The Sunday National front page

SundayNationalfrontpageThis is a shameless plug for the new Sunday National, Scotland’s only pro-independence Sunday newspaper. The first edition of the paper is published today, Sunday 9 September. Edited by Richard Walker, the founder of The National and the man responsible for bringing the Sunday Herald out as a YES supporting publication, the new sister paper to The National promises to be a great read.  The paper includes the brand new Sunday magazine Scottish Life.

We need to support the pro-independence media that we do have. Supporting The National means giving pro-independence writers, commentators, and journalists a chance of getting their message out into the mainstream media in a Scottish media landscape which is otherwise deeply hostile.  It also allows those writers and commentators a chance to make a living, chances which are much thinner on the ground if you are pro-indy.  The National, and now the Sunday National, nuture and support a community of pro-independence writing and commentary which would otherwise struggle to exist.

Buy it, read it, share it, support it. You can subscribe to The National and the Sunday National by calling their subscriptions hotline on

0141 302 7300

or you can email –

19 comments on “The Sunday National front page

  1. Yassssss 😀 It’s here Indy peeps ! Buy it, read it, read it out loud to other peeps then leave it for folks to read on the bus, in the pub, at the dentist.

    Indy is coming – I can almost taste it

  2. I’ll be buying half a dozen copies for friends and neighbours, plus my archive copy.
    Check out the clock. And so to bed.

  3. Andy Anderson says:

    I get my National via the web so will contact the National team to find out about getting the Sunday paper that way.
    I was involved yesterday in Perth handing out free issues of yesterday’s paper. Interesting process and comments.

  4. Macjim says:

    Got mine… Rushed out to my local store to get it and am impressed with this first edition. Just the right size, full of great articles and the supplements too are great. Already looking forward to next Sundays edition

  5. sean says:

    I’m going to buy a copy in a wee while and I will give it a good reading.
    I just hope that they really want independence and that anti-independence so-called “journalists” are not allowed to write.
    I stopped buying the paper some time ago for this reason, I think one of them was a “Paul”!!
    Good luck for the paper…..

  6. Daisy Walker says:

    Got it today. Like it a lot.

  7. She Who Makes Sense Of This Universe is reading it as I type.
    All sections piled in her lap.
    I’ll get to read it eventually.
    I bought two copies, not 6. There were only 4 copies left by the time this lazy slattern (of a man. no sexist stereotyping here) dragged himself to the shop. I gifted one copy to a young mother whom I know to be a regular customer, and explained to her and staff, and doubtless eavesdroppers lurking behind the sweetie aisle, the momentous nature of the birth of the Sunday National.

    Our copy will be dipped in aspic for posterity, if I ever get a chance to….
    Well done to all who produced this truly historic document.

  8. Hazel Smith says:

    I asked my husband to get it when he went for our Sunday rolls. He came back and said the shop didn’t have any. I really believed him as our local shop isn’t too keen on stocking the National. I told him that we would have to go into town for one then. I came into the living room and there was the paper. So excited to read this first edition. Well done to all involved.

  9. Malcolm says:

    I am coming to Edinburgh on the 12th Sept for 2 weeks from Africa. Can anyone tell me where any pro Independence meetings or marches will be held during this time as my wife and I would like to come along and join in with our support.

    • Toni Young says:

      Look up One Clan One Goal on facebook, they have information about the Glasgow march on 15 September.
      Have spend the day reading the Sunday National, (around all the usual duties, ie washing cooking etc). Most enjoyable.

  10. Gordon G says:

    Just got a copy at local Tesco – an excellent 1st edition, with good writing and detailed analysis. (An awful lot of Sports pages, but, that’s the way it goes I suppose…)

  11. Cubby says:

    Not a big paper fan (due to the Britnat papers lies and propaganda) but bought the Sunday National today. Willing to give it a go every Sunday. Hope it does not do a turncoat like the Sunday Herald.

  12. As a regular reader of the daily version I love the new Sunday National . I was pleased to see the Scottish Life Magazine retained much of my favourite parts of the Sunday Herald mag.
    I was also happy to see the Giant Crossword which I am determined to complete one fine day. I wish the pull-out supplement wasn’t broadsheet though as it is too cumbersome to be read comfortably.That aside it is a brilliant new addition to Scotland’s media and I wish all concerned every success.

  13. Willie N says:

    I went to buy it in my local Tesco and really struggled to find it, had to ask a mamber of staff who eventually found it hidden away behind other papers.

    However, weel worth the hunt. First Class.

  14. wm says:

    First class production, hope it keeps up the standards,roll on indy2

  15. Stookie says:

    @Graeme Timoney
    My wife said the same about the broadsheet section.
    I reminded her that the road to independence is full of struggles & challenges

  16. Viiktor Von Brandenburg says:

    I’ll be accused of trolling, of course: Although I bought the first issue, I find the new paper to be visually unattractive as a competing product on the news-stands of a Sunday. Perhaps what I’m seeing is simply under-capitalisation of the product, but I can’t bring myself to buy this paper, or any other paper, based on solidarity alone. I didn’t enjoy putting it back on the news-stand yesterday, Mr Walker.

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