Things which are predictable

Well no one saw that coming, he said in a voice dripping with sarcasm. David Lidington,Theresa May’s bag-man, came to Scotland today because the UK government felt that a spot of patronising was in order following Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement yesterday. David wanted to let us know that the British government is not going to grant a request for a Section 30 order, adding for good measure that the 2014 referendum had settled the matter for a generation. So that’s you telt, Scotland. Tories that Scotland didn’t vote for know better what Scotland wants than you do.

I’ve said this before, but it’s an important point which the British media in Scotland and in the rest of the UK is hellbent on ignoring, a Scotland which has to ask permission in order to ask itself a question about its future within the UK is not a part of any kind of union. If it is true that Scotland cannot ask itself what sort of nation it wants to be without the permission of a Conservative Prime Minister that Scotland didn’t vote for, and that Prime Minister refuses despite the fact that the Scottish Parliament has a mandate to put the question to the people, then there is no union, because there is no consent.

The fact is that the people of Scotland voted for a Scottish government which promised a referendum on Scotland’s place within the UK should there be a material chance in circumstances. That decision was ratified by the Scottish Parliament which voted for a referendum. The SNP then won the General Election in Scotland in 2017 by any definition of the term. The fact that Ruth Davidson’s Ruth Davidson’s Party Vote Ruth Davidson increased its seats is irrelevant. It still lost. So there have been not one but three democratic ratifications of the will of the people of Scotland to have a say about their future.

The change in circumstances has occurred. Scotland is being taken out of the EU against its will, and moreover that’s happening without Scotland being given any input into the kind of Brexit that the British government plans to deliver. Even worse, the British government has used Brexit as an excuse to unilaterally undermine the devolution settlement. This is not the UK that Scotland voted to remain a part of in 2014. Now that British government is insisting that it will refuse to allow the people of Scotland to have a democratic say about this markedly different set of circumstances in which Scotland finds itself.

You cannot on the one hand assert that Scotland is a partner in a union, a member of a family of nations, while on the other hand insisting that the largest part of that supposed union has, solely by virtue of its size, an effective veto on whether the other parts can ask themselves about their role in that supposed union. Because that’s precisely where we are now. You don’t get to preach the virtues of union while you act like Scotland is a possession that you alone have proprietary rights over. If the British government is insistent that it will not consent to Scotland having a say on Scotland’s future, then the British government is conceding that the UK is not a union at all. It’s a prison. It’s a hostage situation.

We’re also hearing the constant mantra that a referendum without a Section 30 order would be a wildcat referendum, or illegal, or somehow illegitimate. That is not true. The only truth is that no one knows whether an independence referendum without a Section 30 order would be legal or not, because the matter has never been tested in the courts. Anyone who insists that it would be illegal is voicing a political opinion, not making a legal statement of fact. But if that is the opinion that someone is voicing, then they need to be asked just what sort of “union” they believe Scotland to be a part of, because it’s clearly not anything that permits Scotland to ask questions of itself without the permission of a Prime Minister Scotland didn’t necessarily vote for.

In any event, there is absolutely no legal prohibition on pro-independence parties turning any future Scottish election into a de-facto referendum on independence. One way or another, Scotland will have a say on its own future, and it does not require the permission of Theresa May or a Tory – or Labour – government to do so.

Right now we have a British government whose sole strategy is the fervent hope that it can persuade enough MPs to change their minds in order to get Theresa May’s Brexit deal through Parliament. It’s a hope that was already forlorn months ago, and everyone who is not Theresa May recognises that it’s now hopelessly forgone, forfeited, forfallen down a stank and never to be retrieved. The only people who are allowed to change their minds in the UK are MPs, and not even when there’s any meaningful change in circumstances. Hypocrisy, thy name is Tory.

Of course the real reason that the Conservatives don’t want another Scottish referendum is because they are terrified. They know that there is no guaranteed majority in Scotland for remaining a part of the UK. They know that with every passing year, the demographics turn even worse for them. Let’s get real here, if the Conservatives were convinced that a Scottish independence referendum would result in a substantial majority against independence, they’d be the first to be demanding one happened as soon as possible. Then Ruth could pose on a tank as the saviour of Britain. The real reason they don’t want a referendum to happen is beause they’re afraid of the result. Which makes them both hypocrites and cowards.

Back in the real world, it makes absolutely no difference what Theresa May says. Her premiership hangs by the most slender of threads. She is not going to be the Prime Minister very much longer. She has zero authority and even less credibility, even amongst her own party members. So really, who cares if a prime minister who is notable solely for her intransigence has decided to be intransigent. She won’t be around for much longer, and likely neither will this Conservative government – nor will Theresa May’s so-called precious union. It has been destroyed by British nationalists themselves. The end of the UK is as predictable as Theresa May’s refusal to cooperate with a Section 30 order.

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46 comments on “Things which are predictable

  1. Neil Andersonb says:

    Enough of referenda. Let us dissolve this non-Union as soon as possible.

  2. steelewires says:

    Ill say it again. It’s time for the Scottish MPs to withdraw from the English parliament of the UK, gather with the Scottish Parliament, resile the Treaty of Union, and repeal the Act of Union. Under International Law they can do this. Former Ambassador Craig Murray explains how:

  3. M boyd says:

    We now lie in a Cromwellian union. Again.

  4. deelsdugs says:

    Bejeezuz Paul, another great post.

    Why on earth would we wish to have independence when we can just be obedient to the lords, the masters, and the high almightys. Let’s invite them to fill all the deep water lochs with tokens of their misery, suck the seas dry of liquid gold, and wallow with greed in the natural aquifers. Why would the people of Scotland wish to be free from the constant denigration and biased broadcasting we have no time for, when we can just put up with the abuse and say, ‘they’ll change, they don’t mean it’. We know why…they won’t. And yet again the ‘naughty Scotland’ card is being played and we’re scolded and brow beaten and told, ‘No, don’t be stupid’…well, ta ta abusers, because we have had enough.

    • Illy says:

      Who was it who compared Westminster to an abusive partner?

      Wasn’t it a Unionist?

      Abusive partners don’t change – they just get subtle until they’ve got you locked in again.

      • Welsh Sion says:

        Abusive partner, you say, Illy?

        Here’s one I prepared earlier for Indy Ref 1. It was actually written exactly 9 months before 18 September 2014 – go figure!

        ‘Beattie’ was my play on Better Together > BT. All the other named characters are relevant, too.


        43. (of 60.)

        Angela Alba’s having a baby

        Angela Alba lives in a small town, not so far away and she’s having a baby. Of that, there’s no doubt. All the tests in her white paper checklist have proved positive, and now, nine months down the line, she knows she’s going to give birth to a new life form. It’s all so very exciting, and Angela’s feeling pretty excited too. It will be a momentous day in her life and she knows it will change her perspectives and her ways of thinking forever. She also knows that after so many years of domestic abuse, she will finally be very happy. Angela has made a vow to herself and her unborn baby that she will do everything in her power to love him (or her) with as much mother’s love as she can. The baby will want for nothing and Angela will ensure that it gets all that it needs in support to ensure that it stands proud on its own two feet and look the world straight in the eye.

        These last few years have been a trial for Angela. Her husband, Jack Union (Angela had at least kept her dignity and her maiden name on marrying – but little else) is an abusive, boorish, uncaring man. He has often left Angela in the lurch by going on various boozy fuelled trips with his mates, in particular Sam Washington. Many is the time that Angela has heard that they’ve been involved in fights at various pubs – the latest one being a fracas in the Baghdad Arms. It came as no surprise to Angela that both Jack and Sam were no longer welcome at the Baghdad Arms – they’ve been banned from so many other pubs in town. Even the patience of the landlady of the European pub, Bea Russell, was wearing a bit thin, and she was on the verge of issuing a final warning to Jack Union, before excluding him entirely from her hostelry.

        Invariably too, Jack Union is an aggressive, selfish man. He keeps most of the money that he earns from Angela in order to maintain his boozy, self-centred lifestyle. He rarely gives anything to her. Indeed, so uncaring is he towards his partner, that Jack Union is not averse to taking her money too, leaving Angela poor and upset at home. Far too often, Angela is also the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Jack Union.

        Angela has thought of leaving her abusive husband on many occasions. In 1979, she had attempted to break free of him, but through a cunning ruse and frightening her into thinking that she couldn’t live without him, Jack Union had ‘persuaded’ Angela to stay. Then, in 1997, after years of neglect, Jack bought Angela a new kitchen. Doubtless, he thought he was being very magnanimous towards his wife. But Angela saw things differently. Yes, the kitchen was a boon, it was a place of her own where she could do her own thing and think her own thoughts, but in reality it only served as a place where she continued cooking and slaving for her husband. She was not truly free of his influence even then, not independent, and invariably if Angela did something wrong in the kitchen – burning Jack’s toast, for example – Jack would bawl at her for being ‘too weak, too poor, too stupid.’ She couldn’t even get such basic things right, he’d shout. He would then storm out of the house and join Sam Washington in a local bar and get drunk, all the while decrying Angela.

        Angela is by now convinced that her relationship with Jack Union has broken down irretrievably. Their partnership is no longer one of two equals – if it ever was. She wants a divorce and she wants one quickly. But she’s also sensible enough to realise that she has to insist on her fair share of the assets of their marriage. She has consulted her good friend, Nicola, a specialist in family law, and she has advised Angela how best to go about it. Although she’s now pregnant, Angela can’t see that the baby will change anything or bring both her and Jack Union together.

        It’s gone too far for that, and indeed, knowing her husband’s behaviour, Angela’s aware that he didn’t want this baby.

        Jack Union is associating with Beattie, who has made a name for herself as ‘the village bike.’ She takes on all-comers, though it seems that Jack Union is her favourite ‘client.’ She’s a crabby, embittered woman (not unlike her sisters, Johann and Margaret) and is jealous of the fact that Angela Alba’s pregnant. Her own son, George London, has gone south and made a name for himself as a banker someplace in the City, where he has retained many of his mother’s egotistical characteristics. He has never given the town a second thought since as he has pursued his own selfish goals – but he has retained the affections of and for his mother, Beattie. This is only to be expected, but Beattie and her son still seem to be linked by an invisible umbilical chord, years after the latter’s birth.

        Beattie will have strong words with Jack Union about Angela’s forthcoming delivery. There are those in the little town who whisper darkly that Beattie and Jack are already conspiring to ensure that Angela abort the foetus before the end of her term or that they are trying to induce her to miscarry. There must be some truth in this, as both Jack Union and Beattie are often seen leaping out of the shadows, projecting fear onto poor Angela.

        But Angela is a resilient character. And aided and counselled by her good friend and lawyer, Nicola, is helping her maintain her dignity through it all. Angela Alba will stand tall, look the bullies in the eye, give birth in nine months time to a bonny, wee baby, divorce her husband and make a new life for herself and her offspring, wrapping up the wee mite in a blue and white blanket.

        The rest of the little town will be so happy for Angela Alba – she will truly be an independent woman, and be free of the machinations of her soon to be ex-husband, Jack Union. Both he and Beattie will be run out of town.

        Parables for the New Politics


  5. Orri says:

    The leader of the opposition in Holyrood posing on a tank. The
    Really says all you need to know. As does her actually wearing the uniform that goes with a rank she demonstrably is unfit to hold in other than an “honorary” capacity and breaks protocol by doing so.

    “Leaked” footage of soldiers using Corbyn’s picture for target practice sends the same message.

    May’s air strike on Syria in knowing defiance of Parliament and just before they could take preventative action or perhaps authorise it send a similar message.

    Plans to strip mainland police forces to send to NI increasing tensions there but also making calling in the army to maintain order here also seems ominous.

    We’re only a hop, skip and a jump away from a military state.

  6. Charles McGregor says:

    Another great, accurate, summary of the present situation.

    It should also be pointed out that the UK Supreme court is not the final arbiter on constitutional matters.

    If they rule (and they almost certainly will) that an indy referendum in Scotland would be illegal without London approval and that a pro indy majority in Holyrood,or Scottish Constituency Westminster or European elections would not count either then they are in breach of several UN treaties to which they are legally bound signatories.

    They are required in those treaties to uphold Scotland’s right to self determination and are also required to describe and promote the mechanism by which that may be achieved. They are not allowed to simply say no.

    Taken to the UN/ICJ they would certainly lose the case whatever the UK Supreme Court ruling was.

    Of course, they may decide that hanging on to Scotland, despite the international humiliation (and more concrete damage) which that would bring upon them, that they would still prefer to do so and become henceforth a rogue state operating outside international law.

    In that instance… well it becomes a whole new ball game.

    • Terry Callachan says:

      Like they just did with the chagos islands. . ..? England would do that , Scottish history shows that they have done this to us before

      • Charles McGregor says:

        Yes, that was a worrying demonstration of intent, albeit one that has not fully played out and may yet gain legs as the fog of Brexit clears.

        It should also be said that the Chagos example is very far from being a complete analogy with Scotland’s position but nonetheless the willing shown to defy international rule of law remains a concern.

        A concern which should be all the greater for ordinary English people since such a route can only end very badly for them, ultimately.

  7. I need no foreigner’s permission to behave how I want to in my own country, Scotland.
    A wizened skull like figure travels North from a foreign land, declares that the Great White Chief in the Motherland has spoken. Back in your boxes, ye Northern Savages.
    He struts his stuff like an invading conqueror.
    And we shall all dutifully file back into our wee corner while England rules, enslaves and robs us blind?
    We ask no man’s ‘permission’: it’s a joke that May and Co believe that we will meekly skulk away into the thick brushland while they shoot grouse and poach our salmon.
    This country of ours, that’s ‘Scotland’, Carlaw, Leonard, Rennie, and the filthy rich Listory Boys warming their arses on the Holyrood benches, not ‘Britain’, not the ‘UK’, or ‘England and its Protectorates’, and we are about to cancel the Union with England, because we choose that option.
    England has no say in the matter.
    We are not the Great Plains Sioux huddling on a reservation, at the mercy of the 7th Cavalry and the Great White Father in Washington.
    We are Scots, and our country is ours, not England’s.
    It is coming.
    May and Lidington will be toast in a few weeks time and Johnson Farage and Gorgeous George will be running the Mad House Down There.
    Over my dead body will an English Parliament tell us what to do ever again.
    Don’t come back Lidington, you are not welcome.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Well said jack sick of English supremacist bastards like them thinking they can walk all over the rest in the yes side shouldn’t give a crap about the anti English bs that there supporters cry because they are the real traitors of Scotland by supporting this oppression of our nation by Englanders we never voted for.

      • weegingerdug says:

        Stop calling people traitors Robert, and stop calling English people bastards. It doesn’t help. If you do it again I’ll put you on pre-moderation.

        • ‘Tis why I coined the alternative, ‘ding’, Paul, since Scoop Hutcheon slated us all for offending the poor wee sensitive souls who back their precious Union.

          When I refer to England, and ‘the English’, I am not referring to every man Jack and woman Jill of the English race.
          I’m sure that the ‘supremacists’ whose parentage Robert calls into question is not England as a whole, but the evil London Oligarchy who genuinely think that they can come to our country and tell us what and what they won’t ‘allow’ us to do.
          Part of the problem during Indyref 1 was that we were too polite, too ‘Blair Jenkins’, if you like, so I understand, and indeed replicate it in my post above, Robert’s anger and frustrated descent into industrial language.

          There are an estimated 400,000 English born Scots who have done us the honour to come to our country, Scotland, settle here, work, rear families, retire here and contribute immensely to the wealth and progress of our land.
          We know that many voted No last time, and that swung the vote towards remaining within the Union.
          I doubt that they see themselves a ‘settlers’ or ‘colonists’, although I’d imagine that a significant number are ‘Dordoigne-shire’ visitors, ultimately intent on returning ‘home’ at some point.
          But Lidington and Carlaw and Rennie and Leonard and there grubby wee List MPs in Edinburgh are considered a Fifth Column by many of us.
          The heated language is a side issue.

          I will never temper my rage and be ‘polite’ any more.

          I want my country back. I’m ‘dinged’ if I’m going to allow a troop of English WM ‘Supremacists’ to come North, sit before an obliging Fourth Estate Fifth Column and announce to the natives that England Rules, back in your corrals.

          Ding that for a game of soldiers.
          From now on in, we fight dirty.

        • Robert Harrison says:

          So what would you call the rennies the carlows the leonards up here who want England mps dictating everything over Scotland wants and needs paul? because thats what the uk really is an England dictatorship on Scotland always has been always will be as long as this farce continues.

          • Robert, today during FMQ Carlaw challenged NS’ record on Education.

            Tonight an estimated 300,000 Scots children will go to bed hungry, and tomorrow attend school, their bellies rumbling, expected to ‘aspire’ to Ruth Davidson’s Dog Eat Dog Free Trade Capitalist Hell by somehow overcoming WM engineered poverty and privation and getting their Highers on an empty stomach.

            I blame Jackson Carlaw for starving our kids, as does the Trussell Foundation, who report that the increase in food bank usage is directly related to delays and non payment of UCS, a nasty Red Blue and Yellow Tory ‘austerity’ attack on the poor and lower working classes.

            Carlaw robs the poor to give tax breaks to the rich and his sponsors in Big Fat Business.

            He is starving children. No need to swear; just state the facts.

            Read the UN report on UK Government engineered deprivation and attacks on our poorer and infirm citizens.

            Calling Carlaw, or his co-pilots Rennie and Leonard ‘bastards’ does adequately describe the crimes against humanity they are visiting on my brothers and sisters in Scotland.

            Indeed Leonard tried to blame Nicola Sturgeon for the Brit Nat Unionist assault on Scotland’s poorer citizens.
            This lot will say anything, distort everything, and lie through their teeth while our citizens continue to suffer and die for the good of their precious Union with England.

            Half a million of our citizens live in poverty, deliberate state engineered attacks through cuts in public services, zero hour scams, pay day loan shysters robbing the poor, and tax breaks to writers of Wizard stories and Red Tory Lords an Baronesses.

            I don’t need to swear.


            The Unionist Brit Nats in Scotland are killing their fellow citizens by doing nothing to stop the continued subjugation of Scotland by WM.

            People are dying, and Rennie wants us all to stop demanding Self Determination; he wants us all to just give in and let the fascists win.
            This little man peddles the notion that he is the Champion of Child Mental Health in Scotland.
            His Party in coalition with the Blue Tories cut public services by £32 billion, introduced UCS and the two child cap on benefits, and froz benefits to families for five years, while awarding Lord Darling, the man who as Red Tory Chancellor, scrapped the 10% tax to low income families, an additional 5% tax cut.
            By their deeds, ye shall know them.

            These are crimes against humanity; not in our name, in Richard Leonard’s name.
            Enough already.
            Swearing is too good for them

            • Robert Harrison says:

              That is exactly with the Englanders south of the border they just gave up after thacther thats how ian duncan smith who as head of the dwp caused 120 000 people mainly Englanders to commit sucide because he gladly enforced cameron s benefits sanctions thresea as home Secretary cut the police numbers now crime in England is up because of her actions all those years back and the Englanders let them of the hook im sick of this jack people like leonard dugdale rennie carlow ruth the mouth basically wanting us to be no different than the southerners all talk no action just so they can continue there precious England ruled Britannia and i know as paul forget i grew up in an England town full of English supremacists thats why i cant stand them and because of that i can get away with it more than you and paul can because i was raised in England and because of that the yoons on many occasions call me a traitor to England which to me is compliant.

            • Jan Cowan says:

              Jack, your able use of language means you don’t need to swear. You express, with extreme clarity, the feelings of many. Thank you.

              • To use an old adage, Jan ,’if somebody had told us 20 years ago that there would be foodbanks, baby banks, and that women would be too poor to buy sanitary products…we wouldn’t believe them.’
                Well here we are in David Cameron’s Big Society, where pensioners visit charity shops to buy a second hand winter coat.
                The blame lies squarely at the door of Ruth Davidson, Kezia Dugdale, Johann Lamont ,Margaret Curran, Jackson Carlaw, the 7 times political failures Murdo Fraser…the list is far from exhaustive.
                They are fixated with selling the land of their birth to our neighbours to the South for the grubby little pay packets, index linked pensions, and exes they coin in for attempting to destroy our fragile young Scottish parliament.

                • Paul, it’s high time Jack was given a guest column. You could start here, and then the next time you’re off to see Peter he could easily fill in at The National. He might need a dug though…

    • Terry Callachan says:


  8. bringiton says:

    The people of Scotland have the right to determine the form of government which best suits their needs……..but only if England’s elected government says so.
    Now that the constitutional position of Scotland within the UK is laid bare,there can be no more pretences of being part of a family,union,federation or any other such political structure dominated by England.
    The Queen of England won’t allow it and neither will her parliament in london.
    Rule Britannia.

  9. Cubby says:

    Another excellent article and graphic. I’ve always thought of the UK to be like the Soviet Union – no Union at all.

    Empires and oppressive unions always eventually collapse. All that varies is the damage that is done.

  10. Cubby says:

    At the risk of being thrown in the Tower of London, our Queen of Scots is bloody useless at protecting our rights. We need a new head of state.

  11. Millsy says:

    ”…the Queen of Scots is bloody useless at protecting our rights ” first reading I thought you were talking about David Mundell ( who still hasn’t resigned ).

    And before I get accused of homophobic comments , this is my genuinely held belief as granted by a Sheriff of this land and fair comment to boot .

  12. Ken Clark says:

    Another great post, Paul, hitting the bulls eye every time.

    Boris Johnson described Brexit as, “re-engaging this country (England?) with it’s global identity, and all the energy that can flow from that.” He also said, “It is the expression of a legitimate and natural desire for self-government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

    I would have great difficulty phrasing the desire for Scottish independence any better than that.

    The time will soon be with us when Johnson, and others like him, have to explain not only to Scots, but the wider world, why those sentiments shouldn’t apply to us also.

    English exceptionalism is about to have a 21st century reality check.

    It’s going to be messy.

  13. Steve ashton says:

    Jack Collatin. I don’t know you, but you have a distinct gift for reading my thoughts and transcribing them into comprehensible words. Thank you. Hope you don’t mind I have copied and pasted some to my Facebook. With attribution. You, sir, are a mind reader and thought transcriber. Thank you!

    • Steve,
      {; 0 )
      Feel free, sir.
      We are of one mind, now I’d think.

    • astytaylor says:

      He is, Steve. Your man Jack Collatin has a rare way with the words, and I would buy a copy of the National to read his page, if they were to give him a page. (Like I do when Paul writes a piece).
      Funnily enough, the day after Nicola’s speech, the Scotmid here in Moray had zero copies of the National come in. Usually they only have “two copies” according to the lady at the check-out. She didn’t know what was going on at distribution.
      Anyway, onward and upward. Off back to the park to pick up more litter. Someone has to…
      All the best,

  14. Steve ashton says:

    And… For the avoidance of any accusations… I was born English from Scottish ancestry. I have wanted out from under Westminster since before ’79 and have voted accordingly since I was old enough.

  15. Malcolm Pate says:

    I am 72 years old and live in Africa. I have contributed to quite a few of the dugs blogs and really enjoy the comments. A few months ago I joined the SNP even although I cannot vote in Scotland as I have been away to long. This week I contributed to the SNP as they asked my by E Mail to send money. I feel Scotland is trapped in the Westminster system and no matter how long we wait they will not grant any permission to leave their Union or to have a Referendum. I have suggested before that the only way out of this is for the SNP to hold an Election in Holyrood and state that this is an Election to leave the Union and if the Scottish public want to have their own Country they must vote for MP’s who support leaving the Union. Otherwise we are going to carry on for ever more getting told you cannot do this or that by Westminster.

  16. Luigi says:

    Dearie Me!

    The British Nationalist establishment (politicians and MSM) would have been wiser to stay quiet and just ignore Nicola’s recent announcement.. But they just couldn’t help themselves, could they? It reveals just what a state of panic they are in when they feel obliged to come out snarling and rub our noses in it. They are so feart they continually over-react. So easy to bait and get them to keep offending our people (listening SNP?).

    Well keep it up, I say. Each time they try to put us back in the box, a few more scots are offended and decide to consider independence as a viable option. The Brit Nats truly are the best recruiting sergeants for Scottish independence ever. 🙂

  17. astytaylor says:

    “Please, Miss, can I go to the toilet?”.
    “No, Scotland. Just sit there quietly and pee your pants”.

    Honestly, what is the point of Scotland having a parliament if we can’t decide thing for ourselves?
    There’s a lot of work to be done.
    AND, in the much bigger picture of future challenges; there is a HUGE amount of work to be done.
    Where to start? It can all seem a bit overwhelming to many people. (Including, on occasion, myself. Hence the old saying, “it would drive ye to drink, so it would”)
    However, the longest journey starts with a single step, and all that.

    So, at the risk of being long-winded, here goes. (And no-one is forcing you to read this). There’s half an hour free before Dad’s homemade soup…

    Climate change, education, the throwaway society, an’ a’ that:
    We have to learn to do more with less. In fact, it’s more about remembering, and re-learning, and then applying those lessons to the modern times.
    Let’s turn the clock back about 50 years, or so.
    Kenny Dalglish didn’t have a car when he started with Celtic.Billy McNeil would give him a lift. McNeil led by example; on and off the pitch. Similarly, Alex Ferguson, Matt Busby. Bill Shankly. My Grandmother. (ok, she didnae play so much football, but she was an inspirational leader.)
    The common denominator in all of this? Hard work and honesty.

    I’m a teacher, kind of… (I failed to complete a one year course to get certified recently in Canada, because i couldn’t jump through the hoops and conform to the system. However…. that’s another wee story. The system needs a shake-up.)

    I also have a degree in Geology from Glasgow Uni, and was a past President of the Mountaineering Club there. (82/83; just after Malky Thomson and just before Graeme Robb.) That is; i’m an actual person. (Jack Collatin can vouch for that, because we shared a pint lately. No, we each had our own pint, and Jack bought the round, if the truth be told.)

    I’m writing a book called Barefoot to the Pole, (The Joys of Frugality). It’s not actually about walking barefoot to the pole. That would be daft… But,….
    Ach, ye’ll just have to buy a copy when (or if) it comes out. But i’m trying. (“very trying” as Miss Eadie used to say.)

    Anyway, anyway, the clock is ticking and this stream of consh, cons, conns..
    This stream of pish keeps going, as it always does…
    Mair later, maybe.

    (the “book” was partly inspired by a week in the psych ward in Vancouver 7+ years ago, after i lost my flying licence when a shrink (from LA) gave me a diagnosis of hypomania/bipolar 2.
    Too crazy to be a bush pilot…. Jesus.
    Anyway, he may have saved my live, because the next year 3 of the guys died in Antarctica.)

    Scottish independence to me represents an incredible opportunity to turn a lot of things around. (I’m talking “big picture” here).
    Runaway capitalism is harming us all.
    Climate change is real.
    The throwaway society is plain wrong.
    Common sense, care, and compassion is what Granny taught and she was right.

    Truth trumps lies.

    Excuse me while i go to the toilet, Miss, i need a piss.

    • astytaylor says:

      oh shit; life/live, that always confuses me….
      like now and how (brown cow…)

      Doric Haiku, aye aye coo, fit like?

      (dinnae call the shrink, ah jist need a drink. i think.)

    • Jayne Chisholm says:

      I can vouch that you are a very real person…once we had met, how can we ever forget? Starbucks tomorrow

      • astytaylor says:

        Haha, Starbucks; the evil empire….Lol, as they say.
        Aye, heading there now Jayne!
        I like how the manager was doing his bit to ban plastic, etc, etc.
        But we need to do a quantum leap.
        (and jist for the record, folks, i only went there once to get a free glass o’ tap water tae combat ma epilepsy…)

  18. James Cheyne says:

    I am not going to beat around the bush, am English and have always voted for a independent Scotland. I have lived in Wales and in England and have seen the manipulation of truth fed to the ordinary every day people of England about Scotland, Wales, and Ireland,
    Don’t blame the English for being kept in the dark like mushrooms ,they like us have been fed properganda media for years and have Westminster as their government. I have come to the conclusion that any referendum can be refused, or manipulated or proper gandered against, not be binding or not recognised, which leaves us in Scotland in a state of suspension for years to come.
    The cleanest gain for an independent Scotland is to end the treaty of the union with England, no room for ifs or buts, no room for mainstream media propaganda, and no room for cross party opinions that support ending the uk/Great Britain, England gets its brexit they voted for, we get our independence. But be careful that a citizens assembly does not happen as this takes your rights away,WE need a Scottish people’s assembly,

  19. Bob Lamont says:

    “Of course the real reason that the Conservatives don’t want another Scottish referendum is because they are terrified.”
    Despite the “divisive” and “Independence is unwelcome” spiel, they are acutely aware those who were lied to in 2014, who did and didn’t want to leave the EU in 2016, are all equally frustrated by Westminster, so an Independence YES is probable.
    The elephant in the room for Unionists of whichever shade, is not the Scots Indy camp, but the rising tide of English Nationalism which will soon overwhelm Westminster’s cosy cartel just as the SNP did in Holyrood under PR.
    All pretence of “National Interest” will vanish, and years of propaganda on “subsidised Scots” could pay back as a call to rescind the Union, and no Section 30 Order from Holyrood to request.
    Jump now or be thrown overboard later, but the swim is inevitable.

  20. susan says:

    This situation is all very depressing, trying to wear us down by holding off until they can triangulate a Britnat majority at Holyrood so killing independence for years. I’m getting angry.

  21. An excellent article today Paul, and some really good comments. Thanks to you all, you fair give me hope for our country’s future.

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