The Great British kakistocracy

Theresa May’s government continues to reach new standards. There you were, thinking that David Mundell had smashed all world records for clueless secretaries of state for devolved nations, and was the sole contender for Norman Wisdom political cup, which is the only form of wisdom anyone in this Conservative government could aspire to, and then along comes the Northern Irish secretary Karen Brady going, “Haud ma coat so I can trip up over it.”

This week, Karen Bradley admitted that she didn’t know that the electorate in Northern Ireland votes along sectarian lines. Speaking in an interview with the in-house magazine of the Houses of Parliament, Karen presented this nugget of insight, or more accurately, presented herself as a nugget. “I didn’t understand things like when elections are fought, for example, in Northern Ireland – people who are nationalists don’t vote for unionist parties and vice versa. So, the parties fight for election within their own community.”

In terms of grasping the nuances of the political landscape of Northern Ireland, that’s very much like admitting that you didn’t realise that hills are the high bits and valleys the low bits. It’s like admitting that you always thought baby oil was made from actual babies. It’s like thinking that Greenland must be covered with a dense rainforest because otherwise it would be called Iceland. It’s like thinking that you don’t have to stop in a drive through.

This clueless individual is now changing the rules relating to elections to Stormont, to prevent another election in the near future. She’s not doing this out of concern for the well being of the people of Northern Ireland, she’s doing it because the British Government is terrified that if there is an election soon, the people of Northern Ireland, frustrated and angry as they are with the Brexit process, might very well elect a majority to Stormont in favour of reunification.

To paraphrase Albert Einstein. “Two things are infinite. The universe and the stupidity of the Conservative party; and I’m not sure about the universe.” If there is indeed a purpose to the rank stupidity of this Conservative government, it can only be to test our anger management skills. Talk sense to these fools and they retort that you’re being foolish, because they are too stupid to realise just how dangerously stupid they are.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, this is true. But that doesn’t mean all opinions are equal. It may be your opinion that the Moon is made of green cheese or that the Earth is flat, but that doesn’t make your opinion as valid as the opinion of a professor of geology or astronomy who has actually studied the processes of formation of the Earth and its Moon. It means you are a perfect candidate for a position in Theresa May’s cabinet. The opinion that no deal is better than a bad deal is the flat Earthism of modern British politics. Unfortunately we can’t send them off to the Moon where they can make trade deals involving all the cheese there. We’re only left with a vote on Scottish independence as a realistic way out, only of course the fools call this foolish.

It was Napoleon who said that in politics, stupidity is not a handicap. The careers of members of this Conservative government make that abundantly clear. We’re living in a kakistocracy, which is Greek for the government of the shittiest.

There is however a serious point here. Quite clearly Karen Bradley was not selected for her job because she was the best qualified person to deal with the sensitive and delicate issue of a Northern Ireland which is poised on the brink of a hard border with the Republic and the destuction by the British government of the settlement which has underpinned peace in the province for the past 20 years. She got the job because of internal political manoeuvering within the Conservative party.

Quite frankly, that is a gobsmacking dereliction of duty by a British government. Karen Bradley’s appointment makes it abundantly clear that this Conservative government has precisely the square root of hee-haw’s interest in doing what is right by Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Even the most serious and difficult political issue in these islands, one which has cost thousands of lives, isn’t enough to make them care. People could die, but the Brexists will still pursue their dreams of English nationalism disguised as Great British in order to allow it to masquerade as not being nationalist at all.

It is obvious from the antics of a Labour opposition which is so wrapped up in internal fueding that it cannot make a dent on the polling of even this government of kakistocrats that it offers no relief, no escape route. That’s because they are kakistocrats too. Labour in Scotland is no better, consistently using Holyrood as a forum to raise questions about matters which are reserved to Wesminster in order to make some spurious SNPbad point. This week Richard Leonard and Neil Findlay are demanding that the Scottish Government ban mesh implants from the Scottish NHS.

Vaginal mesh implants were used as a treatment for female incontinence, prolapse, and birth related injuries, but have caused serious and painful health complications in many women. Yet the Scottish Government can’t ban them, because banning them is a matter for the UK wide Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority, the control of which is reserved to Westminster. The Scottish Government did suspend their general use in 2014, something that’s only just happening in England now, and instituted an inquiry into their use, something that patients in England are still waiting for. The use of mesh implants is still widespread in Wales, where Labour controls the NHS. It was only a couple of months ago that the Welsh Government accepted a report saying that mesh implants should only be used as a last resort. The Labour led Welsh Government is resisting calls for an inquiry. Labour in Scotland is demanding a ban that’s outwith the powers of the Scottish Government, but the Labour-led government in Wales is still supporting mesh implants being offered by the Welsh NHS. (See here:

Labour in Scotland knows fine well which powers are reserved and which are devolved. They just don’t care. They are more interested in petty point scoring. It’s even more of a scandal that the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament allows them to ask these questions and doesn’t rule them out of order. Ken Macintosh was pretty keen to rule out the EU Continuity Bill as being outwith the competence of the Scottish Government. But hey. SNPbad.

In a government of kakistocrats, we’re all left covered in crap. British politics are irretrievably broken. There’s nothing we can do to influence the British government, and the British government is supremely unconcerned with our interests or desires. It’s time to switch it off and switch on an independent Scotland. Then at least if we are governed by kakistocrats we’ll be able to vote them out of office. The single biggest advantage of Scottish independence is that it means that the people of Scotland will be able to keep those with power close to them, so that their arses are within kicking distance of our feet.

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32 comments on “The Great British kakistocracy

  1. 2p3rf3ct says:

    When I read the Guardian article I was gobsmacked. It beggars belief that someone so devoid of knowledge or intellect would be put in such a position.

    I feel desperately sad for the Northen Irish and those if Eire! Idiots are screwing them for party positions.

  2. Alba Laddie says:

    Great article…as for Ken SIU McIntosh, every time the Yorkshire pudden opens his mooth and proclaims that “the Scottish Government should be doing something about something they cannot legally do anything about”…the bold Ken should intervene and slap them down with a revoke along the lines of: “…they can’t do that, that particular power/regulatory framework is a reserved matter to Westminster”.

    I’ll no’ haud my breath for that happening, though.

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  4. Mackintosh is a unionist, anti-Scottish and on the side of the Tories. He doesn’t want what’s best for Scotland. He shouldn’t and needn’t have been elected to his post. It was a big mistake. If, there is a way of dismissing him from his post, then the Scottish Government should take it.
    We’ve got a Scottish Parliament, but it’s full of ppl who want to undermine it. Apart from all these personally unelected unionist MSPS, we’ve got the Presiding Officer and the UK Civil Service, in and out of Scotland, against us. You can top that off with, the BBC and the newspapers. They’re all scheming and plotting every day against the future prospects of the Scottish people.
    Is Brady stupid, or does she just not care or realise, how this admission looks? It’s just how the UK establishment think, or don’t think, about their colonies. As long as we don’t have power, we don’t matter. Scotland gave away her power on 18th September 2014. But, we’ll be taking back control again, soon enough.

    • Gordie says:

      I would say that what you have written is an accurate assessment of where we stand Marion. The Scottish people should be the authority in this land and those noted above at best pay lip service to the punters. They serve other masters and none of the people and organisations you mention should have anything to do with power or government or in providing information to the people in Scotland.

  5. Robert Graham says:

    The first session after the break was like a new term at a new school , there must be something the water at holyrood ,a stupidity inducing substance has been introduced and by Christ most of them are drinking it to the full , extra parking or the use of parking at Prestwick , aye ok .That was a question , honestly .

    What is Patrick Harvie up too ? , he rhymed off a series of complaints about services in Scotland that could have come straight from the Scotsman’s letters page , I guess he missed out reading the widely available Scottish Household Survey that totally contradicts what he was saying .

    Yer on borrowed time Patrick the votes SNP members lent you last time are just that ,borrowed so dont push yer luck .

  6. Andy Anderson says:

    I think that the recent move to continue the suspension of Stormont is because the DUP knuckle draggers may loose some seats in a General election meaning that the Conservative support at Westminster will diminish.

    I also think that nearly all unionist MSP members would fail a general knowledge quiz set for 10 year olds.

  7. Andy in Germany says:

    From Europe this is so insane it’s alternately surreal and terrifying. Europe looks a bit wobbly right now but this is just incomprehensible.

  8. Robert Harrison says:

    Thank you fecking labour Holyrood government unable to totally ban the mesh because you lot making sure Scotland got as little power as possible after you lost again in the second devolution referendum 20 years ago your bad loser attitude of 98 is now the reason your bicthing at the snp to undo a Westminster mess it can’t undo because of you feckers keeping back power in your plan to make devolution a failure thanks labour thanks a lot you backstabbing london arseholes.

  9. Macart says:

    You have to hand it to the current Conservative government. (Well, actually all of them) They are what they are and don’t even attempt to hide it. They break agreement after agreement are embroiled in scandal after scandal. I don’t think there is a venal act they haven’t committed in government when you look back over the years of headlines. Yet here they still are… entrusted with your lives, your welfare, your future. Voted into power by someone else right enough and constitutionally kept there by their wee helpers in the shape of Labour and Liberal (sighs) democrat parties. But still. THERE. Oh, and basically a more disreputable and downright evil crew you’d be hard pushed to find. On top of all that, the current incarnation of Conservatism is the most inept, arrogant and ignorant group ever to inhabit the post of government.

    Then we come to Labour in Scotland (and it is Labour IN Scotland). They have a choice as I see it.

    They’re either criminally stupid and unfit for representation or government.


    They’re criminally dishonest and unfit for representation or government.

    No, I don’t believe they’re entirely ignorant of reserved and devolved matters either and that leaves only one logical conclusion to reach really. Now doesn’t it?

    The entire UK is facing its greatest economic, political and societal crisis of the post war period. Successive Conservative and Labour governments have brought the populations of the UK to this pass. Their dishonesty. Their practice of politics. Their willingness to compromise our democracy with the influence of corporate patronage (which includes the media world). The buck stops with the government of the UK. Unless of course they’re going to go with the ‘big boy did it an ran away’ defence? You are either in charge or you’re not. You are either responsible or you’re not. You are either the government charged with care of ALL the population or you’re not.

    Well? They took the money (pretty much all the money). They take the responsibility.

    Oh and the Libdems don’t get off the hook either. Santa’s little helpers played their part in the coming catastrophe too, don’t forget. Don’t EVER forget.

    You know how to thank them all appropriately at the very next opportunity.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Those smegheads see rennie is trying to blackmail the government by saying remove indyref2 or we vote against your budget.

  10. Robert Graham says:

    Labour probably behind the GMB & Unison refusing the pay offer for council employees, they are so transparent and predictable Just like a lot of labour controlled councils making dramatic cuts in services mostly to wind up parents , anything that enrages the public and takes the heat off the councils , its that SNP who are doing this , while totally forgetting it’s a Tory government in Westminster .

    • Larry Flannigan, ex Labour Militant Councillor, now chief shop steward for EIS.
      His stance on education? Anything that fucks up the SNP Programme for Government.
      The country is riven with Brit Nat Yoons self appointing placemats controlling everything; our Universities, Law lords, Banks, Insurance Houses CBI and so on.
      Classic Colony Management.
      Paul accurately describes the callous cynicism of the English Establishment here.
      We are on the cusp of open rebellion, not only in Scotland, but Ireland, Wales, and the North of England.
      Somehow I have a sense that this is what the English and Anglo Scot Establishment Elite want.
      Civil unrest and violence on the streets. Gert the Proles fighting each other. Then they can bring in the Police and the Army and drive us back into our corrals.
      The Dark Days lie ahead, folks.

  11. Illy says:

    Can we start handing the Tories (Red & blue varieties) negative political points every time they do something like this?

    Maybe they’ll stop if their score goes negative?

    Stop laughing, I can dream!

  12. Both conservative and labour are afraid of losing the income from Scottish oil and gas income to Westminster. The value of the pound would drop on international markets.

  13. Gordie says:

    Good article. No as good as your maps though mate. Not even close. I have just received one. it is a magnificent piece of work presented beautifully. It really is.
    It will be framed and will go up In the lobby so people can see it as soon as they close the door and turn around.

  14. Gordie says:

    Very good article. Not as good as your maps though mate. Not even close. I have just received one. it is a magnificent piece of work presented beautifully. It really is.

    It will be framed and will go up In the lobby so that people can see it as soon as they close the door and turn around.

  15. Hector says:

    Have long thought it’s time for elected members to be drug and alcohol tested prior to their ability to vote on any issue of great significance, Perhaps also it’s time to introduce a basic qualification that all prospective candidates must pass in. relation to their knowledge of politics, history, public policy and economics in order that we can be assured they have a basic understanding of the society they live in. For prospective Scottish MSPs, a pass in their understanding of reserved and devolved matters to be updated annually is essential! Many of us in our society are barred from jobs we don’t have basic qualifications for, why not MSPs?

  16. Craig P says:

    If Ken Macintosh didn’t allow reserved matters there would be no questions or debates either on independence, Brexit, or broadcasting. Be careful what you wish for. Much better for the people asking on reserved matters to be shown up as clueless.

  17. Gordie says:

    Good article. Some interesting points.

    I got the map you sent me. i thank you for the work you put into it. I see it as important to the Gaelic language and to Scotland. It really is a thing of great beauty. The presentation and quality is top class. I’m delighted with it and will be hanging it up on the wall’s as soon as I have it framed.

    I have one point about it. I have noticed recently that Highland region and the Highland region are being portrayed as the same thing. Visit Scotland do it, our road sign makers seem to do it. Even James Hunter in his book ‘Last of the Free’ did it. I object to it. Breadalbane, Atholl, Argyll, Much of Speyside and Moray, Western Aberdeenshire, most of the Cairngorms are all being written out of the Highlands. This most definitely has to stop. The punters general ignorance is being played on here. Being told that a political or administrative region created in 1976 equates to the Highlands does the people from the South, Central and Eastern Highlands a disservice.

    I know this is not deliberate on your part but I am sure that the people making decisions in Scotland in tourism and political administration know what they are doing and don’t give a toss.

    I’ve written the odd letter about this over the years and the replies I have received have generally been along the lines of ‘We do our job our own way and we couldn’t care less for the issues and distinctions that you feel are being ignored by us. We will decide what we market as the Highlands. The past is past.’

  18. Gordie says:

    The map is a superb piece of work though it really is.

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