A guest post by Samuel Miller

Why?  What have they done in office that is so much more reprehensible than anyone else? If you had to take political opponents at their word, the current Scottish government have apparently brought the entirety of Scotland’s institutions and services to the brink of catastrophe. Going by the headline and the soundbite, at any minute our entire country is about to collapse from terminal ESSENPEENESS and descend into a screaming chaos of hospital closures, lawlessness, educational carnage and ‘notional’ bottomless debt. You name it, there isn’t an area of government that they haven’t been opposed on or criticized about every day for the past ten years.

In fact the SNP are generally painted by their opposition and the meeja as the evilest baddies in the universe… bar none. A sort of devious mad political offspring of Ming the Merciless and Countess Bathory if you will. It’s all their pure evil single issue divisiveness you see and apparently the idea is we should be afraid of them and what they’ll do next to make our lives even more miserable than they already are. They’re probably also cruel to kittens and steal the wean’s sweeties. Pure dead vile so they are.

Uh huh!

Well, I’ve only today looked oot the windae and to my surprise, people are pretty much getting on with their lives and not creeping about in abject terror of imminent Niclamageddon. So let’s get a little perspective on what constitutes irresponsible government shall we?

Have they attempted to undermine the electoral process perhaps?

Have they abused anyone’s human rights?

Have they pished billions up against the wall in geopolitical vanity projects?

How about actually being engaged in attempting to rewrite the rule book on parliamentary democracy?

Well no, not that I can recall either.

That last link by the way? The power to legislate at ministerial level without parliamentary oversight or scrutiny? Think about that people. Think about what it means for your democracy. Think about what it means for your human and civil rights. Think about a couple of decades of Conservative dominance of Westminster politics and then tell me how this creates a fairer, more just, more inclusive, more unified and caring society.

I know I’ve said this before, but in no reality I can imagine would the current Conservative government form a ‘stable and strong’ leadership. What follows a Conservative landslide in an already Conservative controlled austerity/Brexit UK, I believe we want no part of.

As near as I can see, the SNP are no worse in government than anyone else we’ve experienced in our lives, but I reckon they’re a hell of an improvement. They haven’t started any wars, crashed an economy, abused human rights, or wilfully enacted harmful legislation against the poor or the powerless in society.  Oh, and they absolutely have NOT used their power, or seemingly limitless access to the mainstream media (sarky), to demonise and alienate major demographics of their population. They are however, human. They make mistakes. They’ll enact legislation that sometimes doesn’t work as billed and some they’ll have to make work. Some will work just fine. The democratic process takes care of real serial failure and intransigence. Ask Labour how that works.

That IS politics.

I’m wondering at this point if people know what government does for a living? More specifically, what responsible government does and should do for a living?

Your Conservative government and the Westminster parliamentary system, believe in top down power. Parliamentary sovereignty and power derived from the crown. In short, the people, the population owe the state their taxes, their loyalty, their lives. The population exists to serve the state and support the power and privilege of the few.

Traditionally and as far as generations of Scots have been concerned for some three hundred years and change, that’s how things are. The many serve the few and the few, when they can be arsed, deign to look after the interests of the many so long as it suits their needs.

In times of what they would see as good management, expansion and plenty (see under empire), the many benefit from the largesse of a contented few. They can afford it after all at this point. In times of bad management, contraction and want, (see under NOW), the dead wood (that would be you mainly) are cut loose and the power and wealth are centralised to protect the lifestyles and power structures to which the few have become accustomed. Heaven forfend that the poor dears suffer in any way shape or form.

The state and the established order is ALL. The people serve the state.  No duty of care. No public service. No ‘unity’ or common weal. Simply ‘dae as yer telt’ because… badgers and it’s really for your own good.

Now yer SNP Scottish government, some associated progressive parties across the UK and the wider YES movement in Scotland, have a somewhat different outlook. They believe that the power rests with the people. That parliament derives its direction, its power and mandate from the wants, needs and aspirations of the population. That the government of the day reflects the mandate of its population. Not all of the Holyrood parliament holds this belief of course, but that’s a work in progress.

Essentially though, government should be very, very simple. I happen to believe that the state and the party politician owe the people their service, loyalty, a duty of care and the ability to live with dignity. The basics for all our requirements at point of need. It’s about putting food on our table. Keeping us safe and well. Protecting our inalienable human rights and interests. In exchange we pay taxes to meet those needs and pay our public servants accordingly to administer and manage same. In short, the population are the nation and the nation is its population. Not the state. Not those who exercise power through the state, but the people.

I’m hoping you can see why those reliant on the Westminster system and their hangers on, would want to ‘STOP the SNP’ and indeed any progressive political party at this point. You can also hopefully understand why they’d like to put an end to your engagement in the political process and I’d say it has bugger all to do with the good of the people or vile ESSENPEE badness.

So what’s it to be? It’s up to readers of course, but I know which government model I prefer for our future.

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  1. Excellent piece, Sam. Paul will be proud.

    Aye, that ESSENNPEE badness is truly vile. Look:

  2. Ealasaid says:

    Good work Sam. Thanks for standing in.

  3. Irvine says:

    There’s an alarming pattern developing whereby a number of heads of government are governing by decree and thus by-passing parliamentery scrutiny.

    Putin does it in Russia, Trump does it in the USA, Erdogan does it in Turkey, Macron is planning to do it in France, and it appears May is planning to do it in the UK if elected.

    This anti-democratic nonsense can be stopped in its tracks in the UK if voters show May the door on 8 June.

  4. Andy Anderson says:

    Well done Macart. I like your article and its Dug like content.
    I think it is EssenPee ggoooodddd. You are correct all governments make mistakes as do we all.

  5. Annie Martin says:

    I completely agree with you Sam on which government model I would want. Unfortunately I think that it’s extremely unlikely that the UK voters will show May the door on 8th June, but I very much hope that they will not increase, and preferably reduce, her majority.

    It amuses me that the Scottish Unionists are angry at the Greens and saying that they are “propping up the SNP” by not putting up candidates in constituencies where they will only take away from the pro-independence vote. I think that it’s great because there is a very real chance that this time round we will get rid of Fluffy Mundell – oh happy day that would be!!

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Only two other allies to bin. Alistair and Ian.

    • Weechid. says:

      It would be a happy day but I can’t see it happening. The Greens share of the vote would have made all the difference last time but this time UKIP aren’t standing either and their 1500 votes will likely go straight to Fluffy. Unionism still strong here and even in D&G, where we have an excellent MP in Richard Arkless, it will be a real fight. Politically this is a shite area in which to live TBH.

      • Lanark says:

        As an incomer to D&G, I echo the sentiment on the politics here. I hope Richard Arkless gets reelected.

        Good point on the UKIP vote going to Fluffy.

  6. Jamie MacDonald says:

    Great stuff Sam, agree entirely..
    Want no part in the ‘conservitude’ future we’re promised. However I feel a period under this regime may be required to wake up some of the sleepwalkers in our midst at this point in time.
    What do you say to someone who cannot see another way of doing things? I have tried to put across similar arguments before but am rebuked by answers like if the rich didn’t have so much how could they provide business and jobs for the country…
    Happy to cling to the ways of the past but quick to say that ‘its history’ if the argument has proved itself in historical fact..
    Clearances is a prime example, the folk that put this down so readily, yes of course it is history, but our historical events are the very things that deliver us up to this situation today, and can not be cast off so easily!
    So, a spell in tory hell may be required to bring on board the feart, the cocksure, the MSN-believing suckers, and the frankly thick among us to swell the numbers sufficiently to send us over the line..
    The real turning point could be when the ‘white settlers’ and those voting Tory up here realise they are not considered quite as ‘British’ as those voting south of the border. Arguing our case with these folk now is going nowhere at the moment.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Agreed these people who mistakenly voted NO appear to believe they will be treated differently from the ones who voted YES , they really dont get it , we are not them , we are always going to be regarded as the strange people in the north , with funny accents .not quite one of them .
      Possibly the SNP have been a little too successful in running a competent government ,by shielding and protecting people from the severe cuts imposed in england , if only there was a way of giving those people what they dream of , A Tory government and all that entails ,
      The reaction would be interesting to observe , i wonder how many would then welcome the change a change to a right wing regime , well its their wet dream after all .

    • Andy Collins says:

      An English bloke I know was a Tory who even thought Labour unionist MSPs were dangerous nats. By EU ref he was shouting to people across street to get out & vote Remain or we wouldn’t be listened to here. He’s not same guy now.

      My aging hippie English neighbours were great help in my parent’s last years. Left wing views but used to disagree when I turned conversation to Indy. Long chat today about election & what comes next. He said to me hopefully Indy for Scotland.

  7. Robert Graham says:

    It must be really bleedn annoying that even with every media outlet against them, people keep voting for the SNP , they way Ruth & Kezia spit out 10 years , 10 long years in government as if its been imposed , as if its compulsory , it doesn’t dawn on them for a moment that they are thought of as useless , the list of failures of previous administrations is there for all to see , their only hope is to change the Electorate .

  8. Thepnr says:

    Sam this summed it up for me:

    “In short, the population are the nation and the nation is its population. Not the state. Not those who exercise power through the state, but the people.”

    Thanks for sharing those thoughts, loved it.

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  10. ewenart says:

    Moran taing! (Many thanks!) – it is delightful to have friends, like Samual miller, who see the opportunity to speak for all of US! We are Scotland’s electorate and are awake to our present political situation…and thank goodness that everyone is free to voice opinions – that is the real blessing of honourable and honest politics ~ our independence is bound to return. Saor Alba!

  11. hoplite39 says:

    The SNP is so bad that apparently even the Russians are against them.

  12. Puzzled Puss says:

    Excellent article, thank you. The London parties are terrified by the SNP’s competence, and the comparisons between Holyrood and Westminster which are inevitably drawn.

  13. ockletycockletywitch says:

    What an excellent post, Mr Miller. Every word incisive and to the point. Thank you!

  14. Patience is a Virtue says:

    Compare and contrast the reality of Scotland under the reputedly Baaaad EssenPee with other parts of this sceptered isle.

    As you roll up in the hospital car park (and are Not charged-though in due course all restrictions will hopefully be removed), you are likley to be seen quicker in the hospital than in other parts of the UK, collect your prescription(s) as may be required at the Chemist – which are indeed Free at the point of delivery… and if your kids are off to University.. well, at least University tuitions fees Are covered (and in due course it should hopefully return to grant system for accommodation fees also covered , as it used to be, so that a student who has earned their place can get on with studying (etc) and not be saddled with debt for ever.

    Now south of the border, … roll up in car-park pay your dues, pay your prescriptions as applicable and pay your University tuition fees – of course you can ideed get all that instantly-one nation Conservatism – simply vote Conservative and you have all you desire…

    yes then in a Conservative utopia a 4 year Degree in Scotland = 4 (years) x £9,000 (x the number of kids of course) and you can then call yourself / be on a merry parr with England.

    i suspect other things, wee things, totty things, like the Law, your Human Rights, EU citizenship, freedom of movement within Europe, general competence in goverment the way you are considered and looked after by the state during your working years and in retirement might be just a ‘tad’ better under the SNP….. just a hunch and of course ….even better in an Independent Scotland.

    compare with £1.7 trillion national debt run up by current Conservative Government)and all the protection the ‘Great Repal Bill’ will bring you.

    I note that the the new (leaked ) Labour Manifesto has in it ….’free University Tuition fees’ (for England)…..

    Now by ‘England’ -as we know the Labour Party has long since had a policy of not being able to mention the name of the Country Caledonian… does Jeremy mean only ‘England ?

    or by ‘England’ does Jeremy mean England + Wales?

    or by ‘England’, does he mean (and including) the /’County’ of Caledonia

    and does he have an opinion on N. Ireland?

    Either way .. it will be pop-corn time watching Kezia defending this one…… .

    Oh by the way…. in the same way as voting Labour for the establishment of a Scottish Parliament is a means to an end, so voting SNP (or Green) is a means of achieving Independence… it matters not what your usual political affilation is …

    you are voting to determine ‘who decides’…. you are voting for an Independent Scotland…. unless of course you want the other utopia.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Quit analyzing labour they want holyrood to run all scotlands affairs yet are so against independence no wonder hardly anyone votes them these days

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      Well said, Patience! Once Independence has been achieved, the Scottish electorate will be free to revert to whatever political allegiance they have always held … and democracy will be served. If we remain a region of the UK we will never have democracy – period.

  15. Och, Sam, there you go again, being ‘divisive’.

    On QT tonight, two well heeled gentlemen in expensive casual jackets, one with a carefully disguised Dublin(?) accent, the other English, presumably working in the Athens of the North, well spoken, educated gentlemen, who no doubt do the boys’ chores in their households, and were placed in the audience to do the boys’ job of taking out the EssEnnPee trash, moaned that we were all divided, and that we should just shut up and let May Fox Johnson and Davis get on with it.

    Then we wouldn’t be ‘divided’: we’d be ‘conquered’.

    I hope that Merryn Somerset Webb gets as much airtime as Professor WATP Two Jobs Adam Tomkins, and Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser over the next four weeks. She really is your archetypal air headed Tory dame, pantomime dame, that is.

    Watch her flubber and fluster on QT when a young lass in the audience asks her to explain why Brexit would be good for her.

    Apart from the mystery that she is the only journalist picked to appear on QT when its caravans head North, perversely she is one of the Pro Independence movement’s biggest assets. She comes across as a bit of a twit. Joyce Grenfell on acid.

    What Dugdale, Murray, Mundell, Davidson, Rennie, and Carmichael call ‘division’, we, the people of Scotland call ‘democracy’.

    Ben Wallace Tory ‘Security Minister’ (eh?) tonight assured the Edinburgh QT audience that the Brexit deal would be ‘ok’, to humiliating guffaws of derisive laughter from the benches.
    Even with an audience packed with ‘safe’ Unionists, Merryn and Ben were floundering badly.

    ‘What about the million who voted Leave?’ Wallace ejaculated desperately. (I’ve been reading Sherlock Holmes again. characters ‘ejaculate’ everywhere in Watson’s diaries.)

    The Blue Tories are good at this. Tomkins, Davidson, and Rennie, have resorted to this ‘what about the million Leavers’ nonsense whenever they are losing the argument.

    They seem less bothered about the 48% in the UK who voted Remain, or for that matter, the 45% Yes-ers.

    The 45% and the 48% ‘lost’, so they should just shut up and go away, for ever. To consider the needs and wants of the losers would be ‘divisive’.

    ‘The British People’ voted to Leave, and knew what they were voting for. Aye, richt.

    May as PM, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, and David Davis, the Three Brexiteers, will sort it all out for us. It will be ‘ok’, honest. Ben Wallace and Merryn Somerset Webb say so.

    Well, Sam, I’m with you on what constitutes democracy, and the role of the state in serving the people, not the other way around.

    “I happen to believe that the state and the party politician owe the people their service, loyalty, a duty of care and the ability to live with dignity. The basics for all our requirements at point of need. It’s about putting food on our table. Keeping us safe and well. Protecting our inalienable human rights and interests. In exchange we pay taxes to meet those needs and pay our public servants accordingly to administer and manage same. In short, the population are the nation and the nation is its population. Not the state. Not those who exercise power through the state, but the people.”

    A wonderful paragraph, Sam.

    Joanna Cherry was her usual calm clinical self, and David Hayman a pleasant surprise.
    Emily Thornberry’s heart is just not in it under Corbyn, and it showed tonight on QT.

    Will QT ever visit Glasgow? Was that a flock of pigs silhouetted across the two moons? And in the distance, the band played ‘believe it if you like’.

    Keep ’em comin’, Macart. It’s all bubbling up nicely.

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      Do you have a blog yourself, Mr Collatin? If so, would you post the link and if not, you really should! This comment was excellent, on a par with Macart’s post. With articulacy such as yours, Macart’s and The Dug’s I am at a loss to understand how anyone can doubt we have the talent to determine our own affairs. Haste the day!

      • jack Collatin says:

        I have neither Paul’s or Sam’s patience, ability to get to and stick to the point, their unrelenting wit, nor their endurance levels,to maintain a blog; besides, I don’t have the IT nous to set one up.
        As you are aware, I dip in and out of this excellent site, and others,
        Paul and Sam are the centre half and sweeper of Team WGD. Well, if Treeza can have a ‘team’ why not Paul?
        Nothing gets by them.
        I liken myself to an aging old sub, brought on for the last few minutes, to run down the clock, but not in a hickory dickery dock sort of way.
        But thanks for your kind thoughts, ocklety.
        See you at the far post next time Macart lobs the ball into the box.

        • ockletycockletywitch says:

          It’s a date, Mr Collatin. And for future reference, my name is Wendy. Upward and onward!

          • jack Collatin says:

            Wendy, darling, of Peter Pan fame
            You’re in good company here among the lost boys!
            I’m fast becoming the Boy Who Never Grew Up. The prospect of imminent Self Determination has rejuvenated me.
            bisous, Wendy

            • Marconatrix says:

              Grow up? Nae chance o that 😉

              • jack Collatin says:

                Wendy Darling is the lass in Peter Pan, Marco. Wash your mind out with soap.
                Like Larry Hagman quipped:- When I wink at a young lady at my age, I am closing one eye to reality.’
                Love this blog,guys.

            • ockletycockletywitch says:

              Excellent. Here’s tae us, wha’s like us?

              • Marconatrix says:

                Just hae a wee care for all us lost boys out there, who dare tae close an ee tae reality, whatever that might be. I have this ability to remember quotations but not where they come from …
                “Some see what is and ask ‘Why?’ But others see what might be and ask ‘Why Not?’ ” 😉

                • “You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?” George Bernard Shaw
                  Wiki makes smart asses of us all, Marco.
                  I love this site.
                  The thinking person’s virtual Speakers’ Corner.

  16. punklin says:

    Ten years on of essenpeeness and I suppose you could say we’ve gubbed the Scottish Labour Party ( tho when they do eventually die it’ll be suicide not murder) and now, real tories, you’re next!

  17. Robert Kerr says:

    Well done Sam. Just as well the Scots Common Law offence of sedition was abolished.

    Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 section 51 Abolition of offences of sedition and leasing-making

    To speak truth to Power is a brave thing.

    Keep up the good work.

  18. AnnieM says:

    I heard someone say today that they didn’t support the SNP, they supported idependence and for that reason they would vote SNP. After independence they would never vote SNP again.

    That makes perfect sense to me. Kezia and Ruthie should realise that, if they aspire to being First Minister of Scotland, the only possible chance they have is in an independent country. Who knows what party would be most popular if they really did behave as though they had the best interests of Scotland at heart?

  19. Polscot says:

    Enjoyed your post Sam. Backhanded compliment coming up – I read the title, read through the piece and then started to read the comments. The comments started with “excellent piece Sam” and I immediately had to go back to check the author as I had assumed that it was by Paul. It was that good.

  20. broadbield says:

    Excellent post Sam and I particularly like: “the population are the nation and the nation is its population. Not the state. Not those who exercise power through the state, but the people.” Yes, the people are sovereign and once we have independence we need to move beyond politicians and have the people involved in creating a new Scotland, discussing, framing, making leglisation. Participatory democracy.

    • jack Collatin says:

      Emma Barnett ripped Mao Tse Ruth’s lungs out and stomped them into the ground., live on air. Just like in China and N Korea, Mao Tse Ruth believes that the two child cap is right, therefore subjecting rape victims to humiliating traumatic pen pushing interrogation must be right too.
      On Five live this obsequious wee toad bad mouthed Scotland yet again, and cited how pish we are as the reason immigrants are not settling here. She lurvs Boris now that he’s Foreign Secretary, and believes that he, like all Foreign Secretaries before him, will lie no more and ‘play with a straight bat.’ from now on in.
      What an idiotic thing to say. Who the hell talks like that? A wee chubby Scottish Lassie talking in Billy Bunterese. Jolly hockey sticks indeed.
      She squirmed and back tracked through 16 delicious minutes, demonstrating several things. She’s no’ very bright, will say anything to get off the hook, and she doesn’t give a damn about Scotland and its people.
      This interview clearly reinforces what many of us thought. She really is that thick and full of herself., and she is the best of the best Up Here?

      • Macart says:

        An absolute catastrophe of an interview for Ruthie and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person. This is their Tory messiah in North Britain you know.

        Spread far and wide.

        • jack Collatin says:

          spread like manure on a field, Sam.

          • Jan Cowan says:

            Enjoying your comments, Sam and Jack. The Ruth Davidson interview is something all Scotland should listen to. The foolish woman was delivered on a platter. Here’s to Emma Barnett! We could do with people of her intelligence on Radio Scotland.

            Thanks, Sam for your excellent article.

  21. emilytom67 says:

    What this fcucked up country needs is a large dose of tory rule just to remind them of how bad life can be,it would give them plenty to whinge about as that,s all they do,they offer nothing to the betterment of their country nothing.

    • David says:

      I can understand the sentiment. But that is what the KPD though in 1933 Germany. Didn’t work quite as they planned.

      In this case if the Tories win overwhelmingly I’d expect to see various laws being modified or introduced to make Holyrood toothless and in their minds remove the threat of independence.

      • ockletycockletywitch says:

        You are right, David. “A good dose of Tory rule” might wake some folk up, but by the time Mouthie Ruthie and her crew were done with changing the laws, we might ALL live to regret it for a VERY long time!

    • wm says:

      I could not wish a dose of tory rule on anybody, with a bit of luck we will get their without too much more of them. Enjoyed your blog Sam, thanks a lot..

  22. Robert Graham says:

    I urge everyone to go to Mcarts link above of the 5 live interview with the mooth , it’s priceless, it should be titled Ruth nailed to the wall .

  23. JGedd says:

    Welcome back Sam Miller. Looking forward to your stint while Paul is away.

    I think that you and Jack Collatin might be of the same vintage as myself? I admire the resilience and enthusiasm both of you have. Personally I am tired of the same old chicanery from the quacksalvers and mountebanks reborn in a new generation of politicians. I am wearied of the same old arguments regurgitated by right-wingers over decades to excuse what is really self-centred individualism, which is at the root of division in society.

    Sometimes it is difficult to believe that we are having to listen to voices from the past, chuntering on about Queen and Country and loyalty to a London elite, which cares nothing for them. It’s like being back in the 19th century.

    I am not persuaded by the the much-vaunted attachment to the Union we hear about. ( I am leaving out the insane tribalist vote of the Orange Order Loyalists, but the otherwise sane but puzzling expressions of support for the Union.) It conceals something else, a motivation many are too embarrassed perhaps to declare. I have often gone on about it in my very own living room but to spare you that, I have posted a link to an excellent article from Commonspace covering this.

  24. John Lowe says:

    Excellent and the point about the Politicians working for us is so true

  25. Alba woman says:

    Agree with Ockletycockletywitch. Jack Collatin is on a par with the two other marvellous gents. Why not have a go Jack!

  26. Alba Woman,
    I recall a wee blue book in Primary titled ‘A First Aid in English’. It served to educate and confuse in equal measures.

    It was stuffed with pithy aphorisms, and mnemonics, which I am confident in adult life we all share as common sense truisms.

    ‘Thirty days has September, April June and dull November’ stuck.

    ‘Every Good Boy Deserves Fun. EGBDF.’ and so on.

    The ‘confusion’ arose when our sponge like brains were expected to embrace clearly conflicting universal truisms.

    We would all urge caution before action.

    ‘Look before you leap’.

    Makes sense; don’t rush into things.

    In the world of grown-ups,
    ’Marry in haste; repent at leisure.’

    ‘To fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail.’
    Don’t rush into things.

    ‘Now is not the time.’

    Then confusion sets in.

    From the same wee book:
    ’He who hesitates is lost.’

    ‘Carpe diem.’ (seize the day.)

    ‘Grasp the nettle.’

    My young addled brain limped along uneasily for a few years until I was introduced to the Classics.
    Trust the Romans to come up with a compromise.
    ‘Festina lente.’
    Make haste slowly.
    Our early learning confusion may in part account for the many and conflicting Pro Independence voices aired here and elsewhere on the Net.
    Some are champing at the bit. Treeza May upped the ante by calling an early UK GE. Some advocate UDI if a majority of SNP candidates are elected. Freeeeeeedom!
    Some idiots would even take up pikestaffs and broom handles and take to the streets NOW!
    Still others would hasten slowly.

    October 2018, is time enough. A week may be a long time in politics, but in the best tradition of confusing axioms, 18 months is no time at all.
    By the autumn of 2018, we shall know the terms of Brexit and the cataclysmic impact that Hard or No Brexit will have on Scotland, yet still within the 2 year Article 50 timetable when 16-17 year olds, and EU nationals working here will be eligible to vote.
    We hasten, but slowly.

    ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth.’
    Picture our kitchen on Christmas Day.
    My Big Day, 364 days in the planning. Je suis un Chef Extraordinaire. I have looked before I leapt.
    Picture a kitchen milling with family and friends sticking their noses in; stealing roasties, stirring the soup, offering basting advice, refilling wine goblets; it is a minor miracle that the broth is indeed not spoiled.

    But, hold on,
    ‘Many Hands make light work.’ (How many electricians does it take to change a light bulb? 23; because ‘many hands…’)
    Too many cooks ‘spoil’. Yet many hands make ‘light’?

    There are ‘many cooks’ in the Rainbow Alliance Yes Movement.
    Some will vote Red Blue or Yellow and Tartan in the upcoming GE. Some are Militant Bolshies, some are moderate socialists, some are middle road left leaning, some right leaning. There will be some Lib Dems even.
    Some would renationalise everything; railways, telecoms, gas, electricity, Off Sales.
    Others may be laissez faire Free Marketeers, and would privatise everything from street lights to lollipop ladies (and gents). Why am I giving them ideas?
    Inexplicably BBC Scotland is hosting a Leaders’ Debate, with our FM, who is leader of a Party with 56 MPs, and, Murray? Mundell? Carmichael? Making up the panel.
    Naw, Davidson, Dugdale, and Rennie, the Branch Managers with no dog in the fight will EssEnnPe Bad for an hour, with Glen Campbell conducting.
    I get the sense that the UK GE is being treated as an unnecessary distraction, a dry run for the MSM in advance of the Main Bout, Indyref 2, in Oct, ’18.
    The Yes Movement must stand fast. I have no doubt at all that the SNP will still hold a significant majority of seats.
    The first Scottish GE following Independence may see a gradual realignment along ‘traditional’party lines. Until then,the trick is to convince the Multi Coloured Dream Coat Yes Movement that independence is the ultimate goal, with membership of/ leaving the EU and party political loyalties taking a temporary back seat. Many hands will make the light of Self Determination work.
    Alba Woman,
    I tend to rabbit on a bit. I have none of Sam’s or Paul’s discipline.
    Hence my attempt at a blog would be at best a challenge to even the most patient of reader.

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      I believe you do yourself a disservice. I followed every “rambling” word of the above and agreed with all of it, especially the fact that once we have achieved Independence we can then ‘revert’ to our traditional political allegiances if we so desire. But first we MUST have that Independence.

        • wm says:

          Jack you underestimate yourself. I have seen this in lots of diferent talanted people what a waste. Mind you we have plenty at the other end of the scale, useless plonkers with too much confidence, I am refering to the tory seats in Holyrood.

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