ in hatred as in tis only via Scots being against English people…….However….

    The current PM himself is someone who has form in indulging in anti Scottishness in allowing the publication of a poem in 2004 called “Friendly Fire” describing Scots as a “verminous race” of “tartan dwarves” who deserve “comprehensive extermination.” while he was Editor of The Spectator….it was supposed to be satirical and therefore not to be considered insulting…….because the subject or target was Scots NOT English…..had a similar poem with terms and references been made towards the English via a Scottish poet……well you know the form as to who would be enraged and how much they would go on about it and how it would have been interpreted and received…..and who they would have blamed in instigating it i.e. #SNPBAD….satire would NOT be considered as a reason to allow or condone it’s publication…indeed it would NOT have been seen as Satire but instead a slur against the English………

    We also recently had a student publication via St Andrews publish a piece from an English student called ‘Och Aye The Noo and Au Revoir’ where post publishing, when negative feedback via Scots came, they ALSO used the argument it was not meant as a serious piece but just satire …..but when Scottish people read it and did NOT see it as satire but saw it as insulting they reacted and condemned it…..the Editor of this student publication then took to twitter , acted as if a victim and let’s just say in the course of his twitter exchanges it was clear he was no fan of Scottish independence indeed to read his tweets its almost as if the piece was written purely to bait Scots into reacting in the way they did in order for them, the publication, to then play the innocent victim of the English hating Scots…..once again if this had been reversed and it had been a piece about England via a Scottish student….well it would not have been allowed to stay within the comfort zone of Satire. ( note the reaction of many Scots to this publication was not an anti English one but a reaction by them that did not see the satire in the piece but instead saw it for what is was… insulting piece against our FM and Scots themselves….it did NOT come over as satire…basically because it was not meant to be).

    This is the reality.

    We have Unionist politicians and a media that promotes the anti English argument because they need to….they will never ever admit the truth or indeed the real substance that lies behind the independence argument so instead focus on the trojan horse of reducing the argument as one purely only driven by hatred and thus must not be seen as a just or valid reason or cause….but instead merely as a petty one….according to them…. as in those who conveniently just so happen to support….the (non) union ……no bias or agenda there then…..said no one with a brain.

    They know it’s their political system and media that we do not want to be associated with….but also that we are confident in our ability to govern ourselves as an independent nation….knowing we have the people and resources to do it…..we want to be good neighbours to England not prisoners confined within a rogue Tory ( of all colours) state who need to use and exploit our resources for their own profit and survival……the more they insult us the more they increase our resistance to their argument to remain in THEIR (non) Union….simples.

  14. How are emergency protocol talks needed when 58.3% of N. Irish voters just endorsed the protocol in a free and fair democratic election?

    Just change the power-sharing agreement to say if the largest unionist party doesn’t want to be DFM/FM, then the largest non-aligned can take up the post. MLAs can be asked to vote on the matter, with a referendum put to the people if needed.

    Democracy can’t be dictated by loser British parties making threats of bombing Irish people if they don’t get their way. Governments should not give in to British terrorism.

    • Seriously, how does overturning the NI election result promote unity and peace? People demanded the protocol be left as it is in overwhelming numbers. The election was a historic one, and an epic endorsement of the GFA, protocol, and new border down the Irish Sea.

      In what possible fantasy world can overturning that result to give loser British terrorists what they want create anything other than a total mess? It’s like Biden says; it’s an attempt to undo the GFA that the USA is the guarantor of.

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “Just change the power-sharing agreement to say if the largest unionist party doesn’t want to be DFM/FM, then the largest non-aligned can take up the post. MLAs can be asked to vote on the matter, with a referendum put to the people if needed.”

      Said the same to my family only the other day! SS

  15. Dr Jim says:

    If Scots folk seeking self determination are anti English what does that make the Northern Irish and Welsh folk who want the same thing, were the 60 odd countries who took their Independence from the UK anti English as well ?

    One wonders at the amount of countries that are anti English then, are they, were they all anti English when they took their freedom?, is England paranoid about all this dislike of them because they’ve accused umpteen other countries of the same thing? do the English have a history of being disliked and are aware of it so make the easy assumption that Scotland and Scots don’t like them either? are the English just so used to being disliked they expect it? they’re always bumping their gums about their greatness so why should it bother them so much even if they were right?

    If all or any of that is close to being correct is it not England’s problem to resolve and not ours to bother our arse’s with? is it Scotlands job to *prove* we like English folk? it all sounds like primary school weans to me

  16. The Irish in N. Ireland suffer the same racism as we Scots do from the same British nationalist types. This is just a Billy Kay example from NI.

    It comes from a deep insecurity felt by British nationalists; something all too common to cowards and bullies. That and they don’t have their own culture. I mean what exactly is British culture? British language? British traditional dress? British foods?

    TUV anger after unionists fail to block new Stormont Irish language translation service

    The TUV has bemoaned the failure of fellow unionists to use a cross-community veto to block an Irish language Stormont translation service used for the first time on Friday.

  17. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    @ Dr Jim @ 2.12pm

    “If all or any of that is close to being correct is it not England’s problem to resolve and not ours to bother our arse’s with? is it Scotlands job to *prove* we like English folk? it all sounds like primary school weans to me”

    Well there’s another nail you have hit firmly on the head Dr Jim…….

    Infantile it certainly is…..perhaps some of them need to consider a period of introspection as to why they think there is, if any, animosity towards their nation ……while ignoring the obvious fact that tis perhaps the UK political system, and it’s politicians, that undermines democracy for all within their UK that is hated .

    Indeed Al Murray had a series entitled ‘Why does everyone Hate the English ‘ …I never watched it but the title itself seems, to him, to acknowledge that it is being presented as ‘everyone’ apparently hating (strong word) them and NOT just the usual tired old and over used Unionist false argument that is presented to it only being Indy Scots who are anti English ….a notion that Unionists (ab)use to try and promote more support for their (non) Union….which is a fake narrative that kinda let’s off a lot of Unionist politicians and their media who drive and support much of the division this fake narrative creates …….

    Indeed tis vey much like BBC Radio Scotland today via Kaye Adams having a phone in on ‘Is Scotland a racist country’…..where the actual culprits of racism in Scotland morph into it being a representation of a whole country’s citizens being racists…..sweeping generalisations made on the behaviour of some……a tactic regularly used by Unionist politicians and their media….to exploit someone’s pain and present it as THAT being THE fact…. a fact that is then presented that it is a widespread representation of that country and it’s people all being racist…..yes racism exists in Scotland and also other countries but not everybody in Scotland, or other countries, are racists…that’s THE fact.

    Frankly we all constantly see the wrong questions being asked and many only too willing to provide the wrong answers to these wrong questions……Unionist politicians and their media never want to address the truth because that would then expose their lies…….or rather their agenda.

    Apparently Scotland is somehow to be considered as unique in wanting to be independent and the (wrong) conclusion of this desire prompts Unionists to deliberately conflate the argument for independence as one that is an argument/desire driven only by hate, racism , division and isolationism ……oh and anti Englishness.

    It’s now become so obvious and pathetic in how they misrepresent Scottish independence as somehow not to be seen as something that is justifiable, completely normal or indeed even worthy of it ever being defended as a viable option for Scotland…..

    How shallow they seem that they , Unionists, resort to using both non and fake arguments (speculations) more fitting to a school ‘playground’ as opposed to using serious considered and honest opinions to defend their Union…..well it is a sign of how desperate they are and how bereft their case is for maintaining their (non) Union………

    Hopefully a majority of Scots can see how they are being played by Unionist supporters of all kinds… other words in order for them, Unionists, to destroy Scottish independence they need to firstly destroy Scotland as a country by preventing Scotland being seen, by it’s own people , as a country large enough, wealthy enough and clever enough to survive on it’s own……imagine the only way to support their Union is in Talking DOWN Scotland and it’s people…..that is where we are at…again and again…rinse and repeat……

  18. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    “a fact that is then presented that it is a widespread representation of that country and it’s people all being racist”

    should be… “a fact that is then FALSELY presented that it is a widespread representation of that country and it’s people all being racist”

    • Dr Jim says:

      The whole silly argument by unionists or England always seems to be based around the idea that Scotland is as bad or worse than England, so how can it possibly be better or different by being Independent?, and the answer is nobody in Scotland would ever get the chance to know or even attempt to be better or different because Englands union keeps desperately trying it’s best to prevent Scotland from even having the right to try, and therein lies another of Englands problems with itself, the arrogance in asserting that the job it’s doing must be better than any job Scotland could do for itself while at the same time admitting the job England has done in governing Scotland has been rubbish

      England cannot blame the SNP for 300 years of bad governance when they’ve only had 15 years with extremely limited powers to do it

      The unionist makes much noise about “The SNPs been in government for 15 years” and haven’t solved the problems of the universe yet so they must be bad*, well before the SNP we had Labour and Conservative for the whole of Scotlands population being alive, is England and their unionist party claiming everything was hunky dunky when they ran entirely everything? because if they are then they’re exposing yet another big fat flaw in their arrogant argument, the fact that they tell huge lies

      Scotland has been governed by England to the tune of poverty after poverty, war after war, then back to poverty then theft and more theft of Scotlands resources followed by austerity and here we are again with yet more austerity directly attributed to the governance of England, the only thing missing there were the periods of mass unemployment created again by the governance of England, but hey the SNP have had 15 years of devolution authority, because well that’s just the same isn’t it

      I have no doubt there are folk in Scotland who are anti English just like every country has folk who are anti something or somebody else, but my guess is in Scotland most folk are just plain old anti stupid and there’s a lot of that going around emanating from the mouths of the unionists of England if all of the above are their best arguments to remain in their union, not to mention our own home grown variety of numb nutted Bringlish nationalists

      Perhaps it’s our terribly bad education that makes us notice these things or our Bob the goldfish memories that disallows us forgetting them

      A point to note might be that over 70% of under 25s support Scottish Independence and they’ve been educated within the last 15 years, is that the fault or success of the SNP? what it’s not is an achievement of good governance by England or these young people would not be in such high percentage of those screaming for a divorce from Greater England

  19. yesindyref2 says:


    An interesting article from Stuart Crawford (author of A’ the Blue Bonnets: Defending an Independent Scotland back in 2012), but not neccessarily for me, for the reason he writes it:

    My impression is that if the UK’s three tank regiments with their fifty or so tanks apiece were committed at the same time they might last a week at best before becoming combat ineffective.

    to summarise not neccessarily totally accurately, his idea is to buy more tanks from the Yanks who have loads of them mothballed just in case. But for me the first thing is to ask a question:

    What is the purpose of the defence budget and the armed forces?

    For me, the primary purpose is deterrent: “Wha daur meddle wi’ me?” and I think the UK forces are adequate for that job.

    If the purpose on the other hand, is to wage a years’ long war, then as well as a stockpile of replacements, ammo, fuel, parts, you’d need to have mothballed factories ready to replace the losses. The lesson from the Yanks in WW2, is that while after their depression they were totally unready for war, what they did was build factories and the infrastructure ready to supply quantity, which they did once they were in the war.

    As I say though, for me the purpose is to avoid war so compact, deadly and efficient, and able to last a couple of weeks is good enough for that. And that should be the design prerequisite for Scotland’s defence.

  20. Bob Lamont says:

    One of my habits has been to note what purports to be the news from the BBC websites Scotland and Scotland/Politics, as an example of anglo-british nationalism there are none who get even close to the “News where you are”, sans humour, targeted specifically at Scots.

    Today BBC Scotland’s lead news piece on both Scotland AND Scotland/Politics is an item from Justin Rowlatt, the BBC’s “Climate Editor” entitled “COP26 chief: Leaders must do more to honour climate promises”.

    What was striking beyond his being the BBC’s south Asia expert, was that despite his article being promoted to prime position on both of BBC Scotland’s Web-pages, it existed ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE ELSE ACROSS THE BBC’S ENTIRE NETWORK, but Comments were open – The latter is only deployed by the BBC in Scotland when they have dial-a-mob lined up to impersonate members of the Scottish public – Despite this article obviously being confined to Scotland, it soon became apparent few of the contributors ventured further than the Watford Gap let aloneLeeds or further north to the barren wastes of “Thar be Dragons/Futruts” yet every single on had a personal “Nicola ate my hamster” experience. It’s called gaslighting.

    Sure enough on reading the article, beyond the introductory waffle the article soon becomes obvious as preparation for potential criticism of the “anglo-british” position from the rest of the world, the Duchy of Grand Fenwick are not amused.

    Christina Mackenzie breaking the NC500 Record on a bike should have been Scotland’s lead story, but her achievement must be relegated to 5th position to make room for Justin Rowlatt’s nonsense and three UK puff pieces…
    The news where you are is not the news where we are, THAT’s anglo-british nationalism in a nutshell

  21. Golfnut says:

    Next time you hear or read about Scottish ferries, remember this.

    The repair work was signed off in 2016 but just getting started, they’ve known about this problem since 2014 and get this for an excuse. Nobody told them the ships would be sailing in warm waters.

  22. I listen to BBC WS on the commute sometimes.

    I can’t help but feel amused when they call upon the services of their ‘disinformation team’. Literally. It’s called that.

  23. Is England seriously going to pass legislation to break international law, break the UN / USA brokered Good Friday peace Agreement, and overturn the Northern Irish election result to hand victory to the losers to placate violent, pro-English, British terrorists that are threatening mass killings of Irish people?

    The UK is totally screwed. International sanctions could be just days away. The SNP may need to move faster on iref2, simply due to popular demand.

    • Golfnut says:


      • James says:

        Agreed. If Johnson was actually determined to rip up the protocol he would trigger Article 16, which he could do unilaterally with no vote / further legislation needed. The fact that he’s going down the legislation route shows he’s not that determined.
        It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book for dealing with legislation that you don’t want to pass, introduce it and then snarl its progress (usually at the committee stage). That’s why the DUP are so upset tonight, they realised that Johnson has no interest in supporting them, he’s just going through the motions to keep the ERG from kicking him out (as he did with threatening to trigger Article 16 numerous times, but not actually doing it.)

        As for sanctions; you cant impose sanctions for someone threatening to do something. Everyone knew Putin was going to invade Ukraine but they could not sanction him until he actually did it.

        So expect lots of talk about the consequences if the legislation was passed, but no actual sanctions etc until the legislation actually gets passed which is months away at best and probably will never happen.

    • That’s what I think should be the case too as England only does what’s good for it. NI is a bargaining chip with the EU / some anti-EU red meat to throw to the base, distracting from the failing economy. But nothing surprises me these days.

      However, if London doesn’t dump the protocol, then the British terrorist bombing campaign is next. Irish people/politicians and border staff; 85% of their victims in the troubles were civilians, so expect the same. It doesn’t matter if the Irish sea border is physically invisible; if it exists at all, so the nut job British thugs will turn to the gun and bomb. British nationalists don’t do democracy; not unless they are guaranteed to win.

      This will hasten Irish reunification and Scottish indy. Seems to me that because the UK is so constitutionally screwed, no solution helps save it.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Johnson will more than likely bluster and bloviate his way through some giant can kicking lies cover them with lashings of ginger beer and cream and jam cake in a poor attempt to disguise the truth all amounting to no change because he’s been warned, then in a couple of months he’ll hail himself the conqueror of the nasty EU furriner as he announces the deal they’ve already offered him which could be done now but then he’d look like a silly Billy instead of him being Churchillianesque and victorious

  24. This is why some (pretend) ‘real independence supporters’ hate her and the SNP.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I’m informed she has another meeting scheduled where there’s a wee Scottish gift involved

  25. Alex Clark says:

    Nicola Sturgeon’s speech today in Washington at the Brookings Institute can be viewed online now.

    It lasts around a 1/2 hour and there is a further 1/2 hour of questions during an interview.

  26. Alex Clark says:

    I see that they have taken that video down, here’s the official Youtube link.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Scotlands First Minister in talks with the world and the world shows her the utmost respect and honours her attendance

      Back here in Scotland members of the unionist rag band (Murdo Fraser MSP) jet off to Seville to scream *No Surrender* in the hopes of encouraging more ignorance and hatred towards the advancement of their own country

      If Scotland refuses the opportunity to vote for it’s own Independence the day will come when even the haters of their own country will look back and rue the day they lost this First Minister Nicola Sturgeon when the rest of the world snaps her up

      • davetewart says:

        Love Nicola or hate her they have to admit she is a class communicator.
        Compare with the buffoon in Northern Ireland yesterday, he achieved Nothing but trouble in the future.
        Hope he enjoyes his trip ti the UAE on the big bird.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye, whilst the BBC in Scotland report it only as an aside to a puff piece for Alok Sharma “COP26 chief: Leaders must do more to honour climate promises”, an article launched directly before the talk at Brookings, and ONLY the Scotland web-pages, absolutely nowhere else on the network.

      For climate crisis read gaslighting Scotland…

      One of the FM’s observations during the discussion was that the public are more acutely aware of the urgent action required over global warming and energy sustainability than many politicians, quite the understatement.
      Alok Sharma may not be one of those, but he is very much the lone Tory voice in the current crop of charlatans in Westminster.

  27. DonDon says:

    Imagine an alternative First Minister representing Scotand on that level.

    What would Douglas Ross have to say? Or the dentist? Or Cole-Hamilton ???

    • DonDon, or Alister Jack, or Annie Wells, or Jim Murphy, or Richard Leonard, or Jackie Baillie, or Iain Gray, or Ian Murray, or Murdo Fraser, or Willie Rennie, or Liz Smith, or, Jim Murphy, or Baroness Rape Clause, or Kezia Dugdale, or Andrew Bowie, or ,or,or.
      This rag tag and bobtail bunch of ‘whingers on the sidelines’, to quote Dugdale, are in place to usurp the Government of Scotland by any means they destroy our Parliament, noi matter how many of our citizens suffer and die; for England.
      In Sturgeon we have a FM who carries herself as a leader, and ensures that Scotland is now considered a sovereign nation in its own right.
      I cannot see any in the Third Division Unionist Branch Offices with the intellect or desire to compose and deliver such a lecture, and more importantly, represent Scotland in such a modern positive light, as a leading nation in Europe, and, dare I say it, in the world, as Sturgeon did today.

      I wonder if the Herald and the Scotsman will feature her speech in Washington DC tomorrow?
      My breath, I won’t hold.
      The Brit Jocks must be spitting teeth tonight.

      On days like this, I am so proud of my country.

      • I just accessed The Herald.
        Their headline?
        ‘Sturgeon to America: Don’t elect Trump at any point’.
        Disgusting little rag.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          In that article, you have to love how the Tories are “economical with the truth”. There’s this:

          Tory MSP Donald Cameron said Ms Sturgeon “… yet conveniently forgot to mention that her party is committed to removing the UK’s nuclear deterrent.”

          However, the SNP is actually committed to removing the UK’s nuclear deterrent from Scotland, which Cameron “conveniently forgot to mention”. As in this from Stewart McDonald who’s become quite impressive (I’m not easily impressed):

          Our closest allies – which will include the rest of the United Kingdom – respect Scotland’s democratically expressed opposition to nuclear weapons. But, in the same vein, they need to be reassured that we will go about the process of removing Trident from Scotland in way which will respect their interests too.

          “removing Trident from Scotland” (not the UK).

          • Hamish100 says:

            For those pro nuclear supporters they cannot complain if North Korea, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, India, Turkey etcetera continue with their development and research. In fact the rational must be that to be totally safe all nations and territories should have nuclear weapons. MAD is the term.

            In fact, let Scotland keep nuclear weapons and we can threaten England….. I for one fully support the weapons from our land. Supported by the UN.

      • Maggie Barrie says:

        Cannot agree more with you, Jack. Have only had the opportunity today to listen to Nicola’s full presentation and, gosh, am I proud of our First Minister … a class act! No bluster, no exaggeration, NO LIES … just honesty and conviction shining right through. No minimising the difficulties that lie ahead, but vision, Hope and TRUTH!

        There is no-one, absolutely no-one, in politics today … either here in Scotland or the rUK … who could have presented these facts so succinctly as Nicola Sturgeon has just done and with such aplomb.

        We are so fortunate to have such a Leader. Strength to her for the future.

  28. Dr Jim says:

    Just watched Scotlands FM welcomed graciously to Washington DC and ushered into yet another meeting, this time with Nancy Pelosi

    Brexit Boris and his chums faces will no doubt be exploding like puss filled boils

  29. barpe says:

    Having watched the video of Nicola addressing the Brookings, I could only try to imagine that hour if Boris had been at that podium, and questiontime that followed.
    It would have been an unbearable spectacle of bluster and nonsensical bloviation.
    How lucky we are to have such a Leader in Scotland, cherish her and get behind her – or possibly forget Indy for another generation!

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