Cummings and goings


Dominic Cummings doesn’t obey lockdown rules. Only little people obey lockdown rules. It said nothing good about Dominic Cummings that he was prepared to sacrifice other people’s elderly relatives in pursuit of his herd immunity strategy. It says a whole lot worse that he was willing to risk the lives of his own parents too. It came to light on Friday that Downing Street’s resident Gollum had travelled from London to Durham in the north of England after he had started to show coronavirus symptoms and was highly infectious. His excuse is that he was taking his children to his parents so that they could look after them while Cummings and his wife recovered from the illness. It’s one rule for Dominic Cummings and another for the herd.

Anyone with a microgramme of sense would have realised that if you are coming down with Covid-19 and you need a relative to look after your kids, then you get your relative to come to you and collect the children. You don’t schlepp across the length of England while you know that you have the virus and you know that you’re infected, potentially spreading your disease to the countless people that you might encounter along the way.

Apparently Dominic Cummings was forced to travel because he didn’t have any friends who could look after his kids for him locally, and who could drop off food parcels at his door while he was ill. Actually, I could believe that.

Unlike the Scottish chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood who travelled to her holiday home across the Forth while she was perfectly healthy, Dominic Cummings drove the length of England with his kids while he was infectious with the virus. During that 250 mile journey he could have come into contact with many people. He most certainly put his parents at risk. We await the demands from the Scottish Conservatives for his resignation, just as they called angrily for Catherine Calderwood to resign. Well? Silence. What’s that Jackson? Speak up dear. Is it just fine if you’re Boris Johnson’s advisor? Asking for 5.5 million Scottish people.

Given the total radio silence of the Scottish Conservatives today and their inexplicable reluctance to voice an opinion on this matter, this is a good juncture at which to remind them of what they said when they discovered that an uninfected Catherine Calderwood had travelled forty miles to Fife. “There cannot be one rule for bosses and another for everyone else,” harrumphed Jackson Carlaw. Miles Briggs said that Catherine Calderwood’s resignation was “inevitable” and what was important now was that public confidence was restored. Adam Tomkins tweeted that “an atrocious example” had been set and said that you would have thought that the rules that Catherine Calderwood was promoting ought to have applied to her too. “Did they think that the messages [to stay at home] were for other people?” asked the perpetually confused Murdo Fraser, adding, “Hard to see how messages to the public can have credibility while those delivering them ignore them themselves.” Annie Wells said, “Trust is vanishing and rage is building. Resign and let’s get back to what matters most – following the rules to save lives.” Indeed Annie. Indeed. And we can be sure that you’ll be phoning in Kaye Adams to tell her how angry you are that public trust in the British Government has been so badly damaged.

Has anyone seen Ruth, or is she not available for comment again? How terribly convenient, Ruth. However to be fair Ruth was practising social distancing long before it became fashionable, as her constituents and anyone who had ever followed the news and noticed a story that was bad for the Tories can attest.

Yet you can bet a chance to see your parents that if you had replaced the name Dominic Cummings with Ian Blackford the Scottish Conservatives would have caused Twitter’s servers to break with the intensity of their angry meltdown. Even Julia Hartley-Brewer, that Waitrose Katie Hopkins who’s usually very keen to support amoral right wing causes, appeared on Sky News to condemn Dominic Cummings. But from the Scottish Tories, not a word.

However since Chancellor Rishi Sunak, and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab both came out on social media today to defend Cummings in the strongest terms, it’s likely that the spineless wonders of the Scottish Conservative party were merely awaiting their instructions from the big boys and girls. Scottish Conservatism is after all the political philosophy that Scotland is incapable of independent thought.

As the calls for Cummings to be sacked grew in intensity on social media, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg tweeted in response to a journalist from the Daily Mirror who had broken the story that a “source” had told her that his trip was within guidelines as he went to stay with his parents so they could help with childcare. Just wondering aloud here if anyone can recall the many times that Laura leapt into action on social media to defend Nicola Sturgeon or Jeremy Corbyn from an attack because one of their “sources” had told her something. Nope. Me neither. I’m betting that the anonymous source had the initials DC.

No one believes Cummings, and no one believes the Tories’ anonymous sources any more. In fact it’s because of anonymous briefings from the Conservatives that there’s so much confusion and incoherence from the British Government and the British media is now a synonym for ill repute. Some of us are starting to wonder whether Laura Kuenssberg and Sarah Smith have a private bet going to see which of them can get away with the most blatant bias. That the British Government is no longer bothering to issue official statements any more but prefers to conduct its communications with the public via anonymous briefings to favoured journalists is a genuinely scary development in British public life. It’s another nail in the coffin of British Government accountability, because let’s face it, that died a long time ago.

Inicidentally, the conspiracy theorists were out in force on social media on Friday night, wondering why Dominic Cummings wasn’t trending on Twitter. There were mutterings about the dark forces of British state intelligence and the 77th Brigade. However the real conspiracy here is that Dominic Cummings conspired to get himself a surname that won’t trend on social media because it’s caught by Twitter’s profanity filters. No social media company wants porn to trend, so they use filters to catch items containing certain strings of characters. One of which is the popular word referring to having an orgasm. Have a look at the Scunthorpe problem on Wikipedia for a more detailed explanation. It’s the only way in which Dominic Cummings is ever going to make the earth move for you.

So remember, stay home, stay safe. Unless that is you want to drive 250 miles spreading your disease the length of the A1 in order to find an elderly relative to infect. That’s just fine – but only if you’re a Conservative advisor who works in Ten Downing Street. If ever you wanted to see how the privilege of the British establishment operates in practice, you just got a lesson in how it works from Dominic Cummings and the Conservative party. It’s one rule for the rich, the powerful, and the well-connected who defend the British state, and another for the rest of us.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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95 comments on “Cummings and goings

  1. A6er says:

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  3. Iain Hunter says:

    What’s really interesting nothing to do with this but no seems to be asking the UK government why we are not doing as Dublin who have five Airbus A330’s flying back and forth to Peking carrying medical supplies and each with a volunteer crew of seven two flying out ten hours and a separate two flying the return leg of thirteen hours and a reserve crew on each plane they sleep in the business class cabin which has been sealed off from the rest of plane which is carrying the medical supplies in the passenger cabin. The crews are not allowed off the planes in China otherwise they would have to quarantine in Dublin.

    This has been going on for the past month or so and they come over the East Coast of Scotland on their return journey. Its constant land load refuel return unload refuel return!

  4. Iain Hunter says:

    What’s really interesting nothing to do with this but no one seems to be asking the UK government why we are not doing as Dublin who have five Airbus A330’s flying back and forth to Peking carrying medical supplies and each with a volunteer crew of seven two flying out ten hours and a separate two flying the return leg of thirteen hours and a reserve crew on each plane they sleep in the business class cabin which has been sealed off from the rest of plane which is carrying the medical supplies in the passenger cabin. The crews are not allowed off the planes in China otherwise they would have to quarantine in Dublin.

    This has been going on for the past month or so and they come over the East Coast of Scotland on their return journey. Its constant land load refuel return unload refuel return!

    • Dave tewart says:

      Think BA are doing similar return trips to China,don’t know the cargo,walking or otherwise.

    • Targaid says:

      It amazes me that during all the anger and calls for resignation surrounding this no one, but no one has brought up Spaffstain Johnson’s own breach. Does his moving of his family and staff both to and from Chequers during lockdown somehow no longer matter?
      We’ve seen a steady running stories of the wealthy and privileged from the royal family down moving around as it suits them. If one thing highlights the attitude that they are above the law and that the media protects them it’s this. It’s about much more than one selfish, unrepentant, walking toalie.

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  6. beth says:

    we, in the states, also have an incredibly horrible person at the helm, who calls himself a leader

    • andyfromdunning says:

      We feel sorry for you ‘thinking’ Americans who recognise a twat when they see one. Ours in London is just as bad.

      In Alaska last year on holiday and spoke to a few Trump supporters. Amazing, they looked normal.

  7. Colin says:

    Why is it that the BBC in Scotland only seem able to hold the Scottish government to account when Westminster holds 80 percent of our powers?
    What’s the bets Sunday politics runs with the Nike story again while completely ignoring the mess of the UK government?

  8. At the Nike conference, nobody knew they had the virus. Any contact who caught the virus there would not know until at least a week after the conference finished and would have dispersed. They would not know where they had caught it and it would take time to find everything out. Hindsight is a great thing.

  9. Skintybroko says:

    Boris, Trump, Cummings and all the Scots But leaders – a load of Cockwombles

  10. Legerwood says:

    Around the time Cummings made his dash up the A1 or shortly before his uncle died after contracting Covid-19. So he knew the dangers first hand not just for himself but his elderly parents

    He is beyond the pale.

  11. Ken2 says:

    Dominic going.

  12. jim says:

    Carlaw: ” Cummings has fucked up and made us look stupid again”

    Davidson: ” Don’t panic Jackson, the BBC won’t ask us to comment”

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Carlaw: “Cummings has fucked up and made us look stupid again”

      Everybody else: “You didn’t really need Cummings’s help for that.”

  13. Alba woman says:

    Tricky for Boris to shift Dom…lots of dead political bodies buried on their watch. It will be interesting to see if someone with Dom’s level of knowledge of intimate political stories Is able to be dispensed with easily.

    Dom’ s ease of travel to his Mum and Dads in terms of possible infection to them ensures he has the psychological profile required to take on those who wish him gone.

  14. Thepnr says:

    I just watched Grant Shapps (where’s Boris?) and Jenny Harries (can’t stand that woman) try to justify Cummings visit to Durham. It was bad, I mean really embarrassing for them having to stand there and make up excuses on his behalf.

    They tried badly to support Cummings breaking the lockdown guidance that he was involved in writing while at the same time insisting that the guidance is to be followed by everyone else. If Cummings survives beyond tomorrow I’ll be surprised but not really shocked. His boss is an even bigger liar and they are all in it together.

    People are starting to notice all right, you really couldn’t miss the hypocrisy of the Tory party compared to that of the actions taken by the SNP in similar circumstances. Support for Johnson and the Tory party must fall, I’m looking forward to the next poll results. It might only be then that the men in grey suits have a word with Johnson, he never listens normally and will need to be forced to. A drop in support might help.

  15. Gregory R Nunn says:

    If these people were not criminals, wanton, flagrant criminals, their feeble lies would be funny. But there is no humour in the thousands of deaths, thousands of infections, and the English class system in full swing.
    Snuffy, pompous, posh, entitled bastards these Tories.
    Alba gu bràth!

  16. Thepnr says:

    It’s an absolute joke that the UK government are going to enforce people arriving in the UK from June 8th to put themselves under quarantine for 14 days. I mean why June 8th? The time to do that is well past and if they feel it is necessary then why not immediately, like right now?

    My point is they are now arguing that it was OK for Cummings to travel 250 miles with his wife and son when at least one of them had the virus, yet are willing to wait another 16 days before asking travelers from overseas to quarantine themselves on arrival in the UK.

    It really couldn’t get any dafter than this, we are being governed by a bush of upper class halfwits.

  17. Bob says:

    The Firtash Foundation was established as a UK company in 2008. Jack Wakefield, the brother-in-law of the Vote Leave campaign director and the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Dominic Cummings, was a director from 2008 to 2013.

    Firtash’s links to senior Conservatives remain intact despite his suspected criminality.

    The sister of the former Firtash Foundation director, Jack Wakefield, is Mary Wakefield, wife of Dominic Cummings and the commissioning editor of the Spectator. The magazine published a flattering profile of Firtash in 2014 written by Breitbart London co-editor James Delingpole.

    Firtash was arrested in Vienna and began his long battle against extradition to the US. The indictment describes him as the head of a criminal organisation that had bribed Indian public officials.

    How far down the rabbit hole does it go?

  18. carolclark1 says:

    I think what’ll happen now is that people in England will look at this and think, oh well, if it’s all right for him then it’s okay for me too. Lockdown, such as it still is in England is over. Folk will do what they like and that will prove to be very dangerous.

    It’s absolutely disgusting these cabinet ministers coming out and trying to defend the indefensible. Blatant lies, they know it’s lies but don’t care, what can the plebs do about it. Well, we in Scotland will get a chance to do something about it next year, and we are all watching.

    What is it they say, never interrupt your enemy when they are making mistakes.Brexit is still coming down the line like an express train, and it looks more and more like no deal. How much more will it take to shift some folk over to yes.

  19. Dave tewart says:

    From last week the CEO of Heathrow Airport said they’re are 10,000 a day arrivals in Heathrow from foreign parts. In 16 days a further 160,000 arrivals,we can wait.
    He would need that many tests before letting them go.
    Notice today the tests done include those posted out.
    The ex brexit secretary says people from Yorkshire should be quarantined and not allowed to travel to London as they’re a risk to the transmission of the virus.
    Beaches on the south coast busy with visitors.
    Do we really believe this is carefully controlled by a government?

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Regular readers know that I live in leafy, Middle safe-Tory middle England (but NOT on the coast). (There’s quite a thrill in being a nat activist subversive in that – but that’s another matter for another day).

      Suffice to say, that over the past couple of days (and we’re now on a Bank Holiday Weekend, too – though I’m not sure if you Scots are, too) and I’ve been hearing the unmistakeable tinlle of the return of Mister Softee and his ice cream van.

      How in the name of goodness (expletives removed)

      – is this an essential service allowing the service to resume under lockdown?
      – how are they going to police social distancing in such a context?
      – are kids allowed to accompany their parents to the van to pick up their 99’s or can they go alone?
      – if the kids are going alone, can you imagine them all staying 2 metres apart from each other as they wait their turn? (No, me neither.)

      • Elizabeth Tee says:

        I have heard the jingles of the ice cream van up here in Dundee all through the lockdown.

  20. Hamish100 says:

    No doubt on Marr tomorrow we will have representative from the spectator or express on to muddy the waters. That’s what some journalists do these days.
    I wonder once Cummings and his wife were fit why they thought it was still ok to drive from County Durham to London. Couldn’t they work from home ( sorry 2nd home) Or were they wiping down all the areas they possibly contaminated on the way up with antiseptic wipes? Very public spirited. My 4 yr old is ok your 4yr old , don’t give a monkies.

  21. Arthur Thomson says:

    Will be stay or will he go?I

    Whatever, he has added yet another reason for normal people to despise the various shades of Brit.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Would those be ‘Fifty Shades of Brit’, Arthur Thomson?

      We all know we’re an abusive, non-consensual relationship with ‘Christian’ Brit. Enough is enough. Time to tell him where to stick his riding crop.

  22. Mark Russell says:

    Too late for any common sense or any hope – at least down here in the north of England. I had a patient once – Mary MacKinnon. Lived most of her life near Acharacle but was an evacuee from St Kilda when she was thirteen. She was the most fulfilled, content and self sufficient person I’ve ever known. Fort William was the biggest town she’d ever seen.

    Foolishly, I thought I had an advantage.

    Scotland has a habit of producing remarkable women. Its people are so fortunate to have someone like Mary in charge today. Wrocht from experience. Unshakable in principle. Honest to the core.

    Think I might be heading home soon…

  23. Mbiyd says:

    No wonder the Bruce opposed the Comyns (Cummings) family.

    Childcare issues: Why not get a government driver to take the child to Durham to the family farm,; or better still the wife’s family castle at Chillingham, Northumbria just up the road. Or even better use your connections to get child care in London so you dont have to drive under the influence of Covid 19. By connections, I dont mean some government paid child minders but rather the maternal uncles who both live in London. Laura Kuennsberg must be aware of the wider family dynamic so her tweet is grossly misleading.

    • Chicmac says:

      Not difficult to extend the historical analogy re who the Toom Tabard character is.

  24. JoMax says:

    This is what democracy means for the rich and powerful – do what you like, say what you like, shrug your shoulders and walk away because no one can touch you.

    “We’re telling lies; we know we’re telling lies; we don’t tell the public the truth ….” Lord Rothermere of the Daily Mail in 1917. Nothing much has changed since those days. (He was, of course, referring to the fact that Britain was losing the war.)

    According to one ex Conservative ‘SPAD’ just now on TV, people are railing at poor Dominic just because they don’t like him. Aaaawwww. Bless his wee cotton socks.

    • Mbiyd says:

      He was Gove’s flunkey now Boris’. He doesn’t seem to mind being past around the upper class boys. I know Gove isnt Upperclass but since his days at the P and J …. the pretence is there. The shrewdest comment Gove’s fellow Scot on the make David Cameron ever made was to describe Comyns as a career psychopath.

      • Chicmac says:

        I really believe David Cameron foresaw the danger of the ultra right cabal and that was what the Brexit referendum was all about. OK he IS a Tory, but, IMO, one with a nowadays rare retention of humanity.

        • Neil Anderson says:

          Where’s this dewy eyed nostalgia for David Cameron coming from? English votes for English laws, ring a bell? Voted for the Iraq war. Voted for the bedroom tax. Voted against increasing disability benefits. Voted for a reduction in welfare payments. The list goes on and on. Net wealth? $50 million. Member of the Bullingdon Club. A “rare retention of humanity.”? Don’t make me laugh! Or, more accurately, vomit.

          • Chicmac says:

            He is a Tory. I don’t agree with Tory doctrine, I have never voted Tory. But, we are not really talking about traditional toryism anymore this is something far more sinister, inhuman.

            I simply think he was opposed to that.

            • Mbiyd says:

              Yeh I agree. The old Tories have been described as paternalistic and felt they had an obligation to the less well to do this current bunch would throw their granny under a bus

  25. Chicmac says:

    OT The new antibody tests should be used on the blood samples retained (I would assume) from the 20,000 or so excess deaths in the community in England. My guess is the vast majority will show that they had the covid 19 virus.

  26. Steve says:

    So, whilst Boris was “following the science” his pal was following the A1 and then cutting up the A96??

  27. Ells says:

    Could anyone from the papers have asked “why couldn’t the sister have travelled down to collect the “4 year old” when or rather a large – massive ” IF” the parents were so ill as to not be able to look after it (the 4 year old” I am disgusted.

  28. Thepnr says:

    Cummings went to Durham not once but twice. His goose is surely cooked hahahahahahaha

  29. Dave tewart says:

    Squirrel alert,
    Channel crossing people smugglers going to swamp englandland with emigrants.

  30. wullie says:

    Did they stop on the way up north, you know, toilet and food and drinks, or was it a packed lunch and do your stuff at the roadside. To use public facilities would be rather dangerous/ contagious even

    • jrtomlin says:

      A detail that few people seem willing to mention. There is no way you drive 260 miles with a 4-yr-old without at least a potty break. And more than 500 miles they had to have filled up with petrol. He was laughing all the way. And that was before his little pleasure excursion a few days later.

  31. Carol Cadwalader’s got some interesting stuff on positions being awarded to Rasputin’s chums. With that second trip there must be a hole in the ice somewhere…

  32. Thepnr says:

    Thinking that it’s looking very likely Cummings will be gone by tomorrow. The hounds have been let loose so as to give Johnson the reasons he needs to sack him.

    Looks that way to me, also Peston, Kuenssberg et al are in lockdown. Total silence.

    • Eilidh says:

      I will believe it when I see it. Dominic Cummings has more lives than your average cat.

      • Thepnr says:

        I totally understand anyone’s reluctance to believe it 🙂

        However even the Daily Mail political journalist on the BBC’s review of the papers front pages would not defend Cummings. Saving Johnson now is the mantra, Cummings is tainted.

        • Mbiyd says:

          I agree, the right wing press is going after him. The Daily Mail even extracted his wife’s piece in the Spectator about their covid 19 experience where she failed to mention the family jaunt to Durham. I’m wondering if they ventured further North to visit her parents Baronet Wakefield and his wife at Chillingham Castle after the visit to the Cummings estate. I’m still surprised that Cummings didn’t ask his brothers in law Max or Jack to babysit or indeed his wife’s nephews rather than have a jaunt to the north of England that could ge misinterpreted as fleeing the cesspit of London for holiday omes to the north.

          • Golfnut says:

            If Cummings and his wife were infected then it’s possible or even probable that the child would also be infected, therefore a carrier. There is no way the child could be given to anyone without the risk of spreading infection. That was the purpose of lockdown and for once the instruction was explicit. The family were required in law to stay together at home. Had it become impossible for the parents to look after the child, it would be a PHE problem. It’s that simple.

  33. Mbiyd says:

    I posted earlier and made the historic link between the name Cummings and Scotland. What I did not appreciate is the direct Scottish roots Cummings has. It seems that England is a mere bit player in the interenicine struggle between the various Scottish factions for control that has been going on for over 700 years. I say we finally let England go.. she has nothing to offer us now.

  34. David Agnew says:

    A Scots tory will always defend the English conservatives to the death. They have always been and always will be hostages to the fortunes of their paymasters in Westminster.

  35. Chicmac says:

    This soft spoken virology scientist, whilst bearing a passing resemblance to a certain member for the 18th century here, is, according to a Greek resident on Talk Radio yesterday, trusted to by the Greek population who obey his advice over the advice proffered by Greek politicians.

    She said he just gives the unadulterated facts.

    Greece has the ;lowest case/deaths per capita rate in Europe.

  36. Malky McBlain says:

    Well Blow me down first it was the Times ripping into Johnson now it’s the Spectator!! We live in weird times when these two bastions of high Toryism turn on their own. This further exposes Keunsberg and the BBC’s fealty to the Tory party. If this doesn’t induce the BBC to follow the Times and Spectators lead in putting the welly in then it will be time for the BBC to face the reckoning with the public they are due. =true

    • John McLeod says:

      Mary Wakefield (wife of Dominic Cummings) is a Spectator journalist and wrote a story in that magazine which emphasised how ill Cummings had been. I believe she also went on Radio 4 with the same story. I am now wondering whether this was in fact a cover story, intended to prevent questions about why Cummings had been out of circulation. I remember, in the days after Cummings was spotted rushing away from Downing Street with symptoms of covid, that there were questions about why no news about him. What we now know is that there was no news because he was 250 miles away.

      In response to Malky McB’s comment about the right wing media putting the welly in – maybe that’s because they resent being duped.

      This raises another question – who was behind the cover story? Was it just an idea cooked up by Cummings and Wakefield, or did they get some assistance?

  37. Ken2 says:

    Vote Tory to die younger. They would even afflict their grannies for £Millions of unscrutinised government contracts. A bunch of hypocrites and liars. Liars always get found out. It will all end in tears, again. Deja Vu. Unelected troughers. No excuses.

    Murdoch, the criminal, sacked criminal Johnston for telling lies. No honour among thieves.

  38. Even a cursory glance at Cummings’ wiki bio is enough to glean that he and his wife are part of the Elite, in with the bricks, filthy rich privileged Oxbridge educated Prime Beef.
    I expext some ‘Cummings and Gove-ings’ on Marr today, when one of heir pet Uncle Tams will be instructed to Sort Out This Mess.
    Gove may be wheeled on, and Mar will conduct a Cummings whitewash in two part harmony with the Gove, who, you may recall,w as despatched to The Northern Frontier to slap down the newly appointed Colonial Governor, B-Lister ‘Union’ Jack, who mumbled something about ‘allowing’ a second Jock Rebellion if the Tartan Savages voted for the soon to be outlawed, EssEnnPee.

    Brewer’s Droop from Jockland, will have further Nike revelations doubtless.
    The most frequently used phrase on political and current affairs tv and radio programmes these torrid Days of the Bore-Us?
    ‘We asked for a member of the Government to appear on the programme, but no one was available to attend’.

    The Rich are a law unto themselves, until the rest of us get that sick fed up with them, and there are many instances in history, that we take their privileges and obscene cache of booty and plunder away from them.
    Cummings and his wife could afford to buy a nursery…the rest is arrogant shite.
    Just sayin’. like.

    • Mbiyd says:

      The inlaws certainly have enough to buy a castle.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Saw that, Chillingham castle in Northumberland, Lovely area, quite a fancy castle that one, quite secluded. Would come with a fair bit of land as well. Would not have been cheap, and the duke of Northumberland who owns pretty much all of the huge region, ( how did they get it) would not just allow simple plebs in.

        Must be part of the English elite, and ( lawless) establishment, all in it together eh.

  39. Golfnut says:

    The satisfaction of removing their wealth is short lived Jack, the French and Russian revolution started off with good intentions but history shows that you replace one set of rich despotic sociopaths with a soon to be rich, despotic sociopathic up an comers. They just don’t have the posh accents to start with.
    What we need is accountability, yes I would like see their wealth removed, yes I would like to see Brewer and his media colleagues sweep the Royal mile from end to end with a card on their back saying ‘ I’m a BBC liar ‘ or a similar legend, but it won’t change a thing unless we have accountability and those responsible for enforcing that accountability, accountable.
    We have 17,000 pages of tax laws, with more holes in them than a fleet of trawlers fishing nets. Root and branch Jack and we need to start with the law, because from where I’m sitting it works for them not us.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Correct indeed Golfnut.

      There is a Dave Allen sketch where it’s set in Russia ( I think!) and the marauding revolutionaries chase a posh car full of the oppressive regime types with their big fur coats on etc, the revolutionaries grab them, take their posh clothes and car, all delighted at themselves, only to drive round the corner and find a marauding mob of revolutionaries who do exactly the same to them!

      It’s very well done. Doesn’t seem available on youtube which is a shame.

  40. deelsdugs says:

    I would like to think I have had my surname, without the addition of the plural corruption far longer than he. He’s a cringe-factor, dangerous embarrassment to the surname and history, and Mbiyd, the Bruce was a bit of a strange creature too…though he was said to have passed a law granting goats ‘grass mail’ after they gave him protection in a cave. Most likely a myth, but what is real, is the horror of the human masquerading as a Comyn. He does not deserve the surname, ‘Courage’ is not his thing.

  41. ronyart says:

    I know it’s all a bit serious, but “Julia Hartley-Brewer, that Waitrose Katie Hopkins” – nearly lost my breakfast tea, what a wordsmith!

  42. Ken2 says:

    Duke of Westminster. The tax evader. Snow married to the sister. The better together campaign on behalf of the royalty.

    They pay 10% tax on £20Million. No corporation tax or capital gains. That is how they became so wealthy tax evading. Then donating to their cut to ‘charity’. Makes people sick, underfunding the NHS,

    Dominic C. et al ripping off the public purse on unscrutinised public contracts, awarded to each other. Unelected with their nose in the trough. Ripping people off. Breaking the rules. They break the Laws they make, with impunity.

    • Mbiyd says:

      Check out Pippy Middleton ‘s hubby to see the interconnections.

      • Welsh Sion says:

        For those wanting to know:

        James Spencer Matthews (born 21 August 1975)[1][2] is a British former professional racing driver, hedge fund manager, and heir to the Scottish feudal title of Laird of Glen Affric. In 2017, he married Pippa Middleton, younger sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

        Glen Affric

        Matthews is the managing director and heir to the 10,000 acre Glen Affric Estate
        According to documents lodged with Companies House, James Matthews has been, since 2007, the “solitary managing director of Beaufort Glen Affric Ltd”. The 10,000-acre (4,000 ha) Glen Affric Estate is in the Scottish Highlands. As eldest son, upon his father’s death, James Matthews will inherit the courtesy title of Laird of Glen Affric. Until that time he is able to use, should he choose to do so, the title, James Matthews of Glen Affric the younger.[6][6][15][16]

  43. bringiton says:

    The hope from the Tories will be that now lockdown is being lifted,this blatant breech by Cummings will soon be ancient history.
    Too much at stake with Brexit to allow this to derail things.
    Meantime,just brazen it out.
    This government is a one trick pony and was elected by English voters on that prospectus.

  44. Dr Jim says:

    How do the Tories sack the real Prime Minister Dominic Cummings, they can’t leave things to Johnson, Johnson was only the Brexit salesman, he wasn’t brought in to actually run anything he was used in the same way as Trump, a front man nothing more, nobody for a minute thought a pandemic would occur requiring leadership and speaking stuff out of their heads with their own mouths , drink bleach and stay alert while you’re doing it

    Everybody on the planet knows these people are incapable of rational or dependable thinking, they’re salesmen, but they’ve been presented with a product they don’t know what to do with, in Trumps case it’s easier, America is chokka with right wing bampots who just love extremism, in England they have the same people except when it comes right down to it the C in Conservative begins to get smaller when the dying reaches the proportions it has

    England still isn’t as mad as America ……….Yet !! …..Of course if they don’t remove Cummings and Johnson they won’t have far to go to match the good ole US of A

  45. Undeadshuan says:

    I think if Johnson doesn’t man up and sack Cummings, it will backfire eventually on him with hunt replacing him as PM.

    But the longer Johnson and cummings remain in post, the support for independence will rise.

    Who knows we may even get 70% saying yes when the next referendum is held.

  46. Welsh Sion says:

    And from Wiki and Companies House:

    Dominic McKenzie Cummings was born in Durham on 25 November 1971. His father, Robert, had a varied career, but primarily built oil rigs for Laing, the construction firm. His mother, Morag, a university graduate, was a teacher and behavioural specialist.[4]

    (I guess with a mother called Morag and a middle name of McKenzie, there must be a bit of Scottish blood there …)

    Dominic Cummings is registered as a director of the non-trading company Klute Ltd, which formerly owned the Klute nightclub in Durham,[70][71] and Dynamic Maps Ltd, an information technology consultancy.[72] He runs another company called North Wood that “tries to solve problems” related to management, politics and communications.[73]

  47. Legerwood says:

    It actually suits Johnson and Co for Cummings to stay and get more column inches devoted to the story. Why? Because it will end up breaking the lockdown and any pretence of easing it slowly and that suits the UK Gov.

    People look at Cummings what he did and what he seems to be getting away with and say to themselves ‘why should I obey the rules/guidelines?’ Before you know it the majority of businesses are open and the majority of people are back at work. All without the Tory Gov having to put in the hours and work to bring about a gradual easing of the lockdown.

    Manipulation of the electorate. Mission accomplished. Stay alert indeed!

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The same thoughts had occurred, they need a massive diversion… With SG soon winding down Lockdown, the opportunities for “Look a squirrel” in that direction are diminishing fast, and Carlaw is on the naughty step having failed to capitalise..
      Many of this clique will have done similar, and with Brexit, Cheltenham, slow testing, quarantine, and of course revelations of the hidden dead coming round the corner it needs a BIG squirrel…
      When you consider those closely connected to these manipulators have known about this (and doubtless many more) for weeks and stayed silent (Kuenssberg etc), why now otherwise?

  48. Hamish100 says:

    Had a look at the cons & (Scotland branch) web page. Has some pages been removed over the attack on Calderwood at the time of her demise?

  49. Ken2 says:

    Most people will be raging. The Tories will be voted out. Johnston -3. People are outraged by the ignorant, arrogant behaviour. Especially if he does not go.

  50. Brewer’s droop was a Brit Nat Free zone yet again this week. Not a Blue tory in sight, although that Dick, Leonard got a mention demanding care home answers!!!
    Now I think we can all agree that Gordon isn’t an idiot, or a deluded fool. He went tae Yoonie ‘n’ ‘at.

    Yet in a Yes But Just To Be Clear attempted haranguing of Fiona Hyslop, who merely slapped him down and challenged his quite alarmingly false assertions about the phases of easing the Lockdown in Scotland.
    There are over 350,000 Small business in Scotland. Brewer declared that they were tuned into his show this Sunday morning seeking clarity from Hyslop on what they can or can’t do come Thursday when stage One may or may not be triggered.
    I feel confident that I can be included in the few thousand who actually tune in to watch this tepid reheated nonsense anymore.
    A feature on how hard the Wedding Dress industry has been hit.
    In the past 8 weeks, I have been over the door 4 times. Three excursions were at 9.45 pm in my wee bone rattler to my local convenience store 1/4 mile from home, and once to Tesco’s at 7 in the morning.
    My ‘Everlovin’ has been across the threshold 4 times, to get the Big Shop.
    My son has travelled from his home by bicycle three times just to check on us from the safe distance of the service lane at back of our house.
    Grant Shapps neither confirmed or denied the outrageous account of |Cummings his wife and his inlaws deliberately putting thousands in danger of infection by fending of Marr’s questions by interjecting every response with the tried and tested ‘It is my understanding’.
    Of course Brewer couldn’t get Alister Jack, Jackson Carlaw, Supermom Davidson, Adam Tomkins, Annie Wells, the Giant Peach Himself Miles Briggs into the studio to give there ‘understanding’ of this wee Spiv’s atrocious behaviour.
    I suspect that there must be a Red and Yellow Tory scandal bubbling up in the background. The Red Tories have been remarkably reticent and should be demanding Cummings testes on a stick.
    The Lib Dems have remained in the Bunker to which they retreated post Swansong.
    I’m sure that hacks are checking CCTV footage in every service station from London to Durham as I clack.
    ‘It is my understanding’ that Brewer has just given up, taken a back seat, and has settled in to semi retirement, churning out rehashed Brit Nat dross for his Sunday Grey Groupies.

    Red Blue and Yellow Scots Tories; come out co9me out wherever you are.
    I have been outside for a grand total of 1 hour and 15 minutes since the lockdown.
    Who’s the mug?

    • Indeed, Bob.
      Suddenly my persistent rants of the last few years seem less intemperate than even I thought at the time of posting.
      Prince Charlie Duke of Rothesay is still in hiding up at Balmoral. As future king, are we correct to assume that he has a substantial body of men, security services, police, army guarding His Royal Preciousness as he exhorts me to travel down the Ayrshire coast and pick tatties for the Governor General of the North Frontier B-Lister ‘Union’ Jack’s mates?
      And Auld Liz and Car Crash Phil are still under Guard at Windsor?
      Are we paying for all of this? It was rhetorical, Duggers.
      They have raped Scotland of its resources and people to populate their colonies for 300 years.
      Now Red Neck Englanders are about to get a taste of their own medicine as Brexit bites.
      We start the campaign for Indyref 2 now.
      I am willing to come out of retirement to join a massive AUOB Team to prepare for the SGE ’21.
      The time is now.
      Line one on any pro Independence Party’s Manifesto: a vote for us is a vote for Scottish Independence. simples.
      They really are an evil bunch.

    • andyfromdunning says:

      A scary article Bob. Very worrying indeed.

  51. Dr Jim says:

    No doubt they’ll find a bigger squirrel to throw into the mix to divert everybody’s attention away from the current debacle, Trump’s already on it, hostilities with China, that’ll do the job, or the death of a much loved celebrity gets the airwaves full of something else to talk about, a royal demise perhaps. that’s the biggie and worth weeks of distraction, lets see who’s prepared to swallow the wee blue pill to save the Unionist world

  52. uno mas says:

    Best comment i´ve seeen on social media so far re the situation is that asking Boris Johnston to sack Dominic Cummings would be like asking Emu to sack Rod Hull.


  53. uno mas says:

    Here´s the latest from our chums at Led By Donkeys.

    Brilliant and so fast too.

    When indyref2 comes along we really need to get stuff like this organised.

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