Null points for grace in defeat

Well thank all the gods we don’t have to listen to or watch the supposedly British media banging on about an England victory for the next 55 years. Isn’t it really unpleasant being taken out of Europe against your will? Maybe now they understand a wee bit what Scotland felt like. At one point in the match England was 1-0 up. I didn’t see the goal but immediately thought that was no great shame, because if England had won the BBC would be showing the replay of the goal every weekend for thirty years to come. The Italian victory means that we now have the definitive answer to the question : what’s the difference between a collie dog and football? Lassie came home. In the event football didn’t come home, it came to Rome instead and for that small mercy we in Scotland should be truly grateful. If England had won, not only would we never have heard the end of it, we’d also have been subjected to constant loyalty tests and accusations of anti-English racism for the crime of failing to display sufficient enthusiasm for England’s victory.

Certainly some people in Glasgow were delighted and relieved that Italy won, family there reported that as soon as the game had finished they could hear fireworks. It’s been a great year for Italy. They’ve won both the European Cup, the European championships for straight people, and the Eurovision Song Contest, the European championships for gay people.

It would be nice to say that the England fans, the team, and the English media showed grace, good manners and sportsmanship in defeat, but instead we got more of that sorry display of petulant entitlement that has characterised England’s progress throughout the competition, culminating with the players sullenly removing their runner up medals seconds after being awarded them. Grace in defeat is clearly not one of those English values we kept hearing about. As far as a sporting and graceful attitude to losing out goes, England did as well as the UK did at Eurovision, scoring null points. Scotland might have a poor team but at least Scotland fans know how to accept defeat with good grace. A cynic might retort that that’s because we’ve had plenty of experience at losing, but then so has England.

The behaviour of some of the fans was boorish, entitled and aggressive, with no respect for anyone else. The scenes of violence were nauseating but sadly all too familiar. But that’s what happens when you have a media which constantly puffs and preens about England’s chances and reinforces the belief that the England team has a god given right to victory. One right wing Brexit supporting group published a graphic online showing Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, Captain Tom Moore and Madelaine McCann and urged the team to “do it for them”. It was truly nauseating in its tastelessness.

One large group of fans attempted to force its way into the stadium. Fights broke out in Trafalgar Square where fans had gathered before the match. There were few masks worn and any pretence of social distancing was abandoned. These are the people whose “common sense” and “sensible judgement ” Boris Johnson is relying on to keep covid infection rates down as he abandons all lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

Italy’s national anthem and the players taking the knee in solidarity with anti racist campaigners were loudly booed, despite the efforts of the BBC to muffle the volume. The booing and boorishness didn’t fit the media narrative that the England team represented inclusion and progressive values. Following the result England’s black players, especially those who had missed a penalty, were subjected to torrents of racial abuse on social media.

Prince William was at the match looking extremely sad, rehearsing the expressions he’ll wear when Scotland becomes a republic. That’s the prince who only very recently was so very eager to tell us how much he loved Scotland and how much Scotland meant to him and his family, although not so much to bother ever putting their faces in at a Scotland match. Boris Johnson, who awarded himself the title of minister for the Union was happy to appear wearing an England shirt and pose with England flags as he shamelessly sought to portray himself as an English nationalist and co opt the team to his own purposes. The difference between the Minister for the Union’s demonstrations of support for England and the support he displayed for Scotland and Wales was stark. It was the difference between a fully produced West End song and dance production and badly whistling a couple of bars of a misremembered song in the shower.

England’s pundits, who until now were puffed up with hype and buoyed by English exceptionalism were last night like slowly deflating spacehoppers full of farts, hissing poison at a manager and a team that a mere few hours previously were hailed as heroes who walked on water. England doesn’t need Scots to slate its football team when it’s got embittered Brexit supporting attention seeking drinkers at the fount of English exceptionalism who do the job so well by themselves, and no one ever accuses them of anti English racism. They just get accused of other flavours of racism.

The real losers however were not England’s players, it was the media and institutions of the UK which lost themselves in an orgiastic display of English nationalism and exceptionalism and abandoned any pretence that they also theoretically represent the other nations of the UK. The last few weeks laid bare the true nature of the UK and its media and institutions of government. They are vehicles for English nationalism where any recognition of the other nations of the UK is merely as a pretty bauble to decorate Englishness. The UK is not a state which can ever truly represent Scotland. As parts of the UK Scotland and Wales exist solely in order to disguise the true nature of the British state and British nationalism as English nationalism writ large, and to feed the myth of exceptionalism that tells proponents of British nationalism that their nationalism is better than other nationalisms because it’s not really nationalism at all.

That self serving fairy story has been exposed by Brexit and by the hysteria of the British media over the course of England’s progress in the Euros. If England had won we’d not only never have heard the end of it, we’d also have been accused of anti-English racism for failing to enthuse. It would be nice to think that last night’s defeat would burst the bubble of the English/British media and institutions and make them reflect on how they managed to alienate and antagonise the non-English parts of the UK to such an extent. But we all know that’s not going to happen.


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122 comments on “Null points for grace in defeat

  1. deelsdugs says:

    Brilliant Paul. Absolutely spot on with the whole agenda.
    Ice creams all around for us I think!

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  3. Petra says:

    ”The real losers however were not England’s players.”

    And just to add the millions of English children (and babes in arms) who were hyped up by their parents and media to then have their hopes dashed. Looking at some of their wee faces when England lost was heartbreaking. Considering their future attitudes, with all of the England is Great brainwashing, is a bit of a worry too.

    • robert harrison says:

      Oh macus rashford got racial abuse for missing a penalty yet those parents definitely forgot he saved the children of England from starving by fighting johnsons government thats how England treats its heros for one mistake one little error is all it takes for englanders to turn hostile its beyond sick as one of the 3 players they racially abused online was only 19.

  4. Petra says:

    I’m also pleased that it’s over, as I won’t have to listen to my English neighbour running around her garden screeching ”yahoo” every time England scored. Instead of yahoo it was boohoo last night, lol.

  5. Drew Anderson says:

    I think you’re being a bit harsh on the England players removing their runners-up medals. It’s not uncommon and it’s a fairly brutal reminder that they didn’t get what they wanted, mere minutes after they were so close.

    In all honesty I think the England squad and management handled themselves with good grace throughout the tournament. Especially early on when dealing with open hostility, from some politicians and sections of the media, over their anti racism stance.

    I was fairly fatalistic about the outcome (as a Scot and lifelong Hibby, that comes all too naturally), but had consoled myself with the thought of the orgiastic media reaction to an England win would be a shot in the arm for Indy.

    • John Muir says:

      Same here. While teasing English pals was consolation, I’d have still rather they won. Why? Because of the lasting effect on us here in Scotland. We’d be reminded of the loyalties of “our” media in the biggest possible way for years to come. A boost for England would have sharpened our own resolve.

      That, and the players deserved it. That image of Southgate hugging Saka after his miss says it all. No bugger hugged him in 1996…

  6. Fergus Green says:

    I’m a Scots Italian, so you can deduce where my loyalties lie.

    Delighted with the result for all the reasons you list Paul, but spare a thought for the players.

    These lads are mainly working class, second or third generation immigrants, who showed passion and burst a gut to almost triumph against one of the best football teams in recent years.

    They do not deserve the English supporters any more than we deserve their government.

  7. (Not quite so) Union Man says:

    This tournament has exposed the need for broadcasting to be devolved. Scotland and Wales were the only nations competing at this tournament who did not enjoy end-to-end coverage from their own national perspective.

    Compare and contrast how RTE covered the tournament in Ireland (despite not having qualified) with the pathetic BBC Scotland/STV coverage. The entire tournament was seen through an England lens. We should be able to watch every match from a Scottish perspective.

    • Before a ball was kicked, BBC Sportsound played a sound recording of Gascoigne scoring that ‘wonder goal’ against Scotland in ’96.
      It was repeated televisually about 300 times in the lead up to the clash with England at Wembley.
      We had a BBC Jockland hour special Mr Brown’s boys reminding us all that it’s been 23 years since we Jocks qualified, closing with our 3-0 humping by Morocco.

      Aye the Jock Sports Team at Plantation Quay were right behind our boys..not.
      Just think, come independence we won’t have to put up with this sh1t any more.
      A slight correction, Paul They didn’t attempt to break in, they crashed through the barriers and sat in seats, while genuine ticket holders were caught on camera, sitting on the steeps…and nobody did anything to sort out this invasion.

      Wills must have got an eyeopener watching his ‘subjects’ in action.

  8. James Mills says:

    ”Let he who is without sin cast the first stone !”

    Hard for a Tory MP to live up to this but Natalie Elphicke should think long and hard on it . In a message to other Tory MPs she suggested that Marcus Rashford ( who missed a penalty ) should have spent ” more time perfecting his game and less on playing politics ! ”.

    A Tory criticising ANYONE for ANYTHING is a bit ”excessive ”.

    ”Excessive” is the word she used to describe her husband’s jailing for his sex offences !

    • Jonathan Marshall says:

      Yes, I have nothing but respect and admiration for Marcus Rashford’s efforts to support children, maybe Natalie Elphicke should spend more of her time practicing being a politician, then children in the UK might not be short of food… But then pigs might fly.

      • robert harrison says:

        And yet those who defaced his mural in Manchester and gave him rascist tweets on Twitter forgot that because i garantee many of those bigots are parents and rashford saved their kids from starvation and thats how they treat their hero for one error in a fitba game.

  9. Bob Lamont says:

    Oooft I enjoyed that…

    I tend to agree with Drew Anderson’s “I think the England squad and management handled themselves with good grace throughout the tournament”, although Southgate being seen to embrace the WW2 nonsense was quite bizarre, to what extent he was cornered by the media hype I leave open to debate, and for the record I didn’t watch any of it for reasons which will become clearer….

    It was not the England team who disappointed, it was the fans, the media and the politicians who sought to hype it up, it was THAT which was the true disgrace before the game had even begun, the jingo-meter was off the scale, it could only ever crack.

    I’ve never been a football fan, always rugby to my father’s endless disappointment – The only football game I recall any enjoyment of was when my grandad taking me to see Saltcoats v ? at home on a frosty day, an energetic and skillful game I was only to experience many moons later with Hurley in Ireland, the Cats, minus the hot mince pie going home. No petulance, no dives, no money, just a fiercely fought contest, better side wins…
    The only Wales v Scotland rugby match I ever attended was similarly refreshing, the Welsh as ever commiserating, next year, it was the game that mattered…

    England plays Covid yet again next week, and so far they are not winning there either. Most Scots I suspect wish they would try harder and would openly support them, but their media and politicians won’t permit it…

  10. A joke that is lost on anyone with the misfortune not to have been brought up in God’s Little Acre.

    Francie:- ‘Did you here about the mad Italian?’

    Josie:- ‘Naw. Whit aboot the mad Italian?’

    Francie:- He was aye screamin’. ‘

    (It’s a pun. ‘Ice Creaming’? get it?

    It’s the way I tell ’em.

  11. ‘Here’? ‘Hear’.
    Autocorrect, honest.

  12. Hamish100 says:

    I see the chancer Kevin McKenna doing his usual double act in the herald attacking the snp and the First Minister. When he writes for the National he tries to come all Mel Gibson.

    I do wish the labourite could stop his nomesense and just say he really is a unionist labour supporter or devo max plus as he is known to his pals. Lol

    • Dr Jim says:

      That’s the trouble with people like Kevin McKenna, when you continually play both sides against the middle, sooner or later both sides hate your Arse and there’s no middle left to hide in

  13. Hamish100 says:

    Willie rennie has resigned. Any connection with the England result is coincidental

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Contrary to popular belief, Rennies give you indigestion, nor relieve you from it.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Wee farts are often a sign of problems to come…. But he’s resigned anyway…

    • It certainly won’t be because he has taken up with a 23 year old ‘blonde SPAD, (of either sex, or is it ‘gender, these days?)that’s for sure.
      Lord Rennie of Nowhere?
      ‘Visiting Professor’ at some wee Uni?
      A weekly SNP BAD column in the Hootsman or the Courier?
      Maybe he’s going fruit picking to make up for the Brexit shortage of labour?
      Do I care?
      Nice big fat index linked pension in the bank now.
      20 years on the gravy train doing nothing.
      We are mad to let this corrupt wee club continue come independence.

  14. Dave tewart says:

    The numbers at the Wembley stadium not social distancing and no masks was a huge mistake.
    Today Sydney in AUstralia, population 5 million, have declared no lockdown easing this week as they have recorded 112 new cases.
    The UK figure for yesterday was 35,000 new cases and the one hour a week pm is relaxing the restrictions in englandland.
    In a week we will find out just how far this johnson variant can travel.

  15. bringiton says:

    Well said Paul.
    What are HM press going to dig up pretty sharpish to cover up this failure.
    Any Royal births in the offing?
    Feel sorry for the English players and manager.
    All pretty good and getting to the final,albeit at home,is a good effort.
    They don’t need their troubles to seek with the sort of “supporters” they have however.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “Any Royal births in the offing?” and complete denial of any involvement…

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson said there was a *small minority* of fans involved in disorder in and around Wembley stadium, the English FA said the level of disorder was *unprecedented*

    19 police officers were injured

    Either Boris Johnson is a giant liar once again or he doesn’t understand numbers, a small percentage of a very large number is a large number

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Small, but note the “in and around Wembley stadium” choice of words… Meanwhile and before…
      Disgusted at modern England if this is “normal”…

      • Dr Jim says:

        Just beyond shocking, and what makes it worse is the English media not reporting or highlighting it, if this were in Scotland it would be headline Nicola Sturgeon Independence bad news, what kind of people *normalise* this behaviour

        • Bob Lamont says:


        • robert harrison says:

          I know Englands double standards all to well half the problem is the media its self with its English supremacist propaganda as they stoked the fire at the beginning of the group stages as the aston villa player Tyrone pointed out to patel on twitter and who allo1wed the tories crap to come out the media.

    • Malcolm Pate says:

      They are trying to play it down Dr. Jim as they are trying to get the next World cup

  17. Terry Harrop says:

    Mass Hysteria…Media Hype…etc etc…but I am not talking about Euro 2020. I am talking about Argentina 1978, when the Scotland Team, before they had even kicked a ball, before they had even got on the plane, had an open top parade inside a packed National Stadium, with Fans banners stating “We came we saw we conquered” and the official Scotland Song with these lyrics

    We’re on the march with Ally’s Army
    We’re going to the Argentine
    And we’ll really shake them up
    When we win the World Cup
    ‘Cause Scotland are the greatest football team
    When we reach the Argentine we’re really gonna show
    The world a brand of football that they could never know
    We’re representing Britain; we’ve got to do or die
    For England cannae dae it ’cause they didnae qualify

    Null Points for Grace in Defeat!!!!

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yeah you’re absolutely right Scotland has no right ever to get above its status as an English colony, how very dare we have a sense of humour when we sang that song, which btw not one Scottish soul took seriously) written by a mental Rangers supporter who to this day still doffs his cap and tugs his forelock to English superiority out of religious sectarianism and bias, and I should know I gave him his first job, he was crap then and he still is, now take a guess

      Scotland also never had the nerve or audacity to claim that which England does that somehow *football would be coming home* to England when the game was actually invented in Scotland and the original league system was designed around the Scottish clans playing one another, but then again we’re kinda used to England claiming all sorts of things that originally had nothing to do with them but were stolen from other peoples

      Not since the Greeks has any country given so much to the world as Scotland (Jacob Rees Mogg)

      • Golfnut says:

        Actually he’s wrong, Scotland’s mass hysteria and hype wasn’t rammed down English throats 24 hrs a day the way Scotland and Wales have over the last few weeks, a media controlled by England, for England and if you didn’t like it, too bad and you must be a racist for not supporting England. Nothing like 1978 at all.

  18. Dr Jim says:

    Looks like Torycrat Alex Cole Scuttle is the shoo in to replace the last Liberal Torycrat who strangely enough all the Rangers trolls on the FMs twitter have decided that she bullied him out of office, who knew those folk were the slightest bit interested in who the leader of the Liberal Torycrats is or even was, and that they’d even heard of him, just goes to show any Unionist politician is a great guy for that lot

    • malkymcblain says:

      Ahem! They are not all mad royalist unionists. In fact some estimates put it at 40% plus want to see an independent Scotland. Why is Lanarkshire and Glasgow and large chunks of the west of Scotland dominated by SNP MP’s and MSP’s when these populations are over represented by Rangers supporting families. Someone is voting SNP in those places and I’m sure the majority are Rangers supporters.

  19. James Mills says:

    ”The majority of Britons were incredibly proud of all of our players ” says Labour’s Angela Rayner on Channel 4 News .

    She was asked ”What the abuse ( of the England players ) said about the kind of country we live in .

    She is the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party yet does not appear to know the difference between Britons and English when she is being questioned about the abuse of England players by English ‘fans’ .
    Is it any wonder that more and more of the people in the three OTHER countries that make up the ”Awesome Foursome ” ( to quote an idiot racist currently lodging in No 10 ) are sick to death of this Union !

    • Dr Jim says:

      You know what’s funny? 4 of the England players are actually Irish, one even played originally for Ireland

  20. Hamish100 says:

    Sad they didn’t want to play for Ireland

  21. Hamish100 says:

    If Cole hyphen Hamilton gets the Lib Dem’s job it would be more honest to join with the tories and be done with the pretence.

    • Dr Jim says:

      That would embarrass the Shetlands who pretend not to be Tories

    • Rennie read his resignation speech falteringly, from a Fife hillside.
      He couldn’t even
      Claiming his great successes(none, actually) as ‘leader’.
      The principle reason he has handed it over to Cole-Scuttle is that he will no longer be able to get up on his pins at FMQ, smile that gap toothed silly grin, and scream about kids’ mental health, ‘better schools’, and how ‘transformational’ LD policies would be if they ever got to hold Scotland fast to his English Masters in London.

      When Osborne introduced the austerity Package that kick started 10 years of savage cuts to public spending, slashing Welfare Provision, cutting 100’s of public service jobs and freezing UCS, the twwo Child Cap, and the Rape Clause, Rennie hailed this as a ‘great success on the floor of Holyrood.

      This little Nobody has presided over the end of the Yellow Tories in Scotland.

      There will follow a serialised ‘My Life an Times’ in the Hootsman, no doubt.
      Close the door behind you.

  22. Brian Handy says:

    As a Scot living in Canada for 47 years, I just love your Blog. Keep them all and wouldn’t miss it.

    Thanks for intelligent writing.

  23. Capella says:

    It is indeed a great relief that England lost to Italy last night and saved us decades of boasting. The Italian cousins are delighted and rightly so.
    But I do feel sorry for Gary Southgate and the players who did well to get to the final, albeit with some advantages.

    I agree that the media and the PM and his cabal are such a liability in the UK that getting free of their nasty ideology is imperative. The spectacle of boorish English nationalists kicking and punching Italian fans and trashing Leicester Square are a stark reminder of the end result of the brand of fascism that passes for English Toryism now.
    Karl Marx once said, “The ruling values are the values of the ruling class”. That’s what we witnessed last night.

    • Dr Jim says:

      You’re right Capella it’s not the players or the manager, they’re just doing the job they’re paid to do, sport, it’s the use their results and existence are put to as some sort of mighty holy gladiators waging wars against all of England’s foes

  24. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Petra: You must have seen this coming! (See previous thread.)

    London flooding: Travel chaos for commuters as roads and stations closed after ‘hour-long deluge’

    (Yep, must’ve been all that water created by the Celts … PMSL!)

    • Dr Jim says:

      We crept round every back alley, every dark place and assisted the great flood following our large beer consumption

      Payback!! you have to laugh

  25. The bloated, narcissistic relic of St George was slain by an Azzurri Dragon and our sighs of relief will fill our Indy sails.
    It only goes to show how horrible it would be to be part of a team GB football team. So if that concept is unbearable, just think how damaging it has been for Scotland and Wales to be part of “team UK” all these years. It’s always been England first and Britain second. Scotland and Wales have to suck it up and be grateful, “you f**king sheep staggers!”
    I don’t mind my English neighbours. I just don’t want to listen to their bollocks every day.

  26. Capella says:

    I hope Welsh Sion is listening to R4 atm. They are discussing the Union – for a season – and today it is about the joyous union of Wales and England.

    • Dr Jim says:

      We mustn’t worry about Wales, for the history of the Welsh is written in every film ever made with Welsh people in them, no matter what happens, no matter the adversity, no matter the sadness the Welsh people will just begin singing and all will be well isn’t it !

      Like the films portraying Scots who’ll just reach for a whisky bottle (preferably one we’ve stolen) and drink ourselves to happy oblivion while chattering in our quaint funny accents (usually done by English or American actors) and looking wistfully into the distance at invisible hills, och aye the noo !

      We’re a well known habitual bunch of lesser mortals us colonials, everybody knows that

      • Capella says:

        There’s going to be a whole season of this patronising fodder. If anyone is suffering from low blood pressure I can recommend listening again. I imagine Michael Gove’s Union Unit insisted the BBC produce something – anything – to show the natives how lucky we are to have England’s stewardship over all our resources and levers of power and instruments of state.

  27. Hamish100 says:

    I do hope the National moves on from its self congratulation over its front page last week re the euro’s.
    Move on guys the jokes spent. Independence is still under attack.

    • Dr Jim says:

      My problem with the National is that it allows the comments section to be flooded by lunatic Abla supporters and deliberate subversives spouting misinformation and incoherent ramblings of their definite facts that are total nonsense in the hope of undermining the Scottish government, it’s beginning to turn into a Wings like comments section full of wild accusations conspiracies and frankly just rubbish

      • Col says:

        They shouldn’t let Alba voters have a say.

      • Hamish100 says:

        The Sunday National is much better I feel as a good read as opposed to the Daily. Reading news from the night before on the web is never a good sign.
        I think having a subscription then seeing it already posted.

  28. Capella says:

    Sean Clerkin’s allegations about NP finances have now been elevated to a formal police investigation. Apparently a few people lodged complaints.

    “Police Scotland has now received seven complaints in relation to donations that were made to the Scottish National Party.

    “After assessment and consultation with the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, we will now carry out an investigation.

    • Dr Jim says:

      If only these folk were as interested in what Westminster is actually doing to Scotland instead of witch hunting for the sake of subversion, it’s not politics, it’s not about what’s right or wrong, it’s not even about who’s telling the truth about what, it’s about one thing and one thing only, an attempt to bring down Nicola Sturgeon so the demanders can get on with their real agenda of Devo Max for the next fifty years, but at least they might get power eh, so that’s damn great isn’t it

      We know what they’re up to and we know who they are, any minute we’ll see the arch clown from Bath after his enforced silence popping up as an adviser to the real Devo Max for years Independence party maybe later in a while maybe never

      I can never reach that top button at the back of my head

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Sean Clerkin – the Adam Busby ofour time (aka Her Majesty’s loyalist subject).

  29. Hamish100 says:

    Isn’t a donation just that, a donation.

    As opposed to buying a good or service?

    If I were a member of ALBA or the Labour Party, can I get my money back for not being in power or not coming 2nd in an election.?

    Mr Clerkin should let us see what other donations he has made and what has been delivered.

    Seems to be a concerted attack by some ex members or even non members?

    Do I have a claim if I resigned from a party. I wouldn’t have thought so? Can I get my donations back from Scot goes Pop, wings, WGD, UNICEF…..?

    • Dr Jim says:

      And as if by magic Wings pops up to begin again

      Who said it wasn’t predictable

    • grizebard says:

      Well said. I would quite like to have my last donation back from Stu Campbell. I feel absolutely cheated by him. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

      • Hamish100 says:

        Me also, but I’m still blocked. Unionist trolls are welcomed still.
        It’s almost like a badge of honour!

  30. James Mills says:

    SNP ‘donations’ being investigated . Good , then when the Police have finished this organised distraction they can investigate the real criminality that surrounds the Dark Money donations to the Tories !

  31. John Fitzpatrick says:

    The fact that so many Scots actually go out of their way not to support England highlights how ridiculous we are as a people. It´s as though we see ourselves only in the shadow of our neighbor. I didn´t want them to win either but I didn´t set off fireworks or wave an Italian flag. “The National” front page lead stories were pitiful – dubbing Mancini “Roberto the Bruce” and calling for him to be made an “honorary” Scot. Talk about cringe.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      You don’t understand football rivalry.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Also perhaps the National like others have worked out that in order to achieve Independence more quickly aggravating the population of England isn’t that bad a way of increasing their desire to get rid of Scotland while at the same time giving our friends in Europe a laugh while simultaneously reminding them we’d rather be mates with them than the lunatics in England who voted to put Scotland in this Brexit situation that we didn’t vote for and we don’t like

    • grizebard says:

      (BTW, what’s with the American spelling…? Opining from a safe distance, perhaps…?)

      • Alec Lomax says:


        • grizebard says:

          Sorry but just in case you mistook it (check the indenting!), my previous comment wasn’t a response to yours, it just happened to follow it.

  32. Hamish100 says:

    Are you in the USA ? Why, it is just that your spelling is not standard English?


  33. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland’s First Minister in her Covid update to Parliament uses diplomatic language to give description to English Prime Minister Johnson akin to the adjective in Scotland pertaining to a *lady part* or a newborn baby in a popular Irn Bru advert, and she did it three times making him three times a *lady part*

  34. Dr Jim says:

    Folk considering a NO to Independence vote should be aware that NO doesn’t mean status quo, a NO vote will be interpreted as a YES to everything the Tories intend to do in the future, a NO vote gives Westminster carte blanche to say Scotland has confidence in Boris Johnson and the Tories

    Labour in England are just as finished as they are in Scotland now, there’s as much chance of Labour winning an election in England in the next ten years as a Willie Rennie prediction coming true, UK politics is over and done all that’s left is them and us politics and we’d better be on the side of us or we’re done for

  35. grizebard says:

    Caught up with today’s Covid update, and while I believe the SG is being far too precipitate in continuing to relax preventative social measures whilst too many remain incompletely vaccinated, mercifully at least it isn’t indulging in BoZo the Clown’s full-on “herd immunity” public experiment.

    But to have DRoss ever-so-earnestly publicly criticise the SG for “failures” on matters such a “Long Covid” while his puppet master lets everything rip down south is a level of hypocrisy that is a feat even for him. How anyone can take this duplicitous self-serving muppet seriously (except the Jockistani media) is a mystery to me.

  36. Welsh_Siôn says:

    What’s all this then?

    Today’s Telegraph, no less:

    Scotland can hold independence referendum without Westminster’s consent, secret email contends

    Georgina Hayes

    Tue, 13 July 2021, 3:14 pm

    The Scottish Parliament has the power to hold an independence referendum without Westminster’s consent, according to a previously secret UK government email revealed on Tuesday.

    Correspondence released by the National Archives shows a message written by Tony Blair’s special adviser on Scotland just hours before his government released its devolution plans.


    • Statgeek says:

      “A couple of very worried Scottish MPs have rung me about this. It scares them a great deal that such a referendum could take place.”

      They fear democracy? Pathetic excuses for politicians, aren’t they?

  37. Hamish100 says:

    So the bbc Smith, is on the tele raising the issue of the 7 who complained to the police re the snp.

    Who needs enemies when the underminers are around.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      As eny fule kno, I’ve been away recently.

      I caught a few posts referring to said Smith as “HMS Sarah Smith”. Surely not “Her Majesty’s Ship” – though I’m reliably informed that both are copper bottomed.

      Explanations sought with thanks.

      (And no – I gave Radio 4 a wide berth (again naval metaphors) this morning. As it was the Beeb and the Presenter that friend of Wales and devolution, Cal me a banana Hislop, I gave it a miss.)

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Guilty m’lud..
        I frequently refer to the BBC Scotland as HMS Sarah Smith since any doubts they were acting on behalf of the State have been removed of late.

        Being anti-SNP or anti-Indy could always be attributed to the personal view of the individuals involved, but the lurch to generating a string of diversion articles which sole beneficiary is #10 is blatant propaganda on behalf of London.

        I have no information on the lady’s hull, but her brass neck is fairly obvious.

    • Dr Jim says:

      They move amongst us pretending to be us

  38. Alex Clark says:

    Malcontents, who are without a plan as to how Independence will be won without the SNP at the helm, so complaining a lot about the SNP leadership is the only outlet available for their frustration.

    That will get them nowhere of course and does absolutely nothing to increase support for Independence but it might help them feel a bit better about the choices they’ve made.

    • grizebard says:

      I don’t think their current actions do make them feel any better. Having had their hopes dashed at the last election, I believe the real target for their frustration and animosity – currently projected by transference and more than a little jealousy at the SNP – is in fact the people of Scotland, who have steadfastly refused to underwrite their wannabe-populist fourth-rate alternative. Just as we predicted the voters would, but the dissenters {ahem} “knew better”.

      Well, they know better now. Their problem is that they just can’t accept the situation, not least perhaps since they have very obviously no viable way out on offer. “Interim Devo Max”? {raucous laugh} Their only response, besides vile dog-in-manger backstabbing of the indy movement in ultimate service (ironically) of the Union, is denial. You won’t find a single one of them who is willing to publicly admit that they have a giant popularity problem, which is, after all, the sine-qua-non of a supposedly populist pretender.

      • Hamish100 says:

        Still on the day of better news bbc still has to undermine the FM Minister.
        All the coincidences of bad news lined up in a row.
        You would almost think it is deliberate.

  39. Dr Jim says:

    The very clever (in his own mind) Tory MP Andrew Bowie just said he cares just as much about the people in Aldershot as he does about the people in Aberdeen

    I wonder if he cleared that statement with his constituents and maybe he should stand for election in Aldershot and see if the people in England care as much about him

    • Capella says:

      He’s actually the MP for Aberdeenshire West and Kincardine. My MP 😬. But I don’t care for him at all, just like the people of Aberdeen and Aldershot.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      The local fisherman probably don’t care much for him. He’s not the brightest of bulbs.

  40. Capella says:

    Jonathan Pie on English Football.

  41. Capella says:

  42. malkymcblain says:

    Pie says it all…again!

  43. Bob Lamont says:

    From Indyref2 this morning, a frankly stunning clip of a video newspiece from India on THAT football final, a few flaws but…

    • Can you imagine Sally Magnusson fronting this piece?
      We are surely on the brink now.
      The six Blue Tory Uncle Jocks voted to reduce international aid, to starve more of their former colonial ‘children’ to death, in the name of ‘austerity’.
      Some may recall Duguid on Brewer’s Sunday Programme pooh poohing the disaster that was about to unleash itself on Scotland. He mused that there might be some ‘bumps’ when we may find it a problem getting our favourite shapes of pasta, but that was all; and Brewer(where is he now?) nodded, since he was sure that leaving the EU would return a ‘shedload of powers’ to the Holyrood Government.
      Then UKIM happened and we are to chew on Australian ranch steroid beef and Canadian pollock.
      Six MPs of a Government for which we Scots resoundingly have not voted during the lifetime of most Scots hold us fast as a colony of England…there is a name for such people.
      May I live long enough to witness these evil ‘capitalism and greed’ individuals driven from public office in Free Scotland.
      They are beneath contempt.
      The big plus from Euro 2020?
      The English now see themselves as English, binning the con of Britishness.

    • Capella says:

      Those scenes were circulating on social media which prompted my comment above on fascism. This is what it looks like. The Bullingdon Boy government in London endorses it.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      It’s not the scenes I found surprising (in fact the contrary) but the manner in which the Empire and England of today were torn to ribbons on air… Per Jack’s observation “Can you imagine Sally Magnusson fronting this piece?”, I would add every presenter on UK media.

  44. Dr Jim says:

    In the light of some of these videos surfacing showing the truth of what England is we immediately see how the protection of the BBC and others involving themselves in the suppression of events swings into action, BBC radio Scotland this very morning employs one of their oldest tactics by hosting a phone using the strategy *the people are confused*, this always follows Scotland’s First Ministers briefing on Covid and has absolutely zero to do with information even though they will have an expert on the programme to translate the *confusion* into manageable chunks of information to be more easily understood by the electorate

    The BBC do this not to inform but to deliberately invite opposition to the FM and government to use this opportunity to make political or business complaints about the so called *confusion* or *mixed messages* that the BBC constantly tell the public there is, yes there is confusion, because all day long the media keep telling us there is and we must listen to them in order to be informed (by those who are opposed)

    Psychological trauma has been inflicted on Scotland during the entire pandemic and the main culprit in its eagerness to protect the British state has been the BBC undermining all messaging by the Scottish government by constantly naming it *confusing* is and has been damaging, and so damaging has this been that the general public do become confused as day after day the only people they can depend upon for the facts (the Scottish government) is sidelined so far back in the mix that the correct messaging becomes non existent

    What day is the FM going to be on TV? which channel will that be? what time is it happening? how do we access the information we need straight from the top? well the BBC has managed to bury most of that by switching their coverage from channel 9 to BBC 1 or maybe it might be BBC 2 at 12,15pm or or 2.30pm who in the hell knows? but if you do really really want to know what’s happening in Scotland you better have a computer handy and tune into that because unlike the great British England Prime Minister who just opens his mouth and says “put me on the telly” and Boom! it’s at least 3 channels at the one time and sometimes even 4

    The First Minister of Scotland who’s political party most of us in Scotland voted for and are the actual governing party of the country cannot have access to the National Broadcaster that we the taxpayer pay for in order to impart information to the electorate because that broadcasters instructions from England are to keep the electorate *confused* and uninformed in order to make that broadcasters efforts at creating that confusion easier

    Psychological warfare being waged in Scotland against the people by the government of England using the media just as it has always been used, to create disinformation and confusion

    • bringiton says:

      Yes,quite noticeable that the English based political parties and the English state broadcaster joined forces in an attempt to get our FM off the TV before the Scottish elections.
      Hopefully the pandemic is now in retreat and the message from the SG is less critical for our health,although still very important.
      When the public service broadcaster is seen to put politics before public health then it is time for them to go.
      That goes for the English based political parties currently operating in Scotland as well.

  45. Capella says:

    Happy Bastille Day everyone, and hope our French cousins enjoy their celebrations.

  46. James Mills says:

    I see the ‘Scottish’ Labour MSPs like Paul Sweeney ( failed Westminster MP then parachuted into Holyrood – don’t you just love democracy !) have been whipping up concerns that many services run by Glasgow Life ( Libraries , museums etc… ) have not re-opened after Lockdown and are attempting to make it an SNP Baaaaad story .

    Glasgow Life is an at arms-length organisation , set up by then Glasgow Labour Council in 2007 with Dr Bridget McConnell as the highly paid CEO .

    Dr McConnell is the wife of Lord Jack of the same name former FM and former Glasgow Council Labour Chief , councillor Frank McAveety is also on the board of Glasgow Life .( that was the Labour Council which fought tooth and nail against equal pay for its female workers ! )

    Perhaps the Labour MSPs should be approaching their political compatriots and asking them ”What the F*ck ! ”
    Or does being connected to the Labour Party absolve one from any responsibility in decision making ?
    For as Johann Lamont attested ” Scots are not genetically programmed to make political decisions .”

    • grizebard says:

      Glasgow Life was one of the many ALEOs (Arms’ Length External Organisations) established by Labour in Scotland in anticipation of loss of control of local councils following the introduction of electoral reform, so that party apparatchiks could in effect stay in place and in control even if – as they anticipated – they were voted out of their cozy little Stalinist fiefdoms by the public at large. There may also have been some El Gordo PFI-style responsibility-shedding mentality involved.

      I recall they and their inbuilt lack of public accountability were a particular source of ire for Alasdair Gray while he was still with us.

      It seems that of late SNP-led Glasgow Council has been re-absorbing at least some of these ALEOS to the evident approval of unions who resented the loss of employee rights that typically came with the establishment of these bodies, so it’s all the more odd that Labour Party placemen like Sweeney would be attacking their own creatures like this now.

      But then coherence within the NorthBritLab ranks has never exactly been a salient feature, and in their flailing desperation they evidently will grab at any stick with which to try to beat the SNP, given local elections are approaching next year.

      I suppose we can expect more of this kind of trash behaviour from them in the months to come, not least in Glasgow where no doubt the BBC will constantly fail to remind voters that the city’s current financial woes were largely caused by the former Labour administration’s dastardly mistreatment of its female employees.

  47. Dr Jim says:

    Closing local libraries is always a huge political issue until you ask people when the last time was they visited one and the answer usually is when they needed something printed because they don’t have a printer
    If you’re a student you might visit a city centre big library because you’re meeting your friends there before deciding which coffee shop you’re going to, or maybe to sit with your laptop somewhere quiet to send your emails, but really it might be time to change the name of libraries to *book repository* a place where history or reference books live as opposed to them actually being borrowed and read

    The modern computer world with libraries at your fingertips has overtaken the houses where books live and nostalgia over remembering the few times most folk ever used them won’t prevent their demise

    We always liked the buildings though and I guess we can keep them by making them soft play areas for kids with some books in the corner next to the online gaming screens

    It’s a hard fast changing world………computer off…….beep!

  48. Alec Lomax says:

    The Graun describes Sean Clerkin as a ‘pro-independence activist’. Bless !

  49. Hamish100 says:

    And yet he links up with the tories and the other unionists.

  50. Dr Jim says:

    Tasmina Ahmed Sheik writes in the National newspaper complaining that Scotland isn’t New Zealand and it’s Nicola Sturgeons fault

    Maybe Tasmina should complain about Alex Salmond’s inability to secure Independence in 2014 because enough people didn’t vote for it and that’s why Scotland is not New Zealand, apart from the obvious geographical constitutional and logistical differences she was unable to think of in this ridiculous attack on the SNP

    These Abla folk are a pathetic nuisance waste of space, and why the National accords them any relevance is maybe something we should complain about to them, after all the National doesn’t print anything by Willie Rennie and he got more votes than the Abla party

    • grizebard says:

      There would appear to be political reasons why The National affords the Albanistas so much space, but alas it’s only peripherally to do with independence. You would think it would be to its commercial advantage to be “AUOB”, but unfortunately it seems to prefer to appeal to only a limited political spectrum, most of whose adherents make way more noise than their support in the country warrants. (As every election proves, much to their frustration.) Yet it’s another part of the electorate entirely that needs convincing for indy. Given the overtly partisan BritNat allegiance of the rest of the print media, one self-destructive self-referential bubble will never hack it.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Given his Labour credentials Mark Drakeford always seems a reasonable and pragmatic man to admit whatever democracy dictates should happen then so be it even though he may wish it different, pretty much the *Mark* of a decent leader (pardon the pun)

      • Bob Lamont says:

        I’m inclined to think of Drakeford as the last of the old Labour breed so sadly missed in Scotland and England in the last several decades.

  51. Capella says:

    Stuart Cosgrove, who makes football reporting bearable, has some scathing comments on the biased BBC and ITV reporting of the Euros 2020. He knows whereof he speaks, being a Tv producer himself with the ability to change to paltry offering for Scotland.

    Stuart Cosgrove: London media’s shameless Euro 2020 failure must be its last
    The National:

  52. Alex Clark says:

    According to one of not so Priti Patel’s minions in the Home Office, Scotland would need to build a “great wall of Gretna” at the border if Scotland becomes Independent.

    Speaking to journalists during his visit to Linlithgow and other parts of the country, Mr Foster said: “If they wanted Scotland to join Schengen that does mean a hard border, it means building a great wall of Gretna.”

    Rather than “debating the philosophical future” of the country with another independence referendum – something the SNP wants to hold before the next Holyrood election – Mr Foster said Scotland’s governing party should be “getting on with the day job” of dealing with coronavirus and the recovery from the pandemic.

    More from them about “getting on with the day job”. I reckon they have run out of spin.

    • Capella says:

      Well it didn’t take long to debunk Mr Foster – from The National:

      A LEADING European expert has denounced Tory “scaremongering” after a minister alleged an independent Scotland would need to build a “great wall of Gretna” if it joined the EU.

      Dr Kirsty Hughes, as well as the SNP, hit back at Home Office minister Kevin Foster, who made the claim as he came north for a visit.

      He’ll have to get up a bit earlier in the morning if he wants to fool us.

      • grizebard says:

        Unfortunately, it’s not us he needs to fool. Will (the very moderate) Dr. Hughes get an airing on Reporting Scotland or the functionally-useless BBC Jockland ghetto tonight, do you think…?

    • Dr Jim says:

      I’ve got some bricks wid and nails an I’m ready to start building anytime they like, plus just think of all the new jobs created with our very own border security officers preventing mad cow disease and swine flu entering our country, what about all those heroin dealers travelling up from London to Aberdeen and forcing their way into old biddies houses to do their dirty dealings, we could stop some of them at our border because Johnsons Tories do nothing about that, every other normal country has border checks and control, isn’t that what the Boris Johnsons Tories promised everybody *take back control* so they could keep folk out, well Scotland could *take back control* to let folk in, like the European Union for example

      One border with England giving us back no borders with the 27 countries of the EU is a very good deal and I’ll take that in a heartbeat and I’d put money on the fishermen and farmers backing that to the hilt

      Oh and when the English come up to Scotland we can just give them 95 pence for their £ like they used to do to us when we went south with our money, arrogant Bastirts

      • ArtyHetty says:

        I’d help build the ‘wall’ as well…no offence to my (anti SNP, BBC Ch4, Graun reading) English pals and family, but, a wall would be perfectly KO with me.

  53. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Off topic

    Congrats to our very own Mark Russell for having his letter published in today’s Guardian. 🙂

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