Qualifying as Italian

I don’t usually write about the fitba, seeing as how I’m missing that gene that makes watching twenty-two millionaires ruin a perfectly good lawn into a spectacle that evokes passion, excitement and, depending on the result, ecstasy or despair. This is probably because my dad was a Clyde fan, before he abandoned the team in favour of Celtic when it abandoned Glasgow, so my childhood memories of fitba matches involve being bored witless after being dragged to see Clyde versus Albion Rovers as they desultorily trundled up and down a muddy pitch on a soaking wet Saturday afternoon in Coatbridge and being desperately disappointed on discovering that when we got the Bovril and the mince pies it was only half time so we didn’t get to go home but had to wait and endure the entire cold, pointless and drookit experience all over again.

It was a bit like getting a mild form of an illness in childhood, which made you immune from it for the rest of your life. This was back when we only had three TV channels and although sport dominated on BBC1 and STV on Saturday afternoons, BBC2 showed old black and white movies instead. Ever after, whenever my fitba-daft father tried to persuade me to come see a match with him and my brother and uncles, I made it very clear that I would far rather stay at home and watch the Busby Barkley musical being shown on BBC2. It had glamour, style, glitz and extravaganza, not to mention high campery, all things that you were going to struggle to find at a second division Scottish fitba match in North Lanarkshire in the early 1970s. It was round about then that when my father went to Mass he started to say a wee prayer to St. Clothilde, the patron saint of disappointing children.

So I was never going to be much interested in the Euros. I was pleased that Scotland had finally managed to qualify for a major championship contest, because I’m not actually a monster. However even though I don’t pay much attention to fitba, you’d have to have spent the past twenty five years on psychotropic drugs to have gone into the contest with the expectation that the Scotland team was going to end up as the champions.

Fans of Scotland’s national fitba team have had decades in which to live with the knowledge that for all their passion and commitment, Scotland isn’t actually that good at the sport which we are pleased to call the national game. This year’s Euros was the first time that Scotland had even managed to qualify for a major international tournament since 1998. Hope ran high, but realistic expecations and a long history of disappointments told a very different story. The passion and commitment remained the same, but for Scotland fans it really was the participation, the mere fact we were there at all, which was the most important thing.

It’s a trite adage, but in the case of Scotland and international football it really is true, it’s not the winning that counts, it’s the taking part. For a couple of glorious weeks Scotland was an ordinary European nation, participating as equals alongside our peers in Denmark, Croatia, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and England. We were not subordinated to anyone, not subsumed in a team GB that’s really just England by another name. Scotland was present as itself. And while we might not have won, Scotland and its fans showed that they are champions when it comes to sportsmanship.

If you’d been hiding under a rock you might have thought that the Euros were over, but you’d soon be disabused of that notion every time you turn on the TV or look at the pages of a supposedly British newspaper, England is playing Italy in the final on Sunday and already the triumphalism and entitlement is in full flow. The BBC has abandoned any pretence of being a public service broadcaster for all the nations of the UK, devoting itself to wall to wall coverage of the England match in a way that it’s hard to believe it would do for a Scotland match. When it comes to sport in general and football in particular, England is a poor loser and an even worse winner, and Sunday’s match is being hyped up as a chance to revisit the glories of a certain fitba match in 1966 that we’re never going to be allowed to forget about.

Politicians and public figures have desperately leapt on the bandwagon. So we see Boris Johnson, who awarded himself the title Minster for the Union, posing outside Downing Street on a giant English flag and posing for photo ops wearing an England shirt. All week the Union flag lapel badge that is apparently obligatory for Conservative politicians has been replaced on his suit jacket by a wee England badge. It’s hard to imagine him doing the same for a Scotland match. That heir to the throne who was so keen to tell us how much Scotland means to him in an effort to fend off Scottish independence has never been seen at a Scotland match, but there he was with his wee boy cheering on England. Johnson has hinted that he might declare a UK wide bank holiday if England wins on Sunday.

English exceptionalism is on full and ugly display when sporting fixtures are concerned. It’s not the fault of the players or ordinary fans. It’s the fault of a hysterical and over the top media which latches on to sporting victories as a substitute for England’s lost greatness. It allows English nationalists to forget, even if only briefly, that their nation is no longer a global superpower ruling over a quarter of the globe, but a middle sized European nation whose leadership and institutions all too often find basic competence too much of a stretch. Sporting victories mean so much to them because it’s all that they’ve got.

If England wins on Sunday we won’t hear the end of it for another fifty years. The supposedly British media is graceless, resentful and entitled whenever England lose, but they are utterly unbearable whenever England win.  A majority of England’s voters might have chosen to leave the EU and decided that Scots had to lose their European citizenship too, but on Sunday I’ll be remembering all those times I enjoyed an ice cream at Nardini’s in Largs and figuring that’s more than enough to qualify me as Italian.


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172 comments on “Qualifying as Italian

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  2. You’re spot on. This endless rattling of an empty biscuit tin with pics of spitfires flying over a cottage garden while a wee wifie ( read that as posh upper middle class blue rinser) sings a pastiche of Vera Lynn is galling in the extreme. The Union that isn’t a Union ignores anyone else in the countries that make up this false creation. Maybe if they taught the reality of the British Empire, the reality of a perfidious Albion they would begging to understand why they are no longer the pariah state of a Europe. No, they’ve gone one better, there a pariah state in the whole world, begging other countries for trade deals ( basically bending over and say screw us again) while turning away from the biggest and most protected trade bloc in the world. There are no better symbols for this failed State than a big super carrier with no planes and no one to scare, a super fast train set destroying acres of precious land going nowhere for no reason than to suck any money left down to the South, billions of pounds given to Tory donors for failed Covid contracts. The list could be endless

    • johngosling says:

      Nothing wrong with Spitfires – especially ones flown by POLISH pilots, without whom…….But ‘those days are past now/ And in the past they must remain/But we can still rise now/ And be the Nation again/ That stood against him….’ Aye – and HOW!!! Bring it on!

  3. Bob Lamont says:

    Yes, superb…

  4. Mark Russell says:

    If it was just a game the only thing that would matter is the football – but it’s not about the sport anymore but money. And extreme nationalism. The FA haven’t helped.

    Most folk don’t know that England have won the World Cup on three occasions – not just in 1966. Before FIFA and the Jules Rimet Trophy – the World Football Association ran the inaugural World Cup in 1909, sponsored by the Glasgow tea magnate, Sir Thomas Lipton – and invited teams from England, Italy, Germany and Switzerland to take part.

    The FA wanted nothing to do with the competition – they looked down their nose at the WFA – and declined at first, but later nominated Woolwich Arsenal to represent England. However, due to a clerical error, a junior team from Durham – West Auckland – were picked instead. The won – beating Italy (Juventus) in the final, then retained the trophy two years later in 1911 – and with the competition rules, were allowed to keep it in perpetuity.

    Then the Great War and Depression curtailed international football until FIFA started the Jules Rimet Trophy in 1930. The English FA again refused to participate – and it wasn’t until 20 years later they finally entered a national team. Same reasons as before.

    Setting aside friendly rivalry with England – this is a truly remarkable episode in English culture and folklore. Had it been Scotland, Wales or Ireland, there would be songs and books written about these lads from Durham. Some were killed in the Great War – one went on the manage Barcelona for over a decade. But it’s almost been erased from history – mostly by the football hierarchy in the FA – who seemingly don’t want anyone to know.

    Denis Waterman starred in a Tyne Tees production in the 1980s that is both historically very accurate and hugely enjoyable.

    If England do beat Italy on Sunday, I’ll be thinking about the lads who did it before – and had to pay for the privilege too.


    • Petra says:

      Thanks for that interesting post / links, Mark. You learn something new on here every day, lol.

  5. J Galt says:

    As someone who was very absent the day they handed out the fitba’ gene I couldn’t agree more – apart from the Nardini’s bit that is, Zavaroni’s Rothesay ice cream beats them any day!

  6. Movy says:

    Hey. I eat pizza and spaghetti – and I’ve been to Nardini’s – so I guess that qualifies me as a temporary Italian too?

  7. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Permit yourselves a wee smile:

    Apparently the Scottish Parliament passed a Law in 1424 with regard to the fitba. I have transcribed it as best I can.



    YE FITBA ACT, 1424


    (1) Ther shall be known as a game yclept ‘fitba’.

    (2) That ye game of fitba shal involve twa teams o’ eleven (XI) men each.

    Ye Auld Firm

    (3) That in ye first instance ye teams shal be yclept Rangers and ye Celtic (Henceforth, yclept ‘Ye Auld Firm’).

    (4) That ‘Ye Auld Firm’ supporters will aften (although not exclusively) contain sectarian bigots who have less interest in ye fitba than fighting each other.

    Ye National Fitba Team

    (5) That ther shal also be ye national team of fitba yclept ‘Scotland’ (Henceforth, also yclept ‘Yon Loosers’).

    (6) Yon Loosers shall endeavour at all times –

    a) to loose as many fitba matches as possible

    b) to seize defeat from ye jaws of victory as often as possible

    c) to never qualify for ye World Cup nor ye European Championships o’ fitba UNLESS –

    i) it be aided to do so, by yon hand of Joe Jordan or
    ii) it does so qualify, on ye solemn and sincere undertaking no’ tae proceed further than ye first round matches

    (7) Yon Loosers shall be supported a’ aw times by ye Tartan Army, who will support said team through thin an’ thinner.

    [SEAL] Ye seal of ye King of Scotland, dated this 1st day of April 1424

    [SEALION] Ye sealion of ye First Minister of Scotland, dated this 1st day of April 1424

  8. lions67 says:

    George Best summed it up perfectly when he said, ‘If England win, or if England lose – they always over-react!’

    If (God forbid) they win on Sunday, expect heated debates about who they will beat in the next World Cup final. If (when) they lose, expect to see turnip-shaped effigies of coaches and players in The Sun on Monday morning.

  9. Petra says:

    ”Sporting victories mean so much to them because it’s all that they’ve got.”

    That just about sums it up Paul and if they lose on Sunday to the furriners that’ll be a sight to behold. Add to that, win or lose, the number of Covid cases going through the roof following this event. Compare and contrast the media bile in relation to 2000 Scots going to London whilst there’s nought being said about millions congregating to watch football south of the border.

    Your mention of Nardini’s in Largs brought back a vivid memory for me. My husband and I has just arrived home from a holiday abroad and as it was such a beautiful day we decided to keep the holiday mood going by nipping down to Nardini’s in Largs. We sat out on the veranda basking in the sunshine and I ordered a massive knickerbocker glory. When it arrived I managed to get 2 spoonfuls down my throat when a seagull flew over and splattered us all plus my kb glory. Suffice to say that the holiday mood dissipated somewhat. Anyway I won’t hold that against them and as a regular to Nardini’s I too will qualify as an Italian on Sunday along with just about every other country in the world no doubt.


    ‘Spanish media claim ‘shameful’ Euro 2020 has been conditioned for England to triumph.’

    ..”They added: ”The mistake was so clear it makes (England’s) qualification suspicious. Remember that of their seven games played, six will have been at Wembley. It’s a shame because it undermines one of the best Euros ever.”..


    • JoMax says:

      ” ….. 2000 Scots going to London”, did you say, Petra? According to a certain morning TV show presenter a couple of weeks ago, it was tens of thousands of drunk Scots. They really are charmers our next door neighbours.

      Let’s hope the England fans don’t point lasers at the Italian goalie on Sunday as they did at the Danish goalie the other day trying to distract him from saving a penalty or something (didn’t see the match) after which England scored a goal.

      By chance I watched a few moments of a programme about The Roosevelts this afternoon, and it happened to cover the visit of KGVI and Queen Liz to America in 1939 whereupon the American narrator informed us that they were there to foster support for ‘England’ in the forthcoming war. Sadly, there will have been Scots watching that and either not even noticing or shrugging it off as ‘so what?’. These are the ones who are haudin’ us back and always will.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Ehm… Assuming they were 16 year olds in 1939, how many 98 year olds do so suppose are still on the electoral roll in Scotland whose combined efforts alone are “haudin’ us back”…. 🤔

  10. Petra says:

    I meant to add that I can’t figure out how England have managed to get to the final when they couldn’t beat Scotland on their own turf. Fluke or what?

    • Dave tewart says:

      Easy answer to that Petra.
      It was to avoid the stronger teams that they would find hard to beat.
      They got the easiest path to the final.
      They should be removed from the competition for their bad manners booing National Anthems and lack of crowd controls, is it really ok to shine a laser at a player and still get a win?
      Anyway my brother says it’s the Euro Diving Championships on Sunday.

      • Petra says:

        Thanks for your response, Dave.

      • Iain MacEchern says:

        Also, all but one of their games were played at Wembley, their home stadium. I believe UEFA are viewing this as an unfair advantage and will make sure no team can do the same again.

  11. bringiton says:

    Agree with all this Paul,except the statement that England is a European nation.
    England is demonstrating over and over that they are not European in any shape or form.
    Not sure what they are,possibly something like Puerto Rico,a USA state in all but name.
    Time will tell but that appears to be the direction they are drifting in.
    They will need to change the way they play football however if they wish to be pals
    with Uncle Sam.

  12. I get what you’re saying Paul. Still, it will be nice to see England finally have TV footage of winning a major footie tournament that’s in colour.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Still, it will be nice to see England finally have TV footage of winning a major footie tournament that’s in colour.


      Yep. The colours of green, white and red.

      (Funnily enough, Cymru’s colours, too!)

    • John Muir says:

      I’d actually like to see them win, and get that collective lifetime of thwarted hope out of their system. It’s high time to move on. It’s the bottling it that kills you.

      And, in our own way, the same applies to us. Just not the football, but an altogether more important matter…

  13. Nothing to do with football, Paul, but are your Gaelic maps still available and if so how can I order them?

  14. Grant Lowson says:

    Football or Brexit?

    An disastrous own goal which commentators claim was down to the home teams skills.

    A blatant breach of rules to gain an advantage which is then raptuorously applauded by the Home sides sycophantic followers who state that when it comes to THEM ignoring the Laws of the Game – “they don’t really care” and that the rules were only broken in a “very specific way” regarding “one specific Clause” and therefore perfectly acceptable. Especially if it happened on a Good Friday.

    Even with a partially blinded opposition and the home side putting forward their “world class” star negotiator, I mean striker, the home side still missed from 12 yards, into a near empty net and took two attempts to scramble the ball home.

    This took place in the period of extra time as the home side had failed to do what was required in the allotted regular time and when the opposition were two men down.
    A fact the hysteria ridden commentators felt was so inconsequential they didn’t consider it worthy of mention until forced to do so.. as it was flagged up on the screen for millions of viewers to see for themselves.

    Playing this period of extra time was all part of the original plan and non supporters of the home side should stop being so cynical in claiming that extra time was needed due to the home side not, after all, “holding all the cards” or being as good as they thought.

    Even after all this the home teams commentariat can’t bring themselves to say that, so far, they’ve still not won anything and that other home nation supporters are getting a bit riled at the celebratory tone of the, ahem, British media.

    That game has a political parallel that I can’t quite put my finger on.

    Maybe I should ask for Rules clarification from an impartial Arbiter like that nice Mr Gove.

    Or not.

    And if anyone is wondering which part of Italy I’m from, it’s called Dundee.

  15. Alice says:

    I resolved to never get involved with anyone who watched football….and happily I met a guy who was not in the least interested in the game ….exceptional but real. WGD you are not alone.

    it’s the hypocrisy of it that really gets me ….all that emotion screeching out at those games ….all that ‘love’ of the great game, of the players.

    The high levels of positive affection, of emotional interest appears not to be transferrable to the domestic scene and especially if the beloveds lose.

    What a great place Scotland would be if all that energy was focused on the needs of those who really matter most rather a collection of unreliable, spindly legged footballers !

  16. Alex Clark says:

    Some it seems have lost all their marbles, no dignity.

    • robert harrison says:

      Yet despite all this the bbc blatantly deny they are baised towards England despite not shuting up about England every game and one England tory mp saying that England is the most ignored country in uk when i saw the latter i think even the people in bejing heard me it was that unbelievable.

  17. Alastair says:

    There was a General Election in March 1966. Hamilton was won easily by Labour. In 1966 England, having played ALL games at Wembley, won the World Cup. Wall to wall coverage in the MSM, just like now. In 1967, Winnie Ewing won Hamilton in a by election. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I believe that the MSM English triumphalism helped Winnie. Since then the SNP have gone from strength to strength, and 45% (unthinkable in 1966) voted for Indy in 2014. I hope England, having played all but one game at Wembley, win on Sunday, preferably by scoring from a ‘dubious’ penalty. Wall to English triumphalist MSM coverage again. Probably worse than in 1966. Could well persuade the 5%+1 we need!

    • John Muir says:

      Does the +1 stay at Bute House, I wonder?

      Lesley Riddoch made a great case on her podcast for the necessity in holding indyref in 2022, before it’s swamped by a snap election everyone expects from Johnson thereafter. Firing the starting gun at SNP conference this September makes a lot of sense. Speak up, party members! Scotland needs you.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Better yet – Dr Gwynfor Evans won the first Plaid Cymru Westminster seat IN THE SAME MONTH (Bastille Day 1966) that Ingerlund won their little piece of footballing glory.

      (Twas also the month my wife was born!)

      • pogmothon says:

        the only things my I remember about 1966 was queuing on North Bridge from 07:30 until the GPO opened to get first day covers of the stamps, which were changed over night to include the words “England Winners”. that and the conversation with my mother about how many buses I would need to get and which train station to get of at to Aberfan.

        • Pomothon: That’s a very good memory you have!

          I had forgotten about the special “England Winners” that were added to the stamp. I do (or did), have unfranked ones in a stamp album somewhere. I am not sure how many different stamps there were at that World Cup, but there was a very distinctive one of a player in a blue strip kicking the ball.

        • robert harrison says:

          I wasnt even born then yet the english still ram it down our throats

          • Ste[hen McKenzie says:

            Robert: It’s your lucky day as Channel 4 are showing that very game tonight at 17:40 in colour as well!

            Don’t forget to clasp your World Cup Willie mascot, or perhaps not these days..

  18. gedboy says:

    What should get your attention WGD, is that modern world football was invented by Scotland. Check out my Twitter feed @gedboy58 if anyone is interested. Liking football is irrelevant. The last thing football is about, is 22 people kicking a bag of air up and down a field.

    Football is a product of the cultural genius of the Scots. I have been fighting for more than three decades to get Scotland’s story known. England either stole chunks of Scottish history or smothered it. I feel we are reaching a tipping point. This is no surprise. I am running in parallel with the growing self-confidence, that is underpinning the drive for independence.

    When I teach my History unit to East End teenagers, their question is ‘How do we not know any of this?’ I am doing my bit to spread the word which, in small measure, helps make people more confident in their feeling that Scotland can stand up for itself.

    • DonDon says:

      gedboy, check out the oldest football in the world.

      Found in Stirling Castle. Probably put there by Mary, Queen of Scots.

  19. Dr Jim says:

    Football has nothing to do with a game when England play though, Engerland is at war with everyone else to show their superiority in gladiatorial combat, they are the winners and must be the winners over all foreigners, none shall be better and if they are it will be a travesty a cheat a robbery of righteousness from the true nation, the nation of Engerland, except if it goes tits up then they sack the manager for embarrassing them in front of those inferior scumbags

    For every amateur dive in the box to gain a penalty England produces Italy’s inferior gladiators will return the favour and are the past masters at acting and can feign death after tripping over a blade of grass and collapse into a limb numbing agonised screaming heap following a dirty look by an opposition player

    Ah what a piece of theatre this (game) might turn out to be, football? Nah it’s not got much to do with that

    • JoMax says:

      Don’t forget that if it all goes terribly wrong it will be because of ‘appalling’ refereeing decisions, someone’s hand appearing at the end of his arm, or that ‘toe poke’ which the Italian player had the good fortune to get over the line.

      Ah, memories, memories.

  20. grizebard says:

    Normally I would have immediately agreed wholeheartedly with you, Paul, and many others that it isn’t the players, it’s the relentless EngNat media, but recently I’ve been reflecting that it’s not even the overtly English commentariat, overtly English Royals and all such, whom one could gracefully concede are entitled to be as absurdly enthusiastic about their side as they please. What we all rightly resent is that we have to forcibly witness every painful second of it on media for which monopoly access we are nevertheless obliged to pay, media which is solely owned and operated by others over whom we have no control, and yet which casually presumes to speak exclusively for us whilst visibly representing others entirely.

    By all means let the English media have the freedom to represent their listeners/viewers and how they feel, but we have an equal right to have our own media which truly represents us and how we feel. It’s their insouciant denial of our rights which actually hurts and angers.

  21. ArtyHetty says:

    Excellent post.
    When we were wee, in Tyneside, you had to tip toe through the living room if you were allowed in at all, to get to the loo, when the football was on TV. It was sooo boring as well, I still feel depressed when I hear a footie match on tv…I recall being shouted at for getting in the way of the TV and god help us if it was raining outside, our only escape from it.
    It’s tribal, and it’s really a sort of religion. It’s a great way to distract people from what’s really going on and part of the divide and rule by the powerful, imo.
    Still, I was avidly following people who were twittering about Scotland playing in the Euro’s, the tweets about it all are really the best bit about it.
    As you say Paul, if England win it will be hell, if they lose it will be hell. They tend to not be good losers, and with all their Brexit chest thumping, gorilla style, we will all want to be taken to a different planet on Sunday, no matter the outcome.
    Get the mental armour on folks, it won’t be pretty on Sunday.
    Ps, Given much of England hates the EU, it will be ironic if they win, what’s the cup say on it? You won the EURO’S England, but lost Freedom of Movement and trade with 27 other countries, happy now?

  22. James Mills says:

    ”The Nation” holds its collective breath as ”Our boys” face the enemy , with their proud hearts beating patriotically for ”The country ”.

    ”England expects” is the battle cry as the fans are lead in their National Anthem by a proud Prince William accompanied by his son and heir , both revelling in the waves of patriotism rising amid the smoke from the fireworks and the laser lights as the goodhearted crowd manfully jeer and boo the ”others” anthem to show their national pride .

    Standing like ”grey hounds in the slips ” straining upon the start England’s players look every inch the British Bulldogs that they are , ready and eager to meet their lesser Latin opponents .

    ”God for Harry , England and St George ” mouths the captain as he urges his men to bend the knee to none , then at the referee’s whistle , they bend the knee as one to a chorus of gentle boos from the Priti Patel Fan Club .

    The PM sits with the Prince , wearing his new invisible face mask and sporting his England team colours which discretely display the logos of various sponsors to whom the PM is obligated for free holidays , free wallpaper , free lounge furniture , free plane tickets and free childcare .

    The outstanding England winger , Raheem Sterling , falls to the ground in the penalty box , followed by his captain apparently the victims of foul play by their ruthless opponents . Astonishingly the referee refuses to award a penalty , citing the spurious fact that the game has
    not yet begun .
    The England captain is furious but retains his composure and says nothing to the cheating Man in Black , simply walking away as he adjusts his RESPECT armband .

    This pedantic approach by the officials promises to be a major obstacle to the clearly better English team being victorious .
    Let’s hope that the VAR officials , Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer , can compensate for the obvious bias of these foreigners .

  23. Capella says:

    I quite like Gary Southgate and his dapper waistcoats. Some of the England players are decent lads, for instance Marcus Rashford, raising money for hungry children.
    But that’s not the point, is it. Boris Johnston and his vacuous triumphalism will be insufferable whatever the final score.

    Rizza’s ice cream was my early introduction to Italian culture in NE Scotland. Delicious.

    Poor Italy, the weight of hopes of all the nations rest on them on Sunday. I’m sure they’ll perform with their usual flair.

    • robert harrison says:

      Oh dont forget italy once cheated Scotland out of a euro tournament England facing a team that can cheat as good as they can if need be.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    At long last the National newspaper is exposing the practices of the most anti Scottish supermarket chain in Scotland, a supermarket that floods its aisles with Union flags and every article of produce deliberately NOT sourced from Scottish producers on political grounds, a supermarket where every fish on display is driven 300 miles from Grimsby rather than be sourced locally in the country that lands in excess of 70% of all the fish in the British Isles but the Scottish shopper can’t buy any in that chain of stores meaning every time anyone purchases anything in their Supermarkets in Scotland they subsidise Englands economy, you won’t find a slice of beef, a chicken, lamb or pork bought from a Scottish farmer in this store, even though Scotlands produce travels worldwide it can’t make it onto the shelves of a supermarket in Scotland because of that company’s political policy of being anti Scottish


  25. robert harrison says:

    And apparently not supporting England on sunday is being anti English the games not even begun and its already started there crap italy better win just to shut the english up that they have their rant and rave cry they got cheated then they shut up thats the only real reason we want England to lose is just so they shut up.

  26. They Think It’s All Over….Prima Parte

    ….speaking to a taxi driver again, one of a proud group of fonts of all knowledge; there are plans afoot to reintroduce Sterling.
    No not GB News mythical town where Oliver the Briton lives.

    My wily hack driver predicts that we shall be reverting to Lsd, No, not the mind bending laced sugar cube, but ‘old money’ currency of pounds shillings and pence.

    (In the irony of all ironies, ‘Lsd’ derives from Ancient Latin currency denominations, ‘librae, solidi, and dernarii’; how very ‘European’?)

    And we’ll go back to weighing stuff in stones, pounds and ounces; and measuring flat pack furniture in inches, feet, yards, and miles…oops.

    Britain Bouncing Back Better.

    It was all so much more simple in Merrie Old England/Britain back in the day.

    You knew where you were, when you bought a pound of mince and it cost 1s and 6 1/2d.

    Everybody knew that a stone was 14 pounds and a pound was 16 ounces, and there were hundredweights, and tons, for bags of coal and heavier stuff; and there were 240 pennies in a pound, and 20 shillings in a pound, and every shilling was 12 pennies, and a tanner was sixpence, half a shilling.

    Oh how we missed the thrupenny bit, the tanner, the florin, the half crown, and the ten bob note, lovingly referred to as a ‘half brick’ because of its striking terra cotta colour.

    Posh folk bought their fur coats with ‘guineas’, which as everyone knew, was 21s.

    50 years ago, ‘Decimalisation’ changed all that of course.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Oh how I would relish the return to pounds shillings and pence if only to show and shine the light on how decimilisation ripped us all off to the tune of £billions and how we now pay 50 pence the equivalent of £10 shillings for an old penny caramel which is half of one pence in the new money or how a loaf of bread can now cost over £1 when before our new fab money you could have bought around 12 loaves of bread for that £1, even Jesus would have struggled to compete with that sort of value, so for those reasons I can’t see the UK government even trying this for at least another 20 years until those of us who can remember this stuff are pushing up the daisies

      I remember well when a one penny price rise on anything could cause mass outrage because what happened to the farthing or the halfpenny? 1 penny was a large amount in them thar days, today prices are increased by percentages of 5% and upwards and folk don’t seem to notice how much that actually is

      I’ve seen youngsters drop a £1 coin and if it rolls away they’re too lazy to pick it up, pre decimilisation £1 was your weeks bus fare a night out at the pub and a fish supper at the end of it
      Folk will no doubt reach to hand me a violin I’m sure to play the old tune on but nonetheless the con exacted over the value of money is an ongoing creeping process now and not an event like decimilisation which was a glaring and obvious body slam to every citizen of these islands and an example of the evil policy machinations of being governed by another country over which Scotland has zero power to change

      Unless we vote to decide what we in our own country might like to do about anything we damn well please and not vote to continue to leave ourselves defenceless

      I’m old and crabbit now, I can’t do anything about the old part but I would be a lot less crabbit if I had a vote in my own country to decide how my country can be better

      • I am old enough to remember the Daily Record headline:-‘ The Ten Bob Gallon’ !
        50p a gallon was the end of the world as we know it back in the ‘sixties.
        Petrol is now measured in litres of course. It works out at a lot more than 50p a gallon. A gallon is roughly 4.5 litres. At £1.30 a litre, a ‘gallon’ works out at roughly £5.85 a gallon.
        Yet Scotland is awash with the stuff.

        There will be rioting in Norn Irn tomorrow night win or lose.
        England against the Pope’s Eleven.
        What could possibly go wrong?

        Will we ever rid ourselves of the Proddie and Kafflik psychos?
        Johnson is depending on Norn Irn exploding of course.

        God help us all, whoever ‘he/ she’ supports.
        There will be blood.

        Not a good time to be an Italian fish and chip shop in Angerland either.
        What will it take for Scotland to awaken and take back our country?
        There is no going back to colonial slavery now.

        There will be blood.

    • DonDon says:

      Jack, the florin (two-shilling coin) was introduced in about 1890 as a first step towards decimalization.
      It was intentionally one tenth of a pound. It is no surprise that it survived for a while equivalent to a 10 p piece.

  27. Welsh_Siôn says:

    In other news – Gove is on manoeuvres to replace EVEL:


    Westminster to scrap law that stops Welsh MPs voting on England-only laws

    10 Jul 2021 2 minutes Read

    The system designed to prevent Welsh MPs from voting on England only matters is set to be scrapped next week.

    A vote will be taken at Westminster on Wednesday (13 July) to abolish the EVEL (English Votes for English Laws) legislation.

    • Capella says:

      I suspect this is a prelude to setting up an “English” Parliament to level up to the devolved parliaments – but retaining UK Parliament supremacy.
      A sort of “look how hard we’re trying” ploy.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        He’s getting rid of EVEL as it is a legal or other impediment to what he wants/intends to do, nothing Gove says approximates to the truth.

      • grizebard says:

        I very much doubt it. Gove is no fool, and he may well be up to devious trickery of one kind or another, but I don’t think they’ve evolved anywhere near that far. Westminster is their parliament, and that’s how they intend it to stay. Have no doubt about that. The rest of the UK is merely there on sufferance, a convenient fig-leaf without influence. A presence which in our case they even have the effrontery to regularly mock. If anything at all comes from this lot of insufferable English nationalists, it will be mere cynical window-dressing.

  28. They Think It’s All Over Seconda Parte.

    Johnson’s Brexit Empire 2, and the flurry of English Flags throughout ‘the nation’ reflects this yearning for a return to past glories, when England ruled a third of the globe.

    And good old Auntie Beeb is feeding the viewers this Land of Hope and Glory nonsense big time.

    It seems that every new BBC programme pitch must contain ‘British’ or ‘The Great British’ in its title to get taken up by Boris Johnson Corporation.

    On the ‘national news’ at 6 o’clock on Wednesday evening, just before Mighty England’s thrashing of the Danes, there was an almost fluff ‘human interest’ piece on Auntie Beeb from Norn Irn, featuring the construction of a ‘bonfire’, one of thousands being raised throughout ‘the Provence’ to be set alight on the evening of the Eleventh, the day before the 12th July Orange walks.

    As idiots without safety gear or harnesses clambered up this leaning rotunda of wooden pallets, bought apparently by £20,000 ‘raised’ locally, the voice over of the visiting London reporter could be heard describing the dimensions in Imperial measures.

    It stood at ‘100 feet’, but would eventually reach ‘120 feet’, not quite all the way to heaven, but…

    That would be about 36 meters high in ‘new money’.

    The drone’s eye view showed this abomination as standing in a small grassy rectangle bordered on all sides by houses, some 10 metres distance from this bonfire from Hades.

    The visiting hack interviewed a local, an elderly man, my age, who twittered on about his right to express his ‘culture’, and besides the others would be having their bonfires and flags in August.

    And that was it.

    That this bonfire was illegal, dangerous, and an incitement to mass hysterical hatred of the other, prompted no comment from the faithful BBC hack.

    That any attempt by the authorities to move in and dismantle the ‘cultural’ fire hazard would be met with violence, possibly gunfire, and riots, defiant threatening civil disobedience rather like the 15,000 RFC supporters, the 2000 Scots Wembley invasion or the 60,000 English supporters plunging the land into a Third Wave was not broached by the BBC.

    The Filthy Rich have come in on their Lear Jets to Wimbledon. Not a mask among them.

    Covid Rules have been ditched by the English Fourth Reich Government.

    The Bodies will pile high, but who gives a ‘f**k’? 100,000 will phone in sick to work every day.

    England will smash the wops on Sunday night. Norn Irn will be ablaze.

    What a ‘good day’ to hide ‘bad news’.

    The Supreme Court ruled the Rape Clause and the two child cap legal. Rishi Sunak is removing the £20 top up to UCS as cases rise, nurses in England will get a wage reducing 1% hike in their wages, and the Norn Ireland protocol is in tatters.

    Sunak is also attacking pensioners by removing the triple lock commitment, and Douglas Fraser at Plantation Quay describes Scots pensioners who are paid the worst state pension in Europe, as having it better off than the poor young folk.

    Just think of the ‘bad news’ Johnson will get away with if England smash Johnny Foreigner on Sunday night.

    Too long, I know.

    I’ve been bottling it up.

  29. Petra says:

    Par for the course. Developed in Scotland. Made in England.

    ‘Scottish steel construction system included in multi-million US investment programme.’



    ‘Britain – the neighbour from hell.’


  30. Petra says:

    Dr Mike Galsworthy:- ”This is quite some video. David Frost told to his face that the people of Northern Ireland voted against Brexit, support the Protocol, want it implemented in full – and do not trust him. 👏👏👏.” https://mobile.twitter.com/mikegalsworthy/status/1413624678506278915


    LBC:- ”Baroness Dido Harding insists NHS Test and Trace is a “success”, blaming negative public opinion on bad press. James O’Brien responds by scrutinising her CV.” https://mobile.twitter.com/LBC/status/1413436032545132544

  31. Albis says:

    Great news, folks – Channel 4 are tonight showing the 1966 World Cup final in colour…! (Pass me the sick bag.)

  32. Petra says:

    ‘Government’s Mass Infection Plan Pushed by Great Barrington Declaration Lobbying Effort to End COVID Protections.’

    ..”The GBD’s proposed strategy of letting the virus run to achieve herd immunity by natural infection has been widely criticised by more than 7,000 public health scientists.”..



    That’s her telt!

    ”Yes the Sky interviewer is hostile, and has been clearly taken in by false and unscientific narratives, but this leads to an opportunity for Dr Gurdasani to effectively refute all of these points as she did. Excellent interview. Share widely!” https://mobile.twitter.com/0bj3ctivity/status/1413083438018613253

  33. uno mas says:

    You´re not going to qualify as Italian if you don´t have this beltin´oot yer windae tomorrow at kick off time.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      “Video unavailable

      Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.

      Watch on YouTube”


  34. Petra says:

    ‘The Death Of Convention.’



    ‘Why Scotland’s recent higher Covid numbers are evidence of a very good thing, Kirsty.’


  35. Petra says:

    ‘Scotland doing more vaccinations than Wales or England for months now.’



    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  36. Capella says:

    The National front page is popular in Italy “Save us Roberto, your’e our final hope”.


  37. arayner1936 says:

    Still struggling to restrain my indifference regarding the match.
    Roll on Monday!

    • Dr Jim says:

      The game itself is of no importance to Scotland, the attitude to the meaning and resulting outpouring from England will be, because in England it’s not just a game, it’s not just sport, it’s not just skill, it’s an extension and expression of the worst type of Nationalism that created the Empire that slaughtered tortured and robbed peoples around half of the world, and England bathes in it and Boris Johnson will use that Nationalistic expression to further his extremist agenda and England will support him doing it

      And that’s all without the media behaving like children over it

  38. Valkyrie says:

    Anyone know the Italian equivalent of “Ich bin ein Berliner”? 🙂

    Not into football either, so won’t be watching the game. (Also busy fixing up a computer, so will be doing that and just pulling up an online update of the score while enjoying some pasta! Fun times).

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      “No sono inglese. Sono gallese (scozzese)!”

      (Work it out … 😀 )


      • DonDon says:

        Welsh Siôn, I once had occassion to say exactly that (scozzese).

        It was on the banks of the Po, near Rovigo.

        I was in danger of being mistaken for a tedesco.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “I am not english”

  39. John Fitzpatrick says:

    That “major international competition” from 1998 you mention was when the World Cup opened in Paris with Brazil against Scotland. I was alone in my flat in São Paulo abandoned by my Brazilian wife and daughter who had gone to watch the match with friends and relatives leaving me alone with my saltire and Scotland jersey. Brazil scored within four minutes but we hit back with a penalty by John Collins just before half time. It stayed at 1-1 until the 73rd minute and I was beginning to think we might get a draw when Brazil went ahead with an own goal by Tommy Boyd.

    After waiting so long I have to say I was pretty depressed by the performance this year. The 0-0 draw against England was lauded as though it was a great victory.

    As for the royals, I would not even want them “supporting” Scotland.

  40. Petra says:

    ‘SNP demand BBC stop ‘short changing’ Scots as spending falls.’

    ”Nicola Sturgeon’s government has accused the BBC of “short-changing” Scotland after it revealed it is spending just over half the income it raises from Scottish viewers on programmes in the country. The corporation’s annual report, published last week, reveals 51% of the funding raised in Scotland is spent in Scotland in 2021, compared to 71% in Northern Ireland and 64% in Wales. According to the report the percentage was 69% for Scotland in 2020.”..



    ‘The return of the Celts.’

    ..”It (Scotland) could demand of England that the Northern Ireland protocol’s Irish Sea border be extended along Hadrian’s Wall, bringing Scotland within the single market. It requires no referendum and would splendidly enrage Downing Street.”..


    • Capella says:

      OMG – that Simon Jenkins article oozes so much London bile it could corrode iron. His grasp of Celtic history and culture is so juvenile he must have been watching youtube videos – OK some of them Barry Cunliffe’s. He thinks the Scottish border is along Hadrian’s wall. Or is he gifting us the north of England?

      Well worth reading with your bingo pen at the ready to mark down every false assertion, demeaning insult and subtle attempt to humiliate us lesser breeds, the Celts.

  41. Petra says:

    ‘‘What we have is a government that is pursuing an ideologically driven commitment to force the population to accept a level of mortality and disability.’ Powerful words from Lancet’s editor-in-chief.” https://mobile.twitter.com/allthecitizens/status/1413599090680770566


    Phantom Power:- ”This is the man who’s supposedly going to stop Scottish independence? Lord Mark McInnes of Kilwinning.” https://mobile.twitter.com/PhantomPower14/status/1413420014426857474

  42. Petra says:

    ‘On the Twelfth, Northern Ireland returns to its past. But its future looks different.’

    ..”When Northern Ireland was set up a century ago, Protestants outnumbered Catholics by two to one. That has changed dramatically: the 2022 census is likely to show an overall Catholic majority. Unionists no longer hold a majority of seats in the Assembly and Sinn Fein may take the role of first minister in elections to be held by spring of next year.”..



    ”It’s a great source of pride, it’s a statement of identity but the bonfires will also cause a bit of contention.” Other bonfires receive council funding and hold a family day for children.” 🙄

    ‘Eleventh night bonfires getting ready in NI.’


  43. Petra says:

    What will they do about bonfires and marches when their Hate Crime Bill goes through? And why are those holding marches in Scotland not being charged with inciting hatred?

    ‘Hate Crime and Public Order (Northern Ireland) Bill not expected until 2022.’

    ..”Currently no specific offence of ‘hate crime’ exists in Northern Ireland law.”..



    Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021


    • bringiton says:

      The DUP agreeing to this has as much chance as England’s Tories voting to maintain public services.
      Both ideologically opposed to these ideas.

      • Petra says:

        Spot on Bringiton. I don’t see that working. Dismantling their bonfires and banning marches is an impossible dream. A non starter.

  44. Petra says:

    ‘Andrew Tickell: Priti Patel’s relish for her job is both despicable and pitiful.’



    ‘Andrew Marr Show analysis of National’s front page sums up UK media’s problem.’


  45. James Mills says:

    BBC ”short changing Scots ”on licence fee.

    I notice that the figures for spending in Scotland , Wales and N.Ireland are quoted – but none for England !

    We are constantly told that Scotland ( and presumably two more of the ‘awesome foursome ‘ ) is bailed out by the generosity of the English taxpayer . This doesn’t appear to be the case with BBC funding , does it ?

    So a little more humility perhaps could be shown by those who have prospered through the generosity of the Scottish license payer – from Andrew Marr and Kirsty Wark and Fiona Bruce et al , whose enormous salaries are funded by US !

    • Petra says:

      ”but none for England !”

      I noticed that too Alex, but came across some data previously that showed that England received more than 100%. Doubly sickening when you take into account that the BBC is the key institution for promulgating the Scottish scrounger tall tales with the help of people like Unionist lackeys Marr, Wark and Bruce.

  46. Petra says:

    Dearie me.

    ‘Millions of flying ants picked up on radar and could swarm Wembley during Euro 2020 final.’

    ..”But the pulsating blue cloud on the image was not indicative of cloud cover, it was swarms upon swarms of flying ants buzzing over the capital and home counties.”..



    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  47. Naina Tal says:

    Nae interest in fitba’. But I mind a few years back, turning up at a pub for a gig. The owner met us at the door. “Ye Cannae set up the noo for the fitba’s oan the telly It’s England v Italy”… World cup or Euros or something. Anyway He shows us into the lounge. It wis packed wi fowk watchin this fitba match. Every single one of them wearing Italy tops and not a furriner among them.
    Only got through half of our set that night efter the telly went off. Still got paid though. Think the guy had a good night on the bar!

  48. Eilidh says:

    Like you Paul I have no interest in football and have not watched any of the Euros not even Scotland (too much emotional trauma in 1970s- 1990s). I really wish sport was all on sports channels instead of being inflicted on me on mainstream channels. I think the last time I watched the whole of a Scotland football game was 1990 on my first holiday to Skye. Scotland got booted out of the World Cup by Brazil that night if I remember correctly. We drowned our sorrows by having a barbecue next to the Loch and got eaten alive by midges-it was June 🥵. a memorable night for all the wrong reasons.As a child we often visited Largs and Nardinis was a favourite haunt for me too. Their hot orange was great on a rainy day.I have visited Italy nearly as many times as London (Italy is a lovely country with lovely people)so you can guess who I will be supporting. Thank goodness for Netflix Amazon Prime and my sci-fi dvd collection they have kept me sane over the past couple weeks. The only thing worthwhile watching on BBC tonight is Scandinoir crime drama on Iplayer The Killing which will be so much entertaining than that fitba game tonight. If that other team wins I won’t be turning mainstream for at least a week

    • Eilidh says:

      Forgot to mention guess who got Engerland in the office sweepstake. ME!!!. 😒Typical!!! the one team I did not want to get If I win anything the money will go to benefit the animal residents of Cardonald Animal Rescue Centre

      • Welsh_Siôn says:


        A Scottish colleague of my wife got Italy AND Ingerlund in *their* office sweepstake. She was a vehement ‘No’ before September 2014. Nothing tells me she is giving her winnings to the local Animal Rescue.

        Yoons, eh? 😉

  49. Golfnut says:

    Last week the media went hell for leather on Scotland being the sick man of Europe, a coordinated campaign because they new this was coming.

    • Bob Lamont says:


    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      So sad and BBC Scotland are still trying with their false narrative

    • Legerwood says:

      It is not case numbers on their own but the positivity rate too. Today it was just over 11%. It really needs to be below 5%, well below.

      It was down around 1% just a few short weeks ago then started rising as the Delta variant took hold.

      Not out of the woods yet but getting their, slowly.

  50. Dr Jim says:

    At this moment it appears not a single country is supporting England so even if they win they still lose

  51. Capella says:

    No watching the fitba. No TV licence. But reading the comments on the BBC website is amusing.
    So it’s a penalty shootout. The English fans are so angry with Gary Southgate. He’ll not get his knighthood if his boys don’t win. No loyalty whatsoever.

  52. Alastair says:


  53. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Italy 1-1 England (3-2 on pens)

    Italy are the champions of Europe.

    Forza Italia! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. Stephen McKenzie says:

    Ah well, I guess that’s it all over then. I was so looking forward to BBC tomorrow will wall to wall happiness and flags..

  55. Old Pete says:

    “Well they think it’s all over, well it is now ” well done Italia ☺☺🤣😂 best team on the night.

  56. Pogmothon says:

    No comin’ hame the night then ???

  57. Capella says:

    Grazie Roberto Mancini – saved us another 50 years of hubris. Well done the Italian cousins.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Heck – That’s only the Italians celebrating their equalising goal, Petra!

      What must they be like – now they’ve *actually* won the game? 🙂

      • Petra says:

        A taste of the general mood, WS 😀😀.


        Flood warnings have been issued across England, as the whole of Scotland and Wales (Europe / World) p*ss themselves laughing.

  58. Petra says:

    Looking forward to the BBC coverup of yob violence and valid covid data tomorrow. https://twitter.com/RaveFootage/status/1414261099696898059?s=08

    Oh and Happy Birthday Robert the Bruce 😉.


    • Golfnut says:

      What a churlish, small minded, petty little english Nationalist this individual is. He’s not alone of course, there’s plenty of them in the media. Bullies with type writers, the Nationals front page will have this ingrates blood pressure at danger level.
      The games stats of course tell a different story, England as usual were overated, progressing mainly due to home advantage, some dodgy arithmetic, dodgy decisions and to be ruthlessly honest, Scotland made them look decidedly mediocre. That really hurt.

  59. Alex Clark says:

    The retributions have begun against Southgate from the right wing press for failing to “bring it home” and of course they cannot help themselves in including their denigration of the Scotland team whom they also failed to beat.

    England are a good side. They are 4,596 times better than Scotland, for example. But then North Macedonia are at least five times better than Scotland. There are performing geese who are better than Scotland. England have team spirit and a facility on the ball and Southgate deserves credit for that. But they have been hamstrung by a manager who, when push comes to shove, is utterly clueless about the drift of the game, about what is happening and how to change it. He may still be remembered, when all is done, for missed egregiously penalties. All those kids lined up. You idiot, Southgate. Don’t you remember?

    So there are “performing geese who are better than Scotland” he says.

    Not Nationalist at all then eh!


    • Dr Jim says:

      Performing geese eh, could that not be the sound we’re making laughing at them

    • Capella says:

      Rod Liddle used to be an editor on BBC Radio 4 breakfast show. Biased? Of course. But you lost Rod, to the Azzuri. Just accept it.

      • James Mills says:

        Rod Liddle- his sketch above his article in The Spectator does him justice – he looks a tosser and is one !

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      As a non-footie person could I just ask:

      1) Why drag Scotland into it in the first place?

      2) Why 4,596?

      3) What’s an “egregiously penalty”?

      4) Did Southgate take these penalties too?

    • Petra says:

      ”4,596 times better than Scotland.” That’ll be the lame ducks that could only draw with Scotland on their home turf.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      People take Rod Liddle seriously? Seriously?

    • robert harrison says:

      Coming from morons that forget England lost to Scotland at rugby just months ago and have failed so many times to make a workable track and trace system they even had to borrow Scotlands i guess kicking a sphere is all the English are good at besides descrution as shown by pictures of there own city even before the game kicked off.

  60. James Mills says:

    Last word ( ? ) on the Italy victory – ”Que Sera Sera ! ”

  61. Dr Jim says:

    SKY news interviews Gary Neville on the outbreak of racist abuse towards the England players and he blows it wide open when he says “It comes from the top, racism is learned and Boris Johnson can make all the statements he likes condemning the public for some of the comments about black players missing those penalties but this is the man who a few weeks ago told the nation it was ok to boo footballers taking a knee against racism, women wearing the Burka were letterboxes, I’m not being political but some of these MPs are racists and Boris Johnson is one of them while Gareth Southgate is a gentleman and a leader” (some bits are paraphrased because I couldn’t catch every word but it’s as accurate as I could get)

    This interview will no doubt be repeated so they can condemn Gary Neville for calling Boris Johnson a racist which he can’t possibly be because he’s just like Winston Churchill, Oops! he was a racist too

    Jings crivvens help ma Boab what will the English do now that their respected footballing figures are saying stuff like this

  62. Hamish100 says:

    I notice the tv media have heavily edited Prince William celebrations with his duchess and his wee son dressed up to the nines.
    Obviously can’t have him celebrating too much when England scored. Well at least on tele. Soviet tv editing alive and well.

    Still he loves Scotland , don’t you know!

    • Petra says:

      Whilst his (Wee Willie Windbag’s) speech before the match was all about England, Hamish. The team doing England proud, bringing out the best of the English etc, etc. And then you could see the penny drop, flicker of the eyes, and he mentioned the words UK. Too late Willie we’ve got your measure.

      • Dr Jim says:

        For hundreds of years they’ve tried to condition themselves to using the various name changes England has invented for itself to erase its past misdeeds but when it comes right down to it they always slip up and refer to their real name, their real identity, their real focus, the Empire and superiority of England, I just wish they’d admit it and move on and stop using Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland as their crutch and baffle in a simultaneous attempt to fool the world when the world has now become aware of what they’re doing, England, a country that renames itself and hides behind other countries to obscure the truth about itself

  63. Petra says:

    Changed their tune now? Too bad.

    ‘English voters oppose new Scottish independence referendum.’



    More on the BBC rip-off.

    Ron Culley:- ”The BBC spends only 51% of the license fees raised in Scotland in Scotland. The rest subsidises English viewers. Don’t watch, don’t listen, DON’T PAY!” https://mobile.twitter.com/Iblogtoglasgow/status/1414145355466280960

  64. James Mills says:

    So , after last night’s result :

    There will be no National Holiday .

    Gareth Southgate will NOT be getting his Knighthood .

    Black players will be vilified for missing penalties .

    Football’s NOT coming home , but the legacy of the PM’s racist comments definitely is !

    Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are to blame !

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yeah but it is widely known that Nicola has evil powers and can call up the dark lord when required casting spells hither and thither to further her vile intentions, she controls the internet, the vertical the horizontal and can send out Bisto like vapours among the population that when breathed in creates zombie like devotion to her and her alone, but it only works on Scots apparently because we’re a low form of vermin making us susceptible to her mystic magic like bats and other creatures of the night

  65. Petra says:

    SNP MP’s continuing to do good work at Westminster, however I can’t wait for these decent people to return home.

    ‘The Pandemic Has Exposed The Desperate Need For Paid Bereavement Leave.’

    ”Across Scotland, a quarter of the workforce, 650,000 people, experienced a bereavement last year.”..



    As they whinge about getting the full house the Scots drew number 13 and / or 43 again – ”Unlucky for Some.” and / or ”Down on your knees”

    ‘Why Northern Ireland may learn to love the Protocol.’

    ..”It relied on a kind of magical thinking: that Northern Ireland could at one and the same time live within the customs union that helps constitute the UK, but also follow most of the rules of the single market as they pertain to the trade in physical goods. That meant, bingo: a full house.”..


    • Bob Lamont says:

      Although posted by Sinn Fein, this statement probably better represents the majority view in NI
      That NI didn’t want Brexit but they’re stuck with it, so London should get on with implementing the NIP in full is clearly not London’s preferred perception, and Frost got a well deserved roasting for it, his attempt to do a “It wasn’t me/us/it twas a big lad did it and ran away” spiel went down like a lead balloon.
      Not since “The Troubles” have I seen such blatant media manipulation of what folks in NI purportedly are thinking.
      Essentially the London machine is fighting a propaganda war in NI and Scotland whilst attempting to war game the EU.

  66. Petra says:

    ‘Prof Prem Sikka: Don’t fall for the Tory ‘levelling up’ mantra, they’re still continuing with austerity.’

    ..”Inequalities are stark. The top 10% of households hold 45% of all wealth, while the bottom 30% of households have just 2% of total wealth. Another study estimates that the richest 1% have almost 25% of UK wealth, whilst the poorest 10% of families have negative net wealth– i.e. their debts exceed their assets. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the UK has more billionaires than ever before.”




    ‘Children are so hungry in one British town they are eating from bins.’

    ..”The UK is the world’s fifth-biggest economy, with a GDP per capita four times the global average. Yet, UNICEF figures show 19% of children under 15 in the UK live with adults who struggle to buy food – among the worst rates in Europe, but on par with the United States.”

    ..”The charity Child Poverty Action Group claims that 30% of children in the UK live in poverty – that’s 4.1 million children. Particularly surprising is their finding that 67% of children in poverty live in a household where someone works.”..


    • bringiton says:

      What some people need to understand is that all of this has been brought about through political choices made by successive Tory and Toryesque governments at Westminster.
      It doesn’t have to be this way.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        It’s deliberate. It’s to keep people down, to divide and rule, (poor against the even more poor) and it’s actually criminal in the eyes of any decent human being.
        The Tories and their red Tory pals are criminals, and once their constituency changes (fiddling the voting system) kicks in, there is no way there will be a socially responsible, or even caring government, in England at least, for a very very long time. Scotland has to escape, or be at the mercy of the far right wing disaster capitalists in London, for the foreseeable.

        • Next time the 4 jobs Linesman or millionaire Sarwar or Willie Mental Health of Kids Rennie gets to their feet and demands that Nikla Sturgeon close the Education Attainment Gap, she need only report from this disgusting condemnation of the Union.
          And now Rashford is getting it big time from the English racists.
          Kids don’t learn on an empty stomach.

          Time for Indyref 2.

          What will the Linesman do when we kick him and his fellow Brit Nats out on their arses?

          I am beyond rage when I read this sort of stuff.

          I firmly consider those who hold Scotland fast to England are basically evil to attempt tp perpetuate scotlaand as a poor colony of their Masters.
          Must cease now, because I really could let rip at the red Blue and Yellow Tories Up here.
          They quite literally disgust me.
          Where are our ‘church leaders’ on all of this?

          • Dr Jim says:

            The people of England who are now the British people and the people of the UK (because the government in Westminster keeps telling us that) are the people who decide all forms of government within these Islands

            England should have what they vote for if that’s what they want, they can’t complain about this sort of stuff after they’ve done it as though the rest of us have to help them do something about what they voted for, they voted for a bunch of Brexiteering xenophobic Nazis and that’s what they got, they wanted the power to rid themselves of all the Johnny Foreigners and they’ve got it

            I’m delighted at the prospect of being one of those Johnny Foreigners, the trouble is I’m not considered British nor English so my vote doesn’t count, I’m Scottish so not even considered at all, my country hasn’t made one bit of difference to electing governments in Westminster for 60 years because my country isn’t considered a country except for when a politician representing England wants me to keep my mouth shut and locked up in my colony, and if I don’t keep my mouth shut that same English politician will threaten me and my country with the removal of some jobs he controls then inform the media to spread the word that those job losses will be in the tens of thousands and they’ll get right on that and scare the uninformed population of my country that dark waves of doom will befall them all if they dare speak up like me, I’m considered a bad influence

            The country of England has fallen foul of the oldest tactic in the political playbook, buy your politics from us and we’ll do what you say you want, because we did a survey and we know we represent you, and if anybody stands in our way we’ll jolly well put a stop to them with our Queen and our Spitfires and our great British values, the new word for that is populism, the old word I already mentioned y’know the one they used in Germany in the 1930s and guys like Donald Trump were in the process of implementing in America but England has their own now with what they think is the copy of their wartime hero who wasn’t Winston Churchill, yes indeedy Boris Johnson will see off the invaders, the complainers, the poor, the needy, and of course the Scots who are naught but vermin anyway

            I’m as mad as hell and like our pal Jack I’m not going to take it anymore

            I’m not a number, I’m a free Scotsman and I demand my voting identity and human right to be recognised as such, as long as I’m politically stuck to this cesspit of England I have no rights and no vote, some Numpty on Gogglebox or Love Island or clown made in Essex gets to decide my and my descendants future, that’s not democracy, that’s insanity

            • to quote Bosch, ‘Right back at you, brother’.

              Great piece, Dr Jim.

              They’d deport us to Van Diemen’s Land if they could.
              It’s our land and waters and natural resources which they need.

              It’s comin’ yet for a’ that.

  67. While football was going to Rome, an update on my earlier post on the ‘120 feet’ bonfire in Portadown Norn Irn.
    Access the Belfast Telegraph’s web page and witness a video of this evil monstrosity collapsing in a firey avalanche causing spectators to run for their lives as flaming debris rushed across the scorched earth like molten lava from a volcano.
    Children are seen scampering for their lives giggling and hallooing as the earth caught fire.
    ‘Kill all Taigs’, torch the tricolour, ‘celebrating’ their culture.

    Brainwashed from birth….
    Meanwhile ‘England fans’ were smashing down flimsy barriers and barging through a laughable cordon of zero hours low paid elderly portly men in high vis jackets and wreaking havoc inside the stadium while all over England ‘Freedom Day’ was fast forwarded in towns and hamlets through the green and pleasant land, no masks, no social distancing who gives a feck parties.

    The black players who did not score have been the victims of racial abuse overnight, but Gary Neville quite rightly points out that the Tribe That Lost Its head has taken its lead from Boris ‘ Post Box’ veils Johnson, who has very publicly used the phrase ‘piccaninnies with melon slice smiles’ and Priti Patel defending the English crowd for booing players ‘taking the knee’, Neville comparing the English bigots to children taking their lead from their parents, Mum Patel, and Papa Johnson.

    Apparently concerned citizens in Norn Ireland wanted 14 bonfires taken down, but the Police warned that to attempt this would lead to riots and threat to life and limb.

    So violence rules, and the parents of the weans in Portadown doubtless see this annual ritual as part of imbuing their offspring with a dose of ‘culture’.
    And we’ve still to get the ‘score’ from a day of marching to the drum on ‘the queen’s Highway’ to day.

    Perhaps the Red Arrows will buzz Belfast City Hall in ”solidarity’?

    England’s evil empire is crumbling in flames….
    England; The Tribe That Lost Its Head.

    Time for Indyref 2.

  68. Petra says:

    As Freedom Day looms the ”free” are already rampaging about England cooking up new variants.

    ‘New Covid-19 variant ‘may have emerged in North-East surge.’

    ..”Six out of the top 10 UK areas with the highest prevalence for Covid-19 in the past week are now in the North-East, including South Tyneside, where there are 828.6 infections per 100,000 people, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with 744 per 100,000.”..



    deeptie Gurdasani:- ”Worth reading the SAGE consensus statement on the 30th June released recently. The govt has been warned by SAGE >1000 scientists/HCWs, the BMA chair, The Medical Royal Colleges, officials in the WHO, the Royal College of Nursing, educational unions. Who is it listening to?” https://mobile.twitter.com/dgurdasani1/status/1413894124403572743

  69. Petra says:

    ‘Italy’s victory over England sparks wild celebrations in Scotland.’



    Imagine that Italy actually have planes too! https://mobile.twitter.com/Conor1971/status/1414228372994105353

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