The greatest argument of all


It’s being reported by the BBC that within the next few weeks Theresa May expects the Scottish Government to ask for a Section 30 order in order to hold another Scottish independence referendum, and that the Prime Minster has already decided to refuse.

If we have to beg London for permission just to ask ourselves the question, then that is the greatest argument of all in favour of Scottish independence. Westminster tells us that Scotland is a valued partner in a family of nations, but not so valued that it’s going to allow Scotland to decide its own future. If you keep your loved ones chained. If you refuse to allow them the autonomy to decide for themselves where they want to live. If you are determined that you and you alone have the sole right to choose where and how to live, then you don’t have a loved one. You have a hostage. You have a prisoner.

When you have a UK government minister who justifies the refusal by saying that “Once you’ve hit the iceberg, you’re all on it together,” you move from a rhetorical hostage situation to a literal one. Especially since the people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to steer away from the iceberg in the first place. Especially since the great majority of the Scottish people’s elected representatives have spent the past two and a half years warning about the iceberg and offering strategies to either avoid it or minimise its impact, warnings and strategies which the British government has wilfully ignored.

With Theresa May’s refusal we can add the Scottish Claim of Right to the long list of Westminster lies. The Westminster Parliament voted in favour of the Scottish Claim of Right which asserts that the people of Scotland have the right to determine the form of government best suited to their needs. Yet Theresa May appears to believe that she has a veto on that. There was no rider in the Claim of Right. There was no clause saying that the people of Scotland have the right to determine the form of government best suited to their needs as long as that was OK with Theresa May. Indeed, the Scottish Claim of Right was formulated in the first place due to the implaccable opposition of an intransigent Conservative Prime Minister with little support in Scotland to the notion that Scotland might seek a form of self-government. Here we are, 30 years on, the tragedy of Thatcher repeating as the farce of May.

There can be few more effective starting points for a second Scottish independence referendum campaign than a Conservative British Prime Minister telling Scotland to shut up, be quiet, and get back in its box. This is going to be the cornerstone of the next independence campaign. Scotland is trapped within a state which refuses to allow Scotland a voice at the top level of government, which is taking Scotland out of the EU without permitting Scotland to influence the form or shape of Brexit, and which refuses to allow the people of Scotland to decide their own future. The message of the next independence campaign is going to be that given these circumstances, Scotland is not in a union at all. Scotland is the subordinate province of a unitary British state.

Others within the British government say that another independence referendum must be resisted because it would be a “distraction”. So there you go Scotland. Your future is a distraction from the important business of ensuring that blinkered British nationalists get what they want. Dunno about you, but I’d quite like to have a government for which the future of my country was its prime concern, and not merely an irritation to be sidelined and avoided.

All of this would be horrendous at the best of times. However as the UK is heading towards the uncertain and stormy waters of Brexit, led by a clueless Conservative party which has been taken over by right wing free market extremists, it becomes a moral imperative for the people of Scotland to get a vote on our future. The United Kingdom in which we currently reside is not the United Kingdom which we were promised in 2014. And it’s only set to get worse.

Theresa May’s time as Conservative leader will end sooner or later, probably sooner, and her Ukippified party will elect a new leader who is a hardline Brexiter who will take an axe to what remains of our public services. Then Scotland will face a hard right Conservative government which we didn’t vote for, which is pursuing the hard Brexit policies which Scotland has rejected, and which is channelling Margaret Thatcher in its refusal to listen to the demands of Scotland’s elected representatives and the mandate that they possess from the Scottish people. That’s really not going to be a good look if you’re an anti-independence campaigner and you’re trying to persuade voters in Scotland that we’re a valued partner in a union of nations.

A refusal to grant a Section 30 order from this most intransigent of Prime Ministers was always to be expected. However in order to deal with the refusal, the Scottish Government must first say that it wants a referendum. Only then can we progress beyond the current paralysis and move into the next phase of the campaign, one which will be centered on the democratic deficit that Scotland faces within the UK and preparations for either a consultative referendum without Westminster’s consent, or for transforming the next set of elections in Scotland into a plebiscite on independence.

Meanwhile the SNP has announced that while it has decided to take on board most of the recommendations of the Growth Report, it has decided to move forward more quickly with the adoption of a new Scottish currency after independence. Retaining the use of the pound sterling will now be a temporary measure, similar to how sterling was retained by the Irish Free State until the introduction of the punt. This is a very good move, not least because the arse is likely to fall out of sterling after Brexit and then following Scottish independence.

It’s also a good move because it’s only with a currency of our own that the Scottish government will have the economic freedom of movement to break free of the UK’s ruinous financial policies. It’s a good move because it means we no longer have to pay heed to the British nationalist trolls who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

The greatest argument of all for Scottish independence is that as part of the UK Scotland isn’t allowed to decide what’s best for Scotland. We’ve got a struggle ahead of us. The British state is not going to give up its control over Scotland easily. But the tide of history is carrying us forward. All they have are threats and scare stories. We have the vision.



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35 comments on “The greatest argument of all

  1. Andy Anderson says:

    Spot on Paul

  2. Craig Fraser says:

    How do I share this on Facebook? Also the UK is, was and always will be the problem. The largest of the 4 nations telling the smaller 3 ones what they can and cannot do. The UK is an an autocractic kleptocracy run for the benefit of the wealthy by the wealthy. Disband the union. Craig

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    • Robert Harrison says:

      That’s what I mean this is an england dictatorship of our nation if there are those who can’t see that by now after all this crap then I’m sorry but they hopeless and delusional to the max.

    • Graeme Timoney says:

      Craig Just above the comments section you will see a button to share on Twitter, Facebook etc. just press the button and follow instructions.

      Thanks again Paul for an excellent post

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  4. dave oh what says:

    It’s Flufffy semantics all over again and again and again. “Scotland is (in Tory minds, now…) of the United Kingdom, not a “, therefore an absorbed component of a monolithic state rather than a building block. They simply make it up as they go along.

    • dave oh what says:

      sorry that should read…..It’s Flufffy semantics all over again and again and again. “Scotland is (in Tory minds, now…) PART of the United Kingdom, not a MEMBER“, therefore an absorbed component of a monolithic state rather than a building block. They simply make it up as they go along.

  5. Heather says:

    I punched the air when I read this.

  6. Robert Harrison says:

    And when they play the anti English card we should go hold on no we are just sick of being dictated to by a government only England voted for a government system that’s setup so England cannot be overridden in the UK parliament by us Wales or Northern Ireland policys imposed on us by said England government without our consent trident being prime example hit with facts like that as they hate being labeled the bad guys

    • orri says:

      I must be anti my maw as I don’t want her running my life for me.

    • Melvin says:

      Great point and oh so true, getting the currency out of the way is important.
      Followed by protection of citizens rights after independence and protection of farmers under eu single market rules. Tory farmers will change their mind when the cheap low quality food from the us arives. Steaks the size of houses full of chlorine and hormones. The SNP will guide us through the swamp and out the other side. Don’t imagine that the UK won’t fire up the orange bonfires to try to devide us, they have a long history in devide and conquer.

  7. A cockle warmer, Paul.
    It’s ok to say that?

    It’s comin’ yet, for a’ that.

  8. millssandra says:

    It’s past time to stop using the term UK ( United Kingdom ) . As Paul says and as has been demonstrated countless times by Westminster Governments and their parties in Scotland, we ( in Scotland ) are not a United Kingdom , we are not part of a functioning UNION .

    We are an afterthought in all the ways that matter . There is a Scottish Parliament and assemblies in N.Ireland and Wales but no separate English Parliament – for the simple reason that the English see Westminster as their parliament , just as there is no English BBC ( but separate branches for the lesser nations ) as the BBC is for England . If you doubt this watch any of the ‘national ‘ news programs It is The Bank of England , the Queen of England , even in the old war films it is England against the Jerries or whoever . The rest of the precious UNION is not even an afterthought , so let us stop using this term – UK !
    It is England and her colonies ( Englandshire ? ) or the Disunited Kingdom or whatever !

  9. Let’s kick start a competition to name the new Scottish Currency.
    I favour the Scottish ‘Alba’.

    Has any intrepid Dead Tree Scroller interviewed Mundell to establish why he sacked Alberto?
    Thought not.

  10. Jack, as someone, somewhere else said, the Oily Pound!

    • Pun time, ToL.

      The Scottish Independence Anthem?

      ‘Oil Take You Home Again, Kathleen’?

      I’m off out for a meal with Her Who Teases The Sun To Rise Every Morning; I’m in a right good mood.

      Even Brexit takes a back seat to a Rogan Josh and a Naan, washed down with a glass o’ the blessed Guinness.


  11. jfngw says:

    Not only did the Scottish public vote to avoid the iceberg but nearly all our MP’s (bar one) did not vote to even board the boat in the first place. It was MP’s from England that effectively decided Scotland would take part in a vote it did not want.

  12. Macart says:

    Well said Paul.

    A distraction… Huh!

    A distraction that was categorically promised that the only way its membership of the EU could be guaranteed, was to vote no in 2014. A distraction that sought to warn Mr Cameron of a possible constitutional crisis, request a veto and was summarily dismissed from any pre referendum consultation. A distraction that post referendum has had its recommendations dismissed and been taken to court by its partner in order to reclaim and repatriate powers that it had agreed as part of the devolution settlement.

    A distraction that’s been treated with arrogance and ignorance. Its population and government insulted and intimidated on a daily basis for over four years, whilst said government has bent over backwards to follow process and duty of devolved office.

    The policy gonk and their iceberg analogy? Reasonably appropriate in one sense. They can get back in the sea.

    I really don’t give a shit if said politicians and their gaffer feel a bit distracted by Scotland’s government and population. They were warned. They were asked nicely. They were begged NOT to do this and that subsequently there were other options. Scotgov did not have to do any of that. They could have stayed quiet and just let them get on with it, knowing where it could (and DID) lead.

    TBF, they could still avert the final trigger. At this point, I sincerely hope they don’t.

    Go ahead punk. Make my f**king day.

    • Molly McC says:

      Paul, a fantastic, to the point, piece as usual.
      Your last sentence should be on Billboards.

  13. Alex says:

    Paul, You don’t have to beg London for a section 30.
    Please read the document by Craig Murray, ” The
    Scottish Government Does Have the Right to Withdraw
    From the Act of Union ” This man is a former ambassador
    and knows what he is talking about.

  14. Melvin says:

    The headline picture is fantastic, sums the situation up perfectly. It only takes a moment for people to look at it and understand that we are not partners we are prisoners. Break the chains that bind us and show the world that democracy and freedom always win in the end. When you resort to violence you have lost, The British will of course resort to it, they always do . However they will end up just as they were in the 16th century alone isolated and ugly. Putting on thick face paint and lipstick to cover up the ulcers and hideous inner self.

  15. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    As always, the Wee Ginger Dug sums it up.

  16. It is indeed going to be a fight. USA /NATO won’t be intending to release their only live bombing range in Europe……. look what’s happening to Venezuela for daring to be socialist. Scotland has been the nuclear silo, nuclear dump and war game playground for NATO for over 50 years. The City of London and Co, having had a 50 year long casino orgy on the back of North Sea Oil, won’t be intending to let the next lot escape their greedy paws as they strike forth to their new/old imperial Brexit digestion of colonial assets. We are the last colony – and we will have to fight as hard as India and every other colony to escape. And we simply MUST win this time.

  17. Ok. I’m sick fed up of that wee man Willie Rennie.
    I challenge him to debate with me, live on BBC.

    I look forward to him announcing that Scotland can’t make it on its own as an Independent country.
    Come on , Willie.
    I am not a politician, and I have none of your vast experience in public speaking.
    If May gets her Brexit Deal through, Scotland is finished.
    Discuss, Willie.

  18. bringiton says:

    May and her chums cannot claim to protect their “precious precious Union” and then pretend that we are a one nation unitary state.
    Which is it?

  19. If a Section 30 is refused, then the SNP/Greens as the largest elected Scottish parties must complain immediately to the EU and the Hague saying that Scotland is being denied its democratic right to decide its future by referendum. Then dissolve the Union, I believe that would satisfy the correct means of leaving and keep the EU etc. onside.

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