Union balls

We should expect it by now, the Unionist media in Scotland is a kind of British nationalist lottery machine. It feeds on the hopes and aspirations of the voters of Scotland, and it spews out a load of balls. I said before the election that if the SNP loses its overall majority, the only narrative in the Unionist press would be a crowing triumphalism that the wheels have come off the independence bandwagon and the Union is resurgent, and that’s precisely what they’ve done.

It has been said that you should never underestimate a person’s powers of self-delusion. The powers of self-delusion of the Scottish Unionist media would put a plastic surgery addict to shame. It looks in the mirror and sees itself handsomely balanced and well proportioned. The rest of us look at it and see something freakishly artificial that bears little resemblance to reality. It’s just a load of Union balls.

The sad thing is that so many in the Yes movement have accepted the balls and are juggling them with enthusiasm. They’re occupying their time and energies bickering about other independence supporters. It’s toxic, it’s damaging, and the only beneficiaries are the Unionists and their botoxed silicon implanted assessment of the Ruth Davidson We’re Not Really Tories Vote Ruth Davidson Look at Me Sitting on a Tank Party. The more we attack one another, the more that the focus is removed from the fact that it was the Yes movement which won the election. Gaunie jist gie the attacks on other yes supporters a rest. This is the kind of pish that’s makes me glad I’ve given up on Twitter. Twitter is Facebook on crack, when you have to distill your comments into 140 characters, the nuance is the first to evaporate and all you’re left with is the snark. No wonder it’s so bad tempered and seems to be full of people who are looking for something to be offended about.

The dust is settling now, and despite all the triumphalist hype from predictable Unionist sources, let’s remember that the Ruth Davidson Buffaloes for the Union I Wasn’t Even Born When Thatcher Was in Power party did not actually win the election. The SNP did, the wider Yes movement did. Let’s not lose sight of that. The Yes movement is fighting over different paths to a positive outcome. It’s not helping that we’re acting like we lost, by doing so we’re only playing into the hands of the Unionist balls machine. We won an election and we’re acting like the Labour party which is only capable of opposing itself.

Let’s remember the numbers. The Tories clawing their way back to where they were after the voters had decimated them after the Thatcher era is not a ringing endorsement of the Union. The SNP all by themselves have 63 MSPs and outnumber the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems who between them can only summon up 60. If there’s going to be a bid to have another independence referendum within the next five years, the maximum vote against that the Unionists can hope for is 60. It might not even be as many as that as it is widely rumoured that certain Labour figures are not as opposed to independence as their party hierarchy is. As James Kelly (not the Labour one who is to charisma as Joey Essex is to quantum mechanics, the opinion polling one) pointed out in his Scot Goes Pop blog, the six Greens are not going to vote down a bill for a second referendum. Scotland’s parliament is still just as capable of delivering a bill on a new referendum as it was before the election.

The problem with a second referendum isn’t that the parliament might not be able to deliver it, the problem is that as things stand it’s by no means guaranteed that we’d win it. And if we’re spending all our energies attacking one another then we will certainly not win it. All we’re doing is damaging one another.

Over the coming months and years we need to work on weak No voters to persuade them of the case for independence, we need to work on solutions to the weaknesses in the yes argument that contributed to us losing the last referendum. We need an answer to the currency question, we need to demonstrate that our economy is more than just oil. We need to focus on the reality that independence means nothing more and nothing less than putting the levers of choice and change into the hands of the Scottish people. We need to build on our vibrant and diverse new media and increase its penetration into the sections of Scottish society that don’t access the internet. That’s the real job ahead, not attacking other yes supporters for a supposed lack of ideological purity, posing as the sole authentic voice of the working classes, or settling personal scores because someone was a dickhead on Twitter.

Let’s kick the Unionist balls off the field. The reality is that the independence movement is a broad church. We agree on the goal of independence, but we don’t agree on what we want independence for. The independence movement contains people from across the entire spectrum of politics, it contains people that some of us might not like and whose views on some subjects we find disagreeable. It contains a strand of student politicians who preach ideological purity above all else. It contains people who will never admit to being wrong about anything. It contains people who are living proof that ego is a renewable energy source. All we agree on is that the Union serves Scotland badly and our country needs to take charge of its own destiny. We don’t agree on what we want to do when we get there.

Instead of attacking one another, we need to turn our fire on the Tories who are now the main faces of Unionism, and we need to start building a consensus in Scotland that independence is the only way ahead if we want to protect our public services, not the vacuous photo-ops of a Conservative party that stands for austerity, privatisation, and the destruction of Scottish civic society. Let’s kick the Union balls off the park and get on with the real job, winning independence.

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58 comments on “Union balls

  1. broadbield says:

    “we need to turn our fire on the Tories” I made a similar point yesterday on the previous article. The question is, how do we do it so that it gets “out there” to the general public? Too often, I fear, we are talking to a small group of fellow travellers.

    • Simples, Broadbield. Whereas before the official ‘Opposition’ was Lamont, Gray, Murphy, and Dugdale, whose party are out of government at WM, we now have Ruth, the Tory, who is directly accountable for every cut, Tory legislation, and sell off imposed by her party at HO, Down There,
      Each week she will have to explain why our Government is being allocated less money, while she prattles on about attainment gaps, and the NHS. She is out to destroy civic Society in Scotland, on orders from the London Establishment.

      It is precisely why we rejected the Tories and their Red and Jaundiced Better Together allies last May, and why we have trounced them once more this year despite a system designed to make sure an overall majority never happened.
      Watch them squirm, live on TV every Thursday.

      • Eleanor Fraser says:

        Not a programme which has ever been number one on my list of favourite programmes to fill an empty hour, but I am looking forward to watching the bumptious Ruth having rings run round her.

        • Yet again, the editor of The Big Issue, the N Irish chap with the Small Faces ‘sixties hairdo, whose name escapes me, referred to Ruth as ‘likeable’ on the BBC’s Unionist Magazine, Scotland 2016, last night. They keep trying to paint her as something she definitely isn’t.
          I find her unlikable, a Tory jolly hockey sticks cartoon of a head girl straight out of the Girls’ Crystal comic of the ‘fifties.
          She is a poisonous smirking Tory out to destroy our civic society, let no one be of any doubt,
          Health, education, housing, transport. If you don’t have oodles of cash, join the queue for charity and second best, or do without under Tory cuts.
          I detest the very ideology that she peddles all the time.

      • Clive Scott says:

        I very much doubt if there is much of an audience for FMQ’s no matter how entertaining it is shaping up to be for nerdy types like us who regularly log on to this site. If memory serves me right 1.8m voted Yes in 2014 but just over 1m voted for SNP last week. The next election is 2017 for the 32 councils. The task is to get the vote out and decapitate every labour run council and clear the field for a straight SNP/Tory election in 2020.

  2. muttley79 says:

    Very sound advice Paul. Lets get stuck into the Tories with relish.

    • WRH2 says:

      Let’s remember the Tories are the “official” opposition TO Scotland not the “official” opposition IN Scotland. So turn the biggest spotlight on them that we possibly can, at all times and in all places. The Westminster panda, MSPs in their constituencies and Ruthie’s performance in Holyrood. For the anorak types there is a facility you can sign up to called, “They work for you.” I think you do it through the Scottish gov website and it sends alerts when the MSP you choose to monitor stirs themselves enough to take part in debates in the Scottish Parliament. It links to the transcripts of the debates so you can see the contributions and how long they were there. John Lamont can sometimes manage a little longer than 10 minutes!

    • Hugh Bryce says:

      No need to get stuck into the Tories they will do there own damage as Ruthie blindly follows corrupt Cameron’s orders and Ruthie’s voters will be left asking ” what have i done !. It’s gonna be party time at First Ministers question time.

  3. Tinto Chiel says:

    I’m sure everyone who truly wishes independence would agree with every word, Paul. It hasn’t been pleasant reading the in-fighting on other sites but I think this will be short-lived. The first sight of Tank Girl girning and grinning at FMQs will concentrate minds wonderfully.

    I can’t remember the sage who coined the phrase “the narcissism of small differences” but it pretty much describes the fractured left, each faction sure it carries the Holy Grail, its raiments of the purest silk.

    It’s time to forget the election, when differences are magnified anyway, and rebuild the Yes side for the next referendum, because it could arise sooner than we think. I would hope those on the far Left might had learned some lessons in realpolitik.

    The Last Battle for The Union is a-comin’.

    • Az says:

      Super comment! The hard left, as per, need a reality check. They think we lost the referendum because Yes wasn’t ‘radical’ enough. They’ve now been annihilated at the polls, struggling to beat the NF and some weird far-right Christian loonies.
      That’s where they stand. Credibility = 0.
      Potentially damaging to the movement, I might add.

      • Jams OD says:

        Yes, but we have to nurture them, in anticipation of independence. We need leftist views as well.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Sensible comment as always Tinto Chiel.

  4. I agree with what Paul is suggesting. However I also think that it would be helpful to include a longer-term perspective. When there is another independence referendum, and if it is decided by anything less than a 60-40 Yes majority, it will leave a difficult situation where a sizeable minority of the population will feel marginalised and angry, with no chance of a re-run. What I would like to see is a dialogue or negotiation now, as soon as possible, with those in the No camp around the question: It is likely that within the next 10 years you will be a citizen of an independent Scotland – what would you like that independent country to be like, to acknowledge your values and priorities? I have no idea of how to achieve this, because at the moment there does not seem to be any kind of safe arena where such discussions can take place.

  5. lanark says:

    Hear Hear Ruth can’t hide behind her wee lickspittle Labour pals any more, lets show her and her party up to be what they really are.

  6. Robert Graham says:

    well said Paul the only ones to gain are the ones who wish the Indy movement would just go away , despite their best efforts and all the media backing they can’t kill a dream it hasn’t worked anywhere on the planet ever . Perhaps a good idea would be to focus on one thing at a time chip away at it daily . First in my sights would be the PCS the union whose members are merrily carrying out the DWPs twisted vindictive petty mind numbing assault on ordinary working people,
    We are only doing our job rings a bell now where have we heard that one before .

  7. Jan Cowan says:

    Agree 100% WGD. Answer the currency question, provide proof that oil is simply an added bonus and re-establish the YES hubs. Then we’ll be ready for YES INDY 2 when the time is right.

  8. A timely reminder, Paul. We kicked Ruth Davidson’s generously proportioned ass, no doubt.
    Already we’ve had Jackson on Brewer’s Droop banging on about the 152,000 phantom college places that Ruth will insist are reinstated. Professor ‘Two Jobs’ Tomkins mentioned the non existent 152, 000 college places on Kerr’s Election round up, with no challenge from the Unionist Crew.
    The Tories are already spouting balls.
    Please name the courses which you wish reinstated, WATP Professor Tomkins. The European Driving Licence? MS Dos for pensioners and school drop outs? Aye, right.
    They are a poor bunch. We have thrown more out the road to get to a fight.
    Hold their Collaborators’ feet to the fire over the WM Tory Cuts programme, and consequential funding gaps Up Here. Ruth Davidson is cutting the Scottish budgets. No balls, that’s a fact.
    Labour have crashed and burned. Alex Rowley and the Anas are twittering on about not being happy to be classed as ‘Unionists’ or ‘Nationalists’, but something in between.
    It’s called Lib Dems, lads.
    You can stick your Home Rule up yer jacksie , lads.
    You had your chance , and blew it big time. How many times do you need to lose an election before the message sinks in?
    We have rejected you. Several times now, Anas.
    There, I’ve said it.
    Come over from the dark side, all ye leaderless wayside warriors. join the independence movement, no ifs, no buts.

    • Az says:

      Superb. And he was once my dentist. Seriously. No joke. In Paisley. The fillings he gave me fell out within weeks. Make of that what you will; needless to say it’s not a ringing endorsement of ability.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Tomkins is an absolute disgrace and my Alma Mater, Glasgow University should be ashamed that they have not publicly reprimanded him for his nasty and bigoted twitter conversations. This is NOT appropriate behaviour for anyone, never mind a so-called Professor.

  9. Cliff Purvis says:

    Looking forward to hearing your talk on Friday in Edinburgh

    Cliff Purvis


    • Toni says:

      Where is Paul talking in Edinburgh on Friday? I want to be there.

      • weegingerdug says:

        At the SNP Hub at 183 St Johns Rd Edinburgh, directly across from the Toby Carvery. Starting about 7.30pm.

        • KenC says:

          ‘Toby Carvery’. Two words which should never be used together, especially in Scotland!

          Sorry for lowering the tone Paul, but eeeoouh! 😀

  10. 2 words Paul… YES YES!!!!!

  11. muttley79 says:

    The infighting is a waste of time, effort and energy. The election is over, and overall it was a decent success for the pro-independence parties. The SNP consolidated their position, the Greens made gains, and since the Tories are now going to be the main opposition, they will be the public face of Unionism at Holyrood, which I think will suit us nicely. Nothing is going to be gained by verbally attacking each other. Infighting and personal feuds are not going to help us achieve independence, we still have a lot of work to do, and this is possibly going to take more than a couple of years.

  12. jimnarlene says:

    Well said Paul, it needed to be said, and let’s hope people hear it.

  13. […] Wee Ginger Dug Union balls […]

  14. Macart says:

    Well said Paul and couldn’t agree more.

    WE WON! The wider independence movement WON! The SNP horsed the win with a sizeable increase in their vote and a historic popular third term in government. THEY WON BIG TIME. The Greens trebled their representation, leapfrogging the dismal and deceitful Libdems, which ain’t too shabby on its own.

    In no mathematical sense or any other will the First Minster be losing sleep and now that HMGs devolution settlement (such as it is) is seen to have been delivered, THE GLOVES ARE OFF. A renewed initiative for independence will be launched this summer and we better start getting our shit together, as the wider movement, to support the Scottish Government in this venture.

    As for the tank commander? Her party has betrayed everyone who ever associated themselves with it. Who in their right mind after such personal and political betrayals would ever dream of trusting her? Kezia? WILLIE RENNIE!?!? (Wheeeeeee! apparently)

    Oh and on top of that and to remove ANY doubt, she has absolutely ZERO mandate to demand any damn thing of either the Scottish Government or dictate how democracy works to the Scottish electorate. To be blunt, Ruthie will dae as she’s telt when the electorate tell her tae dae it. And yes, that includes the institution of any future referendum.

    THIS is why the Scottish people required democratic gatekeepers running our government. Both tank girl and Kezia made it absolutely clear, they would arbitrarily remove the choice and the power from the hands of the people. No changing our minds, not ever. No effort made to judge or act upon the popular will. They would simply ignore the people in favour of what they want. No respect for the claim of right or the sovereignty of the people.

    I think that last Thursday, the people made their views on that PERFECTLY CLEAR.

    I don’t care who anyone voted for last week. I haven’t over the past four years and I don’t now. I never asked folk you see. Not online, on the street or anywhere else during the referendum. The ONLY badge I care to see, the one that lets me know you care about democracy, freedom of choice, aspiration and each other is a YES badge.

  15. Dan Huil says:

    Well said, WGD. I believe that by the next FMQs we will return focus on the britnat tories and not on 2nd vote preferences. It’s ironic that Davidson and the tories will turn out to be a unifying force for the independence movement. BTW: a good [prescient?] article form George Kerevan in today’s National newspaper.


  16. Reviresco says:

    We have to attack Westminster & British state institutions. Effete, corrupt, sordid, undemocratic; full of creepy, perverted, warmongering, xenophobic crooks. We propped it up for 300 years. No more. We want to be no part of it.

  17. Bill Hume says:

    I would disagree with one sentence..”We agree on the goal of independence, but we don’t agree on what we want independence for.”

    I think we do agree. We want independence to allow Scotland to pursue goals which we can never hope to achieve whilst still a part of the United Kingdom.

    We may have different aspirations, but none will be achieved without independence.

  18. smiling vulture says:

    The London Economic ‏

    Army’s new vehicles will be built in Spain using Swedish steel

    Ruth – Carry On Tanking

    • Saor Alba says:

      That tells you all you need to know about the deceit of the Tories. No shame, no class, no dignity and no truth. More jobs outside of our shores at the expense of our own citizens.

      The Tories have moved far away from the truth and so hate those who uphold the truth. Unfortunately, Labour and Lieb Dims and the MSM have done the same.

      “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it”.
      George Orwell.

      This explains why the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems and the MSM hate the Yes movement and the SNP.

    • J Galt says:

      The Destroyers will be next.

      They think they can get away with anything now – and maybe they can.

  19. Oneironaut says:

    Had this big long post I was going to make, but then realised I’d probably just get ignored and/or flamed for it.

    Gist is: I totally agree Paul! 🙂
    If there ever is a second referendum within my lifetime, I’ll support it.
    Until then, I’m taking nothing to do with the petty squabbling and power plays in between.

    • davidbsb says:

      People don’t get flamed here. And you may find you are not ignored either. Paul’s a good sort of guy.

      • Oneironaut says:

        Well, was referring more to over on Wings where the flaming has been getting dished out a little too freely over the past year and a bit.

        I definitely prefer it here 🙂

  20. grahamlive says:

    This phase will pass pretty soon. Once the parliament gets down to business we’ll have proper issues to talk about and all this pish will be kicked in go the long grass. (I hope).

  21. J Galt says:

    Things are calming down a bit and I sense a considered and determined mood taking shape.

    Your articles are playing their part Paul.

  22. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    Well said Paul

    Don’t forget with 63 MSP’s the SNP don’t even need any party to support them to get their budgets through. Just one party to abstain.

    We can completely isolate the tories.

  23. K1 says:

    Harvie has confirmed he is committed to Independence: ‘“Greens support independence. I don’t think we’re ever going to argue against that position.’

    Also confirming his position in the case of a leave from rUK and a stay for Scotland:

    ‘But pushed over whether he would support the SNP following a remain vote in Scotland but a leave majority UK-wide, which he admitted was “not impossible by any means”, he added: “If the Scottish Government came forward with a new independence referendum bill in that scenario, we’ll still be a pro-independence party and we’ll still argue for a Yes vote.”

    He canny dae a ‘take back’ on that. He’d be crucified by independence supporters within his own party and the wider movement if he did.

    Good to know for sure though. Let’s get on wi destroying the remnants of the Red’s and skelping Tank Girl back intae her box.

  24. Black Rab says:

    Agreed 100%. I voted SNP 1 and 2 following Mr Pops advice as a polling expert. The outcome was another massive step forward with a great SNP victory so, I’m more than happy with that. I imagined that UK and Scottish politics will polarise, people will have to choose sides eventually. I think that is in our favour. One never knows how things pan out.

  25. stuckdoonhame says:

    Paul, this blog came as a breath of fresh air! I am an avid reader of various pro-independence sites but rarely comment. I have been sad to see folk tearing themselves and others apart over the weekend and people whose points of view I find challenging and interesting removing themselves from the discussion about the way forward when we really need to include them. Let’s hope we can all get back on track soon and find ways to support the argument in favour of independence for people who have yet to be convinced.

  26. I’ve said this elsewhere but it is worth repeating, Thursday night was a great result for us. The trajectory for independence is still on track as the SNP increased its share of the vote, the Greens took over the LibDems and more Labour voters either abstained or crossed over to our side. The Tories have a slightly higher profile but this makes it easier to knock them over. Their dark underbelly will be exposed and with zoomers like Tomkins getting a seat, their discordant bark will be heard more plainly.

    Two lead stories, on consecutive days in the Herald have Alex Rowley and Henry McLeish talking about ‘Home Rule’, now that isn’t where we want to be, but it is a loosening of their position which will encourage pro-independence Labour party members to break cover. I haven’t heard anyone from their side talk about hardening their position for the Union but they may get their chance later. A blind man can see that Labour are bleeding to pro-indy, best get on the train or fade away.

  27. Macart says:

    Two quotes from Anas Sarwar on Labour’s performance last Thursday.

    “move past the independence referendum”

    “Up against the binary situation where we have Unionism versus nationalism, that is a real difficult question for the Labour Party,”

    Mmmmm, yes.

    The problem for Mr Sarwar and of course Labour is that we know why Labour wants to ‘move past’ the referendum. They want people to forget what Labour did to them. They want us to forget the statements, the othering, the smears, the lies and the bill of goods sold as the VOW of ‘near federalism’. They want us to forget what they deliberately did to their own population. They want the public to forget the strategy of intimidation used on a massive political scale. They want us to ‘move past’ project fear.

    Their message had nothing to do with olive branches or moving forward and everything to do with naked self preservation. That is Labour’s idea of ‘moving past’.

    Then there is his description of that ‘binary situation’. As disingenuous and deliberately misleading as usual his choice of wording tells us a lot about Mr Sarwar and ‘moving past’. So let’s help the poor dear out by fixing his statement.

    ‘Up against the binary situation where we have Unionism versus a. popular sovereignty – b. democratic choice – c. self government – d. independence (tick as preferred), that is a real difficult question for the Labour Party,’

    I’m sure that’s what the nicely dressed salesman meant to say.

    Bless. 🙂

    • Macart, I did warn you.

      Henry Mc Leish has surfaced in HS this morning arguing that New New Labour needs a ‘conversation’ about the constitution, and peddling Home Rule as the way forward for Anas, Jackie, Johann, Neil, Jimbo, and Jenny.

      In other words the same tired old crew of gravy trainers will now be immersed in the Clyde and Henry the Baptist will baptise them as Born Again Home Rulers.

      Sorry, Henry, that dog don’t hunt.

      This cunning plan, as shallow as a fruit fly’s belly button, is designed presumably to woo the erstwhile Labour voters who voted Yes back into the Tony Blair New Labour Fold?

      You may recall that Douglas Alexander , one of whose 4 new jobs is making Bono’s tea since we kicked him out along with the Feckless Forty last May, was chuntering on about a Constitutional Convention, set I believe in 2020, but only after we voted NO.

      Mags Curran was a great one for wanting to hold ‘conversations’, about policies and ‘issues’, but only after she had been safely returned to WM. How did that work out for her?

      We are going for Full Blown Independence, Henry; Nothing else will do.

      But if it keeps the withered husk of Hoots Mon Labour off the streets, what’s the harm?

  28. Alastair Naughton says:

    Spot on! Every single word! The time for bickering is long past. Anything else just looks like the “judean people’s front” vs “people’s front of judea” etc in the Life of Brian. It’s time to re-energise the spirit of Yes

  29. Johnny come lately says:

    Good article and captures the mood.
    Yes and SNP supporters are behaving exactly as Better Together did after the referendum. When No won they acted as if they had lost and even more bitterness was spewed upon the populace.
    SNP supporters and yes supporters have just had a fantastic 3rd term win and outnumber the combined forces of the unionist parties yet are behaving as if they have lost and are spitting nails at eachother.
    If I was a unionist I would be pissing myself laughing at this moment. CUT IT OUT!

  30. brianmchugheng says:

    Ach, its politics. I don’t think there is any harm Patrick Harvie being reminded that the majority of his support want Indy… just in case he has a wee senior moment like. 😆

  31. hettyforindy says:

    Great read thanks Paul. I think things will settle regards the various movemnets blaming each other, especially when people see tank commander in action at FMQs.

    The main obstacle to get any soft no folks to really look at the facts is the anti independence media. Who do people believe, and why do they believe them? Talking about what people are fed on the tv, not real facts and figures. Inwould start with a history lesson. Many in Scotland, indigineous or incomer, do not know much at all about how the union came about, and what it has meant for Scotland, good or bad, mostly bad according to my own opinion.

    As an outsider, I was shocked to learn of Scotland’s past, coming from NE england we knew nothing of the clearances, it was only when I read about that many years ago that the penny about the union dropped. From day one however, since coming to live in bonny Scotland 27 years ago, when the subject of independence came up, I could see no reason why Scotland should remain shackled to london.

    I have had people, in england, say the past is the past, let that one go, then moments later get very angry that the ‘Scots sided with the english’ in some war with the Irish a long time ago so they are traitors. The hypocrisy is palpable with some folks.

    So, as many will be becoming eligible to vote and the older ones won’t be around, perhaps we need tomtarget the young with a few historical facts in the first instance.

  32. hettyforindy says:

    Oops, sorry the typos, in a hurry!

  33. KenC says:

    Well said Paul. With you all the way here.

    It has been a little dispiriting having to view people on the same side tearing lumps out of each other these past few days.

    This, after a history making win, makes me wonder how a real set back would be dealt with.

    Some seem to forget that the recent vote was a parliamentary one, with all that implies.

    Various parties attempt as best they can to access the parliament in order to further their own agendas. There is nothing new in this.

    Yet the language being used, especially towards the Greens, has been outrageous at times, with number crunching being used to justify accusatory finger pointing.

    We live in a democracy. Personally, I vote out of conviction, based on future aspirations and past actions, which I feel gives a true picture of a party’s integrity or otherwise.

    SNPx2 was my choice, but I wouldn’t dream of raging at others if they voted differently, even Tory.

    As you correctly state, the only winner, should we indulge in internecine warfare, would be the establishment we are hoping to shake off.

    Time for cool heads. Our history is littered with division. We should learn from it.

  34. Pretty much everyone agrees that inequality and particularly inequality of opportunity is the main problem. Everyone agrees that we need to support our public services, at least the NHS, access to justice for all not just the rich, housing, jobs fairness for the poor, the disabled the unemployed the retired and those unable to defend themselves. The tories and the red tories argue that we need to cut services but there is another way to raise more money for the state, that way is too improve the economy, to give jobs to all that can physically and mentally do them ( it doesn’t mean force the old and infirm to work or reduce them to penury). It means that work has to pay a decent wage, the increase in activity from firms and individuals combined with the multiplier effect of people having more money to spend will bring more money to the state allowing them to provide those services.

    The key to all of this is complete control over our economy and the will and wit to use that power for the benefit of society as a whole. That means we need an independent government to work for the good of Scotland. It doesn’t mean we don’t like the other countries in the world including England.
    So no matter what your politics unless you are one of the super rich ( not many of them in Scitland) you will benefit. After the Second World War the public as a whole supported the welfare state because they realised that everyone could fall on hard times and a political consensus agreed on full employment. Division amongst those of us who believe in a different kind of socity arising from Independence guarantees that we will fail in the above endeavor so my call is for all of us who can see the advantages that Independence can bring is to unite and persuade the doubters and the frightened.

  35. Douglas Milne says:

    “Over the coming months and years we need to work on weak No voters to persuade them of the case for independence, we need to work on solutions to the weaknesses in the yes argument that contributed to us losing the last referendum. We need an answer to the currency question, we need to demonstrate that our economy is more than just oil. We need to focus on the reality that independence means nothing more and nothing less than putting the levers of choice and change into the hands of the Scottish people.”

    I’m not convinced that this was the issue. The currency issue and the oil issue were both addressed and answered in the last referendum. The problem was that the media repeatedly allowed both to be held up as issues, when, in point of fact, they weren’t. And anyone writing on “new media” was dismissed with a “well they would say that, wouldn’t they?” response.

    It’s really not worth holding IndyRef2 until the time when the MSM (and remember, the definition of what constitutes the MSM can change) can be relied upon to report the facts without bias.

  36. arthur thomson says:

    I think, on balance, the divisions – which I have no doubt have been stirred up in large part by people who are deliberately working to undermine the independence movement from within – have been well absorbed without any meaningful damage – evidenced by the election result. If any yoons are taking satisfaction from what they have observed then they are easily pleased.

    I absolutely agree with what you have said Paul. I will not allow anyone to divert or distract me from my goal of independence – whatever their motivation.

  37. Weegiewarbler says:

    What can anyone of us say except – absolutely correct in every detail!
    I think it’s a hang-over from previous days, this need to bicker among ourselves. In those days, there was no focus for our energies because the Unionist parties had us chasing our tails in bamboozlement. We knew there was a problem, but it wasn’t clear where or what it was.
    Today we know precisely where and what the problem is … the Union. So let’s get our arses in gear and start dealing with it in a cohesive manner.
    It’s my 57th birthday this month so I want to see independence in MY time. I don’t want to die wondering what went wrong.

  38. Al Eddie says:

    Absolutely spot on as usual, Paul. We will all do well to remember that the Westminster state is our enemy, and it is on a war footing. In its quest to divide and conquer, you have to believe – even if you can’t readily identify them – that it has infested every pro-independence FB and Twitter account, and the comments sections in practically every pro-independence blog with agents acting in its name. Its endevours and its budget have no bounds, and things will get worse as time moves on so it is more important now than ever, that the independence movement glues together and begins to move as one. We need to be on a war footing as well, and we’re nowhere close to that right now…

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