The Wee Ginger Dugcast : with Mhairi Black

Welcome to the latest edition of the Wee Ginger Dugcast brought to you by The National newspaper. In this week’s episode we have a very special guest, Mhairi Black. Mhairi joins us to chat about independence, the craziness of Westminster, and Brexit.

Of course, the only reason she agreed to guest was so that she could get to pat the dug.

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12 comments on “The Wee Ginger Dugcast : with Mhairi Black

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  2. izzie says:

    there is nothing wrong with the SNP nor the wider movement when we have people of the caliber of Mhairi Black in our corner.

  3. Lizzie55 says:

    Okay ….I’m sitting here with my 4 year old grand kid next to me. I’m listening to this and she is cuddling in going to sleep and then You launch into foul language. I don’t mind language like this, I just need to know it’s coming…..come on guys….

  4. Az says:

    I really enjoyed that, thank you!

  5. Art1001 says:

    Bit disappointed Ms Black stated that we must have permission from Westminster to run indyre2. I believe this cannot be the official line of the SNP surely?

    Scotland sovereignity was not legally given away in 2014 as she implied. In any case a majority of SNP and Green mps running on an independence at the next ge should do it if the Westminster Regime says no to indyre2.

  6. Anne Martin says:

    I love Mhairi Black. She’s no feart tae tell it like it is! 😂

  7. Just wan wee criticism, I am a bit mutt an jeff. Paul, I struggle tae hear yie. I have to rewind sometimes, apart fae that, brill.

  8. Robert Harrison says:

    Now your seeing how I’ve seen the uk all my life that the UK is a dictatorship by England and another point the numbers Westminster has 650 mps total

    England 533
    Scotland 59
    Wales 40
    Northern Ireland 18

    It’s clear as day the system is rigged because looking at that from the outside shows England can’t ever be overuled by scots Welsh or Northern Irish in Westminster it’s impossible the numbers don’t allow it.

  9. Macart says:

    An analogue parliament in a digital world tbs. And deliberately so I’d say. I’d also agree that it’s a club. Certainly a well appointed hoose whose sole purpose is to keep a specific societal order in the fashion to which it’s become accustomed. Quite the wee racket they’ve got going t’boot. The binary choice (political hegemony). An upper chamber for a bit of a reward and a comfy seat. Near unlimited access to a pretty onside meeja in order to get the narrative du jour out to the right ears. Oh, and the parliamentary procedures and traditions which are designed to keep it that way? Neat.

    It’s a club designed to direct and manage a population for its own benefit, as opposed to a house of government which reflects and serves a population for theirs. Mind you…. Those very archaic procedures and traditions? Its exclusivity. Its very nature? Might just be its Achilles wossiname.

    Also? Yes, I think independence is pretty much inevitable too. 🙂 No. I have no idea when either, but given the state and calibre of the current government and their honourable opposition? I’d say we have better than an even chance in the not too distant future. 😉 (winky thing)

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