The week in Brexit

While certain sections of the British nationalist press in Scotland have been very insistent this week that it’s all over for the independence movement, back in the real world the reasons for Scottish independence just keep getting stronger.  Brexit hasn’t gone away.  Scotland being sidelined and ignored hasn’t gone away.  This week has seen yet more reasons for independence being piled onto the stinking heap of putrid British politics, a heap which already rivals Mt Everest in height.

Theresa May is complaining that Jeremy Corbyn won’t come and speak to her about things that she’s already said she won’t do. One of the businessmen who was most vocal in his support for Brexit is taking his business to Singapore. Jacob Rees Mogg tells us that the only way to save democracy is to close down parliament. The Conservatives insist that it would be an attack on democracy to allow the people to have a free vote. Then a senior BBC presenter thought it was a serious question to suggest to an Irish government minister that the solution to the border question would be for Ireland to leave the EU and join the UK. That’s where we are now in the through the looking glass world of Brexit Britain.

There are only 62 days left until Brexit. That’s not enough time for Jacob Rees Mogg to get his tailor to make him a suit that looks like it wasn’t made for his dad. It’s scarcely enough time to get the council to come and pick up an abandoned mattress, certainly not if you are unfortunate enough to have a Tory council. There is, it must be said, little to distinguish Brexit from an abandoned mattress. It’s unsightly, unseemly, it leaves a bad smell, and no one will take responsibility for it. Certainly not those who actually dumped it outside our front gate. A gate which will soon require a visa to get through, at least once you get past the queue of lorries.

Jacob is terribly worried that the Parliament whose sovereignty he swore blind he was campaigning for might actually act like it’s sovereign. I seem to recall that all the way through the EU referendum campaign Jacob and his pals were insisting that it was an outrage that the sovereignty of the British Parliament be limited by Brussels and by treaty commitments that the UK had signed up to. It’s the God-given right of the UK to be perfidious, and promises made to foreigners needn’t be respected. Neither to promises made to Scotland, so we’re familiar with that one.  This kind of guff sounds terribly plausible to Conservatives in Middle-Englandshire when it’s delivered in the plummy tones of someone for whom poshness is performance art.  And that all by itself is one of the reasons why the UK is not fit for purpose.

However now that there are mutterings that MPs might wrest control of Parliament business from Theresa May’s minority government, and potentially use it to delay Brexit or even call for another referendum, Jacob is all of a sudden rather less keen on the sovereignty of Parliament. He wants to activate the Queen – which is a phrase that I’d never thought I’d hear. He wants Liz to make like activated charcoal and clear out the blocked bowels of Westminster. She can do this by suspending Parliament to prevent MPs acting like they’re a sovereign body. So now we know that Brexit is really about restoring the divine right of the monarchy. Most of us thought the royals already had been granted divine rights. At least as far as traffic offences are concerned.

Theresa May asserted this week that if Brexit fails to take place then people will lose all faith in politicians. Which only shows how out of touch she really is. That ship sailed a long time ago. The reason many of us want Scottish independence is precisely because we lost faith in politicians, and hope that with a written constitution in an independent Scotland we’ll be better placed to make sure that politicians are actually answerable to us. That’s certainly not the case in the UK.

She couldn’t help herself during PMQs. We may all be going to Hell in a handcart, there may be precious little time left, but there’s always time to get in a cheap gibe about Jeremy Corbyn – like she was a snarky blog writer or something. She sniffed, “The right honourable gentleman has been willing to sit down with Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA without preconditions, yet he won’t meet me to talk about Brexit.” Yeah Theresa, but that’s because Hamas, Hezbollah, and the IRA knew what they were doing. And at least they took responsibility for the damage that they created.

The population of the UK now feels like it’s living in that movie where Bruce Willis went up in a spaceship to save the world from the asteroid that was hurtling toward it and about to destroy it. Only instead of Bruce and his derring do we have Theresa May and her derring don’t. We have Jeremy Corbyn who wants to hand knit a spacecraft from wool plucked by a peasant collective from the backs of ethically reared vicuñas. And we have Jacob Rees Mogg cheering on the asteroid. None of them actually want to prevent the asteroid striking us, they merely disagree on who should be in charge when it does.

It seems that at least one senior presenter on the BBC doesn’t want to blame anyone in the UK for the mess of Brexit. On BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Saturday, Helen McEntee, the Europe Minister in the Irish government was interviewed by the veteran presenter John Humphrys. John wasn’t too impressed by the recent warnings that a no deal Brexit might lead to the imposition of a hard border across the island of Ireland, a border which John seems to have forgotten only exists in the first place because the British partitioned Ireland.

John thinks that it’s up to Ireland to sort out the mess. He asked the Irish minister why Ireland didn’t just quit the EU and “throw its lot in with this country”. Because that worked out so well for Ireland the last time. The fact that John Humphrys, who let us not forget is a highly paid BBC presenter specialising in politics, thought that this was a serious question deserving of a serious answer sums up all that is wrong with Brexit. If Helen McEntee hadn’t been a polite and sensible Irish politician, she would have given him the only proper answer, which is, “Are you feckin mad, or stupid, or both?”

In the Anglocentric world of Brexiteers, there is no need to understand or even acknowledge the tortured history of Ireland’s relationship with Britain. The problems with Brexit are always the fault of others, and it’s incumbent upon other countries and other people to fix England’s problems for it. Back in the real world, 92% of the people of Ireland want to remain in the EU. It’s not Ireland’s job to sort out the self-inflicted difficulties created by the UK’s inept and selfish political class. As long as Scotland remains a part of the UK, that would be Scotland’s job. That’s Scotland in the UK for you. No say. No influence. But fully liable for all of the mess.

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32 comments on “The week in Brexit

  1. crabbitgits says:

    BOOM BOOM!! Brilliant blog post after such a shitey week! Priceless.Thank you.

  2. brianmlucey says:

    You all should listen to Helen McEntee, calm and mature as she eviscerated JH this morning . While we have our share of godawful idjits, by and large Irish politics when abroad acts half sensible. Compared to the breathtaking insular imbecelic rantings of the English, we are blessed. Humphreys was beyond parody

    • Illy says:

      Any chance of a link?

      Also, how the hell did she not just burst out laughing at that question?

    • Brian, it is the morning after, so to speak.
      I commented last night with the thick end of half a gallon of Guinness in me (A good time was had by all, btw) that Humphreys was an ‘imperialist idiot’.
      He is nothing of the sort of course, and through the medium of this essential Scottish political organ, WGD, I apologise unreservedly to the wizened old BBC Thumper.

      You may recall that in the past, Many of us vile cybernats have levelled accusations against the ‘obedient retainers’, Down There who have made a healthy wealthy living out of being ‘Uncle Tams’, Brit Nat Sweaties based in London, working for the English Establishment via the MSM to defend the ‘precious Union’ against the Nasty Scots Nats, betraying their fellow countrymen and women for ‘English gold’?

      Check out Chris Cairns excellent take on ‘Uncle Tammery’ over on Wings over Scotland today.

      John Cleese’s ‘cultural not racist’ put-down was originally directed at Fraser Nelson, Nairn Born son of a Common Man, now editor of the Arch Right Wing ‘Spectator’ magazine (Boris Johnson was a former editor):-

      “Why do we let half-educated tenement Scots run our English press ? Because their craving for social status makes them obedient retainers ?”

      Cleese was demanding state control of the MSM, and Nelson led the backlash from the hacks.

      Andrew Neil is the chairman of the Spectator, a modern day Wogan, never off the telly, filling the screen with his generous well fed girth, 8 days a week . He never misses the opportunity to put down Scotland and attack our campaign for Self Determination from within the confines of his Westminster Bubble.
      Andrew Marr is another one.
      I’ve made the point of not tuning into his weekly hour of Brit Nat Propaganda today.

      Wales has its fair share of ‘obedient retainers’

      ‘Uncle Taffs’ if you like.

      A quick glance at John Humphrey’s bio on wiki would seem to suggest that the man who has sat hunched shoulders over the mic in the Radio 4 studio every morning for over thirty years now, fits the ‘poor lad dun good’ model which Fraser Nelson and others adopted when confronted by the racist elitist nonsense of Cleese and Co. (Many of Cleese’s 5 million Twitter followers agreed with him, apparently.)

      Humphreys is from Cardiff, of solid working class stock.

      Left school at 15, got a job on local rag, then worked his way up from there.

      He has been our Man in Washington and South Africa for the BBC, and lived through such outrages as the ‘Dodgy Dossier’, the ‘sexed up’ 45 Minutes lies that Iraq had the WMD capability to strike London in less than an hour.

      Indeed, he hosted the today programme that morning when Andrew Gilligan, who was later sacked for revealing Dr David Kelly as his source, but let the cat out of the bag, that Blair’s secret service lied to precipitate an attack on Iraq.

      Dr David Kelly subsequently committed suicide, hounded to death by the MSM and Blair’s hit men, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were slaughtered on the say so of an Iraqi refugee taxi driver codenamed ‘Curveball’.

      There is no doubt that Humphreys is a giant in journalistic terms,

      He has made an extremely good living out of being a Brit Nat hack.
      All of it in the pay of the BBC, the English oligarchy’s Propaganda Wing.

      So much so that he greeted the prospect of his £600,000 a year salary being ‘cut by more than half’ following the recent Equal Pay scandal at the Beeb, with a light-hearted shrug, blaming the BBC’s budget for his pay cut, rather than the decades of injustice towards his female colleagues.

      I listened to the broadcast this morning.

      There is nothing ligh-thearted or jocular in his suggestion that Ireland quit the EU and become a colony of England once more.

      He really meant it.

      He even went as far of accusing Ireland of ‘arrogance’ for insisting on honouring the GFA.
      He is an ‘Uncle Taff’ indeed.

      He lied about Ireland’s trade with the UK, and had to be corrected on the actual figures.

      Like all his colleagues, including Marr, Neil, and Nelson, he blames Europe for England’s Far Right Tory Mess.

      We’ll see more of this hysterical nonsense from the Brit Nats over the coming weeks.
      It’s not England’s fault; it’s the Karauts, the Froggies, the Sweatie Socks, and the Thick Micks to blame.

      It is reported that the British Army is on the Border between Derry and Letterkenny now.

      The British Army is stockpiling ‘materiel’ in anticipation of civil unrest.

      And it will all be Johnny Foreigner’s fault with all their threats and bullying;
      It is about to get very nasty indeed.

  3. Tol says:

    Q: What would the Brexit process have look like if May always wanted No-Deal but not take the blame for it (and also wanted to keep Scotland and NI)?…

    A: It would look exactly like the brexit process that has played out.


    What now Scotland?

  4. Macart says:

    Must admit I almost choked oan ma Abernethy biscuits when I heard Humphrey’s idiocy. It was one of those ‘just wow!’ moments.


    Also? The laughably monikered ‘Scottish meeja’ really are into projection and wishful thinking if they believe self determination is on its last legs. 😀

    Does beg a question or two of them though. Why would they want it to be? Why would they take pleasure in the very thought of it? Do they think Westminster government. This system of government. This epic nightmare. Is all the population deserve? Not just the brightest or most objective of approaches to a population you’d think. (shrugs) Their choice right enough, but still.

    When Brexit (on top of austerity) goes completely south for all the obvious reasons. Just who do they think people will look to for being responsible? What do they think will be the outcome for the folk that misled people to misery and hardship?

    Worth a thought.

  5. Hugh mcsween says:

    ” If Helen McEntee hadn’t been a polite and sensible Irish politician, she would have given him the only proper answer, which is, “Are you feckin mad, or stupid, or both?”
    Helen could have replied ,

    ” no thank you ,one famine is enough “

  6. Just in from the rub a dub dub.
    John Humphreys…really?
    We are leaving… Ireland ain’t coming back, you Imperialist idiot.

  7. astytaylor says:

    Brilliant, Paul. Thank you.

  8. diabloandco says:

    I think I would have liked her to respond as you suggested , it’s about time that someone shoved the stupid comments down their throats in a more aggressive manner,

    Maybe not quite like Janet Godley over Nadine Dorries – maybe a little less forthright – but if you google her you’ll get the drift.

  9. Col says:

    Scotland is financially liable for the mess being made and if we don’t change our pin number soon England will be digging deep into our overdraft to pay for their poor decisions.

  10. Dave tewart says:

    Westminster and it’s propaganda arm don’t do self appraisal.
    Heard Herd, police minister, say on R4 ‘ If there is a material change in circumstances it is incombent on the government to re-allcate resources and policies to effect change’, he was speaking about the lack of police on the streets of London, after this government reduced funding.
    Today we have Hunt saying he’s backing Trump on appointing a president in another country as they believe the vote was rigged?
    Just our type of democracy.
    Aye Right.
    Quote was from R4, World at One, Thursday.
    Pity we get to have a government that got only 37% of the vote, first past the post.

  11. Millsy says:

    The John Humphries comment , if he was serious ( and he did sound so ) , sums up the arrogance and stupidity of the Westminster elite ( I know , he’s BBC but what is the difference ? ).

    It beggars belief that a senior political journalist could make such a crass comment on Ireland. Anyone who could make such a suggestion is either completely ignorant of Irish/UK history ( so why is he in this job ? ) or is such an arrogant Britnat as to assume that all ‘foreigners’ are champing at the bit to be part of ‘GREAT’ Britain !
    My money is on the latter !

  12. Andy Anderson says:

    Good article Paul.

    I look forward to the day, say ten years from now, when I am looking forward to my holiday to celebrate my eightieth birthday reminiscing about the six years that have passed since our first Independence Day party and looking at England, still mired in shit and poor government.

    Although I would feel sorry for individuals deep down I would not care to much. You reap what you sow.

  13. Emily InertiaCreeps Davis says:

    Do you know the worst thing about this? We’re prepared to tear everything apart for referendum that wasn’t legally binding and that only 72.1% of the population voted for. Of the 17,410,742 people that voted ‘Leave’ (vs. the 29,089,259 that voted remain or didn’t vote – the edjits) there is now a growing proportion that feel that they a. Didn’t really understand what they were voting for, and b. Feel lied too.

    No one, including most of the people at the head of this shit-show, ever thought this was going to succeed. Thanks, Cameron, you fucking flange-maggot.

    Take away the the insidious influence of the media and you’ll find that most normal people just want to get on with their lives. In fact, that’s just it – if you want to stop all this nonsense then take out the likes of Murdoch and Bannon who are the ones stirring up all this hatred and bile. Poison goes where poison is welcome, but stop the poison and things get better.

  14. Gregg Brain. says:

    “It’s the God-given right of the UK to be perfidious, and promises made to foreigners needn’t be respected.”

    I hear ya.

  15. susan says:

    That comment is just so crass and oozing a sense of entitlement! Can’t believe a senior bbc correspondent could say such a thing…on second thoughts, yes I could.

  16. Cubby says:

    Even the dumbest reader of Britnat media must be thinking to themselves – ” I’m sure I’ve read quite a few times over recent years that the independence movement is finished”

  17. Catherine Kerr says:

    John Humphrey is not the first person to suggest Ireland rejoins the wonderful United Kingdom and Northern Ireland- I believe it was one of the enlightened Tory MP’s, who believes the world all want to join England in pursuit of their entitled nationhood.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      It was also a certain Stanley Johnson, father of Boris, who mooted the same thing, Catherine Kerr. (Although I have no doubt there are many of the same persuasion amongst the Tory – of any colour – ranks at Wastemonster.)

  18. Cubby says:

    What’s the difference between the IRA and Theresa May. The IRA accept responsibility for the damage they have done.

  19. Cubby says:

    N. Ireland voted to remain in the EU. In the UK’s wonderful democracy you never see or hear anyone promoting this point on the Britnat media. All you get is the DUP promoting the end of the GF agreement and an exit from the EU.

  20. Welsh Sion says:

    Humphrys has form – as any good Taff could tell you. The biography above from Jack Collatin is accurate and useful reading, but as one of the pro-indy supporting Taffs in the house, I’m happy to share more with you.

    He actively despises our national language. He is on record as saying he fled the Western Mail (our so-called ‘national newspaper’) based in Caerdydd/Cardiff as a journo in order to take the Fleet Street/Londonian shilling to avoid the Welsh speakers in the office back home who were conspiring against him. (In a language he didn’t understand, naturally …)

    He once questioned an English contestant on Mastermind (you will recall he is now the host of said quiz programme) why he would want to choose as his specialist subject the history of Cymru/Wales in the Age of Saints. (I refuse to call it what the Anglocentrics call ‘The Dark Ages’.) Yes, Humphrys often used to quiz the contestants on the why’s and wherefore’s of their cjhosen specialist subject, but you could hear the disdain, and see the sneer as he asked this of that particular contestant.

    And then Humphrys compounds his ‘error’ (no error of course – just the usual anti-Cymric jibe) that the proper names of places and individuals of that period are ‘unpronoceable’ and the language itself ‘so difficult.’ (Totally untrue of course – and not just on a personal level. On a linguistic level, anyone who knows a little about the pronunciation of Cymraeg/Welsh will tell you it is fairly easy, the language being virtually phonemic (not, phonetic, – that is another issue), but suffice to say that there is a clear one-to-one correspondence between letter and sound in my language. Compare that with English and the notorious -ough at the end of words, for example.)

    As a postscript, I mention that Humphrys’s brother, Bob, remained in Caerdydd/Cardiff and got a job for himself as the Sports Reporter on the BBC equivalent of Reporting Shortbread – Wales Today, from the early 1990’s until his death in 2008.

    • Thanks for this, Sion,
      As I say, he made his way in the journalistic world, reported on the fall of Nixon, and Rhodesia for example.
      But he is now 10% BBC Brit Nat.
      The unutterable gall of the man to insult and irish politician like that, given the 30 years of Terror, and the fact that Ireland is a country, a member of the EU, and fuck all to do with England’s self harm.

      • Jan Cowan says:

        Seems he badly wants to be English rather than Welsh. He’s to be pitied rather than mocked.

  21. chicmac says:

    Brilliant Paul.

    That stinking pile of corrupta which deludedly purports to being a paragon of democracy in the mother of parliaments has at last been exposed for all to see in its full horror.

    Beats any Stephen King denouement.

  22. Kelpie says:

    How about Ireland says, “Yeah, OK we’ll join in but, fair’s fair, we get to vote in the referendum.” And they have a vote and the numbers just added to the UK vote.

    And on a high turnout and high “remain” vote tell the UK that it’s all fine ‘cos now the majority is for “remain”.

    That would be fine for everyone, right?

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