Wee Ginger Dugcast – 17 August 2019

This dugcast was actually recorded yesterday, but immediately after recording it with Callum Baird of The National, I had to drive up to Aberdeen where I was speaking at an event organised by Yes North East in the Spin Bar in Littlejohn Street. I didn’t get home until 1.30am, when the dug and I crawled into bed and went to sleep.

In this edition of the dugcast, Callum and I discuss the proposal for a new Wings Over Scotland party, and Jo Swinson’s refusal to agree to the only realistic plan to prevent a no-deal Brexit. We also mention the Aberdeen event, which of course took place yesterday! It was a fantastic evening, the venue was packed out, and we had a great time. Many thanks to everyone in Aberdeen for their hospitality.

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9 comments on “Wee Ginger Dugcast – 17 August 2019

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug Wee Ginger Dugcast – 17 August 2019 This dugcast was actually recorded yesterday, but immediately after recording it with […]

  2. Iain Hunter says:

    You should have spent the night in Aberdeen, you Glaswegians don’t get out enough!

  3. “I didn’t get home until 1.30am, when the dug and I crawled into bed and went to sleep.”

    You Sir, are ah martyr for the cause.

  4. Alba woman says:

    Enjoyed the dugcast a lot. You two manage to sum up the political week so well. Many thanks

  5. Grafter says:

    Great march in Aberdeen yesterday. Mile long Union Street was filled from end to end. Would estimate a figure of around 20000 at least. A handful of Butcher’s Apron waving unionists looked a sorry sight and were laughed at by good humoured and well behaved marchers. The atmosphere was charged with a positive can do spirit, friendly and welcoming with an infectious desire to change the course of Scotland’s future. These marches are VERY IMPORTANT. They remind us all that our corrupt BBC and MSM are feeding us with unionist propaganda and trivia. Through gatherings like these we feel and see the reality of our subordinated condition. It was a proud day for Scotland and Aberdeen whilst delivering a positive message to those who are unsure of Scotland’s future. Next one Perth then Edinburgh. Come on Scotland !!

  6. Petra says:

    Thanks, to you and Callum, for the coverage of this weeks news Paul. More interesting hearing it being discussed, in a normal fashion, than reading about it.

    I came across this Yesbikers photograph and reckon it’s a real “keeper”, so much so that it would be great if it was included in a (WGD / National) calendar. The 2020 historical calendar. Freedom Year. A calendar that includes photographs of Holyrood, our First Minister and whatever else could be included …. masses of photographs to choose from… plus short myth buster quotes, quotes from Unionists, such as Murray, Davidson etc. A calendar for us to keep, give to a No voter friend at Xmas, lol, and / or send to relatives abroad.

    Apologies for such a long link. Hope it works in fact.


  7. If they keep saying no, we could raise a Scottish Army of Liberation, take Faslane, Lossiemouth and Edinburgh Castle by storm, and drive the ‘colonists and settlers’ from our land, and declare a people’s Republic of Caledonia.
    Or perhaps not.
    The Scottish Government has a mandate now to hold Indyref2.
    I do not give a tinker’s curse what English MP’s, and their lapdogs Up Here will say, or boycott, or declare the result invalid because the RH Member for Solihull screams ‘Back in your boxes, Joxies.’
    We have been an independent nation since June 2016, when England chose to leave the EU, and we didn’t.
    They made their choice, and despite our best efforts, both through our Independence contingent Down There, and the Scottish Government Up Here, to mitigate the disaster which will befall our nearest neighbour, which is now nailed on as a No Deal disaster, Scotland will now make its own way in the world.
    By all accounts and polls, even the English envisage the Union breaking up, and seem ok with the prospect of Spreadsheet Phil’s Little England wandering off into the Barren Waste.
    There cannot be many Scottish Labour members who still cling to the Union as their democracy of choice.
    Corbyn or Clark or Harmon will not lead a Party of Unity to defeat the Blue Tories.
    Brexit No Deal will happen because that’s the ultimate conclusion to Article 50; England leaves the EU October 31st with No Deal.
    Before then, we Scots must put Indyref2 in motion.
    NS has the mandate now.
    The notion that we try to survive in the clutches of No Deal Little England outside the EU for 2 or 3 years is just plain daft.
    Our NHS would be gobbled up in a matter of months, for starters.
    I’m sharpening up my hoe just in case.
    Something has to happen during September, something BIG.
    We have had enough ‘wait and see’ nonsense.

  8. failedcrofter says:

    We Ginger Dug at the Welly garden. St Monans

    Sent from my Vodafone Smart

  9. Muscleguy says:

    Calum is wrong on two counts. Firstly you cannot cite the polls in one context and ignore them in another. Holyrood polling shows the SNP are highly likely to net all or most of the constituencies again. So they will face very large divisors in the List vote.

    Secondly they got a majority in 2013 by hitting a sweet spot of enough constituencies and a good slug of List seats. As their support increased due to indyref1 they left that sweet spot. If their support falls, paradoxically their majority chance increases. Calum doesn’t get the electoral system and neither does SNP Fanboi James Kelly.

    I’m not sure the Rev Stu’s characterisation of the Greens as a extremist party washes either though there are lots of women on twitter pledging not to vote Green again due to their hardcore support for Gender Recognition and damn safeguarding and safe spaces for girls and women and open slather for bad actors in a dress, Karen White.

    So Wings Party may be needed if the Green vote is set to fall. Do not underestimate the anger out there over letting TRA’s write the Gender Recognition bill and damn the Equal Rights Act.

    If both the SNP and Greens are going down that road where do worried women Yes voters and adamant biological scientists like me to go with our votes? I’m a habitual Green voter on the List but this and their ganging up with the Yoons to kill the OBFA are weakening my support to a great degree.

    Be very careful about being in a media bubble and thinking this is all done and dusted and we all have to adapt to the new Queer Everything mantra. It has NO public support amongst the ordinary folk, none at all. The SNP should be very careful about this. Very careful indeed.

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