More offensive than a Boris Johnson opinion piece

The nightmare is chapping at the door. The ultimate worst case scenario, everything that Better Together told us back in 2014 that only a No vote could protect us from is in the street, peering in through the windaes, about to get in. Boris Johnson as Prime Minister presiding over the hardest Brexit imaginable. It’s almost upon us. The next few weeks are going to be defining ones in the history of Scotland. The election of Boris Johnson would be the bilingual Gaelic language sign on the road to independence that tells us there can be no going back, because there is nothing to go back to. If Boris Johnson becomes leader of the Conservatives, it means that the UK which Scotland was told it was voting to remain a part of has, to use Johnson’s own widely condemned words, strapped a suicide belt around itself.

It’s not just that Johnson is a liar and a cheat. It’s not just that he is a serial wick dipper with a history of treating women with contempt. It’s not just that he makes blatantly racist statements.  It’s not just that he has consistently lied about the EU.  It’s not just that he has been a global embarrassment every time he holds public office. It’s not just that he has no principles other than the advancement of his career. It’s not just that the only thing larger than his ego is his sense of entitlement. It’s not just that he could beat Donald Trump in a narcissism contest. It’s not just that he demands a fantasy Brexit without any concern for jobs, for the economy, for its effect on ordinary working people. It’s not just that he has no constructive plan, only a destructive one wrapped up in a Union fleg. It’s not just that you can list all those failings and shortcomings and the career of the boorish Johnson sails on unimpeded, which all by itself points to a deep and intractable structural failure at the very heart of the British political system.

It’s all those things and more. It’s all those things plus the fact that he is happy to stir up the forces of far right populism and ally himself with Steve Bannon’s attempts to poison the well of European politics. Boris Johnson is dangerous. Boris Johnson is how fascism will gain entry into the centre of the British establishment, as a “character”, masquerading as a cheeky chap as he stirs up racism and xenophobia while cutting public services and privatising everything that’s not nailed down.

There are rumours swirling around Westminster that the hard line Brexists could make a move against Theresa May within the next few weeks. They already have the number of MPs they require in order to trigger a leadership election, they’re only holding off because they’re uncertain that they have enough to topple May.  Here we are, weeks away from the deadline when the UK needs to have a serious and credible proposal on Brexit to present to the EU in order not to crash out with no deal in March, and both the Conservatives and Labour are far more interested in settling political scores within their own parties than they are in avoiding the looming cliff edge.

I’m certainly not going to get upset over the Boorish one’s use of a metaphor that others might find distasteful. It’s very easy to sit back, snarkily and sarcastically demolishing the claims of politicians without offering any solutions yourself, it can be amusing and entertaining to play with words and to make ridiculous comparisons for comic effect. It is after all what this blog specialises in. The difference however is that I don’t want to be Prime Minister, and I don’t get paid £275,000 a year for it. That’s what the Daily Telegraph pays Boris Johnson for allowing him to use their newspaper as a platform for his political ambitions, polluting the body politic with his opportunistic careerism. His suicide vest column appeared in the Mail on Sunday, which no doubt has also paid him handsomely and which profits on the clicks, page views, and increased publicity which the controversy has generated for them. But what Boris Johnson doesn’t do is to tell us what he would do with the power that he so blatantly craves. That’s what is really offensive. Boris Johnson and Gordon Brown are very different in so many ways, but both of them are defined by an all consuming ambition to get to the top of the British political pole without having the slightest idea of what to do once they get there. What’s really offensive is that the politics of the UK are determined and defined by those who crave power for power’s sake.

Theresa May, her Conservative Brexist opponents, and the Labour party, none of them have a plan for Brexit. Not one of them. That’s offensive. That’s what the media and the public should be getting upset about, not about a boorish careerist’s boorish choice of boorish words. What’s offensive is that the grouping of far right Conservatives who seek to bring down Theresa May’s government at a time of political uncertainty, as the Brexit clock is ticking to midnight, are still unable to agree on an alternative plan. What’s offensive is that even now, even at this time of crisis when time is running out, British political parties are still incapable of putting the interests of the people of the UK before their own naked political ambitions.

What’s really offensive here isn’t that Boris Johnson compared Theresa May’s Brexit strategy to strapping on a sucide vest, the real offensiveness is that over two years after the Brexit vote those who pushed for an exit from the EU still have no coherent plan. What’s offensive is that the people who in 2014 promised Scotland that we’d be safe and secure within the UK and the EU, that we’d punch above our weight as world leaders, that we’d be valued partners in a family of nation, leading from within, are now assuring us that there will be enough food, that medicines will be stockpiled. What’s offensive is that they’re telling us that contingency plans are being made to deal with social disturbances. What’s offensive is that the Labour party is tearing itself apart over the definition of anti-semitism when it’s the definition of leadership that they really ought to be worried about.

And what’s most offensive of all is that this shower of selfish careerists who substitute their ego for principles are telling the people of Scotland that we have no right to a vote on their mendacity and lies. The countdown is not just ticking away on Brexit, it’s also ticking away on the UK itself. Scotland will have its say, and when it speaks, the self absorbed British establishment will be in for a rude awakening. They’re going to discover that they can have their Brexit, or they can have their UK. They can’t have both. There’s only so much offensiveness we can take.


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60 comments on “More offensive than a Boris Johnson opinion piece

  1. Andy Anderson says:

    ‘Offensive’ was used a few times here Paul.

    You are correct of course. I would be putting an adjective like sweary word in front of it to emphasise what I feel about the whole sad story.

  2. Sal Clynder says:

    Very sad, but all too true. Well said Paul👍

  3. chicmac says:

    So many wannabe Neros fighting over who gets to play the fiddle when Rome finally burns.

    They’ve even stopped rearranging the deck chairs having already piled them up as high as they can go in readiness for the conflagration.

    The Death Throes of an Empire 1.0.1.

    More like the R101 soon to be consigned to Room 101.

    Headless, heartless and brainless chickens coming home to roast.

  4. […] Wee Ginger Dug More offensive than a Boris Johnson opinion piece The nightmare is chapping at the door. The ultimate worst case scenario, everything […]

  5. fillofficer says:

    word perfect, wot a dug
    we really are on the edge of annihilation
    hope we grow a spine soonish

  6. Kenneth G Coutts says:

    Telling it like it is.
    End this union.
    Onwards and upwards.

  7. Irene Danks says:

    Before I read this, I saw the headline in today’s National “Boris ‘set to go for PM’ and trigger Indyref2?” . My immediate thought? If ANYONE in Scotland thinks Boris Johnson has the slightest regard for this country, its inhabitants (Tory or otherwise) or, quite frankly, Project UK they are party to the greatest feat of self delusion in the history of delusion. Johnson (I refuse to call him “Boris”) is interested in himself. First.. Last. Always. He’s no buffoon. That’s a very calculated act. Don’t fall for it. Also, IF he weasels his way into No 10, and WHEN we have a second referendum, I’ll be brutal here, if you’re stupid enough to vote No again, HELL BLOODY MEND YOU. Unfortunately, if there’s enough of the terminally gullible, you’ll drag the rest of us down with you. If that weren’t the case I’d say, to quote my late mother, “hing as ye grow”. You caused the shitstorm. Here’s the bloody shovel.

    • benmadigan says:

      here’s one explanation of the reluctance to vote yes for independence

      • bearinorkney says:

        I suppose you could say that we’re being ‘gaslighted’ Ben? Never considered it could be used to describe one societies attack on another

      • Interpolar says:

        To some degree gaslighting works as an explanation, but I still despair of the Scottish population. By any measure of common sense, support for independence should have gone through the roof by this stage. I sometimes wonder whether the WM crowd are are running some kind of political experiment to see how epicly dumb they must behave to make the devolved nations man their life boats. I’ve run low on alternative explanations.

        But back to Holyrood. At some point, doing the “day job” (to adopt Ruthie’s ridiculous vocabulary) is not going to be good enough, and the Scottish Government is going to have to push very assertively for Indy 2. Now that it is becoming blatantly clear that there is no status quo, we’ve thrown away history, the “broad shoulders” of the UK are about as strong as match sticks, “there will be a jump in the dark” whatever happens, and “pooling and sharing” is actually bullying and scaring, I think Scottish people might just possibly be ready to be talked into taking matters into their own hands, because England is certainly not looking out for them.

        But it will have to be soon or never. The SNP government doesn’t just have a mandate, it is becoming increasingly clear that they have a democratic obligation to seek Indy 2. If they don’t, they loose all credibility and the people of Scotland all remaining veneer of self-respect.

        • I ran into a victim of ‘gaslighting’ in my local the other night.

          Thursday night it was, when Sellick and Ranjurs were battling in Europe.

          About the back of ten a Sellick fan fresh from their victory over Sudafed or whatever they were called, entered full of the joys, and ordered a well earned pint.

          I don’t know how it got round to it; probably something about Salmond the Sex Fiend (allegedly) on the now muted TV, but he hissed that he hated the SNP and that Nicola Sturgeon.
          My views are fairly well known but not aired in this particular howff, just a few hundred yards from my wee but’n’ben.

          I asked was he happy to remain as a colony of England when Brexshit hit the fan next March?

          He spouted the usual ‘gaslighting’ SNP BAD put down. We were too wee etc, and that the BAD SNP were evil.

          He is a Daily Record reader.

          Does the X-word at the bar sometimes.

          I asked, would he sing (in the style of Woodie Guthrie’s ‘This Land is Your Land’):-

          ‘This Land is England’s, this land is England’s,
          From the Gretna border, to the Orkney Islands,’?

          He knew what I was getting at.

          Fresh from Parkhead where he joined in with the Irish version of Guthrie’s song, he got a bit flustered, to say the least.

          I argued that apparently he saw nothing wrong about singing about the reunification of Ireland, the North no longer an English colony (‘Free Derry’), but he was happy for Scotland to remain a colony under the English yoke.

          Now this is a good man.

          A ready smile when you meet him, he would stand you a drink if you were stuck, a decent ordinary working man, but fed shite by Clegg and Co., and sadly, has been brainwashed into believing it.

          It must take some tortured psychological gymnastics to sing about ‘freeing’ the Six Counties from English Rule, while bowing down to your imperial masters when it comes to contemplating Self Determination for your own country, Scotland.

          There is a massive amount of work to be done to stop the Ministry of Truth that is our Fifth Column Fourth Estate from flooding the airwaves and newspaper columns with lies threats and fear.
          Meanwhile Rennie, Carmichael, Scott, and Jardine are sitting on the pavement lying about P1 assesswments making ‘infants’ cry.
          What a fucking waste of God’s air this lot are.
          There I’m swearing now.

          Paul, what an excellent take on the Johnson Event Horizon.
          We have an alternative.
          The time is now.

        • benmadigan says:

          agree – the time is now.
          Hope FM Sturgeon agrees!

  8. Macart says:

    Pretty much all of that and if it’s not Boris? It’ll be an even worse prospect. Self determination for Scotland isn’t about ‘we can’ anymore. Nor is it about ‘we should’. Those are debating points.

    Self determination for Scotland’s population is now a matter of damage limitation. It’s about economic, political and societal survival. It’s about ‘we must’.

    And about now? THAT is not up for debate.

      • Macart says:

        The truly depressing and frankly insulting part of where we find ourselves today? Is that neither the UK state’s representation or their British Nationalist support, are willing to own responsibility for it.

        Scotland’s population were promised a very different future four years ago. There was going to be, not just job security, but greater opportunities. There was going to be an economic safety blanket in times of hardship. Devolution was not just going to be enhanced, it was going to be the nearest thing to a federal solution possible in this ‘union’ (IF EVER THERE WAS AN EMPTY MEANINGLESS PHRASE?). The permanence of the Holyrood Parliament was to be legally enshrined in the UK’s constitution. Only by voting NO could Scotland ensure its permanence of place within the EU. Scots were asked to lead with… into the future. Oh there were specific assurances t’boot, depending on what industry you were representing. I’m sure the yards have a memory or two of pledges made but never kept and the oil industry.

        Thing is. Just where is the apology that none of the above came to pass? Where are the headlines and broadcasts outlining why none of this came to be? I mean we still have access to their literature and it is a matter of public record. So why won’t anyone from either UK gov or Better Together explain what went wrong, why it went wrong and how they can make it right?

        OK, pretty much rhetorical questions all, but they do serve to underline not only the kind of people you’re dealing with, but the sheer scale of what they have done to the populations on these islands by turn. What’s been done to the populations that make up the UK is nothing short of criminal. What’s been done specifically to the population of Scotland is nothing short of a biblical smash n’ grab robbery. Your front door has been kicked in. Your rights and powers have been grabbed. The thieves have shat in your livingroom, trashed the place and exited the building laughing that you didn’t see it coming.

        Except we did. We did see these actions before they occurred. We did predict UK gov’s nature and its response to Scotland’s representation at Westminster. The nature of devolution and its future. We did predict the worth of those pledges and assurances. We just weren’t believed by enough folk at the time.

        I’m sure more than one soul out there who gave UK gov and their ‘union’ one last chance, is looking to let them know how they feel about the record to date on that ‘partnership of equals’ vision. I’m pretty sure they’re also deeply unhappy at the appalling actions of UK gov and the nature of the UK politics, our economy and society we see before us today.


        They have a right to be.

        I’m also sure that at the very next ballot opportunity, they’ll show their appreciation for how their previous vote and support has been treated. They won’t be alone.

        • Ace, Sam.
          This time there will be no fecking Lord Darling lying on camera about oil running out and the bloody precious pound his English Masters wouldn’t allow us to use.
          If Campbell, Taylor, Clegg, Gordon, Brewer and the old BB Gang (Big Brother: why what were you lot thinking?) think that they’ll get away with the Ministry of Truth project Fear this time, bring it on.
          This time we laugh in their faces. This time every pensioner in Scotland will be advised personally that Brown was and is a liar, that their pensions under WM are among the worst in Europe, and that Brexit will see them reduced to Poor House Third World status…and so on.

          I will laugh my head off in print every time Willie Rennie screams GERS and £15 billion deficit.
          I will howl with laughter when Govan and Rosyth are promised the earth, but delivered of a bucket full of sludge.
          I will shriek with giggles every night when Sally and Jackie and Andrew andthe weather girls howl that Scotland and the weather is shite.
          This time we laugh in their faces.
          And destroy their lies with facts.
          I’m up for it big time.

        • wm says:

          Could not put it better Sam, with you and Jack around there is no need for the likes of me.

  9. Boris ‘fcuk business’ Johnson as PM and bumbling, incompetent Corbyn as Leader of HM Opposition. Wow, a perfect storm. Add a no deal Brexit, because Johnson (or May, for that matter) isn’t going to get a deal.
    If we can’t get Independence from that combination, then we’ll never get it.
    One thing I’d like to see more of, is a sense of outrage and anger from the SNP about Brexit. John Swinney showed it last week and it was great to see. I think also, they should be promoting a justifiable Project Fear on the Scottish people. The fact that the UK Government is already warning about stockpiling food and medicine, should be used to make the pensioners aware of the threat to their well being.
    It may seem unfair to worry pensioners, but in the long run, they will be far better off in an Independent Scotland. In the UK, our pensions are at the bottom of the EU league. With the incompetence of the UK state, life saving medicines and drugs running out quickly after Brexit, seems likely. Pensioners, with their free prescriptions are going to be the first to suffer. Their prescriptions just won’t be on their chemist’s shelves, for them to collect. I already know people who are starting to worry. Parents are concerned about made in Denmark insulin, for example.
    Remember, there are 10,000 truck and lorries going through Dover per day. Every truck will have be checked. Every truck will have paperwork. We have a tiny fraction of the trained custom officers we need. Because of the amount eu regulations required as a third country, it takes a year to train a customs officer.
    Even in Turkey, where they have all the border infrastructure in place, fully staffed with trained officers, it can take two or three days to pass through into the EU. Anyway, without a deal, without the appropriate EU licence, the driver’s won’t be able to drive into the EU. That will be 10,000 lorries the first day, 20,000 the next day, and so on. They’ll be backed up to Birmingham. Even if a clown like Johnson says, don’t bother with customs, the French won’t let them in. So they’ll be backed up, one way or another. Same on the French side coming here.
    Most people still haven’t an idea of the catastrophic event that’s approaching. When the cosy Unionists, see the value of their house going through the floor, we’ll see a readjustment of their thoughts on independence. The farmers, with up to 60% tariffs and zero subsidies, will be finished in the UK. It’s all coming to place near you soon.

  10. Bravo, Paul! Every word is sickeningly true. What is coming to “the UK” doesn’t bear thinking about … which is probably why so many people just refuse to do so. Thank all the gods that Scotland has an alternative. England is heading for the apocalypse at a rapidly increasing turn of speed and heaven help Wales and N.I. if they are dragged along, kicking and screaming.

    • Marconatrix says:

      At least the Welsh are now starting to dither over Brexit …

      • Welsh Sion says:

        My tale of Brexit …

        59. (of 60.)

        Four men in a nightclub

        George, Dai, Jock and Mick/Mike were work colleagues at Yookay Ltd. and shared the same building. George and Dai tended to work close together (despite Dai not really enjoying such a set up), whilst Jock and Mick/Mike had a little more autonomy within their own offices. George tended to think of himself as being the most important member of their group – the Team Leader or the David Brent, if you like. Consequently, and in the nature of office politics at Yookay Ltd., he tried to control the work practices of Dai, Jock and Mick/Mike; a habit the other three had long grown tired of. Well, although I say the other three had long grown tired of George’s domineering persona, they had not however, as yet, taken the final step of breaking up their partnership with him.

        George then considered himself the leader of their section and tended to exert his influence even outside the offices of Yookay Ltd. Dai was of the type not to upset the apple cart and tended to keep moody silences; keeping his head down and getting on with his projects. Jock however was rather more vocal and would often raise his voice against George’s “unwarranted meddling.” Mick/Mike’s was a more special case. You see, he suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder. On some days, the Mick personality was dominant and, after having had a bitter row with George, he would seek reassurances from his half-brother, Paddy; an ex-employee of Yookay Ltd., but who was now working successfully for himself. At other times, the Mike personality would pledge undying loyalty to George and the set up at Yookay Ltd., and not a cross word would be exchanged between him and his colleague. In such a way, the colleagues of Yookay Ltd. rubbed along, and the company itself limped on from financial quarter to financial quarter.

        Now, one evening, the four colleagues had gone to the Europa nightclub together. What George had seen in going there in the first place was rather a mystery. You will have already have gathered that George was not very much a team player or a social animal. His attitude at the nightclub confirmed all this. The music was too loud. Or it was not to his taste. The lights were too bright. The guests were performing ‘obscene’ movements as they gyrated on the dance floor. The drinks from the bar were some imported, fancy stuff – not like the warm beer he preferred in the Farage Arms pub back home. And the cost of entry! Goodness gracious! It was so exorbitant – and that for facilities he didn’t like one bit: he was minded to ask for a personal rebate.

        It was then that George announced, “We’re going home.”

        Now, it’s one thing to say that you don’t like a party and that you’re leaving. But, don’t you think it was a bit presumptuous of George to actually say “we” and including Dai, Jock and Mick/Mike in the equation and without making sure with them first? That wasn’t George’s way though. At work, as we have seen, he was known for throwing his weight about and getting his own way. In a similar fashion, he thought he could bully his colleagues into his ways of thinking outside Yookay Ltd.’s offices, too.

        “We’re going home?” Jock retorted scornfully, emphasising the “we.” “And who do you think you are telling us that “we” are the ones going home from this great nightclub?”

        “I saw you flirting with that dark-haired girl over there in the corner,” said George. “Positively unseemly. Not the conduct we’d expect from an employee of Yookay Ltd.”

        “You mean Frances,” Jock replied. He grinned. “Frances was an ex of mine and we lost touch when I started working for Yookay Ltd. We were very close. We even had an old alliance to be married. I was getting re-acquainted.” The grin disappeared and was replaced by a grimace. “Until your ham-fisted approach broke up our relationship,” Jock added bitterly.

        “Why you ungrateful little creep! I’ve given you more than enough support at Yookay Ltd.! What more could you ask for?” George was shouting.

        “What more could I ask for?” Jock repeated. “Why, you could let me make up my own decisions on projects at work. You could stop looking down on me and telling me what to do all the time. And you’re not telling me that just because this Europa nightclub is not doing the things you want, that we have to leave.” Jock’s resentments over the years were boiling over. “In fact, George, I’ve had enough of you and your bullying over the years – I’m leaving you!” he shouted.

        “He’s right, you know,” mumbled Dai. But people rarely listened to him on account of his soft voice and his lack of self-confidence. It would have taken much more of an effort on his part to sound off in the same way as Jock had done.

        “Shut it!” George roared at Dai, in typical Eastenders fashion. “You told me before you wanted to leave. You’re in this with me! You know your future lies under my stewardship at Yookay Ltd. Think how stupid Jock would be throwing in his lot with this bunch of strangers, and an ex he hasn’t spoken to in years. He wouldn’t last a year with any of them – and away from us at Yookay Ltd.”

        Dai said nothing and looked down at his shoes.

        “You’re wrong, George,” Mick said softly. “My half-brother, Paddy has been coming to this Europa nightclub now for years. And he’s enjoyed the internationalism of it immensely. No more ructions with you at Yookay Ltd. He’s now free to do his own thing and make his own friends. He has a place in the world – he knows it and his friends know it. He’s a happy man. And I want to join him in that happiness.”

        “Another traitor!” George bawled. “Such ingratitude! To be honest with you, when you were in your Mike phases, I tended to over-indulge you. And this is how you repay me! Well, good riddance! I can do without the lot of you! I’m going home – and to hell with this poxy nightclub. I never wanted to come here in the first place. Come on, Dai!”

        “See you,” chorused Jock and Mick, grinning at George.

        “We should have left you and Yookay Ltd. long ago. We’re going to stay and enjoy the party atmosphere here at the Europa,” Jock added defiantly. “Too bad you can’t stay!”

        George stormed out, muttering threats against Jock and Mick under his breath. Dai stood on the threshold, a confused look on his face. He was less sure of where his destiny lay.

        Parables for the New Politics

      • Aye, Marconatrix. I just hope it’s not too late for them … they are still dyed-in-the-wool Labour voters for the most part and it seems unlikely that enough of them will wake up before it’s too late.

  11. Robert Graham says:

    As usual there will be no Scottish input into events in England, we as usual will have to live with the consequences of another country’s actions .

    An interesting comment by Pete Wishart regarding access to Tory government ministers at Westminster or in the case of SNP MPs the lack off any access The evidence being the many photo opportunities Scottish Tory MPs proudly present as working for Scottish people how nice of them eh .

    I believe the favour should be returned in spades to every one of their MSPs in Holyrood, all questions and access suddenly has a little administrative glitch nothing major just red tape, mirror exactly the sleekit way the Tory party operates , in fact do exactly the same with all the Unionist parties .

  12. Robert Graham says:

    The British Broadcasting Corporations Scottish branch still has Wullies mug on their website proclaiming how their , eh 6 MSPs I believe it’s 6 , anyway how they will withdraw support for any budget proposal by the Scottish government unless indyref is withdrawn , Christ that’s a ground shaking threat eh .

    I seem to remember the Question has already been voted for ,or is it just another rerun call of any vote apart from a Independence vote , the one that’s set in stone never to be visited again whatever the circumstances.

    Anyone have any idea of the attendance at their Autumn conference , I know it would have been widely publicised if it exceeded expectations but it’s well hidden .

    • There are five of them, Robert.
      Bumble, Rumble, Stumble, Fumble, and Tumble.
      See my comment above about their lies that infants are being reduced to tears because of P1 assessments.
      Their Union is crumbling around them and they are sitting on the pavement playing with crayons.
      They colluded with the Blue Tories in killing 120,000 UK citizens by Government edict since 2010.
      Yet Rennie The Bumbler still grins like a buffoon with a penny caramel lodged up his jacksie.
      I will be in a permanent righteously indignant rage until we drive these chancers from office.

  13. The ‘national’ news on BBC Breakfast: headline, parts of the Police Service in England and Wales are in crisis.
    The most severe form of ‘gaslighting’ is to deny that Scotland exists at all.
    The ‘Scottish News’ in 90 seconds?
    Male calves transported live to Catalonia from Cairn Ryan to be fattened and slaughtered SNP Government Bad worked into this 30 second headline.
    A ceiling tile hit a pupil. Primary school closed for a day while H&S checks carried out.
    Weather, Travel, and that’s it.
    We simply no longer exist.
    The Ministry of Truth has airbrushed Scotland out of the map of England.

  14. diabloandco says:

    It’ s the contingency plans that bother me Paul – thing is they can make those easily water cannon at the ready and like Thatcher versus the coal miners there will suddenly be more bobbies and soldiers on the streets.

    What they can’t appear to do is come to a logical ,practical solution to any problem – even of their own creation.

    Having just watched the Ballymurphy massacre I am even more apprehensive about the actions of the British nationalist State against its people , during which the British officer in charge referred to
    ‘ insurgents.’ which is a term with which I have difficulty. Does it mean people belonging to a country having the temerity to defend that country and themselves against an alien force? Or is it as suggested by the media and the army , synonymous with ‘terrorists’ as defined by an arrogant empire?

    Jack thanks for Bumble and Fumble Inc.!


    • I’d imagine that remainers in England marching on their ‘capital’ London, will keep the police and army reservists busy, diablo.
      In fact many police and armed forces personnel may refuse to bludgeon pensioners over the head Madrid style.
      We are beyond the point now where some had hoped that common sense would prevail and Brexit would be cancelled, for all the obvious reasons; it will be a financial, political, social, and diplomatic disaster.
      England and Wales are heading towards the precipice.
      We are not following on meekly behind the Great White Mother and her Colonies.
      There is no going back from England now.
      A wee market trader in Preston ordered Rees Mogg to Leave; so there you have it.
      We voted Remain, and Remain we remain.
      If Mundell and WATP Tomkins don’t fancy living in Free Scotland, I’ll personally drive them to the airport or ferry terminal of their choice.
      We have had enough of the Grand Panjandrum and his chocolate soldiers.

      • Andy Anderson says:

        I know a die hard Brit Nat who has lived in Scotland 20 years. Brexit and no Indy is his political view which is one more than Ruthie. Anyway he loved living here and not Sussex where he comes from. I asked him if we get indy and stay in the EU will he move to Northumberland. Silence was the answer.

        • robert harrison says:

          Wait he prefers living here to England his country of origin yet wants us to stay under England rule huh?

          • Daisy Walker says:

            Yep, fair few like that. Think deep down they believe/feel they get an advantage of the natives if they keep supporting WM/England.

        • He is living the life of the traditional Imperial colonist, Andy.
          Tea planting, rubber planting, copper ore, or ..
          Sell up in Sussex during the Property Boom, bank the equity,
          came North, bought the equivalent housed or better for a coupla hundred grand, lived off the rest of his inflated equity, or opened a teashop.
          Kids get free Tuition, no tolls to pay on our bridges, free prescriptions, a publicly owned NHS, free care for the elderly, and so on.
          The Sweaties give him a life style, while he ensures that Scotland will always be an invaded colony of England.
          Nothing we can do about the imperialists, Andy.
          They are in the minority.
          Most folk moved North for a better life for themselves and their families. Many 10’s of thousands voted YES and Remain.

          • JGedd says:

            I have met native Scots with exactly the same attitudes. They want Westminster to be in charge because they believe that the Westminster establishment has protected their interests and advantages and want that to continue. They vote simply out of self-interest.

            It was Thatcher’s ‘genius’, if you want to call it that, to realise that house ownership was key to this attitude. For some people, especially those who were the first generation of their family to own their own home – many baby boomers, for example – their country stops at the perimeter of their property. Forget flags and protestations of loyalty to the UK, that is where their true loyalty lies and as long as they feel that property is in danger, they will vote always to protect it.

            For many people, it is as simple as that, hence the determined and to us, ridiculous, vows of attachment to atavistic symbols of UK nationhood. There is not, I believe, a strange regression to old-fashioned feelings of devotion to flag and country – except perhaps for an orange tribe who like aggressive marching. It is really just a fig leaf to cover simple self-interest.

            No one is going to admit that all they care about is protecting their own situation and position of privilege against the less-advantaged. Instead they fall back on their own pretence at patriotism and its out-dated symbolism. It just seems more respectable than declaring actual selfishness as their true motivation.

            That’s why native Scots can demonstrate exactly the same inclinations as the English. Let’s not blame it on spurious ‘ national’ traits. I’m afraid it is all too human. Thatcher got that. It’s as old as the individual ownership of property, unfortunately. But that’s a whole other argument…

            • JGedd,

              Above I describe the world of Somerset Maugham and early Graham Greene;
              indeed the much quoted Eric Blair, aka George Orwell, was a colonial policeman in Burma: q.v., ‘Burmese Days.
              The UK’s colonial past, still present in Scotland, their last juicy colony.

              There are plenty of ProudScotsBut, privately educated. born into the Ruling Classes, the heads of professions in Banking, Accountancy, Insurance, Industry, Commerce, Big Farming, the Aristocracy, landowning Robber Barons since 1707, who are keepers of the Scots colony for England and the SE Iron Heel Oligarchy.
              Most of Scots born hereditary peers are Oxbridge educated.

              It sticks in my craw,for example, that there is a home grown Scots-born ‘oil billionaire’, when we know from McCrone and others that our oil and gas were sold to Thatcher’s pals and backers for a pittance in the Boom Time.

              There are hundreds of thousands of English Born in Scotland who care more about Scotland, its people, our future prosperity and health, than the idiots marching on the streets of Glasgow banging a Lambeg Drum and hating the Kaffliks.

              I know many of the well off whom I describe above.

              I’m all right, Jock Scots.

              They fervently believe that their status and personal wealth will cushion them from even the gravest of Brexits.

              Civil disruption food shortages, chaos, will not affect them, or so they think.
              They are Scots born, azs well as ‘foreign’ born.

              They will hide in their expensive fall-out shelters as England and Wales descend into hellish chaos.

              Indeed some own wee pied-a-terres on the Continent.

              Scotland has as many Imperial Overlords as England in that sense.

              Let’s not go down the ‘Send The English Packing’ road.
              I urge you to listen to English born Mike Russell’s incredible presentation and Q&A on Brexit in Selkirk last week.
              The man is a star!
              Time for tea. Home made fish and chips.

              • JGedd says:

                I wasn’t advocating sending the English packing, Jack? In fact, I was pointing out that there are Scots who have the same attitudes as some of the English retirees being described in posts above. It’s a problem we have to live with. One of the results of Thatcher’s advocacy of a so-called property-owning democracy, is the way in which it has divided society, and made it more individualistic – which was probably her intention. Those effects have been produced on both sides of the border, nothing to do with nationality.

                I have never been one of those who would suggest, ” English Go Home”. I have re-read my comment and can’t understand why it would give that impression.

                • Sorry, JGedd, I was qualifying my own observation :- ” He is living the life of a traditional Imperial Colonist..”, in response to your comment about your Sussex acquaintance. I sense that we are treading on non existent egg shells here.
                  I am admonishing myself for being clumsy about our English born Scots citizens who have in the main given us the great honour of settling here, raising their families in God’s Little Acre and contributing their skills and energy towards making Scotland, IMHO, the best land on the planet.
                  Nuff from clumsy old me.

            • AnnieM says:

              “I have met native Scots with exactly the same attitudes. They want Westminster to be in charge because they believe that the Westminster establishment has protected their interests and advantages and want that to continue. They vote simply out of self-interest.”

              The trouble with that attitude is that the status quo no longer exists and all the perceived ‘advantages’ of living in a Scotland within the UK are about to disappear.

  15. Iain says:

    It’s quite sobering to see the fate of an entire state and its population so gravely imperilled because of the ambitions of a few over-privileged boors.
    What’s sobering is not that it is happening (this is the UK, after all) but so shamelessly blatantly.
    We need to get out of this playground for the rich kids.

  16. J Galt says:

    Yes Paul the “nutters” need to move soon – being cowards at heart the likes of Boris and Rees Mogg have delayed as long as they could – but they must move before “liberation” day in march.

    The carefully crafted regular “bloopers” playing to the cheap seats is part of the game – after all it was “playing to the cheap seats” that won it for leave in the first place.

    Like diabloandco above I fear they will not hesitate to use their Ballymurphy style “low intensity tactics” here too.

  17. Vlad says:

    There is a crowdfunder for a private criminal prosecution in England against BoJo, for misconduct in public office (specifically in relation to the £350 million/week claim).


  18. Jim Morris says:

    For me, the question of Brexit is not who but why. Can it be something to do with the EU Finance Bill becoming law on April 1st 2019, which will outlaw stashing money off-shore to avoid tax, and which would apply to all U.K. Dependences and all EU nationals living in the UK and said Dependences?

  19. J Galt says:

    I see Barnier has been wheeled out to make vaguely comforting noises today, I wonder what the other side had to do to get him to do that?

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