Acknowledging Scotland’s existence

Finally, Theresa May has managed to unite the UK. Everyone thinks her deal is rubbish, even the guy who was supposedly in charge of negotiating it. The Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned, so Raab C Brexit is now Raab C Exit. Fellow Brexist Esther McVey has taken time out of her busy schedule of torturing benefits claimants and kicking away the crutches of disabled people in order to issue a statement saying that she’s resigning from the government because this deal is unfair and unworkable. So very much like Universal Credit then, but that didn’t seem to exercise what passes for her conscience.

The Brexists have dumped an enormous pile of crap all over the UK, and now they’re walking away whistling that it’s got nothing to do with them. They don’t want to clean up the mess that they have created. And now God knows what’s happening. Will there be a no confidence vote? Could be. Will Theresa May survive the week as Prime Minister? Who knows. Will there be other government resignations between the time I start to write this blog article and finishing it? Quite possibly. Will there be an early General Election? Maybe. Will the government’s Brexit deal make it through the Commons? Almost certainly not. Are we staring at the prospect of crashing out of the EU without any deal at all? It’s more likely now than it was yesterday.

The only certainty amongst any of this crapfest is that Scotland will continue to be marginalised and ignored by Westminster.

Sorry, two certainties. There’s also the certainty that a wad of wet toilet paper in a hurricane would offer greater protection from the storm than Ruth Davidson and Fluffy Mundell, both of whom have issued meek statements backing the Prime Minister despite the fact that the Brexit deal trashes what Ruth and the Fluffy one were themselves touting not 48 hours ago as their red lines.

There was no mention at all of Scotland in the 585 pages of Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Not one. Not even in passing. No recognition that Scotland even exists as a distinctive part of the UK, never mind any attempt to take into account Scotland’s needs and interests.

There are those opponents of independence who’ve been bumping their gums on social media that the Scottish government is being unreasonable and merely seeking grievances to nurture by pointing out that Scotland hasn’t been mentioned at all in the lengthy Brexit deal document. What about mentions of England or Wales? Eh? Eh! There weren’t many of those either. They crow, as if that was making some sort of harrumphage point worth making.

There’s the point, and then there’s opponents of Scottish independence missing it by the approximate distance between Ross Thomson’s ears. Which quite coincidentally is also an astronomical unit of measurement for the distance between the Earth and the furthest observable galaxy. The point is that England and Wales voted for Brexit. They’re getting what they voted for. Scotland on the other hand voted to remain a part of the EU by a considerably larger margin than it voted to remain a part of the UK. Scotland is not getting what it voted for. England and Wales didn’t have independence referendums in 2014 during which they were assured by the very same people who are taking the UK out of the EU that they only way that they could remain a part of the EU was to remain a part of the UK. That was Scotland. That was the Scotland that those same people swore blind was a valued and equal partner in a family of nations whose needs, views, and interests would always be respected and valued by the UK. That’s the point.

That’s why the omission of a single mention of Scotland, the Scots, or Scottish in the Brexit deal document is such a disgrace. It is additional proof, as if further proof was necessary, that the winners of both the Scottish independence referendum and the EU exit referendum won on the basis of lies and false promises. It is additional evidence making the case for another Scottish independence referendum, a case that was already unassailable.

Adding insult to injury this deal is, as described by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the worst of all possible worlds for Scotland. It offers special terms to Northern Ireland which it refuses to grant to Scotland, putting Northern Ireland at a competitive advantage against Scotland. Northern Ireland will be able to attract businesses and investment which seeks access to the UK as well as to the EU, but Scotland won’t. That was a red line for the Scottish Tories, but now they’re telling us it wasn’t a red line after all. More a pale pink. Possibly mauve. But invisible under normal lighting conditions anyway.

Neither does this deal offer the protections and guarantees sought by the Scottish fishing industry, which was the only industry in Scotland that the Tories cared about all of a sudden. The UK will remain bound by the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy until 2020, and after that, according to the draft deal’s opaque language, the UK will cooperate with the EU “for the conservation, rational management and regulation of fisheries” in a “non-discriminatory manner”. Which looks suspiciously like kicking the issue into the long grass and when it does come slinking out it will look very like the Common Fisheries Policy with another name. The protection of Scottish fisheries was the ONLY benefit from Brexit that the Scottish Conservatives were committed to, and they couldn’t deliver. Westminster will always sell Scotland out when other interests are at stake.

An opinion poll out today shows that if there is a General Election soon, the SNP are likely to make substantial gains. In that election the SNP cannot shy away from the issue of independence. There can be no mealy mouthed “Stronger for Scotland” slogans and attempts to say that the election isn’t about independence at all. The British nationalist parties will never allow the SNP to get away with a claim that a vote for the SNP isn’t about independence, especially not with the overwhelmingly anti-independence media in Scotland. The SNP has to own the issue of independence. It has to be proud of it. It has to make the case for it every single day. Then the party can come out the other side of a possible early General Election with a cast iron mandate for a referendum, or even for independence itself.

This entire sorry British mess proves that the UK doesn’t function in the interests of Scotland. It doesn’t function in the interests of ordinary people wherever they are in the UK. And in fact it barely functions. The case for independence is now stronger than ever. The silence in the Brexit document about Scotland illustrates how pathetically inadequate that the UK is at representing the needs of this country. We are now arguing that if the people of Scotland want a government that acknowledges Scotland’s existence, we need independence. That’s how poorly the UK works for Scotland, and how desperately this country needs to choose its own path in Europe and the world.

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54 comments on “Acknowledging Scotland’s existence

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  2. The best Carlaw could do today was to accuse the SNP of making the Brexit process worse because it refused to take Independence off the table. Despite promising to remove himself from our sight, Mundell is running about shouting “Fooled ye. Ah’m no goin’ efter a’.”
    Surely the fishermen are not still under the delusion that the Tories will do anything for anybody but themselves? The Whips will only have to look at the Bakers’ Dozen and they will opt for self-preservation.
    I personally do not relish the prospect of a winter election campaign but I think it might work out best for Scotland.

  3. Robert Harrison says:

    Yet in England 7 England mps resign so far today and mundell insults them by calling them carpet baggers he certainly to arrogant to notice they got at least 12 replacements right now stupid cowardly traitor that toy is even to his own side.

  4. William Maxwell says:

    I have had a life time of tory lies, and can assure you they have been consistent over the last 70+ years, they are worse than their red cousins. Regarding Indy2 I feel a bit frustrated, but I trust Nicola to call it correctly. Hopefully quite soon.

    • grumpydubai says:

      Agreed William.

      I am nearing the 70 mark and can vouch for what you say. However, I would take slight issue in regard to red Tories.
      You are being too kind to them.


  5. Tim F-G says:

    Let’s say there is a snap UK General Election (for argument’s sake). How about rather than considering the Scottish Elections in 2021 for this, the SNP makes the snap election all about independence and says to voters: we have your mandate from 2016 and we are now saying, a vote at this snap election for us is a vote for independence, and a majority of SNP Westminster MPs will then have a mandate from the Scottish electorate to come home, and the Scottish Parliament passes a bill to dissolve the Union with England. To make the snap election about independence would not be in breach of the mandate since a second snap election would still be within the timeframe of this particular Scottish parliament.

    If there are considerations to combine the 2021 Scottish Elections with the question of Independence, then why not apply this plan to a potential UK snap election?

    Three concerns: no votes allowed for young yins and Europeans, and the unionist parties could find ways of conspiring against the SNP together. Then again though, thanks to Green support we did win 57 out of 59 seats in those limiting circumstances in the 2016 UK election.

    I personally would word it as a majority but aim to secure a substantial majority of seats to put the argument to bed for good.

  6. Tim F-G says:

    I should add re the earlier post, I still think a snap UK election is unlikely even with what transpired today but the Scottish Govt should consider the options in the event that a UK election does happen in the next few months.

    Re May: I think the odds on her survival are better than the odds against her. 48-50 letters is not a big hurdle but getting 158 MPs of your own party to vote against her is a very tall order, and you can log the vote of no confidence once per year so if Rees-Mogg and co fail with this attempt, then May is safe in this regard until Christmas 2019, not to mention empowered within her party. Still doesn’t change the fact that England is fast approaching the cliff edge with no deal in hand.

    • One has to give credit to Theresa May though. For 3 centuries England has lorded it over Scotland. Scotland has had to accept the rules from Westminster, with no influence on the rules. In the space of 2 years her Brexit deal, in relation to the EU, has reduced the UK to the status of Scotland.

  7. Illy says:

    “Then the party can come out the other side of a possible early General Election with a cast iron mandate for a referendum, or even for independence itself.”

    If they don’t enter that election seeking a mandate for Scottish Independence in entirety, then they’ve stopped being useful.

    The only point of a second referendum is that it’s a plebiscite that we can call without Westminster’s control. If they hand us one on a silver platter, we should bloody well take advantage and ask the question, not just ask if we can ask the question.

    Lets stop pussyfooting about this time, shall we?

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  9. Macart says:

    Well? The letters have been flying toward the 1922 committee all day and apparently a statement from Ms May is due shortly. Also a joint letter by Carwyn Jones and the FM requesting a meeting. Should be interesting. It’s basically a five star boorach out there. Defo a case of watch this space and anything can happen in the next half hour.

    • benmadigan says:

      As far as I can make out the head of the 1922 committee could have 148 letters in his post box because he’s the only one who can see and count them! They magically become reach the right number at a time that is most convenient for the Tories!

      • Macart says:

        Mmmmm. It could be that May survives because someone in the big chair has to carry the can you know. It’s unlikely they’ll chance a GE before some form of Brexit outcome is achieved over the winter. After March? Depending on which way the wind blows with the public and dependent on their desired outcomes, her coat might well be on a shoogly peg.

        Conservatives are long term planners for power and short-termist policy makers for populism. I’d guess the next PM is already planned for by the 1922 Committee. If they aren’t then the committee wouldn’t be very good at their job.

        Their problem? What the Scottish government are up to. The outcomes of the two cases before two separate judiciaries. The uncontested claim of right which has passed through commons. The bill through Holyrood on the right to hold a referendum and the fact that after four straight years of media assault, the YES vote hasn’t receded.

        You want to know why they avoid even mentioning the name Sc****nd? Why you rarely see SNP representation on telly? Why the meeja have effectively frozen out the third party of UK politics and the second largest by membership? Why they treat the Scottish benches with utter contempt?

        I’d guess fear. They’re terrified to give the SNP any kind of platform or validity.

        Worth a thought.

        TBH though, you’d have to be mental to have a hot take on anything today. Moving on to choccie raisins now and at some point I’ll have to go to the little boys room. 😎

  10. Macart says:

    Oh lord! What in the name of???


    • Words fail me, really, but I see that Stu Campbell responded with “You’re a liar” to that eejit Lord LibDem Wotsisface, who must have been speaking out of the wrong orifice.

  11. Frank Gillougley says:

    Agreed. This is what has come to mind to me following the last 48 hours.

    To paraphrase George Orwell:

    If you want a vision of the future UK, imagine a British boot stamping on a Scottish face – forever.

    Faceless and featureless. That’s what they want us to be. Nameless and faceless so that we do not exist, except as worker drones paying taxes into their British coffers.

    Unionjackery is symptomatic of this. We are to become the native American Indians of Britain. And you can forget your history, your culture, your identity – all that’s for gettin’ sold down the river. We, as a people, do not exist and as ‘part’ of the UK, Brexit will continue its machinations until the day I will die.

    So be it.

    Here’s what I would like to happen, then.

    I don’t want anything to do with fecking endless referenda BS beauty contests.

    Draw up the constitution and proclamation and manifesto. In the forthcoming GE, the SNP stand for election on the basis of vote SNP then you are voting for Independence from rUK and say so to the United Nations. We have the collective brains to do this, FFS. As Craig Murray points out, That sets out a fair democratic test before the electorate, and is analogous to the way that Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic became independent, plus the overwhelming majority of states in Africa, Asia and South America – almost none of which was by referendum.

    • Andy Anderson says:


      We would need to plan and work hard to get the bullet point constitution in front of every Scot.

      Also a summary of our financial viability.

      I do worry though that we must not jump until we are ready.

    • Jams O'Donnell says:

      Absolutely spot on. Repeal Act of Union as a Manifesto commitment, get elected, leave.

  12. Macart says:


    May hanging on.

    • She kept going on and on about the “British people”. I wonder who she had in mind, exactly. Also “hard-working families”. I think that one means everyone except children, young people, old people, the sick, the disabled, people at colleges and universities … nothing new, in other words.

      • Macart says:

        Well, we know she’s not talking about Scotland. Her speech described a UK and Britishness totally at odds with the reality of the society their politics has created. Scotland having rejected Conservatism long since.

        Her party brought this omnishambles to our door. Her party broke their given word to Scotland’s electorate. Her party endangered the devolution settlement of four years ago and it’s her party that are attempting to smash it altogether by taking Holyrood to the SC.

        People need to be fully aware. Absolutely CRYSTAL CLEAR. Labour representatives may have sold us out to Westminster politics four years ago (its what they do), but the driving force they got into bed with was always a Tory government who really don’t do social unity or care.

        • Sam, as I pointed out before, they now drape the Butcher’s Aprons behind her to show only the Cross of St George.
          The backdrop to her wee press conference was two such ‘English’ flags; her frail body partially blocked the flags. It looked like a blood red swastika as a backdrop. Check it out.
          It’s deliberate.

          She didn’t half bang on about ‘the British people’ voting to leave.
          In ten days time, her stint will be over.
          The EU have had enough of the Merrie Englunders, and so have I.
          Any Indyref must include 16-17 year olds.
          A UK GE would exclude these future leaders of Scotland. That’s simply not on.
          Mundell comes across as an unprincipled little camp follower, which he undoubtedly is.
          When Rees Mogg takes over the Blue Tories, Mundell will be booted out anyway.
          A Nothing Man in a Nothing Job.
          Has he no self respect?
          Jackson Carhire and That dick Leonard stretch belief in the democratic process to the limit.
          We must get rid of d’Honte on day one of Free Scotland.
          It’s comin’ yet for a’ that, and very soon now, not in 9 months or 2021, or in five years time.
          We are at the gates of hell. Time to scramsky.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      If PM goes the EU will walk away I think. Hard Brexit would probably be a certainty.

  13. achmony says:

    To the SNP and Nicola – you have to start taking control of this situation. No more dithering, no more procrastinating, no more uncertainty about Scotland’s future. Get onto the front foot and start dictating the agenda. Start telling these abominable and evil prats in Westminster that Scotland means business. We should give them immediate notice that we are leaving this dysfunctional union at the earliest possible opportunity. We cannot take any more of their constant disdain, the Tory contempt for Scots and Scotland and their downright devious and dishonest practices. They are just thieves who are pillaging and robbing this proud nation of its resources and wealth at an ever-increasing rate and it has to be stopped NOW. Come on Nicola, the SNP, and the Scottish Government – start leading us out of this abject misery. Please do it – for God’s sake – for all the lovely people of this beautiful country and their children and grandchildren. We are desperate.

  14. The best we can hope for is probably BoJo or Rees-Mogg as PM in a Tory Party orgy of bloodletting, sorry, party leadership contest. Can’t think of a better way of guaranteeing a Yes vote in a referendum here, or a thumping SNP majority in a snap election if one is called. I note that Rees-Morgue has already handed in a no-confidence letter…

    There are a couple of very important legal judgments that should be handed down soon, at which point the First Minister will have all her ducks in a row, I should think. First is the judgment of the UK Supreme Court on the Continuity Bill (, which I believe is expected by the end of this month. Then there is a judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the unilateral revocability of the article 50 notification ( We should expect that one by Christmas, it seems, or at least that is the opinion of the QC representing the group of MSPs, MEPs and MPs who raised the action – there’s an article about it here:

    In other words, not long to wait. We are in for a tumultuous few weeks, to make a statement of the bleedin’ obvious, which may see the crunch / tipping point reached sooner. Whether or no, we are very definitely into the end game now.

  15. crabbitgits says:

    “or even for independence itself.” If there is a snap General Election, which is becoming increasingly likely now; and what I hope is what’s holding the Scottish Government back from the independence issue, if there is one, then I agree that the SNP must have independence at the
    front and centre of their election and when they win they MUST declare independence and forget all the nonsense about a section 30 and all that other nonsense. The pussy-footing is over.

  16. markrussell20085017 says:

    I don’t think it was a lapse of judgement that the Brexit plan failed to mention Scotland or reference its Parliament. The Westminster government have already written Scotland off and are merely playing to a different audience. Whist the present Tory party consumes itself in an orgy of internecine gore, a much smaller Union will emerge and all will be laid bare. A united and independent Ireland – and Scotland are there for the taking.

    Get on with it. Toot suite..

  17. Shall I tell ye whit’s bothering me ? Well, I’m gonny anyway so ye can gie me pelters if ye want tae, but ah’ve got tae get it aff ma chest.

    I’ve been active for independence since ah was 16. I could only have dreamed of an SNP government then but we got one in 2007, then a majority government (and the first indyref) then a third term. Then 56 MPs and (caught on the hop and a terrible campaign) we still got a majority 35 in 2017. We nailed the local government elections in 2016, taking GCC, although the Unionists showed their colours and hopped back into bed with each other. Scotland voted Remain.

    All ducks lining up for a second indyref, yes ? And how we have waited. And waited. And been treated like dirt. And waited. Then there was the SNP walkout at WM and we all cheered at a show of *ahem* cojones from our representatives. And we have waited.

    And whenever people (okay, me) said “Arghhhh, come ON Nicola, call it, call it NOW” someone else would calmly say “Nicola has said she won’t call it until the outcome of Brexit is known”

    So yesterday we got 585 pages of keech with no mention of Scotland. None. Pretty conclusive there then I thought.

    And then in Holyrood today, Patrick asked the Indyref Question and Nicola said :

    “We have now seen the terms of the deal, but it remains to be seen whether it will make it to a vote in the House of Commons over the next couple of weeks. When we see how the whole sorry saga plays out, I will undertake my commitment as I said I would”

    So, now it’s “if it gets to a vote”. And then what ? If it gets to a general election ? And if not ? If it gets to a People’s Vote ? And if not ?

    I know everyone says trust the FM but am I the only one worried that the ducks in the line will keep getting shunted further and further up the line until one day…… feckin’ ducks ?

    Jeez, I must be getting tired if I’m at the stage of calling it #DuckGate

    • Macart says:

      This is the nervy bit right enough. When it happens though, I’d reckon it’s going to be a tight window and the opportunity may come from a place most folk won’t expect. 😎

    • It’ll be a matter of weeks now rather than months. I’m sure of it. Aaargh.

      Not all ducks, just enough ducks…

    • I agree with you. However, the SNP gave Scotland a referendum and most of us turned down the chance of Independence. They’re not going to go into another one, unless they’re sure of winning it. Probably, they don’t trust enough of us yet, to do the right thing. I’m not going to blame them. The time is coming though, but we must just wait a little longer, until Brexit bites. Then, there will be a certain majority.

  18. ScotsCanuck says:

    A1, Paul ….. well stated.

  19. Luigi says:

    If a UK GE suddenly jumps on the table (and let’s face it anything can happen in this mess), then the SNP should indeed make it a mandate for independence. Regarding the perceived issue with 16-17 year olds and EU national being excluded? No problem – it provides the perfect excuse for pushing for another indy ref should the SNP narrowly fail to gain a mandate from the GE results.

    Yes, we narrowly lost the GE mandate for indy, but 16-17 year olds and EU nationals were excluded, so now we have to out it to the country in a referendum. Just for clarity, you understand. 🙂

  20. Macart says:

    This is worth reading.

    Also? Apparently 48 letters received and rumours of no confidence vote running amok.

    Just time to go out and stock up. 😎

  21. Jams O'Donnell says:

    All this messing about with referenda is a waste of time, money and effort. The SNP should make it a manifesto commitment to repeal the Act of Union if they win power. No more shilly-shallying and waiting on being given permission from Westminster. Probably no other country in the world has asked permission to be independent – all, as far as I am aware, have taken it, with both hands.

    • graemedbruce says:

      This from the conclusion says it all. Sickening. It really is.

      The experience of the United Kingdom, especially since 2010, underscores the conclusion that poverty is a political choice. Austerity could easily have spared the poor, if the political will had existed to do so. Resources were available to the Treasury at the last budget that could have transformed the situation of millions of people living in poverty, but the political choice was made to fund tax cuts for the wealthy instead.

      • Macart says:

        Pretty much.

        A political choice: It’s exactly what many folk above and below the line have been saying for a good many years now. Austerity economics is a political ideology. An ideology to provide stability only for a very small demographic. The idea being that so long as they are peachy, then the rest of the populace will benefit from their well being.

        The very core of the trickle down system in living colour.

        Seems the UN are of the same opinion we are. Effectively, trickle down and austerity ideology are the mother and father of misery for a population.

    • Sam,
      there are some on here who may squirm when I accuse Davidson Leonard and Rennie of having the blood of hundreds of thousands of UK citizens on their hands.
      This report should be required reading to all who continue to vote Tory, the Blue Red or Yellow variety.
      It disgusts me and fills me with rage in equal measure.
      I have queried why Church Leaders have not gone public condemning this affront to their gods.
      This truly is man’s (sic)inhumanity to man.
      Westminster is killing 100,000’s of their citizens.
      The Tories are systematically returning England to Victorian levels of poverty and deprivation, while squirrelling the country’s wealth into the bank accounts of the top 10%.
      I have said before: I could not trust myself to be in the same room as Professor Two Jobs WATP Adam Tomknis or that smirking idiot Wullie Rennie who boasted in Parliament that his Coalition Government had been a success in reducing the deficit by austerity cuts.
      Your party drove millions into mental despair, Rennie. And you too.
      Meanwhile champion of the Brit Nat Socialist cause Neil Findlay rabbits on about rail performance.
      Can someone e mail a copy of this to JK Rowling?

      Perhaps she doesn’t realise that our forced reconciliation with our abusive partner England hasn’t quite worked out.
      We must surely be on the brink of a citizens’ Uprising in theUuK if Brexit happens.
      I’m raging.
      Thanks for the link, Macca.

      • Macart says:

        They’re believers Jack. Even in the face of insurmountable evidence proving that their stewardship of the UK’s economy has been catastrophic, they will defend what they see as their Sterling record to the bitter end. And it will be bitter.

        Whatever good each of the three have done over the years, has been massively offset by the harm they have done. They politicked and legislated to stay in power, not for the good of their populations. As we’ve noted previously, the nature of their practice of politics has been to alienate, divide and divide yet again demographics within society. It was only ever going to have one inevitable outcome.

        When national and international crisis arose? You couldn’t get such a riven society to unite behind any of them on a bet. And on both Brexit and Scottish independence? The attitudes and narrative they created over decades to create demographic division have never been so exposed.

        STILL, the bastards wouldn’t hold their hands up and own collective responsibility, come clean with the public and tell the damn truth. STILL, they continue to play at politics for personal advantage whilst people starve or face decades of penury. STILL, they want you to vote for them (the people who dropped you in this mincer in the first place) and seek to convince you that you don’t have any other choices available.

        Well, WE DO.

        Hopefully this time we’ll take the option to govern ourselves.

        • We shall, Sam, we shall.
          They do not have a belief system; they have no moral compass.
          hey are in it for the money.
          What else could these people do for a living?
          They are godless, amoral puppets.

  22. John Paterson says:

    Penultimate paragraph just totally nails it . . . .

  23. Jim Morris says:

    Scotland, the cash cow in the room – who needs the EU which demands contributions and compliance with laws, rules and regulations, when we can keep using Scottish resources and wealth to finance everything, and even get the chance to call them scroungers and ungrateful girners?

    • wm says:

      Oil,Gas, more clean energy than most countries anywhere, more fishing and farming than we need. We could even sell them some of our excess water. would any country not want to hold on to these natural resources when they have a neighbour stupid enough to let them.

  24. chicmac says:

    Noting that there has been another recent Broontervention in which he made the ludicrously unbelievable promise that the Scottish Government would be able deal with the EU directly, a promise which he, of course, has absolutely no power to implement, I decided to try out my new graphics computer this..

  25. Ace, chic.
    This dusty old Never Was is given air time and column inches by his fellow parishioners to churn out this risible crap at the crook of his finger.
    He and the MSM Up Here are part of the Unseen Hand of the Scot branch of the Anglo Iron Heel Oligarchy,and should be sharing a cell with Blair in Geneva awaiting trial for war crimes.
    The Herald and the Record will follow the Scotsman into oblivion soon.
    Brown, Brian Wilson, and from the slugs slithering about in the sewage beneath the News Room, hounding Salmond the Sex Pervert, will eventually realise that they can feck right off.
    I shall danse at their demise.
    The Enemies of the People of Scotland. They continue to attempt to destroy us.

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