One more time with feeling

A guest post by Samuel Miller

On Monday Nicola Sturgeon gave a bit of a keynote address to the RSA, (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), on the current state of play surrounding Brexit. A speech which sets out Scotgov’s latest proposals for Scotland’s place in Europe: A Way Forward. One more attempt by the FM to square a wonky circle created by others. One more attempt to act within devolved competences and contribute constructively within the UK political system. One more attempt to talk to people about a UK issue, whilst the usual suspects shout BOOOOO, HISSSSS from the sidelines.

We’ve also pretty much been round this track before and a full text version of Scotland’s Place in Europe from that first attempt to provide sensible options to the UK government can be found HERE. Most readers are already fully aware of how well that ended and what UK gov’s actions toward the devolved legislatures have resulted in subsequently. Bear in mind, this original report was put together after some fairly extensive research on the impact of proposed changes to the UK’s relationship with the EU on Scottish interests had been carried out.

“You know, it seems to me that one of the lasting casualties of Brexit is the notion that the UK is in any sense a partnership of equals.” SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s conference speech, October 2018.

No. What I find wearying and entirely predictable, are the replies these efforts to work constructively and within the current political system are met with. Whether it’s certain elements of media coverage or political opposition. The whole Nikla bad, Essenpee bad, independence bad, kneejerk and reactionary nonsense can leave you shaking your head in sad bemusement.

Yes, there are some beauts out there who insist Scotgov are using Brexit to instigate an independence drive (SIGH). When considering this particular viewpoint, it’d be perfectly understandable if you’re picturing some dystopian future wasteland. One which is sparsely populated by bods running around wearing leather budgie smugglers, rubber tyres for body armour, eatin’ each other, (or anything else with a pulse), but thanking GOD that at least they’re not independent.

You’d also think at this late stage and given what we’re all facing, that maybe, just maybe, there’d be a little less party and a lot more people in some folks’ politics. That ANY option which might avert or alleviate hardship for a population should be on the table. Apparently not.

Still. One more time with feeling.

Scotland’s population didn’t ask for any of this. They didn’t ask for Conservative government, its appalling austerity legislation and an ever more critical need for their devolved government to mitigate (I so hate that word). They didn’t ask for a fudged devolution settlement, or to have their mandated representation crapped on from a great height in Commons. They didn’t ask to have the assurances and pledges given to them in the 2014 indyref abandoned for someone else’s political expediency. They didn’t ask for an EU referendum and they certainly didn’t ask for Brexit of ANY kind. Neither did Scotland’s devolved government.

But it’s what we got. It’s what we ALL got. The responsibility for ALL of that lies elsewhere.

Oh, and that last point? A Brexit of any kind? There are those of an opinion that there WILL be a heavy cost for this omnishambles and Scotland’s population didn’t ask for that either. Just to be clear. Evidence collected so far, suggests that there is NO GOOD FINANCIAL OUTCOME TO BREXIT. (Shouting for those at the back)

And yes, I’d say you’d be right in thinking that by this point, it really wouldn’t matter what zooper deal PM May has or doesn’t have. Deal or no deal. Backing or no backing. Brexit has the potential to put huge swathes of the populations of the UK  in a very bad place.

Today’s big EU summit was supposed to be about finalising details and agreements. It was supposed to be about moving forward to the final stages of this farce in March of 2019. Uh huh!

So far as Scotland’s population is concerned? Well it’s another of those laugh or cry Q.E.D. moments. Some folk we didn’t vote for are making us do something we don’t really want to do is the bottom line. Something we were expressly told wouldn’t happen not so long ago. Mind you, they made a lot of promises to a lot of other folk too over the years and they’re not big on keeping those promises either. Binding agreements, pledges, even understandings are to be respected and kept by others in perpetuity. Seemingly, for your average Westminster government, they’re more what you’d call guidelines.

Scotland’s First Minister, so far as can be seen, has stuck to the rules of devolution and done her duty by the post she holds. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on any procedure required as it were. Which is kinda more than can be said of her critics and opponents. Oh, and probably worth those critics while to have a think about their current contributions. I very much doubt Nicola Sturgeon needs to use Brexit to instigate anything at this point. The fact that it has occurred at all has started that ball rolling all on its own. The evidence gathered that it would inflict grievous economic hardship on all of the UK’s populations and that this was NOT the future promised to Scotland’s electorate just four years ago, might also have some bearing on folks’ thinking.

Now might be a good time to ask yourselves. What kind of country do you want to live in? What kind of government would you rather have?


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  1. Excellent article! There really is only one way let to get out from under – and I blame the Great British Meeja Machine for making sure that so many Scots either don’t know it, or are scared witless that independence would be even worse than the looming Brexit catastrophe.

  2. Alastair Gunn says:

    I think there’s only one possible strategy for the UK government at this point, though it’s possible that this was the idea all along. (Granted by saying “strategy” I may be placing a heavier burden on the english language than it can reasonably be expected to bear!)

    Keep kicking the can down the road until there is no more road. Then kick the can off the cliff at the end of the road. Finally blame those irresponsible and unreasonable foreigners for any resulting problems! (This last part should be familiar territory for the UK government as it’s just a rehash of the old “The EU won’t let us do that!” line.)

  3. Robert Harrison says:

    That no good financial outcome to Brexit should be on banners t shirts everything it says it all in 1 little sentence.

  4. Robert Harrison says:

    This was if you look at the political timeline of the last 4 years it all really kicked off because the eu voted for a bill that would close tax loopholes back in January 2016 as the eu refurendum was announced a month later by David Cameron to suspicious to be of coincidence.

  5. When it comes down to it, if the 45% stand fast, then all we need to get over the 50% barrier is, 1 out of 10 No voters, to change their mind and vote YES. When you think of everything against us in 2014, it’s amazing that we managed to achieve 45%.
    Now, all EU citizens would vote YES. Also, all respect to them, but in the past 4 years many elderly No voters have passed away. Kids, who were 12 years old in 2014, can vote now and very few of them, have ever, even read a newspaper.
    The effect of Brexit is going to hit us like a sledgehammer. A great number, of still probable No voters, are totally unaware of the juggernaut hurtling towards them. Some of them also think that a no deal Brexit is the status quo.
    Once these people experience Brexit, they’ll be begging for Independence. It’s just that we must be patient. Go for Indy, after the 31st March 2019, so that they can get a taste of a Brexit future. Brexit, is going to be so bad, we don’t need to wait long. Weeks, should do it.

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  7. Jimmy The Pict says:

    Entered into a conversation with a work colleage (up from South of England) and in reply to my opening of ‘Crunch time for brexit negotiations’ the garbled repsonse from them included

    ‘Telegrapgh says…’
    ‘… Germany selling us BMWs so the will be a deal … EU being unresonable … we will be ok with derivatives/equities/futures trading in London .. still be a great financial hub …’

    I gave up shortly into the conversation.

  8. May was in Brussels today, then after meeting the EU27 reps, will fly home on an empty stomach. She has not been Invited to dinner afterwards.
    Distorting Scotland placed the Brexit update in the middle of their teatime bulletin, in the certain knowledge that most would have switched off mentally or actually by then, fed up of Scotland Shite Fatal Enquiries and murder trials. that nightly front load this miserable little bulletin.,
    After all, crashing out of Europe in five months time isn’t really a big news story is it?

    May sounded like someone who was in the early stages of a serious nervous breakdown as she waffled on about being close to a deal, and only the Irish Border was the remaining pesky stumbling block.
    Lies and misdirection of course.

    She demands no Freedom of Movement, no ECJ regulation, and some sort of cherry picking goods only Single Market and Customs Controls using a high tech whizz machine still to be invented.
    small wonder she’s not been asked to stay for something to eat.
    Let’s hope her team of mandarins put a packed lunch in her briefcase.
    You are spot on, Sam, we Scots did not vote for this.
    Over my dead body will they forcibly attempt to remove my EU citizenship.

    Great reminder, Sam.
    When Gray, Murray,Tomkins, and Goldie sat in a room with Lord Smith, their overall aim was to slowly stifle our Parliament to death.

    But we didn’t give them the keys of the kingdom, never mind sit back and let an Arch Right Wing bunch of English Free Marketeers speak for us.

  9. Alba woman says:

    I remember as a child watching other kids( mostly boys) being run up the road by their collars….they were in big trouble

    That’s the image I see watching what is happening to Scotland out of the EU by our collective collar

    The thing is we are adults who are very aware of the compulsion in all of this…that is what makes it so fundamentally anti democratic.

    I feel that of all the horrendous social and economic policies inflicted on Scotland in my lifetime this is potentially the worst.

    Hope for our children’s future must come from Scotland’s people removing Westminster’s grubby, greedy fingers from our collars. The only way is to struggle for the release of independence.

    • Hear, hear, Alba woman.
      Like many I point blank refuse to let Scotland be treated like this by our arrogant neighbour to the South.
      I’ve commented before; London will rise up against a No Deal Hobson’s choice, as we put Indyref 2 into gear.

  10. The Scottish Play says:

    ‘I ‘gin to be aweary of the sun,’

    It is an unfortunate truth that if an untruth is repeated oftern enough, people will indeed begin to believe it.

    There was a consultative Referendum (not a binding one) as to whether the UK wished to Remain or Leave the EU . By a narrowish margin but by majority across the UK as a whole, the result of the (consultative) Referendum was to ‘Leave.’

    Clearly those who cherish to institution of the UK should, you would have thought, take heed of the voting of the constituent parts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

    Indeed Scotland, voted by some 64% to Remain in the EU (and certainly on the ballot paper there was no mention of Remaining ‘in the Customs Union’ or any other Union) just whether you wanted to Remain in the EU and Scotland overall voted to Remain. … in the EU.

    Indeed all those consutuencies (even) with Conservative MPs voted in the majority to Remain in the EU … if you vote(ed) Conservative in Scotland and want to stay in the EU, i guess you need to take it up with your Conservative MP / MSP, as not much of your view has been in evidence recently. I guess if you do not vote (ed) Conservative not much of your view has been in evidence in resepct of the EU matter recently either.

    Northern Ireland also voted in the majotity voted to Remain in the EU (not to be in e.g. ‘in a Customs Union’ or anytthing else/lesser than being ‘Remaining in the EU’,
    voting to Remain in the EU, by majority (in the consultative / non-binding Referendum).

    England voted to Leave in the majority, as did Wales in the consultative / non-binding Referendum.. So as England and Scotland are in Union following the Treaty of Union and one wants to Leave (by a small margin in the consultative Referendum and one wants to stay (by significant majority) in the consultative Referendum, and Northern Ireland wants to Remain . and Wales wants to Leave, in this consultative Referendum,…… then any sensible person/Government would have taken a step back and reflected on the situation and how the ‘Kingdom’s’ best interests may be served.

    Unfortunately, the Conservative Party has taken it upon itself to inflict its understanding and wishes on the situation (aided and abetted by a largely unquestioning and inefficient media) and including the railroading of Parliament (and unquestioning Opposition) and even imposing timescales for Leaving etc (on a consultative Referendum); again Article 50 if you actually read it enables anyone who has triggered it to simply reverse it. The person who wrote the Article has no brief occasions been given air time and makes very interesting listening..

    A question was posed in the Guardian just before the EU Referendum and the article queried on the eve of the impending vote

    ‘Is the EU Referendum legally binding?’

    the Guardian article opened with the following: ‘Parliament is sovereign, if ‘Brexit’ wins , David Cameron will not be legally obliged to invoke The Lisbon Treaty to start the EU exit’ ……

    There is much that is not ideal with the EU, but on balace my personal vote was to Remain (most of Scotland also but many leavers also.. but currently not seeing much of that David Cameron ‘listening to Scotland’ or indeed of David Cameron…perhaps he can offer a solution.

  11. Puzzled Puss says:

    Brilliant article!
    It’s clear that as far as Westminster is concerned, Scotland doesn’t matter. Well, it matters to us, and the time is fast approaching when we need to get this sorted.

  12. Robert Louis says:

    And of course the ‘uncertainty’ that everybody in England is fretting over could be ended within a matter of seconds, by just ending brexit. Gone would be all the economic calamity, gone would be the threats to the peace process in Ireland, gone would be the imminent disaster facing almost every single young person across the UK. Gone would be the job losses, gone would be the falling pound – with consequential energy, fuel and food price rises.

    All of it could end, by saying , you know what this brexit idea is NOT what we were promised, and just economic suicide. But, sadly, we all know that won’t happen. The people of England have collectively lost their minds. I truly believe that. Happy, it seems to be dragged into some kind of economic meltdown with limited food supplies, and many, many jobs lost.

    Surely, in all of history their can be few examples of a country such as England, so hell bent on its own destruction, based upon lies, half truths and extreme right wing politicians and idealists.

    Yet, here we are. Scotland who did not vote for a Tory Government are being ruled by a Tory Government in England. Scotland who did not vote for brexit, are to be forcibly removed from the EU against its wishes. Scots will be stripped of their EU citizenship wholly and completely against their wishes. So, let’s stop all pretence that this is democracy. It isn’t, Scotland is just a colony of England.

    I am now firmly of the opinion, that the indy referendum should be called ASAP. We do not know the details of the brexit deal, and it is abundantly clear, we likely NEVER will. This whole process will be messy and drag on for years and years, with accusations firing between the EU and London. So, whilst for a period, it seemed wise for the FM to hold on ‘to see’ what the brexit deal looked like, I do not think it is wise now. Indeed, the FM is on a proverbial hiding to nothing, waiting for such detail.

    Brexit will be extremely destructive, no matter what kind of deal happens. It matters not one jot, what the deal looks like anymore. Brexit will be bad, no matter what happens. In that light, therefore, Scotland should now start moving away on its own. The time for waiting is over. The time for compromise is over. Their is no deal, their will be no deal, it will just be a fuddled mess that will carry on for years, if not decades. What we do know, without any doubt, is that the views, economic needs and wishes of Scots and Scotland will be completely ignored.

    Let us put an end to all of this. Call the referendum.

    • Robert, I share your impatience and harbour a sense that we are playing into the hands of the ‘now is not the time’, (meaning ‘never’), of the Brexiteers and ProudScotsButters and the Brit Nats.

      What happened to the old Chinese adage: ‘If you push me I shall resist; if you want to stop me from resisting, stop pushing’?
      It seems that we are being pushed inexorably towards the Brexit No Deal cliff edge, yet we show little sign of resisting.
      Or could it be that the Scottish Government, and the larger multi coloured Yes Movement is mindful of Augustus Caesar’s advice to Roman Legions to ‘festina lente’; make haste slowly.
      The English Brexit Consortium has ground to a halt. It is the brick wall of the EU’s four conditions which is hurtling towards May and Raab with gathering speed.

      The Irish Question is not the only stumbling block.
      I find it so ironic that Arlene and the 10 DUP Fundamentalists could apply for Irish EU/ Passports because of the Good Friday Agreement, and therefore can travel freely throughout the EU post March 2019, while we scots cannot, yet the Norn Irn Diehard Brit unionists are the key to Brexit talks failing and No Deal Brexit becomes a terrifying reality.
      Here are the figures of NI citizens applying for Irish Passports since Brexit was mooted in 2014.
      Passport Applications received from Northern Ireland:

      The number of Irish passports issued in Northern Ireland:

      2014: 46,944

      2015: 52,861

      2016: 65,716

      2017: 77,160

      242,681 NI / UK citizens have acquired dual Irish/EU British nationality in the past 4 years.

      Indeed Ian Paisley Junior urged his fellow Brits to apply for Irish passports for that same ‘best of both worlds’ reason.
      The citizens of the North of Ireland have an escape clause.

      The 1 1/2 million citizens of the North of Ireland can hold dual UK/EU Nationality by right.

      Scotland, not so much.

      Of course, we didn’t blow things up. We didn’t kill people.
      And we never shall.
      I firmly believe that Brexit will blow up in their faces in a matter of months, if not weeks.

      Then would be the time to act.

      Festina lente, Robert.

      Softlee, softlee, catchee monkee.

    • To repeal the Treaty of the union of the Scottish and English Parliaments.

  13. 2p3rf3ct says:

    Its the ‘Brexit’ is bad, imagine how bad ‘indy’ would be that I am seeing a lot.

    Almost as if they have found a template on what stupidity means, they are thrusting it at us like a certificate of sanity and great knowledge.

    Politics in England is so broken, and their MSM so immersed in the remnants of a once ‘great’ nation .. well, lets just imagine, theer is only one way for Scotland to go.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      The English people let that happen after ousting thacther they stopped gave up on politics completely and this is what’s happening because they won’t bother there backsides to hold may and the rest of the English politicians to account just moan and wacth there fitba that’s the English people of the 21st century.

  14. Very Off Topic: I have been trying to donate to the fundraiser site. I cannot get it to accept my donation. I enter the amount (£**.**) but it tells me to enter a valid price. Any ideas?

  15. Andy Anderson says:

    Agree with all your sentiments.

    In today’s National is a piece by Gordon McIntyre Kemp explaining what is behind Ruthi and Fluffies threat to resign over the NI backstop story. Basically it makes the 1707 Act of Union void plus the 1800 Act which relates to Ireland. This is why their Lordships a week or so ago started talking about a new Union Act.
    Worth a read.

  16. douglasclark says:

    That, about people favouring Irish passports to Union jack passports, where they have the choice is fascinating. I am unfortunately Scottish born and bred, and I have no prospect of being seen as Irish. Perhaps I could pretend to be Maltese?

  17. douglasclark says:

    Sadly, this site keeps pushing my horoscope at me. I will have to desist from reading here until you atop pushing utter charlatan’s at me.

    best wishes.

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