The Settled Will

By the time that you get to nineteen opinion polls in a row, over the course of more than a year from several different polling companies, all of which have shown a lead for a vote for independence in a referendum, it becomes legitimate to posit that a desire for independence is now the settled will of the people of Scotland.

It’s certainly true that at 51% for yes, the most recent poll does not show as commanding a lead for independence as some previous polls, which have put support for independence as high as 58%, but this categorically does not mean that support for independence has gone into decline. Opinion polls work, insofar as they do work, because questions are asked of a sample of people who are believed to be representative of the wider population. However different polling companies have different strategies for arriving at a representative sample and may have somewhat different notions of what constitutes a representative sample. A consequence of this is that you cannot meaningfully compare the results of a poll from one company with polling results from a different company, because you’re not comparing like with like.

This most recent poll was carried out by the Survation company. Polls from Survation have been described as being less “Yes-friendly” than polls from other companies in that the methodology used by Survation in order to determine how representative its samples are appears not to favour any factors which could potentially boost a yes vote, but which doesn’t seem to rule out with the same vigour factors which potentially boost a no vote. It is very significant then that support for yes is still in the lead even in polls from companies which are not “Yes-friendly”. This increases confidence that the past slew of polls showing a majority for yes do indeed reflect a real shift in Scottish public opinion and despite the howls of protest on social media from British nationalists who complain that they and their pals in the ludge weren’t asked, it’s now safe to say that a majority of people in Scotland would vote yes to independence in a future referendum. Scotland is now a pro-independence nation in a way that it was not in 2014 or indeed at any point in its recent history. That is a shift of historic proportions and one which will be hugely significant for the future of this country.

This seismic shift in Scottish attitudes has not gone entirely unnoticed south of the border, although it’s safe to say that the dominant view in England is a denial that the union between Scotland and England is now entering its terminal phase. This week former Conservative chancellor George Osborne penned an opinion column in the Standard newspaper, advising Boris Johnson to deny Scottish democracy in order to fend off independence. It was a piece which was shocking in its naked contempt for the democratic rights of the people of Scotland, and which dripped the arrogant – colonialist – mindset of the Conservative establishment where Scotland is concerned. It is telling that George Osborne regards Scotland as a territory to be possessed and not as a society to be engaged with. At no point in his article did he display the slightest concern that Scottish opinion as expressed through the ballot box is something that needs to be taken into account.

Osborne discusses Scottish independence purely in terms of how it would affect the pretensions of England to great power status, saying, ” [Scotland’s] departure would represent the end of the UK. The rest of the world would instantly see that we were no longer a front-rank power, or even in the 2nd row.” For this reason he tells Johnson to refuse any call for another independence referendum, In his eyes, it is perfectly acceptable to sacrifice Scottish democracy on the altar of English exceptionalism. Essentially, George Osborne has admitted that England has no sense of itself and needs Scotland more than Scotland needs it.

Osborne’s advice to Johnson is that the latter must refuse to allow another independence referendum. Osborne appears confident that any referendum without a section 30 order would be illegal – although as more informed observers know, that’s a matter without a definitive legal ruling. He does not mention the unquestionably legal possibility of a plebiscite election and arrogantly suggests that any independence referendum without a section 30 order could be crushed in the same way that Madrid suppressed the Catalan referendum, with police brutality and prison sentences. Where this falls down however is in Osborne’s English exceptionalist idea that the international community would react in the same way as it did to the events in Catalonia. Sadly for him there is no guarantee of that.

The fundamental difference is that the Spanish Constitution explicitly rules out any independence referendum in any part of the territory of the Spanish state. However the British state has already conceded that Scotland has a right to self-determination and moreover via the Edinburgh Agreement has established a legal and constitutional pathway for this to be realised. Given that, if Scotland were to replicate the political conditions which led to the first referendum, only for a referendum to be refused by Westminster solely on the basis that the British government feared that it was going to lose in a democratic ballot, the international community may very well take a different view than it did to the Catalan vote and be sympathetic to a Scottish government which sought to take an alternative route to allowing the people of Scotland a democratic expression of their will. This is all the more likely since the UK is no longer a member of the EU. Brussels no longer has a vested interest in bolstering the pretensions of the British state or in rewarding Johnson’s anti-democratic instincts.

The recent poll from Scot Goes Pop also tells us that people in Scotland are not content to roll over and accept a Johnson veto on their democratic will. A full 63% support some sort of plan B should Johnson refuse a section 30 order and remain intransigent.

For my own part, I prefer going for a plebiscite election after the refusal of a section 30 order because it would be harder for the anti-independence parties to boycott it and because it is unquestionably entirely lawful and constitutional. This certainly does not mean waiting five years until the 2026 elections as there are ways and means of precipitating an earlier vote. It would certainly be possible to have a plebiscite election later this year.

The Scottish government would be perfectly justified in bringing about such an early election if the British government was undemocratic in blocking the Scottish Government from implementing the most important policy on which it had been elected. This is a plebiscite election which would have an extremely good chance of receiving support from the international community,and would certainly have majority support amongst the Scottish population- even amongst many who are not currently in favour of independence. The anti-independence parties would no longer be able to argue that Scotland is a partner in a union as the British Prime Minister will have demonstrated that Scottish democracy has been vetoed by a Prime Minister and a party that Scotland didn’t vote for and whose anti-referendum message had just been rejected at the ballot box. The mere act of a Johnson denial of a referendum after the electorate has just clearly voted for having one will itself create an upswelling of anger and revulsion which will only boost support for independence even further.

The same cannot be said of any attempt to make this May’s election an effective plebiscite on independence, which is why I prefer to wait a few months longer when our position will be immeasurably stronger and that of our opponents far weaker. The issue here is not getting a vote on independence – that is most assuredly going to happen, the issue is winning it and ensuring that the result is recognised by the international community.

However I suspect it is more likely that the Scottish government will first test the lawfulness of a consultative referendum under the auspices of Holyrood and without a section 30 order in the courts. The outrage to Scottish public opinion and the destruction of the traditional understanding of Scottish unionism that Johnson’s refusal of a section 30 order will create will most likely negate any effect of a Conservative boycott and render it meaningless. By that time support for independence will most certainly be the settled will of the people of Scotland and even the most recalcitrant British nationalist on social media will have no choice but to accept it.

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223 comments on “The Settled Will

  1. Craig Macinnes says:

    Good to see you making further progress in your recovery Paul and glad to see you’ve come round to the plebiscite election idea. Where I differ from you is in timing. I’d make this May’s election a plebiscite election – why wait? Request an S30 yet again now and on the inevitable refusal declare that this upcoming election will be a plebiscite on independence.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I explain in the article why we should wait. Incidentally I have not “come around to the plebiscite election idea”. I have been arguing consistently for a plebiscite election for the past two years or more. You seem to have fallen for the pish from certain other quarters that I have been using this site to argue that we should just keep asking for a section 30 order in the hope that Johnson will eventually change his mind. I have never argued for that – and I don’t think that is the view of the Scottish government either.

      • Bob says:

        The settled will of the people is only significant when it is acted upon. Anything else is wishful thinking.

        • weegingerdug says:

          It will be acted upon when the time is right. That time is after May’s election

          • Bob says:

            “When the time is right” is exactly the same as “Now Is Not The Time”. Westminster speak for ‘No’ when Theresa May was PM. If people are to be convinced to vote Yes to Independence they need something tangible to identify with such as a Campaign informing of the facts and a leadership commitment that is trusted.

            Of most importance is a time period and end date. Both give confidence that it can be achieved and encourages togetherness in achieving that goal. Something this virus has shown is that people will act together, whether they like it or not, for the good of all, if given strong leadership and a common purpose.

            The SNP FM has shown how to manage expectations during this pandemic and shown trust through leadership. Nicola Sturgeon is very good at Crisis management. Since the 2014 referendum actions by the British State that degrade and harm Scotland have been revealed by the same FM showing ability to manage the onslaught of increasing attacks by Westminster on Scotland and its institutions. Nicola Sturgeon is very good at Grievance management.

            These skills are quite different to those needed to make strategic changes and confront head on those who block our progress to Independence. These are NOT skills Nicola Sturgeon possesses.

            The elephant in the room confirms that having been in power for a decade the default instinct of SNP leadership is to retain power at the expense of all else and find comfort in the words of Theresa May that “Now Is Not The Time”. Because now is never the time under such circumstances.

            Two lessons can be learnt from this 1) An FM should serve no more than 2 terms of office, 2) the current FM should be removed and replaced before May with someone who has strategic vision and restore confidence by acting on the Will of the People to gain independence.

            Anything else will damage the Independence movement, will damage the democratic institutions we rely on and diminish confidence in ever achieving our aim to the extent the British State will, over time, be empowered to dilute the Scottish Government functions through Scottish inaction.

            Being the whole purpose of those words “Now Is Not The Time”.

            • tomlewin says:

              I’m with WGD on this. The expressions “Softly, softly catchee monkey” and “Keep your powder dry” spring to mind. Don’t let’s “Go off half cock”!! 🙂

              • Bob says:

                Read Craig Murry’s sworn affidavit submitted yesterday and reconsider your reply to my comment.

        • M biyd says:

          The settled will according to the Herald is that Sturgeon should go if she has misled parliament. I cant disagree with that otherwise we are failing to set the standards that seem anathema to Westminster and to which we completely abhor.

          On a different note I have just received my embossed Tory election pamphlet. The only policy the Tories have is to oppose democracy in Scotland by opposing a referendum that the SNP haven’t actually called for?

          The rest of the pamphlet is frighteningly Riefenstahlesq with a photo Dug next to Ruth at a respectful distance and a joy of family life photograph.

          • weegingerdug says:

            Please don’t start an argument about the whole salmond / Sturgeon thing – I really don’t have the energy for it

            • grizebard says:

              Aw, but that’s his thing. His only thing. Almost his raison d’etre. Now he’ll be desperately deprived {sob} and have to air his pet grievance where it gets drowned out {sob} by all the rest of the faux-outraged grievance-mongering. My heart (hardly) bleeds for his sorry loss.

              • John McCaffery says:

                So is my interpretation of your comment correct in that you are quite content to have a corrupt leader lead us into independence. I appreciate our host does not have the energy to argue the point.

                • grizebard says:

                  Your assertion is potentially actionable. I hope you have a good lawyer.

                  Or that you are sufficiently obscure and irrelevant that no-one will (rightly) give a flying… fig.

                  • John McCaffery says:

                    It would seem the case that we are both sufficiently obscure although I am prepared to publish my name and not hide behind some poetic nickname. It would seem my interpretation was correct with the velocity with which the toys exited the pram and the incredible faux-outrage. Have a nice day dinky.

                    • grizebard says:

                      Bandying around words in public like “corrupt” is skating on thin ice, but extremist wild talk like that isn’t winning any hearts or minds either.

                      Unlike you, who will immediately slink back into deserved obscurity, the FM will soon stand before the whole country and she will assuredly win its much-deserved approval.

                      So save your futile efforts, you tiresome BritNat quacker.

      • grizebard says:

        Well said, Paul. Some people have very evidently not been paying attention, neither to your good self nor to the Scottish Government.

        • John McCaffery says:

          So you would support a corrupt leadership into independence. Just say so. I can do without a chapter of Watership Down as a response. Have a nice day dinky

          • weegingerdug says:

            the door is that way John ————>

          • M biyd says:

            I dont agree with the phrase corrupt leadership. The phrase failed leadership might be apt or more aptly our failure to hold the leadership to account. Which isn’t helped by showing contrary opinions the door.

            • weegingerdug says:

              I have stated repeatedly that right now my health is simply not good enough to deal with people arguing in the comments about this salmond sturgeon stuff.

              • weegingerdug says:

                I have also stated repeatedly that if your comment is not going to help persuade people to support independence – then don’t comment at at all.

                And here I am l having to use up valuable strength and energy laboriously and slowly typing out a reply. Frankly I don’t give a shit whether you respect Nicola Sturgeon or not – but if you can’t respect what I am having to deal with and go through I have no hesitation showing you the door.

  2. Capella says:

    This is a very clear concise exposition of the constitutional position we are in. A clear majority for independence parties in May is a clear demand for a legal referendum. If Westminster refuses then Westminster must be sidelined to prevent any further interference in our democratic right.

    Timing will depend on the realpolitik.

    • Careen McKay says:

      That’s not what Dougie meant when he said “My mother’s a long windy road”. We almost died laughing. “My mother’s a microwave!
      Oh dear.

  3. Capella says:

    This is a very clear concise exposition of the constitutional position we are in. A clear majority for independence parties in May is a clear demand for a legal referendum. If Westminster refuses then Westminster must be sidelined to prevent any further interference in our democratic right.

    Timing will depend on the realpolitik.

  4. P Harvey says:

    Excellent and clear explanation of our likely routes to independence
    Whichever one eventually takes us there, does not matter
    The destination is the clear and settled will of the Scottish people – Independence!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  5. Arthur Thomson says:

    Right on the button Paul. Step by careful step, to realise the will of the Scottish people. We will overcome each obstacle in turn.

  6. Dr Jim says:

    I have no doubt in my mind the FM will do exactly what needs to be done now that she knows she has the people of Scotland supporting her which is what she always said “My job is to serve the will of the people of Scotland they are sovereign not Boris Johnson”

    It might also be borne in mind that George Osborne nor David Cameron ever liked Boris Johnson so their good advice might just not be as good as Boris might think it is

    Politics is a dirty business in England and there are some even in the Tory party that would just love to stick it to Johnson and in their minds get rid of Scotland into the bargain, who knows eh

  7. Alex Clark says:

    It is very revealing that Osborne would write that without Scotland “The rest of the world would instantly see that we were no longer a front-rank power, or even in the 2nd row.”

    That is the establishment’s greatest fear, not losing Scotland’s natural resources, they fear being diminished in the eyes of the rest of the world. They fear an Independent Scotland showing the ordinary Englishman and woman how a country can be more successful with equality at the heart of its governance.

    They fear the success an Independent Scotland can make of it and that’s why they fear us.

    • grizebard says:

      I’ve said the same, and we need to keep saying it out loud; “they’re afraid of us”. They’re afraid of competition from us.

      They’re even afraid of losing us, afraid of being what they actually longed to be: a little England all on its own in the great wide world. But it’s not our lot to be an otherwise-ignored emotional crutch to the English Establishment.

      This is an object lesson for them in being careful about what you wish for.

  8. Kenneth Young says:

    One of your better posts of recent 😁

  9. yesindyref2 says:

    Just watching that inauguration (my wife has it on), and though they have masks and gloves, they’re hugging and kissing, then touching masks with hands and adjusting them. If one of them has Covid, they all have it now.

    • Petra says:

      Saw and thought that too yesindyref2. No idea that you can pick up the virus, for example, through your eyes and from clothing.

  10. Hamish100 says:

    Still, Biden and co have the vaccine and I suspect many others too and will escape covid.

    The Royal Family have been inoculated just not sure how far down the greasy pole it has extended eg Prince Andrew, Edward and co?

  11. Hamish100 says:

    Back to Section 30 or not , Plan A-Z or not. Plebiscite or not.
    Personally, I would fight on every and any front. A moving target is harder to hit.

    Still we would have to win the election in May- and the SNP and Greens will need 50% or more to move forward. We know the Unionists tactics with the use of the BBC, STV, CH 4 and the press.

    I have had 2 Publicty leaflets from an assistant referee and a soon to be peer just in the past week telling us my family must vote for them -and stop talking about Independence!!!

    Surprised to see the costly leafleting. It’s only the 20th January and I thought the tories and unionist priorities is COVID. Another lie added to the support of Brexit.

    I think they are worried.

    • The Linesman, loving father, and family man, with his 5 Blue Tory Brexiters, abstained from voting to keep the Covid UCS top up past March.
      They care for no one but themselves.
      BBC Scotland has gone tonto Brit Nat over the past few days.

      They know that the end is nigh.

      Jacke Baillie, Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause, and Wee Wullie ‘Metal Health’ Rennie were actively lying in unison today, attempting to spread fear and dread into our elderly citizens, and deliberately trying to sabotage our Scottish Government’s programme of vaccination.

      Jackie Baillie at the podium, FFS. Ruth Davidson who in May will haul her generous girth on to First Class in the English Gravy Train, and Willie Rennie, who has ‘led’ a small band of nobodies contributing absolutely nothing to the well being and wealth of Scotland.

      They are there to disrupt good governance, and destroy Scotland, for their English Masters.

      Happy to debate with any of them, or all of them together, live on TV any time anywhere.

      They know that their time is up, and we shall not forget their decades of treachery.
      I am more than willing to defend my use of the word ‘treachery’.
      They are beneath contempt.

      They don’t give a damn about Scotland.

      • Christopher Rosindale says:

        I am convinced that the reason Douglas Ross and his small band of colleagues keep meekly obeying Boris Johnson is because they saw how he betrayed the DUP after promising, at the DUP’s 2019 conference, that he wouldn’t put a border in the Irish Sea.

        Johnson makes decisions based on what his own interests are. His political power base is in England, not Scotland. Therefore, if he decided that granting a Section 30 order would suit him, he would do it. Being only 6 in a Tory majority of 80, which rises to 128 once the 48 SNP MP’s are included, there is no way that Ross and his colleagues could ever stop Johnson from getting the necessary legislation through the House of Commons, and then they would be heading for Indyref2. Which they would probably lose……

        So, out of fear that he will dump them as he did the DUP, they dare not cross him. Its cowardly and undignified of them.

        “We’ll do and say anything you want Boris, but please don’t betray us?!”

  12. Golfnut says:

    I said I would provide the link to Drivetime regards changes being made to the vaccine roll out process, namely that this would now be carried out centrally rather than through local medical practices. Doesn’t resemble at all what was in Parliament by the FM yesterday or indeed today. Never the less this has been broadcast by the BBC. Fake news I dont.

  13. grizebard says:

    It’s good that Osborne has made the issue so transparent. Scotland is an English possession and our status as a people is utterly irrelevant to them. We are in no way “leaders not leavers”, in their minds we don’t even exist. Our only function is apparently to bolster their faltering self-esteem without an iota of obligation in return. Just another form of tone-deaf self-serving Trumpism.

    It’s good we can all see how things really stand, whatever fantasy dressing-up the usual Jock Puppet suspects have tried and may yet try. We are not anybody’s servant, and “we the people” will have our day. and soon.

  14. Christopher Rosindale says:

    “Essentially, George Osborne has admitted that England has no sense of itself and needs Scotland more than Scotland needs it.”

    This is the most significant admission in Osborne’s article, as it reveals a key argument of the Unionist side, and also a great weakness.

    Because England is the dominant member of the Union, to many English people being “British” and being “English” means the same thing. England also a great tendency to wallow in nostalgia, it loves harking back to its past. This had something to do with Brexit, especially in dreams of returning to England’s romanticized past as a great, powerful nation with global influence, and, for the post-WW2 baby-boomer generation, a chance to stand-up to Europe in the vein of their parents, aunts and uncles, who in their eyes, achieved far more than they ever have. The whole idea of Brexit is bound-up in that mythical Britain, of it becoming that country once again.

    Why does this matter in terms of Scottish Independence and Osborne’s article? Well, if we vote to leave the UK, it will shatter that myth, in several key ways:

    1) Being ‘British’ and ‘English’ at the same time will no longer be possible, for Britain will have ceased to exist. The English will then be forced to be just ‘English’ in the world.

    2) The break-up of Britain will close the door on Britain’s imperial, globe-dominating past, again, because Britain will no longer exist. The WW2 myths will also be shattered for the same reason, as the country which, in its imagination, faced down Hitler alone will be consigned to history.

    3) When this happens, as the map of Great Britain changes from showing one country to two, as the blue disappears from the UK’s flag, as Scots down in Westminster – Michael Gove, Liam Fox, Michael Forsyth, Malcolm Rifkind – and in the rest of England watch their identity changed for ever by the departure of their homeland from their country of residence, as all contributions which we Scots have made to the UK over the past 3 centuries, from sport, inventions, language, food, music, become the emotional and potentially legal property of another country, as the UK’s military is broken-up, with particular consequences for the Royal Navy due to the loss of Faslane and major shipbuilding venues on the Clyde and Forth, and the loss of a substantial chunk of the UK’s economic single market from the UK to the EEA or EU, with a hard international border on England’s Northern edge, England will go through the biggest identity change in its modern history.

    It will be a profound change, and likely, one that will cause the biggest political crisis in centuries. For the first time in more than 300 years, England will have to work out what it is, and the English who they are, in a world of big, global power blocs. It is fast becoming clear that they do not know the answers to those questions…….

    And Scotland’s departure may not be the end. Northern Ireland will probably leave the UK next as the Brexit economic arrangements push it closer to the Republic of Ireland,

    Support for Welsh Independence is now growing, with Yes Cymru’s membership having swelled from 2000+ to over 16000+ in less than 6 months, a clear sign that support for the Westminster status quo is beginning to crumble in Wales. The Internal Market Bill has infuriated the Senedd, and the Coronavirus pandemic has allowed it, for the first time in its history, to wield genuine, visible political power over Westminster through its control of health measures and lockdown restrictions in Wales. As a result, it has become much more influential to Welsh voters, and this may indicate that the centre of Welsh political life is starting to shift from London to Cardiff, a repeat of the London to Edinburgh shift which has happened in Scotland.

    Boris Johnson’s recent Covid-19-related fight with Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has had the unexpected result of leading to the founding of the Northern Independence Party, whose main political ambition is to create an Independent, Social Democratic Northern England. This is a sign that political trust between Northern England and Southern England may finally be starting to crack, and what the future now holds for England as a single country may be more unpredictable than seemed likely before Brexit.

    Where does this leave a future No campaign, and the Conservative Party?

    The central campaign message of the No campaign will be identity-based, not economic. Being in the EEA or EU would offer Scotland much greater economic prospects than being in an isolated, unstable UK would. The EU’s staunch support for Ireland, in stark contrast to Westminster’s ignoring or Scotland, during the Brexit negotiations also proves that Scotland in the EU would have more power and influence than Scotland in the UK. All that the Unionist side will have left is the emotional argument, based on 300+ years of shared identity and experiences. And that argument is weak, as it comes more from the English side than the Scottish one, which Osborne hints in his article.

    For the Conservative Party, what happens to it will depend on the voting franchise of Indyref2. If it is confined to Scotland, the British identity will still be lost, but the Tories will likely survive it. If it includes the whole UK, and a substantial number of English and Welsh voters vote Yes, then the political strength of the Union will be profoundly weakened. Why? Because it will be crystal-clear that there is a lot of support for its break-up and that will have huge consequences. Breaking it up will become an accepted political concept, and once in the English political mainstream it will be impossible to get it out again. If such a referendum result exposes the growing number of Tory voters who support the Union’s break-up, that would be much worse for the Tories, as they could easily find themselves in the same trap as the Labour party in trying to straddle the divide to avoid splitting their core vote during Elections. If they fail, as is likely, thousands of votes may be lost to them and their chances of winning future Elections, or even in staying together as a single party, may be at real risk. Nigel Farage, never one to miss an opportunity, is the most likely threat here as he would likely jump in to play the English Nationalist card, using it to woo the pro-Yes voters in England…..

    George Osborne’s article is flawed and selfishly English-centred. But he has just exposed the deepest fear of the No side. That Scottish Independence would throw England into an identity crisis that would profoundly de-stabilize it – by raising questions about its future that it has no easy answers to.

    And that terrifies him and the Conservative Party in general.

    • Ahem, Mr Rosindale, you were bombing along nicely there, until:-

      “For the Conservative Party, what happens to it will depend on the voting franchise of Indyref2. If it is confined to Scotland, the British identity will still be lost, but the Tories will likely survive it. If it includes the whole UK, and a substantial number of English and Welsh voters vote Yes, then the political strength of the Union will be profoundly weakened. Why? Because it will be crystal-clear that there is a lot of support for its break-up and that will have huge consequences. Breaking it up will become an accepted political concept, and once in the English political mainstream it will be impossible to get it out again.”
      I take it that you are a visitor from another country.
      The English will not be voting in Indyref2.
      So your final paragraphs seem, well, disorientated, to say the least.
      We are not a colony. We are sovereign. We Scots citizens shall decide our fate, not BullDog Bob from Birmingham.
      Why don’t you know that?

      ‘Breaking it up’ is already in the ‘English political mainstream’

      They are aware that their UK is finished already.
      What a strange conclusion to your post.
      English citizens don’t get to vote, not even if they own a couple of holiday cottages Up Here.

      • Calum says:

        Regarding your last sentence, they certainly shouldn’t be voting but some,at least, did in 2014. Needs to be rigorously enforced, this time.

      • Christopher Rosindale says:

        Actually Jack, I was born and raised in South West Scotland, and have the misfortune to have Alister Jack as my MP. Do not get me started on him……

        So I am not a visitor from another country, but a native of the same one as you!

      • wm says:

        Jack, like you I was taken in until the part you point out, it just proves that some A*** H**** are harder to sniff out than others.

    • Christopher Rosindale….
      You say IF indyref2 is confined to Scotland bla bla bla
      But if indyref2 includes the whole of the U.K. bla bla bla

      Sorry Christopher but indyref2 would not be a Scottish independence referendum if the whole of the U.K. gets a vote
      Scottish independence has to be decided by the 5.5 million people who live in Scotland
      Not the 60 million that live in England Wales and Northern Ireland

      Would you allow Gibraltar Cyprus and elsewhere a vote as well ?

      It’s not going to happen Christopher

      Only people living in Scotland will get a vote

      Sorry to be so blunt but to sneak that wee bit into your 1200 word post had to be challenged strongly

    • grizebard says:

      Jack is right, what makes you think for even an instant that the voting franchise for IR2 could conceivably be anything except what, by universal right of self-determination, by Scots Law as decreed by the Parliament of Scotland, and by established precedent, it must be: the people of Scotland?

      No more and no less.

      • Christopher Rosindale says:

        “SCOTTISH independence is something that would have to be decided by the whole of the UK, it has been claimed by the head of the Centre for European Policy Studies.

        Karel Lannoo was speaking during a TV discussion programme on Aljazeera, with Mo Hussein, a political commentator and former UK Home Office special adviser, and policy analyst Jonathan Lis.

        The trio were discussing if Scotland can become an independent country, against the backdrop of 62% of Scots voting to remain in the EU, more than four years of Brexit negotiations and Boris Johnson’s last-minute deal to leave the EU, on which MPs will vote this week.

        “Scots are only a minority – a big minority – in the UK which has about 5 million, so if there ever were to be another referendum, it would be a referendum for the whole of the UK and … the whole of the UK would have to agree with – eventually – the Scottish leaving,” said Lannoo.

        “I do not see it another way.””

        This is from an article in The National, published on 29/12/20.

        This is why I mentioned the prospect of Indyref2’s voting franchise covering the whole UK. I am not in favour of it personally, because we would be at risk of being outvoted by the much larger 55 million population outside Scotland., and the damage done to the Tories by their core vote splitting over the issue (we see more and more signs, in the Daily Telegraph, on Conservative Home, and in polls) of sentiment towards the Union shifting among Tory core voters) would be so bad, and the English national identity crisis so painful if Yes won, that they would be desperate to avoid it. Cue an onslaught of measures and tactics by them to make sure that the Unionist side won if Indyref2 came about.

        If the vote is confined to Scotland, we would have a much better chance of winning. But others outside the UK may not see it that way, as the UK is the legal sovereign state at present. Under international law, that matters, and if we want to return to the EU as an independent country, we will need the support of people like Mr Lannoo, so we will have to pay attention to his views on the subject, whether we agree with them or not.

        It is called the wider world folks, and I am disturbed, and a bit pissed off, at being attacked for only trying to help here by pointing out what our opponents, and prospective allies, are saying about Scottish Independence. To get it, we have to outwit our Westminster opponents, and win support from the wider world. That is essential if we are to succeed.

        • Alex Clark says:

          You’re not helping at all, you are in fact a hindrance with your unhelpful suggestion that the whole UK should have a vote on SCOTLANDS future.

          Nah, sorry.

          Scotlands future will be decided by the people of Scotland and no longer will it be decided by the people in the rest of the UK as they have done already with their Brexit vote.

          • ArtyHetty says:

            Indeed and, Brexit was decided by England, Scotland’s vote counted for absolutely nothing, resulting in Scotland being dragged out of the EU against the majority will of the people.
            England get’s no say in Scottish independence, though in fact many English people will have a vote because, there is quite a large proportion (and no doubt even more so now with Covid and you could add in the two thousand plus English civil servants now ensconced in Edinburgh) do reside and have a vote in Scotland. Obviously the people of England however much they resent and often display contempt towards Scotland and their ‘subsidy junkie’ neighbour, would vote to keep Scotland shackled!

        • grizebard says:

          We’ve given you some leeway before now, but after all the rope you’ve had from us, you’ve now gone and truly hung yourself. If you can breeze so blithely over the fundamentals of the references I mentioned, not least the basic principle of self-determination, then we’re done. We don’t need your anglosplaining.

          We’re sick of all that arrogant self-entitlement. The whole wide world is, frankly. We’ve had enough, and efforts like yours merely harden our resolve.

        • grizebard says:

          I tell you this, when it comes to the crunch, and the SG has carefully navigated all available legitimate routes to exercising our rightful self-determination, as it will, a nascent independent Scotland will have far more friends around the world than a rudderless self-absorbed isolationist little England ever will. Not least with our nearest neighbours, who have by dint of recent experience the true measure of us both.

        • Patricia Collatin says:

          Go away, Christopher. You know exactly what you are doing.
          You are a Brit.

          • Christopher Rosindale says:

            As the bigoted side of Scottish nationalism is much in evidence on here, my response to the cult-like, abusive bullshit which I have been subjected to is to do the mature thing and walk away. I will have nothing further to do with any of you, but will vote Yes, for my own reasons, when the time comes. People like the Collatins are an embarrassment to Scotland, but they seem to be too stupid to realise it. So I will leave with words they can surely understand.

            Go. Fuck. Yourselves.

  15. Hamish100 says:

    Good resume. If you were a unionist what is your best tactic? Woo?

  16. Christopher Rosindale says:

    The website of the Northern Independence Party. They also have a Facebook Page and Twitter feed:

    • Christopher Rosindale says:

      “But under Thatcher, capital gained the upper hand. We watched the Tories destroy our industries. Our towns continue to decay as Northerners move on to find opportunities elsewhere. Our communities are splintered, and further economic degradation constantly threatens our sense of dignity. We are not alone in this history – we share it with Scotland and Wales. Their answer to deprivation is independence, and it shall be ours too.

      The impoverishment of the North and areas in other metropoles was driven by capitalism and accelerated under neoliberalism. NIP’s understanding of deprivation, however, is greater than just empty wallets. Poverty has a Northern texture, where public transport is patchy, expensive and infrequent, museums and art galleries few and far between, libraries are closed and town centres have become ghost towns. Poverty is always something lived – not only measured.

      Despite intermittent campaigns, the UK has never federalised. Instead, Westminster has kept all the power and wealth for itself. We live in one of the most centralised and regionally unequal countries in Europe, we have no written constitution and our voting system is archaic and unrepresentative. Is it any wonder that so many of us are disillusioned?”

      “We don’t want to level up; we want to level out. Economic independence will mean we can implement economic democracy. The North will take control of its assets and enable common ownership over the wealth they produce. Just as we are rich in wind and tidal power, we also have the industrial know-how to decarbonise our economy fully. This will see us capture the entire Green-tech supply-chain, employing hundreds and thousands in the process. We will fully insulate our homes and our power supply will be entirely renewable. Our movement’s friends in Scotland have already made plans on how to make that vision a reality. We will partner with them to extend those benefits to ourselves.”

      Twice here the NIP mention that they are looking to Scotland for inspiration. That is highly significant. The SNP and Yes movements in both Scotland and Wales should reach out to them as they will need help with campaign strategy. To get anywhere, they will have to harness people’s resentments and distrust of the North-South divide in England, so that they can win votes from both the Tories and Labour and make a break-through. The SNP in particular, did this to Labour in Scotland, and their tactics may work in Northern England as well. Plaid Cymru must be trying to use them in Wales.

      • Good try, Christopher; wrong site. Try a Better Together blog.
        We don’t need anybody’s ‘help’ to take back our own country.
        Try The Clunking Fist Broon with your Northern Federalism riff.

        • Christopher Rosindale says:

          If you had bothered to read that page properly, you would have noticed that the NIP want independence from Westminster too!

          They are supportive of Scotland’s desire to do so. Try reading the whole page before you attack me for linking to it.

          • Och, Chris, I did read your whole spiel, honest.

            I know the North of England very well indeed, indeed the whole of England,and applaud your efforts to free yourselves from London Rule.
            Sorry, your Cause has nothing to do with me.
            We Scots are taking back our country, ‘s’all.
            You don’t have a dog in this Jock fight.

            To be trite: ‘some of my best friends are English’.

            Good luck in getting the man from Garforth linking arms with the man from Bolton to take on the Soft Southerners.
            We’ve read what you’re up to.
            Good luck.
            When Scotland opens up its ports to the EU, road hauliers in Hexham or Carlisle may chose the shorter route from Rosyth to Europe rather than Tilbury?

            I find it slightly bemusing that you, as an English citizen considers that you have a right to decide Scotland’s future.
            It’s called imperial exceptionalism.

            Good luck in all your future endeavours.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      I will take a look…the ‘north’, ‘Northern’, Northeners, of England, were brainwashed into believing that Scotland and the people of Scotland takes their actual own money and ‘gets more per person’ than they do. The animosity they displayed, in my experience, was quite blatant and certainly beared no relation to any sort of solidarity, quite the oppsite in fact. The media did a good job on them, just as they did re Brexit!

      Btw Northumberland is sparcely populated, it’s a huge region of England, mostly owned by the mega rich ‘duke of Northumberland. (The poor are kept out except for servicing the hotels etc) It’s mostly rural, very well off and now full of second homers, and hence the votes for Tories in Dec 2019 in towns like Blyth, once staunch Labour, being an industrial area.

  17. Dr Jim says:

    Yaay! the BBC have brought back Eddie Izzard to fight the good fight against Scotland’s right to self determination, Jim Murphy will be right along any minute with his Irn Bru box

  18. Steve says:

    You may “suspect it is more likely that the Scottish government will first test the lawfulness of a consultative referendum under the auspices of Holyrood and without a section 30 order in the courts.”?? After they (unsuccessfully!) tried so hard to stop Martin keatings doing exactly that? The case hearing starts tomorrow at 10.00am…

    • weegingerdug says:

      I understand that is because some in the Scottish govt believe that at this stage, prior to May’s election, it is more politically advantageous to maintain legal ambiguity on the question and that Martin Keating’s case is premature. I am not saying I necessarily agree with them, however you cannot extrapolate from their lack of cooperation in this particular case that they will never press for a referendum under the auspices of Holyrood.

      • I agree with WGD
        Sorry Martin Keating it’s not that I disagree with what you are doing

        • Golfnut says:

          Martin Keating’s case is premature, too right and to my mind actually asked the wrong question.
          Asking the court to confirm the sovereignty of the Scottish people would have been a better option.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s all about timing. (That’s the art of politics that amateurs tend to struggle with, especially the more impatient ones.)

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Yes, it’s also about who does what to whom, or should that be whom does who to what. Basically ScotGov go ahead with the short Referendum Bill (to put specifics to the Referendums Act), and dare anyone to take them to court. They certainly don’t take it to court themselves – they don’t need to. The EU Continuity (Scotland) Bill was a dry run for that.

        BoJo spaffing on the dispatch box in the House of Commons is one thing; the UK Government taking the Scottish Parliament to court over its democratic right to hold a referendum would be something entirely different, and he’d probably lose the confidence of even the Tory party. Bye bye, on yer bike BoJo! Don’t stop after just 7 miles. Watch out, that’s Gove in that Churchill Tank.

  19. Hamish100 says:

    WGD- c’mon be a conspirator just for one day.

  20. Statgeek says:

    Maybe the follow-up article can be titled ‘The Settled Willnae’, as we see Pfeffel play to his audience.

  21. We are seeing westminster lining up its people current and past politicians to say that Scotland should just be told it will not be getting independence and will not be allowed to hold a Scottish independence referendum because England decides these things and England has said NO.

    Continually they compare Catalonia with Scotland
    I don’t mind makes no difference to me

    The FACT is Scotland is a country

    Catalonia is not a country that’s why it’s constitution is the Spanish constitution

    If U.K. had a constitution it would say clearly yes Scotland can be independent if it wants to
    Or no it can’t
    It would say the same about England about Wales about Northern Ireland etc etc etc
    But U.K. does not have a constitution
    U.K. is not a country it is several countries

    Scotland is a country that United with England and Wales to become the United Kingdom of Great Britain but that didn’t end the existence of Scotland or England or Wales

    England can’t tell us what to do
    We will do what we decide to do , Scotland

    • Clydebuilt says:

      What’s to stop Bo Jo and crew creating a UK constitution that stated Scotland etc can’t leave. It would get voted through at Wastemonster.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    They’ll throw in Broon first to promise Devious Maximus then they’ll threaten us with the Federalis then end with full on lifetime winter of discontent poverty disease alien attack and death

    • grizebard says:

      Except that Osborne has just dropped Federal Broon in the deepest of BritNat doo-doo. (As if events hadn’t already, to pursue Ming’s jibe, turned him from Mr. Bean to Mr. Has-been.)

    • JoMax says:

      “…… and if you promise to vote NAW, we’ll give you VOWchers, available with the Daily Wreckord. A bit like the old Pink Stamps, you’ll need to collect at least 300 billion, but then you can exchange them for a spanking new nuclear submarine. We’ll even give you a discount (or subsidy as it’s properly known).”

  23. yesindyref2 says:

    This from an article in he National about something else, is why the SNP MPs can do mass walkouts, seize the Mace even, urinate on the dispatch box for all I care, but why they have to stay there in person and remotely, and fight for Scotland:

    … MPs voted down an amendment to the Trade Bill primarily directed at protecting Uighur Muslims in China.

    The proposal, made by peers in the House of Commons, would have forced ministers to withdraw from any free trade agreement with any country which the High Court rules is committing mass killings.

    It was backed by Labour, the SNP and dozens of Tory rebels, with Boris Johnson’s working majority of 87 dwindled to just 11.

    However, the move was rejected by 319 votes to 308, with all six Scottish Tory MPs standing by the UK Government.

    87 majority reduced to 11, with the 6 Tory MPs voting against rather than for – that’s a swing of 12 votes to bring about a UK Government defeat. What could keep those rebels onside, and cause those 6 Tory MPs to vote against their own party? THAT’s the 64 cent question.

    • Won’t ever see the Scottish tories vote against the English tories yesindyref2
      It just won’t happen
      We are in full flow colonial gear now

      What we are seeing is the hardening of England’s resolve to keep control of Scotland and that means no matter what is voted on in Westminster the Scottish tories will vote with the English tories every time

      It’s all because the polls are consistently showing a clear majority in favour of Scottish independence

      If the number in favour of Scottish independence reaches 60% we will see heavier forces than the media being used

      Colonialists don’t debate dissent they shut it down with as much force is necessary
      So many people still don’t believe it

  24. jfngw says:

    Media telling me ‘Scotland has the highest excess deaths for 129 years’, as long as you ignore the years that were higher. Propaganda on steroids, I don’t know why the BBC just don’t get Ruth Davidson to present Reporting Scotland and cut out the middle man, after all they need to make savings.

    • Capella says:

      We’ve probably got a higher population than 129 years ago and no endemic infectious diseases, infant mortality and death in childbirth bumping up the normal death rate. I wonder how they classified the war deaths? Normal or excess?
      Didn’t notice the report on England’s excess deaths. They’re completely focused on ths Joe Biden inauuuration. Oh look…a squirrel.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      jfngw, If its the Herald piece, then its just a David Bol vehicle to allow the Tories, Labour, SiU et al, to attack the SNP with their exaggerated claims, its nothing more. Its certainly not the Trusted Journalism they keep trying to get anyone to buy.

      ‘Scotland has the highest excess deaths for 129 years’, you would never guess we are in the middle of a Covid 19 pandemic. Why don’t they just bring back the Black Death, life was so much straightforward then, well death certainly was..

      But then of course we didn’t have an SNP administration..

    • Capella says:

      Just read the “excess deaths” story (didn’t bother before) and they are measuring excess as above the average of the previous 5 years. But only in PEACETIME. Otherwise 1942 is highr. But they only count civilian deaths in wartime. So a pretty meaningless exercise IMO.

      Today the BBC Scotland section of the website is running a story abouf how awful it is in the QEUH. Yesterday James Cook visited another Glasgow hospital to see how bad things were. Really bad. I suppose we ard going to get daily hospital visits by BBC reporters from now on.

      • “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”. – Anon.

        You know their argument are particularly weak when they’re trawling through history to find bad numbers.

      • Statgeek says:

        Well if England’s morbidity rates were better than Scotland’s on average prior to Covid, their excess deaths must be far, far worse.

        Had a poke through England and East England regional BBC news. No big excess deaths story there.

  25. Hamish100 says:

    It’s to hide the figures of covid deaths in England. Diversion all the way. In Wales there is a similar attack. BBC doing the tories bidding. The site broadcaster is promoting the Tory spin.

  26. Capella says:

    Watched hours of the Biden inauguration live streamed on Youtube. No commentary but very professioal camera work, Lady Gaga in a voluminous scarlet skirt belted out Star Spangled Banner and a skinny lassie in a yellow coat read a poem. They never had a Poet Laureate till now. A lot of standing about at Arlington Cemetery. Inexplicable moments without a Dimbleby voice over.

    Trump is gone. Tight security everywhere as who knows what the white supremacists will do next. Boris Johnston is a lonelier figure now that Joe “I’m Irish” Biden is in office.

  27. bringiton says:

    When you have basically two countries in union where one is social democratic and the other isn’t,the only way it can function is if one or the other is ignored.
    On a democratic level,it cannot work which is why supporters of Greater England will never debate on these fundamental issues but try to deflect through false economic claims etc.
    Scots now realise that being a part of Greater England (Westminster’s claim to identity during the 2014 referendum) means being ignored and dictated to by a government not of their choosing.

  28. yesindyref2 says:

    I’ve had an EORI number for trading outside the EU with my micro business, it starts “GB” and makes me mostly ready for trading with the EU (I probably need an EU country EORI number, it’ll probably be Ireland). But I also have customers in Northern Ireland and checked that out – I had to get an XI EORI number. But it shows what NI is facing with this shambles:

    If you move goods to or from Northern Ireland

    You need an EORI number that starts with XI to:

    move goods between Northern Ireland and non-EU countries (including Great Britain)
    make a declaration in Northern Ireland
    get a customs decision in Northern Ireland

    To get an EORI number that starts with XI, you must already have an EORI number that starts with GB.

    Yes, that’s right, effectively Norn Irn is no longer part of the UK in trade terms. If we think we’ve been shafted (we have), they’ve had the whole quiver shot at them.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, we might find it hard to sympathise, but the Northern Irish Unionists have been cynically played by their own precious UKGov, now in the hands of shameless lying English nationalists.

      But so it has been for over 100 years now. Played as-and-when it suited London. Maybe now they will finally learn, not least by the hard trading realities to come.

      Now in effect a race is on to see who can get out of this damned Union first.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Well, we’re at the start of Brexit’s effects as the transition just ended. My online courier costs to say Ireland (IE) are up 60% including a 3 GBP “surcharge” which implies that might reduce or disappear once things are stabilised. Didn’t check NI. Jesus! £22 for 30Kg, more than Ireland which is £18. NI is “offshore”, no idea what it was before as I only ever used Royal Mail for the relatively smaller NI orders I get.

        Anyways, the point is that freight depends on volume to keep the costs down, and if the volume drops, the cost will later this year go through the roof – maybe even for UK mainland deliveries.

        Ho hum. Back to horses and the penny black I guess. Dick Turpin will be pleased.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Oh, and just from memory, traders in NI buying stuff from GB have to be able to provide something or other in 3 months time or so, some sort of transitional thing until I think 1st April. At which date the HMRC said they didn’t yet know what was going to happen …

      Sorry to be vague, it was a few days ago, and I wasn’t direcly affected, just indirect, as I might I guess need to advise customers to keep the extra documentation (statement of origin I think). It’s a quiet time for me, I’ll swing into action first season’s order of course 🙂

  29. yesindyref2 says:

    @Christopher Rosindale
    Having done a quick Pinkertons, it seems to me you’re genuine – maybe a NO Thanks to YES with a story to tell? Anyways, Osborne can’t stand BoJo the word is his article was taking the rip. Secondly the franchise for Indy Ref 2 is determined by the ScotParl / ScotGov, and this is enshrined in an Act which received Royal Assent last year – the Referendums (Scotland) Act –

    4 Those who are entitled to vote

    A person is entitled to vote in the referendum if, on the date on which the poll at the referendum is held, the person is—

    (a) aged 16 or over,

    (b) registered in the register of local government electors maintained under section 9(1)(b) of the Representation of the People Act 1983 for any area in Scotland,

    (c) not subject to any legal incapacity to vote (age apart) (see section 5), and

    (d) a Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or a relevant citizen of the European Union.

    5 Those who are subject to a legal incapacity to vote

    For the purposes of this Act, a person is, on any date, subject to a legal incapacity to vote if the person would be legally incapable (whether by virtue of any enactment or any rule of law) of voting at a local government election in Scotland held on that date.

    So it would NOT be open to residents outside Scotland whatever these people might say, and short of cancelling Holyrood and overwriting Law in Scotland, BoJo himself could spaff as much as he likes, but can’t interfere with the franchise either.

    The National does produce articles which portrays the opinions of others. If they appear “Unionist” they get abuse below the line, but they are doing the job they should do – informing us.

    As for the Northern Independence Party, Salmond’s possibly to blame for that! He was very popular in the North, Newcastle, Liverpool, perhaps not so much in the EU. Sturgeon on the other hand has courted the EU and at the same time still manages to be the most popular leader in England.

    Anyways, good luck with the furlough, I’m off, I should be doing my annual accounts …

  30. yesindyref2 says:

    @Christopher Rosindale
    Having done a quick Pinkertons, it seems to me you’re genuine – maybe a NO Thanks to YES with a story to tell? Anyways, Osborne can’t stand BoJo the word is his article was taking the rip. Secondly the franchise for Indy Ref 2 is determined by the ScotParl / ScotGov, and this is enshrined in an Act which received Royal Assent last year – the Referendums (Scotland) Act

    4 Those who are entitled to vote

    A person is entitled to vote in the referendum if, on the date on which the poll at the referendum is held, the person is—

    (a) aged 16 or over,

    (b) registered in the register of local government electors maintained under section 9(1)(b) of the Representation of the People Act 1983 for any area in Scotland,

    (c) not subject to any legal incapacity to vote (age apart) (see section 5), and

    (d) a Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or a relevant citizen of the European Union.

    5 Those who are subject to a legal incapacity to vote

    For the purposes of this Act, a person is, on any date, subject to a legal incapacity to vote if the person would be legally incapable (whether by virtue of any enactment or any rule of law) of voting at a local government election in Scotland held on that date.

    So it would NOT be open to residents outside Scotland whatever these people might say, and short of cancelling Holyrood and overwriting Law in Scotland, BoJo himself could spaff as much as he likes, but can’t interfere with the franchise either.

    The National does produce articles which portrays the opinions of others. If they appear “Unionist” they get abuse below the line, but they are doing the job they should do – informing us.

    As for the Northern Independence Party, Salmond is possibly to blame for that! He was very popular in the North of England, Newcastle, Liverpool, perhaps not so much in the EU. Sturgeon on the other hand has successfully courted the EU and at the same time still manages to be the most popular leader in England (and Scotland of course).

    Anyways, good luck with the furlough, I’m off, I should be doing my annual accounts …

    (sorry if this is duped, something happened I think)

  31. andyfromdunning says:

    I agree with you Paul when you mention the point about the U.K. Gov concerns about global standing if we left. I have always thought that if we got indy that the U.K. would loose it’s seat on the UN Security Council, be seen as a declining power by the US and others. A huge loss of political prestige. This to me is why they want to keep us.

    Oh!! and the loss of our wealth although to them that maybe less important than political imperatives.

    The current government at WM is the scariest I have ever seen.

  32. Statgeek says:

    Noticed this on CNN:

    “World leaders welcome Biden with praise, pleas, and parting shots at Trump”

    And lower down:

    “Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, was more blunt in her remarks in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday. Sturgeon wished Biden and Kamala Harris well, adding: “I’m sure many of us across the chamber and across Scotland will be very happy to say cheerio to Donald Trump today.”
    “I think ‘don’t haste ye back’ might be the perfect rejoinder to him,” she added.”

    CNN giving Scotland/Nicola a little attention. Telling?

  33. Capella says:

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye, saw the excellent STV clip this morning and thought bravo. It’s not just DRoss who has questions to answer, but the entire rotten empire at HMS Sarah Smith and the fellow conspirators at Holyrood, particularly the twisted Baronless.

      Pacific Quay are still punting the Tory led propaganda on their website over Covid related matters, 4 articles this morning alone, one of which is still pushing their perverse age banded vaccination agenda rather than the correct JCVI table travellingtabby has published.
      When blogs are the only trustworthy sources of public information aside SG during a public health emergency, the media playing games is both unwelcome and dangerous.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Further down the thread of that post this glaring point

      • jfngw says:

        Ahh! Glen(n) Campbell what’s his song again, ‘Westminsta Lieman’

        I am a lieman for the country
        And I drive the main road
        Picking up bullshitt
        To deliver it in overload

    • Alex Clark says:

      The Tories have been spreading fake news about the vaccine! Shocked and stunned so I am.

  34. imacg says:

    Will we even have a Scottish parliament by the time they get around to a later in the year plebiscite election, Will we still have the power to call one – I seriously doubt it, the tory door is slamming fast. While the SG fiddled, the British state has been hard at work and it is they who will now play their joker I fear.

  35. Capella says:

    Good News Week – EU to support Nicola Sturgeon in indyref2 plot to break up UK – ‘They NEED us to fail’
    Says the Daily Express so it must be true. Impeccable reasoning.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      🤣 Obviously reliable inside information from this former Brexit Party former MEP, nice to know Ben Habib still keeps his finger on the pulse from his days as analyst for Lehman Brothers, and look how successfully they turned out…

      Yet after spinning his fearful/vengeful EU plotters yarn and rehearsing excuses for upcoming Brexit failure, his “So Boris Johnson has to make sure he resolves Northern Ireland, so that he neuters the ability for Scotland to get independence, neuters the ability to for EU to use the populace of Scotland against the United Kingdom.” left me in stitches.
      So, UK = E&W… I suspect the Welsh may have something to say about that, then Northumbria, Cornwall, Dorset, etc., etc., etc…
      There are less loose screws in an Ikea flatpack…

    • Dr Jim says:

      The Daily Express version of the *truth* which actually is the EU see Scotland as an ally they do not see *Britland* as a threat
      How on earth could a tiny wee population of 55 million English people be a threat to 500 million Europeans, The Daily Express’s hied’s in a big tin going deaf shouting at themselves

  36. Alex Clark says:

    Matt Hancock responding to an urgent question in the House of Commons has “admitted there are challenges in the supply of Covid-19 vaccines”.

    “The challenge to supply is, essentially, that we have a lumpy supply,” he said.

    “The manufacturers are working incredibly hard to deliver the supply as fast as possible…but it is challenging and therefore it isn’t possible to give certainty as far out as many GPs and those delivering on the ground would like – because the worst thing would be to give false certainty.”

    • Capella says:

      Oh – so there is a problem with supply after all, and it isn’t Nicola Sturgeon’s fault.

      BBC R Scotland today continues to undermining the SG vaccine programme. At 12.05 (just before the daily briefing as yesterday) they have a GP demanding that GPs should order vaccine directly from the manufacturers. Good luck with that!
      No SG minister asked to respond as usual.

      Then, of course, the journos at the daily briefing ask John Swinney yet again why the vaccine rollout is slow and why not let GPs order their own. So he patiently explains yet again.

      This line of attack is time limited of course since we will all be vaccinated soon.

      • grizebard says:

        Yes, obvious innit that Plantation Quay knows way better than the SG how to efficiently distribute vaccines. Just put one “deprived” GP on the radio to follow on from Baroness Boughtup’s claim that some over 80s haven’t been vaccinated yet, and never mind the ultra-obvious point that until the existing firm deadline is met there are inevitably going to be some of each who won’t yet have been supplied/vaccinated.

        Then, oops!, Hancock blows their gaff by admitting there are some supply problems. Kinda dents their attempt to tarnish their self-drawn image of Nicola the Fairy Godmother, who obviously {cough} should manage to supply everyone instantly.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      At least we now know from “therefore it isn’t possible to give certainty as far out as many GPs and those delivering on the ground would like..” what generated the bizarre BBC story of Scottish GPs screaming blue murder at SG earlier…
      There’s that same pattern again, attack SG for a problem #10 are anticipating to break shortly..

      • The Blue Tories keep quoting Dr Andrew Buist Head GP BRTITSH MA Honcho Up Here, who Baroness Rape Clause and her List Tories keep quoting when they lie about GP Practices missing out.
        Dr Andrew Bowie had to shut his own practice in November because they held a birthday party for one of the long serving staff ahem, in the Reception area. only to discover that one of the team had Covid…Nobody told them that there’s a bug going ’round?
        He’ll be getting his knighthood for services to England soon.

        The lass from BBC, can’t remember her name, was first of the Hyena Hackerie to take on John Swinney, who is so laid back, he makes Perry Como look like a fidget (ask your grandad, younger Duggers) announcing that a GP on Drivetime? demanded that GP Practices should be able to order their dosages direct from the manufacturer…because there are hundreds of call centre staff ready to take orders from tens of thousands of GPs?
        The Hacks have lost it.

        Most have absolutely no experience, training, or qualifications in medicine, managing vast national projects, or Administration of nation/worldwide emergencies.

        That’s why they ask such stupid questions based on anonymous sources(lies0.

        Baroness Rape Clause is the brat in the back of the car screeching petulantly ‘are we there yet?’

        One third of a million Scots vaccinated already.

        The most vulnerable 90% in care homes and staff.
        Less than half care home residents in England vaccinated.

        Yet the hacks still attack attack based on lies and fatuous comparisons with their spiritual home, England, their colonial master.

        Under lockdown, Nobody is abroad buying the Herald which is a laughable Brit Nat Fest today.
        Who is paying the wage bill?

        • grizebard says:

          Oh, I cracked up at the “Perry Como” reference, Jack.

          The know-it-all Iagos of Plantation Quay just get more obvious by the day.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Nobody is doubting it’s all bullshit Jack, the point is we should be turning to see what they have been instructed to deflect from by #10, neither Jackatory nor the BowieStern have the clout to make this nonsense mainstream, this comes from the head girl’s blouse.

          The drivel emanating from Propaganda Quay is adopting the Mail/ Depress/ Weimar Republic model of snowing the electorate, yet typically arrogant ignore that other products are available.

          While HMS Sarah Smith promotes the Olympic League Table by Vaccinated age group in hope it catches per instruction, travellingtabby is getting clobbered by those seeking validated information per the JCVI pri-list, a wee guy in Ayrshire versus the battleshit HMS Sarah Smith… Really ?

          Gary Robertson is no “hack”, he’s a propagandist, a P45 in the making… Hope he can streatch that #10 bonus as his journalism career is over…

          • grizebard says:

            The trouble with Plantation Quay’s attempts at propaganda is that it soon enough crumbles under direct evidence. Truth will out, and everyone in the various groups will soon enough get vaccinated, and each and every person involved will know it for themselves.

            It’s like the NHS story in general, despite all the knee-jerk negative huffing and puffing from the state broadcaster, the vast majority of people with direct experience come away with a very positive opinion indeed.

            In their increasing desperation to find fault, this self-appointed media opposition is destroying its own already-shaky reputation.

            In the US, they’re now beginning to take stock of how they can restore some kind of professional ethics to media coverage, because of the clear danger the current partial lack of it is presenting to civic society, and we could do with the same consideration here. Except in our case it’s hardly partial. But I guess that will only come post-independence.

        • Legerwood says:

          Read this just now in an article in the Guardian online about GPs in England and the rollout of the vaccine to Care Homes in England. Worth reading right to the end where a wee gem lurks.

          “”Covid outbreaks were recorded in 635 English care homes last week, a slight fall on the previous week, data from Public Health England revealed. But outbreaks are still four times higher than at the start of December. Although the health secretary, Matt Hancock, said on Thursday 63% of care residents in England have received jabs. Covid deaths in care homes in England rose 46% last week to 1,260, the highest level seen since mid-May.

          “”Care home deaths also rose in Wales by 58% last week, according to health regulators. In Scotland, where the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said on Wednesday that more than 90% of care home residents have already been vaccinated, deaths fell last week.””

          • Alex Clark says:

            It usually pays off to do the right thing in the right order, what might appear to be a slow start simply based on numbers is the totally wrong way to look at those already vaccinated.

            What matters most of all is not how fast you can vaccinate people but WHO you vaccinate if the priority is to save as many lives as possible. This is not a race between the different countries of the UK and for the media to make it appear as such is disgusting.

            They ought to remember that the tortoise beat the hare in the end by concentrating on the task at hand and not being distracted by a desire to look good in the media. Slow and steady every time, that’s how the Scottish government have tackled this pandemic since the beginning.

            • grizebard says:

              Yes, and what’s more, as an accidental by-product, as it were, this approach resonates with, and inspires confidence in, the population-at-large.

              To the ever-increasing chagrin of the ever-wrong-footed Jock Puppet media.

          • Legerwood, I struggle to imagine any Scot of fair and just mind, hypothetically aboard the Jeannie Deans paddle steamer holed beneath the Plimsol line, demanding that only 50% of the weakest frailest and elderly get into the lifeboats first.
            The nonsense at today’s briefing that in England queue jumpers have found an IT cheat and booking an appointment illegally, and was the same thing happening in Scotland?

            The hacks are now plumbing the depths.
            Same with the nonsense that we allow a land rush…the quickest to get through to the Mumbai Help line gets it first.gets the vaccine. Good old dog eat dog capitalism.

  37. Capella says:

    Brilliant logic isn’t it. I do hope he is right about the EU. Fingers crossed. 🙂

    • Capella says:

      Oops sorry about double post. what I meant to post in reply to Bob is that I’m almost beginning to suspect that these are coordinated attacks.

      • Robin McHugh says:

        I don’t think these chancers have even sufficient intellect to co-ordinate brain with mouth, so is it really not more likely that desperation is now to the fore?
        As others have pointed out here more than a few times, they fear losing their position in the world’s political hierarchy and the more that becomes apparent, the more people in Scotland will be convinced that we’re certainly not ‘too wee, too stupid, …’.

  38. Dr Jim says:

    It won’t be long before they’re digging up GPs from all around recounting their bad experiences with Scottish government, we’ll have actress’s dressed up in nurse’s suits, heartbroken relatives, Sir Ian Wood oil man Oops there’s no oil again, financial experts hand picked from think tanks nobody ever heard of until the BBC informed us how thinky and brainy they are, from every walk of life they’ll dig up opposers of Independence to tell us in practical terms why it’s all nonsense and we can’t possibly do it because of all the same reasons that have been debunked to hell and back

    The Brits are in extreme panic mode because there are now a whole set of very important world figures they can no longer influence to help them keep hold of their wee power bubble , watch for the Clown Minister of England offering to suck every sticky out part of President Jo Biden’s anatomy if he’ll only do an Obama for England, I have the feeling that President Jo Biden will remember that when Trump was calling him *Sleepy Jo* Boris Johnson thought it was hilariously funny so much so Johnson copied him and called Kier Starmer Captain Hindsight and like the mug he is he’s still doing it, folk tend to notice stuff like that

    Jo Biden strikes me as a careful reasonable man so he’ll likely ask real world leaders like Angela Merkel or President Macron what they think of Johnson or maybe he’ll just ask some folk in Dublin what their experiences are, I don’t reckon Johnson’s character will shine in those conversations

    Nicola Sturgeon’s name will be bound to crop up, how do we think that’ll go, better than the Clown Minister I think

  39. yesindyref2 says:

    OK, it’s always worth the occasional look at Aileen McHarg’s twitter to see what’s going on.

    19th Jan “One to watch. Is the Sewel Convention still working outwith the Brexit context?”
    Tweet quotes Humza Yousaf: “Today I will be asking Scot Parliament to refuse consent to UK Govt’s CHIS Bill that allows authorisation of criminal activity to be undertaken by a covert source. My main concern is lack of prior judicial approval for any authorisation. Independent oversight is crucial.

    20th Jan “Spycops Bill amended to exclude application to Scotland after Holyrood’s refusal of consent. Normal Sewel Convention practice resumed. ”
    Tweet quotes Severin Carrell: “HumzaYousaf told the chamber, confirmed by ukhomeoffice, the bill has been amended specifically to exclude Scotland due to Holyrood Scotgov stance

    In view of the part of Aidan O’Neill’s advice to Keatings, the first part which isn’t I think being used in the case, I do wonder what courts would make of the word “normally” if pressed, and given the usages which have happened, and usages which have been denied. And I wonder if it’s of any importance at all. Time will tell I guess.

  40. Waiting while my Maris Pipers tu o gently saute in my big cast iron pot, so I tapped into BBC Jockland Coronavirus update at 16.30.
    This is how the lie is perpetuated until it becomes fact, for anybody daft to be taken in by Plantation Quay;

    Lynsey Bews and Graham Stewart summarise the earlier daily briefing. ‘Opposition politicians’ and then the gathered hackerie report that some GP’s complain that they don’t have the vaccine yet and demand to be able to contact the suppliers direct.
    Can we have the names of these GP’s? No, because they don’t exist.

    Then The Linesman Dross is allowed 4 minutes to lie, and slag off the incredible work being done by NHS to get the programme of vaccinations done.
    The mythical ‘200.000 vaccines’ lying unused in warehouses is aired (Stewart of course lets this garbage rumble on unchallenged) repeating the ‘some GP’s’ lie. these faceless nameless MDs are complaining that they haven’t got the vaccine yet.

    What an obscene wee organisation BBC Plantation Quay is.

    Dross is allowed to have a free PPB, unchallenged, not even by the anchor?
    If only Annie Wells was incharge. I know, it’s just too stupid for words.

    I will dance a jig when the last helicopter takes off from the roof of the BBC Stockade on the Clyde.

    BBC Jock Hacks, You are beneath contempt frightening octogenarians like this.

    Douglas Ross is an evil little man, who would rather that elderly care home residents in Moray have to wait for a jag, some may even die, because he wants GPs to get the supplies first.
    BBC Scotland the enemy of the people.

    • grizebard says:

      Ach, the problem with the Beeb Northern Colonial Outpost and DRoss is that if the SG had decided the polar opposite, so in their turn would they. It’s purely opposition for opposition’s sake. There’s no principle in any of it, it’s mere shallow opportunism.

      It’s also counter-prductive, though, because more and more people are seeing through it. And once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

      • JoMax says:

        “It’s purely opposition for opposition’s sake. There’s no principle in any of it, it’s mere shallow opportunism.”

        And what an easy way to make a living. Wait to see what ‘they are doing next’ then prattle on with faux concern and a dash of histrionics (think the Baroness & Co, Willie & Co), encouraged by the media who will fondle their egos on TV and in the papers, while their bank balance shoots up another few £’s for a few minutes ‘work’ in Holyrood.

    • Legerwood says:

      I am surprised any GPs in Scotland are agitating to take control, if that is the right term, of the vaccination process. Their new contract which came into effect in 2018 transferred responsibility for vaccinations to the Health Boards as part of the measures to reduce GPs’ workload. However it was envisaged some rural GPs would still be responsibility for vaccinations. This from ‘2018 General Medical Services Contract Scotland’
      In 2017, as part of the commitment to reduce GP workload, the Scottish Government and SGPC
      agreed vaccinations would progressively move away from a model based on GP delivery to one based
      on NHS Board delivery through dedicated teams. The Vaccinations Transformation Programme is
      reviewing and transforming how we deliver vaccinations in Scotland. Delivery will move away from the
      current position of GP practices being the preferred provider of vaccinations on the basis of national
      The vaccination services delivered by the programme will form part of the Primary Care Improvement
      Plan in each area. It is expected that each area will make meaningful progress over the first two years
      of transformation to demonstrate commitment to the change.
      The aim of the programme is to reduce workload for GPs and their staff. This will mean that other parts of the system, with primary care multi-disciplinary teams, will begin to deliver vaccination services instead of GPs. This will be a step towards enabling GPs to focus their time on expert medical
      generalism, whilst ensuring that patients’ needs are met through the reconfiguration of services which will make the best use of the mix of skills in primary care. How this programme is delivered will vary regionally, depending on local circumstances and factors.
      The funding that was historically associated with the delivery of vaccinations will remain within general practice. An additional £5 million is being invested in 2017 to start the Vaccination Transformation Programme ahead of the delivery of the proposed new contract. “”

      There is also the small matter of GPs ordering up supplies of vaccine that has to be stored at -70oC.

      • grizebard says:

        As to your last point there, it has been made clear that GPs in Scotland will only be using the Astra Zeneca vaccine, for exactly the reason you mention.

        For the latest flu vaccine, I certainly had to go to a nearby health centre, not the nurse at my GP’s practice as per the previous norm. But possibly in the current situation it will be “all hands at the pump”, especially as supplies ramp up as we hope.

        But this is all entirely different from the current BBC artificially-inflated nonsense.

        • Legerwood says:

          The flu vaccination process in 2020 was administered by the local Health Boards in conjunction with local councils as part of the local Integration Boards. The Local Councils identified venues for the vaccination. Appointment letters were sent out by the Local Health Boards. Local Medical Practice staff – practice nurses etc – would certainly have participated in giving the vaccinations. The LMPs were also responsible for ‘at home’ vaccinations.

          That model is in line with the GPs’ 2018 contract and is the same process being used now for the Covid-19 roll-out. The LMP nursing and medical staff will certainly have a role in this but they must also maintain the normal/routine duties of the LMP.

          The information pack sent out in early January by NHS Scotland in conjunction with the SG to Scottish households outlined this process and made it clear that appointment letters would come from the local Health Board. Something that seems to have gone over people’s heads despite all the publicity. I heard of one local medical practice that had to field 1700 calls in one day from people asking about appointments. That sort of deluge makes it difficult for the LMP to carry out its normal services.

          • Legerwood, thank the Chief for your cool head and facts, when the red mists clouds my eyes.
            It is getting seriously sinister now.
            They are lying at all levels now.

      • Legerwood, apparently it is not the GPs in Scotland who are agitating for anything.

        Sally Magnusson announced in her opening summary of the 6.30 headlines that ‘the BMA’ were lobbying for GP practices to contact the suppliers directly. She was perpetuating the lie.

        In the piece itself it is described as BMA GPs ‘in England’ who are pushing for direct access to supplies.

        But still they have Ian Murray on getting his two bits worth in, telling us all that his GP practices are asking HIM when they will get their supplies.

        Absolute nonsense of course.
        Any MD who contacts an MP to act as go between must be in an exception of one.

        Dr Andrew Buist GP BMA Scotland leader is on the Scottish Government Task force rolling out our vaccination programme.

        So these mythical GP’s who are contacting Brit Nat MPs and MSPs need merely contact their own organisation to get ‘horse’s mouth’ up to date info to establish their place on the roll out.

        It is an outrageous coordinated Better Together BAD SNP smear designed to terrify elderly frail Scots citizens and their families, who are the last people the Ian Grays and Douglas Rosses of this world think of as they fight to retain the country of their birth as a colonial slave of England.
        They are beneath contempt.

        Graham Stewart need only have asked The Linesman Dross, where are these supplies, how many lorries would it take to distribute them throughout Scotland, where were the drivers coming from, and who would organise this Blue Tory Programme ?

        It is all nonsense of course. That Graham Stewart let this odious little Johhny Come Lately rabbit on spouting says it all.

        They just don’t do truth any more.

        • Legerwood says:

          Yes indeed. I saw that Reporting Scotland report. The GP contract in Scotland is I believe different from the GP contract in England. Not of course that you would know that from listening/watching the BBC.

          The rollout is following the vaccination deployment plan drawn up by the SG. Yes there may be delays – uncertain supplies, the weather, a massive dump of snow last week disrupted clinics for the under-80s in my area – but as far as possible the SG and NHS have tried to plan for these and have processes in place to mitigate them.

        • Golfnut says:

          ” it’s an outrageous coordinated Better together Bad SNP designed to terrify frail Scots citizens and their families ”

          No doubt about the intent at all. The tendrils of this particular vicious campaign haven’t yet been fully exposed, my own experience and interest as per my post up thread and the previous thread is now a personal issue and I will say no more on it, however, though the media and politicians act in apparent immunity, medics have a code of practise. Doctors engaging in political shenanigans as appears to be happening now to the detriment of the mental and physical wellbeing of their patients could surely never be acceptable to the BMA.

  41. Hamish100 says:

    If you really had a good idea and really did want to save the nhs or lives because of COVID, would your first point of contact be D Ross/ Davidson, bbc scotchland or would you not go straight to the Government officials or ministers.

    The snp are too nice with the press in my view.

    When asked about Neil Lennon no explanation required other than Lennon should listen to his Chief Executive. Re anonymous GP’s, challenge the journalist who raises the piffle. Ask what area, who , why as a reposte. Have they raised the issue with their Health Board? what date, etc? GP’s are private practitioners. Aren’t pharmacists and procurement people got more training and experience? From my knowledge hospital doctors are under more pressure and are directly employed by the NHS.

  42. Dr Jim says:

    There once was a man who had a blog and every day he used to remind Scottish people never to believe newspapers who quoted unnamed sources because that, he said, meant there were probably no sources at all or indeed could actually be the tea lady
    The newspapers the man with the blog used to talk about were bad newspapers he said, and every day the man with the blog would show examples of the works of these bad newspapers and remind us not to believe a word written in them

    Today that same man with the same blog quotes unnamed sources every single day and asks us to now believe the same newspapers he used to condemn as liars and printers of falsehoods

    Maybe when the man with the blog decided to switch sides he forgot his own rules, or more likely he expected the public to have stupidly forgotten those were the rules he warned them about before

    I can quote at least a dozen reliable unnamed sources who say the man with the blog tells lies

  43. jfngw says:

    Reporting Scotland really hit the bottom tonight, Ian Murray spouting off the SNP must improve their access to the vaccine, some doctor wants to go directly to the supplier (I can imagine them deaing individually with thousands GP’s wanting to order just a few vials). You would think they would be embarrassed even broadcasting this drivel never mind actually scripting it.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      jfngw: Its the sheer absurdity in the process of a GP surgery phoning up a vaccine supplier direct to send a refrigerated box of a certain number of phials – remember that there cannot be any waste as Jackie Baillie now wants a daily report of any wastage, no matter how small.

      The made up GP’s stories are bad enough – oh there will be one GP somewhere no doubt of that. Its that BBC Scotland actually goes along with this nonsense and then promotes the lunacy in their voice pops to try and undermine all the hard work that is currently taking place in a vaccine delivery programme.

      Just how long would a GP surgery be waiting in a phone queue to place an order, only to be told that the minimum order is 5000, and requires a refrigerated truck to deliver. Delivery can be scheduled for 1st week in May and they do not accept PayPal or deliver to Postcodes in the Highlands or Scottish Islands etc..

  44. jfngw says:

    It’s going to be a laugh once D.Ross takes over from Ruth Davidson at FMQ’s, as far as I can see he is such a poor performer he is going to make you remember Richard Leonard as competent. He’s going to be handed meat and two veg on a plate.

  45. Alex Clark says:

    First, the fishermen found out they couldn’t export their produce due to border delays and red tape caused by Brexit. Northern Ireland to0 suffering shortages in the supermarkets and price increases due to delays and red tape caused by Brexit.

    Now car manufacturer Missan has shutdown one of its two production lines at their Sunderland plant caused by delays in supplies of parts to their factory. Guess what though, they don’t blame Brexit and instead blame “supply chain disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

    • Pogmothon says:

      Did anyone else notice that the video clip on bbc this morning, showing the Nissan plant in Sunderland. Which has had to shut down a production line not due to brexit. (Aye right) Featured a production line of LEFT HAND dive cars.

  46. Petra says:

    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site. Loads of interesting information on there.

  47. Hamish100 says:


    I despair – an advert on the Herald webpage advertising the breathable face mask.

    All face coverings and masks are breathable or you die with asphyxiation. The Herald and the other papers reliance on click bait tosh is a sad reflection of the media today.

    I think there could be a market for an old string vest. Any takers?

  48. Capella says:

    PM at 5pm wheeled out Gordon Brown today to pontificate on the fabulous new special relationship we will have with Joe Biden.

    Gordon, you see, is an “internationalist” and is so glad that Biden will be coming to COP25 in Glasgow where our international ties can be strengthened now that populist nationalism is defeated. Or was it nationalist populism? So that will be the end of the SNP, our home grown populist nationalists (trumpists geddit?).

    Was it not his lordship Jack McConnell who made Trump an honorary Scot? And Nicola Sturgeon who removed that honour?

    Populism is the polite word for fascism so Gordon Brown is actually calling us all fascists unless we abandon any silly notions such as democracy and freedom.

    Wonder if Joe “I’m Irish” Biden will meekly go along with this anti democratic agenda.

  49. jfngw says:

    I see Phantom Power has a twitter clip of Ruth Davidson in full on Donald Trump mode ‘make Great Britain great again’, with ‘the Donald’ finger pointing, it’s a joy to behold.

    • Capella says:

      There really is nothing those PR geniuses in Westminster can’t screw up.

    • grizebard says:

      Does the BBC have a league table for coverage of care homes as well? (Or are their residents not so vulnerable after all?) There may well be nothing like a coherent response by anyone anywhere in England, but with a half-baked and blinkered analysis like this, how could anyone possibly tell?

  50. imperialism” denotes “state policy, practice, or advocacy of extending power and dominion, especially by direct territorial acquisition or by gaining political and economic control of other areas.” Furthermore, imperialism “always involves the use of power, whether military or economic or some subtler form.” In other words, the word indicates a country’s attempts to control and reap economic benefit from lands outside its borders.

  51. Tam the Bam says:


    Anyone notice the ‘profusion’ of ‘new’ articles the Mayor of Bathistan is pumping out?

    Looks like he wants Geoff Aberdeins heid on a platter noo!

    Oh well….tomorrow is another…….Covid-day.

    • grizebard says:

      I didn’t notice. I don’t bother going there any more. It has become increasingly tangentially irrelevant.

      • Julia Gibb says:

        I made the mistake of just doing so!

        He has the disciples so conditioned now that they fill in the gaps on empty articles. You read the rant…nothing.
        You look at the comments and the pitchforks are held high.

        The Unionists couldn’t match his damaging efforts if they tried.

        I think I’ll wait for evidence of any wrong doing and who by before the construction of the gallows.

    • Petra says:

      The “profusion” of articles is no doubt due to having a “team” actually doing the dirty work for him. I wonder how much you get paid these days for doing your utmost to scupper Indyref2? A few £million? The “profusion” will be ramped up every day in the weeks to come. He’s now having his say in the Daily Express, promoting one Unionist newspaper after another on his site and has his followers lauding DRoss, Andrew Neil and so on with Neil saying that it’s going to be his mission to get rid of Nicola Sturgeon (and scupper Indyref2 along with his best mate from Bath).

      Meanwhile Westminster is planning to totally destroy Scotland and wreak even more havoc and misery on millions of people and he doesn’t have one word to say about that, maybe because he lives in England and Scotland’s future doesn’t matter one whit to him. Rather the con, the cover story, is supposed to be all about Nicola Sturgeon and whether she knew that Alex Salmond had been accused of sexual crimes on the 28th March or the 2nd April 2018, or not. Who the feck cares? Compare and contrast with Johnson et al crimes. Something stinks to high heaven with him and it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

      • grizebard says:

        Ach, I agree. But he’s passing into irrelevance, he won’t succeed, and he’s trashing his own reputation in the process. You can tell he’s losing it from his increasingly angry little band of quackers that spill over into other places. Which is an annoyance, since these days I personally avoid the poisoned source.

      • jfngw says:

        What nobody has informed me of is what the difference between the 28th Mar & 2nd Apr makes, did something happen in between that is pivotal, if not then it is irrelevant.

        Too many of these so called independence bloggers seem to be either AS cultists or have some grievance about the SNP, they think they’ve been wronged and want revenge. They spend more of their time attacking other independence supporters for wrong thinking rather than promoting independence.

      • Legerwood says:

        On one of the few occasions that I watched the proceedings of the Holyrood Committee looking into the SG’s handling of the AS business it was interviewing a Civil Servant about the Aberdein ‘meeting’ with the FM.

        According to his evidence Aberdein was in the Parliament that day for another scheduled meeting and effectively met the FM in passing.

        Sorry if that seems a bit sketchy but what stood out for me was the professional and competent manner of the civil servant versus the behaviour of the committee members. To say they made amateur night at the Palais de Dance look slick and professional would be fairly accurate.

        Their disappointment at the answers they had been given was palpable.

  52. grizebard says:

    O/T Alas we passed the 2000 Covid hospitalisation mark the other day as predicted, but I’m very happy to observe that this number appears to be on the turn now, so we will likely see a decline soon as the post-Christmas measures increasingly take effect. I’m looking forward to detecting a sustained exponential decline soon thereafter, as per last time. Things are working, we’re beginning to take charge again, we just have to persevere for a while longer.

  53. davidwferguson says:

    Here on Wee Ginger Dug a small number of people in relative terms are convinced that the First Minister and her team have done nothing wrong, that any opinion to the contrary is a conspiracy theory, and that under the FM’s leadership we will get an independence referendum.

    On Wings Over Scotland a larger number of people in absolute terms, but still very small in relative terms, believe that the First Minister and her team lied to cover up the fact that they conspired to fit up Alex Salmond, and that under the FM’s leadership we will not get an independence referendum.

    Right now the vast majority of the public will have only a vague understanding of what this is all about. Largely because it has received only sketchy coverage in the MSM, and nobody until now has sought to make it a big issue. But this is now changing. The story is starting to make waves in the MSM, and it’s clear that the Sky angle, which will almost certainly be followed by the rest of the Unionist MSM as they start to give more focus to the story, is this:

    The FM and her team are lying about what she knew about the Alex Salmond complaints and when, in order to conceal the fact that she conspired with AS to try to cover up his evil crimes…

    So the MSM are moving on from smearing Salmond, to smearing Salmond, Sturgeon, the SNP, and the whole YES movement. If this is the version of events that takes hold among the general public, then it doesn’t really matter whether we get a referendum or not, because we’re not going to win it.

    I’m curious about the WGD take on the above, whether you agree or disagree that this is the angle the MSM will take, and how you plan to counter it. (I’m not at all curious about your views of WOS, which I know already, so please feel free not to give me them)

    • davidwferguson says:

      Just for clarity, “the WGD take on the above” in the last paragraph does not refer to Paul individually; it’s shorthand for the regular posters on the site.

      • Eilidh says:

        Really!!! how do you know what the vast majority of posters here think. You have a different opinion re Salmond and Sturgeon a lot of us here have the opposite view. That is allowed. Your constant whining that the vast majority of people here don’t agree with you,the Bathistan seer and the rest of his accolytes is pathetic and as Paul has said countless times not helpful to the Indy cause so take the hint

        • davidwferguson says:

          Really!!! how do you know what the vast majority of posters here think?

          My actual words were “a small number of people in relative terms”

          Your constant whining…

          I don’t think I’ve posted here more than half a dozen times since the blog was created.

          …that the vast majority of people here don’t agree with you…

          Again, my actual words were “a small number of people in relative terms”

          …as Paul has said countless times not helpful to the Indy cause so take the hint.

          Now that you’ve got all that off your chest, my point was that it is not going to be helpful to the Indy cause if the Unionist media get together and start telling the public that the FM lied to Parliament in order to conceal the fact that she was working with AS to cover up his evil crimes. Do you have any thoughts as to how you’re going to help the Indy cause manage this situation?

          • Pogmothon says:

            I have a couple of thoughts.
            Th primary one would be “the bbc & msm can treat the FM, Holyrood, & the Scottish government, the same way they treat the PM and westminster government”. And “not undermine them or democracy”

            • grizebard says:

              Actually, the way it’s developing now, and what our concerned poster appears to entirely miss, it that the self-evident disparity of treatment is actually undermining the media’s credibility with a steadily-increasing proportion of the listening/viewing Scottish public.

              To get traction with any story, not only must the story itself have relevance, the teller also has to be believable. And increasingly both just ain’t.

          • grizebard says:

            Well, the first step is for so-called supporters of independence to stop punting this pernicious line. To stop fanning a small smouldering twig in the self-evident hope they can pass on a roaring blaze. One would have thought it was staringly obvious that one doesn’t do one’s opponents’ job for them.

            One would have thought.

            Yet on and one it goes. And the biggest joke of all is that there won’t be a blaze, it will be a damp squib that Sky and all the rest of them will soon enough give up on as a fruitless waste of time.

            Because what you continually ignore, for whatever reason best known to yourself, in pursuing this diversionary will-of-the-wisp, is that ordinary people just don’t care, because it has no relevance whatever to their current pressing concerns.

            So you can bang your concern drum here and now as much as you like, but it will get you nowhere, and after this coming May you and your fellow travellers can whistle Dixie.

      • Go away, ‘davidwferguson’.
        We are on to you lot.
        You have plenty of Get Nikla blogs to spout this crap.
        You are a bore, in the company of adults, on a forum discussing the real world, not the wee world of Twitterville.

        There are millions of us not on twitter…who don’t really give a damn what wild nonsense you lot spout from the comfort of your basement War Rooms.
        Go away.

        • davidwferguson says:

          There are millions of us not on twitter…who don’t really give a damn what wild nonsense you lot spout from the comfort of your basement War Rooms…

          The problem with your argument Jack is that the Sky News story to which I referred in my post wasn’t based on the wild nonsense I spout from the comfort of my basement War Room.

          It was based on the objectively indisputable fact that Geoff Aberdein’s statement has now been very publicly withheld from the Inquiry Committee, in order to prevent people from focusing on Liz Lloyd and what she knew and when she knew it.

          • weegingerdug says:

            david – when the committee reports we can deal with the fall out since then we will know what we’re dealing with. This is not a productive discussion at the moment –

            For what it’s worth I don’t think that either Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon come out of this affair smelling of roses, but independence isn’t about one party and it’s certainly not about individuals.

    • Hamish100 says:


      even in WW2 the USA USSR knew who the common powerful enemy was and for victory they had to work together or be defeated.

      There are some who would prefer to bring down the FM as a sacrificial lamb and Independence too.

      They pretend they support Salmond- they don’t, they are using him as their totem to run around.

      Salmond will never be able to deliver Independence as the general public frown on his behaviours as FM in Bute House. He led an unsuccessful campaign in 2014. His opportunity lost he resigned.

      The public trust the FM and if we are to win in May we need her. The Unionists need her to go.

      Simple truths are the hardest sometimes.

      Independence 2021

    • grizebard says:

      The vast majority of the public have only a sketchy notion of “who knew what when” because it doesn’t have the least relevance to them and they don’t give a damn.

      Mealy-mouthed quacker spill-overs like you who keep straining to help the media try to give this empty froth some legs are just wasting your time, when you could be doing something positive to help independence. (Assuming you even care, that is.)

  54. Hamish100 says:


    What did you do on the 28th March and the 2nd April 20??

    Who did you see, hear , meet , why and by whom?

    Can’t remember? Confused?

    Guilty m’lord.

    The bathestitas condemn someone and at the same time call conspiracy! They don’t do irony or is it infamy, infamy they’ve got it in for me!

    The rest of us realise we have an election in 4 months.

    • jfngw says:

      Not the point I was making, it was what difference does it make to the case. If nothing happened between those dates then what would be the point of lying about it.

      2020 is not a good year to chose, I am 100% sure I was locked away at home, just me and my wife. Probably at the supermarket if one of them was a Thursday.

      One aspect of the parliamentary enquiry that has puzzled me is why is Peter Murrell even giving evidence he has no role in the Scotgov, he has no influence over civil service procedures. I can’t see what his personal opinion has on any of the outcomes.

  55. bringiton says:

    The most successful political party in these islands,by a long way,is the Tory party.
    Because when it is important to show unity to the electorate,they always do.
    Political parties,particularly of the left,have a long history of discord and putting narrow ideological views before the need to convince others of their case.
    It is all about winning at the end of the day,without power nothing is possible.
    Some people need to get a grip.

  56. Capella says:

    We’re top item on the BBC News site today – guess why – a Crown Office inquiry into deaths in care homes.

    The oligarch press continue with the “GPs demand to give vaccines” story ignoring the new contract which shifted vaccines to Health Boards at their request in 2018 as Legerwood has described upthread. Is this day 6 or day 7 of this non issue? I forget.

    Yes there is a war on and a media blitz accusing us of being trumpists – Baroness Davidson joins Gordon Brown in smearing us The National reports.

    Truth – the first casualty in any war.

    • Legerwood says:

      Perhaps the BBC Scotland are headlining this in response to this article in the Guardian about care home deaths in England:

      It is often the case that when such stories appear about any given situation in England the MSM and opposition politicians in Scotland root around for something, anything, that they can twist into a story showing that things are just as bad if not worse in Scotland.

      Then there is this one:

      • Capella says:

        Thx Legerwood – if you hadn’t posted the info about the new contract upthread I would never have known that there was a change in distribution 2018 – to reduce the GPs workload. The BBC appear to be completely unaware of this. OR lying by omission.

        Do we need a Truth and Reconciliation Committee?

        • jfngw says:

          The BBC in Scotland, incompetent or complicit? I think we know the answer, their technique is to throw out the Tory misinformation then drop it once it becomes apparent they can push the lie no longer.

          They will then move onto (or return in the case of care homes) to the next negative line of Tory attack. They will never make any comparisons and highlight the large rise in care home deaths in England when the vaccine wasn’t distributed there first as recommended.

          But some will sell their souls for that big fat salary, one minute SSP, the next the voice of the BBC, producing a smokescreen for the Tories.

      • Capella says:

        Archive version of the Guardian article “English care homes sitting ducks”. Worth reading thx.

    • grizebard says:

      Ah, Broon once again demonstrating his arrogance and Labourite self-entitlement. The self-appointed “sole guardian of progressivism” who is still entirely unable to comprehend why his party doesn’t own Scotland any longer.

      While the SG is steadily proving to us and the rest of the world (not least our closest neighbours who know us best) that the SNP is a very safe pair of hands, Broon resorts to cheap insults, once more in concert with the now-retreating Baroness Boughtup.

      Oh, aye, Gordie, that’ll swing it for sure.

  57. Capella says:

    Shona Craven’s excellent article in The National about Ruth Davidson’s attempts to smear YES supporters as Trump like.

    There’s a difference between flag-waving nationalists and military-loving Unionists who like posing beside large Union flags. Obviously.

    “If only there were any recent international examples of flag-waving nationalists marching on government buildings…” she tweeted yesterday, accompanied by a pondering emoji, in response to All Under One Banner’s call to action.

  58. Ken2 says:

    Flu jabs were given by SNHS at centres. Doctors/healthcare workers have had the jab. Centres have been set up for the vaccine.

  59. Capella says:

    Indyref Two clip: STV News destroys Scottish Tory claim that Scotland has already been given 700,000 vaccine doses.

    It’s only been shared 11,000 times so worth reposting. “It’s like ground-hog day here” says the reporter.

    • Legerwood says:

      There was a letter in the Herald today about this item and the figures were quoted in the letter which surprised me. But someone in the Herald has a sense of humour because there was also a letter peddling the Tory 400,000 doses rubbish.

  60. Dr Jim says:

    Sky news correspondent talking to Newsreader Colin Brazier says England must take a hard line approach to Scotland and just say no to Independence and make no offers of further devolution “We must not feed the beast” he said, Colin Brazier of Sky replied “wise words”

    Notice how the term UK government was never used, just the word England

    • JoMax says:

      So now we know. We’re all beastly nasties who have to be tethered by Mother England.

    • Jonathan Marshall says:

      So where does that leave Scotland…it appeared from all the sign that the Unionists and England are readying to double down on their refusals and undermining policies I’m not sure what is actually more worrying… the view that Scotland had its chance in 2014 and voted itself out of existence and so deserves what is coming its way. Or the fact the SNP and it representatives still think they can negotiate with Westminiter in good faith. I am always surprised when listening to the news by how easily SNP members are brushed aside maybe they should stop playing so nice.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Nobody in the SNP believes that the UK government negotiates anything in good faith and never has done, the problem Scotland has always had is that three English political parties were placed in Scotland to tell everybody that the UK were the good guys even when we mostly knew they never were but the SNP only really came into any kind of real acceptance by the people recently and it’s normal for people to be suspicious of change and or the motivations for it, a bit like why change something bad for something else that might be bad, it’s really only in the last five years that Scotland has seen with their own eyes because the SNP has been strong enough to point it out and now the people believe it in the majority, unlike before when they just hoped things might be better now they know for sure they can be, be assured though that not one single SNP representative believes a word that comes out of Westminster, well except for a couple of the old Labour leaning guard who are pretendy Independence but really want Devious Maximus, but they’re being weeded out, not so long ago there were more of them and you might have noticed them doing much complaining about the FM, but that’s not to do with Independence, they know they’re time is up and they’re on the way out and they’re not getting back in

        And all that’s before you even get into a media none of which is based or has financial interests in Scotland other than to keep it contained to where it is

      • grizebard says:

        What they don’t realise though is that the more they shout “we’ll put them back in their box”, the more they undermine their proxy Federal Broons saying that there’s a better way forward for Scotland in the Union, a notion that was on a shoogly peg already anyway, and the more they convince the doubtful that it’s in any way in their interest to stay in the damned Union.

        It’s even higher stakes poker than their “take it or leave it” strategy back in ’13-14, but it’s an empty threat, and a sure mark of their desperation and weakness. They are afraid of us, and it shows. If the cowards had any sense, they might be better to dare their luck now rather than try to brazen it out, but the longer they hold down the lid of the kettle, the bigger will be the eventual burst.

        They can’t imprison a whole nation, and we’re not for stopping now.

    • Golfnut says:

      All to easy to be overwhelmed by the deluge of constitutional pish being poured over us at the moment, the volume has been seriously turned up on the ” you need westminster permission, it needs to be legal, nobody will recognise you etc. Some of it is couched in reasonable terms, Prof Robertson has one on his blog now, some of it is more agressive, like Osbourne’s whitterings, but it is rubbish.
      The Keating case right now is probably the cause, all be it he’s asked the wrong, but Scotgov has rectified that by opposing it on the grounds that it has. Scot gov losing is a win win for Scot gov and us.
      Not long to go now.

  61. Capella says:

    Number crunching.
    BBC live update for UK: percentage of positive cases decreases slightly – ONS – for week ending 16th January EXCEPT in Scotland where they rose.

    England 1 in 55
    Wales 1 in 70
    N Ireland 1 in 200
    Scotland 1 in 115

    This Live update was then corrected after an hour or two:

    England 1 in 55
    Wales 1 in 70
    N Ireland 1 in 60 – oops rates increasing
    Scotland 1 in 100 – oh rates “levelling off”.

    Clarification: This post has been updated to correct an incorrect figure.

    So I went to the Travelling Tabby website and checked the figures in Scotland and they decreased every day that week from 2,252 on the 9th Jan to 1,700 on 16th Jan.

    Now maths isn’t my strong point. Can anyone explain to me how a week of decreasing cases becomes an increase in the percentage of the population testing positive? Was there a massive drop in the population that week? Did thousands of people die? Should we be told?

    • Alex Clark says:

      An infection rate of 1 in 100 is worse than 1 in 115, but anyway, the figures have nothing to do with the tests carried out in Scotland by the NHS and the Lighthouse labs which are the figures reported every day.

      The ONS numbers are from a random sample of the population so not just those with symptoms and if enough people take the survey then the figures they quote for the infection rate should be more accurate than the figures just from testing those that put themselves forward for a test because they are showing symptoms. It is meant to capture those that are asymptomatic too.

      I’m not sure how accurate the results are for any country other than England as I don’t think there are enough being sampled outwith England but I’m probably wrong and the figures are accurate enough.

      • Capella says:

        An infection rate of 1 in 100 is worse than 1 in 115

        I know – I was quoting the BBC report, which seems all over the place. e.g they say they have corrected one figure but in fact they changed N Ireland and Scotland’s figures.

        I took mine from Travelling Tabby’s chart of New Daily Cases and Deaths by Specimen Date using the 7 day average.

      • grizebard says:

        As you say, but a rate of “1 in 100” is considerably better than England’s “1 in 55”, etc., yet we’re continually bombarded by BritNat frenemies desperate to convince us that we’re doing worse than everybody else. Just ‘cos.

        Go figure.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      You will note there are TWO incorrect figures.
      It’s the Andrew Marr approach, folks believe the first headline, only when they go check independent sources that the deliberate manipulation appears as a “clerical error”.
      I’ve a lot of time for that lad travellingtabby, like Prof John he’s furnished an alternative view to, to be blunt, the bullshitting being promulgated by the British Government and Propaganda Quay.

      As to your maths problem Capella it’s not maths but logic – If you target clusters where you suspect from data or other analysis that there is rising prevalence you can get on top of it before it explodes.
      That is why T&T has been successful as SG have deployed it, they let the experts take control rather than an Etonian with an image obsession, an Aberdonian with a Machiavelli fetish, and a Cheltenham MP who never passed amateur dramatics in the 3.30 Fake Weeping Stakes.

      • grizebard says:


        (We could do with more of that right now. Thanks, Bob.)

      • Alex Clark says:

        It’s strange though that they could report a figure of 1 in 115 as “increasing” and then the corrected figure of 1 in 100 which is worse is reported as “levelling off”.

        The ONS report is quite clear. right on the first page.

        In Scotland, the percentage of people testing positive levelled off in the week ending 16 January 2021; we estimate that 52,200 people in Scotland had COVID-19 (95% credible interval: 44,400 to 60,800), equating to around 1 in 100 people (95% credible interval: 1 in 120 to 1 in 85).

        There is no excuse from the BBC for getting that wrong, same with the NI figure.

      • Capella says:


  62. Dr Jim says:

    If Nicola Sturgeon had discovered the Holy Grail and cured the whole of Scotland from Covid they’d call her a witch
    Anything to take folks attention away from themselves, Royal story, death of a much loved celebrity, man bites dog or more popularly known as *look a squirrel* or the *dead cat* tactic as it used to be known

    The BBC isn’t getting anything wrong they’re doing what they’re told to do, misunderstand the numbers deliberately, misreport the numbers then apologise and do it again again, create a distraction, make the SNP look bad there’s an election coming up, they must be shown to be incompetent, it’s the only way England can win

    They think

    • grizebard says:

      Ah, if Nicola had discovered the Holy Grail and cured Scotland of all its ills, the Dead Tree Scrolls and the BBC would be howling about how dare she use this unfair election ploy to thwart their political pals, and also call for a commission of enquiry to try to find out which rules she had broken in order to unearth it, so they could demand her resignation for breaking the Ministerial Code, which they would demand immediately anyway just because.

      This opposition is so bent it’s meeting itself coming back the other way, and I can’t help but wonder at the sheer political naivety of those who apparently can’t help themselves from wilfully assisting these sworn enemies of independence, and right on the eve of the most important general election yet.

  63. Yoda says:

    That’s the way narcissists work, better to be out of a toxic union than waiting for crumbs from their table

  64. Dr Jim says:

    The soon to be jilted England spouse is very very angry because we don’t love them anymore, so much so they must punish us for not loving them, because our not loving them is public knowledge and that’s the embarrassment factor thrown in as well, how will they look to their friends, and that might be semi legitimate if they had any friends but their continual bad behaviour has transferred any friendship they did have to Scotland by way of sympathy at our plight of having such an abusive spouse

    If this happened in a domestic home in Scotland the cops would be telling England to move out or asking us if we had any relatives we could stay with
    It would be easier if the powers that be in Westminster London England could swallow their pride admit the truth they never liked us anyway and they only stayed with us because of the *family* inheritance (money) and just gave up on this predictable and inevitable ending

    There’s also the notion that they can keep on abusing us because nobody can stop them, but that’s very much incorrect, you can’t keep that behaviour up and not expect at some point the abused won’t slap you back, then they end up with the kind of trouble nobody wants, but England’s modus operandi has all too often ended up that way, they just bring it on themselves

    I’ll even give them my CD collection, there now how’s that, OK the big underwater blow things up boats as well, now off you pop

    • grizebard says:

      Ah, but without the “family” {cough} siller they couldn’t afford the underwater blow-things-up boats (just as with the battleships of yore), nor the rental from us of the hardened storage for the blow-things-up things they have nowhere to put themselves, not to mention the unfolding catastrophic foreign policy blunder-of-the-century that will be their further diminution and international humbling.

      This is an abusive controlling spouse whose true nature is becoming ever more apparent to everyone as it degenerates, and which is rapidly running out of influential friends. Time to leave before we find ourselves chained to a universally-despised rotting corpse.

  65. Statgeek says:

    Latest vaccine news (AstraZenica):

    UK Gov keeping it all secret, of course.

  66. Golfnut says:


  67. Tam the Bam says:

    God knows I have vperuuuused
    peruused many……….ok …this aint working but this is…..ultimal

  68. Tam the Bam says:

    I’m swaying away from this Petra….sorry.

  69. Mark Robertson says:

    What is getting my head is that the MSM is not picking up or reporting the shonky side of the SNP in this Salmond affair ????
    With the Amunition that they have now they could put Nicola and the current NEC leadership to rest BUT they arent ??? Because They are waiting to put INDEPENDENCE to rest !
    They tried to put Alex to rest the instant they had any sniff off anything that could put him in a bad light
    I am so sorry to start thinking we have have had some devious play from Nic and Hubble and they colluded with our worst enemy !

    • Me Bungo Pony says:

      Is there no end to the conspiracy theories the Malcontents will dream up in their attempts to get “justice for Salmond” (which he has already had)? If they’d only turn those energies to promoting the cause of independence things would be looking rosier for that cause instead of increasingly dodgy. But no. Salmond is bigger than independence in their eyes.

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