The big move

The big move is finally happening. On Friday 29 January we need to vacate this flat. For various reasons I won’t bore you with we probably won’t get access to the new house in South Ayrshire until the following week. In the interim all our stuff will be going into storage and Peter and I are going to stay in a friend’s flat near Balloch until we get access to the new place.

Right now we need to finish packing and everything here in the flat is pretty chaotic as you might imagine, all the more so since I am still quite far from operating on all cylinders. I am currently at that stage in the house moving process when I remember why it is that every time I move house I swear that I’m never going to do it again.

When we do get into the new place we will have to unpack and get ourselves settled and it is likely to take a wee while until we can get broadband connected.

Given everything that’s going on there won’t be any updates to the blog for the next couple of weeks. But you can rest assured that normal blogging service will be resumed as soon as possible. I have no doubt that in the meantime you’re all more than capable of keeping yourselves amused in the comments section. However please don’t indulge in petty name calling,don’t subject others you disagree with to personal insults, and always remember the golden rule of commenting on this blog – if your comment is not going to help persuade a soft no voter or an undecided of the need for Scottish independence, then please think again about whether you really need to make it.

I’ll be back in a few weeks, coming to you from South Ayrshire!

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1,733 comments on “The big move

  1. Dr Jim says:

    I see drunky Lord Ffffoukes is demanding Scotland’s FM is removed from the Telly…..again….. for the fourth time, apparently she’s too popular and she’s doing it deliberately, y’see it puts the three British Unionist opposition parties the British government and the entire British media at a disadvantage

    Maybe they’ll voice her over with an actor like they did with Gerry Adams Irish opposition to Britishness in the 70s so people can’t hear her, or they might pixilate her image so people can’t see her because apparently the very sight and sound of the FM inflames the people of Scotland into the burning desire for Independence even when she isn’t talking about it

    It looks like all they’ve got left is to send Redcoats with bayonets to remind us of how much we love them, so plan A again

    • Pogmothon says:

      Dinny Fash yursel,
      Fuckes and all his other cronies in hol are just desperate to keep their snouts in the gravy trough.
      Honestly can you see England having foreign nationals in their government after Scotland reaffirms its status as an independent nation ???

  2. Clydebuilt says:

    I’m having trouble accessing this site. . . . It’s as if it’s a memory problem on this device or a download issue. . . Plus typing is delayed. . . . Non of this occurs on other sites.

    • Alex Clark says:

      It’s likely a consequence of having close to 1400 comments including many videos and other media. It takes a while for the page to load for me also.

  3. Dr Jim says:

    Kevin McKenna thinks the Scottish press should get money from the Scottish government rather than being spent on public services in the highlands

    Aye McKenna’s onto a winner with that view alright, I reckon most folk would be happy with more public toilets so they could wipe their Arses with Scottish newspapers, although nice soft three ply with lavender would be nicer in some new shiny facilities

    Scottish press should cut out the middle man and send their papers directly to the pet shops

  4. Tatu3 says:

    Not that I believed he was ever serious, he seems to have changed his mind on a Wings Party – realised he hasn’t got the support maybe 😊

    • Dr Jim says:

      They say the truth will set you free but in his case and others possibly the opposite

    • grizebard says:

      No doubt unwilling to put his now-diminishing funding where his mouth used to be.

      But whatever the inherent worth of his strategy, he fatally undermined it from the get-go by thoroughly trashing all mutual trust with the SNP (and thus its voters). A bridge truly burnt to ashes when his followers began insisting they wouldn’t even vote SNP in the constituencies. He has talents, but being a strategist or politician aren’t among them.

      No doubt he’ll shortly be publicly conceding to JK of SGP that the latter grasped the reality far better. {naughty grin}

    • Alec Lomax says:

      He’s currently praising Jackie Baillie and the Baroness on his site.

    • Clydebuilt says:

      That link has an error. . . . The three letters preceding “independence” should be replaced with . . Anti . . .

  5. Tam the Bam says:

    Anyone seen Petra ?
    I’m aware she suffered a bereavement recently so she maybe should take a wee break before returning to the fray.
    You take your time Petra….we’re all here if you need a wee blether.x

    • Alex Clark says:

      I wonder how many of the 4 nations will have fully hit their targets by 15th Feb?

      • Legerwood says:

        From the item on the BBC 6 o’clock news about the low level of vaccination of staff in care homes in England then at least one nation may not.

        Furthermore the news on Monday that over 70s in England should now book their own appointment online may further reduce uptake and lead to missed targets. People are more likely to respond to an appointment letter than having to arrange their own appointment. To say nothing of the likely problems with a dodgy IT booking system as they found with the booking system for tests.

        Then there is the issue of care home residents in England. Goodness knows how that is going.

        But will the real figures ever emerge?

        • Alex Clark says:

          I think we both are of the same mind, going from previous experience (all residents in care homes have been “offered” the vaccine”) the figures will be fudged regardless to show that targets have been met.

          • Legerwood says:

            Yes, ‘offered’ but another word appeared about 10 days ago – ‘eligible’. Vaccinations in ‘eligible’residents in ‘eligible’ care homes almost complete. A chilling word. What are the ‘eligibility’ criteria? Was this use of language to hide the fact that vaccinators/GPs did not go into care homes that had positive cases? How many Care Homes were excluded using this measure? How many residents and staff?

            It stinks.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Agreed Alex, read a post somewhere on Scotland v England care home deaths for the last few months and was aghast at what has been unfolding in England the last few months, through to the end of January it was on an rapid upward trajectory.

          Long though I’d hoped folks in England would waken up from their media and Johnson induced hypnosis, it seems this tragedy will only get worse, and none will be screaming for heads to roll. HMG’s latest squirrel is clear on the BBC’s UK, Scotland and Scotland/Politics pages, part umpteenth of the FM ministerial code bunkum with the pantomime Baronless fully coordinated and rehearsed.

          There are jail cells with prisoners in the Hague with lesser death tolls than these criminals in charge of the UK, and odds on they’ll get away with it handsomely rewarded.

        • ArtyHetty says:

          Also can you imagine an older person (and there are no doubt a very many at the moment), living on their own, 70’s and older, somehow accessing info and booking the jag and somehow getting to the place which could be miles away, in winter…
          The EngGov really are determined to kill off a few older folks…not to mention those with demetia etc…it all seems a bit uncaring, (understatement) very sad and you can bet if the over 70’s had to do that to get a jag in Scotland there would again be calls from the media and the EngGov for the FM and J.Freeman to resign without delay and my unionist older neighbours would be out with pitch folks I am sure!!!

  6. Golfnut says:

    Utter disgust doesn’t do justice to my feelings regards Davidson this day in Parliament. An inept presiding officer allowed Davidson from the safety of Parliamentary immunity to launch what can only be described as a slanderous attack on the FM and her husband.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Agreed, she was disgusting and Baillie was just as bad, they have nothing else. They’re going to struggle to come up with a plan B of attack once this is done and dusted.

      • Golfnut says:

        Just added comment and link regards Baillie, I can’t see how the inquiry can go ahead now,leaving the allegations hanging like a bad smell over the FM, Baillie did this deliberately.

  7. Golfnut says:

    1 million vaccinations and this is what they bring to Scotland’s Parliament. This is worth a read, Baillie has scuppered, deliberately in my opinion, the inquiry. I hope, so hope, this ends up in court.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The FM is not under investigation by this inquiry, only the conduct of the Scottish government and by that I refer to those who investigated the allegations af=gainst Alex Salmond and totally screwed it up. The FM had no part in that.

      There is a separate inquiry as to whether the FM may have broken the ministerial code, an inquiry that she herself instigated in order that she face full scrutiny.

      No matter the results of either inquiry there will always be those that aim to cast doubt but as far as I have seen there is absolutely no substance to any of the allegations against the FM and I fully expect the inquiries, both of them to come to the same conclusion. The FM is not on trial here despite the opposition’s attempts to make it so.

      They are beneath contempt.

      • Golfnut says:

        Baillie is one of the inquiry members, with one of the sitting members so blatantly prejudiced against the FM, the inquiry can now only be abonandoned, possibly to be reconvened with completely new members. Meanwhile the media gets to work on Nicola.

        • Alex Clark says:

          Jackie Baillie, Alex Cole-Hamilton and Murdo Fraser are all “blatantly prejudiced against the FM” and that has been clear as day since the beginning of this inquiry. It’s their job, they want to get one over the SNP and in particular, the FM so why be surprised?

          There is absolutely zero chance of the inquiry being abandoned and the only people that would welcome that are the conspiracy theorist who wish to keep the campaign to undermine Nicola Sturgeon going.

          It’s simply not going to happen but that still won’t shut them up.

        • And the Hon Sarah Smith and Glen Campbell fronted smear jobs last night featuring Murdo 7 times a loser, Fraser accusing the FM with no effort at balance.
          By Christos, they know that the end is nigh.
          We have won before a vote cast.
          McKenzie, Macwhirter, and the rest of the old We Love Alex Gang have gone over to the Dark Side too.

          They are a dying breed and determined to take as many with them as possible.
          I repeat. Millions of us don’t give a toss about this Sex pest nonsense.
          We are voting for Freedom, not Nicola Sturgeon.
          That the Presiding Officer allowed the disgraceful behaviour of these two terrible women today says it all. He is quitting in May, probably to be welcomed back in to the fold at plantation Quay, as reward for his efforts to muffle the Voice of the People.
          It can’t be long before these Rags run out of even Dark Money, and fold up in Scotland.

      • What today’s disgusting show trial at Holyrood, demonstrated was that they know that they have lost Scotland.
        Nobody is listening to them any more.
        Baillie and Davidson are affronts to democracy.

        They don’t give a damn about Scotland and its people.
        Well, we are listening to every word and hysteric lie.
        Tick tock.

  8. Dr Jim says:

    The public have got this pretty well worked out now and not that they particularly care that much about the case they know who the liars are and they know it’s not the First Minister

    All they have is speculation fabrication and accusation and they can’t present that as evidence under oath or they’re back in court and this time they lose, you don’t get immunity from lying in evidential hearings or Scottish courts this isn’t an American LA LAW show where you get to make speeches without the inclusion of corroboration

    If you listened very carefully today to the FM she challenged them to bring it on knowing that if they do they have to lie to make their case then the law lowers the boom and it’s back to court you go for criminal trial on the same charges you got lucky with the last time

    They have to go with smear and more smear and leave it to the newspapers to get their hands dirty on this and hope they’ve done enough to put a few SNP voters off, but I doubt it

    • Alex Clark says:

      I listened very carefully today as well to what the FM said, she for one believes that she has not committed any of the “heinous crimes” of which she is being accused and that’s from both camps who each accuse her of doing the opposite of which the other accuses.

      She has no fear of standing up to her accusers and telling them to their faces her side of the story and in fact, she urged them to use their power to get others with anything to say to also give evidence to this inquiry. I hope they do exactly that and get everything out in the open.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      With BBC pushing the “ministerial code breach” line on the UK, Scotland, and Scotland/Politics sites simultaneously, it removes any doubt the Baronless’s “performance was carefully crafted, choreographed and coordinated.
      I’ve no opinion as yet as to who did what to whom or when or why in this long milked soap opera, but it’s very clear to me the strenuous efforts being put into damaging SG has a solitary commonality, damaging independence support.

      • Golfnut says:

        We need to make sure it doesn’t

      • Stephen McKenzie says:

        Bob: As a slight aside, I was very impressed with Keith Browns replies to the UK BBC 1 interviews about 16:30 or so today just before BOJO’s Covid briefing at 17:00.

        As usual, the BBC chap led with the spurious story “why was Scotland so slow with is vaccination programme falling so far behind the rest of the UK, plus only 10,000 vaccinations done on a Sunday, so what went wrong”?

        Keith batted it all aside, explained the rationale used, the percentages now of the most at risk vaccinated and the fact that per head of population Scotland was now exceeding England, even with the snow.

        That was just not what the BBC man wanted to hear, especially just before BOJO’s daily briefing as the rest of the UK was listening into this and the running down of the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon was not quite going to plan!

  9. This is interesting
    In the south of Ireland you get 203 euros a week if unemployed


  10. Alba woman says:

    Off to Fernhill Community Centre this evening .. beautifully organised ….very friendly folk, so reassuring….that’s my beloved and I sorted ,vaccinated and looking forward to the Spring.Thanks to all involved in this magnificent organisation.

  11. Dr Jim says:

    Will Jackie Baillie and Ruth Davidson resign if they’re found to have been spreading malicious rumours and disinformation in the media prior to the outcome of an ongoing investigation when it turns out Nicola Sturgeon is found not guilty of anything, and can we insert the “stink to high heaven” straight back up the Baroness’s nose before she resigns
    Will the Labour presiding officer responsible for the tone of questioning in the Holyrood parliament resign for allowing questions to be asked about an ongoing investigation because it’s inappropriate

    Is it BBC policy that James (I’ve seen the email) Cook be allowed to express his own personal opinion of Brexit or is that “it’s all going to be OK” is BBC policy

    Do I have to go down to my basement and do a John Wick

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Resign? Troughers taking from the public purse to line their own fat pockets will never resign, these people work against their own country to benefit themselves, even hell won’t mend ’em.
      The PO at Holyrood is a disgrace, paid tons to be biased as well. Resigning so he can dance to the tune of his BritNat masters until the Scottish election, paid very highly for it to boot! Trougher.
      I can just imagine these BritNats in Scotland, war room via zoom, plotting, schooled in how to act, how to lie even more and what to shout about for max effect, taking a handsome reward to boot, from the public purse…not nice folk,these rogues!
      It’s all a big BritNat plot, desperately attempting to oust the SNP without having to enact a coup,
      (closing down Holyrood not an option because they could not then install their BritNat parties as an all powerful regime) if they did that, there would be raised eyebrows, and there might be words from the rest of the world and that might mean sanctions on England…which they could well do without on top of England’s Brexit and also Covid.
      It’s not going to plan by the sound of it.

  12. yesindyref2 says:

    “Would the First Minister tell us if she will resign if Section …”

    Non-political punter (wife): “What are they on about, is anyone going to ask a question about important things like the pandemic, so Big Nicky can tell us how it’s going?”

  13. Golfnut says:

    Reprieve for the dead sea scrolls, parliament ( Scots) narrowly voted to continue 100%rates relief, whit! I get the liblabtory voting to continue support to the lying mendacious rotten to the core scumbag bottom feeders, but who else for God’s sake.

  14. Dr Jim says:

    Don’t import the virus say all the experts on the entire planet, so Scotland says OK we’ll take your advice on that after all you guys are the experts, but the English government through their health secretary says that’s a knee jerk reaction and we’re not going to listen to all the experts on the planet, we the great and powerful English government say they’re wrong so England is allowing the importation of the the virus from other places but we’re going to label our dismissing of the expert advice as a “proportionate response”

    Now you’d think that the journalistic media would be all over that by insisting England’s wrong and not following the expert advice, but you’d be wrong, no, what the media in Scotland have decided to do is complain that the Scottish government, who are following to the letter all the advice they can get from as many experts as are available to advise them, that the Scottish government is doing it wrong because the English government says so, and they even have the English health secretary on the radio and TV to repeat that in case we in Scotland didn’t understand that government ministers in England are more knowledgeable than all the medical experts in the World Health Organisation and every other health professional you can find on planet earth

    If you haven’t decided you want Independence for Scotland yet and are still mulling it over then think on what is happening at the moment when last year in summer Scotland reduced the virus level so much that we almost eliminated it then we we basically forced to open our country back up because if we didn’t do as England instructed our funding was in jeopardy because in Scotland we don’t control our own money, nor can we borrow more if we need to, everything we have is paid in to Westminster and in Scotland we have to wait for England to make decisions on how much and how long we wait to get some of it returned to us

    And here’s the nub of it, the government in England believe themselves to be all powerful Gods who can do as they like with no co-operation from anybody and Scotland as a population has never voted for them in the first place yet they continue inflicting poverty, denying us the freedom we enjoyed within the EU, and now they are inflicting pestilence upon us by allowing a virus access into their country to then flow into ours

    The Kent variant, the South African variant, both of these were allowed into Scotland by the will of the government in England and nobody can say they weren’t or they’d be for sure called a Scottish variant wouldn’t they

    Bad enough to be led by madmen but folk who believe themselves to be above the rest of the world? Scotland must be mad to stay with this shower of head cases don’t you think

    P.S Do you think Scotland’s FM would close borders if she had the full powers of a normal country

    Of course she damn would

    • barpe says:

      A cracking post, there, Dr Jim.

      Yesterday’s FMQs was a disgrace, the Presiding Officer was dreadful allowing the questioning by those ‘bitter together’ spokesidiots.

      Site becoming difficult to view for me, taking forever to download and refresh. Hope it won’t be long till a new topic appears – hoping Paul is keeping well.

    • bringiton says:

      Johnson & Co
      Exporters/Importers of fine Oriental viruses.

  15. Golfnut says:

    Haven’t heard the lying mendacious rotten to the core bottom feeders complaining about these people having to que in the snow.

  16. Jim says:

    Glancing through ‘Scotland’s Papers’ on the BBC website you would hardly know about the landmark event of yesterday.
    The Herod leads with Mental Health Warning and tucked away at bottom left corner, Oh and bye the way we’ve now vaccinated 1m.
    The Hootsmon leads with Fall in support for Independence, when it is actually another poll showing Yes 53% No 47%, and bye the way we passed 1m.
    It takes an English newspaper ( The Times ) to headline that Scotland is now outstripping all areas of the UK in it’s rollout of the vaccine and has vaccinated 99.8% of care home residents.
    How these hacks in our no-media can sleep at night is beyond me.
    Why do they hate their own country so much?

  17. Dr Jim says:

    Rt Hon Grant Shapps Tory minister says “we can’t just close our borders, we’re not an island like New Zealand or Australia”

    I’m presuming the Rt Hon Grant Shapps Tory minister probably benefited from a private education from some expensive school where his parents very likely spent an inordinate amount of money to have him indoctrinated in how to be a true blue Englishman born to rule over all he surveys

    They should perhaps check if it’s not too late to get their money back because that school missed out the geography lesson, or could it be that the Rt Hon Grant Shapps thinks the population of the British Isles is so stupid they don’t know that we’re surrounded by a lot of very deep water and we’ll all just believe him because he’s a Tory God Minister

    Fish must be something imported from the Sahara then

  18. Arthur Thomson says:

    It’s brilliant news that Scotland has passed the million vaccinations while sticking to the plan to save lives. The number of people who are braving the weather to get the task done is heart warming. A couple of weeks and the Scots should be leading in the vaccination olympics, though I can’t rule out the possibility of sabotage by the Brits.

    What is Nicola going to face today I wonder? I hope she’s got some encouraging numbers to report. She deserves a break. Regardless, she will go on leading the fight against the virus with a level of competence the Brits can only dream of.

  19. Dr Jim says:

    WHO says the Kent variant of Covid set to sweep the world, Matt Hancock English health minister says, “We’re doing our best to facilitate summer holidays”

    They’re going to do it again

  20. Guys,
    this is the same stooshie which the Dead Tree Scrolls and the Brit Nats at Holyrood invented, backed by the ‘leaders’ of the BPT, when it was mooted that British Transport Police in Scotland merge with Scottish Police.

    The hacks and BBC branded the proposals ‘controversial’ (Wullie and Roof and Leotard objected) and the Polis Union prattled on about ‘losing specialists skills’.

    The merger proposal withered on the vine, and mutated into a judgement of Solomon, the baby well and truly split in two, with BTP Scotland managed by a Committee made up of two Reps from BTP England and two from Police Scotland.

    Policing public transport in all 3 nations had to remain ‘British’; there was no argument that WM would let Scotland ‘take back control’ of policing entirely.
    And so it is with England’s Border Force still controlling points of entry in Scotland’s airports, ferry terminals and roads.

    The Covid emergency, and Scotland’s devolved powers over Health, and Law and Order, were over ridden by England’s ‘Taking back Control’ of the UK’s Borders Brit Powers.

    For Hancock to ‘allow’ the Scottish Government to protect Scots citizens from importation of the Vicious Kent Variant, now predicted to be a ‘world leader’ in spreading the variant throughout the whole planet (Johnson will be pleased that England has racked up yet another ‘world leading’ statistic to sit with the 120,000 deaths in England) would be another brick loosened in the Union Wall.
    Scotland would be seen to be taking back control of Scotland’s borders, and English folk would be stopped popping up here to kill animals, air their holiday homes, and Bash the occasional Jock for a laugh.

    It is inevitable now.

    Scotland is taking back its nationhood.

    Our Transport Police, Customs, Immigration, Army Navy Air Defences will be ‘Scottish’, not British.

    At some point, as part of the Divorce Settlement, young men and women serving now, or recruited in future, will join a Scottish army, navy or air defence in the certain knowledge that they will no longer be ordered to fight for America’s Oil in the Middle East, and our borders, which hopefully will be part of an EU of 28 countries, will reintroduce Freedom of Movement throughout Europe.
    But in the present crisis, movement in and out of Scotland, will be controlled and monitored by Scottish officials, not Priti Patel’s Homeland Security.

    Hancock, Davidson, Ross, Jack, Baillie, and Rennie would put Scots at unnecessary risk of infection and death just to defer the inevitable, the end of England’s hold on Scotland.

    They don’t give a toss about Scots dying to keep their wee Unionist jobs.

    The direction of travel is that England is taking back control of Colony One, the Golden Goose, not the other way round.

    When England relaxes travel too soon, and touts staycations as the Easter Bunny, the Brits cannot stomach the thought that English Happy Campers will be stopped from bringing their disease laden caravans North of Carlisle.
    That outrage would be yet another sign that Scotland is now an independent nation, when it comes to Health, and Law and order.

  21. Dr Jim says:

    Double barrelled Nicola today at the Covid briefing Sturgeon and Steedman

    “Don’t ask me why the UK won’t co-operate with Scotland over quarantine, ask them” says the FM

    • Dr Jim says:

      WoW! look at all those comments, this blog must be very popular indeed, I think it’s all the nice people

      • Alex Clark says:

        A nice new page for comments which will hopefully resolve the slow loading issues some have been having, the older comments are still there if you click on “Older Comments” 🙂

  22. jfngw says:

    ‘Both votes SNP’ is vitally important in May. It stops the ‘you don’t have a mandate’. Don’t even contemplate the Green’s as they will not put independence as the priority in their manifesto and there vote will be discounted by the BritNats. Over 50% in both votes is the way to stuff it to them.

    For those contemplating one of the fringe parties, you are being taken for an idiot by those who have other agendas which are more important to them.

    • Reread Paul’s post and think about the fact that you’ve just called a big chunk of the Yes Movement idiots. It’s not difficult to accept that many don’t agree with you without insulting anyone. I don’t agree with you, but I’m not about to start calling you names on this forum.

  23. Alba woman says:

    56% Indy poll Evening Express…YES!

  24. Arthur Thomson says:

    Well, oor lassie had a wee bit respite this lunchtime. Jeane will be along tomorrow to put the inquisitors in their place. I will look forward to that.

    It’s good to see progress being made to beat the virus but it is, of course, critical that people strictly follow the rules. Amazing how many Scots got their vaccinations yesterday. Heroic in the circumstances, as Nicola said.

    Equally good news that the Scots are rejecting the lies the Brits are spitting at them. At this point in time the solidity of our support is key. Achieving our return to independence is ultimately going to be dependent on a majority of Scots being unconditionally committed to it. Switherers are people still infected by the cringe and are as likely to capitulate to the Brits the first time they get shouted at. The 50% plus who are now genuinely committed are going to carry the day.

    I am confident that over the months ahead more Scots will consciously choose hope over fear. The proverbial is going to hit the fan in the next few months. Boarded up shops, high levels of unemployment and insolvency, mayhem on England’s streets and awareness that the single market has been replaced by an uncontrollable black market – these are just a few of the innumerable issues to come. It isn’t going to be pretty.

  25. Bob Lamont says:

    THIS really does piss me off big time, the number of English residents glibly going with the flow sagely espousing “the government knows best” despite all evidence to the contrary is frightening.
    This isn’t an anti English dig so much as anti-English media, it’s they who have fed this Brenglish exceptionalism which ignores the tragic consequence of putting children in charge pretending to be adults…
    The casual distortion of an England become UK problem is not “chippy” Scots but a tiresome habit of the BBC long after David Coleman’s appalling antics of the 1960s (which spawned Colemanballs in Private Eye) typically expressed as victory for the UK or a loss for Scotland, Wales,
    NI or anywhere else really.
    Take away Wule Bwittania and what remains > Genocide by the upper classes, but they’re happy British lemmings.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Also if you’re disabled part Black part Asian 104years old and live on your own in a rural setting and don’t even want the vaccine Nicola Sturgeon is letting you down by not getting you vaccinated

    • Alex Clark says:

      It might be even worse than that, a story just published in the Guardian reckons up to 40% of care home staff have yet to receive the vaccine.

      Coverage has been far patchier among care workers, despite being in the same highest priority band. More than 40% of staff at the UK’s biggest care home provider have still not received vaccinations.

      Despite the headline referring to the UK the entire article is just about England, an utter disgrace in my opinion. Useless twats who write our headlines, just as it is useless twats that run the UK government.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        They know most people don’t read past the headlines…the UK is not fit for purpose, it’s confusing people in England and they have no idea about devolution or that UK is not a country…
        people in Scotland, some will see the Grauniad pretendy lefty rags’ headline and believe it. Job done, another BritNat establishment rag dancing to the tune of their masters.

    • jfngw says:

      It’s a simple rule they have, England under performing is ‘UK or across the UK’. Scotland, Wales or NI seen as lagging will be highlighted and compared to England. Not limited to us though, they are currently doing the same with the EU and the vaccine roll out. It’s no different from the old USSR and tractor production figures and how much better we are, it’s just propaganda no matter how much presentation window dressing they put on it.

    • Terence Callachan says:

      Bob Lamont , being anti England is no bad thing bob , if you accept that UK , Great Britain is basically England because England have always controlled them , how could they not with 80% of the MPs and 100% control of the money.
      England is not the same as English people but there is no getting away from it nearly all the people living in England are English people , they despise the very idea of independent Scotland so to hate them for that alone in my opinion is perfectly understandable.
      Im not interested in Race , i only see people no matter what colour or country theyre from but a large majority in england dont see it that way , thats what brexit is all about and thats why nearly all the english people living in scotland are against Scottish independence , they always will be.
      Remember how many said last time that they would leave Scotland if it became independent .
      Theres no point saying england is just like any other country , its not , the british empire was really the english empire and USA is just a modern and bigger copy , between them they have burned every part of this earth and its inhabitants.

      • BobLamont says:

        Terence Callaghan, at risk of rekindling old arguments, is “Im not interested in Race” not contradicted by “they despise the very idea of independent Scotland” ?

        • BobLamont , the English people living in Scotland do despise the very idea of independent Scotland.
          Its common for Scottish Welsh Irish people living in England to say they wouldnt vote in an English independence referendum , not the case other way around.
          Face the facts.
          England dont have a tory government by accident
          Its english people who put them in power
          There are nice people in the tory party
          There are nice people in the house of lords
          There are nice people who do dreadful things
          Scottish independence whether you like or not or believe it or not is about England keeping control of Scotland against its will
          I forgive scottish people who vote against scottish independence they have a very good excuse theyve been bombarded with propaganda all their lives
          English people living in scotland dont
          They want england to keep control of scotland wales and ireland because it benefits england
          If it benefits england it benefits english people

      • grizebard says:

        Hmmm, I’m amazed at the “depth” of your understanding of the motivations of ordinary English people. Whereas in readily-observable fact the vast majority are largely ignorant and indifferent to our situation, as is very easily proved by the existence of the “England-as-UK” trope.

        Yes, there are “sour-grapers”, but there are many more decent people who over the last few years have bothered to observe how our rights and preferences have been unconscionably trampled over by this Tory UKGov, and consequently have been sympathetic and supportive of our wish to choose anew.

        If your well-known prejudices in this regard were true, how is it possible that many ordinary English people have clearly stated a personal preference for having Nicola Sturgeon as Prime Minister?

        No, our real opponents are not the vast majority of the people of England, who obviously have little care whether ultimately we stay or go, but that minority, the ruling class, who fear even the least diminution of their selfish power, both at home and abroad, that might be caused by our departure.

        It is the English Establishment – and crucially, its Scots-born proxies here – that is our opponent, and our only opponent. Tarring a whole nation with the brush of enmity, whether those living here or the many down south, is unworthy, however dressed up it may be with flimsy fig-leaf disclaimers.

        • Grizebard you say of english people

          “ the vast majority are largely ignorant and indifferent to our situation, ”

          That simply is not true
          They are aware and always have been
          I lived in England for many years i know this to be true
          They dont talk about it , why would they ?
          They have total control
          You will hear them when we vote as a majority for scottish independence and you will feel it too

          As for your insults “well known prejudices “ its always been the case that those fighting for freedom from their captors are accused of this and worse .
          Water of a ducks back to me.

          You dont require a “ whole nation” to take action against you for them to become your foe
          You never ever ever get every single person in any country voting to go to war but of you continually vote in a government that harms others you will be held responsible
          I hold english people responsible for the tory governments in uk without their votes the tories wouldnt be in power to do the things they do
          Yes i know not every person in england votes tory but not every person cotes for any regime or government that does terrible things the worst crimes by governments throughout history didnt have the backing pf every single person to do their deeds but they had enough and thats the way pf the world so your comment

          “ Tarring a whole nation with the brush of enmity, whether those living here or the many down south, is unworthy, however dressed up it may be with flimsy fig-leaf disclaimers.“

          Is pure piffle

          You cant hide behind the fig leaf of
          “ i was there i voted for them but i didnt join in when they did those terrible things “

          English people know exactly whats going in with Scotland
          They know Scottish independence Irish independence Welsh independence weaken Englands position in the world weakens their economic power their military power they will be in agreement generally a majority if westminster does all it can to prevent scottish independence.

          That Grizebard is what theyve always done

  26. Alba woman says:

    Ipsos Mori poll for STV plus

  27. Dr Jim says:

    Innit amazing how social media is full of ex Royal Marine Air force Commando Submarine Rangers supporting British people demanding full details of an Independent Scotland’s fiscal and economic strategy before they consider voting yet they voted for Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to get it done without hesitation as they shook their fists at the rest of us

    They made an Arse of it but demand information from us

    • jfngw says:

      It’s a waste of time publishing any detail, they just see it as ammunition, every option will be heralded as a disaster. Might as well just go with ‘Independence means Independence’ or ‘Independence means Democracy’, everything afterwards is our choice.

  28. jfngw says:

    Is it a scene from Dr Zhivago, is it food queues in 1980’s Russia. No it’s in Glasgow in 2021 under Westminster rule, the true effects of the union. We can be better than this, we must be better than this in an independent Scotland.

  29. Alba woman says:

    Try Savanta com res Scotsman 53% 11 02 21….fingers crossed this time ….if wrong again will become a hermit!

  30. Hamish100 says:

    So we now have journalists on the National telling us why we should leave the snp. All before an election.
    The salmondnista supporters appear to have decided that it is better that the snp should lose the election as this is a better option, as it would allow the isp to arise like a Phoenix to take over. Their Trotskyist tendencies with a hint of the Sheridan and Fox debacle awaits.

    Independence is at stake. SNP 1 & 2.

    • There is a gang of middle aged and elderly Salmond fans , the McLocker Room Trumpist Old Boys, who seem to argue that one of their number can touch up, grope, and behave in such a despicable way to female junior employees that they are forced to grovel and apologise officially to these poor women for their disgusting actions, that this doesn’t debar their hero from public service,
      What chance women coming forward to report rape now that these ugly middle aged men are about to disclose the names of the witnesses in the Salmond Trial?

      I repeat; there are millions of Scots who don’t care about this coordinated attempt to destroy the Yes Movement.
      I am not a member of the SNP, and care little about this dragged out pointless exercise in SNP Bashing.

      There are now millions of us who don’t care about this ‘he said, she said’, nonsense.
      Salmond has gone from the stage.
      His public confidence rating stands at -60%, worse than Johnson’s in Scotland.
      Give it a rest, ye murky old men.

      George Monbiot hit it on the head on Jo Coburn’s London Bubble today.

      Sub Lieutenant (RN Failed) Andrew Bowie was on Coburn’s Ministry Of Truth Daily London Propaganda magazine, and while the Sub Lieutenant trotted out the too wee too poor, England is subsidising a million jobs in Scotland, Jo Coburn and the lass from the telegraph were nodding agreement in unison.

      Scotland is subsidised by England’s yeomen, who generously give us our own money back,?

      Monbiot called it right. Bowie is a member of Johnson’s corrupt gang.

      When the fishing crisis hit in January, Bowie was nowhere to be seen.

      He is a Scottish MP, therefore is subject to Cameron’s EVEL restrictions, yet he blabbed on about reforming ‘our’ NHS?

      Monica Lennon was a gift to the English Supremacists.

      Scotland is Shite and it’s all the SNP’s fault she ranted.

      Coburn and the Telegraph hack were loving it. There was Lennon, yet another traitor Jock, selling her nation down the river, for money.

      Andrew Bowie represents every evil aspect of Tory England.

      Let’s hope he’s on the Better Together Team arm in arm with Wullie Rennie and Monica to defend their corrupt wee Union when Indyref 2 campaigning begins.
      Lennon and Bowie, the cancer cells in Scotland’s body politic.

      Please let her be Branch Manager.

      • Jack…you said of Alex Salmond he

        “can touch up, grope, and behave in such a despicable way to female junior employees that they are forced to grovel and apologise officially to these poor women for their disgusting actions,”

        thats nonsense

        Get a grip making idiotic statements like that is just wrong

        AS was proven not guilty in court
        There was evidence given
        Events portrayed in differing ways by each side
        Only one side was shown to have lied yes lied , lied to the court theyre lucky that it wasnt taken further

        AS admitted things happened with “ one woman “
        The rest was heresay and not accepted by the jury as credible

        The insults by some to Alex Salmond are atrocious
        The insults by some to Nicola Sturgeon are atrocious

        You all need to give yourself a shake

  31. Elmac says:

    I used to be an ardent reader of the btl comments on this site. Not so much recently due to the vitriol attaching to any comments not wholly in compliance with the accepted norm.

    Today’s events in the court may seem innocuous to some but they could have far reaching consequences for the parliamentary enquiry into the handling of the Scottish Government on the Alex Salmond affair. For a start there is now no legal defence for the enquiry to refuse to hear the Alex Salmond evidence (with suitable redactions) and that of Geoff Aberdein. The latter is reputed to provide corroborative evidence that will prove beyond reasonable doubt that the FM lied to Holyrood and may have been involved in the Salmond stitch up from an early date..

    Whether your gut reaction is to believe this or not I would ask you to carefully weigh up what you know to be the case and what is now emerging. Keep an open mind.

    When I read the btl comments on here and those on Wings Over Scotland I sometimes wonder if we are on the same planet let alone both advocating Scottish independence. Hopefully this rift in the Yes movement will be resolved in the short term and we can combine forces and push for the ultimate goal together.

    • Elmac, we don’t give a toss about Salmond and his MacLocker Room gang of old men who seem to think that groping female employees isn’t a sacking offence..

      Go back to WoS or Grouse Beater, where you can all agree with each other that Salmond should return in triumph, and that that terrible Nikla Sturgeon be drummed out of politics in disgrace.
      I have been cautioned not to be insulting to any who post on here.
      So, oh look, there’s a squirrel, is my only response to your badly baited hook.

      • robert graham says:

        Jack you really need to get out more friend you are spending way too much time amongst the looney tunes people who gravitate to this totally irrelevant site if ever the term Sweetie Wifes applied its this site , all you lot have yer heads up your arses and turn a blind eye to anything that this current SNP government do , dosnt anything concern you people ? .

      • ArtyHetty says:

        I am not sure what he means by the ‘accepted norm’ re this blog and using words like ‘compliance’ and ‘rift’. Ah ha…Then we have the judge and jury, maybe aye maybe aye again, ‘may have been involved’ to try to cover their tracks and sowing the seeds of doubt, yes but no but yes but…blah blah blah.
        It’s amazing, the manufactured whole shambles from start to finish stinks to high heaven of BritNat dark ops, it’s not going to abate Scotland has the election of a lifetime in a few weeks time, a make or break election, last chance saloon for independence, and of course last chance saloon for the BritNats’ rabid desperation to keep Scotland shackled so that the rich tax evaders can keep pillaging Scotland’s revenues and resources. They know they will be found out as selling their own country ie England, down the frickin river when their cash cow Scotland does escape the clutches of thieves and disaster capitalists sat in London in WM, knowing that ‘little England, little Britain, sigh, without Scotland’s oil, will have nothing to sell, nothing to trade’ as that US economist said in 2017, that’s the case even more so now.

        Now with their Brexit and the chickens coming home to roost already, the EngGov are going to get even more desperate.
        Hold tight folks, eyes on the prize, yes but no buts all over twitter and pro indy blogs, deep state trolls and bots. No thanks.

      • Statgeek says:

        And that attitude is why I f***ed right off from WoS. Narrow minded eejits with their narrow minded loyalty.

        Your problem is that anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with SNP/Sturgeon is told to get tae. Put your energy into convincing soft No voters instead.

    • jfngw says:

      I’ve read through many of the comments on the sites, it reminds me of France at the end of the war wanting revenge on those they saw as female collaborators. Some won’t be happy until they can drag these women through the streets in disgrace, thoroughly revolting.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Certainly the BritNats are going for mob rule, they know how to manipulate it’s so easy for them.
        Some genuine people falling for it, but many who are sowing seeds of doubt big time…desperation. What next will the Brit state pull out of the hat…

      • Capella says:

        And not just the women – I see Craig Murray is calling Andy Wightman “Weasel Wightman” for pointing out what Lady Dorian actually said, as opposed to what the anti SNP brigade think she said.

        To answer Elmac – I certainly hope we’re not on the same planet because swimming in oceans of vitriol must be hard on your mental health.

        As for journalists telling us not to vote SNP, what’s new?

    • Dr Jim says:

      The website you refer to is not advocating Scottish Independence and hasn’t for some considerable time, that particular website is a business it’s not a voluntary organisation, it’s not affiliated to any political party and never has been, the website sells a version of one persons opinion in exactly the same way as the Daily Mail or the Daily Express and frequently refers to them as sources of his information even though not so very long ago he ardently opposed everything these newspapers wrote and stood for, he praises Tories and Labour MSPs when previously he ridiculed those same people, he writes nothing on the Independence question except to say stop the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon and vote for other people because the FM and the SNP are liars, so I find it strange how you equate all this behaviour with that particular persons desire for Scottish Independence when there has been no evidence of that whatsoever for some considerable time

      When you ask for money from the public to pay for what you sell you are a commercial business and at this moment in time that business is not selling Scottish Independence, it’s selling something else entirely, and as for this website most of the contributors here want to buy Scottish Independence and not what the other guy is selling

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, for goodness’ sake, AS was obliged to admit, via his counsel at his trial, that he had several times behaved inappropriately with several female colleagues. Please stop trying to rewrite history.

      You have retreated into the bastion of “not guilty” before. Give us credit, it’s far more subtle than that, yet here you go again.

      NS was raring to go and do what AS has repeatedly ducked, stand on oath before the committee and say her piece. Now the whole thing has been deliberately delayed yet again because of an intervention by the English Tory house journal, which has absolutely no standing in the matter.

      Exactly whom is all of this helping? Think on that, readers..

      • Grizebard , oh for goodness sake , its you that is trying to rewrite history
        No i wont give you credit you dont deserve it
        YES he is in that “bastion” of not guilty but unfortunately there are fools who do try to rewrite history and turn not guilty into guilty

        Get a life i say to them
        Not guilty is what the court decided so not guilty it is
        If that ever changes come back with your opinions
        Your personal considerations are totally meaningless
        What you personally think of a man touching a womans hair is meaningless the court hears a lot more thsn you have read in the SUN

    • Elmac , you said of Nicola Sturgeon there will be evidence that

      “ will prove beyond reasonable doubt that the FM lied to Holyrood “

      What is your definition of “lied” Elmac ?

      To lie you have to have given false information “ ON PURPOSE “

      Let me tell you now it is virtually impossible to prove in court that someone lied

      I do not see any advantage NS would have gained in lying about the AS case

      The legal system decides who appears in court not the First Minister
      When the FM ruled that protection from charges should be removed for past and present First Ministers she did the right thing
      If there were no people wanting to bring charges against AS nobody would have noticed this change in law other than to say “ quite right why should politicians be above the law”

      When she changed the law the ten came forward all at the same time , wow , was that coincidence ? NO of course not , it was planned.

      It would not have been difficult for someone with good knowledge of the Scottish legal system to work out that a trap could be set here for the SNP

      Find women prepared to testify against Alex Salmond
      Group them together and formulate a plan
      Draw Nicola Sturgeons attention to this archaic legal loophole knowing she would want to close it
      Once its closed
      The ten come forward , all at the same time to make a bigger impact
      People often think if theres more than one it must be true
      Surely ten women didnt conspire together , did they ?
      Well we know that in a way they did , this came out in court

      After the court case , PART TWO of the plan
      Get Nicola Sturgeon
      Make out she
      (a) either tried to protect Alex Salmond
      (b) make out it was her who tried to set him up in the first place

      Yes of course the public have fallen for it “ it must be one or the other they say”

      NAH , its neither

      This is Westminsters work
      One day we will get that proof but not until after Scottish Independence because at present Westminster controls just about everything involved including the Scottish legal profession

  32. Elmac says:

    Jack Collatin 11.28pm

    It was not a hook, it was an olive branch.

    I used to enjoy your comments on Wings and regret that we do not see eye to eye on this. Looks like there may be a resolution in the offing soon and I hope that we can reunite when that is done.

    Ales Salmond is male, probably a red blooded one, but he was tried by a mainly female jury and found not guilty of all but one charge and that was not proven. The not proven charge was because there were no other witnesses. It is now becoming apparent that the accusers knew each other and were in discussion before the accusations were made. At least one of these accusations was rejected by the jury as an outright lie because she was not present when the alleged offence took place. Legal action by AS is expected to follow and potentially a few of these women will be looking at prosecution for perjury and potentially criminal conspiracy.

    You have asserted that Alex Salmond groped female employees, something the court threw out in respect of any of the charges raised against him. I would suggest you double check your sources before you repeat that.

    • jfngw says:

      How many of his males did he have ‘sleepy cuddles’ with, how many men’s hair did he twiddle. This has nothing to do with the criminal case, it is abuse of power in a work situation. It seems some people haven’t progressed in their outlook from the seventies.

      When your time is over, it’s over, there will be no phoenix.

      • Elmac says:

        Sounds like an accusation of homosexuality to me. Do you have any proof? Be careful!

        What next – is he an alien reptile in human guise?

      • ArtyHetty says:

        An abuse of power is unacceptable, but he was found not guilty of sexual assault and rape, that is the issue here and needs no more discussion really, the Brit state want rid of N.Sturgeon by hook and by crook, they hope Salmond is their vehicle, and others.
        Seriously jfngw, if every woman on this planet told how they had been groped or had their hair twiddled by creeps, it would take until next millenium to get that to court, and men do suffer sexual abuse by guys in power too. Not undermining the gravity of abuse, of any sort, but I do know of a young man who was wrongfully accused of rape, it turned out for the compensation the accuser would have been awarded, it nearly ruined his life!
        The Salmond case needs shelving in the case of Scotland’s future,…for the sake of all and everyone who lives in Scotland.
        There will be no equality in an ever more right wing Tory UK, and no human rights, that’s not a future for our country that I want to see.

        • jfngw says:

          My comment was not referring to the criminal trial but, what was reported, he admitted to doing in a workplace. I would have been shown the door if I had admitted any of those deeds. I have never made any comment on the criminal case.

      • jfngw…” abuse of power in a work situation “ ?

        Could be ,
        Might not be
        Who instigated the coming together him or her
        We will never know
        Does it matter ?
        Proof is impossible
        Case falls

    • ArtyHetty says:

      I would agree he was stitched up too. The whole thing though has changed tack, it’s become about Nicola Sturgeon, massive convenient distraction from the accusers and what they did and said, even it seems lying in court!
      I really doubt they will be prosecuted, they will be awarded full immunity for their work as BritNat ops. This whole thing has the stamp of Britstate all over it. It’s been done the world over to middle aged guys in positions of power, employ some women to ply them with drinks after work, try to instigate some hanky panky, Bob’s your uncle job done! Made up scenario, flimsy(!) evidence, conspire with another few ops…it’s so transparent!
      Not saying women are not victims they very very often are but they can also be used, in this case to create a narrative of victimhood, worst thing about it? It demeans and undermines the real cases of abuse and sexual assault and puts women off reporting them. Dreadful.

      Scotland is in great peril, all the stops will be pulled out to thwart independence, stopping an SNP majority in May is the main goal right now though.

      • Elmac says:

        Yes, he was stitched up, but the question is by whom. No doubt you will disagree but I believe that NS was involved from the start. Was that instigated by the British state or because NS feared the return of a politician who would oust her?

        We currently have an enquiry under the auspices of the Holyrood parliament into the Scottish government’s handling of sexual harassment allegations against Alex Salmond. The outcome of that enquiry may answer some questions but it cannot do so if it is hamstrung by the information that is available. The committee controversially took the view that it would be legally unsafe for Alex Salmond and/or Geoff Aberdein to give their crucial evidence to the enquiry. Yesterday that was holed below the waterline by the comments of Lady Dorian and her decision in the case brought by the Spectator and we should have every right to expect that their evidence is now put before the committee. If it is not then the enquiry is clearly a sham as many already suspect. The non SNP contingent on the committee could then be expected to walk out with very good reason. If the evidence of Salmond and Aberdein is heard it is likely the committee will have no option other than to conclude that the information given to the Scottish Parliament by NS was false. She should then resign, but will she, and God knows where that would leave us.

        Even the most devout follower of NS must see that her days are numbered. The disquiet in the Yes movement grows apace and alternative independence parties are already in place. If the SNP is to survive there will need to be a clear out of many of the old guard and the ditching of unpopular policies. If this does not happen I believe the SNP will wither and die. This is the party I first joined 51 years ago and it pains me to see them in their current state.

        • Eilidh says:

          Not a member of the Snp never have been a member of any party or am ever likely to be. It seems there are far too many utter nutters who are/were members of the Snp for my liking. I think it’s time you returned to the trollshaws
          of the Bam from Baths site Elmac.
          So folks what’s the daily squirrel report here today I have only seen the same one quite a few times

    • See, now you’re threatening me, Elmac.
      We shall not be sucked into this nonsense.
      Alec Salmond admitted to inappropriate behaviour, and apologised for his harassment of female colleagues.
      I report facts.
      There; you have set out your case above.
      Let that be an end to it.
      I think you’ll find that many of us just don’t care about this, we’re too busy trying to free our country, and other things.

      Personally, I don’t really care.
      No, that’s it for me.
      ‘red blooded male’.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Red blooded male? oh my lord, take away the £500.000 lawyers and how do we think that case would have gone if it had been me or you, what a defence eh, listen m’lud I’m a red blooded male gonnae let me aff

        • Elmac says:

          Dr Jim

          Sorry to say but it is a silly comment. If you had been faced with umpteen concocted sexual assault charges, which miraculously came to fruition all at the same time, I imagine you might have called on all of your financial resources to fight them, unless of course you had none, So Alex Salmond is to be condemned for having the financial clout to fight back?

          There is a lot more to run on this saga and I fully expect Alex Salmond will raise actions against the alphabet women and all who criminally conspired against him. He may retire an unrequited politician but I suspect he will retire a rich man. As for the others in this, that will ultimately be for the courts to decide, but I would expect substantial jail time for many.

          • Dr Jim says:

            You’re not at all sorry about anything, you move from site to site spitting abuse about your desire to see the FM jailed and using the language that goes with it because you believe people you’ve never met about something they don’t know all the facts pertaining to the subject and fills in the gaps with Daily Express implications in true QANON or George Galloway Nigel Farage style

            There will be real evidence to come and not speech making rhetoric filled with speculative accusatory anger, and those who prosecute this fictitious pretence of defending the name of the former FM will be uncovered, but I’ve no doubt when they are they’ll do what they’ve been doing the entire time and blame the law, the system, the judiciary, the SNP, the courts and uncle Tom Cobbley and all and some will still cling to the same lie because it suits them

            Evidence must be corroborated, substantiated, proven, if not it’s just petted lip angry noise

            • Elmac says:

              Another silly comment – where is the abuse you refer to? I think you will find that any abuse was in the other direction. Not an edifying sight.

              I agree with your last paragraph but would ask you how that squares with the SG’s attempts to subvert the Holyrood enquiry?

              For your information I have followed WGD for many years and have contributed financially in the past and recently to help with his move to a new home. I respect Paul and value what he has done for the cause. I still read, and will continue to read, the btl comments but I must confess to being increasingly bewildered by the extreme denial on display.

              • Alex Clark says:

                Hahaha nobody really gives a toss whether you read this blog or don’t read this blog, I doubt anyone cares what you think with your conspiracy theories and that must be pretty apparent by the responses you have received.

                Yet, you persist in spouting forth the same old guff available elsewhere that nobody here is interested in. I am increasingly bewildered by the extreme denial on display that means you continue to waste your time.

                You’ve no friends, have you, nothing better to do than to troll the other posters on Wee Ginger Dug in the hope of winning some pointless argument hahaha? Just a sad person that nobody ever listens to eh LOL

                • Elmac says:

                  Your vitriol speaks volumes. Seems to be infectious on here. You could try some rational debate, it might be more effective in bringing people round to your point of view rather than personal abuse. Will leave you to wallow in your particular mud hole. Over and out.

          • Tatu3 says:

            Alex Salmond admitted to inappropriate behaviour, tugging a young lady’s hair, stroking another young lady’s face, and not respecting personal space.
            He also didn’t have the “financial clout” to fight. He did a crowd funding thing, which I donated to. Foolishly, I now believe after hearing him admit to being too up close and personal with young female staff!
            You are obviously one of these people who think women are there to be pawed at by men in power! I don’t know you I admit, and I don’t know if you have children,but would you be happy if it had been your daughter who had had her face stroked by her boss? I don’t think so.
            Mr Salmond is just annoyed that some young women had the nerve to say what he, the all great and powerful Mr Salmond had done. Men in position of power have been the same throughout the ages. And more men in power took advantage of one or two young women calling out the inappropriate behaviour and decided to make it into something more so they could take Mr Salmond down. They weren’t thinking of the real crime here (the real young sexually harassed women), just thinking how they could turn it to their advantage and spoil the SNP and independence.

      • Elmac says:

        I did not threaten you, only pointed out the obvious.

        The facts are he was found NOT guilty of any of the charges brought. What more do you want? Would you like to have the police trawl through your past life with an unlimited budget to try to turf out every last vestige of any remotely “inappropriate” behaviour as happened to Alex Salmond?. The police, at the instigation of the Scottish Government, conducted hundreds of interviews on a massive fishing expedition to try to get more dirt on Alex Salmond. They came up with nothing – nada. How would they have fared if they had performed the same exercise on you?

        I really did not want to get into this but how can you aspire to “free your country” when you support the very people who are hell bent on preventing it? In the mean time you turn a blind eye to the abuse of what little power Holyrood has in the hope it will all turn out alright on the night?

        As I said Jack I always read your posts on Wings. I would be quite happy to debate this without the personal slagging. We both deserve more.

    • Capella says:

      We don’t speculate on legal processes on here because:

      1 the proceedings are not over and the evidence is still being gathered

      2 Paul doesn’t want this blog reduced to the car crash that other blogs have become.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      All males are red-blooded. As are females ! D’oh !

  33. Golfnut says:

    Can’t say I see the logic of siding with the mooth, leonard, baillie, dross, murdo, boris, this could be an endless list of liblabtory politicians and media bottom feeders who have made their careers lieing too and misleading the electorate of Scotland, just to get Nicola, who may or may not have lied to parliament about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the welfare and Well being of this nation.
    We new this was coming didnt we, it’s not a surprise is it, as soon as it hit the headlines regards AS, that no matter what, this would be wheeled out and used against the Indy movement, Nicola and the SG. Despite all the lies, the poverty, the industrial vandalism, the theft of Scotland’s resourses, the vicious propaganda campaigns by the state media to keep Scotland chained to the union, the priority of some who claim to support independence is to get Nicola sacked.
    Well, some people are thick.

    • Old Pete says:

      Well said and sadly many of the “Shite over Scotland ” acolytes are now on board with the “Bath man’s” desperate efforts to destroy both the FM, the SNP and any chance we have of regaining our Independence.
      Infiltrate, disrupt, destroy then take control, this has always been the way the UK government controlled its colonies, seems odd the “Bath man” now uses the rabid UK supporters like Andrew Neil and the Spectator to support his argument.
      Come to think of it, why the hell is Alex Salmond now using the vile right wing Spectator to push his views ? Sadly it is obvious ” the dream will never die” is no longer the truth for Alex, I have always been supportive of the ex FM but no longer. It’s very, very sad the way things have worked out, very sad.

    • Alan Howard Baxter says:

      Well said Golfnut ( everything you post is well said so thankyou) and all the others who have posted an alternative view to that held by Elmac. From my seat, Alex had his opportunity and, on that occasion, failed to deliver. Clearly, the cause was undermined by the lies and deceit and underhand tricks, but he did not deliver. To his credit he did, in my view, do the honourable thing and stepped down.

      And look what has happened since. Our First Minister has overseen an unprecedented rise in the demand for Independence, is regarded as a Class Act by many overseas administration and has those rearholes down south in a spin. She & the SNP deserve unwavering support.

      Now is not the time to be splitting hairs. Let’s get over the winning line (vote SNP 1 & 2) and then the People of Scotland can decide their future Political Landscape – be it left, right, green of centre.

      People will never forgive the hair splitters if this golden opportunity is wasted……..

      Be in no Doubt “Scotland will Decide” (I stole that quote from somewhere on this blog – seems very appropriate to me)

  34. Capella says:

    I’ve given up listening to RScotland for now. Can anyone confirm whether they made this splendid announcement today?

    • malkymcblain says:

      I loved this comment on the Twitter thread 😂

      AJ McClain
      Replying to
      should write a letter to #ToryUKGovernment offering some help ?
      They’re falling behind !

      • malkymcblain says:

        Sorry I don’t know how to copy twitter pages hope the copy past text makes sense.

        • malkymcblain says:

          Copy paste 😕

        • malkymcblain ,to copy twitter pages
          This is what i do
          Look at the bottom part of each tweet and there you will see four symbols
          The third symbol is a heart the fourth symbol is like the lower half of a square
          and it has an arrow pointing upwards
          If you click on it
          You get the choice of sending a copy of the tweet to your email or messages
          Click on whichever you prefer
          When you get the email or message
          Click on it and hold and then another choice will appear
          Choose copy
          Go to the page you want to copy to
          Hold your finger a second or two and it will copy

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Just highlights again, that the controversial state broadcaster is manipulating the news by deliberate omission or suppression of favourable news regarding Scotland.

  35. Capella says:

    BBC website has no news about Scotland’s spectacular achievement with vaccines. In fact, the BBC blatantly lies about the figures.

    Covid: Wales first in UK to reach February vaccine target

    Once again the weasel word “offered” is used to give the impression that everyone has been vaccinated. But they haven’t.

    Wales will be the first UK nation to have offered the top four priority groups a Covid jab, the Welsh Government has said…

    The country currently leads the UK in the percentage of the population that has received a first jab – at least 684,097 doses have been given out…

    Figures from Thursday show 21.7% of the population have been vaccinated, compared to 20.3% in England, 19.2% in Scotland and 18.7% in Northern Ireland.

    However, the target for appointments offered, which on Wednesday night stood at 740,350, has not yet been hit.

    As we know, Scotland on Thursday had 23% of the target population vaccinated. So the BBC’s figure of 19.2% for Scotland is a flat out lie. Nicola Sturgeon announced the 23% figure at the daily briefing on Thursday.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I shop with Amazon and get *offered* things every day

    • Alex Clark says:

      The BBC reported yeterday at lucnchtime.

      Nearly a quarter (23%) of all adults in Scotland have had their first dose, including about 97% of over 80-year-olds, 87% of those aged between 75 and 79 and 54% of 70 to 74-year-olds.

      That figure of 23% was given without a comparison of the other UK countries, no today they are reporting just 19.2% which makes it look like Scotland are lagging behind England and Wales. They should not be able to get away with such lying propaganda.

  36. barpe says:

    Well, BBC QT last night (from Scotland!) lived up to expectations!!

    They had managed to dig up Michael Forsyth, who just did all the old ‘bitter together’ lines of argument – Scots are too poor etc- but the best bit was when our dear Fiona Bruce cut short the Indy discussion (which was not going well for her) and quickly switched to a new topic – The Salmond/Sturgeon ‘crisis’ – with what seemed like relish. Pathetic.

    Freeman did quite well, and even managed to correct Forsyth when he used “Scottish National-IST Party” twice! Obviously taught by Boris.

  37. bringiton says:

    Just to get away from the “He said,She said” nonsense,apparently the SG have signed a contract for quarantine accommodation with a group called Hotel Covidonia.
    You can check out any time BUT……

    • Capella says:

      I’m hearing Matt Hancock has contradicted Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to have all arrivals quarantine at a hotel when entering the UK. Matt wants them to travel home to Scotland bringing the plague with them.

      • bringiton says:

        Well,there can only be one response to that.
        If England refuses to do proper controls at their border,then we must do so at ours.
        That will not be easy however since the infrastructure isn’t there at present.

      • Dr Jim says:

        That means UK border control is actually only England border control yet Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland are paying taxes for it

    • People arriving in Scotland from overseas will avoid quarantine by flying into England then they will fly or drive to Scotland from the English airport.
      Theres nothing whatsoever Scottish government can do about that.
      All the business people who regularly travel up and down between Scotland and England by air will continue to do so transporting covid19 from place to place as they go.
      Theres nothing Scottish government can do about that either

  38. Hamish100 says:

    Dr Jim,
    You do give a different perspective on some issues which is good.

    Also maybe to help NI out we should just have the same trading rights case they have with the Republic of Ireland and we can still have Erasmus and all th either benefits that give NI a trading bonus.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I’m always reminded of Tory MP Mark Francois who said “Scotland has no assets, the UK has assets and we are the UK”

      Just like their slave owning ancestors they believe power over people is theirs and theirs alone to give or take away, if you’re always in a position of having to ask then you accept you’re subservient to those who say you must ask

      • JoMax says:

        If Nicola Sturgeon were to say England has no assets ….. can you imagine the uproar, because that would, of course, suggest that the UK’s assets include Scotland’s assets and as we all know Scotland disnae huv ony assets, just a big black hole, which I have no doubt will have grown into a supermassive black hole over the past twelve months and Andra Kneel, G(r)ove(l) & Co will be along the noo to tell the world all about it. I’ll bet they’re just champing at the bit.

  39. yesindyref2 says:

    Umm, I’m gobsmacked.

    Graeme Roy is director of the University of Strathclyde’s Fraser of Allander Institute

    Last month’s Scottish Budget was another impressive performance by Kate Forbes, particularly given the reality of the economic crisis presented to her.

    Yes, I did read that right:

    “Last month’s Scottish Budget was another impressive performance by Kate Forbes, particularly given the reality of the economic crisis presented to her.”

    I’m going to have to go have me a lie doon.

    • Yesindyref2 , dont be gobsmacked

      Last nights question time was positively full of pro scottish independence audiance members

      I suspect we are about to see a change of tack by Westminster

      Up to now its all denial of scottish independence but i see their helpers in the press and BBC etc are issuing the odd positive scottish independence point of view


      They will be back to the hatefest soon

  40. Legerwood says:

    Re vaccinations in Scotland. This is the article in the Times the other day showing Scotland ahead of Wales and most, if not all, the regions of England

    Strangely the BBC were not quite reporting it this way.

    • Dr Jim says:

      BBCs Kate Silverton looked positively red faced and embarrassed as she read that Wales was leading the way with % of most vaccines *offered*

      There’s a slime that oozes from England’s government in the twisted and distorted way they use words and manipulate the media to perform for them when it comes to either not reporting about Scotland or misreporting about Scotland

  41. {;0 )
    bringiton, @11.06 am

  42. Capella says:

    R4’s 5PM did report that summary in the news section then swiftly moved on to talk about staycations and what can we do to help businesses in Cumbria, which has beautiful beaches, to attract holiday makers? Then on to Valentine’s Day and what can we do to help businesses who sell Valentine’s Day tatt?

    Soon it will be “eat out to help out” again. Do the Westminster clowns ever learn? No.

    At least they didn’t tell them to come and visit Scotland in their campervans.

    I switched off at that point.

  43. Capella says:

    Oops – I now have two comments in moderation. Please ignore them Paul if you are reading this.
    It was a reply to your last post Legerwood. I won’t attempt it again.

  44. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson and his team at No 10 can see the writing on the wall and are using our taxpayer’s money to beef up his anti-independence squad. He knows what’s coming but it’s too late now.

    Boris Johnson’s team of union advisers is to triple in size this year, marking a major change in the UK Government’s approach to the SNP and Scottish independence…

    It is understood the issue has been made a top priority in Downing Street, with the prime minister privately admitting not enough time has been devoted to securing the Union during the Brexit and coronavirus crises.

    In response, the newly formed “union directorate”, headed by Dominic Cummings’ protégé, Oliver Lewis, will draft as many as “30 to 50” officials to help formulate policy and hone communications, we understand…

    One senior government source likened the team’s challenge to that faced by US generals in Vietnam.

    Using inflammatory language, they said: “The strategy has been a bit like the US dealing with the Viet Cong.

    “The generals there were playing chess, trying to land that killer blow, but the game they should have been playing was Go, where you surround the opposing side…

    “There’s too much soft support for independence.”

    Number 10 last week justified the creation of the union directorate, dismissing accusations it had been born out of “panic” over surging support for Scottish independence.

    I’d say they’re panicking alright.

  45. Dr Jim says:

    Either the blog’s seized up or I’m banned
    this is a test

    • Alex Clark says:

      Looks like you are not banned.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Dr Jim: Looks like you have used a word or phrase in your earlier posting that is on a WordPress “check list” for this Blog that needs to be released by an Admin.

      I have had it happen to me in some of my postings.

      • grizebard says:

        I just wish that moderation would simply flag the word(s) in a posting to which it had taken exception, so it would be a very quick fix to suitably amend the text and save Paul a lot of housework into the bargain. (I was once sorely tempted to go back to some ancient thread and start posting words one by one just to see what gets through or not. But not only would that be insanely inefficient, it would feel like deliberately defacing the site, so I firmly desisted.)

        By guesswork and reposting one time, I found one of the oddities: a fancy word starting with “h” that means serious bleeding (actual and metaphorical, as with votes or support). Duh. Akismet is a prude!

    • Capella says:

      My reply to Legerwood is stuck in moderation. I rewrote it changing words I thought Akismet might not like. That is also in moderation. So I gave up.
      Akismet seems to take offence at all sorts of random words or parts of words.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Not really surprising at all, we all know that Nicola Sturgeon is streets ahead of any other politician in the UK in terms of respect they receive. No surprise either that the Tories and labour parties in Scotland are seen as being more divided than the SNP.

      Just weeks ago the Tories dumped their leader Jackson Carlaw and put a part time referee in charge followed by Rickety Ladder being thrown off the bus and maybe the 5th or 6th elction for Labour in Scotland in as many years.

      The SNP divided, sure they are like there is no chance of any family agreeing with everything the other wants, I really don’t care much about GRA reform or the hate crime bill. They are very important of course to those who may be affected in some way but I’m more concerned with policies that will help close food banks for good and raise education standards.

      As far as I’m concerned these lofty goals require Scotland to be an Independent country and this is within our grasp. I’m putting my faith in the current leadership of the SNP to take us there, so far Nicola Sturgeon has exceeded expectations with two polls putting support for Independence at 58% which less than a year ago would have been unimaginable.

      I really don’t care that some will say, “only because of Covid” or “only because of Brexit” that’s bollocks it’s because of leadership in dealing with these crises that her personal ratings went through the roof and support for Independence has increased massively.

      Leadership is something that Johnson does not have and can only aspire to, he must loathe Nicola Sturgeon and that makes me smile. He fears Nicola Sturgeon and you could see it written on his face when he met her on the steps of Bute House last year, he cowered and hasn’t come anywhere near her since. Bojo is a clown and Nicola Sturgeon has his measure. No wonder the British state is out to destroy her. They will fail.

      • Tatu3 says:

        I believe that before covid the tv and papers very rarely gave Nicola time especially “positive” time, and most of the general public in Scotland didn’t really know much about her or how well she speaks, her views etc.
        However since the daily briefings a massive amount of ordinary citizens of Scotland have begun to realise that Nicola only wants what is good for Scotland. They hear her speak, she sounds just like us, she doesn’t talk down to us, she has a sense of humour, she has empathy, she genuinely cares about Scotland.

        • Tatu3 says:

          Meant to also say, but had to stop and feed a demanding cat, that the Daily Briefings have also shown your average, non political, Scot, just how little control the SG have of the important stuff, money, borders, importing vaccines etc. Stuff that would be better off in Scotland’s hands. That independence WOULD be better

    • Capella says:

      A good summary of why the ComRes poll may be underestimating support for independence from James Kelly, in case you were disappointed with 53%YES.

      • Clydebuilt says:


        I hope the next time JK does a poll he doesn’t go for a company that historically gives low percentages for independence. The last one just scraped a win for Yes.
        Think it was Survation, if he can’t get the usual company (panelbase) it’s better he doesn’t comission a poll.

        • Capella says:

          I’m not able to judge whether a poll is honest or not. There are so many factors which pollsters can use to tweak the results, including the wording of the question, whether they include 16 – 18 year olds, how they weight certain demographics etc. All of which is trumped by how the poll is framed by whoever commissioned it.

          But JK is usually pretty honest in reporting on polls so I would trust his assessment in this instance. Besides., it suits me to believe that YES is in the high 50s soon to break through 60% 🙂

          • Clydebuilt says:

            I’m not picking on poll honesty or JK’s evaluation of the polls. . . . . The point I’m making is picking a company that historically returns a low Yes vote is risking a result that is under 50%. That would be damaging, and funded by pro- independence money. I believe his last poll (survation) gave Yes 51%

  46. P Harvey says:

    Excellent summary of the situation
    Nicola and the SNP are the only current route to Independence
    If we don’t take this opportunity Generations that follow will be astounded at our stupidity

  47. Alex Clark says:

    In the main the people who post here want to comment on the outrages the Tories are committing against the people of Scotland, a government we didn’t elect and haven’t done for more than 70 years.

    In the main, most posters might want to point out the duplicity of the media and the propaganda used by the BBC in their actions against support for Independence. This is good that poeple are willing to spend the time finding the lies of the media and exposing them to the many by providing links and other sources of the truth of the matter.

    This to me is the whole point of an Independence blog, to smite your enemies and open the eyes of the undecided to the lies they are being exposed to in order to keep them under the control of Westminster.

    To me, that is what I would expect a blog full of Independence supporters to do, expose the shenanigans of the Westminster government, the uselessness of the Tories and Labour parties in Scotland. the lies and propaganda that are everywhere in print and on our TV’s.

    Yet there are those here who insist on only offering for discussion Salmond v Sturgeon and the Bad SNP. It’s really pathetic. It’s pathetic because Independence is much bigger than any one person,it is much bigger than any policy but most of all it’s pathetic because they have been whipping this same donkey for more than 2 years now and getting nowhere. Stupid runts.

    • grizebard says:

      Amen to all that, and your previous posting as well.

      It isn’t just the BoJo Clown Circus that is prodigally spending our own tax money against us. As you mention here, the BBC isn’t faithfully reflecting back all strands of current opinion to us, it’s playing its servile part by representing (now less than) half. Skewing virtually every news story, lying by half-truths, relying on its remaining innocent listeners and viewers not realising what’s being omitted and misrepresented. But here’s the rub: it is getting all of us to pay for that as well!

    • john says:

      Alex you are 100% correct in what you say. The AS/NS thing to me is a pile of bull, I believe that in general the people of Scotland don,t give a fiddlers fart for the “he says,she says politics. Scotlands people are wise and canny and hearing Westminister say No every day just angers them, wearies them ,and gets right on their T-ts. Every day the main stream media beam their propaganda into their homes poor roll out vaccines, care home deaths,drug crisis, “Ice on the Forth crossing” Bad bad Nicola SNP.

      The Unionists are not making a dent on Scotttish Independence . If the majority of Scotland trust Nicola and the SNP team ,just wait till she goes on campaign mode . I trust her campaign methods, and when she talks in her empathetic Scottish brogue asking people for their vote mark my words they will all be behind the wee Scottish lassie because ” the lass has done us proud and Scotland trusts her.

      ps not trying to lecture anybody ,just giving my honest thoughts folks.

    • Clydebuilt says:


      “Yet there are those here who insist on only offering for discussion Salmond v Sturgeon and the Bad SNP. It’s”

      It’s divide and conquer, they are not for independence.

    • I agree Alex Clark , i still think the whole AS versus NS saga is a media construct .
      When you control all the media as Englands Westminster do.
      They can turn win into lose
      Yes into no
      Majority into minority
      We have seen them do this time and time again and people believe it
      An example is when Ruth Davidsons tories were presented and reported as winning the election a few years back just because they increased their number of MPs but the truth of the matter was that SNP got many nore MPs than Ruth Davidsons tories in fact they got nore than the tories and labour added together but thats not how it was reported on tv in the newspapers or on radio.

      I believe the same ploy is being used with AS v NS
      Englands westminster propaganda unit has primed all british media to construct their news reports in such a way that it appears that AS and NS are at war when theyre not.

      I think my belief will be confirmed once a majority vote for SNP is confirmed in may.

  48. P Harvey says:


    Don’t loose faith – independence is within our grasp

    • Tam the Bam says:

      ….”and for listeners at home…the Inverness Caley v Morton game is postponed owing to a frozen pitch…thereby extending Mortons unbeaten run by not a sausage.”

  49. Golfnut says:

    I’m afraid we can no longer tag the UK gov’s handling of the pandemic as simply incompetent, some very interesting points in the comments regarding health insurance once privatisation of the health service gets into full swing.

  50. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson’s *Union team* of advisors is set to rise to around 50 staff in order to prevent Scotland deciding their own future and you might say well that’s up to him but for the fact that all these advisors being hired are at Scotland’s expense
    Boris Johnson is charging Scotland money for decisions being taken against us

    On the other thing, if anybody’s in any doubt just think about it for a second, why are the opposition working so hard to prevent the FM from speaking?

    • Capella says:

      Apparently this union unit – sorry “union directorate” – are like the Americans in Vietnam, so we must be the Viet Cong. Quite flattering really when you consider who won that particular war. The War of the Flea.

      Phillipa Whitford tweets a link to the article in the P&J of all places:

      • JoMax says:

        What exactly is it the English Govt and the hardline unionist Scots are so afraid of with regard to self-determination? They never actually say. Instead it’s all innuendo, insult, disparagement, dismissiveness, threat, empty promises, sometimes even blatant racism. It’s this negativity which has held Scotland back for generations and these people don’t half know how to play it. One day, surely, even the most thrawn of the unionist Scots will awaken and say, “No more”.

        • Clydebuilt says:

          It’s because they care about us, and they are worried that we would become poor.

          • Dr Jim says:

            It’s not only about Scotland’s wealth or assets, Scotland has something England can never buy, never manufacture and never possess on its own, Scotland has *location*, on Independence Scotland’s international borders return to its control and strategically this would be the biggest blow to England because Scotland’s area of control would be massive and the gateway to the north
            No longer could England sail fly or move in that area without consent from a future Scottish government, so when England talks of their trade dominance they deflect from the fact they they could be constrained from movement north if they even attempted to play those sorts of silly games
            When English politicians threaten non co-operation with Scotland over trade, it’s not a one way deal because Scotland would be in charge of their freedom of movement

            Since England took Scotland’s freedom of movement away it would be ironic that Scotland could virtually imprison England within the borders it so long crowed about controlling

            They’ll deal and they’ll do it with their lips trembling

            • Golfnut says:

              Absolutely spot on Dr Jim. ‘ They’ll deal and they’ll do it with their lips trembling ‘ and their fingers crossed behind their backs.

          • Stephen McKenzie says:

            PMSL! 🙂 🙂

        • Always always remember that “unionist scots” have been brainwashed with british propaganda all their life , school parents grandparents the war newspapers tv radio its everywhere no wonder they feel dependent on uk , forgive , explain the truth with evidence and facts that counter the british GERS nonsense.
          Unionist scots are not your enemy , your enemy are the ones who moulded them into unionist scots purposely with unionist propaganda , Englands westminster.

      • Statgeek says:


        No volunteers then? That’s reassuring.

  51. RIP Sydney Devine.
    If one of you techies can, can we post Old Steak and Kidney’s version of ‘Scotland Forever’ on here.
    Tiny Bubbles of tears welling up in my tired old eyes.
    G’on, Sydney. g’i’es yer Ten Guitars.

  52. Glasgow Gowan says:


  53. Glasgow Gowan says:

    Great blog. Great comments. Great song.

  54. Hamish100 says:


    Whatever our views of Kirsty Blackman, she has openly discussed her difficulties surrounding her mental health and wellbeing. This must have been a difficult decision for anyone but to be in the public eye even more so.

    Disgracefully, Wings singles her out in their latest blog by stating that she is” . the worryingly unhinged Kirsty Blackman.”

    The comments is more worthy of a right wing fundamentalist blog than that purporting to support a social inclusive and democratic approach to life. I do hope such comments will be condemned by others including the ISP, SNP and others.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The SNP won’t condemn or even mention it because it would give that particular person the publicity he desperately craves which is what *unhinges* him, that’s why he’s not been served with papers for slander or libel which is another thing he desperately desires to give him the excuse to beg the public for money for lawyers to make another public court fuss over something which he would lose again, but he doesn’t care about that it’s not his money and there’s always some left over for *Turkish delight* and fuel for the car they already bought him

      It’s all about money and publicity for that guy

    • Dr Jim says:

      Notice his attentions are always fixated on the women

    • grizebard says:

      That’s a disgracefully cheap shot. He should read the rules of his own damn site. Playing the (wo)man not the ball. Maybe he’s written off the entire game now as a personal flop, and is taking out his frustrations on the real players instead. But only the pro-indy ones, for some reason…

  55. Pogmothon says:

    I believe that when the bath chronicles supported Scottih Independence it was shut down very quickly with just a couple of complaints.
    Let’s just see how fast the ISP operates now that it’s an establishment mouth piece.

  56. Arthur Thomson says:

    An incredible fall in England’s covid mortality rate over the last few days. Either they have found the cure or the figures are being massaged. Either way, if it continues on this trajectory there will be increasing pressure to have a policy of herd immunity – fueled in part by difficulties in maintaining vaccine supplies and in part to get back to Victorian values.

    Scotland’s mortality rate doesn’t seem to be dropping so fast, though that may change soon.

    I have a sense of rapidly approaching chaos.

  57. Alex Clark says:

    Donald Trump has been acquitted despite 57 Senators finding him guilty and just 43 not guilty.

    It required a 2/3rds majority to find him guilty. Justice elite style is different than that for the rest of us.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Get ready to put your fingers in your ears to drown out the noise as England’s media goes into full high pitched screech mode

      Oh and no heavy objects or guns in the room where the TV is

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Interesting: “To ensure MSPs can pass emergency legislation to delay the 2021 election in the highly unlikely event this is required, the Bill [Scottish General Election (Coronavirus) Bill passed by the Parliament on 23 December 2020] moves the dissolution of the Scottish Parliament to 5 May – the day before the election“.

      So, plenty of time for the Ref Bill to actually get through Holyrood I think if introduced by 28th March. But I could be wrong. Not sure how the EC check of the Question fits into this all the same.

      All will become clear I expect.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        So I think the hype was just a rehash, and about Russell talking to one constituency SNP thing. But if the Bill gets published in 6 weeks, with a timetable for its passage through Holyrood, a Ref date, and details of the progress of the question being retested by the EC. with it front and centre in the manifesto. that’ll heal any rifts, apart from just the few people with a totally personal agenda.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Forgot to say, Parliament doesn’t dissolve till the 5th, but does go into recess next month. And the Herald carries the story “LEGISLATION paving the way for a second independence referendum will be published in the next few weeks, SNP ministers have confirmed” whereas we know it’s just one – Mike Russell. So much for plural anything in the media “SNP sources …”. Ho hum.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Anyways, as far as timing of announcements is concerned, remember in 2011 manifesto/election the Ref was scheduled for some time in that whole session, but 2 weeks before the election Salmond was “pinned down” and said “in the first half”, and the SNP got an overall majority when it was expected by some that Labour would win. This time any “last minute” announcement should probably be done shortly before postal votes are sent out. I doubt the SNP have the wit to realise this …

        … that was a joke for the humour impaired. And for the rest of us.

  58. Pogmothon says:

    So more than a million people between 65 and 69 are to be offered Covid vaccinations soon in uk/england.

    SNHS sent me an appointment a week ago for a jab on the 16th. Don’t quite know how I will get there yet, but I will be there.

    • Pogmothon says:

      By the By the envelope is blue with white lettering.

    • Eilidh says:

      Loads of people in Scotland age 65-69 have already received the Covid vaccine. Both my brothers and several friends got theirs last week

      • Stephen McKenzie says:

        Eilidh: I got mine last night. Maybe I should have just asked for an English “offer” rather than the Scottish “actual” jag.

        Left arm a bit sore, but the right drinking arm is still working well, well that’s the German Pfizer vaccine for you 🙂

    • Golfnut says:

      A million sounds impressive but it is 1/55 th of the English population, anyway I wish them luck. So, are they are offering an appointment or are they going to be told they are now eligible for vaccination and to contact NHS/ Doctors/ vaccine centres to get an appointment because as it stands at the moment they are going to be competing with the 70 plus.

      • Golfnut says:

        Well the SG/SNP can hardly be accused of making it political, that would be the laboratory’s and the media. I don’t suppose they mentioned that. I was interested the other day in the accusation by Davidson in her attack on the FM, she accused the FM and the SG of letting ‘ these women down ‘ which was a strange and inaccurate statement to make. Did these women not have their day in court, where they not given every assistance in getting their case presented to the court at no expense to themselves, have the Scottish government not had to pick up the bill for much of this prolonged stramash, and still it rumbles on.

        • Golfnut says:

          Sorry this last post was meant for Alex Clark @ 10:40.

        • ArtyHetty says:

          Those ‘letting women down’, would be anyone falsely accusing anyone of rape or sexual assault…
          that’s a well known fact. It undermines the whole damn justice system when anyone for whatever reason feigns victimhood. It’s a scourge on justice and does a massive disservice to those who really are victims of terrible terrible sexual assault and rape. Those who would do that for any reason should hang their heads in shame.
          AS was found not guilty, and while some cases of rape are discracefully thrown out on a technicality we can be sure this would not have been the case with an (ex) FM who was a threat to the Brit state…

  59. What is a chimpanzee viral vector ?
    The astra zeneca vaccine uses this and here is what oxford university says about it.

    The ChAdOx1 vaccine is a chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine vector. This is a harmless, weakened adenovirus that usually causes the common cold in chimpanzees. ChAdOx1 was chosen as the most suitable vaccine technology for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine as it has been shown to generate a strong immune response from one dose in other vaccines. It has been genetically changed so that it is impossible for it to grow in humans. This also makes it safer to give to children, the elderly and anyone with a pre-existing condition such as diabetes. Chimpanzee adenoviral vectors are a very well-studied vaccine type, having been used safely in thousands of subjects.

  60. fergusgreen says:

    BBC website just put up a headline: Salmond Accuser – Inquiry ‘Trauma’ Worse than Trial

    Milking the last drop out of a dying issue perhaps?

    Or more likely just flogging a dead horse.

    • Alex Clark says:

      They’ve just shown an interview on The Scotland Show (around 10:15) with Glenn Campbell interviewing one of the women accusers of Alex Salmond, I only caught the last 5 minutes, my take from what I saw of it, was that the woman felt that the inquiry had become too political and had lost focus on what the purpose of the inquiry was supposed to be about.

      She also said that she believed that the way the inquiry has been conducted will make it less likely that a woman would make complaints in the future.

      • grizebard says:

        It’s ironic really that this kind of dissatisfaction at the gross politicisation (one might even justifiably say overt “weaponisation”) of what was supposed to be an impartial investigation into the SG’s (ie. the Civil Service’s) handling of the complaints against AS is now being used by the likes of Ruth “don’t call me baroness” Davidson to claim that women have “been let down”, when – let’s not forget! – it was that woman and her party that deliberately introduced and stoked the politicisation in the first place.

        “Having your political cake and eating it” is perhaps the most charitable way of expressing that degree of utterly shameless hypocrisy. Other less charitable but rather more apposite descriptions are available.

  61. Hamish100 says:

    Key issue. The committee members and I would say baillie and co have politicised the issue to get at the FM. Clear to see for all. I look forward to see the FM giving evidence. I hope she does not hold back in a ministerial way.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I have my doubts as the whether the FM will ever be called to give evidence because the purpose of the opposition is to string the smear out for as long as they can until parliament closes and the questions remain unanswered to be used in the oppositions campaign against the FM and SNP

      Once the FM gives evidence the game’s up on all of them and if you’re the former FM and the opposition you don’t want that so delay delay delay

      The opposition to the FM claim it’s her who’s holding everything back, that’s a stupid claim it doesn’t serve the FM to have this smear hanging around but it does serve the purpose of the former FM and the opposition to keep the lie going as long as they can…..

  62. Alex Clark says:

    Something strange happened there, just before replying to fergusgreen I refreshed the page and saw a post from Hamish100 posted at 10:44, I posted my reply, it did not appear and the one from Hamish has vanished lol

  63. Capella says:

    I read the BBC article on interviewing one of the complainers. It is obviously intended to stir up the two opposing camps. “Let’s You and Him Fight” (Games People Play).

    There seems to be a “full court press” going on now with the media and a few anti SNP blogs and “journalists” piling on accusation after accusation, getting their talking points from Tory Party HQ or the “union directorate”. Quite a spectacular pantechnicon of populist outrage.

    The committee will meet on Tuesday to read Lady Dorrian’s decision on what can or can’t be published. More combustible material will flare into flames. Then Alex Salmond may or may not agree to be questioned. After which time, however long it be, Nicola Sturgeon will be able to give her evidence.

    I look forward to hearing it in the fullness of time.

  64. Hamish100 says:

    I’m still here, I think?

    I think the debacle over the inquiry is in part due to the tories and labour ( some who are on the inquiry panel) asking questions in Parliament. In part to undermine but also to goad a response.

    Ken McIntosh as Presiding Officer should have ruled any such questions out of order or at least until the committee had delivered its findings. So we have mini trial ongoing at Holyrood FM QT where 2 of the main witnesses have not been heard yet and then we have the tribunal which is now as partisan as the US Senate. His allowing such questions has diverted parliamentary time. Deliberate tactic. Probably.

    My contempt for Baillie, Fraser and co. is at a low which I couldn’t believe be reached

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I think it was good, in my humble opinion Baillie and Davidson made fools of themselves, and Sturgeon came across as honest. She answered them and they kept on with the same basically unintelligble questions. BBC made the mistake of broadcasting all of it, rather than the edited highlights.

      • grizebard says:

        I agree. There was a time when this kind of political mud-slinging would have the intended effect, but as with the visibly-inflammatory media questioning, because of the FM’s transparent and dedicated manner, most of the mud seems to be sticking to the throwers instead.

        The desperation is showing, since they don’t seem to have any alternative except to dismally plod on with this failing tactic. They have several times tried to resurrect the process from successive fizzle-outs, hinting at upsets to come that never transpire, and are now reduced to exerting themselves mightily to stretch this out as long as possible, but nevertheless the whole business is inexorably running out of steam.

        Having invested so much reputation in this backdoor attempt to undermine the SNP rather than face them honourably in an election, they’ll end up with nothing, and be left looking like bitter, ingracious fools. Just in time for May. Nice!

        • yesindyref2 says:

          A totally crap article in The National also seemingly prejudging, while quoting an ex- clvil servant as en “expert” considering the civil service itself at Holyrood is being investigated in theory by the “committee”:

          I think I’ll boycott it for 48 hours in protest, and see if that’s just the tip of an anti-Sturgeon iceberg which The National will sink itself on (hint: Sturgeon is way more popular than it is, and the 20 or so anti-Sturgeon posters aren’t representative).

          Even the URL is deliberately biassed.

          • grizebard says:

            It’s hard to grasp at times what The National is trying to achieve, even if it’s just ye olde click-baiting to drum up income. But it has always struck me as being somewhat radical-left-rump sympathetic – even when that’s not obviously in its own commercial best interest – and that’s where a lot of the anti-NS aggro* seems to be coming from. Jealousy-driven splitterism a speciality. {sigh}

            Funny though how the “we know things that will come out” trope manages somehow to remain afloat, even though it is fatally holed below the waterline. But you can be sure that if NS had connived in any way with a cover-up of misbehaviour at the top, that would have surfaced ere long, and you can just imagine the shouty headlines (“betrayed by a woman protecting her mentor”) and heavy-duty political posturing over the “breach of the ministerial code” that would have ensued. I reckon that NS has been remarkably astute at navigating this sea of reefs, mines and sharks, while remaining resolutely focussed on doing the day job. It must sometimes seem a thankless task.

            *(Besides the usual BritNat suspects, that is. Anything to help.)

          • ArtyHetty says:

            Have thought the ‘National’ a bit of a Trojan horse for ages, they are not really pro SNP, in fact sometimes come across as anti, they have troughers like untRuth on the front page, all smiles and show, if at all, any SNP MP/MSP with a scowl…nah it’s a push pull rag…stopped buying it, but it still gets shoved under the Tory rags by the Tories in our area so they think it’s a threat!!

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Well, I was in the Hydro at Sturgeon’s roadshow, and saw the launch. They (Richard Walker) were given platform space and good ammount of time for their pitch, think they got a rousing welcome can’t really remember. I took a big pile of their newsagent subscription leaflets, used the lot and scanned and printed loads more. Richard Walker did try to be an SNP candidate for Ayr I think.

            Maybe they have a mole, headline / caption writer / URL composer / photo editor, or they’re thick as two short planks and gullible to boot. It happens too often. Or, indeed, too radical left-wing. They did give RISE a lot of space, achieving the grand total of 10,911 votes on the list for the whole of Scotland.

            • Capella says:

              Alex Salmond actually recommended Indy supporters buy The National at his post Indyref1 constituency meeting. He also got Richard Walker to his feet at the SNP conference following the referendum and encouraged everyone to give him a great round of applause for launching the only pro-independence newspaper in Scotland.

              I attended a local evening with Callum Baird, the current editor and Paul Kavenagh with the Wee Ginger Dug. It was a great night and I have no doubt about their commitment to independence.

              However, there may well be journalists who are plants or assets who have lain low for years but now feel the need to attack the SNP with all the force they can muster. I suspect Iain Macwhirter and Kevin McKenna are two examples. Martin Hannan may be a third. The other MSM products have been full of anti-SNP content for years.

              I think it is actually an indication of how desperate unionism is. If their secret weapons are having to be deployed we are definitely in the end game.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              I was quite pleased with Hannan’s article at first. It explained some of his off colour articles, and there are problems with the SNP and his article could help to put pressure on. But then I re-read it and these things stood out:

              I am not permitted by law to tell all that I know about their ongoing contretemps


              I would say however, that very serious allegations have been made …


              … disgraceful and it’s largely the consequence of poor leadership

              So we go from

              1). “I know something [because I heard some gossip and was flattered to be told it so it must be true]”
              2). “allegations which I judge and jury to be true because – see 1 above”
              3). “and it’s the poor leadership – see 2 and 1 above”

              Journalism? It’s ego massaging and manipulation by A.N. Other, just like other cases.

              Sad, very sad. How can people be so gullible and subjective, not objective? There should be no “self” in journalism. A quick search finds this for example, summarised:

              The core principles of ethical journalism – are –
              1. Truth and Accuracy
              2. Independence
              3. Fairness and Impartiality
              4. Humanity
              5. Accountability


              Anyways, I’m even boring myself now.

  65. I am almost certain that when a woman contacts the police about a sexual complaint, she will be interviewed by a female police officer these days.

    Apparently there wasn’t a female available to interview the brave woman who agreed to be interviewed on Guissler’s Brit Nat Jock Sunday Propaganda Magazine today.

    There was grizzled old Glenn Campbell fronting this latest piece of SNP Baddery.

    He got in all his SNP Bad bullet points, the whole point of this farce of a put up job.

    Salmond was cleared of all charges he reminded this victim (imagine how she felt about that declaration of Salmond’s innocence, and Campbell’s stance that Salmond is innocent, so this lady and the other complainants were not believed) , the Scottish government had ‘botched’ the original enquiry, and Salmond was awarded £500k to cover his legal expenses, that Nicola Sturgeon has to face a separate enquiry into breaking the ministerial code, with the whole piece rounded off by the Enquiry Chair, Linda Fabiani BAD BADSNP, apologising on camera, that the poor victim in all of this, was still being harassed by politicians on the committee using the whole sorry saga as a Get Nikla Brit Nat baseball bat.

    No sign of the trundling Baillie, Coll Hamilton or the oily Murdo Fraser on the telly apologising.

    Glenn Campbell was relishing every sleazy minute of this disgusting grilling.
    Salmond’s innocent therefore you were lying?

    I fast forwarded past Guissler’s interview with Michael Matheson on the Scottish travel quarantine, confident in the knowledge that no matter what the Bad SNP man said, from 10.30 on wards on the Steam Jock Radio, Fina Stalker and her ‘guest reviewers’ would slag off the Scottish Government’s determined measures to stop the virus being imported to our land, Scotland.

    Guissler had his UK map as a visual aid again, with Kent ten times bigger than Scotland, which appeared a distant isthmus of BBC Jockland’s Mighty England.
    It is deliberate of course.

    I managed five or so minutes of Fiona Stalker’s ‘review’ of the Dead Tree Scrolls.

    The English Blahs that is.

    England’s coming out of lockdown on March 8th!!!!

    Pubs will open, golf, tennis, ya de ya..

    The Observer The Sunday Times The Mail On Sunday 15 million ‘UK’ jabs…NIkla Sturgeon should be sacked and from a breathless Guissler ,who had joined the Brit Nattery SNP Baddery Team, Scottish Hydro which supplies 1/5 of our electricity facing ‘ruin’ because of rates subsidy farce.

    The ‘guest reviewers’?
    Siobhan Mathers of the right wing ‘Think Tank’ Reform Scotland, and Stephen McGinty ,Author and (what side is his bread buttered on? ) documentary film maker.

    True to established form the gathered panel tore in to the Matheson interview, McGinty declaring that we were all the one UK, and Guissler quoting the flights coming in to Scotland and Manchester as proof that we, or our Police cannot stop the flow of bastards sneaking in to Scotland and infecting us with God Knows which variant.

    Mathers cooed when she quoted the in hospital Covid infections rising, and purred that Jackie Baillie had got some ‘traction’ by kicking the boot in to the Scottish Government over this hospital outbreak…
    I gave up, and switched off.

    Earlier I watched Marr insulting Adam Price Leader of Plaid Cymru by constantly interrupting his replies, and rudely cutting the very able politician off abruptly, having clearly not listened to a word the man was saying.
    They are all rattled. BBC Plantation Quay Stockade is already in Better Together Viet Cong Mode.

    Tick tock.

  66. .
    There was grizzled old Glenn Campbell fronting this latest piece of SNP Baddery.

    He got in all his SNP Bad bullet points, the whole point of this farce of a put up job.
    Salmond was cleared of all charges he reminded this victim (imagine how she felt about that declaration of Salmond’s innocence, and Campbell’s stance that Salmond is innocent, so this lady and the other complainants were not believed) , the Scottish government had ‘botched’ the original enquiry, and Salmond was awarded £500k to cover his legal expenses, that Nicola Sturgeon has to face a separate enquiry into breaking the ministerial code, with the whole piece rounded off by the Enquiry Chair, Linda Fabiani BAD BADSNP, apologising on camera, that the poor victim in all of this, was still being harassed by politicians on the committee using the whole sorry saga as a Get Nikla Brit Nat baseball bat.

    No sign of the trundling Baillie, Coll Hamilton or the oily Murdo Fraser on the telly apologising.

    Glenn Campbell was relishing every sleazy minute of this disgusting grilling.

    I fast forwarded past Guissler’s interview with Michael Matheson on the Scottish travel quarantine, confident in the knowledge that no matter what the Bad SNP man said, from 10.30 on wards on the Steam Jock Radio,

    Fiona Stalker and her ‘guest reviewers’ would slag off the Scottish Government’s determined measures to stop the virus being imported to our land, Scotland.

    Guissler had his UK map as a visual aid again, with Kent ten times bigger than Scotland, which appeared a distant ithsmus of BBC Jockland’s Mighty England.

    It is deliberate of course.

    I managed five or so minutes of Fiona Stalker’s ‘review’ of the Dead Tree Scrolls.

    The English Blahs that is.

    England’s coming out of lockdown on March 8th!!!! Pubs will open, golf, tennis, ya de ya..

    The Observer The Sunday Times The Mail On Sunday 15 million ‘UK’ jabs…NIkla Sturgeon should be sacked and from a breathless Guissler ,who had joined the Brit Nattery SNP Baddery Team, Scottish Hydro which supplies 1/5 of our electricity facing ‘ruin’ because of rates subsidy farce.

    The ‘guest reviewers’?

    Siobhan Mathers of the right wing ‘Think Tank’ Refform Scotland, and Stephen McGinty ,Author and (on what side is his bread buttered? ) documentary film maker.

    True to established form the gathered panel tore in to the Matheson interview, McGinty declaring that we were all the one UK, and Guissler quoting the flights coming in to Scotland and Manchester as proof that we, or our Police, cannot stop the flow of bastards sneaking in to Scotland and infecting us with God Knows which variant.

    Mathers cooed when she qupted the in hospital Covid infections rising, that Jacke Baillie had got some ‘traction’ by kicking the boot in to the Scottish Government over this hospital outbreak…

    I gave up, and switched off.

    BBC Public School Boys ate its bitter Brit best.

    Earlier I watched Marr insulting Adam Price Leader of Paliad Cymru by constantly interrupting his replies, and rudely cutting the very able politician off abruptly, having clearly not listened to a word the man was saying.

    They are all rattled. BBC Plantation Quay Stockade is already in Better Together Viet Cong Mode.

    Tick tock.

  67. Jacksg says:

    Watched Mary Queen of Scots film yesterday made in 2018. There is a great scene towards the end when Mary fleeing her enemies in Scotland meets Queen Elizabeth. The aging Queen despises her for her youth and that she has produced an heir but most of all she despises her determination. So she has to get rid of Mary she is too much of a threat. They are still playing those games those uppity Scots need to be kept in their place eh?

    • Dr Jim says:

      They do like to use the word “disobedient”

      • Jacksg says:

        Indeed Jim. May he sedition hush, and like a torrent rush,rebellious Scots to crush, God save the King.The more things change, the more they stay the same eh,

    • M biyd says:

      Mary was 25 Elizabeth 33 at the time hardly worth the comment. The bairn by the way was James VI who was determined to be King of England and set Scotland on the path to an incorporating Union.

  68. Englands Westminster will always try and pit one group against another within the enemy they face.
    They see Scotland as Englands enemy
    Thats why we are in the midst of a propaganda war which is hugely one sided because Englands Westminster have control of the media , BBC ITV STV , radio and the newspapers
    Everywhere that England refused to relinquish control they used the same tactic

    In Scotland they tried the religious divide but that was ineffective Scotland isnt manipulated by religion the way it ised to be.

    So now we see them trying to divide Scottish people with AS v NS
    What nonsense it is
    You have to be pretty dumb to believe AS and NS are at war with each other

    • Bob Lamont says:

      You’d also have to be pretty dumb to believe the Brexit Party or whatever they’re rebranded as these days, or ERG, or any number of think tanks set up by the Tories are actually in opposition to them, they are the kings of the scam.

      There’s been a lot of time and effort put into convincing folks that there is a conspiracy which will rent the independence cause asunder, and I’m sure many otherwise intelligent people are totally convinced they KNOW the truth, even AS and NS, such is the web of deception which has been woven by those in London.

      They’ve strung this AS v NS story along for over two years now, and they will keep trying as they’ve got damned all else to fall back on…

      • Dr Jim says:

        Well BBCs Glen Campbell informs us all that aaall the attention is not on the former FM now but aaall on Nicola Sturgeon and *her* government
        The BBC should go out on the street and ask people if they think Nicola Sturgeon is responsible for what’s happened and the answer will come back pretty loudly as it has done already in Alex Salmond’s personal polling ratings which are -60% as opposed to Nicola Sturgeon @ + 56% on this particular issue

        The Twittersphere and the media in Scotland can try as hard as they like to switch some sort of blame on to the FM for others behaviour but try as they may there aint no average Scotswomen out there falling for any of this guff

        Typical misogynistic men finding ways to blame women for not stopping men from behaving badly

  69. Capella says:

    Yale History professor Timothy Snyder on current propaganda techniques – just like the 1920s and 30s

    • Dr Jim says:

      Ooh! there’s a website operating that same principle, if you’re not our friend and do as we say then you’re the enemy and to be reviled

  70. P Harvey says:

    Keep calm and vote SNP twice for Independence

  71. Dr Jim says:

    Just a wee note to Petra, I hope you and your family are doing OK

    • grizebard says:

      It would be ironic, would it not, if newcomers in general turned out to be more willing to abandon previous allegiances than the remaining unconverted native-born…?

  72. yesindyref2 says:

    Okey-doke, for anyone sick of the partisan extreme thingy who wants a distraction here’s Dicey who gets mentioned in so many judgements, seems to hold back Scots law’s primacy, and is quoted in 1958 cases and such like: “What did Dicey have to say about it?” Well, who cares, he’s deid – for nearly 100 years. Seems like that is getting more and more a thing, and here’s an interesting article from a lawyer journalist, he has a couple of other interesting ones too including the heathrow decision effectively “how is government policy defined” or something like that.

    Dicey and his hopeful diminishing in terms of Scottish Constitutionality, as well as the UK one, may or may not have any relevance to the Indy Ref 2 plan / plans if they end up in court. Aileen McHarg retweeted a tweet about Dicey not liking the idea of universal suffrage one bit – what, women getting the vote – and suffice it to say it seems like Rees-Mogg adores Dicey. ‘Nuff said.

    I’m off to watch the Shooter series. That’s enough sniping for me 🙂

    • Alex Clark says:

      Interesting read, I’d never heard of Dicey and don’t really want to know more but from that one article, I get the impression he would have supported hanging for sheep stealing and transportation to the colonies for stealing a loaf.

      We will have a constitution written for Scotland on our Independence and Dicey will play no part in the writing of that.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Did Priti Patel not suggest a couple of those things quite recently, I seem to remember she wanted to send immigrants to Ascension Island because it’s surrounded by shark infested waters

        • Alex Clark says:

          Yes, she certainly did and Johnson was all for it.

          The government would also not rule out constructing offshore migrant centres on the Ascension Islands – a volcanic land mass closer to Brazil than the UK and the PM’s official spokesperson said that the government was considering all options.

          According to The Times, the government is considering using countries such as Papua New Guinea, Moldova and Morocco as future asylum processing sites at the direct suggestion of the PM.

          She also thought “wave machines” in the channel to force refugees boats back towards France were a very good idea.

          • Dr Jim says:

            What was wrong with bringing back England’s original idea of concentration camps, although the old French Devils Island scheme has its merits of not having the folk you don’t want anywhere near where decent folk will notice them, out of sight out of mind sort of thing

            A wave machine though eh? a sort of massive Butlins holiday ride to your death
            They could put all the immigrants to work on Boris Johnson’s tunnel through the Beaufort dyke to Northern Ireland spending the rest of their lives digging and drowning, digging and blowing up while drowning, but mostly a good effective way of keeping the lower Caste folk away from public view till eventually they’re all gone

            Like when rich folk have crying kids the servants take them far away from the house so the parents can’t hear them then when they get older send them off to boarding school, it’s a kindness

      • grizebard says:

        Oh, the ancient jurist is the bête noire of constitutionalists, essentially asserting the “dictatorship of parliament” and the arrogantly-implicit primacy of English Law. His ex-cathedra assertions have, as the article rightly indicates, been slavishly taken as the last word on the UK=English (non-)constitution by far too many for far too long.

        Human rights principles, for example, have been eating away at his self-build for years like termites in the walls, but it would be sweet justice indeed if it turns out to be the impending challenges derived from Scots Law that finally brings his whole rotten construction down.

      • grizebard says:

        Oh, the ancient jurist is the bête noire of constitutionalists, essentially asserting the “dictatorship of parliament” and the arrogantly-implicit primacy of English Law. His ex-cathedra assertions have, as the article rightly indicates, been slavishly taken as the last word on the UK=English (non-)constitution by far too many for far too long.

        Human rights principles, for example, have been eating away at his self-build for years like termites in the walls, but it would be sweet justice indeed if it turns out to be the impending challenges derived from Scots Law that finally brings his whole rotten construction down.

        • grizebard says:

          An observation that may be of general interest: my original posting here went straight into the dunny. I simply removed the name of the “ancient jurist” and bingo! it passed.

          It seems that Akismet is very antsy about anything that can be superficially construed as a criticism – however theoretical and indirect – in conjunction with a named individual. Even if they are long gone! Akismet has no awareness of history, it would seem, and nor can it apparently distinguish criticism of a proposition from that of a person. (Possibly even one who just happens to be in the neighbourhood!)

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Yes indeed, it’s really not right at all that a 19th Century Victorian from Leicester should be able to impose a basically English view on a supposed UK Constitution affecting Scotland, supposedly one part of “United” as in “United Kingdom”, when basically speaking he wrote essays. Though courts do refer to “Scholarly” essays in considerations and judgments.

        Luckily, by the way, I got Dicey the right way around! Except curiously he did advocate referendums for issues like Home Rule even way back. I did some more googling for “Dicey” and of course found a reference to that paper by Green I quoted, as Endnote 14 in the ScotGov’s paper “Scotland’s Right to Choose” Dec 2019:

        The constitutional history of the UK and its nations has been exemplified by change as much as it has continuity. The UK’s constitution is said to be based on the idea of parliamentary sovereignty: that the UK Parliament is the sole source of sovereignty, and that the Crown-in-Parliament can make or unmake any law whatever. This theory of the constitution is the product of Victorian legal thinking, and it has been questioned whether it remains an accurate or sensible description of the constitutional reality in the UK.14

        which, by thw way, neatly covers “government policy” in that Heathrow appeal.

        One would almost thing the ScotGov has been preparing for all this for some time …

    • grizebard says:

      It is indeed.

      “In short, we are being forced to fund our own belittlement” is a theme we’ve touched upon earlier in this very thread.

      I only disagree slightly about the motive proposed for the EngNat reluctance to let us go. If “money” means “resources” in general, that must indeed be a factor, but I believe the dominant influence on the English Establishment isn’t that but actually their own self-pride. The fear of public humiliation were its No.1 colony to turn its back on them, the loss of face with the rest of the world, with practical consequences possibly even flowing therefrom.

      Never underestimate the fear of embarassment of the English ruling classes. It underpins almost all of their humour, for example. Amour propre is worth more than money to them.

      • Golfnut says:

        I think Osborne penned much the same opinion as your own, the fall in England’s standing in the world would mean they were unlikely to be considered even a second rate power.

  73. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve just spent the last half hour inside the cesspit mind of George Galloway and his supporters which by the way include a number of Scottish Tory MSPs and a couple of Labour as well, and lo and behold who else did I find lurking amongst the dregs of the earth, only some of those so called supporters of Independence (who are most obviously not) on the website that shall remain nameless
    In the minds of these people it matters not how badly England behaves in this Union as long as Scotland is imprisoned within it and to that end some of the trashiest fake videos have been stitched together to give the impression that the SNP are running some kind of Na*i horror show of secrets and plots and withdrawing peoples human rights, and they show these as proof of their claims
    The place is full of Covid deniers posting videos of their claims and if you can imagine it it’s on there
    and of course they were all SNP members until they found out how evil the SNP were and have since resigned their membership to pursue the truth that Nicola Sturgeon is a monster and the former FM should be reinstated, which is a bit odd considering they claim to be against Independence now, but it appears the George Galloway is best pals with the former FM, he says, and he also demands his return

    Confused? so would I be but not really when you take a look at the *sister website* it pretty much is saying the same thing

    • Capella says:

      It gets more Trumpian by the day. My twitter timeline is invaded by erstwhile SNP supporters full of outrage about Nicola Sturgeon and her evil husband. Soon they’ll be chanting “lock her up” and “drain the swamp” and “build the wall” etc. Actually, they already are.

      Divide and rule tactics 21st C style. Happily most people ignore them. SNP on course to win 71 seats in ComRes poll. So they’ve still got a lot of work to do.

      POLLS ARE RUBBISH comes the chorus.

    • Capella says:

      ArtyHetty posted a link to research article on cyber attacks through social media.

      Cyber troops are frequently directly linked to state agencies. According to the report, “In 62 countries, we found evidence of a government agency using computational propaganda to shape public attitudes.”

      Established political parties were also found to be using social media to ‘spread disinformation, suppress political participation, and undermine oppositional parties,” say the Oxford researchers.

      “Suppress political participation” seems to be the main goal of much of the media frenzy atm. Not working so far.

      • Dr Jim says:

        What we do know is that newspapers such as the Daily Express The Daily Mail the Sun and even the Daily Record now languish in large piles to be tied up and returned at the end of the day in supermarkets but you can’t buy a National after 1pm

    • grizebard says:

      Georgeous in cahoots with AS? Covid deniers even getting in the act now?

      {rolls eyes}

      They are truly plumbing the depths of the rabbit hole. It positively calls out for a good dose of satire. Is that what it is – intentional self caricature – a kind of performance art?

      • Dr Jim says:

        If the world was a reflection of Twitter no country could survive the madness when you see the complete lunatics and what they invent and then write down to be forever immortalised on the internet
        It’s strange though that with no hint of irony the people and person they complain about and wish for clouds of death to be cast down upon her and much worse is that they are able to do this and get away with it in a free country because of the person they complain about, there are quite a few countries abroad where governments would hunt them down and do all sorts of unpleasant things to them for exhibiting this behaviour, it’s not that far away in England right now because the government in England is paying for a great deal of this stuff that’s spraying around and the trouble with starting that and paying for it is what do you do when you want to stop the same people turning on you and who do you pay to stop them

        Donald Trump fostered it and look how that’s turned out, one more year in power and America would’ve been looking at no way back
        England’s got Johnson and he’s weaker minded than Trump so he’ll cave and use the army because he’s a fearty at heart

        • grizebard says:

          Naw, when it gets down to it he won’t invoke military assistance (which would be the most abject possible and irreversible admission, both to the folks at home and to a horrified world, of total collapse of his government’s political authority), he’ll cave, turn the sour grapes up to 11 and claim that England will be far, far better anyway shedding the ever-grumbling northern ingrates and “going it alone”.

          The Jock puppets will be truly left high-and-dry, friendless.

    • scrandoonyeah says:

      When a respected and level headed supporter of Independence like James Kelly has a pop at the workings of the NEC you know there is trouble brewing and it’s going to get a whole lot worse.
      The question is: who is being played and by whom?
      There are a lot of contenders.

      • Stephen McKenzie says:

        scrandoonyeah: Sounds far too complex for us to worry about in the run up to Mays elections. Mind and come back and tell us when you find out.

      • Dr Jim says:

        He’s listening to the internet too much, cardinal mistake

      • Capella says:

        Yes I read JKs article. What he and others fail to do us READ THE CONSTITUTION. Art 10 clearly states that the members decide the order on the list. A NEC candidate goes to the bottom of the list. Later it says the constitution takes precedence over any other rules and it can only be changed by a 2/3 majority at Conference.

        Members will be voting for the list ranking soon.

      • Alex Clark says:

        James Kelly like most of us also has his likes and dislikes, his favoured ways to Independence and his not so favoured. He’s just another bloke with an opinion.

        At the end of the day what really matters is the opinion of the majority and if you are a supporter of Independence then you will help the cause most by trying your best to persuade others to come around to your way of thinking.

        You will not increase support for independence by squabbling among yourselves and quite frankly, making arses of yourself. The vast majority of voters do not know what an NEC is never mind who is on it, that’s the reality and what some choose to make a big deal out of is really nothing of the sort.

        The majority of the population care about getting a vaccine, getting their wages paid, having their children back at school, putting food on the table. They really really couldn’t give a toss about the SNP NEC or any other political parties NEC for that matter. that’s for the anoraks. I’m one and I couldn’t give a toss either.

        When people talk of grassroots then that’s the people you never see at marches, they live next door and you work beside them. Persuade just one of them and it’s game over. Leave the squabbling to those that wish to blow their own trumpets and make a big deal out of nothing.
        Nobody really cares what they think other than themselves.

        • scrandoonyeah says:

          If there is a fire upstairs it could burn itself out or if left unattended could spread and eventually bring the roof crashing down.
          Downstairs some people ignore the smell of smoke and instead engage in a ‘Group Duggers Hug’ hoping it will just all go away or at least, does not reach them till after the 6th of May.

  74. Dr Jim says:

    You know how the opposition are saying Scotland’s quarantine system is a debacle and one silly *journalist* at the daily Covid briefing more or less suggested that Nicola Sturgeon should just do as she’s told by the genius’s down south, well in England they have people who came from different countries quarantining along side each other

    So much for the genius’s then

    • Eilidh says:

      Yep and Tom Gordon of that distinguished piece of toilet people aka the Herald is my pick for journalist moron of the month. What an obnoxious twerp. I have never heard so much verbal diahorea as what he said at the Covid briefing Monday

    • grizebard says:

      The rationale for universal quarantining is clear, the logic of preventing the ongoing transit of potentially-infected people across England is irrefutable, the English Government’s mean-minded obstructiveness to the Scottish Government’s wish for handling Scotland-bound arrivals so very plain, yet these kneejerk oppositionalist media types, not least that last – and notorious – prime example, keep on trying to insist that the fault somehow lies with the Scottish Government! Jeez!

      They are not naturally that obtusely contrarian, they are just paid to be. What a miserably craven existence.

    • Golfnut says:

      Nicola was quite flummoxed for a moment or two at the sheer stupidity of the question. The suggestion that Scotland shouldn’t try to make a better fist of quarantining with one hand tied behind our back because of the stupidity and intransigent English gov was unbelievable, but it happened and it’s on record.

  75. Capella says:

    Some interesting letters in The National today – about the old ’79 group and about the dark materials of the union unit. Shouldn’t the Electoral Commission stop this taxpayer money funded secret campaign unit?

  76. Dr Jim says:

    To mask or not to mask that is the question, whether tiz nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of Covid deniers and Tories or to take up masks and so by wearing end them

    Alas poor Yoric I knew him well Horatio a fellow of infinite jest who didnae wear his mask and now he’s deid

    Yeez didnae know ah wiz a mon o Kultyur eh

  77. Dr Jim says:

    The Daily Express has just expressed its delight that Scotland cannot return to the Erasmus scheme for students

    So there you have it folks Tories delight at removing rights that Scottish students had within the EU to travel and exchange educational opportunities, the Bastirts are happy with their imposition of dictatorship on Scotland

    Note to students: if you want these opportunities returned to you vote SNP X 2 for Independence and they will be returned to Scotland

    • grizebard says:

      It’s just another example of how the EngNats attempt to maintain control over us by trying to block and hinder any direct interactions between Scotland and the rest of the world. Everything must be filtered through (and thus attenuated and limited by) England.

      Just like that business of UKGov trying to obstruct Nicola’s overseas diplomatic visits.

      Post-independence, it’s going to be like a great gulp of fresh air to someone suddenly liberated from a stuffy cramped prison cell to finally be able to have unfettered interchange on our own terms with everyone everywhere.

      Look out world, we’re on our way!

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