The death throes of Britain


You can smell the panic. It is composed of equal parts stale sweat and stale alcohol, the rank breath of the morning after the night before, and a slew of tweets and press releases desperately attempting to forestall the inevitable. You’ve been found out, and it’s just a matter of time before the consequences come home and see the wreckage. That’s the uncomfortable place where the Scottish Tories are right now. I’d feel sorry for them, but … nah. Hell slap it intae thaim, as yer maw would say.

Today, Monday, Sky News released the results of a poll of Conservative party members about who they thought would be a good party leader and Prime Minister. Boris Johnson topped the poll at 77%, followed by Dominic Raab on 68%. Rory Stewart, the darling of the Guardian comments section, trailed in a poor last at 31%. The more brazen lies you tell, the the better your chances of becoming Prime Minister. The crazier the candidate, the more reckless he is, the more likely he is to rip the UK out of the EU without a deal, the more popular he is with the wildly unrepresentative selectorate of golf club boors and pursed lipped net curtain twitchers bearing a grudge. The UK is so screwed.

Hence the panic amongst the ranks of the Tories’ Scottish branch office, a branch office which is much diminished and is soon about to diminish even further. Not one of the 13 Scottish Tory MPs has backed Sajid Javid, who is Ruth Davidson’s preferred candidate. They’re going for various shades of batshit Brextremist. What was that again about Scottish Conservative MPs voting as a block and being led by Ruth Davidson? We’ve not heard much about that recently. Still, I’m sure that someone from the British media in Scotland will be along very shortly in order to ensure that she explains herself. Oh. No. The other thing.

The diehard opponents of independence who infest Scottish social media are equally perturbed. You don’t have to scratch much below the surface bravado and bluff and the fear shines through. “If you think it’s about who might be the next Prime Minister, you don’t understand the question!” They protest. But we understand the question all too well, and the question is one of democracy. As part of the UK, Scotland doesn’t get to decide its fate. Its fate is decided for it, by politicians who know little about us and care even less.

Symbolism is important in politics. In one sense it makes no difference whether the politician which Scotland didn’t choose to be Prime Minister is Theresa May or it’s Boris Johnson. In another sense it makes all the difference, and that difference is what Boris Johnson represents. He represents an upper class English entitlement to rule, a casual disregard for the truth, a complete lack of interest in Scotland. There is no way in which the victory of Boris Johnson in the Conservative leadership contest can be painted as being good for Scotland. The symbolism of Boris Johnson is a Scotland as a province, subordinate and impotent, prostrate before the power of a cartoonish Etonian posh boy. Boris Johnson represents a Brexit that is England talking to itself. That’s not a good look if your main schtick is trying to persuade Scotland that it’s really a valued partner in a family of nations, that Scotland is an active player in determining its destiny within the UK.

The Scottish Conservatives are facing an extinction level event should there be an early general election. The chances of that election are increased should, as appears highly likely, a hardline Brextremist like Boris Johnson becomes the next Prime Minister. He will be a Prime Minister without a personal mandate, without a mandate for a no-deal Brexit. As soon as his Brexit fantasy crashes into the hard reality of the EU, and the majority in the Commons determined to block a no-deal exit, the only remaining option will be for him to go to the polls in order to secure a majority for the kind of hardline Brexit he was elected by the party members to deliver. There are already reports that there have been talks between Conservative party donors and the Brexit party in order to form an electoral pact.

This means that a path to independence is beginning to appear in the fog of Brexit. It’s crucial that if the UK government falls that the SNP campaigns in the general election on a platform of ensuring that the people of Scotland get their say on Brexit. It’s even more crucial that the independence movement ensures that we maximise the SNP vote. I’m sorry Greens and minor parties, but in Westminster style FPTP elections if you support indy, you need to vote SNP, even if you don’t agree with all their policies on everything. The imperative in this next election will be to maximise pro-independence representation in the Commons. All opinion polls point to a strong showing from the SNP in Scotland if there’s an early general election. We need to wipe out the 13 Tories. We need to take seats from the Labour party. We need to demonstrate that Scotland demands the right to decide for itself what it’s future is going to be.

The real reason that the Scottish Tories are falling over themselves just now to put obstacles in the way of another independence referendum, to persuade the leadership candidates to rule out permitting another indyref, is because they know that right now is the high tide of their influence. After an early general election, no Conservative Prime Minister is going to care what Scottish Tory MPs say, because there will be at best only a couple of Scottish Tory MPs and not even Sajid Javid could claim that Ruth Davidson was a winner.

In a parliament of hard line Brexiters in an England which remains narrowly divided, where the rump of the Conservatives depend on the support of the Brexit party, where Scotland has wiped out pro-Brexit MPs and the SNP has just won a handsome victory, there will not be the same willingness to continue to deny Scotland another independence referendum. Removing Scotland from the equation will only strengthen the pro-Brexit forces in Westminster. Faced with a choice between keeping Scotland or keeping Brexit, they’re going to choose Brexit. If Boris Johnson has a choice between keeping Scotland within the UK, or consolidating his own power, which do you think he’s going to choose?

In an article in the New Statesman this week, arch-unionist Chris Deerin wails that the UK is dying of neglect. No Chris, it’s dying of arrogance. It’s dying of English nationalist exceptionalism. It’s dying of contempt for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. All that’s left is to arrange the funeral. That’s the tragedy of the vanishing breed that is the Scottish Unionist, and it is our opportunity.


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44 comments on “The death throes of Britain

  1. Vicky Ford, who won Chelmsford, one of the safest Blue Tory seats, for the first time in 2017, with a whopping 13,500 majority, should be a worried politician.
    Through the miracle of Twitter, we were treated to a photie of Ruth Davidson, among Grey Haired Tory Diehards smiling her chubbiest cheekiest grin in Chelmsford Town Centre, on an unexplained flying visit to Essex.

    She and the Baker’s Dirty Dozen Blue Meanies will be toast when Imperator Borissimo ascends the throne.
    Not one of them is backing BoJo, and it looks like Davidson Branch Office members are backing also rans too.
    IT is incredible that the UK is put on hold for 8 weeks, while this Farce unfolds.
    ITV and BBC are staging televised ‘hustings’ for an audience of a few thousand rich old duffers.
    The rest of us, that would be 62,000,000 of us can take the dog for a cr4p, or prise the fluff out of our tummy buttons.
    The UK is closed.
    It is certain that whoever gets the Winning Number, and it surely Johnson, the UK is leaving on No Deal terms in October.
    The EU27 will not crumble at the prospect of Peroxide Pete slithering down a zip wire waving the Butcher’s Apron defiantly at a bunch of foreigners for whom England won a war, all on their own, with no help, the plucky little yeomen that they are.
    Davidson has already jumped ship, and Carlaw and Co already know that.
    With Boris in charge, he will put an English hardliner in Scotland as Viceroy.
    When Johnson is announced as England’s new PM on the 22nd July ( yes, still another 5 1/2 weeks of this Disgrace to Democracy to run, while London burns) surely then is the time to announce Indyref 2.
    The prospect of going through another UKGE (What? Another one?) and wasting even more Indyref campaign time, leaves me cold.
    Even without the disruption of a GE, there is virtually no time to prevent Scotland being dragged out of Europe in October, due to sitting on our hands, waiting, and waiting, and waiting..
    I for one have had enough.
    So apparently has Essex bound Supermom Davidson.

  2. bedelsten says:

    While the meeja conentrates on tragi-comedy soap opera being enacted dawn sarth in the big hoose by the Thames, the plot and outcome of which we have no influence, the world continues to rotate, the sun sets in the north (almost anyway, just now) and rises shortly afterwards, again almost in the north. The ego and aspirations of whoever wins the poisoned chalice of being Prime Minister of the DisUnited Kingdom will, inevitably, collide with the reality of Brexit. And while the grandstanding continues, the EU is getting its house in order before packing up for summer.

    The EU recently issued a ‘State of play of preparations of contingency measures for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union’ where, in the conclusions, it states ‘The Commission considers that a withdrawal of the United Kingdom without an agreement remains a possible outcome, with all its negative economic consequences’ and ‘…all current EU contingency measures in light of the extension of the Article50(3)period and concludes that they remain adequate and fit for purpose.’ Which, to me, seems an almost relaxed, gallic shrug of shoulders, this is going to hurt you more than me, attitude.

    We are, I think, starting to see a glimmer of denouement, and it doesn’t look pretty and, as Paul writes, ‘a path to independence is beginning to appear in the fog of Brexit’. Others, some Scottish Unionists perhaps, have, maybe, also peered into the same murky crystal and realised their future is bleak, hence the ongoing outbreak of squeaking and twittering. But, surely, someone on the Scottish Unionist side will occasionally stop and think what their future would be in an independent Scotland. They cannot all be that stupid? Perhaps a rhetorical question.

  3. Kenzie says:

    “Not one of them is backing BoJo,” What about the Phantom Groper, Jack? Surely if Bobajob disnae pick him, he’ll be beside himself with grief and might even go so far as to say something stupid and meaningless..not that we’d notice mind you.

    • They’d need to install grab rails designed like young internees’ flies if Ethelred the Unsteady got the Viceroy gig.
      I’d imagine that he’s a Gove man, but as ever, I could be wrong.

      • weegingerdug says:

        Ross Thomson is supporting Boris Johnson

        • Ta, Paul. I admit to not a little confusion..strike that.. boredom.
          I am not keeping up with this Farce.
          I missed the debate, and have lost the will to give a toss which one of them gets the Keys to the Kingdom..of England.

          SoS in the bag then.

  4. […] Wee Ginger Dug The death throes of Britain You can smell the panic. It is composed of equal parts stale sweat and stale alcohol, […]

  5. Dan Huil says:

    Time to put the so-called united kingdom out of its squalid misery.

  6. Ruth Ritchie says:

    If we are to get rid of the unlucky 13, the half baked dozen, then the south needs the support of the rest of Scotland. Our volunteers across D&G and the Borders, have drawn together sources for Yes activists to use to answer the questions and debunk the myths about the border. We launched at AUOB Galashiels but desperately need support form the rest of Scotland, to take our resources out into the hands of independence campaigners across the south, so we can free the south of our shame. Fee the south and we win Scotland easily. The border is really important but often ignored. It is also an easy weapon for unionists to use to spread fear, but we can share the truth instead and show that borders are as normal as independence, and bring all sorts of opportunities. Please share and contribute just a pound to before the end of June. .

  7. Robert Harrison says:

    Finally some fire im sick of this pacifist road paul is trying like the snp to play by rules these English politicians themselves will never follow even if the english banded together put a political gun to Westminsters head theyd break there promise once the gun was removed from there head thats how slimy they are in that old Victorian ruin because the one before it burnt to the ground just like English arrogance is burning the uk to death and the British nationalist diehards still cant see it.

  8. Macart says:

    That’s a keeper Paul.

  9. Macart says:

    Just so everyone is crystal clear on what a Boris event really means?


    • Bob Lamont says:

      The Old Etonian psychology in all it’s sneering entitlement will show again, as soon as Lynton Crosby’s tight leash slackens (who is paying for his expensive manipulation?). Johnson’s vicious condemnation of Gordon Brown’s ascension to PM without a GE will also come back to haunt him shortly…
      The hype being promoted that he is the members’ favourite let alone that of the Parliamentary Party doesn’t fly, the man is universally detested and distrusted, but remains the only card the Tories have to play in rescuing their Party in the public eye with a heavy dose of PR management.
      The other strand in play here is the Brexit Party not being Tory Mk2, creating an artificial “competitor” is straight out of the “divide and conquer” Empire manual to retain control.
      The usual allies will be enlisted to bolster the propaganda via Express, Mail, Sun, Telegraph, etc. of course, and the jingoism will become excruciating…

  10. achmony says:

    Boris Johnson recently launched his campaign to become prime minister, stating that he was best-placed to “unite” the United Kingdom, following the divisions over Brexit.
    However, when Johnson was editor of the Spectator magazine in 2004, he sparked outrage in Scotland, when he authorized the publication of an apparently satirical poem describing Scottish people as “a verminous race” who should be exterminated.
    The poem, which has since been removed from the magazine’s archive, was written by its then staffer James Michie. This is it.

    Friendly Fire

    by James Michie

    The Scotch – what a verminous race!

    Canny, pushy, chippy, they’re all over the place.

    Battening off us with false bonhomie,

    Polluting our stock, undermining our economy,

    Down with sandy hair and knobbly knees!

    Suppress the tartan dwarves and the Wee frees!

    Ban the kilt, the skean-dhu and the sporran

    As provocatively, offensively foreign!

    It’s time Hadrian’s Wall was refortified

    To pen them in a ghetto on the other side.

    I would go further. The nation

    Deserves not merely isolation

    But comprehensive extermination.

    We must not flinch from a solution.

    (I await legal prosecution.)

    This is the cretin who will in all probability, subjugate the beautiful people of Scotland.

  11. Cubby says:

    PM = Bojo
    Deputy PM = Farage
    Sec State for Scotland = Ross Thomson
    Brexit = HARD

    = Scottish independence and a United Ireland.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      = Stirring of the Welshies. (At last!)

      • Cubby says:

        Yep. I can see change in Wales as well. May be longer but it’s coming.

      • Maurice says:

        My email to Plaid Cymru, 9-10-18, titled “SNP cooperation v Dafydd Wigley history”

        Re preventing conflict of values in your new announcement on working with the SNP.

        I am the lodger of EU petition 1448/2014 during Scotland’s referendum. It remains always in the record as a legal resource for anyone to cite and make use of. For it was not the naive type of petition making a refusable request, it was a citation of ECHR to establish the EU’s responsibilities under it. Starting from grounds of the Scottish electorate’s unawareness of the issue, an undemiably petitionable aspect of the independence mandate if Yes had won, it proceeded to assert the human rights demerits of the actual issue: on the plans for our citizenship rules. It cited from ECHR article 8, family life, that it will oblige the EU to disown sanction and shun us as an international pariah racist state and make no dealings with us – unless, citizenship by parental descent is unrefusable.

        To produce a plan including any question that this would be refusable would surely logically have been impossible for Plaid Cymru to do in the time when you had a diaspora-born leader, Dafydd Wigley: yet in the 1990s he used to share election phone-ins with the same SNP leader as produced our 2013 White Paper, Alex Salmond. Is it right to hope that by Wigley’s legacy you could never produce such a policy?

        Scottish nationalism has failed to have diaspora-born definitive names in its history, as Welsh has Wigley and Saunders Lewis, Irish has Eamonn da Valera and James Connolly. The deficiency shows. But Angus Robertson is diaspora-born and it is interesting if interest in preventing prejudice about that was among your interests in choosing him to work with. It would anyway be a good objective for it. There are also 2 diaspora-born journalists who have acted as lead media voices of the Yes movement, Lesley Riddoch and Iain Macwhirter. But the onus is on them to explain why they support a movement prejudiced against themselves, and I have experienced Riddoch dodge the question in a meeting.

        During 2013 before the White Paper, when Salmond was making comparisons with Ireland and sounding like we were going to copy their model provision for descent, I was a Yes voter whose vote they had safely in the bag. Then they brought out the White Paper and repeated the citizenship model that in the 1999 election had allowed a Labour broadcast to say: “If you move to Newcastle and have a child, will they automatically be a Scottish citizen? No! They will have to apply.” Now, calling any category of citizenship automatic can be problematic, as a person with several possible citizenships may not want the one that some official wants to deem automatic: so I have no problem with requiring that claimants to descent citizenship should take an active step of choice for it. But what must be automatic is that they get it. It must be unrefusable. This I could never make any Yes source say. To discover this in the White Paper’s aftermath turned me into a No voter with a massive moral shock. Then this was sustained for the rest of the campaign, from the office who wrote the policy and all 4 Yes parties to Salmond himself on his last phone-in.

        In the SNP’s voter base and then in some interpretations of their theory of “civic nationalism”, there has existed a prejudice for the homegrown community, for seeing of even the close family diaspora as outsiders and wanting to define Scottishness by residence here. Hypocritically while also calling emigration a Yes issue! Pursuing this issue quite often encounters a sick strand of thinking that to reject belonging to a nation by the parental route, and reject emigrants’ offspring from being Scottish, must be progressive and virtuous because it shows a line against a genetic view of race. The hard left of independence supporters find this a fit with Marxist theory of nation. But as well as simply being xenophobic excluding and hateful, this line breaks apart families. Nationhood by parentage is the practicality of folks’ ties to their families, to the places where their families’ lives are rooted, and to family’s mutual support and sharing of resources. All nothing to do with genetics and predating all knowledge of its existence.

        To refuse citizenship of their own country, to a person who is born in diaspora to emigrant parents and does not chance to be resident here on independence day, to make them unentitled to caring services and even to refuse them residency, stops families from living their family life together or in proximity, stops them giving each other practical care, stops them pooling their resources and giving each other economic refuge in time of need, stops them sheltering each other from the Tory benefits regime which those now located in rUK would be abandoned to.

        In indyref1: Angus Macneil the Outer Hebrides MP who mocked counting as Scottish anyone who has never lived here, Jim Sillars, who told George Galloway his son might not get citizenship, and told a big Yes audience at Liberton school 7-5-14 “We can’t have an open door” and that he wanted the diaspora-born to be treated as immigrants and filtered for skills, “and we must not be afraid of this”, Alex Neil, who confirmed at Tynecastle school Yes meeting 12-3-14 that descent citizenship would be refusable and said it was because of “undesirables”, which could easily mean the poor, and Pat Kane at his Stevenson lecture 19-3-14, who explained civic nationalism as a project for the resident society’s benefit, selecting from the rest of the world as benefits us and he would be first to call any more openness wrong – They all confirmed and evidenced that strand of serious racism and hate on the Yes side, which motivated 1448/2014 as an urgent move to block it.

        But it is significant that Sillars and Neil were both Brexiters. A Yes campaign predicated on the multiracial openness and friendliness of the EU willl be ideally placed to jettison this evil in its predecessor, along with abandoning nationalism’s anti-EU and anti-outsider wing. It looks like even the nat papers want this change made, as they published my letters on it in the Sunday Herald 30-8-15, the National 11-7-16 and 31-12-16.

        1448/2014 is part of the situation facing Scottish government, part of our relationship with the EU, so no researchers of the situation’s possibilities can overlook it. It clinches why the SNP should make the effort to fix this. They just need to say, before we vote not after: that written into our state’s red lines of ECHR human rights standards, so that a future bigoted government can’t simply legislate to change it – citizenship by parental descent will be absolutely unrefusable.

        Contemplate what relations you want between Welsh and Scottish states. You don’t want the relationship soured and both nations tainted, by cruel cases of families split apart by a dogma, where you abandon the Welsh born in Scotland to be stuck here in racist misery, and cope with the Scots born in Wales likewise abandoned to you against their will by their country. Instead you want a virtuous progressive friendship, you always say you do: and you will have that with all the Welsh born in Scotland totally free to live in Wales, and all the Scots born in Wales totally free to live in Scotland.

        Plaid Cymru’s reply 12-10-18:

        Many thanks for your thoughts on this matter.

        I can only say that our primary objective is to secure a Plaid Cymru government in 2021, one of whose objectives may well be a referendum on independence. The issue of diaspora citizenship is something that will no doubt occupy our party’s best thinkers in the fullness of time.

        Yn gywir

  12. Ann Rayner says:

    Your pen must be on fire, Paul, after all your recent magnificent efforts.
    And what a disgusting poem for anyone to write about us Scots, it just shows how entrenched racism is among certain Tories! Thanks for the link or I would not have believed anyone would produce such a load of Nazi-style invective about polluting our stock and tartan dwarves!
    The only good aspect is the reference to Hadrian’s Wall which suggests England is going to gift us the land between there and the current border.
    So much for Rory Stewart and his ‘Borderland’ idea, though I think his current constituency falls just below the line.

    • ‘We must not flinch from a solution’.
      I think we can guess the analogy with which this creepy wee SE academic was drawing: Hitler’s Final Solution.
      But it was just good humoured banter, a joke, a gentle ribbing, wasn’t it?
      The Broadcasters and the Dead Tree Scrolls, including the Uncle Tams Up Here has stifled any other news or views.
      The only news in the world, 24 hours, across all media, drummed into us incessantly by the familiar Brit Nat Propaganda faces on Scots telly radio and tomorrow’s fish ‘n’ chip wrappers is that England is in control of our Parliament, and the most fascist right wing group of privileged English Politicians will ‘not allow’, ‘block’, or ‘suppress’ any notion that we Scots have the sacred absolute right to determine our own destiny.

      Imagine if Holyrood leading luminaries declared that they would ‘not allow’ the English Administration to govern at the ‘will of the English People’?
      There would quite rightly be outrage.
      Yet We, the People of Scotland, are expected to meekly accept that English politicians have power and authority over us because of a 312 year old Robber Barons’ stitch up.

      There is a democratic mandate to hold Indyref2 now.
      We are taking our country back, Ann.

      If Willie Rennie, or Professor WATP Two Jobs Tomkins, or that bluff stuttering robotic Yorkshireman and eternal Shop Steward, Dick Leotard, stands up in our Parliament and declares otherwise, I personally will consider it a hostile act, a defiance of the express will of the sovereign people of Scotland.

      Trust me, after 22nd July, Johnson, Hunt, Stewart the Laird of Mid Brit, Javid, and Things Go Better With Coke Gove, will show no mercy in attacking Scotland’s Parliament, or even maintaining a pretence that Scotland is anything other than England’s subjugated Last Colony.

      It’s getting as serious as that.
      Rise up, ye embattled Scots.
      The enemy of the people is at the door.
      We need to kick off the Campaign now, before it is beyond us.

      • Welsh Sion says:

        Jack collatin,

        Imagine if Holyrood leading luminaries declared that they would ‘not allow’ the English Administration to govern at the ‘will of the English People’?
        There would quite rightly be outrage.

        As you know, this had already started some time ago. Was not Nicola Sturgeon considered ‘an enemy of the people?’ and ‘the most dangerous woman in the country’ for preventing ‘our [sic] Brexit’ or for the temerity of leading a Party which gained 56 out of the 59 seats in ‘our [sic] Parliament’?

        And that someone else saw this example of democracy as ‘Jockopalypse’ and ‘the barbarians were at the gates … ready to burn down the citadel’? Does the Leader of the Ruth Davidson for more Ruth Davidson Party believe that or would she acknowledge that to be an SNP majority were the results replicated in a subsequent Yookay General Election?

        I also have a little quibble over your naming your country England’s last colony. It seems evident that mine is the most deserving [?] of that accolade – and that what will prove to be England’s first colony will prove to be its last.

        But don’t that detract you from our unity of purpose. Your enemies are ours. And Scotland is one of our closest (and one of the few of our) friends.

        • No argument there, WS.
          I write,
          ‘or even maintaining a pretence that Scotland is anything other than England’s subjugated Last Colony.’
          The Iron Heel Oligarchy will attack every last vestige of ‘Crown protectorates’ systematically, one by one, as though the current target of ‘won’t allow’ Imperialism were ‘England’s Last Colony.
          This week,it happens to be Scotland’s turn in the Iron Heel Oligarchy’s media driven spotlight.
          Our Dead Tree Scrolls Up Her gleefully headline with the latest warning and threat declaration from their Masters in London, without so much as a protest or editorial condemning this fascist junk.
          WE have a Caledonian Wing of the English Establishment Up Here whose jobs are to head most of our Establishments, Finance, Universities, Culture, the Armed Forces, and keep the lid on potential Scottish Rebellion.

          Next weeks ‘Last Colony’ mind set might be Wales, or The Chagos Islands, or the North of Ireland, or Gibraltar.
          England has form on betraying former colonies.
          Witness Hong Kong this week.

          Your turn as ‘Last colony’ will come when the English Elite and their Scottish Branch feel that the Sweaties, Oi Polloi, are back in their shortbread tin, and everything returns to ‘normal’, as in fuck democracy, the Rich, Nobility, and the Secret Societies Rule Scotland, not the People.

          The day is not far off.
          The sheer fucking arrogance of English politicians believing that they can force me to bend to their ‘foreign’ will by force of numbers and military might gets the blood boiling to bursting point. And I am sure that I am not alone.
          It’s comin’ yet for a’ that.
          The Chief help those who get in our way now.
          WE are as one with our Welsh and Irish brothers and sisters on this, Sion.

  13. Tol says:

    Scotland, DO NOT confuse death of the Tory party with death of the Union.

    It is tempting to see the demise of Tory/Labour as a precursor to freedom. However, what ever rises from the Westminster ashes will be just a strongly “UNION” …if not more so.

    Who ever is the ascendant political and moneyed in England will not let Scotland’s resources go – and the more isolationist they become, the more they will need them to prop up their lifestyle. All that will happen in this wave of English nationalism is that Scots will be come cast as ever more “other” and lesser than ever before.

    I fear what is about to come will make Thatcher’s devastation of Scotland look like a warm hug.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Spot on..

      • Tol says:


        I fear too many YES are being sucked into Westminster’s machinations. Thinking Indy will fall in their lap or the Union will just stop.

        YES needs to get its arguments straight about why Scotland should be / nea MUST BE independent – stick to that message and only talk about Westminster through that lens.

        No matter how tempting the schadenfreude, YES should never fall back into the lens Westminster wants you to use…that one always has the subliminal message that Westminster and the Union is the default and YES is weird and dangerous.

        If YES can’t get its act together, it may be lost.

        • A timely reminder, well observed, Tol.

          The Union is dead.
          Indeed, there never really was a ‘union’.

          I note that the Blue Tory Meanies who will crown Boris the Impaler would be prepared to ‘lose’ Scotland and Norn Irn, (and Wales, Sion?) just to Brexit, and preferably on No Deal terms.

          Davidson will need to drop ‘and Unionist’ from the Branch Office Party’s logo.

          Remember Osborne’s ‘Sermon on the Mound’, when he declared, and Balls and Danny Alexander backed him up, that England would refuse to let Independent Scotland use the pound?
          To a man and woman, our MSM backed this imperialist nonsense, of course.

          I bow to no ‘foreigner’ forbidding me from doing anything.
          And to me, and now millions like me, WM’s England is a ‘foreign’ state.

          IT is time for Scottish Labour to come over from the Dark Side and support Scottish Self Determination.
          Do not ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

          How any Scots born ‘socialist’ believes that being dragged into Free Market isolation with an English Arch Right Wing Government is preferable to Scottish Self Determination beats me;
          other than clinging on to their wee well paid sinecures to the bitter imminent end.

          Rise up, Brothers and Sisters Join the Revolution.
          Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
          For your children’s, and your children’s children’s sake.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Agreed Tol, and you may include in those machinations the Brexit Party.
          Much as it feigns political competition to the Tories, it is a second strand to ensure continuance of the Tory far right and the London power base, a win-win come a GE in England at least.
          Their recent mailshot in EFDD guise to households across Scotland is but the start of a media onslaught without the Conservative back-story, a Trojan Horse with big money backing it to protect their wealth and thereby the Union.
          It is going to change very quickly and get very nasty…

  14. Great article Paul, although I must differ from you in the direction I think Johnson will go. If the Tories go for a General Election before exiting the EU then they will be slaughtered by the Brexit Party and they know it. There is no majority in the Commons for a No Deal, however this competition for PM goes onto the Recess at the end of July.
    MPs won’t be back until around the 4th of September, then around 10 days later they will be in the Conference season and the Commons will be shut again. They will then reconvene in Parliament around the 4th of October. As the UK will legally fall out of the EU on the 31st of October, even if the leader of the Opposition was a rabid Remainer, which he certainly isn’t, there is no time to organise debates or opposition days. Anyway, it was only last week the Commons voted against any measures that would stop a No Deal.
    So Johnson, without doing anything, can allow the UK to No Deal Brexit. I think he will announce the GE weeks before the Brexit date and have the Election the week after Brexit, while in the “glory” of Brexit and before the catastrophic, inevitable and ruinous effects are felt.

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