It’s all gone a bit rossthomson

One of the problems about writing about Brexit is the risk of running out of synonyms for crapocalypse, armaggodforsaken, galactofuck, crapastrophe, shitaclysm, chaotaclysm, debastardacle, disastacre. But having considered the alternatives, there is no better and more evocative description of the utter idiocy and stupidty of Brexit, and Theresa May’s handling of it, than to say, quite simply, that the entire thing is a total rossthomson. It’s smug, it’s delusional, it has an inordinately high opinion of itself. And it’s completely useless.

Brexit has become a synonym for fuckuppery all of its own now. It is what yer maw would say to you when she discovers that you’ve come home shitfaced from a night on the town, you’ve attempted to do a dump in the toilet, but you missed and ended up doing it in the bath. In an overly confident attempt to show off your dance moves you tripped over the living room rug, plunged into the TV and smashed it, taking down the venetian blinds and yer maw’s much loved collection of Lladro figurines that she bought when she was on holiday in Malaga. Then you set fire to the net curtains when you attempted to open the window so you could smoke a joint without making the house smell like an Amsterdam coffee shop. You left the cooker a smoking ruined wreck when you were trying to make yourself some toast and cheese, which you gave to the dog and now the dog’s got diarrhoea.

As yer maw rouses you from lying face down in a drying pool of your own vomit with a crumpled spliff still clinging to your lips and a large and suspicious stain all over the crotch of your trousers, she would say, “Son, you’ve nearly brexited the hoose, ya dirty wee shite.” She’d say nearly, because in order to properly brexit the hoose you’d have had to undermine the foundations, knock down a load bearing wall, and remove the lintels from the doorways. Thankfully you were too pissed to manage that. Sadly, and very scarily for the rest of us, the rossthomsons of the British government are entirely sober.

Members of the British government have spent so much time and energy arguing amongst themselves about Brexit that they seem to have overlooked the fact that it’s not other members of the Tory party that they need to reach a deal with, it’s the rest of the EU. While the Conservatives are arguing about various Brexit propositions that the EU has already rejected, the rest of the EU is losing what little patience it has left. The British government is still nowhere near close to putting a realistic deal on the table. A no-deal Brexit is becoming a very likely prospect. The debacle of the Suez campaign of 1956 was described as the greatest national humiliation experienced by the UK since the end of WW2. Brexit is shaping up to be Suez with its pants down, an English rose shoved up its arse, and a tattoo of Jacob Rees Mogg on its right butt cheek.

The rossthomsons are saying that a no deal Brexit is better than a bad deal, which is rather like saying that when you’re falling from a great height no parachute and a concrete floor is better than a partially opened parachute and a snowdrift. Because the British media still gives airtime and column inches to representatives of the British government for reasons other than pointing at them and laughing hysterically, most of the public in the UK still haven’t realised just how rossthomsonish a no deal Brexit could be.

Medicines and processed foods will have to be stockpiled to ensure that they don’t run out after a couple of days. Imports and exports would all but cease and there will be queues of lorries at Channel ports that will make even women festival goers lined up outside a lavatory say to themselves, “Well at least I’m not waiting in that line.” The government is making plans to float generators off the coasts of Northern Ireland to make sure that the light don’t go out. Although there are those who would say that living by candlelight would make the DUP quite happy because they think that they’re in the 18th century anyway. Planes wouldn’t be able to fly to Europe. Nuclear reactors would run out of fuel. Millions, not mere thousands, of jobs could be at risk. All this is just scratching the surface. A no deal Brexit would make the empty supermarket shelves and the hoarding of essentials that the UK witnessed in the 70s seem like a lottery win. And do you know who would sail through this crisis with their personal lives, their jobs, and their finances intact? The rossthomsons, that’s who.

While all this is potentially looming, our government has decided that it’s best for it to bugger off on holiday, because that’s the only way for Theresa May to keep her job and stop her rebellious backbench rossthomsons from plotting to remove her. They don’t want to do the work to ensure that the national interests are taken care of, the only thing that they’re interested in are their own interests. Let’s face it, Conservative backbenchers are the real threat to Theresa May. It sure as hell isn’t the Labour opposition. Confronted with a government in meltdown, the worst of all possible outcomes for Brexit, and the very real prospect of a national disaster and humiliation, Jeremy Corbyn still wasn’t able to make any real dent in Theresa May’s robotic front at PMQs. Even if there were a general election and Labour managed to become the largest party, nothing much would be solved. They’re as clueless and as divided on Brexit as the Tories are. We are witnessing the absolute failure of British politics.

The truly alarming thing here is that for all that we’re in the middle of an utter rossthomson, the actual Ross Thomson is not uniquely idiotic or uniquely incompetent. In all his arrogant idiocy he is in fact a perfectly average Tory MP. We are being brexited by Ross Thomsons. And if that doesn’t make you realise just how screwed the UK is, probably nothing will. We need to get out of this mess, and it ought to be obvious by now that there is only one way out, that’s with Scottish independence. Let’s take the lifeboat.

I’m having a few days off. The other half is visiting from the USA and we’re going to Skye to get away from the craziness. Back at the end of next week.


GINGER2croppedIt’s that time of year again. It’s been a year since I last did a fundraiser. This year is going to be a particularly expensive one for me personally. There’s a wedding to pay for, and I need to ensure that my earnings are sufficient to prove to the Home Office that I am able to import my American spouse into Scotland to live here permanently. As well as the need to demonstrate a minimum level of annual income, £18,600, there are also hefty legal and visa fees to pay.

I really don’t like doing fundraisers, and I really don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but I work my wee socks off for the independence movement. I publish this blog, and I do talks to local indy groups all over Scotland without asking for a fee. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly enjoy it. It’s a huge privilege to meet all the wonderful, talented, and committed people who make the Scottish independence movement something really special. However it takes up a lot of time and energy to keep blogging and doing public talks, time and energy that I could be using to generate an income to prove to the Home Office that I am able to support my American spouse.

The truth is that if every regular reader of this blog gave just one pound a year, I’d be pulling in well over £100,000 annually. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Publishing and selling books and maps helps, as does selling t-shirts, but it’s pretty hit and miss. I do get paid by The National for my twice weekly articles, but that doesn’t pay anything like as much as you might think it would. In order to be confident that I can meet the minimum income requirements demanded by the Home Office, cover the cost of a wedding on both sides of the Atlantic, and cover the fees required to pay the visas and associated legal costs, I need to do a fundraiser for £10,000.

Any help you can give would be immensely appreciated. Help me to keep campaiging, and help me to show that Scotland is a welcoming place for migrants – at least one special migrant in particular, the man I’m going to marry in October.

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60 comments on “It’s all gone a bit rossthomson

  1. Marconatrix says:

    Enjoy your break, well-earned I’m sure 🙂

  2. At this time of year, you may find Skye too is a bit crazy. If you do, I very much recommend Raasay. Except on a Sunday. Or Rum or Eigg, though check the ferry timetables before you commit to either.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I have friends in Skye. We’re staying with them.

      • angusskye says:

        Hope that you enjoy your time here, Paul. If you are passing through Uig you should stop off at “The Sheiling & Ella’s Cafe”, an independent cafe/market which has set up as a Yes Hub. Great food, people and independence discussions from the owners, Dom and Ella. Highly recommended. PS Skye is not as busy as is claimed!

        • K1 says:

          Nothing crazy about Skye going on at all…absolute msm spouting crap on that front. Enjoy your break Paul…get a fish supper in Portree…seriously best in Scotland…I was in there too much the other week…eventually they just started charging me ‘local’ price 🙂

  3. J Galt says:

    Well I was in the Miner’s strikes – the ones with power cuts – none of your poncy, ballet dancing 1984 nonsense, and frankly I’m looking forward to the candles, the no telly after 10 o’clock and well just the whole Dunkirk Spirityness of it all!

    Anderson Shelters!! When do they start handing out the Anderson Shelters?!

    Seriously though, could it be that “Hard Brexit” is what was intended all along?

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Probably, J Galt.

    • Andy in Germany says:

      That would fit the facts. For the Tories a ‘Bad deal’ is one where the EU would have some say on workers rights, pay and conditions, healthcare human rights et c. A ‘no deal’ means the Tories and their business/banker friends can do whatever they want, and even better, blame all their vicious policies on that terrible EU for ‘punishing plucky Britain’

    • Judith Gray says:

      Yes, I think that was the idea all along. They have planned for large lorry parks near Dover and are recruiting extra customs staff. They have put a lot more effort into the backup plan than they have into Brexshit !

  4. B says:

    Calm doon, for f***’s sake! We kind of need you to be ok. Yes, you need a holiday with yer “furrin import” chap.
    Have a nice wee break…

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug It’s all gone a bit rossthomson One of the problems about writing about Brexit is the risk of running out of synonyms […]

  6. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Never in my entire life have I known such complete madness and incompetence.

    The British Nationalists are slowly losing control its very scary.

    Our only hope is that the Scottish people eventually wake up and understand that the only way they can save themselves and their families from very hard times is a dash for independence.

    People are getting the picture but its a slow process.

  7. Sarah Mackintosh says:

    Have a great time! Hope you get good weather and don’t forget the Avon Skin So Soft fro the midges!

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • I’ll second that – the wee swines will be out in force if the weather is halfway decent. The forestry commission lads working on Ardnamurchan swore by it. The bars of the local hostelries smelt like a harem when they were in!

      • Anne Martin says:

        Love that Wendy!! The Forestry Commission guys in Ae were much more macho and used Jungle Formula lol!

      • Andy MacNicol says:

        Changed days then. When I worked in the woods the local barman reckoned that the only thing that smelt worse than a wet dog was a wet woodcutter.

        • Cairnallochy says:

          Pal tells me that the midges were not the worst of his tour north and believes that the hot dry weather may well have inhibited them. But clegs are an entirely different matter this summer !

          • Eeeugh! Clegs! I don’t know what works for them … they can even penetrate thick woolly socks! Bloodthirsty bug(ger))s!

          • diabloandco says:

            Aye! Clegs on Arran , clegs up Loch Lomond – really bad .Can’t imagine Skye escaping the nasty wee things , but at least they kid of lumber about giving one the chance to mollocate them.!

        • Bwaahaha! I’m talking back in the late 80s and early 90s, Andy. SSS was still relatively new then … but the lads swore it worked!

  8. markrussell20085017 says:

    If you weren’t UTI when writing the above, may I suggest you sit back, light a fat one and read the post again. Just make sure the bath is in range…

    Have a good break.

  9. Have a great break on the beautiful ‘Winged Isle’, Paul. If you go up to Floddigary or Staffin, wave to my husband’s childhood home for us, across the Sound at Diabaig.

  10. You’re never here , Kavanagh.
    What you said above, in spades.
    Have a great break.
    it’s all bubbling up nicely.
    Has anybody got a bread recipe without yeast?

    • Mary Murray says:

      Irish soda bread, no yeast required.

    • Toni Young says:

      Soda bread is lovely.
      250g plain flour
      1 level teaspoon salt
      1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
      2 teaspoons soft brown sugar
      buttermilk or live yoghurt, 225 ml

      Oven 230c gas 8

      sift flour salt and soda, add sugar
      stir in yoghurt with a wooden spoon, then bring it together with your hands, It should not be sticky. If wet add a little more flour.

      knead for about half a minute until smooth, then shape into a ball, quite high. Slash a deep cross on top, to allow the bread to open out as the soda works.

      Bake in hot oven for 12 minutes then reduce heat to 200 gas 6 for 15 – 20 minutes. The bottom will sound hollow when tapped.

      Cool for 15 minutes, then eat.

      It won’t keep as long as yeast bread, but makes great toast.

      From River Cottage Family Cookbook. Hope I haven’t infringed any copyright laws!!

      Have a good break Paul. Wish my daughter luck with her American fiance’s attempt to live here!

      • Thanks a mill, Toni.
        The ingredients have been added to my list when I stock my Survive Brexit bunker in September.
        I’ll try it this week end and let you know how I fare.
        Perhaps I’ll dig up the back lawn and plant tatties onions carrots and turnip.
        Defo buying bags of lentil and scotch broth mix.
        ASnd lots of powdered milk and teabags.

        Northern Ireland will be powered by generators on barges requisitioned from the Army in Afghanistan: Fact.
        They are openly proposing this as an option.
        Meanwhile Arlene’s farmer pals and the DUP MP’s relatives in business are coining in £1.60 for every £1.00 they spend in the Ash For Cash fiddle.
        £1.7 billion going into the pockets of the Anglo/|Irish Brits in Norn Ireland and still the bold Arlene has not been brought to book for this.
        The UK and the Elite Brit Oligarchy have perpetrated this massive con for too long.
        Time we left them to it.

        Today’s MSM are blithely forecasting No Deal and blaming EU27 for refusing to ‘give in’ to the Nationalst Fascisti of England.

        England voted to leave.
        We didn’t.
        Brussels are bidding them a fond farewell. No ifs, no buts, no maybes, no cherry picking.
        May announced on Marr’s (life on Mars?) wee Brit Nat Ultra Right Fascist broadcast that there would be no CU, no SM, No FoM, no ECJ jurisdiction after March 29th next year.

        It’s not the EU 27 who are fecking the UK up.
        This is self harm, designed to destroy English Civil Society and plunge their nation into chaos and anarchy.
        It’s Rees Mogg and the Cabal of Rich Free Marketers who are destroying England and Wales.

        But that’s not the spin in the Fascist Press and Broadcasters hourly bulletins.

        It’s all Johnny Furriner’s fault.

        England is at ‘war’ with the Krauts, Froggies and Dagoes.

        Well, we’re not.

        England voted to Leave, so why don’t they just feck off into the wilderness.

        We Scots voted Remain, and remain we shall, as an independent nation once again, with its own seat at the EU table, if we choose to,or maybe not. But that will be our choice, not a Tory MP from Middle England.

        England is seriously in danger of going under.

        They are not taking us Scots with them.

        We owe them no ‘allegance’, nor will we fall on the grenade to protect the Fat Cats Down There, and Up Here, the Edinburgh/Aberdeen Anglo Scots Elite, Big Framers, Lords whose hands are still caked with the blood of the millions who they drove from the land centuries ago, who care little about the welfare and safety of 5.4 million fellow Scots.

        The time is at hand.

        • ‘whom they drove ‘. Se me when I’m ragin’.
          There are dark times ahead.

          • Marlon,

            will March the 30th dawn like the opening scene from Wyndham’s ‘Day of the Triffids’?
            Some may recall that the hero Bill Masen awakes in his hospital bed and can’t summon a nurse.

            His eyes are bandaged as he has been stung by a Triffid at the Triffid Farm where he works, hence his stay in the hospital.
            London is in chaos.

            Triffids were ‘farmed’ for their oil which was considered superior to fish or vegetable oil.

            It is suggested in the book that they were bioengineered by USSR scientists, but that some escaped into the wild and spread through the world.

            Shades of Putin’s poison!

            The giant vegetable was mobile, had a deadly poisonous ‘lash’, and could communicate with other Triffids.

            Masen takes off his bandages and discovers a London in chaos. Everybody is blind, the result of the whole world apparently taking to rooftops to watch a fireworks display of meteors the night before.

            The Triffids break free from their fenced in fields and start picking off the blind humans.

            I forgot to mention. They eat the rotting dead corpses.

            Has England become blinded by the dazzling Empire 2 Free Trade ‘Take Back Control’ send the Furriners packing fireworks display of Farage Rees Mogg Johnson Gove Fox?

            Will the ‘British people’ be picked off by the Elite come Brexit and Great England scraps Employment Laws, Human Rights Act, dismantles the Welfare State, privatises the English and Welsh Health Service, and raises the retirement Age to 75?
            Will the rotting corpse be used as fertilizer?

            As millions queue at Food Banks, and pensioners go to bed with their overcoats on in the freezing winter, Boris Triffid Johnson will ascend the throne, and impose Martial Law in St Paul’s, Toxteth and Brixton to prevent looting of WalMart Stores.

            Like HG Wells before him, John Wyndham’s Sci-Fi disasters mostly take place during the summer in the ‘Home Counties’ and London.
            Just like the Brexit Battle, it’s all being fought in London and the SE of England.

            But Wells’ ‘Food of the Gods’ was fiction.

            Brexit is real.
            Millions will stumble about blindly on March 30th, demanding to know what happened.

            Today May will tear up the Good Friday Agreement and break her pledge to the EU not to have a border at Newry.
            That’ll trun out well.

            We must look out the Triifid Gear and fight back, and prepare for Independence now.

            October will be the Flash point.
            Whatever you do, don’t look up!

  11. Enjoy yer break, Paul.
    I already light the place wi candles tae save the cost of electricity, I’ve nae TV and I’m stockpiling tins do I’m already halfway there!
    Just need a woodburner now and I’m Brexit-proof! 😂

  12. Macart says:

    Yes. Yes it has.

    Have a great break. 🙂

  13. Ruth says:

    Hahahahahaha just brilliant!

  14. Ziggy M says:

    For those who have never believed it could happen here. This is what a Coup looks like.
    Scotland shouldn’t wait for the door to open. Kick it off it’s hinges and get gone.
    Happy landings to you all.

  15. wm says:

    If the NO voters in the Indy ref in 2014 cannot look and listen to Scotlands MP’s in WM and decide that the red,blue & yellow better together mob among them, who they trusted to represent Scotland, are a bunch of head nodding donkey’s to their masters in WM,(they are plonkers the lot of them), then we deserve all that we get. Personally I could not trust them to manage a newsagents shop. Lets make sure that Scotland’s elected MSP’s run its affairs by having Indy2 soon.

    • Wonder why? Interesting.

      • Macart says:

        Near as I can tell, a return home would still risk arrest but seemingly they are free to move around Europe.

        • You note, Sam, that nobody mentions Gibraltar.
          Not even the exiles over there.

          • Macart says:

            Along with the devolution settlement breach probably the second biggest hurdle to be overcome in any following stage of the process.

            And that’s IF they ever get past N.I. and the basic principles of future trade (which look pretty unlikely at this point).

  16. Bob p says:

    Great news macart.

  17. PaulS says:

    Was fascinated to read today’s article in the Daily Mail (yes, I know… I’m staying with my mother who is in her nineties and is therefore an average DM reader). I particularly enjoyed this section:

    ‘Beyond the gangway, where more sceptical Tory MPs tend to sit, at least 60 Members demonstrated a solid core of interest. Behind and around Boris: tieless Ben Bradley (Mansfield), who quit a Tory party vice-chairmanship in protest at Chequers; ex-Cabinet ministers David Davis, Michael Fallon, David Jones and Iain Duncan Smith; younger MPs such as Cheltenham’s civilised Alex Chalk (no hardline Brexiteer he), David Cameron’s Witney successor Robert Courts and Middlesbrough South’s cerebral Simon Clarke.’

    Wot, noRossThomson? Could they maybe not find a favourable adjective?

  18. Dave says:

    Paul, a nice trip to take on Skye is on the boat Bella Jane from Elgol to Loch Coruisk, the scenery is fantastic.

  19. Phydaux says:

    Heartfelt thanks for this Paul…it spoke to you visceral disgust and rage at the Neverendum Brexit farce and made me laugh out loud.

    It was the late great Iain Banks who said that Thatcher’s baleful influence on UK politics remain undiminished. Squeeze practically any Tory, Blairite, any Lib Dem of the Orange Book persuasion, and it’s the same poisonous Thatcherite pus that comes oozing out of all of them.

    Enjoy your wee break on the bonny and beautiful Isle of Skye…watch out for the wee Scottish kamikaze midges.

  20. Phydaux says:

    Meant to say spoke to MY visceral disgust etc

  21. Macart says:

    Oh deary me.


    • Andy Anderson says:

      She has no option here Sam. Parliament made the impossibility of this law a week ago. No backstop possible. EU cannot now agree the article 50 withdrawal agreement so as it stand a no deal scenario. BBC stated this clearly last night on news channel.

      • Andy Anderson says:

        But your foreign currency now if planning a trip overseas next year and start stockpiling food.

        • Andy Anderson says:


        • Andy, you may not be ‘allowed’ a trip overseas from March 30th onwards.
          There will certainly be currency restrictions on the amount of cash you’ll be allowed to take abroad, if Homeland Security give you a visa to travel that is.
          It is estimated that the Post Office will need to issue 7 million driving permits next year for those travelling abroad.
          They do 100,000 at present.
          England’s Administration will collapse on Day 1.

          • Andy Anderson says:

            I am aware of this Jack.

            I have my foreign currency now before any major fall in rates. I have also taken out insurance against monies lost die to no planes etc etc caused by Brexit. Best to be ready.

      • Macart says:

        No, the EU has no option but to reject and the law isn’t a serving suggestion. There will be a border under those circumstances and it will extend around RoI land and sea.

        The idiocy involved boggles the mind.

  22. chicmac says:

    I know Pete Tong. Pete Tong was a friend of mine. Ross Thomson is no Pete Tong.

    Err mibbe.

  23. bedelsten says:

    The Maybot definitely needs an upgrade and reboot before suffering a blue-on-blue screen of death since, as in the Maybot through the looking glass, she seems to believe in as many as six impossible things before brexfast.

    With reference to The Republic of Ireland and Norther Ireland, in December 2018, see,, where the Maybot agreed with the EU that…

    ‘In the absence of agreed solutions, the United Kingdom will maintain full alignment with those rules of the Internal Market and the Customs Union which, now or in the future, support North South cooperation, the all – island economy and the protection of the 1998 Agreement.’

    Which, as there has to be a border between the UK and EU somewhere, implies one down the Irish Channel. Yet, today the Maybot says,

    ‘The economic and constitutional dislocation of a formal ‘third country’ customs border within our own country is something I will never accept and I believe no British Prime Minister could ever accept.’

    However, she can have one or the other, but not both.

    Meanwhile, the EU is preparing for the cliff top issuing Brexit Preparedness Notices. where the potential effects of Brexit are spelt out.

    For example, in the field of air transport, we see that,

    ‘As of the withdrawal date, the operating licences granted to airlines by the United
    Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority will no longer be valid EU operating licences’


    ‘Air carriers of the United Kingdom will no longer have access to designation/traffic rights so far available under the bilateral air transport agreements between EU Member States and a third Country on account of the principle of EU designation accepted by the third country concerned.’

    Or, on the movement of live animals where we read that,

    As of the withdrawal date, the entry of live animals from the United Kingdom
    into the EU-27 is prohibited for public and animal health reasons, unless… (exceptions are listed)


    As of the withdrawal date, these substantial requirements are controlled upon entry into the EU -27 by applying mandatory border checks , including veterinary checks, at the first point of entry into the Union territory:

    O Live animals can only enter the EU – 27 through “border inspection posts” approved for the species and categories of animals concerned; (Note – the nearest BIP to Calais is at Brest)
    O Each consignment has to be accompanied by a duly completed health certificate in compliance with EU animal health import legislation;
    O Each consignment undergoes documentary , identity and physical checks;
    O Live animals are only allowed to enter the EU- 27 with the official document (Common Veterinary Entry Document ) attesting that the border checks were satisfactorily carried out in compliance with the applicable animal and , public health rules. These conditions also apply to the entry into the EU -27, as of the withdrawal date, of live animals from the United Kingdom for the purpose of transit from the United Kingdom to another third country or to another part of the United Kingdom.

    There is more.

    There is quite a lot to read which may explain why the illiterate MSM has failed to report on this, preferring to report on the bif-baf politics as practiced in the dysfunctional big hoose by the Thames instead of actually doing some work, reading, analysing and reporting on what is readily available.

    By design or accident we may end up with an abrupt departure from the EU; flights between the EU and the UK will cease, border controls will be necessary to enforce WTO and EU rules which means chaos at UK ports, food and fuel shortages, and onwards to a dystopian future difficult to imagine.

    However, in Scotland we have a get-out-of-jail free card, the democratic lifeboat which we will cast off from the sinking state, the one with the easy to remember acronym for the Former UK.

    • What you say, bedelsten, in spades.
      On this site and many others we have been describing Eurmageddon for two years.

      Jacob and Arlene now run the ‘UK’.

      One is a fundamentalist Catholic zealot who thinks gay folk are sinners, and that bad people go to hell, the other is a fundamentalist Protestant zealot who thinks that bad people go to hell and her colleague Ruth Mum 2 B is a deviant who can be cured with chemistry.
      The Kafflick thinks the Proddie a heretic bound for hell and the Prod thinks the Taig is the Anti Christ.
      Both believe that Eve was made from a spare rib of Adam’s, and that God banished them from the Garden of Eden for eating an apple.
      Meanwhile 62 million people look on aghast.
      Christ on a bike.
      England and Wales are doomed, and Ireland is about to erupt once more.
      The Lunatics have burned down the asylum.
      Scotland must act, now!

    • Illy says:

      Umm, what’s going to happen to the houses that cross the Irish border?

      People will need a visa to cross their living room?

  24. Kay Barnett says:

    Love your synonyms in the first sentence! If I may, I’ll borrow these in dealing with our situation over here (USA) with President Tweeter?

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