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Tuesday was a long and tiring day. I had to drive all the way to Peterhead to speak at an event for The National Roadshow, and then drive all the way back to Glasgow again. It tiring, but well worthwhile, and I heard some great news about The National that I’m not allowed to tell you about yet. There was a fantastic turnout in Peterhead, the venue was packed out, and there was even a surprise appearance from a couple of friends from Glasgow who were up in the North East on a visit.

I thought I’d give an update on the progress of the fundraiser. As of Tuesday night, there has been £3094 given on GoFundMe, £3510 via Paypal, and £325 given directly, making a total after less than one week of £6929, just over 69% funded. Many thanks to everyone who has supported me. I’ve also received some really lovely messages of support and good wishes. It’s wonderful to know that there is so much positivity out there.

Not everyone is so happy. I was informed by friends who use Twitter to have a wee look at the reactions from the British nationalist frothers on social media. They’re pure beelin’. How dare I get support from vile separatists to import a foreign homosexual. Some are sniffily demanding that I get a job. But I already have a job, poppets. And that job is to write and blog, and to do speaking engagements all over Scotland. But last but by no means least, my job is to piss off small minded British nationalists. A job which I seem to have something of a talent for, and a job which I fully intend to keep doing.

One of the apoplectic little trumpmuppets has even reported the fundraiser to the Home Office, as though somehow a completely legal and open means of generating an income is going to provide evidence that my partner shouldn’t be permitted to live in this country. There are few things angrier than a well slapped gammon who lives in terror that a foreigner, and a gay one at that, is going to get into the UK.  Clearly, being completely honest and up front about where your funding comes from is a very bad thing.  Just ask Ruth Davidson.

If the person concerned is reading this, all that your petty vindictiveness is achieving, you pettit lipped fool, is to inform the Home Office ahead of the event that ours is a genuine marriage and not a marriage of convenience. So you’re actually helping to bring about what you’re trying so hard in your small minded xenophobia to prevent. Ha, and indeed, ha ha.

Can you copy the Daily Mail and the Express into your red white and blue net curtain twitching on Twitter please? Then there will be more documentary proof to help with the visa process, and the extra publicity will raise a few extra grand for the fundraiser. Thanks, there’s a love.

So to everyone who has helped with the fundraiser, a huge thanks. And that includes the inadvertent assistance from our British nationalist friends. I’ve not had such a good laugh for ages.


GINGER2croppedIt’s that time of year again. It’s been a year since I last did a fundraiser. This year is going to be a particularly expensive one for me personally. There’s a wedding to pay for, and I need to ensure that my earnings are sufficient to prove to the Home Office that I am able to import my American spouse into Scotland to live here permanently. As well as the need to demonstrate a minimum level of annual income, £18,600, there are also hefty legal and visa fees to pay.

I really don’t like doing fundraisers, and I really don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but I work my wee socks off for the independence movement. I publish this blog, and I do talks to local indy groups all over Scotland without asking for a fee. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly enjoy it. It’s a huge privilege to meet all the wonderful, talented, and committed people who make the Scottish independence movement something really special. However it takes up a lot of time and energy to keep blogging and doing public talks, time and energy that I could be using to generate an income to prove to the Home Office that I am able to support my American spouse.

The truth is that if every regular reader of this blog gave just one pound a year, I’d be pulling in well over £100,000 annually. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Publishing and selling books and maps helps, as does selling t-shirts, but it’s pretty hit and miss. I do get paid by The National for my twice weekly articles, but that doesn’t pay anything like as much as you might think it would. In order to be confident that I can meet the minimum income requirements demanded by the Home Office, cover the cost of a wedding on both sides of the Atlantic, and cover the fees required to pay the visas and associated legal costs, I need to do a fundraiser for £10,000.

Any help you can give would be immensely appreciated. Help me to keep campaiging, and help me to show that Scotland is a welcoming place for migrants – at least one special migrant in particular, the man I’m going to marry in October.

You can donate by clicking the following link and donating on my Gofundme page.

Alternatively you can donate by clicking on the Paypal “Donate” button on this page, or by logging in to and making a payment to me at If you would prefer to donate by some other method, cash, cheque, or bank transfer, please contact me at for details.

Many thanks for all your support. You’ve no idea how much it means to me.

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21 comments on “Fundraiser update

  1. Anne Martin says:

    You are so worth it Paul, and if it pisses off the Britnats then that’s a lovely wee bonus!

  2. Macart says:

    Ayup. They’re big on tolerance and olive branches right enough. 🙄

    As Anne says, well worth it. 🙂

  3. Andy Anderson says:

    Good for you Paul. I hope many more throw some dosh your way. Your help to our cause is much appreciated as is that of your four legged friend.

  4. Craig P says:

    There’s more coming your (and James Kelly’s) way come pay day.

    Would you consider a subscription service like Craig Murray now has?

  5. Weechid says:

    Well, all they have done is piss me off even more and I intend to donate again come next pay day. Still haven’t managed that Euro win but I’ll keep trying. Your fund and the Yes fund both to pay for now:-)

  6. “Well slapped gammon”.
    That’s a keeper.
    My response to that diddy will be to put something in the pot on Friday Paul.

    Whit a snidey wee snitch. Aye, ye can see who the Gestapo collaborators would be. 😉

  7. Paul, you should take a leaf out of Mum 2B Davidson’s book. She is ‘getting on with the day job’, employing any old scam to make money for herself, by hiring Andrew Neil to host her book re-launch in London in September, tickets, £42 a pop, but it includes a ‘free’ copy of opus it’s no good the name escapes me.
    I note that the English Establishment is pulling the plug on BBC Politics programmes. True nobody under 60 is watching BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 these days, according to the latest survey.
    Poor old Andra will need to turn a coin somehow.
    Acting as Mum 2 B Davoidson’s pimp may be considered a bad career move.

    This lass has done virtually nothing of any note, yet, the MSM are clearly under orders from the Elite to big her up at every opportunity.
    Neill actually tipped her as a future PM on his tawdry wee show.
    She is a self serving wee opportunist.

    I’d wager that Carlaw, Smith, and Tomkins are glad to see the back of her.

    You know my views on transferring money electronically.
    I’ll meet up at your next public outing in the West over the summer.
    It’ll be interesting to learn who the Home Office stool pigeon is.

    Attack one of us, and they attack us all.

  8. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    So happy to have helped annoy a BritNat as a bonus!

  9. JGedd says:

    I admire your courage in checking into all that Britnat horror. I stay away from twitter but have still come across some gobbets of that suppurating twaddle. The well of human stupidity and malice is deep. The abyss is looking back at you. Step away!

    (Hope to contribute soon once I’ve worked out method. We need Peter here too. One more to help dilute the madness we have here.)

  10. diabloandco says:

    Glad the fund raiser is rising and the britnats are upset!

    Will there automatically be a problem getting your husband to be into Scotland? Or are you envisaging a problem?

    • weegingerdug says:

      No I don’t envisage any problems other than the usual issues of dealing with the Home Office. The two key points are to be able to prove that I can support him financially (which I can), and that ours is a genuine relationship and not a marriage of convenience – and we have proof of that too.

  11. Willie, Glasgow says:

    Hi Paul and keep up the good work. I don’t comment very often (well actually never!) but do read your postings (and everyone’s comments) with great interest. I have to confess that my £5 per month standing order fell off the side of a cliff a few weeks back (something to do with Paypal) but I am glad to say that I have restored the monthly payment today.
    Your contributions to the debate on the country’s future are not to be missed.
    Kindest Regards to you and the Dug.

  12. Marie Gray says:

    That was a brilliant blog Paul. I hope you reach your target very soon, I personally wish I could have given more. Instead, I send best wishes to you & your partner that his immigration process goes smoothly & without a hitch. Except the one where he gets hitched to you. X

  13. John Vosper says:

    All the best for your future lives together ,Paul . I hope you will be happy .
    I also hope the secret news about The National is that we are getting a Sunday edition .

  14. George Gannon. says:

    Just donated, not much but hope it helps.

  15. Shagpile says:

    Sat here 10 minutes and can not write a post which adequately addresses such shite. Thank fuck we have the WGD to articulate what common decent people feel. I’m an obnoxious shite btw. Yet I feel proud (because it’s a personal choice) that I am not a racist, homophobe or bigot; in any other sense I believe, and I hope folks will call me out if I come across otherwise. Like others I can be clumsy with words sometimes, with no offence meant. It angers me greatly that human beings are subject to such abuse. Simply, IT IS DISGUSTING.

  16. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    I wish you all the best Mr Kavanagh – The Home Office rules for bringing in a foreign spouse are draconian. I live in Japan because British Nationalists in London won’t let my beautiful Japanese wife live with me in Scotland.

    The income requirements are completely arbitrary and unnecessary. The English government claim it is to protect public funds, but non-EU spouses are denied access to all forms of public funds (no recourse to public funds). The income requirements are so high that in some parts of the UK around 60+% of the population would fail to meet the requirements.

    The minimum income can rise to around £25,000 depending on how many children you have and doesn’t take into account levels of disposable income (which is a more logical measurement of how you can support a spouse). The Home Office refuse to take into account the earnings/savings of your spouse. My spouse had plenty of savings to support herself and her parents were willing to send her money, but it wasn’t enough for the Home Office. She even had a job offer here in Scotland, but again they were not interested. The other route is to have at least £64,000 in savings, but most people don’t have that level of savings so it is a non-starter for most.

    Then there are the ridiculous visa fees (which are non-refundable if you are denied a visa). It could have cost me around £10,000 over 5 years to bring my wife to Scotland, while my Japanese spouse visa cost just £7. There are no income requirements here – the only requirements were that my wife had a job and a place for us to stay (her own home or her family home), evidence that the relationship was genuine and I also required a guarantor (her father).

    A Japanese spouse visa allows you to seek employment immediately and there is no limit to the type of work you can apply for. Most foreigners end up teaching English but since I’m fluent in Japanese, I was able to find a job within a few weeks of arriving.

    There was nothing wrong with the old rules in the UK – a foreign spouse was denied access to public funds and you had to be earning at least £5,500 (which is what the DWP say is the minimum income two people can live on). You also needed to have a place for your spouse to stay (either with you or your family) and evidence that the relationship was genuine. There was no need to change these rules.

    Be careful Mr Kavanagh- even if you meet all of the requirements, there is still a chance the Home Office will reject your partner’s visa. You have to prove there is something stopping you from living in your spouse’s country. If you cannot prove there is something stopping you from moving, then the Home Office will reject the visa application.

    These rules discriminate against young people, who are the group in society most likely to travel and fall in love with foreigners and are least likely to have the finances to meet these insane requirements. Women are also discriminated against as they are more likely to be in lower paid employment and their boyfriend/husband is more likely to be the higher earner.

    Under these rules a female supermarket worker who falls in love with a non-EU national cannot bring her partner into the UK even if he has a job offer of £100,000 p.a waiting for him in the UK.

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

  17. Jan Cowan says:

    The donate button insisted on adding pence to the amount but that’s not a problem as long as you know about it – and that it’s not meant to be some silly kind of joke.

    I’m looking forward to the news concerning the National. It’s the only daily paper I’ve ever ordered.

  18. Storr says:

    Paul, the fact that your presence at speaking engagements across Scotland is so highly sought should be enough, but the rules being put into place regarding non-UK spouses are ridiculous and just serve to show that this UK government has no care regarding the well-being of our citizens.

    I was lucky enough to have met you in Castle Douglas and to have heard you at many other events. Your voice is encouraging people to believe that there is a different way forward than this corrupt and unfeeling government.

    Please keep doing what you do!

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