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You might recall that a wee while ago I posted on this blog that I’d heard some good news about The National which I said that I wasn’t able to share in public. Now the news is out, and it is the fantastic development that The National is due to launch a Sunday edition starting on Sunday September 9, meaning that the independence movement will now have a seven day a week newspaper covering Scottish news and current affairs from a Scotland-positive perspective.

It’s sad that we’ve lost the Sunday Herald, but in a way it’s a positive development for the pro-independence press. It means that the pro-independence press now has a clear and distinct identity, both in its print and its digital editions. The fact that the Sunday Herald shared a website with the daily meant that people logging in to read the Sunday were all too often confronted with the anti-independence reports and opinions of the daily. There was no clear division between the two newspapers online, even though the Herald and the Sunday Herald were different newspapers with different editors and different editorial lines on the constitutional question. Many people found it difficult to distinguish between the two newspapers, and indeed with their online editions it was pretty much impossible to do so.

Some independence supporters who wanted to subscribe to the Sunday Herald were reticent to pay for a subscription because it also meant that they would be subscribing to the anti-independence daily Herald. Quite a few people I have met in my and the dug’s travels across Scotland to assorted indy groups mentioned to me that they wanted to give their backing to a pro-independence Sunday newspaper, but not at the expense of supporting an anti-independence daily.

As one person remarked to me at an indy meeting after I’d spoken about the overwhelming anti-indy bias of the Scottish press and the need for our movement to support the pro-indy media that we do have, “Why should I subsidise one day a week of pro-independence media if that comes at the price of subsidising six days a week of anti-independence media.” They went on to explain that the lack of a clear separation between the Sunday Herald and the daily meant that by subscribing to a pro-independence newspaper they were boosting the circulation figures and income of an anti-independence newspaper. Something they were highly reluctant to do. That was a very fair point. A point I had no easy answer to. But with the launch of a Sunday edition of The National, it’s no longer an issue.

The Sunday Herald may be no more, subsumed into the daily and adopting the editorial line of the daily, but the great news is that the editor of the new Sunday edition of The National will be the highly esteemed and experienced Richard Walker. Richard was the editor of the Sunday Herald during the referendum campaign, and it was thanks to Richard that the Sunday Herald came out for Yes. After the referendum it was thanks to Richard that The National was launched. And it was also thanks to Richard that yours truly was asked to write a regular column in the new newspaper. We can be certain that he will ensure that the Sunday edition of The National will be a heavyweight contribution to the pro-independence media in Scotland. One that everyone will have to take seriously.

And I can also exclusively reveal that at long last, the dug and I are going to be on the telly. Admittedly it’s in an advert for The National, and not as presenters of a new Scottish politics show on BBC Scotland, but hey, it’s a starring role. My mammy is very proud, even though it was of course the dug that they really wanted. To be fair, he’s a lot more photogenic than I am.

More details about the launch of the new Sunday edition will be announced soon. The team behind it have a lot of exciting plans, and they are hoping to make the newspaper indispensable Sunday reading for everyone who wants an independent Scotland, and for everyone whose mind is open to a better future for this country. I cannae wait.

So you can now subscribe to a pro-independence newspaper, seven days a week. Starting from 9 September, seven days a week there will be a traditional print newspaper challenging the myths, the stereotypes, and the outright mince churned out by the anti-independence press. Support it, back it, subscribe to it, buy it. Tell all your friends. We need this.

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24 comments on “The National launches a Sunday edition

  1. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:

  2. Now that’s what I call ‘just in time’. Brilliant news.

  3. Phil says:

    Good news; as a headline. Now; will time tell us these hopes have been maintained?

  4. Fiona Laing says:

    Fantastic news, good luck to everyone involved and can’t wait to see the dug(and Paul) on the telly!

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  6. rogergillies says:

    Great news is there to be a didgital on line version. Too ?

  7. Well, that’s rather braw. Over the last four years, The National has been a blissful refuge from the twenty-four-seven, low-brow, low-rent Britishness extruded by the rest of the mass media.

    It’s a home for countless fine people who just wouldn’t be given a platform elsewhere. A solitary but thrawn Scots voice speaking out clearly among the unionist din.

    Best wishes to all involved with the Sunday edition.

  8. wm says:

    When you hinted a few weeks ago about some good news about the National I put two and two together and for once got four. Fantastic news canny wait.

  9. Macart says:

    Timing is everything. 🙂

    On another note. This could do with a wee lift. Only two weeks to go and 44% funded.

    Indy kits for YES groups.

  10. Fame at last, eh, Paul? Great news that there is to be a Sunday National. I hope it flies off the shelves!

  11. Les Bremner says:

    This is slightly off this topic. However, I was speaking to a man, who works in the financial industry, about Scotland’s wealth and he is against Independence primarily on financial grounds.

    I mentioned a recent report by the Treasury which showed a net flow of cash from Scotland to England and he would like to see it.

    I can’t find it. Could one of you experts please give me a link? Thank you.

  12. Joe adie. says:

    Joe says.
    Let’s hope the headline of the Sunday edition.every week.sticks out
    To promote Scotland.and shows this discredited union up for what it is.
    Bring on the new Sunday.national.

  13. Excellent news about the Sunday National, it is sorely needed.

  14. Indyman says:

    Great nres. Regarding your telly ad I don’t pay the license fee so don’t watch live telly, could you put it on Youtube or something?

    • As I argue, Sam, we need merely sit back and watch them implode.
      A snap GE may be their only way out of this.
      They have literally done nothing for two years in preparing for this.
      I find it hard to believe that Big Business is letting them go ahead with this.
      It is small wonder that Raab was reduced to a greasy spot presenting this mad nonsense.
      Look out the popcorn for the autumn.
      I note that Tom Watson’s been on a diet. Getting buff to take over from Jezza?

  15. Robert Hastings says:

    Good news about the Sunday National. Do we take it that there will ne no Herald on Sunday? I will not miss the Sunday Herald apart for the Knowledge Crossword and Ian Macwhirter – and the latter I can manage without.

  16. Doug Simpson says:

    I never buy a Sunday paper but I will now!

  17. grizebard says:

    Good news, provided it isn’t just as fringe-left-skewed as the National (and sees the end of Bella on odd Sats).

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