Wee Ginger Dugfunder – 2019


It’s that time of year again, time for the annual crowdfunder. So I’m opening it with a cute photie of the dug, because who can resist a cute dug right?  Pro-independence websites can’t rely on big corporate donations like anti-independence campaigners can.  The Laird of Nawbaggery isn’t about to give us a few grand.  We rely entirely on individual donors putting their hands in their pockets to keep us going.  We can’t rely on easy access to the traditional media either.  Digital activism is the main tool that we have to allow us to get the message of independence across.  I’m very proud of the fact that this wee blog, which started as a means for an isolated carer to participate in the independence referendum of 2014, has grown into one of Scotland’s most read politics sites.

This blog is a one-man operation, yet despite that it’s one of the most productive blogs in Scotland. Almost every day this blog publishes a 1000 plus word essay on a topical theme in Scottish politics, plus a shareable graphic, and a weekly podcast. It works out at over 300,000 words a year, that’s several novels’ worth. In anyone’s language that’s good value for money. Yet everything published on this blog is free to everyone, there are no paywalls, no adverts which benefit me, no subscriptions. In addition I do talks for Yes groups, SNP groups, and others all over Scotland for which I never ask for nor receive a speaker’s fee. This is the busking model of writing and publishing, and so once a year I set out the bucket in the hope of donations.  It’s always an apprehensive time, asking other people to put their money where my mouth is, all the more so because you know it opens you up to the usual criticisms from the usual suspects.

As always, I am asking for £10,000 in order to provide myself with a basic wage. I do make a small amount of money from other sources, from writing in The National, the sales of Gaelic maps and books, but it’s not enough to live on. Writing this blog is a full time job. It takes up far more of my time than anything else I do.

As Brexit comes to a climax, it’s all the more important to have pro-independence voices in Scotland.  The coming months are likely to be crucial in the history of Scotland.  We are likely to face a General Election, which will be one of the most important in determining Scotland’s future.  We could be seeing an independence referendum in the coming year.  In these uncertain times, pro-independence activism is more important than ever.  This blog will be here, writing, trying to uplift, to unite, to give a laugh, to give vital information, to debunk the lies and myths of our opponents.  There’s naebdie mair loyal than a wee dug, and this dug is loyal to the cause.

Your support is of course immensely appreciated. All donations large and small are welcome, yet if you are unable to donate that too is fine. You will continue to enjoy full and unfettered access to all the contents of this blog.

There are a number of ways to donate. You can use the PayPal button on this page. you don’t need a Paypal account to use the donate button. If you don’t have a Paypal account, just select “donate with card” after clicking the button.
Donate Button

Alternatively you can make a PayPal payment directly to weegingerbook@yahoo.com, or you can click the following link to GoFundMe where credit and debit card donations are accepted.

If you would prefer to donate by cheque or some other method, please email me at weegingerbook@yahoo.com for details.

Many thanks in advance.  Both me and the dug appreciate all the support and love.

46 comments on “Wee Ginger Dugfunder – 2019

  1. Craig Macinnes says:


  2. Hazel Smith says:

    A wee donation Paul. Thank you for your blogs, keeping us informed, calling out the media lies and making us laugh too.

  3. Cubby says:

    You are correct to be proud of your blog. Brilliant stuff. A donation will follow on payday – this Thursday.

  4. MollyMcC says:

    Done Paul, thanks for everything


  5. Kate says:

    Done, sir! Not as much as you and Ginger deserve but its the last of my spare coppers till payday! THANK YOU for your contribution to the journey for independence. We sooo appreciate all that you are doing to get us over that line! It’s coming! Take care.

  6. Joyce says:

    Done, and thank you for all your work.

  7. Every penny well earned, Paul.
    I shall be making a wee contribution on Friday when the pension goes in!

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  8. bjwilliams26 says:

    You & The Dug are much appreciated.

  9. panda paws says:

    I’m going to look down the back of the sofa and see what I can find. Won’t be much but many a mickle makes a muckle hopefully. Wish I could donate what you are worth but sadly…

    • panda paws says:

      Done! If you are handing out donor perks, like WOS, can mine be a wee photo at the top of one of the upcoming blogs of the plush toy version of the dug? Cos I really can’t afford the real thing with the National subscription!

  10. diabloandco says:

    Will do!

  11. Macart says:

    Thruppence ha’penny in the pot.

    Wish it could have been more Paul.

  12. Anne Martin says:

    Donation made. Keep up the good work Paul. 👍👍👍

  13. Bill McLean says:

    Done! No need to reply.

  14. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Done Paul sorry it can’t be more!

  15. Jim Chalmers says:

    I tried to donate but I could not complete the donation without a UK post code, and I live in Denmark.

    Do you have a work around?

  16. Toni Young says:

    Done, direct to bank. Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained.

  17. john mclaughlin says:

    Thank you Paul.

  18. Delia Henry says:

    Hi Paul your blog is measured sensible and often makes me laugh too. Excellent stuff. Donation done and thanks for all your hard work.

  19. Delia Henry says:

    Hi Paul your blog is measured, well researched and often makes me laugh. Excellent stuff. Donation done and thanks for all your hard work.

  20. Brian Fleming says:

    Finally, Go Fund Me means I could avoid an enforced sign-up for PayPal, which happened the last time I attempted to donate by credit card. I hope my donation went through. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, so it just said “Go back to the campaign page”. No sign of any payment there. So I hope you get it. If they’re honest, you should.

  21. AlexC says:

    Donation made.

  22. Iain McGlade says:

    Done. A small price to pay for a blog that always makes me smile, even while I despair at much of what it discusses. Many thanks Paul

  23. Andy MacNicol says:

    Done, and more than happy to do so. This site is worth so much to the YES movement. Serious subjects with a good serving of humour which hammers the point home with precision. Thank you for your time and effort.

  24. Eoin Robertson says:

    Its the first thing I look for in a morning.Keep up the great work

  25. Gordon Ross says:

    Done. You are a genius. Satirical sanity in a media sea of shit.

  26. Mark Robertson says:

    Slainte Mate ! Hauners and a hundred coming your way, keep up the good work ,Regards

  27. Bob Lamont says:

    That’s dredging it really, teasing the Dug for a photo op after nae dinner….
    Will do a transfer once the pension’s in, your articles are a breath of fresh air in the cesspit of Scottish Media, more power to your elbow or a RSI additions… Keep it going…

  28. Millsy says:

    As Wings pointed out , all of the Independence supporters who pay the BBC extortion license money as actually funding the anti-independence media . So a wee contribution to blogs like Paul’s is a modest attempt to balance out the malign influence of the Beeb !

    Give what you can !

  29. mumsyhugs says:

    Done – with pleasure 🙂

    Hugs tae the dug xxx

  30. JoMac says:

    I was hearing today that dogs’ eyes have evolved in such a way as to get our attention (including making us feel sympathetic or guilty). My wee one does it all the time, but it has worked with the WGD as well! Thank you for so many unfailingly fantastic articles, serious, to the point, and funny to boot. Never missed one since 2014.

    Contribution on the way.

  31. Craig P says:

    If there is one commentator who always gets the tone right, and has me nodding along, (and has a way with a turn of phrase!) it is yourself Paul. Delighted to donate.

  32. Kenny says:

    Done 😁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  33. Alison Wood says:

    Done! Thanks for all you are doing for our cause. X

  34. Jan Cowan says:

    Done. Ginger’s picture would make a lovely card – Christmas, Birthday or any other celebration.

  35. David Neilson says:

    With great pleasure and good wishes.

  36. Stookie1967 says:

    Done through PayPal Paul
    “Keep on keeping on!”

  37. Rebecca Hislop says:

    Thanks for all you do Paul. It’s much appreciated

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