Wee Ginger Dugcast – 1 March 2019

Welcome to the 1st of March edition of the Wee Ginger Dugcast, where Callum Baird (The National’s editor) and I manage to find things to talk about other than Brexit. Whoopee! In this edition we discuss Theresa May’s surprising revelation that she’s a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and whether this is the most embarrassing attempt by a politician to show that they’re in touch with popular culture since Gordon Brown claimed he was a fan of the Arctic Monkeys.  We also discuss the McCrone Report and the reaction received by The National to its groundbreaking decision to publish it in full, the news that the Conservatives expect the Scottish Government to ask for a Section 30 order within a few weeks – but have already decided to say no because they want us all to hit the iceberg together – and the decision by the SNP to move forward on plans for a new Scottish currency after independence.

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7 comments on “Wee Ginger Dugcast – 1 March 2019

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  2. Liz g says:

    Paul & Calum
    I’m looking to persuade The National to print a Supplement that’s a re run of the McCrone report, at an appropriate time during the Indyref2 campaign!
    We ( The Yes Movement ) can buy and distribute it while out and about campaigning!
    Do you think this is possible?
    How do we persuade The National to do it?

  3. Charles McGregor says:

    Liz g, Paul and Calum,

    I would like The National to give carte blanche permission to its readers to print off individual articles they see fit and distribute through doors in their area.

    I have read several, especially by Paul, where I have personally wanted to do this but was unsure of ‘legalities’.

    • Charles McGregor says:

      Ditto for Paul’s blog, where I confess that I have already done this once on the assumption that Paul would not object.

  4. John b says:

    What rules would apply to reprinting?

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