A very big deal

You can’t turn on the telly today without seeing some eager interviewer standing outside Westminster or Downing Street, sticking their microphone in the face of a random political passer by and asking them about the government’s Brexit deal. The cracks are already showing, not least in the rictus grins of the Conservatives. It’s that uncomfortable smile you get from an actor on a soap opera who knows that their character has been killed off by the writers but isn’t allowed to say so in public. This is it for them, this is when the Brexit pigeon comes home to roost. Having spent the past two years crapping all over the British body politic, now it’s going to crap on the Tory party.

The Labour party has said that the deal doesn’t meet their six conditions, conditions which were in an act of poetic justice which Labour isn’t usually capable of, determined by the pronouncements of the Brexists themselves. The SNP has said that as far as Scotland is concerned, this deal is the worst of all possible worlds. The DUP won’t agree to it as it treats Northern Ireland differently from the rest of the UK. A small group of Conservative remainers are expected to vote against because they still hope that there can be a second referendum. The Johnson and Rees-Mogg faction of the Tory party won’t agree to it because they won’t agree to anything other than an act of capitulation from the EU. Which is rather like King Harold getting an arrow in his eye and thinking he can dictate the terms of the Norman Conquest instead of going to SpecSavers.

It’s still possible that Theresa May’s Brexit deal can squeeze the votes it needs to get through Parliament. The vote is most likely to occur early in December. However the word possible covers all eventualities. It is possible that Ross Thomson can be interviewed on the telly without making you think that he’s the tragic victim in a charity appeal. It’s possible, but vanishingly unlikely.

Ross is currently one of those nutjob Brexiteers who is telling anyone who will listen that Theresa’s deal is a betrayal. The deal sells out the Scottish fishing industry which Ross and the other Scottish Tories pledged to defend. Pledging to defend every other Scottish industry, not so much. But on the fishing issue, they’re taking strong and stern action. Ross and the rest of Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservative ™ MPs have written a letter. OOoooooh. That will really show Theresa May that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Theresa knows what the rest of us know. That the Scottish Conservatives will harrumph a wee bit for the benefit of the cameras, then they’ll do what they’re told and will put the interests of the Tory party before the interests of Scotland. Because that’s what they always do. If you think that you can vote for a Tory in the expectation that he or she was going to stand up for your interests and Scotland’s interests, you’d probably also think that you could use a solution of flesh eating bacteria as an anti-wrinkle cream.

The Scottish Government is concerned that Theresa May’s deal will leave Northern Ireland within the single market, putting Scotland at a serious competitive disadvantage. If special arrangements can be made for Northern Ireland, there is absolutely no reason why the same cannot be done for Scotland. The Government of Gibraltar has been allowed to see the terms of the deal, but the UK Government has refused to allow the Scottish Government the same courtesy. So much for a union of equals. So much for a much loved partner in a family of nations.

Nicola Sturgeon revealed today that Theresa May had offered to call the First Minister after the cabinet meeting, but refused to call before. So in other words the UK PM will only contact Scotland in order to lay down the law on a deal that had already been agreed between the Conservatives, but she refused to speak to Nicola Sturgeon before the cabinet meeting so that Scotland’s concerns can be factored into the discussions before a final decision is reached. There’s that respect agenda for you Scotland.

It’s not just the Westminster Parliament which has served Scotland poorly throughout this entire sorry Brexit process. In the week that it was revealed that Scotland’s contributions to the TV licence subsidise the BBC headquarters to the tune of over £100 million annually, it is a remarkable fact that not once during the protracted Brexit process has BBC Scotland, or STV for that matter, seen fit to produce a single programme, public debate, or documentary, examining how Scotland is going to be affected by Brexit. As Scotland’s interests have been lost in the mists of Westminster obfuscation and Tory and Labour wishful thinking, the Scottish broadcast media has done the square root of hee-haw to blow away the fog and promote public awareness of specifically Scottish issues. If you wanted an argument as to why Scotland deserves and needs a national public service broadcaster of its own, that’s it right there.

As a part of this so-called union, Scotland is being marginalised and ignored by the British political establishment, and the British media. That same media crows that Brexit hasn’t produced a surge in support for independence, without considering that this might not be unrelated to the fact that it would far rather search out the latest SNPbad story than seriously examine the effects on Scotland of the Conservatives’ destructive addiction to Brexit and Labour’s codependency.

The lassitude of the Scottish broadcast media is reflected in the country. There are still too many people in Scotland who have been sitting on their backsides these past two years telling themselves that everything will work out just fine, that “they” will never go through with a destructive Brexit that ruins lives, wrecks the economy, and turns the UK into the laughing stock of Europe. Well “they” will, because “they” don’t give a toss about you, about Scotland, about what any of us think about or care about. And one of the major reasons that they don’t give a toss is because too many of us let them get away with it.

Theresa’s Brexit deal isn’t a great deal. It’s not a big deal. It’s a deal which strips away the pretence that the UK is a country which works for everyone. It’s a deal which removes any doubt about the UK’s true place in the world – on the sidelines, marginalised and ignored, retreating into a bunting fuelled fantasy of empires long lost. You can’t eat bunting. You can’t sustain yourself on royal walkabouts and military parades.

What is a very big deal is the way in which the electorate has been lied to. What is a very big deal is the cavalier fashion in which the British establishment has brushed aside the Irish peace process and the promises made to Scotland during the independence referendum. What is a very big deal is the deceit of Westminster. What is a very big deal is that the UK is being taken out the EU and Scotland kept within the UK on the basis of lies. What is a very big deal is the way that Scotland has been treated during this sorry episode by those British nationalists who tell us that they love us. Now is the time for the Scottish Government to say that enough is enough.

UPDATE: 9pm 14 November 2018

The UK government has now released the entire text of the deal struck by Theresa May to leave the EU.  Here’s everything that it says about Scotland.







There are 109 mentions of Northern Ireland, and 70 mentions of Cyprus.  But there is not a single mention of Scotland anywhere in a document that is 585 pages long.  That’s how much consideration this Conservative government has given to Scotland.  Better together, eh.

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40 comments on “A very big deal

  1. Macart says:

    That’s pretty much the whole omnishambles laid out right there.

    As for the media crowing? Two points for them to consider.

    1. Had they been anything like the public watchdogs they pretend to be, instead of cheerleading for all things Westminster. a. We wouldn’t be in this shit show in the first place and b. they’d see a damn sight more than a simple surge

    2. Despite their best efforts, (and they have put in a shift on assaulting all things SG) the vote for self determination has held in Scotland.

    Going back to that first point. It really does make you wonder just where those figures would be at, if even a third of the press showed anything like support for Scotland’s government?

    Regardless, those chooks are coming home to roost in Westminster. Some careers will end. Some will dissipate, some will make hay while their sun shines. But d’you know what? Nothing. NOTHING will hide the fact that UK politics is, right this very moment, doing a swirly in the lavvie and is heading for the U-bend of no return.

    The very bestest and brightest that the Westminster system of politics has to offer. The self righteous. The self entitled. The ignorant. The arrogant and the condescending have effectively acted and behaved just exactly as predicted. They’ve set light to their own rotten house and are currently arguing over who gets the fiddle.

    My only regret is the suffering the populations of these islands have been put through because of the generational actions of these prats.

  2. Aye, enough has been enough for a long time. Ah know Nicola said we had tae wait until the Brexit terms were known but let’s be honest, Molly could have predicted the outcome o’ Brexit by reading her tripe sticks an’ havin’ a wee joogle o’ her Mooija board

    The grassroots know it, the members know it, the indy faithful know it – Scottish Government, it’s time tae call it. We gave you the mandate, an’ aye, you’ve looked efter it awfy well fur us. But get the cotton wool aff it, gie it a wee polish wi’ Mister Sheen and fur heaven’s sake CALL THE INDYREF.


  3. […] Wee Ginger Dug A very big deal You can’t turn on the telly today without seeing some eager interviewer standing […]

  4. Achmony says:

    OK Nicola! What more evidence do you need? Call it NOW!

  5. Alba Laddie says:

    We ‘re being too nice – simple as that. May is now set to meet the DUP again, and probably bung them another billion or two while we wait about in the corridor waiting for the heidie to call us in for a dressing down and a pat on the head.

    It’s just not good enough and it’s time to call them out on it too – come on SNP, time to up the ante!

  6. Jock McDonnell says:

    It is indeed time.
    With the uncertainty of the negotiations that lie ahead after March, our FM must demand a seat at the table & that requires indyref2.

  7. Rob James says:

    Time to take the gloves off, call a referendum and recall our MP’s from the cesspit at our earliest convenience. The door to continuing EU membership for Scotland is open until 29th March (under section 48 of the rules regarding the secession of any member state and the options open to any constituent parts of that state)
    If Westminster is not happy, let them come up to Edinburgh if they wish to discuss matters.

  8. Stuart Mcnicoll says:

    Disrespecting Scotland, no, fear is the driver. Scotland has couple of poker’s warming nicely in fire. The ECJ and the Continuity Bill at the Supreme court. When they poker’s are red hot, that’s the time to move.

    • robert harrison says:

      The rumour is the UK government lost the supreme Court case the verdict was mid October and nothing on it and we are nearly through November.

  9. mogabee says:

    No mention of Scotland in a document that we were not involved in and will not agree to endorse.

    But what about Prince? I was convinced he was deid but seems he’s having a birthday today.

    I saw it on the BBC…

  10. davidmccann24 says:

    Well- did any of you seriously think Scotland would be considered?
    Me too

    • benmadigan says:

      As I warned Scotland from the outset, Scotland did/does not have the safeguards Ireland achieved in the UN-lodged british -Irish treaty (belfast/Good friday Agreement) .

      So no surprise Scotland was disregarded by both the UK govt and the EU as the EU negotiated only with the UK Govt.

      By the same token FM Sturgeon cannot demand the same status as NI

      Up to the Scottish Govt now – May Scotland achieve her freedom and independence!

  11. Col says:

    According to the BBC where Scotland is concerned the fishing industry is the only issue that brexit affects the whole of North Britain. I’m sick of hearing about the fisherman and I’m from a fishing family. You pointed out that neither of scotlands supposed broadcasters has had a public debate regarding brexit. That is quite simply shocking.

  12. Macart says:

    Oh, this’ll go down well.


    In other news? There’s a rumour that the DUP aren’t to be included on Ms May’s Christmas card list.


    • Have Mundell and the Dirty Dozen resigned yet?
      Has Jackson Carhire demanded that Holyrood instigate Indyref 2 to Save Our Fishing from the Brit Nat Sell Outs?
      I deliberately did not watch any of this nonsense unfold yesterday.
      I had a media detox.
      This Brexit Surrender has NO chance of getting through the English parliament.
      I don’t see Arlene and the Creationists new single being:-
      ‘The Cry Was Surrender’; Do you ?
      This runaway train is careering towards the Brexit buffers.
      Toffee or salted, Sam?

      • Macart says:

        Nope. Not a sausage as yet. TBH Jack, I never expected them to, though there’s time enough. Mr Mundell may yet want to think things through. Mr Raab on the other hand? He wants to distance himself as far as humanly possible from point of impact. I’d guess it took him less than a heartbeat to consider the consequences of this carnage. The ‘Brexit Secretary’ (laughs) jumped ship soon as.

        UK cabinet falling apart and Commons in chaos. Westminster will be Westminster.(shrugs)

        Who knew?

        • McVey gone too.
          I bet she left skid marks on the Cabinet carpet as she headed for the hills.
          Universal Credit delayed by yet another five years.
          This is what happens when Danny Alexander sacks 500,000 real civil servants and hands public service over to the ‘market’ who pay their staff zero hour peanuts, and as a consequence, hire monkeys.
          Yet according to the Chequers Blind Brexit, 4,000,000 EU citizens and their families working and living in the UK will be granted Leave to Stay by December 2010, 25 months from now.
          The paperwork should be a doddle.
          It’s all about to kick off, to the timetable we discussed on here in the summer of ’16.

          • Shailesh Vara and Suella Braverman have resigned also.
            Never heard of them?
            I hear that Alex McLeish is checking to see if Dominic Raab has Scottish Grandparents.
            It says a lot about a leader if their team opts out in droves.

  13. Fillofficer says:

    No mention of Scotland in the agreement, eh ?
    Like we will cease to exist
    Look up ‘scotlandshire’ mibbe

  14. deelsdugs says:

    We sensible heids in Scotland, knew damn fine and well what ‘they’ would churn out. It’s kinda getting like, maybe always has been, that Scotgov are just reaping the benefits of their salaries and hanging on in there for their pensions, just like many long-term employees with local authority…I worked there once upon a time and was horrified by this attitude. I don’t wish to think along these lines, but enough is enough now.

  15. MBC says:

    Sadly I don’t think the opposition will have the courage to vote this down.

  16. I’ve just churned through the first 68 pages which cover EU nationals working and residing in the UK, and UK nationals working and residing in one of the ‘member states.
    You are correct of course. No mention of Scotland: but the following are listed.
    Anguilla, Bermuda, British Antarctic Territory, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin
    Islands, Cayman Islands Gibraltar Isle of Man Cyprus sovereign bases Northern Ireland, but not Wales, in fact every morsel of England’s diminished Empire, but the Northern Colony, Scotland.

    68 pages of incredibly complex articles, which could never be enacted by December 2020, plus the year’s extra grace built in to cover ‘stragglers’.

    3 million EU citizens AND Their Families will require to be registered in that time. Lets say, 4 million then.
    On the Continent over one million UK workers, residents, including 350,000 retirees resident in Spain alone will require to provide documentation and proof that they wont be a burden on the Member Sate (they presumably won’t be able to move around to work retire or set up a business in the other 26 ‘Member States’ unless they apply for EU citizenship.
    No mention of reciprocal Health services, but ominously, mention of ‘medical insurance’ required by both sets of workers/retirees post Brexit.
    It will be impossible to implement any aspect of this nonsense.
    How many civil servants will they need?
    Visas, social security, ‘frontier workers’ (fruit pickers to you and me) get a few paragraphs.
    Off to read some more.
    This is the list of countries which we will be barred from visiting working or retiring to after March 2019, not at the end of the transition period.
    The Articles covering Freedom of Movement (not) only cover those who get in before England hauls up the drawbridge.
    BTW, the section of ‘professional Qualifications’ is a sick joke.
    Goodbye to :-

    “Member States” means the Kingdom of Belgium, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Czech
    Republic, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of
    Estonia, Ireland, the Hellenic Republic, the Kingdom of Spain, the French Republic, the
    Republic of Croatia, the Italian Republic, the Republic of Cyprus, the Republic of Latvia, the
    Republic of Lithuania, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Hungary, the Republic of Malta, the
    Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Republic of Austria, the Republic of Poland, the Portuguese
    Republic, Romania, the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, the Republic of Finland
    and the Kingdom of Sweden.”
    Aye, right.

  17. Alba Laddie says:

    Dominic’s domino effect about to start. Get the finger oot, SNP.

  18. My head hurts.

    We stay in the Customs Union until December 2010, BUT, UK has to satisfy Brussels that all goods heading to the EU comply. Lots more Customs Officials and firms hiring staff to coordinate that they are ‘EU Compliant’.
    Wines will still have their protected status, Chianti can only come from Chianti-land, eg., after the transition period, but Scotch can come from Kentucky in the WTO Free Market.

    Trade Deals post December 2020 are part of the Blind Brexit to be decided after we leave the EU.
    Lots more officials and documentation required.
    In other words, we shall have no detail of Customs arrangements post the Implementation Period before we leave the EU.
    No don’t laugh.
    Time for steamy black tea and buttered digestive.
    I cannot promise to get back on the rest of this nonsense.
    WM will kick it out.
    Any sign of Mundell and the Dirty dozen resigning the Whip yet?
    Can’ wait for Tom Gordon’s 4 page colour spread in this Sunday’s Herald Britland announcing Davidson’s new bairn to the World.
    ‘Ruth Supermom: combining a career and motherhood. My struggle’
    Or Hutcheon’s latest on Sex Pest Salmond. The dung beetles scurrying about in the shit.
    On this day of all days, Patrick Harvie’s bleating on about nationalising the Railways.
    When will these people wake up and admit that they are about to destroy Scotland. if we are mug enough to let them.
    I post all of this unedited. Je suis desole.

  19. Alba Laddie says:

    Boom! Esther McVey gone…think anyone will notice?

    • Raab’s gone. Thank the Chief for that.
      I no longer feel the need to read the rest of this Blind Brexit nonsense.
      Stamer has announced that the Red Tories will vote it down.
      well we all knew that this Chequer’s Blancmange would collapse in on itself.
      It had the life expectancy of a Tory candidate in Clydebank.

      • Macart says:

        Watching the debate now. Ian Blackford quietly got his point across on the lack of consideration for Scotland’s vote. Left the bait out and May duly took the hook and played the UK card with much braying and condescension from the opposition benches.

        Clever man.

        SNP have been quiet since allowing Westminster benches to do their own thing. Heh!

        • I watched it too, Sam.
          She’s toast, probably later this afternoon.
          No sign of Mundell on the front bench, and most of the dirty dozen in hiding.
          One BBC politics editor described May’s Mauling as a ‘remorseless pummelling’.
          It was stated that only 7 MP’s during 2 and 1/2 hours of questions to the PM backed her deal, yet when the arithmetic was explained to her, that WM would overwhelmingly vote down the deal, she plodded on, declaring that she would present her proposals to Brussels on the 25th November regardless, and once ensuring the EU 27’s agreement, return to WM and go through the quite inevitable rejection by MP’s of all parties.
          She was asked several times, what her Plan B was?
          Was it her deal, or No Deal.
          She did not answer.
          She had no answers to any concerns expressed from MP’s from all parties, representing constituencies throughout the Uk, on the future of Manufacturing, agriculture, fishing, finance.
          The woman was a trembling wreck by the end of it all.
          I gather Rees Mogg has tabled a motion of No Confidence.
          Mundell appeared on the six minute coverage of the 11 minute long Distorting Scotland refusing to resign because he backs the Union.
          Two faced little coward, some may say, but I couldn’t possibly comment.
          Jackson Carhire, face florid, looking every inch a man days away from a seizure, blurted out that it was all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault for insisting on maintaining her stance on Scottish Independence.
          What a pointless little man he is.
          NS was her excellent controlled assertive righteously angry self.
          On such a historic day we get 6 minutes from Donalda McKinnon and her 700 reporters, then thee minutes at Erskine Hospital, Scotland. SNP shite because we don’t have enough support nurses.
          Are these people stark staring mad?
          Scotland is about to be plunged into Third World Poverty by an occupying force to the South, and there are still Scots born people deflecting this madness and attempting to blacken the old political party trying to save us from it.
          The dark clouds are gathering.

          • Macart says:

            Apparently the letters of no confidence are flying in to the 1922 Committee as we speak. Hardly dare go for pee really. Blink and you miss the next revelation kinda thing.

  20. Macart says:

    No one will be shocked to learn that the thoroughly discredited Mr Mundell has no current intent to resign.


    Who knew? The Carmichael syndrome runs deep through all of the pro Westminster parties.

  21. Craig P says:

    Bunting, royalty, WWII, Spitfires and Winston Churchill, World’s Greatest Empire. The past, the past, the glorious past!

    Back in the 18th century the Jacobites were accused by Whigs of being backward looking Tories, wanting the old world of patronage and absolute monarchy, and willing to sacrifice for it the trade to be done in the new imperial markets.

    Anyone noticed you could level the same criticism at unionists today? Backward looking Tories wanting the old world of patronage and deference, and willing to sacrifice for it the trade to be done in the new European market…

  22. Andy Anderson says:

    I see the understandable demand for Indyref2 now but we must wait for the chaos to play out over the next nine months or so. I reckon the media will start to explain the issues better now once the understand the draft agreement.

    Read the article in the National today by Gordon McIntyre Kemp to see why we need to wait. We also need to actively convert people before the referndum is called. We cannot be sure of winning with the opinion polls at the half way point. The undecided will not be easy to convince as those if us who support Yes now.

    A shambles Yes, but use this to aid our campaign.

    We will get our Independence Day.

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