Putting Tory words in Scotland’s mouth

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Jeremy Hunt has a big idea to save the Union. He’s the man with the plan. It’s just a pity then that his plan is as unconvincing as his man of the people schtick when he sat beside Peterheid harbour with a fish supper and a can of Bru. And now because I’ve sat down to write this blog, I’m going to have to tell you what the plan is, which involves finding a new metaphor to describe the exercise in utter futility which is British politics. There are only so many bin fires you can liken it to.

Actually, that’s unfair to bin fires. A bin fire is self-contained. It eventually burns itself out. Brexit casts its noxious fumes everywhere, contaminating everything, destroying everything. It will go on and on and on, even after the UK leaves the EU. Brexit is the shape of British politics for decades to come. Nasty, xenophobic, driven by populists. There is no stopping it, only escape from its pollution. But Jeremy wants to make sure that Scotland can’t escape.

The great idea to reconcile Scotland to Brexit is to spread the blame. Jeremy is going to invite representatives from the European Research Group, the DUP, and the Scottish and Welsh Tories, to participate in the new Brexit negotiations that the EU has already said aren’t going to happen. Then when it all goes arse over elbow, Jeremy doesn’t have to take the blame for it all by himself.

One of the most important reasons why the UK is in such a mess with Brexit is because for the past three years the Conservative party has only been talking to and negotiating with itself. Jeremy Hunt is proposing that the way out of the Brexit debacle is to formalise that navel gazing. All that’s on offer here is more Tories talking to themselves about Brexit, cutting out the 48% of the UK who voted to remain and everyone else who isn’t a Tory or one of their allies. Somehow, Jeremy Hunt thinks that this is the way to heal the divisions in the UK. It’s a bit like saying that you want an ecumenical approach to solving religious differences, and then announcing that you’re only going to speak to those who have the exact same religion as yourself because the rest are all heretics who are damned to hell. Heathens!  It’s the DUP approach to healing the religious divide, come to think of it.

Over at the Guardian, uber-unionist Martin Kettle thinks this means that Jeremy Hunt gets the union. Let’s walk through that slowly shall we. One of the Guardian’s senior columnists thinks that because Jeremy Hunt wants to involve Scottish and Welsh Tories and the DUP in his Brexit plans, that means that he understands the sensitivities and concerns of people in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Jeremy doesn’t want to involve the Scottish or Welsh Parliaments, or cross party cross-community groups from Northern Ireland. He has no intention of reaching out to the large remain majority in Scotland, or the remain majority in Northern Ireland. His invitation begins and ends at the Tories and their marching allies, and this means he “gets” the Union.

The Scottish Conservatives are a minority party in Scotland, representing a minority view. Not even everyone who supports Brexit in Scotland backs the Tories, as evidenced by the haemorrhaging of the Tory vote to the Nigel Farage Fan Club Ltd. during the recent European elections. Opinion polls point to the Ruth Davidson’s Vote Ruth Davidson for More Ruth Davidson party suffering heavy losses in the next Westminster elections, and Ruth herself will struggle to hold on to her Holyrood seat in the very remain leaning city of Edinburgh in the next Scottish elections.

Although it must be said that if she did lose her seat, it wouldn’t make a great deal of difference to the Scottish Tories, because none of them listen to her anyway. She has as much influence over Scottish Tory MPs as Uncle Ben does on the marketing of the rice that he’s the brand for. Ruth is equally tokenish. She’s just the smiling face on a packet of reactionaries.

Hunt’s proposal isn’t a sign of Scotland being valued by a Westminster politician. Quite the reverse. This is a coup by the Tories. The people that Scotland did give an electoral mandate to are being ignored. The people that a majority of Scotland gave their votes to, the SNP, the Greens, Labour, and the Lib Dems, are all being sidelined and marginalised. The only people that Westminster will countenance having any say over the shape and form of Brexit and how it affects Scotland belong to a party that Scotland has rejected. That’s not respect for Scotland. That’s making a travesty of Scottish democracy. It’s a massive two fingers to Scotland from the Tories.

Scotland’s voters have made it clear, repeatedly, that they reject the Conservatives’ vision of Brexit. Yet we’re being told that having a Tory version of Brexit rammed down our unwilling throats somehow constitutes respect for Scotland. If that’s respect, God knows what contempt looks like.

I look forward to the Labour party and the Lib Dems pointing that out. But the Lib Dems are too busy tying themselves in knots trying to explain why they want another EU referendum but not another Scottish one. They have their own deep difficulties with the concept of what counts as democracy in Scotland. Meanwhile Labour is immersed in its private grief and the self-proclaimed party of devolution is nowhere to be seen as devolution faces its greatest threat since it was introduced.

If Jeremy Hunt really wanted to stop people getting his surname wrong and calling him by a term of abuse, he’s going about it the wrong way. But of course, all this is academic for two reasons. Firstly because Jeremy Hunt isn’t going to win the Conservative leadership contest, and secondly because the EU isn’t going to reopen Brexit negotiations for Jeremy Hunt or anyone else. The Tories have lost themselves in fantasy politics, where the UK is still a global power, where the Conservatives can rule unchallenged, where the EU will cave in to British grit, where Scotland is supine and submissive and does what it’s told. Well in the words of the Scottish anthem, those days are gone now, and in the past they must remain.

Scotland is a part of a British state whose rulers have become totally unmoored from reality, from common sense, and from any form of politics based upon facts or evidence. If Scotland wants to remain tethered to reality, it can only do so with independence. All that is left for us in the UK is a centralising Westminster in pursuit of Brexit unicorns. The choice is stark. Scotland can either speak up for itself, or Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt will put their Tory words in its mouth.

17 comments on “Putting Tory words in Scotland’s mouth

  1. hoplite39 says:

    There are only two options. You can either hang yourself with the Union Jack; or you can burn it.

  2. Of course, Mundell the Hirsute, and Supermom, will refuse to take part.
    They are Scottish through and throughPerhaps Annie Wells the Check-out girl will step up to the place. Or Big Miles B, or Murdo F?

    Paul at his Hyperion best here, Duggers.

    The breathtaking arrogance of this swivel eyed loon knows no bounds.
    Keep it up, Imperial Masters, keep it up.

    Your UK is toast.

    • ‘step up to the plate’. Oops, I can’t stop laughing at this absolute zoomery.
      I suggest on another site that we launch Project Laughing Stock.
      Laugh in their faces when they come up with risible nonsense like this.
      Can you imagine the reaction from Blue Tories if they hear that Blue Jock, Mick, and Dai will get to negotiate with the EU on their behalf?
      It is too hilarious for words.
      Now we have proof positive that the loons have taken over the asylum.

      They are a pathetic laughing stock all around the globe, never mind Up Here.

  3. Daisy Walker says:

    They really, really haven’t ‘lost themselves from reality’.

    A No Deal Brexit was always the plan. Everything we’re seeing at Westminster, is to keep us occupied and entertained, but most of all ineffectual.

    Save the Tax Havens – Save The Establishment .

    It really is that big, and they’ve been doing it since before the union. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years, tax free.

    Why risk loosing the British Cash Cow that is Scotland, why, at this moment in history when the union (post 2014) has never been more insecure? Why?

    Because, the wealth of Scotland is a house… next to a mountain of wealth – a Mountain accumulated from the Spice Trade, the Slave Trade, the Opium Trade to China and the Colonisation of Africa, and Asia, etc, (aka the absolute asset stripping of entire continents)… and all of that wealth got stashed to the establishment families in tax free banks and havens.

    This much we know. Looks like (finally) the Scottish electorate are catching up.

    Probably a bit late if we’e honest. History however will see the Labour party with a fence planked firm up its arse, and politely avert their gaze from asking, ‘could the SNP not have been shouting the dangers of Brexit from the rooftops? could they not have been using the time getting round the doors with all the real facts about our actual countries finances? Given that the MSM is so biased?

    A brexit no deal, creates chaos, from chaos you get a state of emergency, and from that you close Holyrood – one way or another. And with that it doesn’t matter how many flaming mandates, lawfully won that you have – you’ve got sod all.

    Now do you see? Not incompetence, not ineptitude, but a very real, calculated plan.

    • Exactly. Ever since the 45/55 vote, and before but by different means, they have been dedicated to destroying Scottish distinctiveness and subsuming all dissent under their notion of British.

      Many of us – perhaps even more than half the population – are wise now to this, but power is not in our hands, except in so far as we are able or willing to take hold of it and to act beyond their moronic view of democratic processes.

      I am wondering where and when the breaking point will come. At what point in this progression of wickedness we all stand up collectively to stop it, to refuse to participate and to … to what? … to revolt?

      Aye. That’s the elephant in the room now. Revolution.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “They really, really haven’t ‘lost themselves from reality” – No, but the electorate have, and precious few politicians are shifting the rhetoric in this Brexit fiasco/coup.
      “No Deal” is indeed the current target, but it is not a destination despite media and politicians implications it is. It is a limbo state, neither one thing or another, but why?.
      Even if the backstop (at the UK’s request) did not exist, another subterfuge would be found to arrive at “No-Deal”, perceived as inflicting the maximum damage on the EU irrespective of that caused to the population, industry or devolved Assemblies of the UK.

      The “Save the Tax Havens – Save The Establishment” observation is valid domestically but masks the long held objective of UK and US “free-marketeers” to erase Euro strength and EU interference from their playground.
      The Euro for the UK has been falling over the same cliff for nearly 30 years, a miracle of gravity spread by a financial circus seeking to derail it. When the Russian Mafia massively dumped $
      in favour of Euro their game was up but the myth continues.
      So straight bananas and unelected bureaucrats (are there any other?) propaganda and you have the Brexit escape route for the wealthy and a new line of attack on the EU.

      The loss of Scotland is peanuts in this game, we must grab the Indy opportunity asap, whether we join the EU later or not.

    • Therapymum says:

      Daisy Walker

      Completely agree

  4. diabloandco says:

    Jings! I hate that graphic – it puts my fear for Scotland’s survival jarringly clearly.

    to think that either of those creatures should have any say in my country’s future is terrifying and
    I’ m hoping that the English feel the same way about their country.

  5. Bob Lamont says:

    Excellent piece yet again…
    Never has Dave Allen’s old jibe been so appropriate to this rabble of modern Tories “I’ve a soft spot for politicians. It’s a bog in the west of Ireland.”

  6. Alba woman says:

    The Tories are looking into the void created by their internal politics.

    We are facing the consequences of their actions and subsequent political nervous breakdown. Nigel Farage waits to pick up the remnants.

    The lid of a Pandora’s box of hatred of difference has been opened in England. Such feelings have always been there and used by the establishment to control the masses.

    Scotland’s people have retained their sanity in part because of the grand work of WGD in his calming and clear writings.

    Calmness and clarity are essential to shaping a better way to live in Scotland. The best is yet to come!

    • Bob Lamont says:

      A bit surprised by 1/6 Tory members being in Scotland, but laughed out loud at this copy/paste cliche” leader of the Scottish Conservatives credited with masterminding the party’s resurgence in Scotland”…
      Resurgence ? Didn’t last long before Relapse…

  7. Bob Lamont says:

    And it’s not only lying Tories, this Swinson has legs at the wrong end of her body. She doesn’t quite have the vocal cringe factor of Mundell, but damned close.
    Bravo Ian Dale for not letting her off with it, or Mr Unt at the Carlisle hustings on the exact same subject..
    I seriously cannot believe the electorate haven’t twigged to the steady stream of lies and deceptions being uttered by “elected” representatives…

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Theres no words to truely describe that as anything that could is basically an understatement how thick these london puppets are some have counted her speaking around that clip in about at least 5 different accents.

  8. Andy Anderson says:

    As you know some people think there are more than two genders. I do not agree however if there were can I add a new gender called LBP’s (lying bastard politicians). It is inbreed, they cannot help it.

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