Kicking the can down the road

A guest post by Samuel Miller

Wednesday’s summit went well then. Okay, perhaps a tad sarcastic, but the meeting went pretty much along expected lines. That would be the summit where some people had a fair idea that there wouldn’t be any agreement. That one.

Ms May’s bespoke deal was widely expected to be a non starter before it was even presented to Mr Barnier. (TBF the outcome from talks between Raab and Barnier last weekend was a bit of a heads up moment. Duh!) The deal itself was widely derided as a fudge. A blind and murky brexit at best. The main sticking point? The EU’s reluctance to accept a backstop for the backstop proposal on the Irish border issue. Their own would result in a (permanent? *shrugs*) commercial border running through the Irish sea and of course, a differential status for the population of Northern Ireland.

The EU have already and consistently over the past two years, told UK gov. that there could be no cherry picking on future trade agreements. You either want to conform to EU legislation and regulations, or you don’t. You either want to be party to the four freedoms, or you don’t. No one is holding you back either way. Just… pick one. Which is why the Chequers plan/fudge came to be. So far as the EU are concerned? I’d say their stance is a loose CU deal (blind brexit catastrophe) or no deal (crisismageddon) and therefore that would also be Ms May’s final choice to make.

Of course Ms. May currently doesn’t feel she can commit to a backstop without end and for fairly obvious reasons. Any CU membership or compliance, however long or short is anathema to the Brexiter elements within her own party. Most of whom are queuing up to practice that age old tradition of political backstabbery on Ms May as you read. That and the fact that she doesn’t control a majority in the HoC without the aid of the equally ideologically opposed DUP. Another thorny problem however, is that of the runaway narrative. Brexit is, after all, Brexit. That and the fact that some folk have no short term memory problems.

The failure of her plan to date? Well that’s resulted in the EU rejecting those proposals and narrowing her window to seal some kind of post exit deal. The November summit has apparently been canned and December looks to be the next crunch deadline. With no deal appearing at that point? The clock really starts ticking down.

Her only option available? Buy time I’d guess. What it’s always been since the day and hour this omnishambles reared its ugly head. Keep kicking the can down the road in the hopes of finding solutions to at least some of the above. Look for an extension to the transition period and waffle for Brittania. Turn the spin doctoring in yer meeja up to eleven and scapegoat everything with a pulse. Try and slide as much responsibility for this epic and ongoing galactofeck onto anyone or anything that’s not you or most of your party. Salvage whatever you can of the reputation of your big hoose on the Thames. Take two paracetamol and go to bed until you feel better… or it all goes away.

But it won’t.

The EU’s damned insistence on adhering to its own rules of membership are not Ms May’s only problem. Even IF, (and that’s a really big IF), she managed the miracle of squaring that impossible circle. Fairly certain she knows that waiting in the wings is the Scottish debate. A hacked off Scottish government and a growing number of Scotland’s electorate who are aware of the impending financial and constitutional catastrophe that is Brexit of ANY kind. A Brexit they didn’t vote for. She knows that when, (not if), clarity of any description becomes available to them, Scotland’s population will have a choice to make and a say on their future. She also knows how badly her government and media chooms have treated their partners. What they failed to achieve in the past four years.

Clock’s ticking right enough I’d say.

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  1. Andy Anderson says:

    Agree to your content Sam.

    Yes the ‘Scottish Question’ is a bummer for them. Any restriction to the borders in the UK and Norn Ireland breaks the 1707 & 1800 Union treaties and they know this too hence Ruthie and Fluffies panic a few days ago.
    Then we have the current legal fight about the Scotgov Continuity Bill.
    What with the Indyref2 they must be so frustrated at as annoying Jocks.

    I know this Brexit thing is going to be painful for us all but once England gets it and we are gone from this awful Union with our positive revenue stream for the Treasury and our oil and gas I have to admit I will be gloating at their stupidity.

    • Shagpile says:

      There is no such thing as the 1800 treaty, a state, any state, can not have an international treaty with itself. 1707, however is an international treaty, as is the GFA. 1800 is an Act of parliament though, and as such forms a part of our unwritten constitution.

      The article 50 withdrawal from the EU must be concluded within the constitutional arrangements of the leaving member state.

      Not really surprised that the UK government can not see the heard of elephants sitting in their cabinet room.

      • Andy Anderson says:

        In 1800 Westminster passed a treaty for the whole of the island of Ireland which was similar to the 1707 treaty for Scotland.

        If Brexit causes a border to free movement and trade between these islands then both these treaties will have been broken. Obviously most of Ireland is now a separate sovereign state, because of this the 1800 Act was amended in 1922 to state it covered Northern Island only.

        • Shagpile says:

          1800, although written to sound like a treaty, was an Act of the UK parliament.

          The island of Ireland was not an independent sovereign state in 1800. It was an English territory, the same status it had in 1707. The Act simply abolished the Irish legislature and imposed direct rule… The UK parliament could have achieved the same without an Act of the Irish legislature, but having their consent looked good. There were Irishmen bought and sold for “British” gold.

          What would you call an Act of parliament that united Wales into the UK of GB Wales and Northern Ireland? Would that be a treaty too?

          Only correcting you Andy, not disagreeing with you.

          • Az says:

            Thanks for that, Shagpile. Your explanation was simpler than some of the shit I’ve read and makes perfect sense.

            I even had one dullard telling me that the Act(s) of Union were SUPRSEDED by the 1800 Act, which was obviously bollocks, but your explanation joined two important dots. Thanks so much from both me and Lara.

            • Shagpile says:

              Thanks for that AZ, and just to point out to the DUP, the international treaty referred to as The Good Friday Agreement already treats part of the UK (NI) differently than the rest of the UK. It is in fact what Andy and myself above have noted.

              It is why the EU are so insistent on the border issue. The UK have treaty obligations to fulfil with a fellow member state.

              Westminster are terrified of the precedent the consequences of their treaty obligations to ROI will have on any future border between iScotland and iEngland.

              The 1800 Act of union is a good example of how telling a big lie often enough, that people do believe it.

  2. Yeah. It’s got to the point now (and I didn’t understand others before stating this) but I’m losing interest in the whole thing. I was looking forward to the tories and May getting a bloody nose from the EU, and then the whole ‘union’ thing collapsing, but now it seems that it’s just going to go on and on and on and on and . . . .

  3. John Stewart says:

    All the media talk is around “a deal”. People understand that to mean a financial deal.

    But far more important – in my opinion at least – is the implications for travel, for living and working in another country, and the various Health & Safety stuff, including quality control.

    These things cannot be given a monetary value. My fear is that all of these things are already of the past, all gone in the name of “taking back control”.

    It’s not back to the future, it’s forward to the past.

    • Sorry, John, you must be late to the debate,
      It has little to do with a ‘financial deal’.

      • John Stewart says:

        Morning Jack. My comment was not about the debate – it was about what the media / the TV is presenting. And they are talking only about “a deal”. The vast majority of people hearing the words “a deal” immediately think pound signs.

        • Sorry, John.
          I was ‘in my cups’ in the wee sma’ hours when I clacked that off.
          What I meant’s too late for debate.
          There is no deal.
          They didn’t even invite her to stay for dinner.
          May’s trying to hold on until the beginning of December when the whole of England quite literally ceases to function because of Christmas.
          The Russians could march into Leamington Spa in the first week in December and the natives wouldn’t give a toss; they’d be too busy Christmas Shopping, whooping it up at works’ Christmas parties, or binging on box sets of Doris Day ”classics’.
          It’s too late now.
          No Deal is the starting pistol on the march to Independence.

          ‘Don’t comment with the dark stout in you, Jack.’
          100 times.
          mea maxima culpa.

  4. Daisy Walker says:

    If the Peoples Vote delivers SM and CU for the whole of the UK, then the Irish Border issue is solved and the 1707 Treaty issue is also sorted.

    Sadly for us, this version of soft Brexit will still hit the UK economy by -2% GPD which is the same as the 2007 bankers austerity crash. Our public services will not survive this all over again.

    While big T was in Brussels and all eyes were on her, over in Gibraltar a deal was being agreed. Which is nothing short of a miracle, since Gibraltar is a Tax Haven. The details of the deal are being kept quiet. So will it be in the ECJ (and therefore bound by the new tax haven laws) or has a tax haven back door been created?

    If, a tax haven back door has been created. Big T will have served her time, the left and right cheeks of the Westminster scelpit arse will unite… and we will have … GE, Peoples Vote, doesn’t matter.

    In the ensuing grass roots campaign from England, Scotland’s democratic need for Indy will have lost a significant amount of power and volume.

    Be prepared folks.

    • Illy says:

      What people’s vote are you talking about?

    • Luigi says:

      I share your concerns, Daisy. If it’s a blind BREXIT, it does weaken the case for independence somewhat, given the way this is unfolding. I don’t attribute this possibility to the genius of this incompetent WM government, more of an “events” thing which may end up benefiting those that least deserve it (incompetent BritNats). Hopefully the SG has factored this in and have a cunning plan.

      My gut feeling is that come what may, the SG will have to commit to an indyref very soon, before things get completely out of control. I think Nicola has shown extreme realism and consideration for all people in Scotland in the way she has conducted herself and the SG. There will be no perfect timing for this, but I think we have a good chance of winning if we go before next March.

      I do think there are a few more twists and turns yet to go, but not long now, surely. 🙂

    • There isn’t going to be a people’s vote. The people in charge, the Brexiters, don’t want all of their lies totally exposed and raked over, in another Brexit campaign.

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  6. m biyd says:

    It’s not in point but I see the Tory’s have started sending support Ruth if you hate the SNP letters out in Dundee. I haven’t got one in Rural Perthshire but wondered if they have been sent to other areas of the country. There’s no mention of the Brexit fiasco in the letters.

    • Luigi says:

      Aye we know what the Scottish Tory strategy will be for the next GE.

      They don’t exactly have anything else to campaign on. Sadly, Scottish Labour will fall for it and, rather than attack the tories on BREXIT, they will try to out-compete the tories on their British Nationalism. It’s a battle they cannot win. Thus in Scotland, another red tory squeeze may be on the cards. How much more punishment can they take?

  7. It’s not going to go “on and on”. The reporting of Brexit in the media is awful, deliberately awful. They deliberately ignore the important and crucial points of Brexit and highlight the froth and bubbles of Brexit. The plebs must be kept in the dark.
    The crucial point here, is that there can be no extension of any kind, if an indefinite backstop isn’t agreed to by the UK Government. That means that if the UK doesn’t come up with an alternative solution to a border in the Irish Sea, Northern Ireland will remain in the Customs Union and therefore the border must be, in the Irish Sea. The media are highlighting extensions. This talk of extensions is to calm the revolting plebs and is a red herring.
    The UK Government have already signed up to the agreement on the backstop. Their signatures, last December, enabled the UK to move on to phase 2 of the negotiations. They are now, Boris and David Davis, claiming that they didn’t understand what they were signing. That doesn’t cut any ice with the EU, but they hope it be a sort of fig leaf, that will reassure their swivel eyed, racist, Tory Brexiter colleagues of their loyalty to the Brexiter cause. However, the UK can’t have a border in the Irish Sea, because the DUP and Tory Brexiters won’t allow it. This is an insoluble, Catch 22 situation.
    The Government and media are going to continue to keep us in the dark, right up to we crash out on a No Deal Brexit on the 31st March 2019. They will continue to say that they are negotiating on the backstop, although we have signed off on it.
    On the 1st of April 2019, the UK government will be the only government in the world without a trade deal. All of our treaties attained through membership of the EU, will come to an end. No exports, no imports. No planes flying anywhere. The UK is cut off from the world. If we don’t vote for Independence, we will be a backwater of a Pariah state. A vicious Pariah state, looking for someone to blame for all it’s troubles. “Ah, those Jockos, it’s all their fault. They’re a drain on our economy”.

  8. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Westminster grossly and amazingly incompetent.

    There is panic and an odd smell coming from the British Nationalists the sort of smell you get when a large number of people are really really very worried and packed in a small room.

    There is less confidence among the usual wasp chewing types, yoons be mad but not so mad that they don’t realise they are about to fall off their flat earth.

    • Tol says:

      Which part is incompetent?

      – The stuff about control of civil unrest
      – The organising of unimaginable power in the executive
      – The wiping away of annoying devolution and GFA?
      – Just the stuff you want them to be doing?

      With this government, what do you really think they are planning? A normal organised Brexit they don’t give a toss about, or, the nasty shit they are actually passing in parliament and the planning they are showing that is a despot’s wet dream.

      If its the nasty…doesn’t the continual kicking the can down the road actually help them?

  9. Graeme J McAllan says:

    Ruthie and Fluffles speaking for Scotland ;(

  10. No mention of the 700,000 in London protesting the Brexit Farce, in the Herald Britland, or the bums and tits murder Drugs Gangland gazette, Steven Gerard gazette Daily Record, but the Hootsman covers it, but also includes a quote from Professor Two Jobs WATP ‘constitutional expert’ Adam Tomkins :-

    “Tory constitution spokesman Adam Tomkins said: “It’s clear that the UK government has to deliver on the result of the EU referendum, and that means Brexit is going to happen.“Rather than pursue diversionary tactics, Nicola Sturgeon should get on with working with the UK government to get the best deal possible.“Instead this week she has shown that she is going to persist in trying to use Brexit simply to further her cause for a second independence referendum.”
    This man stood in our constituency. We rejected him for the chancer he clearly was. But he got in on the Jobs For The Boys List vote.
    This is not ‘democracy’.
    This is colonial rule by our neighbours to the south.
    Tomkins, I rejected you.
    You have ontribited nothing to the smooth governance of Scotland.
    You are there to destroy Scotland as a nation.
    You do not have a say in our future.
    We voted for somebody else who puts Scotland and its people first.
    Move to England.

    • Oops, I missed out a ‘c’ in ‘contributed’.
      It’s that time of night.
      Seriously, what a perverted system d’Honte is that this man who was booted out at the FPTP stage, gets to pontificate about what we Scots want and don’t want.
      The UK is England now.
      Move South to the green and pleasant land and leave us all in peace.

  11. It was the night before Brexit and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even Willie Rennie.
    We seem to be in the eye of the storm; or is it the calm before the storm?

    Clegg fecks off to the States, with a big fat salary from Facebook. Cameron gets a new job trousering hundreds of thousands for a few hours work a week.

    Boris Johnson’s Da blusters that the Brit Nats don’t care if the Irish start shooting each other again.
    But the Big News in the Scottish Dead Tree Scrolls is that Ranjurs won an away game.

    Slaughter the fatted calf, the Proddie Son has returned to claim his inheritance.

    They’re fracking in Wray Green, a picturesque Lancashire village with its own Little England village green and duck pond, and Blackpool Tower shudders seismically.

    Commie Corbyn’s Militant Momentums would ban fracking, despite 257 Red Tory MP’s ‘abstaining’ during the WM Moratorium Vote in 2015.

    The list of Abstainers included the Fecking Forty Useless Scottish Gravy Train MPs whom we Scots booted out on their arse at the UK GE.
    The Brexshit is about to hit the fan;The Dirty Baker’s Dozen of Blue Tory MP Placemats Up Here have threatened Revolt if Chequers goes ahead.
    It is happening, folks. Get ready.

  12. douglasclark says:

    Jack, have you considered this from Munguins Republic?

    It is what one idea of freedom looks like, and it is not very nice.

    I’d be interested in your opinion.

  13. douglasclark says:

    Jack or Samuel. I’d like an opinion.

    • Douglas, logically the only goods which Liam Fox is wandering the world hawking are jam, Kendal Mint, and stottie bread.

      Within the EU we already trade with the US, China, Australia, and so on, under trade deals brokered by the EU.

      It’s a Big Fat Lie that 130 countries outside the EU will trade with EngWaland in more favourable terms than those they have brokered with the EU27.

      EngWaland is about to become a ‘third country’ in European eyes; a competitor in the World Market Place.
      Fox and Gove would like to give the impression that they are in the States, say, will be doing deals to supply ‘British Cars’ to the Yanks and that somehow being outside the European Single Market will give them an edge over Germany, France, and Belgium.

      Thing is, EngWaland don’t have cars to flog around the World.

      The London Money Men sold off our major manufactures to foreign investors in the wild Klondike Thatcher Days.

      India own Jaguar Rover for instance.
      France, and Germany the Japanese and the S Koreans have factories in England mainly, assembling cars from components made in Europe and elsewhere,

      These European and Asian giants employ 100,000’s of English workers. They will start to pull out following No Deal.
      They are already doing so now.

      The lost £1.7 trillion in trade is not hyperbole.

      Even Rees Mogg is opening up a branch of his Investment Management company in Dublin.

      The Brexit Referendum will/has destroyed the so called Union.

      I have worked all over the UK over decades.

      In England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, are seen in the same light as Guernsey, or the Isle of Mann.

      England is ‘Britain’. The ‘UK’ is England.

      This morning, a smug self satisfied English TV presenter onBBC Breakfast chose his words deliberately when announcing the break for ‘News Where You Are’.

      ‘We’ll be back at seven with the ‘National’ news headlines.’

      At seven we heard about another crisis in the English NHS, the Prince and Princess Redbeard in Fiji, and English cricket.
      The presenter’s language summarises the view of BBC, and indeed all broadcasters and Dead Tree Scrolls.

      England is the nation, Scotland a mere colony.

      And Donalda at BBC Pacific Quay Propaganda Stockade makes sure that we know that.

      Yesterday morning’s Scotland’s Shite, 95 second bulletin featured heart attacks and strokes, homeless numbers rising, and the People’s Palace crumbling.

      It is a deliberate attempt by our fellow Scots to comply with their English Masters’ wishes.
      Talk Scotland down at every opportunity.

      Moldova can veto any Brexit Deal.

      Arlene Forster can apply for a Irish/EU passport, but we Scots are expected to meekly board the trucks and be herded back into our Little England Northern Colony boxes, and just shut the feck up.
      Well that’s not going to happen.

      Arrogant bumptious fools like Mundell, Ian Murray, and Davidson are given wall to wall coverage by our compliant hacks and broadcasters who were all brought up in a culture that sees England as their Mother Country, London, not Edinburgh, as their capital city, and don’t give a tuppenny toss about their fellow Scots citizens.

      WE are beyond tolerating these evil collaborators.
      We the People of Scotland have had more than enough.

    • Macart says:

      This is a pretty useful link Douglas and yes there is room for individual countries to cause quite a ruction if they’re of a mind.



      • Sam, thanks for this.
        It is unbelievable that Leavers are not yet aware what’s behind the chlorinated chicken, steroid Texas beef, Us Health privateers warnings.
        Only 8% of England’s GDP is in manufacturing.
        80% of their economy is in goods and services, with the London Money Hub propping up their economy.
        No Deal will be the Rapture.
        We can only stand and watch for a few more weeks, then act.
        I predicted ‘Over by October’ in the summer.
        This will be a momentous week.
        Obama suggested that EngWaland would go ‘to the back of the queue’ in negotiating WTO Trade Deals with the US if it chose Brexit.
        Bu..but, we have a ‘special relationship’, will be the despairing cry.
        Perhaps the cottish Government should negotiate with the EU to afford us Norn Irn special treatment; that we Scots residents can apply for a EU passport.
        Salted or toffee, anyone?

  14. bedelsten says:

    Are we heading for Schrodinger’s Brexit where no-one knows whether the UK is in, out or somewhere in between, each ideolog believing whatever the ideology dictates and no-one is satisfied?

    If there is a ‘people’s vote’ how could a binary choice (of what?) possibly reflect the peoples’ mosaic of opinions?

    Is Brexit’s 5% remaining to be agreed upon like a file downloading where the initial 95% only takes 5% of the time?

    Isn’t there something fishy about fish suddenly becoming important? Is this misdirection, opportunism, realisation of P45s after result of some polling, or what?

    Why is 700,000 people (less than 1% or the English electorate) wandering around London on a Saturday afternoon more important than over 100,000 people (representing 3% of the electorate) wandering down Edinburgh’s High St before picnicking in or near someone’s back garden?

    Why does the DUP with its claims for wanting Northern Ireland to be part of the UK not get called out for insisting that Northern Ireland remains different from the UK?

    If TLA is an acronym for a Three Letter Acronym what is the TLA for a Two Letter Acronym?

    Why is the fourth forth river crossing not called that?

    Why is the Secretary of State for Scotland?

    (With apologies to D. Adams) These and other questions may, or may not be answered in the next exciting episode of the wee ginger dug.

    • Bedelsten, EngWaland are out of Europe on the 29th March 2019, regardless.
      That is a given.
      May’s Chequers’ Blancmange was strangled at birth.
      We are heading for No Deal.
      We have an escape pod.
      We’ll be using it.
      If you are forbidden from eating sweets between meals, when can you eat them?

  15. Robert Graham says:

    o/t – I have never been so disgusted with this Labour party and the depths they will sink to in the sewer that this party inhabit it is breathtaking , along with the GMB & UNITE unions they are causing real harm to the people who will be deprived of services , and what for a political hatchet job these unions and the Labour party dont give a flying *uck about these people or the women who are on strike ,

    The media are making sure the truth is hidden just like the PFI fiasco Labour are never mentioned , strange that eh ,everyone gets to clear up Labours mess while the Messiah demands support for these women workers in their right to equal pay conveniently forgetting it was his bloody Labour party who caused the mess in the first place ,

    The Tory Party are not the impediment to independence its our own people who still support this rotten Labour Party , a certain section of Scots are totally bloody stupid , how do you waken them up , its mind boggling how deep this abject stupidity goes its like its embedded in some people .

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