Labour, the fracked party, cracked at the foundations and leaking poison

It’s a hard life being a Labour politician in Scotland these days. There you were all those years ago, an idealistic young student with an eye on a career in politics and all you had to do was to turn up at meetings and schmooze with the right power-brokers. Play the game properly and you could win a safe seat on the HST of gravy trains which would wheech you away to a cosy future and a well padded retirement in the House of Lords. Canvassing at elections was MPs and cooncillors in other places, but to be a Labour politician in Scotland meant you could take the electorate for granted.

You were the establishment, you were the opposition, you were the only party that counted, and that meant your votes only needed to be weighed. When you’re the only party that counts your votes don’t need to be counted. When you live in comfort you don’t need to make any effort. Labour lounged on the divans of entitlement, carried on the backs of the working classes. Things aren’t so comfortable now. Labour needs to count every vote and hoard it like Gollum’s precious, only to discover that those pesky SNP hobbits with their hairy wee Caledonian legs have gone and taken it away. Scotland rings with the howls from Mordor, otherwise known as John Smith House.

It’s not easy trying to be relevant again after spending 50 years taking the voters for granted. It’s much easier just to keep on about how bad your opponents are, how nasty those precious thieving SNP hobbits can be. You don’t know how to go about making a positive case for yourself, you don’t know where to begin. Your world has been taken away from you. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Asking Labour to start making itself relevant is like asking a fish to start breating air. Labour evolved for a different ecosystem, one in which it was the only resident in a stale and stagnant pond. Now it’s got competition from parties with lungs.

Labour’s still struggling to come to terms with its loss of prestige and position. It’s still choking as it tries to breathe the fresh air of a Scotland which is thinking for itself. Perhaps it’s the oxygen starvation making what’s left of Labour even more delusional than it was before, but now their great new ideas to make themselves relevant again are as all singing and all dancing as a tone deaf contestant with a hamstring injury appearing at an X-Factor audition. Actually that’s unfair, because tone deaf singers do occasionally hit the correct note by accident.

This week Labour’s great wheeze to stop itself wheezing was to hold the Scottish Government to account by getting it to do what it’s been doing anyway. Labour introduced a motion to ban fracking in Scotland, even though there’s currently a moratorium on fracking which is due to last until spring 2017 while evidence is sought on the effects of cracking the rocks on which Scotland sits and injecting them full of chemicals. Maybe Labour is struggling with the concept of a moratorium, after all it’s a long word, a much longer word than ban. But it means much the same thing. Fracking is banned in Scotland until all the evidence is in.

Labour claims that it wants to hold the SNP to account, but if that was true then they’d wait until spring 2017 and then hold the SNP to account if they decide that after all they’re going to allow fracking. Instead what they did was shameless showboating which potentially makes it harder for a permanent ban on fracking in this country. Now if the SNP government announces that after it has consulted, after it has examined the evidence, the fracking companies can claim that the Scottish Parliament had already made up its mind thanks to Labour’s childish attention seeking and mount a legal challenge to the ban. Labour’s actions actually make it easier for the fracking companies to introduce fracking. Labour’s gesture politics are the gesture of two fingers in the face of Scotland.

So if in 2017 the Scottish government announces that after lengthy consultation, after a careful examination of all the evidence, that they’re still not disposed to allow fracking, the fracking companies will be able to take them to court and point to this week’s vote in Holyrood as evidence that the Scottish Government was going to ban fracking all along and was never going to hear the case for it. It doesn’t matter that the SNP abstained. All that matters to Labour is that it got itself a wee bit of publicity. Someone noticed them this week. Gollum got a sight of Precious.

They did the exact same thing with their campaign to defend Calmac. By insisting that the Scottish government ignored EU law on putting contracts out to tender, a law that Labour wouldn’t have dreamed of ignoring when it was in power, the Labour party gave the private sector a reason to mount a legal challenge against the decision to allow Calmac to retain the contract to supply ferry services. Labour poses as the friend an ally of the people, but in reality the only beneficiaries of their actions are the private sector and the rich and the powerful.

What Labour is doing now is damaging the public good in Scotland in a pathetic attempt to make itself feel better, to pretend that it’s still got some purpose, to score a few SNPbad headlines in a press which, unlike the people, still hasn’t given up on it.

It might be arguable just how bad fracking is, personally I hope that it never comes to Scotland. We don’t need it. We’ve got an embarrassment of energy resources as it is, and we ought to be investing in renewable energies that will suppy us with energy as long as the wind blows and the tides rise and fall. Fracking might be very bad for Scotland indeed, it might be seriously unhealthy, but there’s no doubt at all about how unhealthy Labour is. Labour is the fracked party, cracked at the foundations and leaking poison.

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43 comments on “Labour, the fracked party, cracked at the foundations and leaking poison

  1. Fillofficer says:

    They’re a bunch o feckin eejits, aint they. Headline grabbin fuckwits. You, me & the blind folk of Scotland could all see what they were up to, but they just can’t stop self harming, can they. Cringe factor 10 at every turn. The nations embarrassment.

  2. Jim says:

    My fearful assessment is that Scottish Labour have the mentality of a suicide bomber: they know they are dying so they will cause as much damage as possible in the process.

  3. shemorvena says:

    Liebour in Scotland will have had lawyers advising them on this. They know full well the jeopardy they have put this beautiful land in. Damn them!

    • Dave Hansell says:

      Quite. This was not an accident or a cock up or the result of short term political naivety and expediency. They have done this deliberately in the full knowledge of its future impact. Which can lead to only one conclusion which is that SLAB and it’s MSP’S are well and truly bought and paid for and deep in the pocket of corporate lobbyists.

      The stench of corruption hangs heavy in the air over this action.

  4. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  5. Jimbo says:

    Weren’t they (Labour) aided and abetted by the Greens in their pathetic posturing over fracking? Patrick Harvie was crowing about it on Facebook.

  6. douglas clark says:

    Loved “the divans of entitlement”.


    I am an SNP member and I think that the Greens are right on this strategically, tho I think the SNP is right on this tactically. It reminds me of Sweden’s position on the Euro. They could easily join but haven’t. They just don’t see a decision as being a necessity. Sometimes just doing nothing is the best option, but it would be utterly wrong for folk that believe climate change is a bigger threat than even Mordor, sorry Westminster, not to vote for a complete ban.

    Guess who I’ll be voting for after we get independence?

  7. Shagpile says:

    Labour, the sweepers to the curling stone of corporate greed. The facilitators of cath 22. The most dense of heavy metals in the periodic table. The nod that’s as good as a wink to the blind. The clearers of mine fields with fingers in ears as they boldy stamp where no one has stamped before.

  8. I’m sure you could have got some reference in there at the end to ‘The Crack of Doom’.

  9. Macart says:

    Just catching up on the past couple weeks, but this one caught my eye as being one of the two most unsubtle, jaw dropping, howling batshit mad and obvious pieces of rank opportunism out there.

    The SNP enacted the moritorium, they CANNOT be seen to pre empt the result and conclusions of the process or ANY legal challenge by the fracking clique will be able to call into question the Scottish governments objectivity. They COULD NOT vote pro or anti under any circumstance on this pointless exercise. Labour, pretty much knowing this, were simply seeking an opprtunity to appear relevant by enacting a vote which ultimately won nothing, would ensure nothing and could protect nothing.

    What’s known as yer gesture politics.

    Secondly there’s Ruth Davidson and her blatant tweeted claim on the tragic case of Liam Fee. A statement where the Scottish Conservative leader claimed the victim had a named person under the Fife pilot scheme. Fife council has since released their own statement that this was not the case.

    Ms Davidson casually and cruelly used a child’s murder in an attempt to promote a personal political agenda and damage the Scottish Government. She blatantly blurted out, on social media no less, what she led people to believe was a quite unambiguous and clear statement of a ‘supposed’ hard fact. Except the actual evidence says otherwise.

    A new low in politics and that profession has seen its fair share of lows.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Yes, Sam, Davidson certainly hit rock bottom this time.

      • Macart says:

        We’ve all seen some pretty grim politics in our lives, but using this tragedy to troll the Scottish Government ranks as an all time low for both the Scottish tories and the media.

        I don’t think I could print what I actually think of these creatures.

        • I’ve been away too, Macart.
          Keep your powder dry.
          Dugdale Rennie and Davidson are beneath contempt.
          They care nought about Scotland, its people, their health and welfare, and democracy.
          Their aim is to make as much money as possible while undermining our Parliament at every opportunity. They are the enemies of the Scottish people. Unionist Fifth Columnists doing their London Masters’ bidding. Destroy Scotland.
          Ruth Davidson should crawl back under the stone from which she emerged as a fully grown self centred Tory Elitist.
          Dugdale has the intellect of an amoeba. It she who is the ‘disgrace’.
          Rennie is just a stupid little chancer.
          Behind them this Better Together Unionist Gang has amassed the biggest bunch of card carrying Red Blue and Jaundiced Neo Liberal New Conservative Unionist passengers, most of whom we didn’t elect, who will coin it in for five years, while trying to undermine and eventually destroy our Administration and democracy.
          Davidson should resign. Who would have this weasel of a woman in their company now? Apart from WATP Prof Tomkins (is he still holding down his teaching job?), and The Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser that is.
          Like nocturnal slugs, they leave a sticky trail as they pass among us.
          Evil on stilts.
          Welcome back, Mac.

  10. Tinto Chiel says:

    “What Labour is doing now is damaging the public good in Scotland in a pathetic attempt to make itself feel better, to pretend that it’s still got some purpose, to score a few SNPbad headlines in a press which, unlike the people, still hasn’t given up on it.”

    Which sums up British Labour in S______d perfectly. Their stupidity is only exceeded by the potential damage they could to their country. Well, not their country: their country is UKOKia. A Blisser’s loyalty is to party first and to what the Establishment tells it to do. Scotland doesn’t really figure in any of their equations.

    Of course, trying to do equations on Jackie Baillie’s abacus (you know the one with the twisted rail) isn’t really possible but they havent worked that out yet.

    Their new motto should be, “When you’re in a hole send down a JCB.”

  11. Wholeheartedly agree with the article and all the comments, but, at the risk of being repetitive, these balloons aren’t our greatest enemy. It’s the establishment controlled M.S.M, and how they choose to portray these people, their economical use of the truth, and that’s being kind.
    While the Labour Party in Scotland is rapidly going downhill, you still have the media portraying failed and discredited politicians from that self same party, as some sort of latter-day Brahan Seer, able to predict, and solve all Scotland’s problems with a sound bite.This is never going to change, and come the next Scottish Independence Referendum they, the M.S.M, will still be the greatest obstacle to gaining our independence.

  12. katherine hamilton says:

    I so agree about the comment of our existing diversity of energy resources. Not enough is made of this. The fact is if we were independent we wouldn’t even be discussing fracking. We don’t need it.

    • hettyforindy says:

      Absolutely, Scotland has an array of resources and renewables potential. The UKok government have undermined the renewables industry, they are anti-life in that respect, because they do not care if they destroy the environment, the people and all flora and fauna. Just not in my backyard, for them of course.

      As with their wmd’s, the other end of the country is perfect for feeding the monsters of greed.

      Sick of seeing crap being posted on facebook about this, nearly all SNP baaad.

  13. gmaniac1 says:

    If they, snp, had listened to their grassroot members or their back benchers at the start I may have read ginger “I’m heartbroken at death of my partner, oh look he’s deid and I’m off with a big American fella to get married” dug and credited him with more relevance but he’s as biased as you. Read the history of this subject. X

    Sent from my iPhone

  14. Dan Huil says:

    Excellent article. Slab continue to do Westminster’s dirty work.

  15. Albawoman says:

    mogabee. This is a site which attracts civilised folk who usually make considered relevant comments.

    The standard of writing and comment attracts such folk. Be off with you never to return except of course if you have a relevant ,considered ,non offensive comment to make.

  16. Clive Scott says:

    Seems to me there is much bollocks and misinformation about fracking. From what I see it is a small diameter hole drilled umpteen thousands of feet into the ground which is then pressurised mostly by water to crack the relevant rocks and so release a useful fuel resource. The anti’s claim this process pollutes water supplies. I thought water supplies in Scotland were from surface reservoirs, not wells deep underground. The drill rigs themselves are very modest in size. I wouldn’t want one in my back garden but that is not what is being proposed. Seems to me that much of the anti lobby comes down to nimby’s happy to enjoy the comforts of modern living but not prepared to accept the most minor inconvenience.

    • Shagpile says:

      They’ll have no problem with insurance then, the premium being peanuts on that basis. Great! No bills for the clean-up damage to the taxpayer. The insurance would also pick-up the bill for damage to infrastructure… so on and so forth. Brilliant! Why did Labour not think of it?

      Opportunity knocks for insurance companies too. Greens having’ a “hughie”, ah well, can’t please everyone I suppose.

      Thing is… why would Cameron and; and by default, Babe Ruth (the big hitter for the Tories NOTB) give control over this volatile resource to local authorities when the big cooncil in Edinburgh can’t be trusted?

      C’mon insurance companies… faint heart never won a bribe… get up and protest. Your right to get drunk on “money in the bank” premiums are being eroded here.

      That baahd lot are takin’ the piss wi’ their fcuking stupid moratorium, holding back progress so they are. Luddites.

    • Guga says:

      Clive, I suggest you do a bit of research on fracking and the damage it has caused in many American locations. In addition, what chemicals are they pumping into the ground? What are the affects of these, unknown, chemicals on ground water? What are the affects of these, unknown, chemicals to the environment if they leach into the soil and subsoil?

      There is also the question of who profits from any monies made from fracking. It most certainly won’t be Scotland or the Scottish people.

    • Shagpile says:

      On a more serious note, I suggest you research the importance of the “water table”. The exploitation of this resource has lead to many problems around the world and arguably is best illustrated in the problems facing the River Ganges. Hydraulics is important in civil engineering too. Foundations depend on an understanding of it and it’s relevance. Equations fall apart if a constant changes. Tectonic properties change as well. Good advice would be not to fcuk about unless you are VERY sure what you do.

      Trust government advice? Never been interviewed by ATOS?

      Germany has set the bar on Fracking very high, foremost in their concern is their water table.

      Hence… see how willing insurance companies are prepared to be.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Your vision is not very good Clive!

  17. Albawoman says:

    Apologies to mogabee.

  18. jcd says:

    If any of that slab scum are ever stupid enough to appear canvassing at my door I will spit right in his or her face and screw the consequences.

  19. Gavin.C.Barrie says:

    Yeah Clive, mostly water,mostly. Chemistry your forte?

    And the comforts of modern living are available to us in Scotland via renewable energy.

  20. John Edgar says:

    Slab could redeem itself!! Ditch its yoonie yoke and be a real Scottish party again!! It has the opportunity if the Leave crew on England take Scotland out of the EU. Borisism and the Tory rabid rightists and closet Ukippers will, aided by evil EVEL wreak havoc in Scotland. Slab could see that Corbynism and yoon Labour are kaputt. They have one MP, he is expendable. But, can Slab avoid do the right thing? Or does doom await!?
    If Borisism comes to the fore at Westminster, then it wont be better together , it never was.
    We await Slab’s next right move or its fatal demise. Cannot see any more “lovebombing” or Vows again!! Maybe Gordo will come out with one last attempt – “My England is my Britain.”

  21. John McGuire says:

    The In/Out UK referendum on Europe should be cancelled or minimally, postponed.
    Postponed until the issues around the Conservative party’s election fraud in 28 English constituencies is clarified. I feel that these issues in these constituencies make Cameron’s government illegal. For that same government to embark on this referendum is consequently illegal too.
    The referendum should be postponed or cancelled. The opposition parties in Westminster should put this forward for a vote. I also imaging that if the referendum goes ahead and an exit vote is carried that there could be legal challenges in the courts because the Conservative party’s majority was illegal and consequently the vote to hold the referendum illegal too. The SNP should take the lead in this major issue.

  22. emilytom67 says:

    What was the British Empire founded on?baubles/bangles/beads,ere it ever was,the establishment know “fool” well that all the socialist firebrands from “oop north” will find there way to London town where they will be offered the aforementioned and fall over themselves to accept,in the process trampling over their ain folk to get them,”Venus fly Trap” works perfectly.They most definitely ensnare youswallow you then blow you out in baubles,remember Michael Martin MP for one of the pooresr constituencys in Europe,flouncing about parliament with a pair of knickers on his heid being called “Gorbals Mick” they couldn,t even get the area right,laughing out their collective arses at him,there are many many more “socialists” that have taken the kings shilling and many many more waiting to do so.

  23. Steve Asaneilean says:

    When all you have left in your political armoury are childish pranks (such as we witnessed with the fracking ban ammendment) and a stuck record calling your opponent bad yet offering no credible positive alternative then you are well and truly finished.

    I couldn’t believe (Not) Labour could be more self-destructive but I was wrong.

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