The drugs of Britishness don’t work any more

We live in a topsy turvy universe, or at least the Caledonian parts of it. Legal mind altering substances have now been banned, but here in Scotland political reality is warped on a daily basis without any pharmacological assistance. If you want to warp your brain and corrode your synapses with altered states of irreality all you need to do is read the Scottish Unionist media, which is pretty much most of it.

Unlike the banned kind of mind alteration, the Unionist variety comes with the recommendation of the state and the establishment. In fact it’s compulsory to pay for the drug of BBC Great Britishism if you want a TV, or soon perhaps if you just want a computer or a smart phone. With the drug of Union Scotland will tune in turn on and drop off the edge of the planet. It’s not a high, it’s the world’s most effective downer.

This is a country where the party that came a very distant second in an election campaign is hailed by an increasingly desperate press as the victors, where the leader of an irrelevant grupuscule which came fifth in the same election and who only got his seat due to the benefit of Unionist tactical votes remains a figure of national importance even though he’s not even the most famous person on his own bus route, and where the fact that an SNP MP isn’t being investigated by the polis is headline news.

It’s now eight months since Michelle Thompson MP withdrew from the SNP following an onslaught in the Scottish media over her business affairs. Yet all these months later and despite the press holding its collective nose like it was dealing with the stench of corruption we now discover that the MP has never been approached by the police. It was the manufactured outrage from the Scottish press that allowed a Lib Dem to win the same constituency at the recent Holyrood election. Every little helps eh?

It was also manufactured press outrage over the online activities of the SNP candidate that helped Labour’s Ian Murray become the MP for Red Morningside in last year’s Westminster election. Some comments from the SNP candidate were twisted and distorted in the press in a concerted campaign of character assassination and we had Ian’s surprise victory as a result. You don’t need any more evidence that our distorted media landscape distorts our democracy. They warp, they misrepresent, they distort and they malign, and when they do shameful things they insist that they’re only doing their duty. Duty to whom? It’s not their duty to you or me. But then the Unionist media, like any inveterate hypocrite, generally has two reasons for doing something, one that sounds good, and the real one.

The condemnation from the press is inversely proportional to the seriousness of the political crime. Tony Blair took the country into an illegal war yet he’s still walking free and earning large amounts of money by whoring himself to Central Asian dictators. The war in Iraq was the greatest British political crime of this century, but Tony preserves his privileges and his wealth and his influence intact. This weekend we’re told that the great liar is warning that a Corbyn government would be a recipe for war, but there was no greater recipe for war than Tony’s ego and his desire to out-Thatcher Thatcher.

We never hear the end of the condemnation of the independence referendum for its supposed divisiveness, yet it was a campaign marked by mass activity that politicised and engaged hundreds of thousands who had previously been alienated. Now we’ve got another referendum, one characterised by negativity, fear, hyperbolic scare stories which risks the future of Britain in Europe, and all so that the UK decides which one of two over-privileged over-entitled public schoolboys gets to be next Tory leader and the next Prime Minister. The very same people who decry the divisiveness of the Scottish campaign are strangely silent as they rip seven shades of shite out of one another in a political campaign which has alienation as its goal.

Stewart Hosie stole some kisses from a woman who wasn’t his wife and his career was strangled by the media moral outrage. The Conservative party stole an election with illegal expenses and the media moral outrage is strangled. It’s potentially the most serious breach of election law in British history since Universal Suffrage was introduced, but you’ll search the media in vain for a detailed account. They’re far too busy tutting about the amorous activities of an SNP MP. Democracy is drowned in a puritan puddle while the establishment ocean of sleaze overwhelms us.

There’s little mention in the papers of the Channel 4 investigation into Conservative election expenses, even though the police are involved, even though if the allegations are true then this UK government would have won its majority only by breaking electoral law and so is illegitimate, making it quite literally a bastard Tory government. But the media doesn’t care because it’s controlled by bastard Tories too. Wrongs aren’t wrong when they’re committed by those the papers look up to.

This is the inside outside upside down universe of the British state, where wrong is right if carried out by the right people and right is wrong if carried out by the wrong people. You and me, we’re the wrong people. Little people, they’re the wrong people, the poor, the marginalised, the sidelined and the disabled, they’re the wrong people just by virtue of their existence. The right people write the headlines and make the news, the right people tell us what’s right, and what’s right is what benefits the right people.

And yet despite the onslaughts on our senses, the constant deception and the diet of lies, there are hundreds of thousands of us who look in the hall of mirrors of the British state and its media and refuse to recognise what it tells us is reality. We’ll make up our own minds, and our minds are made up that this is no state to be in. The drugs of Britishness don’t work any more.

This post was edited because I’d mistakenly said it was Ruth Davidson who won in Edinburgh West, in fact she won in Edinburgh Central.

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44 comments on “The drugs of Britishness don’t work any more

  1. Manufactured outrage and anger with attendant pencil slamming and sneering.

    Even Mundell is trying to do it.

    Daily Mail sort of personal politics.

  2. Itchybiscuit says:

    When enough folk stop buying their rags and decline to pay their tv licence perhaps then it will change. We’ve seen what people power can do to Scottish politics, now it’s time to take on the state vested interests in the form of off-shored multimillionaire proprietors and the state broadcaster. Profits – or the lack of – is all they understand.

    It’s a slow process but hopefully, within my lifetime, the change will happen. When it DOES happen, we’ll have the WGD and others like him to thank for their diligence and good humour. It seems that the more we laugh at the establishment, the angrier they get…

    Thanks again Paul.

    • Best of luck with that itchybiscuit. The M.S.M are an integral, and essential, part of the establishment. It doesn,t matter to them what losses they suffer, either in terms of readers, listeners, or viewers. The propaganda they spout will continue unabated, even after we gain independence, although then we can ignore them completely, and go forward to create a better Scotland.

  3. Hugh Bryce says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if at least one News Paper had the guts to stand up to there Lords and Masters and report news as it was and not bend it to there Lords and Masters wishes. Any reporter worth his salt would tell it as it is. Then once again sales of papers would rise once more. All the public want is the real facts not manufactured facts.

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  5. Pentland Firth says:

    There are currently twenty eight Tory MPs being investigated by nineteen police forces across GB into alleged fraudulent election expenses. The BBC, with the exception of Andrew Neill, has ignored the story, as have most of the print media. There are now questions being asked about Mundell’s election expenses returns (£17,000 in accommodation costs, but zero for Transport – presumably the activists all drove their own cars around Mundell’s large rural constituency?), but the MSM seems uninterested. If these allegations had been made against SNP MPs, do you think our free press would turn a similar blind eye? No, thought not

    • davidbsb says:

      Fluffy has form. He was investigated at the previous election for expenses jiggery pokery. I find it staggering that his expenses in 2005 were over 3 times those of the SNP. That handful of votes which saved him came at some cost.

    • My concern over these investigations Pentland Firth is that I believe, and feel free to correct me, is that there is a cut-off date of the 11th, June. I know at least one police force, Cumbria, who have applied for an extension, but whether this will be successful I don’t know, but bearing in mind other inquires, especially into establishment wrongdoing, I have my doubts.
      The S.N.P M.P, Pete Wishart, has called for a Metropolitan Police investigation into this alleged breach of electoral law, but again how seriously this is being taken by the authorities is unclear, but I fear once again it will either result in a whitewash, or be brushed under a convenient carpet.

  6. mikewr says:

    Paul, absolutely spot on with this post. The MSM is rotten to the core with the BBC the big daddy of corrupt practices. Searched through the bbc news website today and found not one story on the theft of the GE by the tories allegedly committing electoral fraud.

  7. maxi says:

    Don’t you ever get the feeling that there is nothing you can do to make change,we have no guns or pitchforks or even big sticks anymore. We don’t want to storm the castle and kill the vampires that are draining the lifes blood out of our country.We seem to be a nation of farm animals who are owned and controlled by the gentlemen farmers and their copious helpers.
    I hope i don’t sound too downbeat but the anger that swells up inside me when i read or see the bloody media gang in action makes my blood boil.
    I am glad there is writers of your ilk to muster some form of opposition to the dealings of these disgusting excuses for human beings and only hope that i have a chance to see what happens to them all as they get their come-uppance just as they did in France during the revolution.
    Lets see if they can keep the heid then?.

  8. Brian Powell says:

    The Union could have passed away with dignity, engagement and involvement, instead we see the cheap mafioso of the establishment grubbing for power with petty tactics, and an incompetent press faced with events beyond their ability to understand.

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  10. Grant Anderson says:

    Michelle is the MP for Edinburgh West, Wee Ginge! Ruth Danvidson won Edinburgh Central. It’s not often you’re wrong though!

    • weegingerdug says:

      Ach I was close. But no cigar for me.

      • Ann Rayner says:

        Completely agree with your argument about the MSM press, great to see it analysed like this.

        It was Alec Cole-Hamilton who won the Edinburgh Western seat for the Lib-Dems, with the help of a lot of Tory votes, I suspect. I picked up a quite a few anti-Thompson comments while doing a spell at a polling station.

        I do hope the Conservative election fraud gets treated seriously. A few by-elections might kill their ‘majority’.

  11. Grant Anderson says:

    How about a Schmacko instead? 😉

  12. Tinto Chiel says:

    An excellent essay, Paul, which nailed all those points most of us feel but don’t always manage to articulate. It was also quite depressing because the impression is that the MSM have it all sewn up and the Establishment can do what they want with impunity.

    I can only hope that the FM repeatedly exposes the Tank-Straddler at FMQs as a Tory imposing vicious Tory attacks on the resoundingly non-Tory Scots.

    Of course, even then, Vichy Vision will fail to report it, and Union Jackie Bird can continue her sneering.

    And so we’re back to The Meedja.

    As Tony Soprano used to say, “Whatya gonna do?”

    It’s the biggest question we have to solve.

    • Golfnut says:

      “Vichy Vision” Brill. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow that occasionally.

  13. douglas clark says:

    Thanks for that. What is fascinating is the huge number of Scots who now completely distrust mainstream media. About twenty years ago my main source of information on politics, and the rest of it, was The Glasgow Herald. Nowadays, whilst I still subscribe to the online version, if I want to know about something, anything really, I am more likely to read you or a host of other on-line media.

    We are ‘out of the box’ so to speak, and unlikely to ever go back.

    Which is kind of interesting. It is as if we have shattered as a body politic. We can now read an enormous samizdat of dissent, from people we grow to trust, and the trust is based on you being honest, straightforward and frankly having a better command of English than most of us.

    If I may? I know who Jackie Bird is, but I have not watched or listened to her in over a year. On the other hand, I read your site pretty much daily. Mainstream media has an utter problem with reflecting where we are at, in my opinion.

    More power to your elbow!

    • davidbsb says:

      I spend much time and treasure trying to direct people to these kind of sites.

      If the MOT gets permission to impose the propaganda tax on computers we need to actively encourage a tax strike. I cancelled the tax last year, and don’t miss the idiot box at all. However I was able to make a good excuse without actively breaking the law. If they get their way we will really need to act collectively and strike. I have a feeling the campaign would be well supported across the world. In a culture of Google and Wikipedia , it is simply untenable to tax computer ownership. Information is pretty much a right in this day and age.

      • Golfnut says:

        Truth is their enemy, anything that limits access to it will be tried, citizens rights won’t get much thought.

      • Ealasaid says:

        I have also cancelled my TV licence legally but I did not ‘make an excuse’. They asked for reasons and I told them that I was sick and tired of all the lies rubbish and propaganda and that the content was irrelevant to Scotland where I lived. I declared that I would not watch live TV on any media platform and they refunded the money for the remainder of the tax year. They will contact me again in 2 years to see if I have changed my mind.

        I have not missed it at all since and find I have no interest in the iPlayer either. There are plenty platforms like Amazon Fire stick and Netflix for entertainment which are much cheaper. Yesterday I saw someone refer to as a means of finding alternative sources for news, but I have not tried it yet.

        The internet was given to the world by the inventor to be free at the point of use so I doubt if they could tax it.

        You never fail to hit the nail on the head Paul. Thanks for another great read.

        • Jan Cowan says:

          I cancelled my TV licence a couple of years ago. Now they want to search the premises. If they bother to show up they’ll be shown a copy of GA Ponsonby’s excellent book “London Calling – How the BBC stole the referendum”. They won’t find a television, only a long lecture on BBC bias.

          Thanks, Paul, for yet another excellent article.

          • davidbsb says:

            They probably won’t show. I get that kind of threat at my work every now and again. Fell free say I. If they show and they do not have a warrant or a polis with them they will not be allowed to entrty. And if they show with those they won’t find a telly. Capita is a private company..

          • 1314 says:

            Regarding GA’s book – does anybody know where I can still get a copy?

  14. Tinto Chiel says:

    “Hope you don’t mind if I borrow that occasionally.”

    Be my guest, Golfnut: nicked it from a French relative!

  15. David Agnew says:

    I stopped consuming any UK media a couple of years ago. The only time I am aware of their latest outrage at the SNP and SNP voters is when the likes of Paul, Derek, and rev stu draw our attention to it. You know what? Its been brilliant. I have gotten the “Britishness” drug out of my system and it is truly liberating.

    I do find it harder and harder to write posts about the decline of the UK and the Labour party in Scotland. Large because of diminishing returns. I have literally run out of things to say about the Union and the parties that represent it in Scotland.

    The decline of the Scottish labour party and its continuing inability to grasp the scale of the defeat it suffered (Lamonts lament that the SNP don’t get Glasgow, being a case in point) has now left me feeling amused but indifferent.

    People might say: “But your closing yourself from debate” – My answer is simply this. The debate is over for me. I will settle for nothing less than independence. You couldn’t get God to convince me to settle for less, so why should I give the union and its mouthpiece that is the MSM a second hearing?

  16. Robert Graham says:

    good post Paul , like others who have posted trying to find information on this alleged election expenses fraud it is not like finding a needle in a haystack, it’s trying to find the bloody haystack in the first place ,this collective shut down by the media of a story that could be on a par with Watergate because of the wider implications (ie) every single piece of legislation passed by this Tory government could be illegal if the Tory government is found to have committed a criminal act because this is what this is not as in the Alistair Carmichael case a political wrongdoing in order to influence a election result , the Tory MPs who signed a legal undertaking that their expenses were a true and accurate account of expenses incurred have committed a criminal offence if later it is proved they have lied on their statement , the silence from the opposing political parties apart from the SNP has so far has been deafening i wonder why when a obvious open goal is presented no one wants to take a shot .

    • Aye, you do wonder at that Robert, That is unless we have forgotten all the unionist parties standing on the same platform to deny Scotland its independence. They are all part of the Westminster establishment, and will do, and say anything, in this case nothing, to keep their cosy sinecure from being disturbed.

  17. Dan Huil says:

    The bbc is the stinking turd evacuated daily from the britnat estalishment’s anus. Don’t pay the bbc tax. Let britnats pay for their own britnat propaganda.

  18. brianmchugheng says:

    Paul, this is off topic, but have you heard of Jonothan Pie? Utterly brilliant Youtube satire. He has tons of videos worth watching. They pretty much are one every weekend. I subscribe to his channel and get alerts when a new vid is posted. This is this weeks..

  19. brianmchugheng says:

    Tried to post about Jonathan Pie there, but I think maybe not accepting Youtube link, so just search Jonathan Pie on Youtube… it is utterly brilliant. ☺

  20. Albawoman says:

    Excellent, considered comments. I find it very interesting that approximately 50% of the electorate have rejected the blatant, unsubtle, propaganda ongoing and relentless as it is.

    This rejection is, I hope, the key to developing the independence agenda. We must keep on resisting the grim, nihilistic messages while developing our own positive case to take charge of our own futures. WGD and others are a strong part of this resistance.

    Even the smallest involvement in the local community is another way ahead. Sharing and developing local resources which actively assist folk is a powerful tool in the act of resistance.

  21. Luigi says:

    Surely Labour should be launching an all out attack on the tories over the election fraud allegations, and yet Corbyn has been as quiet as a mouse on the subject. With civil war breaking out over Europe, the tories have never been weaker. This is Crobyn’s moment. The question is why is he not grabbing it?

  22. Tinto Chiel says:

    Luigi, I’m sure those nice boys and girls@GCHQ have plenty on Jeremy.

    I used to think Michael Crick was just an annoying little crick with a microphone, but he’s blown the Tory election expenses fraud wide open, so hats off to him.

    And what’s going to happen?

    What’s going to happen to Blair?

    Tumbleweed moment…

  23. Iain says:

    We had friends from Germany staying for a long weekend who couldn’t understand why we never watch BBC News as the BBC still has a reputation abroad. So, for the first time in about four years we switched on Reporting Scotland. The Germans actually laughed out loud and now know why we never watch such trash.

  24. Robert Graham says:

    yes its amazing how easily people fall into this good old Aunty comfort zone , this honest neutral unbiased benevolent organization where truth is always at the forefront of their presentation .
    Aye right scratch the surface and you uncover a branch of the Security Services , i watched a livestream feed yesterday regarding fraud involving HSBC bank and a ongoing investigation , it appears the good old BBC has avoided any criticism or unfavorable stories involving this bank since the appointment of a former director of this bank to the BBC just a coincidence aye ok . This is just one instance of some dubious behaviour from them , We all know their built in dont let any SNP politician speak more than three words without interruption mode in fact if they happen to complete a whole sentence without the usual but ,but, but, you begin to wonder if the interviewer has fallen asleep or indeed died on the job .

  25. Dean says:

    The ‘drugs’ of Britishness? I assume you mean the economic consequences of separation for ordinary Scots. The fact that our Scots financial sector is underpinned by UK-wide sharing of risks and rewards (UK bailing out Scots banks!). Or the fact that the oil price shock post indyref has vindicated the absurdities of pro-indy psuedonomics on oil and budget balances.

    55% of us made sure those ‘drugs’ of Britishness featured at the foreground of our minds. Facts are important to the majority of us Scots. We like to make decisions based on them. Not the wishful thinking and uncontrolled populism which is such a feature of pro-separation politicians and ideological crusaders.

    • ScotCat2016 says:

      Oh FFS, not the ‘Scottish banks’ bollocks again. They were British banks, under the watch of a British regulator, with about 5% of their overall business in Scotland. The fact of having ‘Scotland ‘ in their name or on their brass plate was entirely irrelevant. Take a look at who bailed out Barclays, a ‘British’ bank, and you might revise your media learned opinion.

      • Dean says:

        If they’re headquarters where registered in Scotland, and we’d been independent we’d have been fiscally ruined. And RBS and BOS were indeed registered in Scotland. Facts.

  26. hettyforindy says:

    As always, excellent WGD, thank you.

    Some articles to catch up with I see, after a busy few days, great!

  27. Christi says:

    A Casino with lots of glitter and bonuses.

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